Happy Father’s Day everybody! Now get off the internet and take your dad out somewhere lazy bastards! xD Take him to the movies, out to dinner, buy him a massage chair, but don’t, I repeat, DON’T buy him a lawnmower and say something like, “Have fun daddio” while patting him on the back! -_-  Just know, any male role model or figure that’s important to you, you can dedicate this day to. If you’re a dad yourself then congratulations and enjoy yourself! You deserve it! 😉

Picture by Nishi06

Have a good one folks! 🙂


~ by supertrek89 on June 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY FROM WRA!!!”

  1. ROFLMAO at demotivational poster!!! 😀

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!!!!!!!!

    Btw, FIRST!!!

  2. lmaoz

  3. I’m conflicted though.

    If your dad is in jail for murder and arson…does he REALLY deserve a father’s day? If he’s dead because he was killed by a cop, does he deserve it? >_>

  4. LOL!!! wouldn’t suprise me if she was O_o

  5. 4th and lol

  6. fifth! epic demotivational 😀


    If he did all that, but still loves his kids and wishes only good for them, he deserves a happy father’s day. I’m not saying he deserves to be pardoned or anything, but he does deserve a few happy moments with his kids.

    whwew….lol that must have been the pot i shmoked.(but not really #_#)

  7. Any father figure in your life can be celebrated on this day. 😉

    As for my day we went out, ate Chinese, and saw 2 movies. Toy Story 3 (Awesome!) and Karate Kid (Awesome!). Both movies brought the kid out in me again. xD Btw, I’m no father I was celebrating with my dad. ^_^

  8. ROFLMAFO @ super “im no father ” XD LOL

    yeh late but happy fathers day wra .

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