Naruto Shippuuden 163 & 164. Double Pene…errr Episode Extravaganza!

*Door swings open and Mandi gets drug kicking and screaming into the room by two masked men*

“Now sit and do the breakdown or I’ll eat you!”




*Masked men run away giggling*

Oh…ehem. Hi everyone, Mandi here bringing you this lovely double Naruto breakdown since Ten is not feeling well. 😦 It’s safe to say that this arc is epic to the Nth degree. I’m loving it…*signs the McDonalds theme song to herself* Lets get started shall we?

So Konoha has been pretty much obliterated…the village of the leaf looks like it’s been hit by a meteor…Where’s Bruce Willis when you need him, eh? Naruto makes such an awesome entrance and there isn’t even anyone around to see it. How sad 😦

So Naruto and his toad crew have arrived….and it’s pretty funked up. Now I have a question here….How many times exactly has Konoha been demolished or pretty much destroyed since Naruto started? If I lived in a city that kept getting jacked up I think I’d get quite pissed about having to rebuild every six or so months. Hell if I wanted that I’d move to New Orleans…..(too soon?)

OMG! They moved Ichiraku's!

I kind of had an omgwtf moment when Pa Frog and Naruto were like where are we? This ain’t Konoha….Then when they finally caught on…and the evil voices in my head giggled >.<

Why did Ma Frog transport us to South Dakota?! I thought Lincoln was supposed to be on Mount Rushmore >.<

So pretty much all of the important people are still alive….well except for Shizune who is now soulless with Ino weeping over her…Choji goes back to Kakashi who is having his little campfire chat with his papa. Choji cries…*spoiler alert* even though I know Kakashi isn’t dead…I got a bit teary eyed too *spoiler alert over*.  The one thing that really irritated me about this episode was the fact that it kept jumping around to all the teams. I spent most of the time thinking, “I don’t really care about these people can we get to the fight please?!?!”

So all 6 paths of Pain are assembled in front of Naruto and it’s about to be on like Donkey Kong….until Tsunade gets in between them. She makes a lovely speech that you would expect a Hokage to make…but with Naruto coming in to save her behind, all her bravado was rather worthless.

Definitely gonna have to take him into the body shop!

Naruto pretty much tells Tsunade to go have some tea and chill, cause you ain’t needed. Kids got alota balls to be talking to the Hokage that way…but that isn’t how she sees it.

Following in the footsteps of greatness

Gamakichi takes Tsunade some place safe and the show down begins.

The biggest battle since the OK Corral. Wyatt Earp ain't got nothing on you Naruto

Naruto says he can’t sense Kakashi’s chakra and asks Tsunade if he’s away on a mission. Her silence answers his question and Naruto gears up for battle with just another reason to take Pain down. The pretty Pain summons all her little weird ass animals and I have to admit that the toad battles were pretty freaking cool. I was impressed. But the thing that impressed me the most was the Rasen-Shruiken. It was pretty epic in the manga,  but seeing it animated….HOLY CRAP! It was awesome.

Naruto you one bad mamajama!

So the battle is on! I could go into every single detail, but hey you’ve seen the episode no need. The battle between Pain and Naruto starts and people have started watching. Shikamaru is pissed cause he doesn’t think Naruto can hack it, and Sakura is doing the “OMG NARUTO SAVE US ALL” crap. Meanwhile the frog battle still rages. The part I really enjoyed was Naruto beating the pretty Pain down inside Bunta’s mouth.

Nothing like getting your butt stomped in a giant toad mouth

With her out of the way all of her summons are gone…which i’m pretty sure made the toad squad happy. Naruto has gotten really good at using his clones. He runs out of Sage chakra and has his clones back in froggie land already geared up….Smart boy. Watching the toads try to fight pain I found quite hysterical. Reminded me of people trying to swat at flies.

Naruto continues to impress me…even tho we already know how smart he is by transforming himself into a rasenshuriken to take out the power sucking Pain. A double rasengan takes care of the other Pain. He goes in to attack main Pain, but he has gotten his power back. So he takes Naruto down.

Get out of my personal bubble space!

Now Naruto and the Toads get to play with Genjutsu to try to defeat Pain. Seeing the toads get taken down by the Almighty Push was quite funny. Made me giggle perversely. So there are two Paths of Pain left….and we’ll see what happens with them next week. Here’s next weeks sneak peak…

For this weeks caption winner I would like to say congrats to ShinobiMadness

You know your the least liked character when a giant slug doesn’t want to be too attached to you..

Sorry guys but this week there will be no caption contest….I will leave that for Tenrai upon his return. Thank you guys so much for being patient with me on the breakdown. Here, have a demotivational poster for being so awesome! Have a great week everyone!


~ by Miranda on June 12, 2010.

29 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 163 & 164. Double Pene…errr Episode Extravaganza!”

  1. 1st

  2. SECOND!!!

  3. THIRD

  4. Yondaime!!!!

  5. cant’ wait for the next episode.. another week to wait 😦

  6. I R the FIFTH hokage!!!

    **pain stares towards me***

    no wait, i’m just a wandering beggar LOL O_o

    brilliant one, mandi! it was funny as hell 🙂

    i got annoyed by sakura’s crap too….EARLIER she was like “who’s naruto?”…..and now she’s begging him to….saaaaaaaaaaaave her O_o …..i hope she gets hit by the pterodactyl’s shit 😀

    apart from that, naruto didplays some great tactics and some epic moves……this guy really can be hokage one day ^_^……..although pain is his usual cool-as-ice self…….and i really liked the deidara reference…DEIDARA REFERENCE FTW!!:P

    it’s next episode that we have to watch out for…it’s gonna contain pain’s epic speech, hinata’s confession, byakugan vs rinnegan, and naruto’s six-tail shitstorm too….YAY! @_@

  7. Rokudaime!!! *morphs into Kakashi-Naruto fusion*

    Great job Mandi!!! 😀

  8. Yay, that was some funny entertainment!!! You filled the renarrating with good jokes here and there, came up with hilarious captions for the pics (“bubble space”), and mentioned some really important points that I could agree with, especially the “I don’t really care about these people can we get to the fight please?!?!”

    The one thing I was surprised at was that you totallay shortened Naruto’s Henge trick which was so awesomeness I wish you had credited it more, like “OMG what a cool trick, first this, then that, and then BAM, Naruto is so smart” etc, but okay 😉 .

  9. Thanks Guys, sorry Aeris..I was dog tired as I was finishing the breakdown I did skimp out a bit. But that move was awesome as all hell.

  10. Kyudaime! Now I just gotta poison Hokages 5-8 >:)

    Nice on Mandi! I like that they finally made Shinra tensei visible.

  11. YAY! Looks like next week, Hinata’s gonna pwn some major ass…or was it her that got shoved into the ground? 😉 Still, I can’t wait to see her undying love confession…>_>

  12. In the next episode Pain gives his “i’m killing everyone for peace” speech.

  13. haven’t read the breakdown but i’m sure it’s awesome… anyway @ms.mandi. pene means dick in spanish so you’re basically saying double dick lol xD

  14. I was going for double penetration supa…..

  15. Great breakdown Mandi, and thanks for helping me. I really laughed while reading that.

    As for the episode itself, I already said how I felt about episode 163. I am not sure about 164 because I have not watched it yet. It has been a bit too hectic right now, but hopefully I will get around to that soon.

    Thanks again.

  16. Heeeey, great job Mandi! 😀

    *reads title*

    Double pena-wha!!? This is absurd! I am shocked and appalled now and will be writing a complaint to whoever runs this blog of yours! Hmppff! *walks aways with an upturned nose* Xd

    *gets a letter of complaint from himself*

    WTH…? Lol, anyway I thought the last two episode were pretty damn good besides some of the animation but I won’t harp on points already finely combed over in the last breakdown. What was dumb to me in the latest episode were the short fighting scenes with the frogs, boring and bland. They were swatting uselessly at Pein and it looked like they weren’t even trying. As you said it looked like they were swatting at flies in the middle of a battle. ~_~ The fight with the multiplying dog was like watching the equivalent of someone hammering at a wack-a-mole game, just pointless. And what was the point of Pa Frog throwing Gamabunta!? o_O

    Besides those short scenes everything else was done very well to me. The FRS was awesome! Lol, my little brother who was watching it with me said he doesn’t remember Nartuo throwing the FRS and yes he’s all caught up with the manga. Well, now he remembers. 😉

  17. @supertrek89

    Actually, Fukusaku did throw Gamabunta in the manga, it just didn’t show it in any of the panels. But he said he was going to throw him and afterwards, you see him looking very tired.

  18. Aye, I know. I’m just wondering “why” not “when did that happen”.

  19. @ms.mandi: I know…

  20. Nice Breakdown Mandi but then again whenever Pein/Pain is in something is has to be epic;) but next week we get the speech of Pein!! its gonna be legen wait for it….. lol Naruto is smart O_O hahaha i think he may have been a genius if Sakura didn’t smack him on the head so much 😛 Well I enjoyed this post and I hope Tenrai also gets well soon ^_^

  21. I haven’t watched this arc yet, but is seems to me that a;most every one disliked this arc in the manga. So why do you guys anticipate so much out of this arc. I stopped watching the anme around the time of Asumas death. i couldn’t stand how long the fights were dragged out, and how they had a brief clash then stood there staring at each other. So has the animation improved since then?

  22. awesome breakdown Mandi!

    i was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that starts right when pain realizes naruto transformed into the rasenshuriken. it was freakin epic!! if someone could let me know id love to illegally downlo-… uh.. i mean… purchase through legal means and support the official release!! >_>….

  23. @shadow I don’t know many people who disliked this Arc in the manga…it was pretty damn epic. And the animation is always improved for big fights such as this….alot smoother better quality.

  24. For some reason i remember people always complaining about this arc and that kishi was losing his magic. Stuff like that. I might be confusing this with the loathing people had for the flashback with the dog.

  25. yeh and i was one of them and still am ! the arc sucked especially the ending


    The new episode was nice, although it didn’t feature a lot of combat but it made me realise that I am actually glad Pain used “Undo-no-jutsu” because I really damn like the old frog sage. I felt sorry for him when he got stabbed and that’s rare.

    Also Pain’s idea of a terror weapon looks a lot like the A-bomb and knowing that Japan has a history with it I think it’s not too far off to assume Kishi got this idea from his own country’s history.

    P.S. If I happen to insult any japanese by mentioning the A-bomb catastrophe, know that I never meant any offense and I apologise in advance.

  27. @Shadowaid: We’re hoping for something better. That’s all and a good number of people actually liked the ending to this arc. 😉

    I’m not one of them.

  28. Hey people, look at how gabzillaz breaks down the Sage and Pain Invasion Arc: 😀 😛

    Part 1:

    SPOILER for people who didn’t read the manga!!!

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Btw, I didn’t like the ending to this arc either, except for the fact that Kakashi and Shizune came back to life. 🙂

  29. This episode was awesomeness. I liked his plan in the manga….and that was basically it. But in the anime with all that music while he explained it…..he freaking blew my mind….more than England not beating Algeria >_>

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