Naruto 497 + 498 Breakdown: Did you say delayed? Well, it takes time to dump a body, you know! Last debate and bubblition contest results included. Oh, and if you hate Sasuke, click me!


Naruto's head by Gabzillaz. And she forget a brain...oh, wait, no the didn't >_>...


Hello and welcome to this very long overdue double breakdown! It promises to be draggy and uninteresting as can be. So close this window, shut down your computer, and go read a book.

Now that my audience consists only of those who can identify a lie when they see one…

Welcome to this super awesomely epic breakdown that will make your mind go splat all over the room!!

*notices no longer has audience…* ;___;

You meanies! I keel you all!!


Notice where Naruto is screaming from.


Apparently, Pickles used up all his sick days, so he’s calling in dead this week. Who am I? Oh, where are my manners. My name is Moore Gas, the evacuator. But you can call me Gassy for short. Before we begin, I’ll answer some of my most frequently asked questions just to break the ice a bit.

Q: Why do they call you the evacuator?

A: Don’t know. I just have this air about me.

Q: Did your parents hate you or something?

A: They loved me very much, just as they did my little brother. His name is Al Bino

Q: Do you have any friends?

A: Only at 1-800-SUI-CIDE

Q: How did you live through middle and high school?

A: AK-47



I decided for a number of reasons that I’ll have to keep this one short and (relatively) sweet, so strap yourself in and let’s get this road on the show!


You can't resist. @__@


If you said the last two chapters were epic, you’d probably get shot by a cop claiming self defense from the excessively obvious. They had it all: tears, chains, lazors, balls, ghosts, angry vixens, fairy tales. And we’re only getting started.

497 featured what can only be appropriately termed ‘legal animal abuse’. And it was hardly very much short of awesome. And then came 498, which slowed the pace a tad, but in a manner that one can only find delicately refreshing.

All things considered, I think it’s safe now to chorus those beloved words, because all that punishing buildup was indeed not for zero. And how satisfying is it to know that what awaits the next week will only excite your senses in all the right areas. Did that sound dirty? >_>


Kyuubi's gonna slap a b*tch. X__X


For the most part, 497 didn’t completely miss the mark with regards power levels. All in all, the Kyuubi didn’t in the least do all too badly. If you ask me, I say anyone who can take a Rasenshuriken to the gut and live to talk smack at the owner has to be rated right up there, whichever way you look at it.

Something I found interesting about the chapter was how intricately we were shown the difference in raw power between the two variations of the Rasengan. Previously, it mostly was anyone’s guess, really. And more importantly, it goes to show the extent to which an incorporation of nature manipulation will catapult the average Rasengan’s power into orbit.




But don’t celebrate just yet! The Kyuubi still has quite a bit of fight left under its cuddly fur. Here is where we see why Yamato is tagging along when it seemed his presence was pointless (unless you count verbal pwnage). And although he wasn’t fully up to his duties this time, at least we know he wasn’t just wasted ink…mostly…


THE EXORCIST: Starring Yamato Tenzo as...the exorcist...


I can’t be the only one who caught the resemblance! >_>

Now we’re on the subject of the Wood Master, I have one question: what exactly is in store for him after Naruto takes control of the Kyuubi? With the economy, I’m assuming home decor is out of the question. I sincerely find it hard to believe that he’ll be shoved onto the sidelines with a shirt tag that reads “reserved for filler” like the rest of the Rookies. So it got me thinking (yes, I do that sometimes). What if Yamato doesn’t outlive his usefulness after all? What if taking over the Kyuubi isn’t a one-time affair but a constant struggle?

With the amount of hatred it has accumulated as opposed to the eight other Bijuu, I assume he has no intention of being all buddy-buddy with Naruto. I’m not implying the Hachibi did, either, just saying the argument is still very open, I suppose. So the Kyuubi may make consistent attempts to tip the scale in his favor, making Yamato always useful for emergency demon casting.

But hated must prevail! *slashes wrist* ;___;


Emo: Now available on broadband!


And thus, we witness the return of Black Eyed Peas. He wasn’t gone for very long, was he? On a side note, I spotted a little something concerning our distressed friend that I decided to share with you all, given this prime avenue.

Remember a few chapters back, when everyone was returning to their respective villages following the end of the Kage Summit as well as a ‘hearty’ reunion? Remember how Karin was being taken to Konoha for a drilling (ahem)? Remember what she was thinking while he was checking Naruto out? Well, why don’t I just show it to you!


Aah, they never get old...*wipes tear*


Looks like those of us who guessed Karin wasn’t even referring to the Kyuubi in the first place regarding this ominous chakra were right on the money. The way I see it, this can be the only real explanation, because it was only for the reason that Naruto got rid of BEP that he currently isn’t sporting a pumpkin head and making little kids piss their pants and skirts at night. Whereas if the Kyuubi were this darkness that Karin was making reference to, that is exactly what would be the case, seeing as the fox was still inside of him at the time he flipped the switch.

So if you still think Kishi is just thinking this stuff up as he goes along…well, suck on that! >_>




So just when it seems Naruto is has the upper hand, the Kyuubi does a complete 180 on the tables and Naruto who was once yanking out its chakra has to battle with his own chakra being leeched, which is all too evident with his Sage Mode gone in a flash. And of course, there’s that overwhelming hatred to contend with. Where are the damn Powerpuff Girls when you need ’em?!

*breaks into song and dance*

Love love love love loooove!! Lo—lo—loooooove!! Makes the world go round!!

But when all hope seems lost and Naruto is about to soil himself…


Crisp whites to save the day!!


And so the stage was set for chapter 498. Frankly, it wasn’t exactly bursting at the seams in the way of action, but like I said, I thought it was enjoyable nonetheless.

I expected (or wanted) a little more dynamism, to be honest, but it’s these sort of moments that give a manga its depth and substance: something to hold fast to that isn’t completely superficial.

Of course, it was a big moment for Naruto as well, who has lived the wider portion of his life a dejected orphan. Iruka did what he could, but there has always been that absent biological connection that transcends all thought.


Ah, motherly love at its finest. ;___;


What I especially liked about the chapter was that it was soft, but not all touchy-feely, yet enough to establish a firm emotional attachment. And boasting up to three pages of Minato, I doubt the fangirls have much to complain about.

Naruto, being Naruto, lets his tongue loose and spouts the unthinkable. This time, however, he isn’t landing himself in hot soup. Quite the contrary…

And so I introduce to you…




The pioneer flick of the most breath-taking anime sequel yet! If you haven't seen it, you're no human!





Naruto finds himself in a freaky-deaky love triangle with no way out! Oh, the drama!!





Errr, this one was cancelled...>_>





Some say unconditional love is no love at all. They only need to open their eyes.


And there it was. Contained in the last page, which actually made me smile. And I have that final pun to blame, which I never had previously imagined. I couldn’t help thinking how fitting it all was. Sometimes, the littlest, most inconspicuous details count the most. Sometimes, the shortest pieces go the longest mile. C’est la vie.

In the end, I was very pleased. I hadn’t gotten what I wanted, but better than I had expected. Not even the Kyuubi’s ass on a platter could have compared, but we’ll get to that some other time. If, unfortunately, you didn’t enjoy it as much, you may rest assured things will be back to the way they were by this week, since I’m almost certain this little tidbit is now over.

Until then, here’s to Kushina and Naruto.


Risk it all, because I'll catch you if you fall. Wherever you go, if my heart was a house, you'd be home.



3) Gavin

Caption: Yo Bee! Lemme ass you something!


2) Deathcon

Completeing two steps in one move? Damn I guess he learned more from jiryha the we thought! Keep your HEAD IN and and your ASS in the air!




Katz: "Shake your BON BON shake your BON BON shake your BON BOOON!!"


Just because I love that song! Congrats to Katz!


Based on the poll, I’m going to give it to this guy. But we all knwo who deserves it! >_> *mumbles something under breath*


I hope you choke on your damn strings!!


Wow, I can be bitter. O__O


There will be no debate or bubblition contest this week, so I hooked you guys up with a little something to keep you busy in the meantime. Click here and have fun now. 😉


I sincerely apologize about last week. Time and unforeseen occurrences. Buuut, luckily, we were still get a double breakdown, so technically, none has been missed =P. Pity it couldn’t be longer, since the situation is pretty touch-and-go at the moment, but we’ll deal. 😀

Gassy out!


Just waiting till the shine wears off.



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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. NIDAIME!!!

  3. Sandaime!!!!

  4. That was indeed a very good breakdown. It may have been some time in the making, but it was well worth the wait. One of your best, if not your best, so far Pickles. ^ ^

    As for the chapters, I am really enjoying them right now. I am glad that Kishi has finally taken some real time to address Naruto’s problems, rather than simply using Naruto to fix everyone else’s problems. The poor guy needed some attention. He needed someone else to save him for once and to tell him what really mattered more than anything.

    I am glad that someone was Kushina. When she said “I love you”, the way his face lit up was quite something. It just goes to show you, that he had never truly felt real acceptance until now, I think. Even when the villagers stood behind him, he still didn’t trust them, as shown in these past few chapters. After the feigned love stunt Sakura pulled, I doubt he can truly trust her either and we all know Sasuke’s position.

    With Jiraiya dead (the only other person I think Naruto really saw as family) this was the only way he was really able to hear and feel what he needed to the most.

    I believe Kushina’s unique chakra may have allowed her to suppress the Kyuubi’s power. That may be why Minato used it in his seal, to make it stronger and able to hold for longer. I also say that because she seemed to be able to restrain the Kyuubi fairly easily and an ability like that would have made her a valuable target for Kumo.

    If Naruto inherited even some of that, it would also explain why he is able to survive the Kyuubi’s chakra when it enveloped him, as said by Minato, who mentioned that he could only cope with it because of the strength of his own chakra. What I am wondering now, though, is once Naruto has defeated the Kyuubi, does that mean mom and dad are gone for good (which would be really sad), or is there a slim chance they may be here to stay?

    I am so ready for this week’s chapter. I can’t wait for it to come out. @__@

  5. Yondaime! *makes out with Kushina* 😉

    Awesome breakdown Pickles!

  6. Lolz, another great breakdown Pickles! In my haste to kill Sasuke I might have accidentally killed Naruto too for he can’t live without the guy and in depression might resort to…unsavory measures. 😦

    As for the last two chapters 497 was indeed awesomeness! Naruto vs. The Kyubi, what more could you want? Though, the Kyubi disappointed me in power level seeing as how the fearsome beast was laid on its back so swiftly. Even at half its chakra level the physical battle was too one sided for me. Even though Naruto had help from Killer Bee the Kyubi should have done more. >_> Though, the Kyubi did best Naruto mentally and Naruto had to receive help again but this time from Kushina in chapter 498. Which was a simple and sweet chapter for me. Brought many smiles and laughs.

    If Kushina just inserted some of her chakra into Naruto and is able to speak to him like this then it’s possible she may still be alive and it’s also possible…*sigh*…we’ll be seeing more of that Itachi ass (may he rest in peace yada yada yada) who also put some of his chakra in Naruto. ~_~ Now that Naruto’s life has been saved again both parents have fulfilled their duties and have sufficiently made up for not being there when he needed them most (sarcasm). Lol, I really wonder why Kushina left the Leaf Village if she still is alive.

  7. @supertrek89

    Actually, if her chakra was also used in the seal, then she likely met the same fate as Minato. So I believe the only measure of her existence is of the part of her that is in Naruto.

    I don’t think her physical body is anywhere else, or that she is alive in the typical sense.

  8. Kushina is dead. I will be rather surprised if she turns up to be alive.
    Kumogakure is such a bad, negative vilage. 😀 That’s funny.
    We have Hyuga incident, death of the second hokage, and now a Kushina incident.
    And judging from the Naruto fanbook the Kumogakure is the strongest village in the story. Not the mention 2 tailed beast, and bee can actualy control his.

  9. LOL!!! That was one hell of a good breakdown Captain Pickles. You receive my official stamp of approval.


    You were from South Africa right? It must be bonkers right now with the world cup going on 😛

  10. That was certainly worth the wait 😀

    I enjoyed 497, 498 meh not so much. Who cares about some dead chick with crazy long hair? Just imagine how much time (AND MONEY!!!!) she’d be spending at the hair salon with that thing. Now we know why Yondaime died. It wasnt Shiki Fujin, he did it for the life insurance.

    Oh man that game was great. I got years of aggression towards Sasugay out of my system 🙂

  11. This is first post, but i have been reading the post since the ira days. I thought that the chapter was good overall. good job on the breakdown.

  12. @to63to

    Indeed it is. On Friday, with the opening ceremony under way and the first game with South Africa vs Mexico, you could just hear hooting and vuvuzelas sounding everywhere you went.

    It’s quite an exciting time. ^ ^


    Apparently, a lot of people care. Just ask the fanboys/girls. Too bad Sasuke has just as many. O_o

  13. A breakdown bravo Gassy. My latest google search for “hate Sasuke” lead me back here. Although there was a point where everyone was in emo admiration, don’t lie we all were Sasuke fanboys at one point.

    Back in the days team 7’s Kakashi was no where to be found and Naruto was cacking his pants we need someone to come through and it wasn’t gonna be Sakura. One mental mind rape from Itachi and we are all left saying “nande Sasuke nande”? He left fangirls worldwide lost and occasionally stab one through the heart all while he cries his black emo tears of revenge from his mascara. We all know he joined akatsuki so he could paint his nails black. You bastard Sasuke.

    Anyway I was saying before that the Kyuubi fight was gonna be one sided before they faced off and in a twist of freaky s&m he now chained to the floor while mother and son casually talk. Can anyone see how Kyuubi can fight back now?

    Also I still couldn’t see what Yamato was gonna do if Kyuubi start to appear. The only solution I could see him coming up is to drive a wooden stake in Naruto chest like he was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not the best solution but effective but that would mean one really pissed village. Even then I doubt that he could pull it off I don’t think I have seen him pull off anything successfully apart from track Sai. Although watching epic fails is kinda of amusing. I don’t think Naruto has had too many of them well apart from you know who.

    Best epic fail of all time Andriod 16’s attempted self Detonation, Sakuras come close. If Sasuke drove his fist in the back of her head then I think we would of had a tie.

  14. Check out these posters for the new Naruto Movie. Wait a sec! Is that Naruto saving some random girl?! *GASP!* Finally a breath of fresh air for the Naruto franchise, like saving a damsel has NEVER been done before…..

    This new movie looks silly already lol.

  15. @kisuzachi

    *GASP* That girl looks like Kushina! X_X


    Lol, seriously she does. And it makes sense that she’s in the movie too since Minato’s a main character in it and it’s in the past.

  16. @ kisuzachi, lol I thought of Spiderman when I saw naruto on the movie poster.looks lame I think I’ll pass on the movie.

  17. @Kisu: LMAO so true but the movie looks awesome-ish!

    @Tenrai: Well if Kushina just used to her chakra to help form and strengthen the seal she might not have been subjected to the consequences of making the seal (death). Minato made the seal and ended up dying. Kushina could have just aided him in the task like Naruto aided Chiyo in bringing Gaara back to life without dying himself.

    I’m not saying she’s alive, just hoping. I’m 50/50 split on the issue. 😉

    @Anyone: Does anyone really care if Kuhsina is alive and well in some rural village? Would some people like the fact better of Naruto being parentless as we was since the beginning of the story? What benefits could Naruto get from a mother he just met in his mind after 16 years of being without parents? Sure there’s love and support but Naruto has been getting plenty of that in the last few years from Hinata all the way up to Konoha. Even Sakura piped up her love for him (LIES!). Sure he doesn’t completely trust them but that doesn’t diminish their love, support, and admiration for him.

    Sure Kushina could teach him a few things and more on Minato but so could Kakashi. The worse part is I fear Kishi would toss her aside to the pitiable role of minor female character as he’s done so many times before to other prominent female characters. Next thing you know she’ll be cooking ramen for Naruto in 1 panel asking him how his day was and we won’t see her again for another 10 chapters where this time she’ll be asking whether this dress makes her look fat. ~_~

    Ah, and I’m sure a few or perhaps many would dispute this for even I wouldn’t mind Kushina being alive and well. After the bonding experience they just had I think that’s it. It’s over and done with and that’s the only reason I would like to see her alive. Those sweet moments but in repetition it may become jaded and discarded. Anyone else feel like playing devil’s advocate with me? ^_-

  18. *looks at poster*

    Wow…looks like Minato and Young Kakashi really do make appearances, the girl is a Kushina wannabe that is saved by Naruto (whoopee) and there are THREE NINJA THAT ARE TRYING TO STOP THEM -.- The movies are just so EFFING retarded…

  19. @Superdude, I’m hoping she’s dead. No one cares about Kushina….. I just hope Nagato knocked up Konan, now THAT kid would be great 😀

  20. @naru, haha! No Naruto movie or filler is complete without the 3-4 useless cannon fodder, redshirt-wearing, Stormtrooper ninjas

  21. @kizu People still care about that crabwalking skeleton.
    @super I care but it seems that she is dead too because judge from her personality its highly unlikely. Unless those idiots named Hiruzen and Danzo did something.

  22. I know this is from a few chapters back but is anyone hoping for a Itachi verse sasuke round 2. Which is possible right since Kabuto has brought him back.
    2ndly I think that sasuke would be owned by a Itachi who is actually trying to win.
    They address there that Itachi can usually avoid the attacks. I would argue that he let sasuke get a hit in him. Which I don’t think is to far off considering Itachi planned the entire battle so that it would end with his death.
    3rdly when he was actually trying to fight he dispatched Orocumaro within in like four pages.
    4thly sasuke did lose the fight

    On another note does anyone know what this thing is

    Also a radical idea but what if sasuke is going along with Madara so that he can stab him in the back when he isn’t looking.

    It was intentional not to capitalize sasukes name by the way.

  23. sorry for the double post, i just played that game 3 times and i loled so hard. Mainly because he doesn’t commit suicide until Sakura comes in.

  24. Nice Breakdown dude…. NOW LOVE ME !!!

    Pickles is really on extended leave hope all is alright and he didn’t get stuck in that tree stalking, or worst get caught :O

  25. does anybody know the kubi’s real name and where in the manga it says it. Also where does it show akaksuki capturing the tailed beats 2,4,5,6,7?

  26. I still think Naruto will use his mother and maybe Sakura as material for his sexy no jutsu. 🙂

    OH SHI- MAYBE THAT’LL BE A CLEVER COMPLIMENT FOR SAKURA? :O Using her for Sexy no Jutsu. :3 That probably wouldn’t work out so hot though. XD 😛 :3

  27. @ dricedt you can’t find the capturing of the 5 & 7 tails in the manga nor the anime, this two are not being shown at all.

    The 2 tails is Yuugito caught by hidan an kakuzu:

    The 4 tails is Roshi, and u can only see him already captured by kisame in chapter:

    And the 6 tails us Utakata who only makes an appearance in the anime’s last filler where he’s captured by Pain.

  28. Man I can’t wait for the spoilers for 499, I bet the fight with the kyuubi will be done with by the end of this chapter and by 500 Naruto’s gonna have complete control over the fox.

    Probably that was the whole goal all along, having the much anticipated chapter 500 being the one were Naruto will become one with his bijuu.

  29. “I still think Naruto will use his mother…as material for his sexy no jutsu.”

    And immediately after he’ll have mandatory therapy sessions 3 days every week

  30. @shadow i wouldnt be surpise if ass-uke attempted that since he tried to kill his team, defeated orochimaru and, almost killed Karin. Killing everyone because he thinks it right, reminds of Pain only without the back-stabbing then again he did kill Jiraiya.

  31. You know, I think that Kushina’s special chakra quality may be that she can mix chakra elements.

    THIS WOULD TOTALLY BE THE BASIS FOR A HURRICANE RASENGAN. :O :3 Water and wind to make ice? <,<; :3

  32. Sorry for the double post, but…


  33. !!!! SPOILER !!!!


    SPOILER #1
    CREDITS: 火影ナルト

    kushina tell the story of her chakras
    uzumaki clan derives of senju distant relative
    special family know for strong spirit strong chakras
    however it is not kekkei genkai
    kyuubi knows this chakras as the brightest light chakras
    kushina tells there is special ‘resonance’ of kyuubi and uzumaki chakras, creating the stronger chakras.
    therefore uzumaki controls any bijuu chakras
    uzumaki father was friend of shodai hokage
    teaches bijuu controls to shodai, uzumaki father can also hokage?
    uzumaki clan killed by unknown man in mask
    kushina survives to move into konoha
    also the konoha attacked by masked man
    minato and kushina protect the konoha
    endure future to naruto
    minato appear to naruto
    both kushina and minato love naruto
    naruto must not “overheat” or kyuubi becomes loose
    naruto feels stronger chakras then ever
    kyuubi is angry yet control by narutos chakras

    SPOILER #2
    CREDITS: crush

    According to Ohana’s spoiler, Kushina was the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

    Naruto succeeds in overcoming the Kyuubi with Sage Mode.

    Next week Kishi is taking a break.

    Kushina doesn’t dissapear yet.

    Kyuubi says “Rokudou Sennin’s…?” as he dissapears.

  34. Hahahah lol at the Orange hokage part XD

    those spoilers sound reasonable

  35. @lostpride “My latest google search for “hate Sasuke” lead me back here. ”

    i wonder why it didnt take you to ihs , try sasugay next time 😛

  36. If that spoiler is true then that might also explain why naruto and sauskes chakra resonated in that strange way at their battle at the valley of the end. You know when their chakra went black and the white lines enveloped it.

  37. SPOILER #3
    CREDITS: takL

    naruto successfully takes 9b in.
    9b on disappearing (says) ‘rikudou sages……!?’ and vanishes.

    kushina: now i can finally see minato. ill tell you the facts i am a previous jinchuriki…..

    no chap next week

    kushina hasnt gone away yet

    just as being sealed, 9b (says) ‘rikudou sages……!?’ and vanishes.

  38. wow, people gotta alot of hate in their heart. And it has a home ihs 🙂

  39. anyone realizes that the longer this manga goes on the more it proves Neji’s original point of you have to bee born special to be special. Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage, his mother has some funky chakra that’s powerful/annoying enough to make the Kyubi know her, his mentor was Jiraiya, he was born with a massive chakra supply that allowed him to learn Sage Mode, and he has the Kyubi. Naruto is by no means an Iruka, just an average ninja with nothing going for him except hard work….well he was in early Part 1 of the series at least.

  40. The new chapter is out guys:

  41. WOW!!!!

    What a surprise!!! @__@

    Naruto looked just like the sillouette of the Sage of the Six Paths after he stole the Kyuubi’s chakra. I wonder what that means. Does this mean he is somehow related? Or is the Kyuubi’s chakra somehow related. So many questions…

    Such an epic chapter…


  42. I am so amped for the next chapter!!! I can’t wait to see what really happened on the night of the Kyuubi’s attack at last!!!

    But, at the same time, it feels a bit sad that Kushina may be gone for good after this. I wonder how Madara used the Kyuubi to attack if it was sealed inside Kushina… unless of course he controlled her. O_o

    Was Minato forced to battle against his own wife? Maybe when he sealed the Kyuubi away, she was sealed as well, and that might explain why she ended up appearing inside Naruto as well.

    Wow… and there will be no chapter next week, so we will have to suffer in waiting. But because it is the 500th issue next, it might be extra long and unique. Let’s hope so.

  43. That was epic beyond simple measure 😀


    Naruto’s Rikudo Sennin transformation looked Super Saiyan-ish… And speaking of DBZ, did you see Naruto’s Kameharasengan Barrage?!? What about the Kyuubi’s Spirit Bomb?!!!?

    Lol, btw the Nine Tails was looking emaciated at the end of the chapter. The strain from using too much chakra?
    Anyway, when it was locked away it still hated Naruto. Will it become like the Hachibi soon or will it always be an evil, spiteful demon?

  45. Oh, I forgot…
    *joins “Naruto 499 = AWESOMENESS OVER 9000!!!” fan club*

  46. Man I was hoping some of the Rikudo Sennin transformation would have altered his look permanently. Naruto covered the Kyuubi in so much rapesauce that chapter! EPIC!!!

  47. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more info on madara to come….and there are slight suggestions that naruto is the new rikudo sennin…!!!

  48. Damn, a good chapter indeed! Not epic for me but close enough. I’m more interested in Kushina being the 9 tailed host (next chapter) than Naruto taking the Kyubi’s power which was the obvious outcome for this chapter. He had a lot of help but there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s strong enough and with the Kyubi’s power in check he’s now even stronger. Strange to see the Rikudou Sennin’s necklace around Naruto like that. I wonder if Bee went through a similar transformation when he took over the Hachibi’s power.

    And was Kushina a host for Konoha or the Whirpool Country? It’d be strange if the Whirlpool Country let their Jinchuuriki move to another village unless…they sent her on purpose…*hint* *hint* >_>

  49. So when Kushina was saying she had “special Chakra”, was that because she was a host? But then Kishi messed up by not giving her whiskers when he drew her young. Awesome chapter!

  50. That was the most epic chapter in naruto history hands down. I wanna know what that rikudo sennin stuff is all about. I think that eigther it happens to all perfect jinchuuriki, naruto is really close to the direct bloodline of the sage, or the sage put some of his own chakra into the ninetails meant for the person who could handle the most powerful bijuu. So much other craziness plus this pretty much means that the next few chapters are going to reveal ALOT.

  51. WHOA! *shits himself, cleans up* WHOA!

    Here’s my synopsis of this chapter:

    NARUTO: FATALITY! Your soul is mine!
    KYUUBI: WTF! Dammit! You lil’ cocksu…
    KUSHINA: Good job, but I killed your dad, and Iruka’s parents, and I helped Itachi kill the entire Uchiha clan.
    NARUTO: But you were dead by then? Right?
    KUSHINA: Err… yeah… I was dead…

  52. Ladies and gentleman, Naruto just became Captain Planet !!!!

    No doubt about it, this was one chapter we were all waiting since for ever and in my opinion it was pretty much perfect.
    What I licked most in it besides the Rikudo Sannin Transformation was when Naruto said ” I’m so at peace ” and after that he was scream his war cry at the top of his lungs, yeah we should all feel so happy :)).

    So besides that, from my knowledge a bijuu can’t be extracted out of a person’s body without the respective person dieing, so that means Kushin really is dead.
    2 weeks is a lot of time to find out what really happened, but I’me sure it’s gonna be well worth the wait, just as Tenrai said, maybe we’ll get an extra long chapter next time.

    And one more thing I really loved about this chapter was the majin buu style black spirit bomb at the and made by the kyuubi, I can safely say that without the help of Bee and Kushina, Naruto would have never stood a chance in beating the Kyuubi, aside from the fact that kyuubi almost fu**ed up Naruto’s mind with his Ubber Imo Wrist Cutter no Jutsu, the fox had the the upper hand in the power department too, the only thing that kept him from owning Naruto were Kushina’s chains.

    With that said, Naruto’s one lucky dude for having all those people in his head, because without there help this would have been the hardest thing he would have done in his life.

  53. Awesome. Naruto perfected his fathers’ jutsu, perfected Sage mode, has taken control of Kyuubi and will soon develop the Rinnegan. xD

  54. Oh and one more thing I wanted to say since last chapter.

    Naruto, Yamato and Bee are in the room that can trap the bijuu if it were to escape. Wright? Wright!
    Naruto and Bee are Inside Naruto’s mind fighting the Kyuubi witch is also there. Wright? Wright!
    That being said were the f*** is Naruto and Kushina?? Inside the mind of Naruto that is in his own mind to start with?? If that made sense ok if not please correct me if I missed something.

  55. Oh and by the way, is “THAT JUTSU”: the taking control of the Kyuubi or is it something else ???!?!?!?

  56. @ Eugen – Yeah, sadly, Kushina is probably dead – but I’d like to point out that only HALF of the kyuubi’s chakra was sealed within Naruto, so maybe….

    Perhaps we will learn what “That jutsu” is soon. And maybe they’ll tell us who Arashi Uzumaki is. (10 awesomeness points to anyone who knows what I’m talking about)

  57. kool chapter,
    tho it was a bit exagerated for me, the rikudo sage+ control of the kyuubi, ones he really gets the rinnegan and i can see that happening. hes really ubeatable, unless sasuke gets a huuuuuuge power up ones again with his brothers eyes and fusing with madara or sumthin.
    i dunno only the kyuubi would ve been enough for me but kushina is kool ^^.

    @Eugen eehrmm naruto has schizophrenia so he has multiple chambers in his mind one where his mom and himself can hang out a lil and a chamber where he can wrestle with the kyuubi a bit O.o
    nah i dunno i guess its all the same but it would be to complicated for kishi to think something out to explain it :p

  58. @prawl
    Google knows O.o, +10 points for google?

    The two leading contenders for the 4th Hokage’s names were Arashi Kazama and Arashi Uzumaki. Supposedly both of these names were seen to be written, Arashi Kazama on the summoning contract that Naruto signs to call forth Gamabunta, and Arashi Uzumaki in the Japanese episode were Jiraiya was talking to Naruto about what happened with the Kyuubi. Strange part is, if you actually look at the writing (and know how to read Japanese), the part where the 4th Hokage signed his name is gibberish

  59. Maybe Naruto inherited the physique and Ass-uke *cough*stole*cough* the eyes or the other psycho killer known as Pain.

  60. *cough* Emos known as Ass-uke and Pain*cough*.

  61. @ Eugen

    They are in a private secret room in Naruto’s mind. Top secret you know? You need to be a V.I.P to get in there so that’s maybe why Bee’s not in there and btw didnt he lost his connection with naruto’s mind when he saved Naruto from the Kyuubi?

  62. Those Sageartnonstop gargantuan rasengan barrages look kinda like firework and Naruto looks smoky hot with the Kyuubi’s chakra, cant wait till the 500. Im so confused, was it Madara, Kushina or just a simple natural disaster that destroyed Konoha 16 years ago?

    My money’s on Kushina though xD maybe Kushina and Madara, who knows. Btw Madara as in Tobi is a fake xD you can tell, wonder who he is in real.
    Would be epic if he was Obito who somehow survived, because the only sharingan we can see is his right sharingan and Obito gave the left one to Kakashi.

    But ofcourse people also thought Danzou was Madara -.-‘ Epic failure

  63. THIS CHAPTER WAS EPICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *sigh* Anyone but me feel really sorry for the Kyubi? I mean it got beat up, got its energy stole, lost some of its meat and then got caged……sad.

  64. @Kantonkage: Nani!? Nooo, Sasuke didn’t steal any eyes purposefully! He has kleptomania and I believe he inherited it. >_> It’s not the poor guys fault he inherited kleptomania and isn’t as blessed as the physique inheriting Naruto. >:D


    @Rikudou Sennin Discussion: Aren’t Sasuke and most likely Naruto both descendants of the Sage of 6 Paths since both the Senju and Uchiha clans came from his two sons?

    @Kisu: All Naruto needed to do was hit it with a wet newspaper against its nose and the Kyubi would have been sufficiently potty trained. Naruto maaaay have went to far… xD

    @Kushina: As long as you believe in the Obito/Tobi/Madara connection theory you’re cool in my book. Everyone else is delusional! 🙂 We’re few in number but we’re hardy and I believe it’s fair to warn you… I plan on abandoning camp if the theory is proven wrong and will deny all association with said theory. I may even point fingers. >_>

    Danzou/Madara theory was indeed fail. I don’t know why people jumped on that band wagon.

  65. @ Kisu
    That’s life, that kind of treatments you can see at Animal Planet 24/7.
    But the Kyuubi still has some powers left though, he was capable to make that huge candyball of his.
    But indeed, poor fluffy Kyuubi.

  66. Lol super, you traitor. But if the theory is proven right I’ll kick you off the camp and go IN YOUR FACE!. Either way I believe in possibility and impossibility of this theory. But Im almost 90% on that Tobi isnt Madara.

    I guess people were bored and have to match up the “bad guys” so it’ll fit their fantasies.
    Danzou was not bad, he just wanted to protect the village in his own creepy private way. And Madara/Tobi wants to take control over the world O_o “Dont buy the I’ll make peace of illution” thing!

  67. “but if the theory is proven right I’ll kick you off the camp and go IN YOUR FACE” Some people would like that…..wouldnt you Superdude *nudge nudge wink wink*

  68. O_o wtf is that suppose to mean? >_<

  69. Lol! @kisuzachi; thats just wrong.

  70. @devour: you read berserk? its an awesome manga and i noticed your avatar pic. I just started to read it and although a bit graphic, its pretty cool.

    It was pretty good this chapter after Naruto used those rasengans barrage…but it became EPIC when they showed him with the Ridokou Sage’s outline over his…idk but although we knew it would happen Kishi showed us why we should have looked forward this chapter. I won’t get mad that he’s taking an extra week to do this 500th chapter. Hopefully He goes into detail about the even without leaving us too much of a cliff hanger. This makes me wonder what Naruto can do now that he has almost unlimited chakra. Hopefully he won’t be spamming his shadow clones in sage mode. This also will hopefull allow him and pa/ma frog fuse since the fox might not be a problem.

  71. @Kisu: *nudges and winks Kisu so hard he dies* ^_*

    @Kushina: Lol, if the theory is proven right I won’t abandon camp and will be one of the believers jumping up and down in celebration. xD

    @Shinobi: I think it was the key to the seal which were all those inscriptions and drawings on Naruto’s body.

    There are some extra designs though which I’m curious about like the two swirls on his shoulders similar to the one on his stomach.

    And of course the necklace.

  72. I think that Madara may have taken control of Kushina and forced her to become the Kyuubi. You know, either with a genjutsu or he just used his power to control the Kyuubi’s chakra within her and forced it to leak out.

    So, in a sense, it means he forced Minato to battle with his own wife and that may have been a planned strategy on his part, knowing that Minato may not have wanted to harm the Kyuubi if it may have harmed his own wife.

    But in the end, Minato would have seen the hopelessness of the situation. He would have known that the only way to save the village was to stop the Kyuubi’s rampage and in the end, that would mean sealing it away. Perhaps when he sealed it away, Kushina simply got sealed away as well along with it, hence her presence in Naruto’s mind. At the same time, Minato may have been able to split the Kyuubi’s chakra in the process, giving half of it to Naruto while the other half may have simply remained within Kushina.

    That would explain al lot of it, but the real question is was Kushina ever able to fully control the Nine-tails, or was Naruto the first to ever do so. If Kushina couldn’t, it would explain how she may have lost control and attacked the village under Madara’s influence.

    @Kushina not having whiskers.

    Well, he know Bijuu normally give their hosts a physical trait due to the bond shared, but no-one said that the trait had to be the same every single time. With Naruto, he got the whiskers, but with Kushina, I think it may have been her hair. I mean, it is very long and the colour and length reminds me of the fox’s tails. When I saw some of the panels from her past, when her hair was flailing about so chaotically, that was actually the first thing that came to my mind. So that may have just been her physical trait from being a host of the Kyuubi.


    She may have become the host while she was in the whirlpool before she moved to Konoha. They keep referring to it as the “former” whirlpool, which suggests that it no longer exists, so she obviously came to Konoha after that. I doubt the Kyuubi had any host before that though, because we see Madara using it in his battle with Hashirama before Kushina would have been born and from Konoha’s knowledge of the Kyuubi and they way they perceive it as a natural disaster, I doubt they had any other Jinchuuriki containing the Kyuubi or any knowledge of a host before Naruto.

    Kushina arriving in Konoha as a host already would mean no-one would have known about it except perhaps a few of the higher ups.

  73. Narutos new Battle Form doesnt resemble any Fox features so Im still wondering if he can tap into that later when he tames the Kyuubis will, with narutos eyes unchanged with all that power then maybe his manipulation of his chakra when he forms Sage mode will change.
    The Whirlpools on the shoulders and stomach also have the tomoe design around them but are the whirlpools Uzumaki chakra symbols or clan symbol im wondering, his new form though looks incomplete.

    So Sasuke also ready to unloock his new EMS will also have some kind of similiar power ratio because we can see that they Naruto and Sasuke are decendants of SO6P, the power to Control the Juubi.
    Will this now leave open a possiblity for the Kyuubi to be extracted?

  74. Naruto felt sorry for the Kyuubi, and so did I to some degree. He is a big ball of hatred, and we don’t know where that hatred came from. And the peace feels so good I’m sure Naruto would love to share that inner and outer peace with the Kyuubi. To share the light with him.

    Also, I felt a tad bad for him too, but I believed that Naruto would sooner or later set him free in one form or another, after Kyuubi had learned to behave himself in some way or another, or was sapped of all his hate, or contaminated with light? I don’know.



  75. By the way, sorry for the double post, but did you know that when you make sevens, unless you’re doing it from bottom to top, you’ll end up going the same direction as you would for clockwise spirals?

    *Ultimate awesomeness face.*

  76. Look how calm and happy the Kyuubi seems when he’s watching those giant fireworks. That’s kinda my favorite part. xD

  77. I’ve read something really crazy 2 days ago, a bunch of predictions that were as far from the truth as Naruto being brunette.

    But among the predictions was this chapter, perfectly written, and by that time there was no confirmed spoiler.
    And the other thing was the first spoiler I posted also predicted there in some way or another but this time the author of the prediction said that the chapter will indeed come out only after 2 weeks.

    So what I’ve said in my first spoiler might actually happen in the next chapter, the one 2 weeks from now.

    And if it did it would make for a hell of a 500th chapter.

  78. @holy – what u trying to say is Naruto is a living breathing 6/9 😛

    @BlackBurstBoom – I think his hair kinda looks like fox ears but not much yeah.

  79. @Pein: Amusing and nice, but 9 and 6 both go counter-clockwise. 🙂 Or clockwise if you’re looking at it from inside to outside. >,>; I prefer outside to inside, but I suppose that, like many other things, is an artsy (and also has an ironic way) to look at it.

  80. @Holydemonandy & Pein

    This is all going straight over my head. I am really confused right now. Maybe I need to read it again, slower this time… lol!

  81. And one thing this chapter definitely confirms is that Naruto seems to clearly be able to form the Rasengan with one hand now. But them, given his current level of skill, I think that should have been a given anyway.

  82. Why on earth is everyone sorry for the Kyuubi? Since Kyuubis emergence all we have heard from him is him talking about destruction and rampages. And when he has had a little influence on Naruto during his transformations he has tried to kill pretty much everyone. Not to mention his jedi mind trick on Naruto during the Pein fight. I say screw Fluffy and i’m glad he is now confined in a small space like a middle eastern prison camp.

    The chapter in my opinion was good but not the best we have seen. This arc so far has had an awesome (plug) story but Kyuubi vs Naruto battle is not the worst but no the greatest we have seen. It was no classic Neji vs Kidomaru or no Garra vs Lee (the good ole days) or even the recent Naruto vs Pein. I don’t even think fight wise it up to the Sasuke vs the universe battle royal it didn’t really show anything new everyone came in with same approach and battle techs. But without a doubt I can’t remember we have had a Chapters reveal so much so soon. We pretty much gonna know everything maybe even Tobi’s background.

    Seeing how Naruto is now linked to the SO6P means a connection with possibly attaining the Rinnegan. I wonder if has to with the prophercy about Jiraya and also the Rinnegan either destroying the world or bring in a new era and Pein dead and coming back a mindless zombie. So I can only see one person changing the ninja world either way and is Naruto and is it nessicerily connected to having spycam eyes? And does he even need them?

  83. Anyway what better for Naruto, Rinnegan or Some Minato’s awesomeness?(whoosh)

  84. @Tenrai

    Unfortunately he can’t form it with one hand yet.

    See? The clones are helping themselves form it. I guess he can do it in sage mode and now that he has full control of the Kyubi’s chakra it shouldn’t hinder his chakra control anymore so he’ll probably manage to do it one handed but that remains to be seen.

  85. @Tenrai: No offence, but you’re wrong. Naruto still can’t do one handed rasengans yet as seen here:

    The clones are clearly forming the rasengans in his hands and when he goes into sage mode he just makes the rasengan he previously had bigger.

    @lostpride: I would be seriously disappointed if Naruto has a Kekkei Genkai or gets one in the future. A very important fact in this manga is that he’s a ninja who doesn’t have any special traits. He became strong through hardships and training.
    And I don’t think he even needs Rinnegan. He has Sage Mode and now can fully control the Kyuubi, so he’s extremely powerful.

  86. Lol, to63to and I wanted to write the same thing, just that he said it first because I had to tell lostpride something too! 😀

  87. ery important fact in this manga is that he’s a ninja who doesn’t have any special traits. He became strong through hardships and training.

    eff that narto just became strong because he was the son of the flash(LOOOOOOOOOOOL) . sausgay because he was an uchiha . kakshi because he was the son of the fang .

    fact is no ordinary ninja like iruke ( like kisu said before ) can become powerfull like these guys

  88. pickles! LOL i killed sasuke nine or 10 times…….breakdown was FTEW and the game was OVER 9000!! 😀

    497 chap was epic…..but 498 was even more so!!! i think the main reason for this was that naruto developed and blah blah blah and responded blah blhah blah blabbity blabbity talkitty talkityy………..OK, LET’S FACE IT >_>

    The main reason 498 pwned was that Kushina was so FREAKING HOTTT, i did’nt even notice naruto’s development……kushina is THE hottest anime character i have ever seen. I dunno, but she’s my type of woman……and her hairclip thingy is so cool…….THERE, I SAID IT. 🙂

    >_> <_< -_______-

    **some guys come to "restrain" me***

    but before that, i'd like to say that the newest chapter is SUGOI!! Naruto pawns the kyuubi and becomes rokudaime!! 😀

    and then—–get your filthy hands off me, you animals!!! O_o

  89. @shinobimadness

    Berserk is what really got me into manga, I just hope Kentaro Miura finishes it before he dies.

  90. MAybe if NAruto was the son of a prostitute and a factory worker, maybe then we could believe in all this hard work mumbo jumbo

  91. How about natural talent AND hardwork? He is twice as strong as Shikamaru, a natural talented. And stronger than Lee, a hardworker.

    See? Naruto is just awesomeness.

  92. Hey, hey, hey, there is no prostitutes in Naruto except maybe Ino. And those women that Jiraiya was with were all professionals. The only person who really disagreed with Neji on that point was Naruto and we all know he is an idiot.

    Naruto has worked hard even tho he has had some luck on his side. potential means nothing without building on it… umm unless your sasuke.

    Look at rasen shuriken his best move and how he got that huh. He had to use a 1000 shadow clone and …. ah screw it Naruto has had it a silver platter.

    Kyuubi, parents and tutors and don’t see anyone else going to mysterous mountains to train. come on if he had Ebisu as his jonin teacher he would suck. Konohamaru best jutsu come from Naruto.


    well at least we can say he shouldn’t have anymore power up as significant as kyuubi. If that ain’t a game changer I don’t know what is

  93. Sasuke hasn’t trained he killed orchimaru and has come on leaps and bounds. It seems hard work is for suckers. Sorry lee

  94. “Hopefully he won’t be spamming his shadow clones in sage mode. This also will hopefull allow him and pa/ma frog fuse since the fox might not be a problem.

    shinobimadness said this on June 16, 2010 at 11:09 pm”

    Wasn’t the only reason that Jiraiya had to merge with the frogs because he couldn’t control the sage charka by himself or because he needed them to gather sage charka for him. Since Naruto can do it himself why would he need to merge with ma and pa frog?

  95. Sorry for the double post, but how do you reply to someone. Also Neji said that you have to be born special to become a great ninja or something like that. Naruto is the son of the 4th and his mow had a special chakra. doesn’t this mean that Naruto hasn’t just got where he was form hard work. also he had Kakashi and Jiraiya as teachers which was also something special. the only one who can say they got where they are by hard work is Lee. Oh and im calling it i predict that we are going to see a fight that revolves around rock lee soon, because i think that Gai is going to die fighting Kisame. Last time they fought he was stuck protecting his students. He might have some more techs up his sleave. i dont think we ahve seen him do gen or ninjustu yet. Its just set up perfectly for the fight. So I think we will be seeing a Sub arc revolving around Lee soon.One last thing Naruto is suppose to have a huge charka supply by himself right . so do you guys think that his huge charka supply has some thing to do with the fact that his mom was the host for the kyubi? I was thinking that if you are really close to a host for a long time you might develop traits such as a huge charka supply.

  96. He needs ma and pa to use the sage mode when he’s moving.
    Naruto defeated the Kyuubi in his mind but his body wasnt moving.
    And when fought Pein he had clones who was in sage mode.

  97. If you ask me, I think that Kisame is the greatest of the Akatsuki.
    Why? Well he is the only one who fought greatly and still is alive. While Tobi/Madara has fun with his time and room jutsu and Zetsu is just being a stalker.

  98. Yes, Naruto is the son of the 4th Hokage, implanted with the the most powerful Bijuu (excluding the Juubi), is probably descended from the Senju clan, a destined child driven by a prophecy, and has studied under the greatest ninjas Konoha has to offer, BUT let’s not dismiss all the s**t he had to go through to get this far. 😉

    @Katz: Kushina and/or Hinata!

    @Pickles: You forgot part 5 of the ‘I Love You’ series. xD

  99. @Kushina: Kisame the greatest!? Pffffft! I put my vote in for Pein. Kisame would be shark bait to the beholder of the Rinnengan.

  100. Well Pein isnt alive, is he? or are they?
    I was thinking of those who still are alive xD

  101. Pein/Nagato is alive-ish! >_>

    He’s now apart of the “living” dead. 😉

  102. Hahahah lol I read that on Onemanga and Kakashi said Im starting to like you.. not Im starting to fall in love with you xD

    He is still dead O_o even if he’s a zombie or not.
    I kinda hate the way he died.. thought it would be more epic.
    But ofc its good that Kakashi is alive again.

    And it kinda bothers me that people in Konoha are like: OMFG you defeated Pein!! You are soo epic!!!
    All Naruto did was talking about a book O_o

  103. Well Akatsuki pretty much a ninja team than an organisation now.

    Kisame is badass and is one the best that the group has produced but Pein was Leader for a reason. Pein acts as captain and is Tobi Founder/Big boss man. Tobi in battle from what we have seen took out Danzo’s henchmen and staved them to death some crazy card board box world in record time although he did lose an arm. Also we know that Tobi can stop jutsu by telling them just not to bother. Ha shikamaru, didn’t think of that.

    My General opinion that living Akatsuki is ranked:

    1.Tobi – Stave no jutsu, almost in possible to hit + seems to know everything (even what in that coffin)
    2.Pein – Can kill you by remote control
    3.Kisame – Never fought all out yet and still has yet come close to defeat.
    Last. Zetsu – Stalking is not really gonna beat sage mode now.

    Didn’t include Sasugay or team cos they is officially now off the books. Well at least Karin is.

  104. STOP THE PRESSES! *hears someone yell “So one stops the presses on my watch jackass” Prawl shoots yelling guy* STOP THE PRESSES!

    Here’s a theory that is not nearly as crack’d as all my other (joke) theories.

    What if the kyuubi was released from Kushina WHILE SHE WAS GIVING BIRTH TO NARUTO? Sound plausible, obviously a very stressful thing for a woman’s body to go through, even harder when you have the ultimate tailed-beast trapped in you. AND NATURALLY, the smeagol/gollum Lurker we know as MADARA was nearby to capitalize on the situation….


  105. look at first panel at the eyes, the one on the left is differnet, it has one circle less, what is that supossed to mean if any?

  106. @kushina He did defeat the six paths.

  107. Yeah you’re right, but then they say ‘saved this village’ I only think of Nagato somehow.. O_o

    @Pwn The right one is when he has wide open eyes and the left one is when his eyes get smaller O_o the circle is there.

    @Prawl I think everything happens after Naruto was born.
    Kushina lays in hospital, defenseless so maybe Madara sneaked in.

    OR Kushina may lost control of the Kyuubi during the pregnancy and it gathers enough control of itself and Madara helped it out. O_o

    OR Kushina got kidnapped again while Minato had too many duties to do.

    Okay… my theories are just lame, Im that fantasyless T_T

  108. Quick question do you guys think that Obito is going to be in the new movie.

  109. Maybe, who knows, but yeah I kinda think so.
    And I’ve always wondered… what happend to Rin?

  110. Running along with Prawl’s idea and from talking with ScorpionLegacy over MSN here’s a neat theory (no credit goes to me). What if Naruto is part Kyubi? Has a Jinchuuriki ever given birth before? Kushina may be the first and with that new development who knows what could happen. Since Minato and Kushina got it on while she was playing host to the 9 tails Naruto may be the first Jinchuuriki baby. That may also explain his natural capacity for chakra and I’m not talking about with the Kyubi added in the mix.

    I don’t know what the picture was for…>_>

    @Prawl: That’d be insane! Turning into the 9 tails while giving birth! The doctor reaches in and gets burnt from the Kyubi’s cloak surrounding her. X_X

    I expounded on your thoughts above with some ideas from ScorpionLegacy but yeah, craziest pregnancy ever.

  111. Shadowaid
    “So do you guys think that his huge charka supply has some thing to do with the fact that his mom was the host for the kyubi?”

    Sorry super i thought of some of your theory first. you made it sound way better though.

  112. Haha, my bad but this is no theory of mine. I give credit where credit is due so good job. 😉

  113. Maybe thats why the fox says naruto is just a manifestation on his hate



    See if you can find them all. 🙂


    And six is considered devil’s number, while seven is considered holy. 😛 Nine is similar to six in the direction that it goes. Naruto has seven nines, but those are also considered counter-clockwise spirals, as are sixes.

  115. By the way, sorry again for the double post, but when I look at it, there are actually eight nines, and two extra nines are implied (I won’t give them away yet).

    Also, I can see how both Hinata’s love story for Naruto, and potentially a love story for Sakura with Naruto, could end up happening.

    Sakura could compliment Naruto’s whiskers, while Naruto compliments her big forehead, na? 😛 But I also see how Hinata could be like Naruto’s Kushina, na? ^,^

  116. There are nine 9s on Naruto: six in the Rikudou Sennin necklace (cool in that it has six, further strengthening the link between Naruto and Rikudou). There is one 9 on each shoulder and one on Naruto’s abdomen.

    I’ve been thinking about Kushina being the prior Kyuubi jinchuuriki and I think whoever said that perhaps giving birth caused the release may be on to something. Madara claimed to have had nothing to do with the Kyuubi’s attack on Konoha. Maybe he was telling the truth. We all know he was lurking about, looking for opportunities to undermine the village. He may have just been around when Kushina started leaking Kyuubi chakra and was like “Wait, I know this feeling… super-awesome Madara sharingan power activate: control of Kyuubi!” Minato was forced to fight Kushina and use the Death God on her to extract Kyuubi. Somehow, along the way, he realized he and Kushina had been used by Madara and diverted half the chakra (what hadn’t been sealed by Death God yet) into Naruto, using the last of his and Kushina’s strength to form the Four Element seal, probably the same type of seal that had been used to seal Kyuubi into Kushina.

    The other possibility is that Kushina went full-Kyuubi mode to fight Madara when he invaded the village, not realizing that doing so would allow him to control her and turn her on the village. The rest probably went the same as I said above.

    One other thought I’ve had is that Madara managed to take the other half of Kyuubi’s chakra and will seal it into Sasuke to make him and Naruto true equals.

  117. I assumed there might be a tenth on his back, seeing as there was one on his abdomen, and I thought it might make sense, and it might make even more sense that it’s not shown due to the fact that the Juubi’s identity was not known until later on in the series, and all we knew about was it going up to the Kyuubi. 🙂 So up to nine. ^,^ But a secret tenth one. 😀 😛

    Good job finding them all. ^,^

  118. Hmmm… it seems I missed the panel where Naruto’s clones were helping him form the rasengans… X__x

    So I guess that means he still can’t form them with a single hand, as has been sufficiently pointed out to me. I wonder if there is a reason he still uses two hands though. One would think that mastering Sage Mode would be the most difficult form of chakra control he has ever learned, in fact it was so difficult that Jiraiya couldn’t even master it, even though Jiraiya could form a one-handed Rasengan.

    Is it perhaps just quicker for Naruto to use a clone? Or perhaps he is just too used to it now to bother changing. We know he has the skill with chakra control now to be able to form it with one hand and the concentration (sage mode = epic concentration needed) so what else would hold him back?

  119. @Tenrai

    I thought about that too. It was explained to us that Naruto’s poor chakra control stems from his body rejecting the nine-tails chakra , so now, when he finally has full control over it nothing should really be stopping him.

    I wonder too if his techniques would become more effective and more efficient in the sense of him using less chakra to form them. As far as I remember he uses twice the amount of chakra Sakura uses to form a bunshin(don’t ask me to find this-it in the very beginning when we were explained about chakra control).

  120. Sasuke having a Bijuu like powers is just UGLY. It would suck if they both have the same power of bijuu like powers.

  121. @to63, wright u are, but don’t forget at that time Naruto was using more Physical Energy an less Spiritual energy to form the chakra, sasuke was the other way around and sakura had it all perfect.

    But Naruto is way past that because up to the sage training he could form a perfect mix of spiritual and physical energy and his chakra was spot on, and once the Natural energy was introduced into the mix he could form the perfect balanced 3/3 of all elements and that’s why he managed to make the perfect sage mode transformation.

    I think that just because Naruto has such a hard time with shape manipulation, it’s the main reason he hasn’t developed jutsus like the chidori or other jutsu like sasuke has been doing with his fire style and the raiton too.

    But just as u guys said, straiting from now hopefully the shape manipulation won’t be a problem for him any more and he’ll get some serious jutsus started, without the use o so many clones.

    I mean what will he do when he’s gonna be faced to make the inevitable fusion between water and wind, have a clone do shape manipulation one adding the wind chakra another the water and he’ll use his own body to gather the chakra.
    I mean come on, it’s already too crowded with 2 clones at the rassen shuriken, if he’ll do the fusion of nature abilities he’s gotta start tacking some advice from Yamato, because he’s the man when it comes to kekegenkai using one element in one hand and another in the other hand mixing them together as easy as clapping your hands.

    People have stated that Yamato will be the use of fillers from now seeing as he is not needed anymore to suppress the kyuubi’s chakra, but I think that he’s the one that’s gonna teach Naruto all about mixing nature elements and probably advanced shape manipulation, or u could leave the shaping part to kakashi cause he’s badass with that actually more then any ninja in Naruto for that matter.

  122. @shadowaid: in not sure if i went into enough detail by that, but what i meant to say/add is that now he can fuse with ma/pa frog so he can gather natural energy while moving since the fox might not be able to interfere… oh and the shadow clones spamming was all of them being in sage mode. have 1000 clones was already a huge advantage, but them being even stronger having sage mode active is almost too much for him. Because then he could have sage clones fight like he did against kakazu and not even have to fight anymore.

  123. Howdy lovelies…..

    Been a while, and i have to say i’ve missed the feeling down here. Having a laugh in South Africa though, mine the blokes are putting up quite a show hosting this world cup, except England are having a rubbish tournament, and coupled with the intense south african cold it’s not been all smiles lately. WRA however seems to be the site to turn to for a pleasurable distraction.

    Very well, getting down to analysis, there were a few things i noticed from the last chapter and also a few i’ll like to correct from what i’ve read here.

    – there’s no way in hell naruto is having the rinnegan. The storyline is constructed in such a way that naruto is a descendant of the second son, blessed by the rikudou sennin himself with a body and life force. I believe that manifested yesterday the moment naruto absorbed the kyuubi’s chakra. It seemed his lifeforce gained a significant boost….the lifeforce of the sennin himself

    – when the kyuubi said “this is the rikudou sennin’s..” it seemed he was referring to either naruto’s body, lifeforce or even the seal used to seal the kyuubi after extracting it’s chakra. But obviously for naruto to have even used the seal used by the rikudou sennin himself he would have to have had the body of the sennin, and then unlock “that jutsu” which can only be gained only, if you remember, the seal given to naruto was used to extract the kyuubi’s chakra/will. That jutsu, as we know it, was meant to manifest after naruto had sucessfully extracted the kyuubi’s will. So what could that jutsu possibly be?

    – to answer eugene’s question on what was going to happen to the evil fox, that ‘evil’ fox would no longer be evil as long as naruto had the will of the fox. If i was able to steal your will from you, it would mean that at the snap of my finger you would probably do a belly flop since i would bend your will to do that, and essentially if naruto has overcome his dark half it means a good naruto controls a “good” kyuubi.

    – sasuke would no longer be able to control the kyuubi from inside naruto anymore. why? simple. Initially, with eyes that bred hatred more sinister than madara’s sasuke was able to supress the kyuubi’s chakra from inside naruto because naruto had no control over a hateful and malevolent kyuubi. Obviously the kyuubi’s and sasuke’s hate would have resonated, giving sasuke control over it at the point in time. This time sasuke would have nothing to do with a kyuubi subservient to naruto’s goodwill and warmness.

    One thing which could serve to be an exciting prospect is naruto sensing kisame’s presence. Obviously naruto going into sage mode when fighting the kyuubi, he would have to have sensed that killerbee’s sword had just too much powerful chakra to be a nice little sword, and all hell may break loose. Only thing, if kisame is discovered that is, is would killerbee tell naruto and yamato to stand back so he would carry his cross alone? Time would tell, but something tells me killerbee might just not make it through alive. Also for kisame to have employed that tactic he must be pretty confident in his ability to achieve his mission and slip out undetected, or has enough power to escape despite the opposition.

    Can’t wait to see who naruto first tests his new found power against. One thing i know is i wouldn’t want to be the poor bloke.

  124. Total long time no see, I hope it gets better for england at the world cup, u guys will have to go for broke with Slovania to have a shot at moving on, hope it works out for u guys cause frankly I wouldn’t want any other team from that group to move on more then the brits.

    Now to the Naruto part, I too think that is foolish to assume that Naruto will achieve the Rinnegan, that’s Sasuke’s inheritance just as Naruto’s is the one of the younger brother as u said.

    It would be pointless and really fucked up if it proves that Sasuke has some sort of bijuu inside him as well.
    Maybe the other half of the kyuubi as most speculated, if that were to happen than all of the Naruto story will suck big time, and for the Sasuke ubber fan that Kishi is I won’t disregard him doing so and giving Sasuke the only power Naruto could call his trump card, just to make Sasuke more powerful yet again.

    It’s clear that he dose have something really strong inside, as we have seen in the kage summit arc and what the fortune teller frog told Naruto here:

    Well in the manga stream the translation for what the fortune teller frog was something like ” and do you know what he has inside of him”
    or something like that.
    So clearly something big is lurking inside Sasuke and it’s no left over Orochimaru I can tell u that much.


    Rasenjudarengan? 😛

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