One Piece Chapter 589 Breakdown! Quick, Luffy Needs A Training Montage STAT! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_*

-One Piece Chapter 589 Breakdown Below-

Picture by Itachi070

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown!!!  Were you not satisfied with this chapter? WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? No more Gladiator for me…>_> Lol, anyway I thought this was a really great chapter. We’ve seen a lot more of Dragon than ever before thanks to this flashback and slowly pulling back the cloak of mystery on Luffy’s dad which gives him an immeasurable air of obscurity. Speaking o f flashbacks, they’re over! As much as I enjoyed them it never hurts to get back to the main story, so while we’re on that note let’s get this breakdown done and head over to the present. *_*

FIIRRSSST! It’s time for this week’s AMV and BOPP! Btw, next week I’m going to start putting in a new feature instead of the AMVs. They’re only so many of them and Youtube has been throwing a tantrum for the longest time now and taking down all the best ones.  The big baby. ~_~

There’s only one word for this AMV. Awesomely Epic! What!? That’s two words…? Screw you buddy! >_> AMV by AmvDnA. BOPP by eLLeDejaVu. Is that some awesome cosplay or what? ^_^

Onward to the breakdown!

Is that advertisement for McDonalds!? o_O

You know…if you look reeeeaaal close you’ll notice a monkey in the background performing magic. O_O Yeah, I know where’d that thing come from? *goes back to drooling over Dmonio and Sadie-chan* >:D

Now say it in a British accent. >_>

As the chapter starts Luffy is still grieving over Sabo’s “death” (>_>) and of course Ace is trying to move on. You can’t sit around crying all day because it doesn’t change a thing. You have to look to the future and learn from past experiences to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Luffy though only 7 years old at this time even understands that and makes the declaration he wants to become stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and *breathes* STRONGER!!! To become stronger so no one close to him ever disappears again. Oh cruel fate. T_T

What kind of treasure are you talking about Ace? o_o

Ace’s promise never to die was a comfort to Luffy and unfortunately he couldn’t keep that promise but Ace did carry on Sabo’s dream in his 3 years of sailing on the open seas. Living a life of freedom and no regrets. It all started thanks to Sabo’s dream and Ace, now solely Luffy, have carried on that dream. What really caught my eye is the reason why both Ace and Luffy started their pirating at age 17. According to Sabo a man is truly recognized as a noble at 18 so he decided 17 was the right year to set out, so he would not be brandished with the title he loathed so much. Why then did he set out when he was only 10 years old? Well, most likely it was because his “home” was suffocating him. He could no longer tolerate living in a country that killed countless innocent people without a second’s thought or sympathy.  They even went on with their daily lives like nothing happened. Studying, riding bikes through the park, having wet dreams about the Tenryuubito. You know the deal. I’d cut my wait short too and sail out for my dreams if that was the case.

*starts playing Sogeking theme song*

(Muhaha, I borrow this idea from Gavin and Tenrai 🙂 *runs off to Sniper Island*)

Now on to Mr. Dragon! What in the hell was he doing in Shimotsuki Village!? O_O The village with the dojo where both Zoro and Kuina trained! Whether or not Dragon’s visit to the village will hold a significant connection to Zoro or Kuina will have to be determined later. He could have been there just for supplies. It could have just been a nice cameo for two of our favorite swordsmen. *gets sword whipped* X_X My fault…swordsman and swordswoman (holy crap that’s actually a word!). ~_~ Here’s a something to look at though. Notice the conversation here and take in these words, “Hurry up and patch him up!” Lol, you know what I’m getting at. Who is being treated here? Remember this is the same night of the Tenryuubito visit and thus the same day Sabo “died”. Heh, no more polls on whether Sabo is alive or not! You all had your votes and now you have to stick with them. 😛

He says it with love Luffy...>_>

Well, enough of that for now. Let’s talk about the Goa Kingdom reverting back to their old ways and making a whole new trash mountain. They’re assholes! Ok, we’re done talking about them. ^_^ Luffy and Ace continue training and in a dispute Ace lets Luffy fight a bear by himself. LOL! What a dick! XD Of course Luffy gets hurt and Ace apologizes and from there their relationship develops even further. I find it hilarious how much Luffy sucked at fighting back then and how bad he was with his DF. xD

And the Will of D lives on! xD

7 years later Ace sets off to the sea at the ripe age of 17 years old and already the fangirls are squealing. Back off he’s not legal yet! Damn you Ace! >_< Ace will set out by himself and garner himself a respectable crew and reputation (he kinda got asked to join the Shichibukai). Somewhere along the line he’ll come across the Mera Mera no Mi and of course we know his crew gets an ass whooping by Whitebeard and they eventually join him. Good on you Ace. 😉 Seriously though, it was good life. ^_^

How could you say that with a smile Luffy!? Xd

Luffy then spends the next 3 years training to become stronger and after those 3 years he later sets out to the seas and that’s where the beginning of our series starts. O_O It’s nice to see all the support Luffy has from Fuschia Village (his hometown) though it is mixed. Right Woop Slap?

LMAO! No need to change the words. XD

Was anybody else laughing their ass off when Dadan cried after both Ace and Luffy left and she tried to hide her emotion by acting all coarse? XD

Lol, remember that barrel saves Luffy's life.

The chapter comes to an end with the end to the flashback. The last moment of the flashback is his shout to the heavens for all to hear, “I’m gonna become the Pirate King!” An all to familiar dream by now which always brings warm feelings of inspiration. Unfortunately, now he has come to a sudden and saddening realization. He’s too weak…


Now don’t misinterpret, Luffy is strong! Strong as hell I might add and this actually isn’t the first time he’s realized how much he’s needed to improve. Yeah, when he lost to Aokiji his crew’s life was in jeopardy and he couldn’t protect them. In response to that he got stronger and developed a new technique so he can fight at full capacity, all so he could protect his nakama and what was precious to him. Now he has hit that dead end again and realizes he’s still not strong enough. This time though he realizes not only is he not strong enough to protect his nakama but also he’s not strong enough to reach his dream, Pirate King! That’s the dream that has pushed him so far up until now and it’s sad to see him stumble on the awful truth like this. I daresay, he seriously underestimated the New World and it’s good he got caught up in the war before heading over there. He could have very likely died rushing to that new challenge. Now he has a heads up you could say and knows the true strength of the second half of the Grand Line. Well, he’s in luck. He’s in the right place at the right time and under the right conditions. The question is. Will he stay and train or will he set out to find his crew?

I look at it this way. If he really cares for his nakama, which he does (dur!), then he’ll be responsible and stay to grow stronger so he can protect them. There’s no point in finding his crew and setting out if he stays at his current level because then they’ll just end up in the same predicament. Defeated and decimated…maybe even worse… Of course, he needs to get stronger not only to protect his nakama but to obtain his dream. To become the Pirate King! That ends this week’s breakdown! Let’s hope for another great chapter next week! Here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on June 26, 2010.

22 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 589 Breakdown! Quick, Luffy Needs A Training Montage STAT! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_*”

  1. Great Breakdown Superdude!

    Ya know, I’m hoping Sanji learns the Newkama Kenpo, BUT adds his own spin to it to keep it from looking too weird when he uses it.

  2. @supertrek89
    Have you seen the recent episodes that expand slightly on what the other Strawhats have been up to?

    Episode 453: Nami and Franky
    Episode 454: Chopper and Sanji
    Episode 455: Robin and Usopp
    Episode 456: Chopper and Brook

    I think there’s a lot of potential in Sanji meeting up with Ivankov and having his gender flipped. We get another female crewmember (sort of), Sanji’s love for Nami, Robin and women in general becomes even more unrequited, him using Okama Kenpo would look less cringe-worthy, and the running joke of Sanji being unrecognizable to his enemies is perpetuated further.

  3. Third!

    Awesome Breakdown Super!!

    I really loved this One Piece chapter and I hope Luffy gets stronger soon so he can be happy like before. 😀

  4. great breakdown … and Sabo is definitely alive and in the revolutionary army

  5. Arigatou!

    @Kisu: Yeah, I think it’d be awesome for Sanji to learn Newkama Kenpo seeing how good it is in the anime. He can tie it in with his own style and his suit, just please let him abandon the dress and makeup Sanji. It’s only funny seeing it a few times. ~_~

    @Gunslinger: Yep, I’ve seen em’ all and I’ve seen the Chapter 0 Strong World episode. Here it is for anyone who might be interested.

    I’m wondering if these latest episodes are canon because they’re expanding on material from the manga. Manga cover pages at least.

    @Anyone: Any guesses to why Sabo didn’t make it to the war if he’s still alive?

    1.) Dragon wouldn’t allow him to go.

    2.) Sabo has sustained serious injuries from his run in with the Tenryuubito and is incapacitated, thus unable to fight from then on.

    3.) Held captive, imprisoned, stuck on and island, or any other miscellaneous reason.

    Besides that though, I wonder what’s in store for Luffy! I wonder how much the Kuja Warriors can teach him because it’s not only Boa Hancock who utilizes ‘Haki’. The Kuja Warriors can teach Luffy the basics then he can move up to Boa Hancock level and do advanced training. Maybe he’ll develop a new gear while he’s at it. *prays it’s true*

    For the most part I want to see Luffy happy again too like anyone else. 😉

  6. This manga has some serious issues…XD

  7. This breakdown is purely amazing. Great job yet again super.

    And ROFLATTOML @ when Luffy says: I’M UNDER 9000. That was epic humour right there 😀 😀 😀

    I think that from here on out, Luffy can only get stronger and yes, everything that has happened recently has been a great eye opener for Luffy,. Had he not been through what he went through, he would be disillusioned and caught off guard by the extent to which the New World is on a whole different scale of danger and threat to the first half of the Grand Line. And that would put the entire Strawhat crew in jeopardy as mentioned.

    But as you said, there’s a reason for everything in manga and as someone else said before, there is no such thing as coincidence in the manga dictionary, especially not nowadays.

    I just pray luffy learns how to, at least, get a grasp of his haki and learn to unlock it even if just a bit at first. Obviously, he’ll master it further down the line but he must learn how to use it at will and there’s no better place or amount of teachers to be found elsewhere as where he is right now on Amazon Lily.

    @ everyone: I was thinking of this little scenario. What if off screen, or without us seeing but maybe being hinted at, Luffy falls for Boa and they get intimate and impregnates the Pirate Empress. (Just like Roger did with Portgas D.Rouge). And later gives birth. But this would have to be either before he leaves Amazon Lily or after, once he gains the title of Pirate King.
    It’s a silly thought but who knows, it could be possible.

    And damn, i was SOOOOOOO SAD for Luffy when he admitted he was weak. Even though he knows he’s been weak and developed new techniques in the past, it was nothing as sad as what he just went through now which makes it harder to him.

  8. great breakdown super but i have to say he needs to find is crew heck even zoro can train him -.- . he needs the emotional support from his crew hancock or jimbie isnt the right guy >_> and moreover i want to see him meet up with his creww so badly >_> <_< but i guess oda would have planed something awesome for us 😀

  9. i hope the crew goes to amazon lily instead lol… although i doubt it since they only have rayleigh as a reference point to meet up

  10. @Naru: I hope it’s not the golden balls…>_>

    @Xdt0ks: I agree, Luffy won’t learn how to fully control or release his Haki’s full potential this early. He’ll learn some maybe half of its potential before heading out. Afterall, he’s eager to get to his crew and the training can’t take to long. Besides, we all want to see the crew together again! XD If he learns all of his potential Haki right now then that’s basically the top of the tier and there’s not much room for improvement unless he develops more gears. Oda has to get creative for that one. Consequently, I see him developing his Haki overtime as he sails with his crew. He can get the basics and learn to control it for the most part while he’s on Amazon Lily though.

    As for BoaXLuffy! Noooeoeeess!!! X_X Luffy just needs to be Luffy and show no interests in women. I know I pick on him a lot for that but that’s just Luffy. Lol, I just can’t…I can’t see Luffy with a kid. I can’t see him falling in love either. That’s just not Luffy. o_o It sounds sad but hey maybe something will happen. We never know. ^_-

    @Ahsan: True, he needs the emotional support but he also needs the confidence that makes him Luffy. If he feels weak he may not feel like he can lead his crew right now.

    LMAO! If Zoro trained Luffy we’d have Swordsman Luffy back! XD

    @Omar: Yeah, they’ll probably all meet up in the Shabody Archipelago. Lol, if Sanji went to isle of women they wouldn’t be able to get him to leave. X_X

  11. One Piece 590 is out! on mangastream.

  12. thx fear

  13. awesome chappter in my opinion!
    Great to see an overall view of some important characters of the manga wont discuss anything else yet >.>


    epicness beyond reality !!! yes yes i was riight as well , luffy’s gonna go to his crew @_@

  15. Woot! I’ve been waiting to see the Strawhats together again for months! I get the eerie feeling I’m gonna wait a few more. ;___; But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to shake the words ‘time’ and ‘skip’ out of my head. Weird.

    I wish things would move along a little faster, though. It’s been a while since the war ended.

    Oh! Notice Whitebeard’s grave and how his Jolly Roger is on it. Seeing as it has been set down, wouldn’t that mean the crew is no more? At least not as the Whitebeard pirates?

  16. AWESOME CHAPTER… HANCOCK-sama, go with luffy plz!!!

  17. awesome chapter! see, one piece only needs one chapter to get the main character over his angst. not like a few other long runner series i could mention…
    i feel like we have now reached the perfect point for a time skip. i have to agree with amar, hancock should go with luffy. i also agree with super however, that luffy and romance dont mix, but i have a strong feeling that hancock will end up as the next strawhat. she has a lot of the requirements, a quirky personality, a nasty past, and she can add to the comedy of the crew the minute sanji lays eyes on her! XD. i definatly think that if she gets a little more character development she will be the perfect choice. anyway, i went off on a tangent there, but on the subject of the chapter, GO DADAN!!! that scene in luffys town was heartbreaking, for all of them, i felt bad for everyone, but it made me love dadan. Whitebeard and aces graves looked magnificant, just how it should be. i was surprised that shanks left without trying to recruit marco, i thought it would be a follow up to the gag from his vist to whitebeard. cant wait to see the next chapter as always!

  18. Awesomeness! Dadan kicked Garp’s ass and I have a feeling Garp wanted her too and even expected that reaction. Maybe that’s why he even went there. To feel some physical pain to temporarily drown out the real pain in his heart. I’m kinda peeved Luffy won’t be staying on the island to train but I admit I was wrong (Damn you Ashan!). XD

    There were some big hints to Jimbei joining Luffy’s crew this chapter too. Oh well, I miss the crew and there ain’t nothing wrong with seeing them together again. 🙂

  19. well you know super, lufffy could still get training if boa goes with him…

  20. @new chapter
    Loved it, there were emotional scenes with Dadan and Garp and later with Jimbei and Luffy.
    I’m happy he wants to find his crew who will hopefully cheer him up.

    The possibilities of image editing in this chapter are endless… XD
    Especially the first pages with Dadan, the pages were Jimbei beats Luffy to the ground and when he says “I have my crew”.

    I can’t wait for your breakdown… 😀

    To much pressure!!! X_X


  21. i think that hankcock will find out about luffy thinking himself weak and offeres to take him back to shabondy and will teach him on the way and also when they get there rayliegh says that kuma told him were the crew mates are and they will set of to find then and at the same time he will teach luffy about haki personally

  22. The new breakdown is up!

    And I’m going to sleep! >(0_~)>

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