Rate This Week’s Manga! FMA Included! 6/18/10

Hey WRA, it’s Super substituting in for Kabuto to bring you this week’s rating post! He’s busy with the exams and whatnot so without further ado, I bring you the reviews.

First up we have a Fairy Tail!

Not the most popular and well received manga (especially not this arc) but this chapter may be the start of something great from here on out. At least in my opinion, this week’s chapter was nothing less than great! It was sporadic and maybe moved a little to fast but it sure got the blood pumping. Natsu and his friend’s brave stand against the island hurling to crush and destroy them. The revelation about the queen and Charle’s resolve to save her homeland. I give the chapter 8 Tails out of 10! *dodges a hurled rock* o_o

Next up is Bleach!

I thought it was decent. Nothing much happened besides the explanations of what the Koryuu Current and Jinzen were. It was basically the start of Ichio’s training. Seriously…that’s all that happened unless you count the small talk between Keigo and Arisawa in the streets of Karakura Town important. Even Aizen got a small role in this chapter and you know how he likes to hog the screen, so it was a breath of fresh air in that regard. I give Bleach 6 Zanpaktous out of 10 this week.

Next we have Naruto!

What’s there to say besides it was awesome? Hey, a lot of people would go even further and describe it as an epic chapter. Naruto took control of the Kyubi and the Rikudou Sennin’s necklace could be seen around Naruto’s neck enticing much speculation and discussion. The fact that Naruto looked awesome pwning the Kyubi and after pwning the Kyubi when he went Super Naruto and glowed with an ethereal light only furthers the enjoyment of this chapter. I give Naruto 9 Bijuu out of 10.

Last but not least I give you Full Metal Alchemist!

Last week was actually the end to the FMA series but who cares it needs to be in here. Now this was an epic chapter! Not only did we receive over 100 pages (hot damn!) of great material, but more importantly got warm closure to a manga we so dearly loved. I won’t go into detail because I’m saving that for the breakdown *wink* but a lot of s**t happens and that’s what you can expect from a last chapter to any series. People die, people move on, lives are rebuilt, we get the news on what’s happening with a few people, old characters make reappearances, and families are made. 😉  It’s a sad farewell to such an awesome series and Arakawa did it right. Thank you to her for all her hard work. It really turned out…awesomeness! I give the final chapter of Full Metal Alchemist 10 metal arms out of 10. 🙂

No One Piece this week and that’s it from me! Laterz!

~ by supertrek89 on June 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rate This Week’s Manga! FMA Included! 6/18/10”

  1. First!!!!
    Fairy Tail: 8

    Bleach: 7

    Naruto: 9

    Full Metal Alchemist: OVER 9000!!!!

  2. Naruto: 10
    Bleach: 8

    Dont read others *raises head and walks away with an uppity attitude*

  3. Fairy tail: 7
    Beach: 1 really i just think its bs to teh max,..
    Naruto 9/10 great chapter love to hear more about the rikudou sage thing and why it came out by conquering the bijuu

    Wheres One Piece!? even tho there was no chapter its still 10/10! xD

  4. Naruto:8
    Fairy Tail 8
    Bleach meh
    Fma over 9000! who gave it a 1 *prepares flaming boulder cannon*.

  5. Fairy Tail – 8
    Bleach – 5
    Naruto – 10
    FMA – OVER 9000!!

    great job super, thanks for filling in (Y)

  6. bleach is getting AWFUL… i used to really like it until the hyperbolic time chamber, Urahara and Yoruichi’s anticlimactic appearance, death of all the espadas, no bankais released ever… even when facing death, yamamoto’s death, ichigo’s dad having the same exact attack as him, no unohana, gin’s terrible bankai (though its slightly better now), tousen’s retarded death….. its just gone really downhill lately, kubo needs to get back to what he had b4… it was good all the way up to ulquiorra… I gave it a 3 for this week, Naruto 10, FMA OVer 9000!!

  7. fairy tail and FMA— don’t read **get’s hit by flaming stones**

    bleach— IT SUCKED. more and more talk without any action. ichigo proves he’s a pussy. isshin goes into lecture mode….aizen just “contemplates the situation”….the only thin that saves this one it mizuiro and tatsuki’s funny bits……pfft 5/10

    naruto—- NOW THIS WAS EPIC!! naruto makes kyuubi his bitch and gets a new seal, kushina is pretty 🙂 , kyuubi’s anger is hilarious nd kushina drops a big bombshell at the end. 10/10 😀

    one piece— NOOOOOESS i want my chapta T_T

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