Bleach 275 – 276 Two for the price of one… pls all payments made after in Cash..

Awe!! Pein here with another well informed exciting Bleach anime breakdown, and since I was extremely lazy last week it’s a double header this week!! There has been some awesome stuff happening in the other manga’s and anime all over WRA but while we all catching our breath from that, thought a nice relaxed Bleach Anime may be good change of pace 😀

I don't know what country this is or even if its in the World Cup but I be too scared not to support it O_O

On a side note World Cup is continuing within South Africa and the Knockout rounds are pretty close ^_^ so will continue to try bring the spirit to WRA with hot anime chicks, I mean Bleach Characters with soccer shirts on O_o

I feel so torn 😦 Should I support for Looks or Fear O_o

Though I enjoyed the past two weeks they not the best in my honest opinion like Kizu says it’s hard to find bad animation in Bleach but general story and plot does sometimes drag out more in Anime, I am not very patient and its always annoying how much time is spent on repeats and flashbacks… By the time we get to the good plot (hahahaha good plot in Bleach but we don’t need plot we have Matsumoto the girl with the big umm heart and spirit :P, you know I am probably lying from this point on anyway) in my opinion I will be looking like this…

Unfortunately I age like a fine wine ^_^ I will always look good 😉

Well to the breakdown, and I know it has been a while since 275, well with all the developments in the other manga’s etc. It seems kinda small and unnoticeable….

What was I talking about again??

Guess it wasn’t important anyways?

I dig the intro to episode 275, well after the repeat stuff, with Starrk and Kyōraku (why can’t they give him and easier name I’m lazy enough as it is so from now on he is pink dude ^_^ ) start to fight a little more intensely, the music and sounds is something I don’t often see said the blind man, I mean hear O_O in Bleach, to me lately its more just slow menacing build with no excitement in it, but with this fight/scene is definitely better. Also noted in this episode the animators corrected Starrks first Cero, in 274 is shown from his Addams apple region while now its first from his hand then surprise attack the second… and no I didn’t miss it at first, I wanted to see if you saw it…



Ok I missed it, but I was distracted by how Naruto’s mom was the previous 9 Tail Fox… (Shamelessly uses Naruto as an excuse and distraction! Dattebayo)

When ever I see this I think Stop ....... Time (if you thought Hammer High 5)

Though I do enjoy this part, because of the many battles happening not much focus is given to it, though it is understandable since the Prima Espada shouldn’t have to share the spotlight 😉 and the Espada now seems to be falling/battling in order anyways. With Hitsugaya finally bringing out his big guns. He does have to wait till he weaker to be able to control it O_O I think his potential gonna be insane in about 100 years or so maybe strong enough to take on Aizen (hahaha like anyone can take on Aizen, now you know this is probably all a lie 😛 ) but the size of this attack and its importance seemed very down played *spoilers* and for those who haven’t read the manga (I know who you are you lazy person O_O READING IS FUN Do it now <_< but first finish reading this awesome breakdown and comment in the section below ^_^ ) ahem like I was saying this for anime only watchers would seem important but its kinda like the animators wanted people to not really focus on Hallibel’s “death” anyways for those who feel it has been an injustice watch this space ^_^

New meaning Cold Shoulder

I heard some crazy theories in my day about the amount of planning Aizen puts into any battle but this is far beyond, some say he planned to stay out of the fights and let his Espada die and weaken the 13 Captains, some say he planned to get trapped in a fire prison to be kept warm during Hitsugaya fight all we know is they call him the Aizen ^_^

Aizen is there anything he can't do... besides loose O_O

Though these episode have been more focusing on the Segundo Espada Baraggan Luisenbarn. He is in many ways the most powerful Espada and its hard to figure how he was not given Prima Espada, he has shown a willingness to lead even beyond Starrk, but I do also believe this is Aizen’s plan, he wouldn’t want someone as power hungry as Baraggan to be given more honor then 2nd in charge, it may lead to him trying to defy Aizen. I never truly understand how it is that Baraggan can’t actually take on Aizen, his ability to rot everything, even if Aizen uses his Shikai he will lose his sword in the process. I did however find the battling from squad two a little boring, if I think back to Yoruichi vs. Soifon, wow that was hot. I mean amazing, well you get the idea. The Fast hand to hand combat was epic but this long range fighting really drags out and well I get bored, I like to see it more up-close and personal 😉 but I do enjoy his exhibition of power, it would be interesting to see if there is anything that would not age and die…One question though what happens to Shinigami that die O_O where do they go?? Not the eaten ones the regular ones and how do they age how is it they get older and what about the people who aren’t Shinigami’s do they die too… So many (one) question(s) that may (probably) won’t be answered…

Tag Espada style: Tag your Dead O_O all fun and games till someone dies then its lunch ^_^

Baraggan Resurreccion is also pretty cool, in comparison to the rest of the Arrancar and Espada its really different I mean he a little fat for America’s Next Top Model but he can be the bassist in my garage metal punk grunge death alternative band called the Purple Kittens (trade mark pending), we also need a guitarist, piano man, a guy who can DJ, a person who can play the flute, Violinist and bagpiper… SIGN UP NOW!!!! But first finish reading this amazing breakdown, leave a comment in the comment section below, READ some manga but then you should definitely sign up)


I know what you thinking, “how can there still be more!! Dammit gotta wait a week to read Naruto, and now I am hungry O_O” or maybe that just me… uses Kizu breakdown of manga jedi mind tricks… BTW check it out here. Its funny its amazing its something for you to read but first finished reading this incredible breakdown leave a comment in the comment section below, read some manga, sign up for the Purple Kittens (patent pending) and then you should definitely check it out, I enjoyed it 😀 and I hate most things X_X

Anyways I won’t keep you much longer seems u got a lot to do O_o

But ending with 276 Soifon finally reveals the weapons of mass destruction USA are looking for Bankai!! Its huge, its weird its gonna cause a lot of pain… Talking of Pein ^_^ The Naruto Anime been pretty cool lately check out the breakdown here. Its funny its amazing and it actually has a cool discussion going on about something, I was too lazy to read, not gonna spoil it for you… but first finished reading this (words can’t even describe how good) breakdown leave a comment in the comment section below, read some manga, sign up for the Purple Kittens (Terms and conditions apply) read Kizu’s awesome Bleach Breakdown but then you should definitely check it out, I thought it was awesome 😀 and I dislike almost everything X_X

I understand your pain Soifon <_< >_> its hard to hide O_O

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my breakdown and hope can keep you guys busy till the 500 Naruto comes out and Don’t forget next week should be the beginning of Starrk’s true battle its gonna be legen… wait for it…. no serious you gotta wait now till Tuesday/Wednesday next week!! Oh oh oh Chapter 499 Breakdown done by Pickles was pretty epic and as usual debates awesome, if you haven’t commented go now!!! But first you know what to do 😉 (Comment in the comment section below)

~ by pein0avenue on June 24, 2010.

9 Responses to “Bleach 275 – 276 Two for the price of one… pls all payments made after in Cash..”

  1. first U.u

  2. Second!!!

  3. Great shameless plugs there Pein ^_^. I loved how the episodes showed just how powerful Baraggan is and gave Omaeda some much needed character development. I felt the added padding was well placed. 🙂 Great breakdown….cant believe FRANCE is gone already

  4. Cuatro

  5. FIFTH! But I haven’t seen the episode…yet…>_>

  6. LMAO!!! XD Awesome breakdown Pein! I loved the ending to episode 275 with Aizen, Gin, and Tousen warming up in Yamamato’s flames. XD Aizen is a genius, of course he planned all of this! O_O

    As for what happens after a shinigami dies I did find this.

    I’m to lazy to shift through the manga to find anything else. The chapter names are all screwy. X_X GO USA!!! 😀

  7. I can’t wait! The VAIZARDS will be making an appearance soon!

    Hopefully the animators will waste a little more time showing the Vaizards battles as compared to what the manga showed us.

  8. I’m to lazy to shift through the manga to find anything else.


    our greatest “links provider” has retired??? O_O xD

  9. @pein, goddamit! Looks like you were right. Its all Spain T^T

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