Bleach 409 Breakdown! Take a stroll down the Catwalk…..just be careful of Aizen >_>

Well WRA readers, Bleach has consumed every poor author Superdude has thrown at it, but don’t worry, the tedium of Bleach wont conquer me!….I hope. Let’s take a minute to honor those fallen authors who actually enjoy engagingly good stories :D. So for those of you that might actually enjoy great plots and don’t want to end up in a Bleach-induced coma, I recommend you should NEVER read Bleach for more than 10 minutes in one sitting (though even 10 minutes will rob you of at least 3 I.Q, points). Oh wait, I almost neglected to introduce myself. Hey I’m Kisuzachi, the resident pink-haired asshole 😉

Now this chapter has been described as (and I quote) “awful”, “bleh” and even “a disappointing chapter”, but after hours of tunneling through this bleak cave, I finally stumbled across a small opening that actually let light shone into this chapter (foiled again, huh Tite). Anyway, let’s get to it shall we?

If manga doesnt work out, Tite can always go into fashion designing X_X

Hmm, these front pages usually don’t mean much, if anything at all, but I think it relates to the current Bleach events….sort of. First of all, why are Renji and Rukia there? Could this mean that they may play a further part in the Yammy battle (assuming he doesnt get Kensei’d)? I doubt it considering the condition they were in the last time we saw them. Another thing is the caption. If we’re talking about birds ruling heavens, wouldn’t an eagle be better than a two-headed crow? A crow usually represents omens and death, as opposed to the majestic and powerful eagle. What I get from this is that Aizen is the crow here, he can rule the sky, but is ultimately death (smexiness, pwnage, uberness and other such words) on two feet (though admittedly, double headed eagles have been used before.). Often times in mythology, when a creature has two heads, these heads usually squabble more than they get along, disproving that “two heads are better than one”. So this could mean that Aizen and Gin may be the harbinger of death for each other, plus there HAS been tension between the two. Anyway, I suppose that’s enough about the cover page >_>

Aizen: "Eat your heart out Brad Pitt, you cant hold a candle to me"

So the chapter starts out with Ichigo swimming/drowning in his Inner World. What gets my attention here is the fact that he said inside of him is pretty calm now (*chuckle*), but then why would an ocean be there? The last time an ocean was referred in Bleach it was under rather unfavorable circumstances. But then again, Ichigo might just be fishman (it wouldnt be the first time Kubo “borrowed” ideas from other mangas ;)). Before he drowns a helpful hand grabs him…then promptly throws him into a building (something most of us have wanted to do since Ichigo entered his “jaws agape” stage). Who is this mysterious figure you ask?

Come on! I couldnt have been the only one that thought he looked like the Emperor XD!

Well after Darth Zangetsu makes that observation, Ichigo asks who he is and what has he done with old man Zangetsu. The Sith Lord enters a back and forth conversation with Ichigo before removing his hood and revealing Ichigo’s true feelings…

Burned again Ichigo? Sucks to be you >:)

Ok, so what I get from this is the younger the person in Ichigo’s mind, the stronger that person is. Old man Zangetsu looks like he’s in his 40s and is a manifestation of Ichiog’s Shikai, Hollow Ichigo is the same age as Ichigo (in physical appearance of course) and is a manifestation of his Hollow powers and Darth Zangetsu looks like he’s in his 20s and is a physical manifestation of Ichigo’s bankai, so from observation, I’d say the scale is Zangetsu–>Darth Zangetsu–>Hollow Ichigo. So Darth Zangetsu begins to lay the smackdown on Ichigo’s jabroni candy ass.

Well said Darth Zangetsu, well said *nods in agreement*

The scene then goes to Isshin who talks about his “Engetsu” which means Crescent Moon (as opposed to Ichigo’s “Zangetsu” which means Slaying Moon) and says in the past Engetsu put him through what Darth Zangetsu is putting Ichigo through right now. This Final Getsuga must be really badass. The scene then shifts again to Darth Zangetsu and his Apprentice squaring off. Ichigo tells him what he wantsd to protect, then Darth Zangetsu reiterates that protecting isnt the Saith way- *gets a phone call* What? I cant make anymore Star Wars references? Dang it- ok Zangetsu tells him that what he wants to protect isnt necessarily what Tensa Zangetsu wants to protect, and then they go at it again.

For once I agree with Ichigo >_>

The scene changes after Ichgio doesnt answer Tensa Zangetsu’s question (man these beautiful people are so hard to please.) and gets slammed into a building for it. Moving from one supermodel, we quickly meet up with the greatest of them all, Sousuke Aizen-sama *gets trampled by fangirls only to see them faint when they get too close*! So he’s strolling through town and some average Joe has the audacity to approach him…

Yeah, dont get so close unless you make a reservation at least 6 weeks in advance. Silly schmuck 😦

The guy dies because he got too close to Aizen’s glory…….then suddenly more mortals try to take snapshots of Aizen-sama’s glory! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Sorry Tatsuki….but you should have made a reservation 😦

Well that’s it for Bleach this week. Tune in next time….or don’t X_X. Here’s your Demotivational Poster


~ by kisuzachi on June 23, 2010.

32 Responses to “Bleach 409 Breakdown! Take a stroll down the Catwalk…..just be careful of Aizen >_>”

  1. ORE-Sama da no ICHI

  2. LOL at the demotivational poster.

  3. Nice breakdown.

  4. Albeit it was too much Aizen worshipping for my likes.

  5. How in God’s name did you get this breakdown out so fast!? O_O

    LOL! Great breakdown nonetheless and nice job job with that Death Star and Darth Zangetsu picture. xD I liked your double headed eagle analogy with Aizen and Gin since it could very well be them from a analytical point of view.

    Now I’ll just transfer my comment from the last breakdown.

    “I actually had a fairly good time with this chapter. The younger version of Zangetsu was awesome and we got the name of Isshin’s Zanpaktou (Engetsu) I think. Seems obviously related to Zangetsu which would explain the Getsuga Tenshou. I’m also curious at to what the Zanpaktou are trying to protect by not teaching their techniques. Maybe they’re afraid of Shinigami using such destructive force to hurt others. Maybe they’re afraid of losing their Shinigami in the course of the training.

    Lasty…WTH hasn’t anyone used this before!?”

  6. That demotivational … wth ?? Anyway, Dar- uhh, Tensa Zangetsu looks really cool. So now they’re saying zanpakutos change forms when using Bankai ? … I guess that doesn’t introduce another question, or put another hole in the plot …

  7. I wonder did anyone think that Tensa Zangetsu remind you of a short-haired Byakuya or Ulquiorra or is it just me.
    @nagashi Well it kinda of makes sense sort of. ……I think.

  8. @superdude, u made the assumption that I have a life XD! Nah I’m just kidding.

    @everyone, thanks for reading 😉

  9. it looks kinda like a sasuke + rukia kid

  10. hey its beans… ive been off for a while, treck or anyone can u email me the new chat sight agian. thanks guys and gals

  11. lol and bEEEEEER

  12. @Super, The Zanpakto are apart of the Swordmaster maybe what they afraid of is teaching all the Techniques having nothing lefft to teach eventually becoming the Horse to Carry the King, Or something like that.

    “Kantonkage, I thought he looked like a young version of Aizen with Ulquirra Hairstyle but Aizen Fringe.

  13. OMG we are screwed if Kubo is stealing ideas from Kubo (demotivational poster). Who ever told Kubo all fights and no story was a good thing should die. One of the last Bleach fan boys has fallen. You were right ashan.

  14. Nice Breakdown Kisu!!!!!!

    I think the fact the Isshin know about it etc, I think maybe the technique causes the user to loose their shinnigami/zanpakto when used or something so the bankai wishes to protect itself first, though Isshin did regain his powers we not sure about his Shikai and Bankai?? I think for the sword it may mean using all its power.

  15. Lol, nice breakdown Kisuzachi. *2 thumbs up*


  16. well I know this was last week, but hey w/e. Yo Superdude, I found someone that could beat Chuck Norris 🙂

    Now THIS guy is a badass. “If he punches you in the face, you have to resist the urge to thank him. He is , the most interesting man in the world”

  17. @Beans: Yo Beans, long time no see! 😉

    @Kisu: LMAO!!! That dude is B.A. but I have someone even better!

  18. Lol, thanks for taking the spot, Kisuzachi. 😀

    @Nagashikage: I think we all know by now that Bleach’s (nonexistent) plot is more porous than Spongebob after a power drill accident.

    @Omar: So freakin’ true!

    Oh, and Aizen-sama’s hotness is hotter than heat itslef. It exceeds reason! @__@

  19. Awesome breakdown, Kisu! Didn’t know you were an Author on WRA.

  20. Ya know it just dawn on me Ichigo has Zangetsu, Isshin has Engetsu and, Aizen has Kyoka Suigetsu. I wonder if there is a connection.

  21. @Kanton, yeah there is a connection. Each of them has “moon” in their meaning. Kyouka Suigetsu means “Moon Flower”, Zangetsu means “Slaying Moon” and Engetsu means “Crescent Moon”. I’ve always had a theory that the “Slaying Moon” would slay the “Moon Flower” lol.

    Btw, guess who’s a high school graduate as of today? 😀

  22. @kizu I knew that. Anyway I wonder whats happening where the true badass captains are. Gratz btw.

  23. @kisu you were incorrect, Kyoka Suigetsu means Mirror Flower, Water Moon.

  24. @Kanton, lol that’s just one translation of it. This is why I regard japanese as an overly complicated language lol.

    Thnx for the congratz 😀

  25. It makes me curious later on when Karin gets a Zanpakuto will it be named Mangetsu.

  26. Congrats Kisu!

    Now to go to college and par- study your ass off! >;D

    @Kisu & Kanton: I thought Kyouka Suigetsu meant ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’… Something like that…>_>

    @Anyone: Any guesses to who’s going to delay Aizen until Ichigo is done his 1 hour training? Maybe if Unohana stops being useless she can finally show us some fighting ability and the reason for why everybody is so scared of her.

    The Vizards may step in too if she healed them all. Except for the little girl that got cut in half and is miraculously still alive…>_>

  27. @super next zanpakutos of the kurosaki family will be influenced by twilight movies.

  28. Bleach is out…yay…

  29. Someone care to explain to me what the hell is going on?…

  30. Hollow Ichigo one of the best character returns with a vengeance.
    Aizen next planned curb-stomp. Zangetsu is Aquaphobic.

  31. @pickles

    “Someone care to explain to me what the hell is going on?…”

    its all a part of aizen sama’s plan you will know soon enough @_@ lol

  32. @Ahsan: Oh? That was totally unexpected…

    By the way, get your behind on YM!

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