Rating Madness!! O_O

Right! Since i asked Super to do the rating post for me i’d imagin hes possibly already done a draft for it, or planned it out so instead i bring you something else, however its still related to rating…

First will be the best game of 2009:

The nominees are …

Uncharted 2

Street Fighter IV

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Batman Arkham Asylam

Assassins Creed 2

… take your pick.

Personally the one i would go for is Assassins Creed 2 since i love the story, the graphics are amazing and ive gone back to replay it four times now.

Next is Best Game of 2010 (so far)…

Splinter Cell Conviction

Fifa World Cup 2010

Mario Galaxy 2

Red Dead Redemptipn

Alan Wake

since i have played only one of these above i will not choose out of the selected.

And the final part of this completly pointless yet entertaining (i hope) post is …


the nominees:

Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee

Samuel L. Jackson

Adolf Hitler

Chuck Norris


and there you have it… sorry if i have wasted your time folks, i thought id try something a little different. Please leave all complaints in the comment section (not as though you can leave them anywhere else:P) Bye folks!


~ by Captain Awesome on June 18, 2010.

19 Responses to “Rating Madness!! O_O”

  1. FIRST! :d

  2. Street fighter never gets old @_@

    Lol I can’t choose between Chuck Norris And Elmo.

  3. This is…interesting. o_o

    I wouldn’t categorize Adolf Hitler as a badass though. I’d amount him to scum…or the algae small fish feed off then shit to the bottom of the ocean depths. Biggest badass without all the internet hype and fiction is Jackie Chan bar none. πŸ˜‰ I refuse to vote on best author. *sweatdrop* ~_~ The only game I’ve played up there is…MW2 so I guess my vote goes in for that game.

    I’ll be working on the ratings post, no worries Kabuto. >(0_-)>

  4. I voted for myself! Cause i’m pretty sure i’ll be the only one

  5. I request that Monster Hunter Tri be added to the list for best game of 2010.

  6. The moment i saw chuck norris i got scared and instantly voted for him…sorry bruce…if he wasn’t on the list he woulda won that
    YOU NEVER PISS OFF CHUCK NORRIS….He’ll kill you through your unborn grandkids dream…
    On a second note..Modern Warfare 2 only gets my vote because i have the game…i played arkham aslyum demo and thought it was almost as epic as chuck norris’ glove in the picture…

  7. poll 1 – tough call between assasins creed2 and modren warfare 2 but in the end mw 2 takes my vote πŸ˜€
    poll 2- splinter cell ( who the heck voted for mario O_o )
    poll 3 – captain pickles for his funny as hell breakdowns
    poll 4- bruce lee

  8. Great post!

  9. I want to see a fight between Chuck Norris and Hitler O_o An awesome badass vs a psycho with poor childhood. I wonder how much chuck will pwn him O_O Since chuck pwns all (sorry jackie and bruce but chuck really pwns you)

  10. HEY! What about JET LI!? or doest special effects and stunt doubles count? Pfft, Im giving this to elmo..

    @superdude, you got my vote *Guy pose* πŸ˜€

  11. multiple options should be available when it comes to best author πŸ˜›
    wheres pacman!?
    meh no ps3 or xbox360 so i cant really argue about the best games an d stuff πŸ˜›

  12. @Super: yeah i only put hitler in there to make up numbers, i didnt really didnt know who else to include in it, shockingly though Hitler has gotten 2 votes O_O

    (also i officially love the 4 people who voted for me :P)

  13. 1st vote– street fighter 4 ….it’s the only one i’ve played

    2nd vote– uhh…how do i say this….i’m a gaming newb?? lol

    3rd vote— hmmm…..well….heheheheeh….ODA-SAMA!! wait, what? @_@

    4th vote- finally a poll i can vote in. chuck norris FTEW πŸ˜€

  14. How can you all forget about Elmo for biggest badass he controls children, O_O he will create an unholy army of kids that no one could stop, his will be evil and will grow till the world is under his control O_O kinda like Hitler but cuddly πŸ˜›

  15. Hmmm… I am not so sure the author vote is a good idea. It may cause a lot of unnecessary ill feelings. No-one likes to see themselves with a low score next to their name, while others are rated highly, it just creates feelings of inferiority and low self worth.

    Human beings are hard on themselves as it is, they don’t need encouragement to be even harder on themselves.

  16. @Tenrai – i did do it as favourite because i thought doing it as best would be harsh for the exact reason you just said, however people are seemed to take the poll as best rather then favourite, may have to edit it or take it out.

  17. @Poll: Let’s just take it out and next time consult with the other authors before including their names in a poll. Just procedure. ^_^

    And At Dragon’s Suggestion:

  18. @Super
    Dang, I was curious as to the results.

  19. meh it was just a poll >_> i wanted to see the result too ama xD
    i bet super or pickles or ten would have won @_@

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