Bleach 274 – Bleach bringing the “cup” back in World Cup ;)

Awe all Pein here with another Bleach Breakdown. Sorry it is a little late, I was kidnapped by work and was out of town for a couple of days then WORLD CUP Fever hit me… So in commemoration of the World Cup, thought I would try add a bit of spirit for the Bleach followers, and if you don’t like it, I will just (un)justifiably blame Super 😉

World Cup *size*

Anyways moving along swiftly…

I think hate this every week, the amount of episode time that’s wasted on already seen content. I just see it as lazy, but anyways let’s continue…

Now you see it.... now you see it again

The battle seemed a little dry for my taste this week, well the opening aspects of it at least the tone and feel of the music and even general animation seems labored. Though there is no denying Hallibel’s destructive power the speed of the battle seems to have suffered with both just shooting big attacks and not really worrying about anything else, in the end it was meh. The music just seems to add to this effect with well just this monotone (no build up). Anyways let’s continue…

When in water pull takes to activate Floatation devices ^_^

The battle or stand off or just chill about staring into space between Squad 2 and Baraggan continues… :O Baraggan does help by showing each of the aspects of death each Espada live by (except himself)… but again to me this was meh, I found no great joy in it. The growth given was minimal, though it does give some idea of each Espada’s generally. Anyways lets continue.

When Hallibel is fighting, people can't focus on anything else @_@

Sorry if it seems like I am overly complaining but honestly this episode beginning battles were all just stale mates, she controls water and he controls ice. They spend the beginning of the episode canceling each other out and under estimating each other… but guess the episode needed to be filled and instead of too much unneeded filler at the beginning they just dragged the battle and techniques… Don’t worry I am almost 28% sure it’ll get better… Anyways let’s continue.

awww I used to love playing fort as a kid ^_^

The second half of this episode was really enjoyable, for people that read the manga and know the story well already I would just skip the first half… The pace of the battle returns to its usual speed with new techniques being used, plus the extra filler character building content was well placed. It has come to my attention that in fact Hallibel did not gain a lot of Character development in the manga and though the anime filler may not be seen as true character development it is there and it is nice to see. Though even that is bare minimal… The music picks up and what I find my fav. Part of this arc is the multiple battles all around, even though Starrk’s battle hasn’t fully begun its light sparing does now and then offer a good distraction point from the main battle ^_^

wonder what he peeking at

I really digged Starrk in the Manga, the lone wolf per say. 😉 So I really look forward for his battle to really pick up.
The battle is pretty well shown between Hallibel and Hitsugaya, but it is evident both had been holding back to wait till the battle field was filled with water and finish it in a single blow (Hitsugaya). With Hitsugaya having a secret technique up his sleeve O_O (will now probably wait till the end of the episode before we know what it is and only see it half way through the next episode o_O) Don’t you just love that about Bleach.
No? X_X Okay then lets continue…

The battle between Hallibel and Hitsugaya has been kept mostly long range attack though this until now benefits Hitsugaya it in fact moved him closer the injured lieutenants which is now a disadvantage… (Now that the “art of war” has been stated) What I learned was when I hot chick want you close to her you should not say no 😛
Though the thing that I enjoyed about the episode was the choice, Hitsugaya has to make to protect his underling and the lieutenants… though I would of dodged and let the weakling O_o I mean I would of done the right thing…

@_@ Something big is gonna hit the poor little ice dragon

The choice he takes is the typical good guy hero sort of idea though I get the feeling to each sacrifice there is a choice… *deep ramblings to follow* If you think of the people you care about most, would you give your life for them and if you do who suffers more? You for losing your life or them for loosing you? Anyways back to bre… Battles >_>

Hallibel then begins the thing all villains no matter how noble do, *epic monologue time* and you know when you’re not Aizen this can backfire 😛 I enjoyed it cause she shows a deep insite to the sacrifice she believes. She believe that the people under her sacrifice would be justified only if she could win because of it. Kinda like a Pawn in chess I guess they can be useful tools but almost never win you the game…
Hallibel has a flash back!!!!

but its pretty lame, nothing happens you just have Aizen staring at her, it give no indication of why she follows him its just a waste, they keep delaying something… even the villains are working with the animators O_O anyways lets continue….

While your down there @_@

The end was basically what anyone that follows Bleach anime would expect, the usual Bleach music build up begins and well Hitsugaya, gets ready for an epiclyawesomness attack, but then you see *to be continued* so I will have to wait for that bit to continue…

I waited the entire episode for this X_X and nothing...
Hope you enjoyed the breakdown even though it was slightly rushed…

Unrelated to topic who will win the world cup??


~ by pein0avenue on June 14, 2010.

12 Responses to “Bleach 274 – Bleach bringing the “cup” back in World Cup ;)”

  1. AWESOME SAUCE! I loved this episode. For some reason I never detect ANY animation screwups with Bleach, maybe its the action’s fault. I liked Harribel’s character development though, she got NONE in the manga. Plus we got to see her as a Hollow/Incomplete Arrancar

  2. Second!!

  3. Third!!!

  4. The anime is not going to get much love from me. Very VERY watered down from the manga.

    On the World Cup topic: Im biased to the Americans, but I see Italy, Brazil, or Spain winning it. 🙂

  5. YOSH!!! I will gladly take the blame if I can only get a hold of those “world cup” features! @_@

    Lol, great breakdown Pein! I completely agree with what you said on the first half of the episode, quite dull. The ending was and later half was great though and oddly enough I’m enjoying Toshiro’s comeback and can’t wait for him to pull out his ultimate tech.

    Speaking of the world cups who are you vying for Pein? Personally I’m not to interested in the games *shields himself from hails of insults and stones* but that doesn’t stop me from taking an interests in what others think. o_o

  6. World cup huh? England FTW!!

  7. My Team is Bafana Bafana (South Africa) but the team I think will win and have moneys on is SPAIN!!

  8. as an american, i have no interst in soccer… but still ill watch the world cup, root for USA, boo north korea, and hate those damn brazilians…
    for the bleach anime…gave up watching it when the manga turned down hill. aizen is ba… we get it…

  9. silly silly pain. You should have bet on Brazil, or Argentina, or England or France, or Italy or maybe even Germany. Those are the “safe” teams to put money on lol

  10. hahaha okay Spain didn’t have the best game Wednesday but still neither did Brazil, it was just one of those days where nothing went in, plus I don’t like the Spain Starting 11 as yet, I mean no Torres or Fabregas. lets see…

  11. BRAZIL FTW!!!

  12. brilliant one pein0avenue and thanks for including those photos of matsumoto showing her “support” for germans…..i wonder who harribel “supports” though… 😛

    as for world cup….i’ll say ARGENTINA FTW…. but brasil and the azurri too have strong bids……spanish performance has yet to be seen…..hey what if SWITZERLAND WINS 😀

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