Bleach Chapter 409 IS OUT + Triple Bleach Breakdown! Ok, It’s Not So Much Of A Triple Breakdown As It Is A Recap… I’m Taking Ichigo’s Training Route And Cutting Some Corners. Oh, And Chuck Norris Vs. Aizen Debate! ^_^

Read Bleach Chapter 409 here!

-Bleach 406-407 Recap Below-

Picture by Uraharas Shop

Gomen, but Bleach Breakdowns are back after 2 weeks of absence. I’m just going to do a brief recap of chapters 406 and 407 so we can get straight to 408.

Chapter 406 recap GO!

1.) Aizen lives from Isshin’s Getsuga Tenshou (Surprise! ~_~)  and Isshin comments on how only someone like Aizen could possible gauge his power.

The final Getsuga Tenshou = The ultimate back scratcher!

So who can relate to Aizen the most? Most likely it’s Ichigo but the only connection I can make between the two is the influence of the Hougyoku. Seeing as how both Aizen and Ichigo have been influenced by device in some way. Then again…a lot of people are like Aizen if that’s the case…>_> Perhaps it has something to do with what Ichigo truly is.

2.) Aizen is “Hollow” on the inside!

Get it!? 😀 He’s hollow…

*someone screams from the audience “He’s not a Hollow you dumbass!”*

Ah! You bastards let me have my fun! ~_~

Not a big fan of Greek Mythology!? *throws a book at readers* ~_~

So all this time Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin have been attacking what seems to be like an empty shell which would explain why Isshin couldn’t feel anything when he hit him.

Narcissistic bastard!

Anyway, that was just the chrysalis stage leading to his final transformation to turn into Mighty Mullet Man!

Citizen: “Mr. Mullet Man, why does your hair grow longer when you get stronger?”

Mighty Mullet Man: “Why responsible manga reading citizen, I think you should be asking Hollow Ichigo (or any Super Saiyan) that question.”

3.) Mighty Mullet Man defeats the combined force of Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi.

I think they're defeated Ichigo...

Alright, time to go home and use Ichigo’s soiled underwear as the flag of surrender!

Chapter 407 recap GO!

Wait, The war is still going on? Why? Alright if Aizen whooping the asses of 3 super strong shinigami doesn’t convince you than how about this?

4.) Aizen surpasses truth and reason!

Aizen just defied thought and rationale. X_X

WTFuckery is this!? He be a witch I tell you! No, he’s something else…what is he…he’s not Mighty Mullet Man…Aizen is…He’s THE ONE!!! No forget that! ‘The One’ doesn’t hold a candlelight to what Aizen is! He’s not bound by mortal or shinigami law. He’s not bound by scientific facts or limited to miracles! He’s not bound by the abstract or the concrete. He’s not bound by reality or the matrix! He laughs in the face of “truth” and “reason” and becomes…Aizen! He’s unlimited! All that is and all that will be! The unsolvable mystery of the universe and the last digit of pi. That is…Aizen. ~_~

5.) Nothing much else happens besides the confirmation of Aizen’s…Aizeness but Isshin does mention he’ll teach Ichigo The Final Getsuga Tenshou!


Ohhh, big deal! I could have sworn…now correct me if I’m wrong. Isshin just used the ultimate Getsuga Tenshou on Aizen and it didn’t do anything! Right, or was that just a super strong Getsuga Tenshou and what he’s teaching Ichigo is its true form?

-Bleach 408 Breakdown Below-

Alright, finally chapter 408! The last two chapters were the same ol’ thing. Aizen is a badass look at what he can do. The focus for this chapter though goes to father and son, Isshin and Ichigo. This is very much appreciated because no matter how awesome I think Aizen is… I think he’s starting become a little too awesome for me. I know… there’s no such thing as “too awesome” right? Well, that’s what I thought until Aizen destroyed “reason”. Now I don’t think.

Can you feel the natural energy Ichigo? o_o

Ichgio is now trying to obtain the final form of the Getsuga Tenshou (Sage Mode) through extreme concentration in the Precipice World (Hyperbolic Time Chamber). It’s a world with much denser time than the real world so it moves slower I suppose. Think of a pipe and time flows through it. The real world’s time is made of much finer material so it flows through the pipe at a much faster rate than the denser time of the Precipice World. Now…if my theory is correct Tite Kubo has been smoking the Precipice World Pipe with its much denser and potent material. 😮 Lol, I’m just kidding. xD

I kid guys, it's just a...joke. O_O *runs from Bleach fandom*

Anyway, this training requires immense concentration and is another shortcut method of training to buff Ichigo up before his showdown with Aizen. Yeah, remember when he squeezed 10 years of training into 3 days? Well, now he’s squeezing 3 months of training into 1 hour.  I ask you, why does everyone else seem to know more about Zangetsu than the guy who wields it? xD No, here’s a more important question. Why does Isshin believe Karakura Town can last more than 5 minutes with Aizen there!? Giving Aizen an hour to destroy a city is like giving a bulldozer an hour to destroy a sand castle!

This is how Isshin sets up his tent. Last guy that went camping with him didn't survive the tent setup. 😦

Anyone else impressed by Isshin’s massive reitsu? He can suppress the Kouryuu Current for 3 months straight by himself! I hope they have food on hand but I guess with Aizen destroying “reason” there’s no reason why Ichigo and Isshin have to eat anything anymore…

You all did a very good job of figuring this stuff out. >_>

We learn that Ichigo’s meditation is called Jinzen (Blade Zen). It’s a form that’s been worked out for thousands of years all for the sake of talking to your Zanpaktou. In other words it took Soul Society millenniums to come up with sitting on your ass and concentrating with your sword over your lap. Lol, I’m sure there more to it than that but seriously, thousands of years for that? This form is different from the rest of Ichigo’s training because before Ichigo had to force his techniques out. This training requires a state of calm which is a new and different effort for him.

You know how they say, "Even if you were the last guy on earth-" 😉

The scene switches over to Soul Society where the real Karakura Town resides, yada yada yada I don’t really care about Keigo’s tirade. I never liked Keigo much, just annoying. Arisawa is pretty cool and I keep forgetting how much they really know about Ichigo.

He got a Triple Decker. It won't be done for awhile Aizen. World domination has to wait a little while ok?

Anyone else get the feeling Gin is trying to delay Aizen?

That...actually doesn't seem that wild to me...o_o

Lastly, Ichigo has accomplished pouring his heart into his sword and is able to communicate with Zangetsu. He’s talked with Zangetsu before but this time it’s in a calm state and he does it without any forcefulness. Isshin remarks this time Zangetsu is going to go wild signifying this fight with Zangetsu will be much harder than before. So much for not forcing him out…

That ends this week’s breakdown! Excuse my Aizen tirade, it happens every now and again. I’ll be picking a new author for the Bleach Breakdowns soon so you all can get this Bleach Hater (I’m no Bleach Hater! T_T) off your backs. No break for Bleach next week Woot Woot! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Along with your demotivational poster I thought I’d put up a fun debate battle, because honestly they both are in a league of their own.

Here’s your poster!

Here’s your “serious” debate this week. XD Credit goes to Takashid for inspiring the demotivational poster. 🙂


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26 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 409 IS OUT + Triple Bleach Breakdown! Ok, It’s Not So Much Of A Triple Breakdown As It Is A Recap… I’m Taking Ichigo’s Training Route And Cutting Some Corners. Oh, And Chuck Norris Vs. Aizen Debate! ^_^”

  1. Nice breakdown super ! or recap whatever you may call it. On the discussion of Chuck vs Aizen, i’d say neither … Bruce Lee conquers all ^_^

  2. also i must add to my previous comment… 1ST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2nd or 3rd!!!

  4. Did anyone else thinl that Gin got stabbed in this
    when they first read it.
    Great breakdown by the way.

  5. 3rd, 4th or, 5th. nice breakdown.

  6. @kanton: your 3rd..leaving me with fourth…
    Thanks for the breakdown once again… I always say better late(in this case M.I.A) than never. Aizen is gonna pwn ichigo for the longest before a cheapshot comes in. If ichigo has to go full hollow and pwns Aizen and then returns to normal and wants to fight Aizen like he did with Uliquorra on an even ground i’ll flip out and find Tite personally…Ichigo needs to just go all out and have no regrets for not finishing them. Almost every major bad guys gets that treatment.

  7. i wasnt gonna read a bleach breakdown ever but since you pwned bleach in it GREAT BREAKDOWN 😀

  8. lol Cuatro Espada! Nice breakdown Superdude (you hater T^T)

  9. oh well, looks like I’m Grimmjow. SEXTA ESPADA!

  10. Great breakdown Super! 😛

  11. WHAT MANNER OF DUMBFUCKERY BE THIS?!?! Ye all know that the Aizen would eat the Norris, and shit out 2 Bruce Lee’s (or Possibly one and a half bruce lee’s and a rock lee)

    Truth be told – Bruce Lee would have mopped the floor with Chuck Norris. That’s why Chuck Norris defeated Bruce Lee in a simple child’s card game, and banished Lee to the shadow realm. (translation: He snuck up on Bruce Lee and shot him)

    YAY AIZEN! Let’s all pray that Tite never explains his origins or power!

  12. Arigatou!

    @Shadow: I actually thought someone sliced Aizen’s shoulder when I first saw that panel.

    @Shinobi: Hell yeah! No more, ‘Oh God, I’m sorry did I do that!? Please take my left nut so we can fight evenly!’ T_T If Ichigo is so worried about his hollow taking over he should do less complaining and become strong enough where he can defeat enemies with his own power. If the hollow does take over it’s his own fault for not being strong enough and should just accept it. Plus, he should thank his hollow side because its saved him numerous times already.

    @Kisu: Would you like to start doing the Bleach Breakdowns Sir. Kisu? 🙂

    @Prawl: Lol, you said it! xD I’m a Chuck Norris fan only as far as the jokes go. They make for a good laugh but looking at the guy in real life…he’s cool I guess.

    Good luck getting through the whole video.

  13. WOULD I!? Do pigs fly!? *gets a phone call* Well apparently pigs dont fly. Sure 😀

  14. and that was only 1 kage bunshin of chuck norris! >.>

  15. @Super: No offence, but shouldn’t you have posted that video in the Rating Madness post? 😀

    Btw, I think Bruce Lee is better than Chuck Norris… but not better than ELMO!!!! XD 😛

  16. nice breakdown super…….and lol i agree that aizen has surpassed reason…….he’s also surpassed space, time and matter……i think he’s gonna come out from the manga and EAT kubo 😛
    aizen has been overpowered so much, it makes sasuke seem nice >__> <_<

    also, arisawa and mizuiro conversation is hilarious ^_^

    @debate, it's a no-contest. even if aizen defies reason, chuck norris will beat him with a dove feather because that's how epic chuck norris is….he defies kubo O_o

  17. @Kisu: Coolio! 😛 Check your email…

    @Fear: LMAO! xD

    @Dragon: Well, I thought about it but I wasn’t vying for Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris in the biggest badass category (Jackie Chan FTW) so I had no reason to post it over there. But here you go. 😉

    @Katz: LOL! Aizen defies Kubo too! Kubo doesn’t draw Aizen. Aizen draws Kubo drawing Aizen. @_@ In retrospect Aizen draws himself. XD

  18. @everyone… even though aizen is more and more badass… why can he no longer use his shikai’s ability… or more like… why hasnt he used it recently…

  19. @omar, cuz he doesnt need to 😀

  20. *points at old man prawl and laughs * HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAAH

    i have a theory btw the “shell” aizen was in acted as a time enhancing chamber ( XD god knows what that is ) i mean it gave aizen the power he would have had achived in say a million years ( sort of like the hyberolic (wtf are the spellings ) time chamber ….. the thing to prove this theory is that aizens hair grew long and he got powerfull while staying a shinigami which is possible only by training your ass off.

    as to those who are thinking bleach is dead atm i agree but dont be so stupid as to think that kubo would actually go on and be such a dumb phuck that he makes ICHIGO defeat or kill aizen ( even with his dad’s help ) thats just plain bs and i dont excpect an idiot like kubo to do it even .it would take around

    -urahara bankai
    -ichigoes (xD) dads bankai
    – the cat woman’s bankai
    -ichigo’s 2nd hollow

    or you could just send kenpachi with a bankai XD LOL

  21. new chapter out…. its awful


  23. as expected a dissapointing chapter tho it wasnt as dissapointing as it could ve been so thats a good point right?
    More of the everlasting conquer ur inner soul thing how pathetic

  24. Nothing special just a younger and selfish Zangetsu. Some random ugly gets killed. Tatsuki and crew are goners.

  25. LOL! The comments section is always entertaining here! xD

    I actually had a fairly good time with this chapter. The younger version of Zangetsu was awesome and we got the name of Isshin’s Zanpaktou (Engetsu) I think. Seems obviously related to Zangetsu which would explain the Getsuga Tenshou. I’m also curious at to what the Zanpaktou are trying to protect by not teaching their techniques. Maybe they’re afraid of Shinigami using such destructive force to hurt others. Maybe they’re afraid of losing their Shinigami in the course of the training.

    Lasty…WTH hasn’t anyone used this before!?

  26. Breakdown’s out guys 😀

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