Naruto Shippuuden 165 Breakdown. Run for your lives! Tenrai is back, and he is hungry! @__@

Good day everyone and welcome to another weekly all you can eat buffet Naruto anime breakdown. I am your host, Tenrai Senshi, and I am more than happy to eat you all treat you all to dinner and a show. ^ ^

The main course, of course, *cough* is the breakdown itself. As for desert…. <_<

*Sprinkles some sugar on Supertrek.* >_>

I hope no-one here has any allergies I don’t know about. I know some people here don’t take digestion very well, but alas, for now, I must resist my primal urges that compel me to eat everyone and get on with the show. Firstly, I would like to say thanks to Mandi for covering for me with a double breakdown, during my two week’s absence. I was going through a bit of a rough time and she graciously offered to ease a bit of the load from my shoulders.

*Gives Mandi a cheesecake.* ^ ^

As for the episode itself, firstly, I would like to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the last two episode personally. I know a lot of people enjoyed them and I can’t really say they were actually bad, but there were quite a few animation flaws that ruined many key moments that should have had a much larger impact in my opinion.

It's sink or swim time folks. It's also at times like this that submersibles come in handy. @__@

Compared to any other normal episode, one could say that they were more or less on par with what we have come to expect, so it wasn’t really as if the episodes were bad, but when you consider the scale of what is happening and compare it to how the animation is normally juiced up for similarly epic battles in the past, I just found the impact completely underwhelming and, consequently, disappointing.

Fortunately, this latest episode has, in my opinion, lifted things up a bit. Although the animation was still more or less on the same level as the last two episodes, the scenes didn’t feel as rushed, which helped retain a lot of their intended effect.

In particular, this episode itself was brimming with emotion, and you could almost feel the tension through every minute that passed by. Even though most of us knew what was going to happen, seeing it in motion is a different experience altogether. You could easily tell that the battle with Pein was quickly slipping out of Naruto’s favor and that sense of desperateness is cleverly imbued with sites and sounds and even expressions, and it manages to prevail throughout.

Master masseur. Just another one of Pein's many talents. <_<

*Is about to take a bite out of Marksman, but realizes the audience is staring at him awkwardly.*

*Cough* O_O

*Quickly drops the knife and fork and pretends nothing happened.* <_<

So… moving along, one thing I can say about the episode is that despite all the positives, it still had some drawbacks as well, although not too significant. The most prominent is still the animation, which although decent, still wasn’t quite at the level I had hoped for considering the importance of this arc.

Many of the scenes are presented more as still frames with an abstract sense of movement cleverly implemented through an illusionary process, like well timed camera panning, more than actual animation. When the action picks up, a lot of the movements feel static and the frame rate of the animation is somewhat underwhelming, however, even despite that, the animators at least did their job from an artistic perspective.

Character details were more or less in proportion throughout and during some of the scenes, such as the introduction of Nagato’s real body, the colour saturation really helped set the mood and create a rich atmosphere.

*Pein's emo song* If you're emo and you know it stab your hands. @__@

When Naruto is finally subdued by Pein, with his hands firmly pinned to the ground while his body is paralyzed with foreign chakra, one thing that struck me in particular was when Pein referred to Naruto as the Nine-tails and spoke of taming him as if he was nothing more than some animal.

It really drove home how Jinchuuriki are seen, not just by Akatsuki, but as a whole. To those around them, they are nothing more than the monsters they contain. They are beasts who are hunted and tamed, broken in more ways than one and treated no better than abused animals whose only purpose is to do the bidding of others and live by their fate or decree. They aren’t seen as human beings who also have a right to live their own lives beyond the purpose others give to them, and their power is coveted far above their humanity.

The question is, knowing how much potential power they contain, is it simply their fate to be used for the good (or evil) of others? Do they have no say in their own lives and who they are?

For those who gave their lives for us, and for those who no longer have eyes to see the world they have shaped, we continue live on in their honor. We have become their eyes and it is up to us to show them the light of a better future, the one they had worked so hard to build for us.

The flashbacks shown while Pein and Naruto exchanged words also drove a lot of feelings as well. For the most part, it makes us want to hate Pein in a way and at first, many did when this arc was first shown in the manga.

We hated him for killing some of our favorite characters and we hated him for destroying Konoha. Eventually, those feelings helped us understand how Naruto must feel as well, how hatred can grip the heart of one who has lost so much at the hands of someone else.

To Naruto, Jiraiya was the closest thing he had to family and now he is facing down the very person responsible for his sensei’s death. One can understand his feelings of bitterness, in fact, I think many can even relate to it. However, in the same breath, we are taught something else…

To be able to let go of hatred, to forgive and to understand, surely there is no greater form of compassion and humanity than that. Jiraiya entrusts his student with his will, and the faith of a better future built on the foundations of that forgiveness and understanding.

… We are taught to let go.

They say that to err is human, but to forgive is divine, but few people realize just how powerful those words really are. I think the act of forgiving is the most difficult step one can undertake and being able to let go of all that hurt and pain that compels us to feel bitter, because of the wrongs others have done to us, often feels impossible.

How do you let go? How do you forget that pain and anger? I for one know how it feels to hold onto a lot of feelings that have done nothing more than hold me back. I know how it feels to be angry and resentful, where all you can think of is how much people have hurt you. It blinds you and stops you from seeing things clearly anymore. You end up forgetting how to feel good about yourself.

In a way, I think it can also even prevent us from seeing the pain others are in as well. We don’t want to understand them because they hurt us, even though they may have been acting in consequence of their own feelings as well. How can we ever break that awful chain if we lack compassion and understanding? How can we stop ourselves from hurting others if we cannot forgive those who hurt us first?

Why do we always find it so hard to let go?

We are all looking for answers...

In the end, we are given a glimpse of Nagato’s real body and, I must say, I was pleased with the way the anime presented this scene. The dark lighting and cold atmosphere really did feel tangible and the lighting definitely created a sense of foreboding.

I think when most people saw this scene in the manga for the first time, Nagato seemed a bit underwhelming in many ways, with his bony physique and alarming case of anorexia. He needs to attend some of my eating classes so I can have an extra snack show him how it is done. Actually, it was so underwhelming that it almost dampened his character as a whole in a way, by making him seem fragile and, dare I say it, weak.

I felt the anime did a much better job of representing him in this scene. The scenery, the colour saturation and even the sounds made him much more imposing and created a deeper sense of dread than the black and white manga panels ever could. It also gives us a glimpse of how much our own hatred can twist us and destroy us. When anger and bitterness is all that is left in your heart, it begins to show.

OMG!!! It's Lindsey Lohan!!!!

Well, I guess that is it for this episode. I am looking forward to episode 166, because judging from the previews, it looks like they decided to finally pump up the animation by a considerable amount, and rightly so.

Because there wasn’t a caption contest last week, I will simply be providing the new screen.

*Insert caption here.*

I hope you all have fun with this one. I thought this image might bring out quite a few funny captions, but let’s see how it goes.

Here’s a preview for next week’s episode. It’s sure to be a killer. ^ ^

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown. I know it was a bit deep, but I guess that’s just how I feel right now.


Now… where did that desert go…  @__@


~ by Tenrai Senshi on June 21, 2010.

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  1. FIRST!!!! (OR SECOND)

  2. DARY!!!!!!!!! Nice Breakdown ^_^ PEIN is cool, I think Naguto finally getting a more villainous look and feel ^_^

    and letting go of hurt is tough and Pein whole outlook seems I am hurting lets have everyone hurt with me. Anyways Awesome breakdown Ten ^_^ Can’t wait for next week

  3. SECOND!

    Well, here’s my caption.

    Caption: Pein: You will stay there while I do my little voodoo that dodo so well. 👿

  4. THIRD!! 😀 Great Breakdown Tenrai! *thumps up*

  5. Fourth.

    Great breakdown Tenrai and I hope things are starting to get better in your life. 😀

  6. I watched this episode yesterday and EPIC! Not as epic as the other one…but…

    Kisu was almost right about the Bansho Ten’Nin…Universal Pull.

    Tenrai’s back and he made an awesome breakdown! WOO!



    Deva: Ah yes, lemme look him over…so…plump…perrrfect, I’ll gave Ebisu’s role in NO time…

  7. have*

    Hey, did anyone notice a slight up in animation in this episode as well?

  8. You really got me to think about myself in this one Tenrai. How did you do that? o_O Lol, thanks and great breakdown!

    Pein’s speech was awesomeness and I believe Kisu would concur. 😉 I just thought about it though… It bothers me that Naruto doesn’t know the history of his own village. Just look at the shock on his face when information on the 3rd Ninja War (something that should be common knowledge) is revealed to him. Does every graduate of the academy have that lack of knowledge or is it just because Naruto never paid much attention in school? I would hate to think Konoha is censoring its education just to make itself look better or they don’t see it as relevant. Every nation should be exposed, to a certain length, for their past and present wrongs. Educate the masses!

    *stops rant* xD

    Anyway, great episode!

  9. @supertrek89

    Unfortunately, your words about censoring information is more than likely the case and it isn’t far fetched either. In fact, it is very typical behavior.

    Do you think your government or any other government in the world is that open about their more sinister dealings? In every war, every country that fights believe they are doing so for their greater good, no matter which side you are on, and they are led to believe that by the people they fight for. However, in the end, the truth is that there is nothing good about war.

    I doubt Konoha was any different with regards to its liberty with that kind of information and there is, no doubt, a lot that they have kept in the dark for the sake of their own integrity. In fact, the Uchiha massacre is a good example that proves that much is true.

    And once the dust settles and the bloodshed is over, a lot of the uglier events are hidden away and pushed under the carpet, while the heroic actions of those who fought are praised blindly. You could say it is a case of “ignorance is bliss”. Of course, that doesn’t make it the fault of the new generation who is learning under that tutelage. I do believe, however, that Konoha’s leaders should have taught them more about those mistakes so that they could learn from it and avoid it in the future.

  10. @Tenrai: True, no country is completely open to its less than savory actions, but some countries take more liberty than others in sharing the truth with the public. America for instance wallows in its own sins and takes great liberty not to censor their past sins. Sure, a lot is hidden as is characteristic of any government body, but then again a lot is also exposed and out there for the public to see. I thought this would be Konoha’s case but Naruto knew absolutely nothing of its history it seems. It’s like he was was taught to look at Konoha with all glitz and glamor, so yeah you’re right. They may have indeed been censoring their information to such an extent.

  11. Here something I always thought that Nagato was a short red-headed Al. Anyone agrees or is it just me.

  12. in appearance mind you.

  13. @supertrek89

    Actually, it wasn’t just their own agrievances that seemed to be unkown, but also those of other countries against them. For example, basically none of the rookies knew about the Hyuuga incident involving Hinata aand Hizach being killed. I think many of those agrievances were kept secret for the sake of peace between the nations.

    You can see the same practice in other countries as well, such as how Suna hid most of the circumstances around the fourth Kazekage’s death from even some of the jounin, seeing as how Kankurou only seemed to find out about it after Gaara was taken. You would also think that would be important information to someone who is the family of the current kazekage and also a bodyguard of sorts, but instead of giving that information freely for the sake of learning from past mistakes, it was withheld as well.

    Perhaps it is their own shame that causes them to withold that information, or an estranged sense of honor. As I said before, it may also be a way of ensuring peace. By keeping certain information under wraps, you don’t appear weak to your enemies. If everyone in your village knows everything about your history, enemies can easily capture and interogate just about anyone they want with success, including children.

    In a world where your ally can stab you in the back in the blink of an eye, I guess information is not a commodity, that can be shared libberally.

    As for your argument about open information, all countries are open to an extent. I don’t think there is an instance where you can say that any country is universally strict in that regard, but you need to ask yourself how much is true and how much is bent as well for the sake of good appearances…

  14. Epic breakdown Tenrai! I enjoyed it just as much as i enjoyed the ep. Next week ep looks pretty good. ^^

  15. @Tenrai: Ja, I’m not saying there’s a country that’s universally strict. I’m pointing out some countries are more open than others when dealing with press, how information is handled, and what is made readily available to the public.

    Whatever reasons Konoha would have for not educating the public on the detrimental effects its had on other countries in the wars I can’t really buy. It just makes the populace ignorant and now here’s Naruto unwittingly fighting an enemy he doesn’t understand. Being sucked into the cycle of revenge because he doesn’t know about the pain (all puns intended) his own village caused The Hidden Rain Village.

  16. @supertrek89

    Well, at the end of the day, that’s the whole message being driven home isn’t it? A lack of understanding. I even focussed on that in my breakdown.

    And I guess one of the biggest attributes to that is pride.

    Also, I am not defending those decisions eitherm, so much as giving my reasons why I think it happened. I don’t believe in a lot of things that have been done by Konoha and the other nations. That’s why I mentioned that it might be shame, or a sense of honor or pride that compells them to act that way, shame suggesting that they know it is wrong.

  17. @ Supertrek, and Tenrai – just to join in on this and offer my [worthless] opinion – I agree with what has already been said, that many governments (real or fiction) would go the extra mile to cover up some of the less-than-shining moments they’ve had.
    Also, I’d like to point out that in a way, this mirrors our own society (at least here in america), it seems that history is something that falls by the wayside quite often. This is also true in Konoha. When Naruto and Sakura first see Yamato use his wood (uh huh huh) Sakura seemed to be the only one that knew anyting about Hashirama Senju. To tie it back to my own reference, there was a recent bit on a Chicago radio show, they had a guy go out onto the street and ask “Who is FDR?” The answers were less than impressive. Some people thought he was John F. Kennedy… staggering.

    …I think this means I’m getting old!
    *starts telling WRA “when I was a kid” stories*

  18. I could see how Naruto MIGHT not know he was a jinchuuriki, or why the village shunned him for so long, but honestly, you’d think in a place the size of Konoha, eventually some asshole is gonna let it slip that he was the 9 tails jinchuuriki.

    This also ties into my arguements against the 911 conspirators – a.k.a. “they planted explosives in the world trade center”
    Sorry, but SOMEBODY there would wonder why a janitor (or other worker) was wrapping what looked like a pack of hotdogs with wires coming out of it, and I don’t know about all of you, but this owuld raise a red flag to me.
    Sorry for the off-topic rant, it’s just something that bugs me…

  19. What a beautiful breakdown!
    I liked how you made me rethink about what Pain made us all think about: Are people able to forget their hatred and overcome it?

    For Nagato’s appearance, I really loved it as well, especially the scene where you saw his head, then lifting to see his face, and then his eye opened.
    Although it was already impressive in the manga to me, despite having no color and music 😉 .

  20. Just think of the uchiha incident. How many people really know the truth behind it. Very few in konoha. They hide alot of things, and it seems they are not as innocent as they claim to be,

  21. FIGURES! It takes Hinata for the anime guys to pump up the animation. Even Pain talking deserves high quality animation.
    That was a deep breakdown Tenrai and rightly so because this episode is all about deep…ness, w/e lolol. I like Pain’s answer more than Naruto’s though. It’s Naruto’s answer that caused so many Samurai and an old man his life…..just saying lol

    In the manga when Pain was destroying everything I was indifferent towards him, when he killed Kakashi I was tipping over to the hating him side, then when I saw he was powerful enough to wipe out Konoha completely I instantly liked him, but after he delivered that speech to Naruto that completely left him dumbfounded, Pain became my favorite character….and he still is 😀

  22. LOL! Whatever Hinata touches blooms! It’s only fitting and rightly so they should amp the animation when it’s her time to shine. 😛

    Though, I’m just going on heresay. I don’t look at previews. xD

  23. hell yea kisu… pein is the best character in naruto… im so sad he had to die

  24. Everything he touches turns to gold…

    In Hinata’s case, everything she touches turns to I LOVE NARUTO voodoo dolls where ANYTHING is possible to do with them…now with detatchable pieces -.-

  25. Pein to me was the best villain in Naruto, but I can’t call him someone I would consider to be my favorite character. His ideals completely clash with mine and I don’t like his disregard for human life.

    I can’t support an ideal that involves senseless killing with pitiful excuses to support it, but what I can say is that, as a villain, Pein definitely fulfilled his role. So as a villain, he was great.


    Well, you may get to see more of him now if Kabuto uses him. Even those brought back with Orochimaru’s resurrection techniques still retain their personalities, judging by how the first and second behaved, they just don’t have control over their actions.

    However, even still, that may not be the Pein you are looking for, if Nagato has had a change of heart now…

  26. Everything Pain touches usually dies or is hypnotized. Hinata is like an eclipse when happens its epic but only appears once in a while, usually completely forgotten.

  27. @tenrai Personally I would agree that Pain would be the best villian of the series if his backstory remained more of a mystery. But the inclusion of his backstory gives him a Darth Vader type of complex. This complex
    stems from a badass character that fills us all with dread until we find out he was a whiny little girl that complained about his puppy. The revelation of his backstory was the biggest facepalm of my memories of reading this manga. I man they took a badass character we all knew and loved and applied Japanese anamation rule #13: all characters in amine for
    more than 5 minutes must have a backstory.
    Ok consider this, what if his backstory remained a mystery upon death but as the manga continues we would discover more of the nefarious deeds of the character as appropriate. Oh well, but if this amine does finally get dubbed in English Pain must be voiced by JAMES EARL JONES for epic awsomeness. Actually, that is a good question for you guys, who are your top pick for your choice or choices of voices for Pain in the English dub?

  28. ya know, back in Part 1 of Naruto (every single episode, even the 80+ episodes of FILLERS!) and up to the Hidan-Kakuzu arc, the animation was top-notch. It’s like the anime guys started using Adobe Flash now. Cheap bastards >_>

  29. @kisuzachi

    Actually, I agree with you there. Right now, the episodes do look like some sort of flash animation a college student put together in his free time. It was just so much better at the beginning of Shippuuden but right now, it is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

    The question is, why have they let the quality drop? Aren’t they interested in their ratings anymore? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Naruto is one of the most watched anime shows out there, you would think that they would care about the quality of their show to make sure it stays that way.

  30. It seems they are just getting plain lazy with these last episodes.
    I was a bit upset the didnt add any filler in the fights we have seen so far. Especially kakashi’s battle with pain. They stuck STRICTLY to the manga the whole fight, and it looks like they are going to do the same with naruto’s battle.

    We can only hope that this fight with hinita and pain have some sort of filler.

  31. i’m more interested in fillers in the fight between naruto and pain, in particular the part after chibaku tensei.

    @everyone: can someone explain to me how to make images from the anime video? is there a certain program or something? and most importantly, they need to be good quality.

  32. @truepain: I believe you have to have the ability take a screenshot of a paused picture in the anime video, and then you save it and edit it (cut it out of website or wherever you watch it) and then that’s it. IDK from my own experiences, as my usual thing is Manga breakdowns, not anime.

  33. There were episodes few and far between in the original anime that were, in fact, a little down in the animation. Example is in the first episode, but I guess that’s expected as some of the animators could possibly not have the style down, or something like that. But I must agree with Kisu about the anime having amazing style and animation. I especially loved the fast-paced animations, like Hidan vs. Kakashi and the ultimate Spinning-Scythe of Doom @_@ But, yeah, they really have died down, and I think it may stay like this until after the Pain Arc…

    I seriously hope they don’t have another filler-arc, despite being close to the manga…

    However, they aren’t as close as some people may think. There are some major events that still must occur: Rebuilding the village, Samui, Omoi and the other girl who I don’t care to try to remember her name, have to come to the village, talk about how the girl thinks she destroyed the village by throwing a rock, LMAO, talk about the Kage Summit, the introduction, leaving, resting and LMFAOing at Ao and Chojuro with the Mizukage, watching the Tsuchikage crap his pants, the gathering of the Kages, the talking, Team Taka ariving at the scene, Sasuke getting his arse wooped by the Raikage, Sasuke fleeing like an emo sissy, Danzo going WHATCHA! at Sasuke, Fu and Torune getting suckified by Tobi ;), Danzo being slaughtered by Emosuke, Naruto appearing at Emosuke to (DARNIT) save Sakura, and…You catch my drift. 150 chapters worth of episodes won’t catch up to the manga.

  34. @Truepain: Download VLC Media Player. It has an option to take a screenshot of any video you’re playing on it. Here are instructions on how the screenshot feature works in case you need it.

    Hope that helps.

  35. I was close to right >_<@super

  36. @truepain

    Well, the quality is mostly dependent on the quality of the video you are capturing the screens from. I download the HD 720p episodes for the screens I capture for my breakdowns and even then, I don’t capture them at full size most of the time, because smaller file sizes are easier to upload and work with.

    As for how you capture the screens, well super gave you a way already, but if you are still struggling, just give a shout out.

    Here’s some examples of the quality of one of the screens I uploaded viewed at full size.

  37. meh no need of anysoftware just pause the video press the print screen button on your laptop/pc . open paint and press ctrl + v ( shortcut for paste) then save it with what ever name or whatever format you want ¬_¬

  38. Great breakdown


    That’s not how you do the Heimlich Maneuver.

  39. Caption: Where’s my money man?

  40. @accordian, Pain’s English voice is Troy Baker. Hidan’s voice sucks considering how crazy he is lol

  41. Oh wait, I just found one with all the Akatsuki voices

  42. OMG! The animation in 166 is absolutely HORRIBLE! The character art looks weird and it looks just like those fan-made youtube videos of Hinata’s confession (which were all made using Flash). Kishi must’ve done something to tick these anime guys off cuz hey seem to be trying to bastardize his work

  43. Shippuden 166 is out, Love it so Much hope for Hinata 🙂

  44. @Kizu I agree what happen to the badass of during the Hidan vs Kakuzu arc. No, wait I know what Ass-uke must have done something. Such an epic episode deserves better quality.

  45. Hmmm, I loved this episode, dunno what site you guys watched it from,but the animation was pretty awesome compared to most.

  46. 166 was such an intense episode! T_T
    And I just love love love this animation style. No idea what you guys are coplaining about! It were smoth and beautiful! Way better than in the previous ones.
    Looking forward to the next ep! Same animators! hehe

    By the way! I’m new! Hey guys :3

  47. …Wtf was that?!? *facepalm*

    The animation in Naruto 166 was horrible, just like Kisu said. 😉

    When Hinata said “I love you” she looked like a monkey! And they ruined the confession completely in my opinion, also because she didn’t do her kung fu pose. XD

    Hinata got pwned by tons of people in this episode:

    1. Her little sister. I don’t remember there being a scene where Hanabi beat her up in the manga, only that her father said she was stronger than Hinata.

    2. Those three bullies. Now that was just child abuse.

    3. Pain. He throws her into the air and she doesn’t break her bones when she falls from that height. He gets hit once because Nagato spits out a river of blood but then he pwns Hinata. No mercy.

  48. @ahsan: i’d rather use a more “professional” program. people could create images using paint but the result is a lot better using photoshop…it’s the same thing.

    now, to talk about the episode. the art was pretty awkward. the quality should have been a million times better. i also think they ruined hinata’s confession. the whole point of it was hinata confessing her love and then pain taking her down before naruto could even reply to her. in the anime, naruto completely ignored her confession! he didn’t say anything except ‘stay back hinata’.

    another thing i hated was the ending:
    1)pain can’t push people in whatever direction he wants! or he pushes or he pulls, end of story.

    2) why did they take away the sound? these dramatic scenes used to be done a whole lot better.

    3)hinata was spinning in the fucking air!!!!!!!!

    4)naruto looks retarded for half the episode.

    now, the positive aspects: hinata realized that she couldn’t take pain down by herself so she tried saving naruto(even though she completely failed!).
    the anime also makes us realize just how tired nagato was…i mean, he almost got hit by hinata for christ’s sake!
    we also got more of a background story on hinata’s love for naruto, even though i personally don’t care.

  49. p.s.- was it just me or did those bullies rape hinata?

  50. “He throws her into the air and she doesn’t break her bones when she falls from that height” Exactly. But at least it shows just how much Pain didnt want to kill her. In the manga he gave her a small push then stabbed her in front of Naruto. Why wouldn’t he kill her? Its because he just wanted Naruto to feel the pain of loss. But in the anime they spelled it out for us with Pain progressively increasing the force of the Shinra Tensei. But the episode still sucks… sucks harder than….The Three Tail’s Filler 😦

  51. @Kisu: LMFAO@ the video!!! XD

    Hidan: “Arrghh. My shoulders are stiff.”

    ROFL! XD

    @Dragon: “When Hinata said “I love you” she looked like a monkey!”

    LMFAO!!! XD Oh God, I can quote and laugh at comments all day it seems.


    “3)hinata was spinning in the fucking air!!!!!!!!

    4)naruto looks retarded for half the episode.”

    *dies of laughing* X_X

    Hinata did save Naruto though. ;p She saved him by interfering before Pein could finish Naruto off and take him back to base. She also saved him inadvertently by getting pwned. xD I haven’t seen the episode but if your P.S. message is anything to go by I think I might cry. T_T

    @Aninachan: Welcome to WRA! 🙂 I see you have the ‘Glass is half full’ personality type or maybe everyone else is just crazy. I always suspected…>_>

  52. @ episode as all said the animation sucks now i actually saw a video on youtube of fan animation of aizen v.s ichigo and it was WAY better than this stuff …

    @truepain it depends on the person asking if a guy is asking how to take screen shots its safe to assume he doesnt know much about this stuff and doesnt need advance editing features of photoshop either . so paint rulez ! xD

  53. @ aninachan – Welcome to WRA ^_^ hope you enjoy it here ^_^ I am Pein pleased to meet you…

    @ the animation I saw the preview last week and already knew that this would be like a Flash Animation by well some random joe… I enjoyed this part of this arc cause its supposed to be a huge development for Hinata but in the end I think all they really care about is the battle and all other developments take second place… Like Kakashi battle seemed a little lame, but this took the cake they seem to put up a smokescreen of poor animation to hinder everyone from even thinking that any character was important besides the Sasuke and Naruto saga’s

  54. oh sorry forgot >_>

    welcome to the craziness and awesomeness beyond reality (as aizen says ) welcome to wra anninachan 😀

  55. @animation
    Ok! Ok! Hold on! Are you serious? It kinda bothers me. What aboout Shippuuden ep. 26 or 138 or 143?? That was bad too??
    Nhaaa whatever.
    The Hinata-spinning-in-the-air-stuff is true indeed XD. Took us precious screen time.

    Well anyway.
    Thanks everyone for this hearty welcome. ^*^ I read the breakdowns regularly and enjoyed following the discussions. Thought it ‘s time to join in.

  56. @supertrek
    I’m actually the “half-empty-type” ^^ That would mean everyone else have to be crazy. X_X

  57. I’m not really visiting the anime section of Naruto all that much ” sorry tenrai, You rule by the way, great job”, but how can u say this episode was crap when it clearly showed us some inside things in Naruto that kisi didn’t have time and spate to put in the manga, the only thing that was poorly done was the end of the confession where imo Naruto should have been OMFG all over the place, instead there was no reaction form him at all.

    Besides that the episode ruled big time, and as for the whole moving people in air bit, I think it’s only natural that since Nagato can pull an push objects from and towards his center of gravity he should have no problem shifting them @ in the air like that, that’s the beauty of anime guys, the writer of the manga can tell the animators what he wants to be put in so the public can get a better view of his vision, cause let’s face it if a picture if worth a 1000 words then a movie clip is worth a million.
    Stop being so ungrateful for this things because as of late the anime has take a serious turn for the awesome.
    Up till now the anime fillers were non related to the story what so ever, and ever since the sanbi ark kishi has gone from bad to great, I mean the 6 tails ark was really cool in the sense that we see who this other jinchuriki are and what they were like and for me that’s way more rewarding than seeing a story about Sora the kyuubi infused young nagato looking monk.

    You can say what you want but this episode was a real good one in the sense that even if it dragged the story on for the manga’s sake it was prolonged in a great way.

  58. @eugen YEA *Pumps fist in the air* FIGHT THE POWER!! Yea i wonder will be able get some info on Hinata’s mom. *Messenger bird land on shoulder* Hmm, a message eh *takes message from bird and reads “that idea has been denied.” Stupid bird. *launch flaming boulders at bird and laughs maincally* YES I DID SHOOT THE MESSENGER *laughs some more then pass out due lack of oxygen*

  59. Hey guys I just got back from being absolutely blown away by this recent episode. It has been a LONG time in any entertainment media that I have been As absolutely sucked into the story as I was here. I have heard y’alls comments regarding the poor quality of the animation as well as the lack of satisfaction with the general presentation of the story is presented altogether. While what you are saying does have merit and weight I would like to take a different look at the trends we have been seeing as well as point out aspects of the episode I believe should be highlighted in order to recognize the creative talent and thought that has gone into making this episode. 

    1.) The Animation: There have been many complaints regarding the presentation and quality of animation that these episodes usually have. I believe that this is not a degredation of art style but rather a creative art direction for action-heavy episodes such as this. 
    There are three main components of the animation I will hit on in this explenation: the character models, the background, and the sound. Within this template of art within these action-heavy episodes the background gets a boost of detail while the character models themselves get nerfed in detail for a reason. I will cite the battle between Kakashi and crew verses Hidan and Kakusu: (one of my fav battles btw) the background is nothing more than dead trees, that’s it, yet the detail that went into the background for these scenes was amazing. The chacter models were reduced in detail, but when  seen on top of such realistic background it highlights the fluidity of the motion being seen due to our brain being able to pick up and track motions that graze past us before we notice any detail in the object. In other words, the goal of the animAtors was to highlight and focus on the motion of the battle rather than the detail of kakashi’s jumpsuit. Notice, during these times how the fluidity of motion in these scenes takes a huge upgrade as well. I believe this art template is used during the kakashi/hidan battle just as it used in the current battle to highlight the motion and fluidity of the battle before us rather than concentrating on Naruto’s cloak. Remember that in artistic media, fights are akin to a dance, for the most part it is the motion of the dance rather than than the detail to costumes that garner applause.
    I will get to the sound portion in a sec.

    2.) Hinata herself: We have all seen Hinata from day one as the shy yet sweet girl in the corner. We cheered her on as she made her accomplishments and her developments. For most men she is akin to the sweet little sister that is a source of that brotherly protectiveness that is a basic building block of the male nature. Even, after the time ship we still see her hiding and overall being unable to express herself normally; but we still continue to cheer her on. In this episode we don’t cheer her on, we are blown away by a young woman who is displaying more courage and determination than the other Konaha 11 we have followed throughout the years. This is a woman we have not seen before and there is a swelling of pride that envelops that big brother side if us as we see this growth of a character we have watched over time. I mentioned before that the character detail takes a hit in episodes like this but the animaters give detail where detail is due in this episode, mainly in the face. The detail behind the expression even as blood is dripping from her brow is the selling point in convincing the audience if her determinedness. They even went as far as to animate her teeth being stained by the torrent of crimson, they didn’t have to do that, but they did and details like that make me think that this was more an labour of love than a day job for these guys. Also, look at her eyes, her eyes have the grim stare of someone that knows her current actions are the right path despite how rediculous it may seem to others. Needless to say, this was the episode that had me believing in Hinata and what she is doing. 

    3. Hinata’s “death”: Ok to be honest, when I first saw this sequence in the manga I saw it more as a catalyst to activate Naruto’s “beast mode” than a legitmite aspect of the overarching story. I mean it was tragic, but I didn’t really see the the point if it outside of the aforementioned reason mention. The anime version however presented it as a much more organic component to the story, for me it was a much more emotional and traumatic occourance that seemed to naturally integrate itself with the story. 
    Let me take this time to highlight how sound is used in these action-heavy scenes. In the kakashi/hidan battle the scenery and character models worked in tandem to highlight the motion of the battle at hand. In addition, the sound was of amazing quality that made you really believe these dead trees were being fractured, broken, and blowing to pieces. I remember the sound of wood chips flying everywhere and that in addition to the other high quality sounds made this episode with low-detail character models come alive for me.
    In the current episode listen to Hinata’s laboured and heavy breathing as she struggles to close the gap between her and Naruto after being flung to the ground and seriously wounded. Hearing that while seeing her struggle made this scene feel more real for us. The sound cutting out as she is flown up a second time is a creative tool to highlight the emotion of this instant almoast as if time as stopped. For me this was when I was breathless and the silence seemed to be a reflection of that reaction. 
    I was also not aware that she was stabbed according to the manga. I thought she was just thrown really really hard. So for me to see this woman land a second time, manhandled, and stabbed was a new aspect that filled me with horror. It made me say “oh s@&#” and I am not a cursing man. The creative team really took a chance in this episode displaying the brutal climax graphicly. More than the manga it made me understand and resonate with the white knuckled horror and rage being displayed in Naruto’s eyes.  It was deep, emotional, and unforgettable, I mean it is one thing to see a battle hardened super shinobi like Jaraya fall, it is another to watch the same thing happen to a young woman we care for.

    4.) Naruto’s eyes: The thing that sold the horror of this moment was the detail in Naruto’s eyes. We have never seen his eyes get so huge, and they even added the thin red viens one develops when one is on the verge of tears. His eyes were a reflection of the emotions we were feeling at the moment. 

    5.) the Backstory: I never really understood the reason behind Hinata’s fascination behind Naruto. Yeah I know he represents the qualitiesn that she lacks yadda yadda. But where did this fascination origionally stem from? 
    We finally see her curiosity early on as she is never told about why she should stay away from the “kyubbi boy” just that she should. Of course this curiosity is turned to a fascination as is demonstrated in the rescue scene. I believe Hinata wonders why this “kyubbi boy” that she is told us bad news would rescue her and give his first display of his own bravery and determination. Two things we are fully aware that Hinata lacked and wanted. This curiosity led to fascination, fascination led to feelings I’m sure her teenage brain has a really hard time understanding and expressing. (btw I love tiny Hinata she is sooooo cute) Anyway, this gives the Naruto/Hinata character relation a solid base and give us a full picture of how they relate. This also gives the reasons for her curent actions in this episode some weight as well and causes us to invest in her more as a character.

    So what do you guys think? Are my arguments valid or am I just spouting bs? Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if my words are wonky in this post. I’m studying in Africa this summer for my college and my Ipod is acting as my mobile computer until I get back to the states. Plus internet is more sporatic here so I can’t reply as much as I want. Super, Tenrai, Pickles, you guys have done an amazing job turning this simple blog post into a community. That is what keeps me coming back and sharing with y’all. I love hearing your breakdowns over my favorite guilty pleasure (Naruto). You guys rock and even though I am over seas this summer I wil still check in on you guys and contribute when I can. My replies might be as sporadic as Internet here though. You guys rock!


  60. I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m not a stickler for animation quality anyway so I can’t really comment on it. You seem to know what you’re talking about, no doubt. I focus more about how things are interpreted and odd ends and outs the animation may add.

    Thanks for the comment! It’s greatly appreciated and I’m sure the rest of the guys feel the same way. The reason why we do this is because we like being a part of the community here. Good luck over seas and study hard! >(0_-)>

  61. *Walks into anime breakdown and gets completely blown away by accordionninja’s epically long comment*



  62. I am not sure what was wrong with the animation, because it was much smoother and more refined than it normally is. The battle was great because it flowed so nicely and the frame rate was much better.

    There were no repetitive movements or recycled stills, it was all much higher production quality.

    But what really got me in this episode was the emotion. When you see Naruto save Hinata in the flashbacks even though he got beaten up, it really shows his courage and kindness. But what really hits you in the heart is when you see how the older Hyuuga caretaker forces Hinata to just leave Naruto lying there alone, and hurt.

    When he said “Don’t get involved with that boy” it was really cruel. Then he just drags her off and leaves a little kid behind even though Hinata told the Hyuuga that Naruto had saved her. It just shows you how little compassion the villagers had when it came to Naruto. He is just a kid on his own and no-one even helps him when he is beaten up and can’t move, even though he goes out of his way to help them.

    The way you see her looking back at him lying there on the floor, it makes you feel angry that they treated him that way. To me, that scene and this whole episode had a huge emotional impact. I though they achieved that very well and I am glad.

  63. The best part is they seem to still be keeping up the quality for the next episode, because the preview shows the same type of quality. ^ ^

  64. @accordionninja

    I definitely agree that the anime made this scene so much more emotional and had a far greater impact than the manga. The way Hinata keeps getting back up even though she is being pulled apart and the look in Naruto’s eyes as he watched helplessly, was probably the most emotional thing I have seen in the anime so far.

    The way the flashbacks added so much more depth into those feelings and how each of them grew up was just special and it far better explains Hinata’s faith in Naruto and her love for him.

    Omg… Kishi seriously needs to revisit this confession now. After all this, if Naruto doesn’t end up with Hinata, I may just die.

    I wonder how Minato felt, seeing his son’s life and seeing how he was treated. This episode showed a lot of that and he must have felt pretty guilty for putting the Kyuubi inside Naruto even though he had no choice.

  65. I personally liked the style of the recent episodes, they add flair, drama, and a new perspective that can never be reached by manga. However, I do respect dissenting views. After all everyone’s a critic. No matter how you beef up the animation, someone, somewhere will find fault in it. Peace! 😉

  66. @Anyone saying the animation was good, just go to youtube and type “Hinata’s confession”. The Flash animation looks EXACTLY like this episode. Sorry, but when you compare this art to Bleach’s (or One Piece’s) anime, there’s no comparison, Bleach (AND One Piece) completely blow(s) it out of the water. Hell, even non-popular animes have WAY better animation….IVE SEEN HENTAI WITH BETTER ANIMATION! Too much info? Awkward…… I give the anime credit for showing that Pain just really didnt want to kill Hinata though.

  67. @kisuzachi

    Maybe you were watching a flash animation made by some fan then. lol! But seriously, I have seen those fan made videos and there is no comparison. I really don’t understand how could even see them as close to one another, but, I digress, to each his own opinion.

    May I ask where you watched the episode though? I download the HD versions and I have to say, the quality of the animation looked great to me. Much better than the ‘step and repeat’ animation we have seen in the past few episodes.

  68. @ Kisuzachi – HEY! Leave the Hentai animators alone! They get ‘wankers cramp’ from having to draw all those tentacles!

    Overall I am satisfied with the latest episode. The animation may not have been top-notch, but at least they expand on Hinata’s character a bit, and she’s learned some moves from Yamcha – WOLF FANG FIST!

  69. Here are the konoha 11, Gaara and Temari seiyuu with special guest Ishida singing not Ass-uke.

  70. @Tenrai, I guess its good considering how much the animation has slipped. But I dare you to compare the artwork of this episode to early Shippuden or Part 1 Naruto. I mean, the anime has lowered our standards so much that we’ll accept mediocrity and call it good lol!

    @Prawl, how dare you make fun of Wanker’s Cramp. It’s the deadliest of all British diseases Florence!

  71. To complain even further, compare Hinata’s Twin Lion Steps in the manga to the anime. The manga does it better. I cant believe I just said the manga does something better than the anime…… Here’s hoping that Chibaku Tensei is still kick-ass! 😀

  72. @kisu I agree but the manga screwed it up already because the glancing blow look like a simple slap. Seriously a slap!! Damn you Kishi and Uchiha minus Obito and Itachi R.I.P.!!!!

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