Naruto Shippuuden 166 Breakdown. Sharing our hearts. Warning: This is a deep breakdown, so be prepared.

Hello everyone and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. I have to say, after this latest episode, I was left with a very somber feeling and an ache in the pit of my chest. I actually felt somewhat depressed, because it actually made me think a lot and I believe that that is quite an achievement in itself. The overall theme of the episode was quite deep and emotional and as such, this breakdown will follow suit.

So, I apologize in advance if I get a bit carried away, but there are some thoughts and feelings that are really close to me that I want to put forward in this breakdown, so please bear with me for a while.

Can you simply stand by and watch while someone you love is hurt? Is your heart brave enough to step in and save that person, when they need you the most?

Firstly, I would like to mention a few comments from some of our readers regarding this episode on last weeks breakdown. A few of you thought the animation in this episode was sub par, while others thought it was great. I personally thought the animation was nicely enhanced for this episode, but for the purpose of this breakdown, I will leave that subject behind for now and rather focus on the emotion and body of this episode.

For one thing, there was a great deal of extra content above what the manga showed us and I think this is one of those cases where the new scenes add a great deal more to the overall feel of the episode. There were a lot more emotions, and the extra insight into both Hinata’s and Naruto’s past lives really added depth to a moment that, honestly, felt far too rushed in the manga.

Of course, no flashback moment would be complete without the emotional flashback music we all know well.

A chance encounter, as two souls come close together for the first time. Neither have yet to realize the profound effect they would have on one another's lives, nor the strength that they would share.

One theme that I think really showed through in this episode, was that of loneliness and isolation. In both Naruto’s and Hinata’s cases, we see two children who are lost in the world around them, looked down upon by their peers and their elders and who feel unwanted or unworthy.

Both are simply yearning for acceptance, yearning for the love of those around them and both are trying very hard to gain that approval, albeit each in their own way. With Naruto, someone who was always alone and who had no parents to try and find that much needed attention in, he would play pranks to get noticed. Even if that attention was negative, it felt better than being invisible. If everyone at least knew his name, there would be at least some form of approval in that alone.

With Hinata, it was simply trying to prove her strength to her father, a feat that proved difficult as she was only seen as a failure in Hiashi’s eyes. I think for any of us who have siblings, such as myself, it is easy to understand how it feels when you look at your brother and sister and you see more in them than you see in yourself. It’s hard to find anything good in yourself when you feel like you have lost hope, which is why I think the lesson in this episode is so important.

Sometimes we fall victim to the cruelty of those around us. A fragile heart lacks the strength to remain strong and stand up to the hateful words directed towards us and sometimes you feel like standing up for yourself will only reward you with more pain and isolation.

The flashbacks we see of each character’s past also gives us more depth with regards to this theme, because it also shows a lack of compassion and understanding from those around us. The way you see Hinata being bullied by those older and stronger than herself, is a good example of human pride and selfishness. The world is full of people who are simply content in bringing others down, regardless of circumstance, but the truth is, we all need to be careful of the way we treat those around us.

We never know when someone is in desperate need of our friendship or support. If we can’t offer a helping hand even when we lack understanding, we may be denying someone hope. We are all responsible for the good we do not do, because even inaction can lead to a greater tragedy than we could ever imagine.

Standing up for others often means standing alone. Sometimes we don't act because we fear being isolated and condemned as well, but the truth is that fear has already isolated us in more ways than we can imagine. When someone is in need, is it better to let them face their pains alone, even if it means protecting yourself from harm?

The way Hinata came in to protect Naruto, even knowing it would likely mean her death, spoke a lot about the strength of her will. The way she told Naruto she was doing it because she loved him, helps us understand just how much strength and hope we can give others simply by being kind to them.

Naruto gave Hinata more than he could have realized and he did it simply by being kind to her when no-one else was. It didn’t take an amazing feat on his part, or even a great deal of effort, it was a subtle action that simply came from the heart, but one that was profound in many ways. I think it’s important for us to look at ourselves and the way we treat others and try to think about how we act more carefully.

Do we ever greet the lonely kid sitting quietly at the back of the classroom and make him feel wanted and welcome, or do we simply allow him to continue to feel like an outcast because we are too afraid to be associated with him? Do we offer to help someone carry their load when they are burdened with more than they can handle, or do we simply abandon them to save ourselves that inconvenience? Do we smile at someone and tell them they look beautiful, just to make them feel good about themselves, or are we too proud to let them feel that way because we are vain? Do we ever let someone know just how much they are worth for the simple reason of giving them a chance to feel happy as well? Is it not worth it, just to see that smile on their face?

Does it hurt us so much to do such simple things, that we decide instead to act selfishly and deny those around us even a fleeting hope?

Sometimes showing someone the grace of our smile, can mean all the difference in their lives.

I think it is a lack of compassion that causes many of the ill feelings we live with in life. Sometimes we just feel alone, or misunderstood or even worthless. Sometimes it takes a simple act of kindness to lift us out of those feelings and sometimes it can even mean the difference between life and death.

Most of us don’t realize that, but we are all responsible for how we behave and I think it is important that we realize how that behavior affects those around us.

Another thing that hit me quite hard in this episode was how Naruto came to save Hinata from the bullies that were harassing her. Much like the way Hinata is standing up for Naruto now, he decided to help someone even knowing that he was up against three older boys who were likely stronger than himself. Even though it meant getting hurt, he was still willing to stand his ground knowing it was the right thing to do. He put someone else’s well being before his own and it takes a lot of courage to do that.

Even if you get hit down, just get back up again. Keep getting back up no matter how hard it gets, knowing that you are standing up for what is right. And when you can't get back up anymore, know that someone will be waiting there, ready to lift you onto their shoulders and to help you stand proudly.

But what hurt even more than that, was when the Hyuuga that was meant to be looking after Hinata showed up and chased the bullies away, instead of commending Naruto for his efforts and for taking up a responsibility that he himself failed to uphold, he simply left a beaten up child lying motionless on the ground and abandons him regardless of his condition.

Even when Hinata explained that Naruto had tried to save her, the Hyuuga simply tells her not to get involved with “that boy” and drags her away. The way you see Naruto lying there on the ground from her eyes as she grows further away from him just shows how alone he truly was and how little compassion he was shown even when he was only trying to do good.

Sometimes there is no-one there to hold your hand, or to hug you and tell you how much you are loved. Sometimes you just feel alone and sometimes the pain is simply too great to ignore. All you have to comfort you are your own tears as you cry silently in darkness.

How do you abandon a child who is clearly in need? What kind of hatred or discontent must you hold in your heart to drive you to such an extreme action such as that? The concept of mistreating a child with so much cruelty is something that is all too prominent in this world, but it is also something none of us ever want to admit exists. The truth is, it does exist and whether we realize it or not, sometimes we play party to that kind of treatment in our own way by failing to act when we see it.

It also shows us how blinded some people can be by things like race, social status or even religious viewpoints or nationality, because they are all different kinds of discrimination in their own way, much like the way Naruto faces discrimination due to his status as a Jinchuuriki. But to me there is no excuse for hurting an innocent or allowing them to suffer for such stupid and insignificant reasons. I think that was one of the main reasons this episode had such an impact on me personally (although I cannot speak for others), because those themes were driven home so fully.

And finally, the most important theme addressed in this episode, was the theme of love itself.

We all want someone to tell us that they love us, to tell us they will be there for us no matter what happens. Some of us don't hear it enough...

The way Hinata kept getting back up no matter how many times she was hit down, was admirable and saddening at the same time. The emotion you saw in Naruto’s eyes as he watched helplessly, knowing that there was nothing he could do, and the way whispered softly and begged her to stay away made my heart sink.

But I also understand why Hinata kept going forward, even knowing how it would end. It’s easy to love someone when they have always been so kind to you. It’s a lot harder to watch that person suffer knowing you did nothing to try and stop it. I think that’s why some of us understand the concept of putting our lives on the line to save those close to us.

It has been a long time since any anime episode of any kind has absorbed my attention so fully in terms of both emotion and in terms of the story’s representation itself. I think this episode managed to make those emotions tangible, with visuals, sounds and words, and that in itself is an extraordinary feat in my opinion. I just hope others enjoyed it as much, or were at least moved in some way.

A wrath born from love is an immeasurable power. To test that power is a fool's errand...

Well, that’s it from me this episode. I am sorry that it was such a deep breakdown and that there was no humor to speak of. It was just a theme that I felt needed to be treated with the respect it deserves, because there are too many people out there who have felt the same kind of pain needlessly, a pain that could have been avoided through a simple show of kindness on all of our parts.

I hope this breakdown has given everyone something to think about and I hope a lot of good is born from that, because everyone deserves to have someone that is there for them. I would want to be that kind of person, who knows that I helped someone else who was in need.

Anyway, here are last weeks caption contest winners. Because there were so few entries, I am only going to show the first position. I guess no-one was feeling particularly enthusiastic last week, or maybe the screen was just too difficult to come up with that many original lines.

Tigerpalm: That’s not how you do the Heimlich Maneuver.

As for this week, I decided to add a bit of a different spin on the caption contest in light of the deeper theme this time around.

If you want to just add a funny caption as usual, that is fine, but if you want to, you can also submit a caption that has a deeper meaning. Any good, deep caption will stand just as much chance of winning as a funny one, so good luck to everyone.

*Insert caption here.*

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown and the episode. I know it was long, but hopefully you all made it to the end.

Here’s the preview for the next episode and it looks like a good one!

See you all soon! Cheers!!! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on June 28, 2010.

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  1. Caption:
    This is what happens after “A thousand years of pain”

  2. Oh, and first.

  3. SECOND!!

    Haven’t watched the episode mostly because I can’t be bothered about Hinata, partly because this arc has already been dragged halfway down to hell in the anime. Hey, maybe I’ll give this one a little peek, though.

    Weeell, for now, here’s me entry.


    Bullies: Haha! His Slakoth has malaria!

    Yea, I said it…>_>

  4. 3rd excellent breakdown
    Caption Super Ghost Kamikaze Att.. Failure

  5. Great Breakdown Tenrai. It really was deep and it made me think because similar things have happened to me. *thumbs up*

    Oh, I almost forgot…


  6. Hinata deserved what she got. How dare she put her grubby little hands on Yahiko >:(. I actually skimmed through the episode becuz I got tired of the poor battle animation, but I was left curious about why a girl would let three bullies take her into a forest..ALONE…oh wait, she’s japanese lol. IT was fun watching God Realm throw her around like a rag doll though (even though she shouldnt have been able to walk after the second Shinra Tensei threw her so high into the sky).

    Deep Breakdown Tenrai. I give it 5 vuvuzelas out of 5 😉

  7. I hope the anime guys give Nagato’s story like 3 episodes. I wanna see more of Yahiko. Stupid Hinata…..

  8. Death to PAIN That stupid EMO with “peace” complex when in actuality he perspective is everyone must die so I can be peaceful. He is just like Ass-uke. Yea, I said it.

  9. I had hoped to read a little more about the differences/additions from the anime compared to the manga. That’s just my thoughts to, please don’t take offense!

  10. @zzattack

    Hmmm… I did explain some of the extra scenes shown in the flashbacks that weren’t shown in the manga, but I focused more on what I thought about the scenes and the impact I felt they had rather than just doing a list of what was different.

    If anyone has read the manga and watched the anime, the differences would already be apparent, so I didn’t want to focus too much time on listing them.

    With the breakdown already at 2400 words, I had to reign in a bit there as it was.

  11. Well then, i must say, very awesomeness breakdown Tenrai. It was very satisfying and emotional for my taste. I hope everyone takes the time to read it properly because there are alot of essential life messeges in this breakdown.

  12. @Tenrai Senshi
    Hm yeah, after re-reading the manga corresponding manga chapters there’s indeed less new stuff than I thought. Please gnore my previous comment, and let me instead thank you for a very nice breakdown 🙂

  13. i don’t understand everyone’s complaints about naruto anime… they contradict everything that they complain about previously. usually naruto anime is attacked because its too slow, and now pple are saying it should be expanded a lot… i understand that some of the battles could do with extra footage and cool techniques, but i feel that the animation quality itself has definitely been good throughout, except when they showed anbu make an oven… and good breakedown tenrai!!!

  14. I really enjoyed this episode, only for the reason that it showed anyone can do anything if they try. Hinata knew she wouldn’t win, but she wanted Naruto to know she cared for him, loved him, wanted to tell him that she really loved him.


    The small, below superior child stands to save someone he sees in a time of distress. Knowing he cannot really do anything, he is determined to put his will to the test to put an end to the emotional pain that is being inflicted onto another that he cannot stand to just stare at and watch occur. Putting his own feelings aside for his sake, he stands to take action for the being being put in insufferable pain.

    Nice breakdown, Tennie.

  15. i havent seen the episode yet and im getting ready to… but just sitting here reading this i was like wow this is deep. then… i went back and played the music reading it over again and i started bawling ;( lol that music just sets the mood for anything depressing

  16. CAPTION:

    Naruto: And now to defeat you with “Cheap-Cartoon-Network-animation-no-jutsu”

  17. Whoa, I didn’t even notice this was up. X_X Great breakdown Tenrai! What’d I say about you knowing how to reach people’s hearts? 😉

    Look, you got Gamer crying. >(>_>)>

    @Episode: The animation was great for me but it matters not. I’m not a stickler for animation and would only make a complaint if it’s horrible. The episode would have been absolutely loved if it weren’t for 1 thing.

    Naruto’s reaction! There was no reaction! Honest! A girl confessed her love to him and how does Naruto react? Worse than how he reacted in the manga and that’s saying something. The only way you can have a worse reaction than what was portrayed in the manga is by doing…yes…nothing! I feel Naruto should have at least shed a tear while Hinata was dying right in front of his face. All bloodied and beaten. -_-

    Besides that…excellent episode!

    @Kisu: LOL! That’s terrible! T_T You’re just upset Hinata got up from Pein’s Shira Tensei and landed a hit on him. 😛 Now, if Hinata wasn’t so awesome this would lower Pein’s reputation but luckily for you and all the Pein fans out there, him hitting a girl will be dismissed in this case. Because Hinata didn’t die despite all his attacks. ^_-

  18. “Because Hinata didn’t die despite all his attacks.”

    T^T What does that say about Naruto or Kakashi? 😦

  19. *goes into denial mode* Oh yeah, Pain WASNT trying to kill her, only immobilize her 😉 😉 😉 😦

  20. @kisuzachi

    Hinata didn’t die, but we all know what happened to Pein in the end. 😛

    And the worst part? He was defeated by none other than…. a book. I guess that’s what you call heavy reading. ROFL!!! @_@

  21. I just watched it, and frankly, I am absolutely stomped as to why anyone would find that episode poor.

    I thought every last one of the details was delivered so brilliantly. And the heavy emotional content almost made me cry. ;___; I tell ya, if I didn’t care so little about series romance, this ep would totally have made me go Team Hinata all the way, baby!

    Pein’s pupils dilating like that as he’s about to take Naruto away made me quiver. X__X He was such a cool villain.

    The enhanced animation was also solid throughout. Honestly, this fluctuation in quality is beginning to get annoying. Make up your damn minds, animators!

    Next episode better be just as good, or…or…I’ll kill Hello Kitty! HA! Take that, Japan!!

    @Kisuzachi: Lol, you know, sometimes, your malevolence is so fun to read. And what’s even funnier is that Hinata’s chakra lion things couldn’t so much as scratch Pein. Poor girly. Well, at least she has sparkly hair. X__X

  22. Nice Breakdown Tenrai ^_^ Pretty Deep, I agree with Kizu how can you touch Pein and live its just impudence and I am glad she got a beating (jk) 😛 I think Hinata doesn’t get enough respect esp in the manga, Naruto has, been beaten by Cloud Ninja, Begged a Raikage, had a nap time story from Madara, confronted Sasuke, Eaten Ramen and had his autograph asked for, met the Sage Toad, at some odd stuff, at a key, met the 8 tails fox, fought himself, huged himself, met his mom, and tamed the 9 tail foxes chakra, but no time to just say thanks to hinata.. Its funny if Naruto didn’t help Hinata in the past she wouldn’t of loved him and helped him now and Saved his @$$

  23. @pein0avenue

    We all need someone to save us from time to time and Nagato was no different. Last I recall, if it weren’t for Jiraiya, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan would likely be dead, and how did Pein thank him?

    By killing him? That sure was decent of him. <_<

    Well, I think Naruto hasn't spoken to Hinata yet because he is too afraid to. He was afraid to love those close to him because he believed he would hurt them, especially after he had hurt Sakura when he went 4-tails. Now that he has control over the Fox's chakra, perhaps he will finally be able to show his feelings without fear.

  24. save me 1010 save me!!!!

  25. Well, I agree with Senshi on that one. But isn’t it ironic? Hinata’s in love with Naruto, and she doesn’t talk to him because she’s afraid. Now she tells him that she loves him, and he’s afraid of talking to her. 😛

    Caption: (Kind of sucks.)

    The boy labelled as a failure attempts to protect someone, although it is a lost cause. Once labelled, he lost hope in himself, creating doubt. This doubt now shines brightly over his, causing the hope to diminish, while making the doubt grow strong. Is there any hope for this boy named Naruto Uzumaki, the failure of Konoha.

    SOrry if this was bad, I’m really not the best at making captions, whatsoever.

  26. Spill? Cookie?


  27. Nope, just ptc/noneatencookie.

  28. marks? cO_okie?

    ☼_☼ [byakugan]

  29. @capnpickles..

    i thought the last 4-5 episodes all have been rather crap. first off it looks like a new animation company or a new set of artists are working on the animation. from what i can see they are basically tracing the manga and adding their own style to the art by trying to match kisimoto’s own style and are failing badly at it.

    in the past the animation spoke more than what the manga showcased, it is moving images and the emotions or everything can and should be conveyed much clearer but here it looks to just be almost at “filler” level quality.. the art is crap and the story is slightly more than an individual manga issue…

    in the past the anime would have to showcase more as you can show more, but the last 4-5 episodes have not shown anything more than 1 manga.. a rather poor slap in the faces of the fans..

    all i see is a full colour manga with sound.. wack ass garbages!!!

    it used to be so much more.. also there was a fan made hinata versus pein done way back when on youtube.. that is so much better than what was done in the real episode..

    why is that?? you might think that the current episode animation team copied that artistic style used in the fake as the colour and drawn feel is similar.. a step backwards in story telling IMO.

  30. Welcome back Spill7!!!!

    I remember when you left…

    *has extremely long flashback, Naruto+One Piece style*

    It was when you and Penny “fought”, right? (rhetorical question) 😀

  31. wow.. dragon.. you sure are mislead.

    i left the chat/ blog because my career was going forward very fast, and didn’t have time to stay and fight with penny as you “remembered”

    stop being so childish with your comments, trying to insult or create friction between people.

    perhaps in the future others will claim my leaving will be because of this comment to you.

  32. @Spill, yeah I agree with your comment before Dragon commented lol.

    @Pickles, my pleasure. Douchery is fun 😀

  33. @spill7: I’m sorry that you took my comment as an insult, it was just a joke, just like you said.

    Why would you have to take a simple joke in a negative manner and say that I’m “trying to insult or create friction between people”?

    I said “Welcome back Spill7” at the beginning of my comment and didn’t mean to cause any friction between anyone.

  34. Wow, I sense some friction here. I think everyone just needs to calm down before someone suddenly pops out a gun and ruins a perfectly good meal. T__T

    I mean, before someone gets hurt. <_<

  35. @Tenrai: Wow, a very passionate breakdown indeed…

    Somehow, this will have an effect on Pain. As cold as he is, he will keep in mind how Naruto’s generation was far different from his.

  36. my apologies dragon.. much love!!


    also happy summer to all.. may chapter 500 bring us closer with more conspiracies and more conjecture to the future of naruto.

  37. Lol, spill7. Is that a joke or something else? @_@ XD

    Anyway, my apologies for this skirmish. I’m sorry and… Dattebayo!!! 😀

  38. Hmm. About that poll about NaruHina. I think that Naruto will end up single at the end of this unending series. As a matter of fact, he’d be more likely to marry a bowl of ramen than any girl in my opinion.

  39. Naruto and Temari FTW!!!!!

  40. spill FTW O_O you have time to comment at manga spoiler . com but not you comment here or be online on fb ? >_> <_< missed ya 😀

  41. The new episode is out!

  42. ROFL!!!!

    Okay, the quality of the video on that link is quite low, so you may want to watch the episode somewhere else in HD, but I can say that the battle starts off with a bang.

    Hectic… now to watch the rest. @__@

  43. Episode 167 is out an man oh man I don’t even know where to begin with. For starters, the episode was quite…um…weird. It was all so surreal and very different from normal episodes but I guess this was done in order to clearly define how unreal the bijuu are. The animation was very fluid and well drawn and to be honest it had this blurred style, not unlike the movies, in contrast to the more clear and defined picture of regular episodes.

    The most important thing, though, is that there was a lot of filler material, mostly battle scenes. To give you a good idea of how much exactly, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that 1/3 of the episode was probably filler scenes. I think they changed the battle a bit too much and could have worked better without some of the changes but some people might actually like it more. It’s just that I am not one of these people. But don’t worry, it’s not bad at all, on the contrary – the kuybi’s power was awe-inspiring. In the end, though, Naruto started looking like some battle mech firing LAZORS but it was amusing at least.

    Finally, I think the Chewbacca-Tensei(a.k.a. Death-star-no-jutsu) deserves a special mentioning. It was a truly magnificent sight to behold. You could just feel the enormous power, and frankly I can see why Pain call himself god. He sure isn’t far off from the truth.

    Oh, one last thing. I know the paths are dead bodies, but damn, deva path took hits like a champ and stayed intact. Actually that was the thing that bugged me most. He died from a single rasengan to the gut and yet here he took hits that would easily have equaled ten rasengans.

  44. I was rofl when Pein’s head is sticking out of the ground after Naruto litterally beat him into the earth and then with this serious face he’s like “do you hate me?”

    Lol!!! I was practically in tears. That completely floored me. XD

  45. This episode was good, including animation. I liked all the filler action. Can’t wait to start my breakdown

  46. Pain got beaten down by a huge rock and no injuries? Its a normal human body anime people. This episode was…..weird. I want them to go back to the old style

  47. @tenrai same I lol’d so hard this entire episode.

  48. @Kisu

    They will return to the old style. When they showed what would be in the next ep. it was with the regular animation. I think this was more of an experiment with the animation just for this fight rather than a permanent new style. Because the kyibi is so surreal and unearthly they probably wanted to show it in the same way by making the ep. strange.

    Anyways, the quality wasn’t bad really, just some of the expressions Pain made were a bit…freakish.

  49. @ everyone, the scene were he gets literally nailed in the ground as u guys said was ……….. I can’t even describe it, it was so loony tones i had to pause the movie for 10 min just to get myself back together, it made me laugh like a little kid high on sugar.

    Other than that the chapter had a real plus of animation inserted like most pointed out, not to say it’s a bad thing but it isn’t the way it’s supposed to be either, but I think after this ark thing are gonna start putting themselves back the way they were.

    About the extra filler, man oh man, Deva can sure take his share of fists to the face, just think, AND THIS ONE’S FOR U KISU, if deva could do all that in the close proximity of Nagato, actually holding the 6 tail kyuubi in check, what is to be expected of Nagato’s 6 in one mix. I’m just starting to see the bigger picture kishi’s trying to draw for us with this filler battles, and all I can say is Naruto better be one bad ass mo fo, with that kyuubi power inside him cause if not he’ll have a lot on his hands.

    Oh and did anyone noticed the different elements Deva used on Naruto, like water, the wind slice and the katon, I guess that the less the bodies are and the closer they get the more power and capabilities are transfered to each individual until all the power goes to one.

    Oh and another thing, did the kyuubi at the start of the episode used mokuton to lift those huge rocks or was it just me ???

  50. that animation was crap… their faces kept contorting

  51. Can somebody please tell me WHAT in the HELL was up with today’s Shippuden, 6T Naruto vs Pain ??
    There are so much points that I wanna discuss that I’ll just wait for the next breakdown; that sh*t was just insane.

  52. what happened? i stoppped watching it after the whack-a-mole scene…

  53. what happened? i stopped watching it after the whack-a-mole scene…

  54. ok…………………… WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT PIECE OF #@! EPISODE?!?!
    Oh god why did they fail so much on this? Are the regular staff away to anime-expo? If so I will make sure to give them a piece of my mind when I go.

  55. okay i finished watching it…..i hated this episode more then any other. it made me wish they’d stop making the anime…. i hope that i’m dreaming….or that it’s a joke….
    only the end was good…but the rest of the episode was a mix of looney tunes, dragonball and the 1978 LOTR movie.

    anyway, from the preview it seems that things will be returning to normal.

  56. Oh my Gawd. That was… just incredibly bad. There were so many inconsistencies. Here are a few:

    1. When Pain get’s punched in the face by the chakra cloak, he isn’t burned like Miss Sakura. Since when was the Nine-Tails chakra cloak not toxic?

    2. Pain has no recovery time for Shinra Tensei. He can just use it. Seems incredibly overpowered.

    3. The battle began in a destroyed Konoha. Konoha is in the center of a country covered in forests. How the hell could they be battling on/by the ocean? Since when can they travel hundreds of miles in two seconds? This isn’t Madara.

    There’s a few of ’em. I will definitely be putting this into my breakdown!

  57. Wow, so much hate. X__X

    I actually thought that was pretty cool. I mean, if you’re lenient enough to disregard the minor discrepancies, overall, you’d find that it was pretty damn awesome! I don’t know about anyone else, but it was the final moments that really made the episode for me with Minato making his grand entry.

    And for those of us who read the manga, I thought it was very cool to see what kind of power Naruto just acquired. And I must say, it’s pretty freakin’ beastly. It made me excited more for the manga than anything else really.

    Yea, it was a little weird at some points, but I’ve come to expect that whenever the animation is “enhanced”. For me, it was so reminiscent of Naruto vs Sasuke at the Valley of Ends, which I thought was equally ‘weird’ but altogether, still awesome.

    Just give the episode another watch, you’d be surprised you may actually like it.

    *runs away after committing blasphemy* >_>

  58. I thought the episode was awesome! I loved seeing Pain with some actual emotion on his face….and Minato showing up was EPICLY AWESOME!

  59. It felt weird watching this ep… I had to pause the ep for a while when i saw the wack-a-pain part. That and constant spamming of the shinra tensei are probably the worst out of the episode.
    That being said, i kinda enjoyed the episode (probably because of the last 4 min).

    I know that the animators wanted to show us what pain and naruto could do, things that the manga couldn’t actually show us, but what i don’t understand is why would they make them to be so loney toonish. Maybe i would’ve liked it a little bit more 5 years ago when i was 14 but now it seems a bit immature… especially when you take into consideration how important this ark is…

    So yeah… I don’t know you guys but i like my animes to be all jokes and funny animations when they’re NOT in the middle of a serious fight (maybe that why rurouni kenshin is my favorite of them all)

  60. Hm I kinda expected more from this episode. Ok the last minutes make up for the beginning. With Minato appearing, Nine Tail and Chubaka, the music. That was awesome!!
    But nevertheless the fight scenes were just @_@ I don’t know… friggin’ unbelievable …. unbelievably ridiculous! It reminds me of the awesome fight at the valley of the end. I enjoyed it back then. But not now. Wonder why.
    The best animation so far was at the Sasuke Itachi fight. They should make more episodes like this. Why the hell don’t they? -.-

  61. I watched the new Ep and was kinda like at the edge of my seat the Animation reminded me of the Kakuza and Hidan fight Eps, Actually God Realms Psychotic fits reminded me of Hidan.
    I didnt mind the extra fight sequences but I would of appreciated them more if they added that kind of element with the other pains as they battled through Konoha and with Naruto.

    The power lvls were crazy a few things to point out was Kyuubi Naruto I think I noticed just about every element be utilized by Fox mode even Mokuton so the idea of naruto having all the elements seemed possible, I also thought the Fox bones would be more Chunky and 8-tail mode would be bloody it really should of had blood.
    If they made more eps like this.. I wouldnt mind only thing I dont like is that the Kyuubi can smash a slab over God paths head and he be Okay but 1 Rasengan destroys him thats my only Neg.

    I was really hooked by Yamato acting perfomance it showed real depth I was like OMG what must he be thinking, Kyuubi is changing rapidly and he cant do a thing about it it kind of made me cringe plus the music I was Hooked.

    The Episode was differant cause it was 6 tail vs Rinnagan better than 1 tail vs Sharigan, But this match could of been extended that little bit more and we could of seen Minato stop naruto next week, But Yea…

  62. Actually, I prefer more fluid animation as opposed to the static animation we have been seeing, so this episode was quite refreshing. There were some odd parts, I will agree, but overall I think this episode was very epic.

    The entire battle felt epic and you really got a good sense of the Kyuubi’s and Pein’s powers. The music at the end really drove the feeling and emotion and Chibaku Tensei was awesome. I enjoyed the rain of fire from the Kyuubi as he broke out. The visual effects in that part were really awesome.

    I also think some people are making a mistake when they think Naruto used Mokuton. You actually see his claws pushing up the earth from under the ground, the roots you see are probably just roots that were already running through the earth as it is. At first, it looks like Mokuton as the ground is lifting, but as you continue to watch, you eventually see that it is just the chakra claws lifting the ground.

    As for Pein apparently using different elements? That was also just him pushing and pulling mass around himself. He created the water simply by finding a spring in the ground (underground water) and when he protected himself with earth, he was just pulling the rocks around himself with divine attraction to form a shield. If you watch the battle carefully, all the abilities used can be relatively easily explained.

    Most importantly, it was actually a battle that felt powerful and non repetitive, and not just a few frames of repeated animations where you see two characters exchange the same blows ten times in a row.


    Stop making the anime? that means no more breakdowns for me. T__T

    I think everyone needs to be a little bit less pessimistic overall. I also had those episodes that I really didn’t like, but even with the bad ones, I always look forward to the next ones with optimism. If all we expect is the bad, then it is easy to find it.

    Well, that’s all I have for now, the rest I will save for the breakdown. One thing I can say though is that I wished they would find a nice happy medium between smooth, fast and non-repetitive animation and the normal budget animation, so that the quality can remain consistent rather than having these transitions between different animation types. I think the episode where Pein used Shinra Tensei on Konoha was a nice medium (it had consistency throughout, but the animation was still much smoother than normal).

    Now, all of you put a smile on your faces and sing with me!!!

    “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you tomorrow! You’re only a day away!!!”

  63. ok so i read the comments of you guys here so i thought …. why not see how the quality really is ? so i download a 720 p hd version of the episode ….. and well it sucked it was like you guys said loony tunes id say even worser it was just so wrong on so many levels . i even thought that is was some troll and this was a fan made animation and went to view it online but it was the same so yeh i agree with you guys it sucked and was wrong in just about everything !

  64. i think this gif speaks it all for the sloppy animation..

    its my new fav gif.. replacing this one of Konohamaru..


  65. Ok, ok I finally sat down and watched it for 10 minutes… reaction is still WTF. Pain is a corpse, he doesnt have the strength to punch the ground and cause shockwaves. Pain doesnt show emotions, he only showed emotions at the end of his battle with Naruto, but the anime is making him look like a screaming maniac. Screw you anime guys, screw you. Why does it always have to be good animation, bad art or bad animation, good art? Cant we have both, like in the good old days? DBZKai has better animation….and that show’s almost 30 years old!

  66. Some liked it others(many) didn’t. I was expecting something like the kyubi/naruto vs orochimaru fight. That battle I enjoyed very much. It had orochimaru’s head in the ground without the looney part :P.

  67. I will agree that last 4 min was nice.

  68. @spill7: LOL… epic man! T_T

  69. @spill7 its a good look for Pain.

  70. I ususally don’t comment on here except for bubbles or captions but the episode 167 was the (excuse my language) most sh*tiest episode i’ve ever seen. The part where pein said his anger/hater was worse was the last stone for me. i couldn’t bare seening the rest of the episode because i knew it would be butcherd. and i wasn’t wrong. the whole fight, granted had to be filler obviously, wasnt accuarate,entertaining, but more like a car accident. Im ashamedto say that i say that episode and liked it. One of the most important fights to date,andthey really fu*ked it up. SMH Kishi you better have been sick in the hospital to let this sh*t hit the airwaves because this was a pure disgrace….
    Sorry for the rant but seein that episode makes me upset, because the animeation for the next episode looks like its back to normal..

  71. @spill and others @_@

    taking of GIF’s

    here’s my Favorite


    all i know right now is …..

    its a part of aizen sama’s plan X_X

  73. Last two episodes’ animation was great. Very unique stylistically as far as anime goes and I wish every episode from here on uses this style (which they won’t)…

    The characters, due to alterations in how faces and eyes were drawn, felt more real and less cartoony… I also liked how light and shadow were used in hinata’s flashbacks… The problem with episodes 164 and 165 leading up to this part was that the fight seemed choppy and slow compared to the feeling one got from the manga, 166-167 fixed the problem…

    Plus, filler in the fight was great work, but i could have done without the geyser of water…

  74. @adakias… u think 167 was more real??? take a look at spills gif… if thats not more cartoony than usual, i just have to say my face doesnt do that when im angry

  75. I hate how Pain used Chibaku Tensei. They had him hiding behind a log XD! Pain doesn’t hide! Screw you anime guys

  76. @amar – doesn’t discount what i said… I saw the .gif, i’ll admit that is was not a good idea to exagerate the rippling of pain’s face to that extent…

    …doesn’t change that all of the characters, naruto and hinata especially, were drawn with less sharp lines and thinner, less blocky, figures making them look and feel more real…

    @kisuzachi – lol, exactly what i thought… him flying backwards and releasing the jutsu was way cooler in the manga

  77. seriously adakia if you think the last episode made the characters look less cartoony you have gotta be out of your mind (no offence) just watch the episode again pain getting nailed in the groud the stupid and retarded animation gah it just goes on

  78. i will agree with u adakias that 166 was good, but not the latest one

  79. @ahsan – yes pain getting nailed in the ground was stupid… I think you are focusing on cartoon elements of the action as evidence that the characters looked more cartoon-like… I’m pointing out specific artistic choices that make the characters appear softer and more real…

    Maybe i shouldn’t have used the word cartoon, since it seems to be the one point that people are harking on… forget “cartoony”… lets say “in 166-167, the lack of sharp, dark lines and overly bright colors gave the character models a more real life touch” better?? can anyone actually dispute the substance of what i am getting at…

    don’t get me wrong, 165’s animation was great for an anime… but i think 166-167 are very stylistically unique to anime in general (maybe i’m wrong, anybody seen it elsewhere??) and I think that style, perhaps used better (i.e. no overexageration and poor fight-filler) would suit the series really well…

  80. May I ask what kind of photo editor did you use? I’d be very grateful.

  81. ahhh the memories of this thread.. weird to bump it, email not werking?


  82. WOW O_O this is an old episode <_<

    Awe Spill glad to see u round

  83. @Solo Kun

    May I ask what you are referring to more specifically?

  84. @1010 noooooooooooooo !! if we never get the answer, its almost figuring out who is the mystery zombie in the 6th coffin.. but if he tells us, then we wont have funs with guessing, its conspiracy theory time to figure out why this was even bumped, let alone who the question is directed at..

    or like how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?

    as luffy would say.. it’s a mystery question.


  85. What photo editor did you use? Please do message me. I’d be very grateful. Thank You.

  86. this just gets better and better..

    @Solo kun- no one here has any idea who you are directing your question towards, if we knew, or even if the person you are directing it at knew it could be easy to answer.

    im going to make an educated guess and claim the photo editor is Adobe Photoshop and end your nonesense right here.

    or perhaps bump this in another year and ask again, without directing your question, and keep us guessing who you are talking to.


  87. @Tenrai Senshi

    Uhm, like the one that was presented photo above. The one that you would be able to splice photos together. Please do message me if you have spare time.

  88. @Solo kun

    I use photoshop wherever there is any image manipulation involved of any kind. It isn’t that difficult to put images together though.

  89. Can you recommend me other editor? The one that is able to hold my PC specs. Like Photoscape and Photobucket?

  90. If can’t. Please do send me the link from the photo of Naruto sways alone.

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