One Piece Chapter 589 IS OUT + Double One Piece Breakdown Chapters 587-588! What Do You Mean There’s No Chapter Next Week? Oda Better Be Having Another Baby! ~_~

Read One Piece Chapter 589 here!

-One Piece Chapter 587 Highlights Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to a quick highlight and breakdown of One Piece chapters 587-588! If you just want to get to the chapter 588 breakdown then just go ahead and scroll down past the highlights. >(0_+)>

I thought chapter 587 was great but good lord Oda spent a little too much time on Bluejam and how he felt about all of this. His fight with Ace and Dadan I honestly don’t care about because it’s just another fight and we already know the end results. Bluejam loses, Ace and Dadan win. Bluejam can die in a fire for all I care, I just want him to go away so Oda can concentrate on other people. The only people I’m especially interested in this flashback are Sabo and Dadan. It’s great insight to see Luffy and Ace’s childhood but we know they live from all of this and we know how they turn out. Sabo and Dadan we have virtually no information on expect for this flashback so I only wish Oda could concentrate on them for the most part. At least this chapter gave us some good insight to Dadan but not a lot. Meh, anyway here are the highlights.

1. Ace uses a ‘Haki Blast’!

Now that's what I call a party! They burnt the roof down and even overdosed. o_o

This brings us back to Ace’s obscure line during the war to save his life when he witnessed Luffy use ‘Haoshoku Haki’, “You  too..”. The only type of Haki we’ve seen knock out a whole bunch of people in the vicinity is ‘Haoshoku Haki’ so most likely Ace had it too. Though, Rayleigh also used a Haki blast for that same purpose and it’s not confirmed he has ‘Haoshoku Haki’.

2. Dadan is a beast!

They gain superhuman strength during that time don't you know!? O_O

I love her ‘Run Away’ strategy (LOL) but you have to admit when the shit hits the fan you wouldn’t mind her being on your side. She’s a fighter and strong as hell that’s for sure. Also, she’s taken responsibility for Ace so that’s a big improvement to her character than what we’ve seen before.

3. A glimpse of Dragon’s power and crew!

Come to the light...

Looks like a blast of wind to me hinting more to Dragon’s wind powers but we’ve also seen him use lightning and rain. Either that or it was just Nature’s calling and Luffy really is the luckiest S.O.B. in the world. 😉


KUMA!!! Former Revolutionary Kuma to be exact!

4. Sabo sets sail!!!

That nefarious bastard!

Remember that flag folks and look for it in the present! I still don’t believe he’s dead and just like I was an Ace hopeful I’ll hold on to Sabo living from all of this. Go Sabo go!

Special Note: Nobles are asssshooollllleeeessss!!!!

No.... The answer is no...

That ends last week’s highlights and here are this week’s AMV and BOPP!

Epic AMV is epic! Well… I like it a lot…>_> AMV by Kraitox. I like the unique artistic style on this depiction of the Strawhat Crew. Badass One Piece Pic by Bob-Raigen.

-One Piece Chapter 588 Breakdown Below-

Alright, on to the present breakdown!

Now this was a much better chapter by far in my opinion. Not only did it have a healthy focus on Sabo and what happened to him but we even get an awesome color spread! Are they wearing eye shadow? o_O Oh, and we now understand why Ace doesn’t run and more on his ambitions and dreams.  Even some info on Gol D. Roger is thrown into the mix so let’s get to it!

What have we learned here folks? Never judge a book by its cover and the World Nobles know what they're doing.

As continued from chapter 578 Sabo is setting off to sail, purposely, on the day the Celestial Dragons (a.k.a Tenryuubito) are scheduled to make a visit to the Goa Kingdom. Now, whether or not Sabo set out on this date intentionally because this was the day the Tenryuubito would be arriving aside from any other day he could have picked to sail is debatable, but surely he knew from all the talk today was the destined day of their arrival. Maybe he was out to prove something. He wasn’t afraid to set sail and wave his flag of freedom in front of the highest of nobles’ faces.

Shortest pirate reign ever!?

Well, unfortunately Saint Jalmack doesn’t take that s**t and blasts Sabo not once but twice with his cannon. Double tap! X_X Now the moment is finally upon us, the one we’ve been waiting for. The moment of Sabo’s death? After all we witnessed from people living against impossible odds in the current storyline remember that this is a flashback and in the words of Kisuzachi, “One Piece flashbacks are notorious for killing off characters lol”. Indeed this is true. xD  Then again, Oda is also notorious for pulling off amazing twists we never see coming. Plus, the death just seems to quick and easy for someone like Sabo. After all he is Luffy’s brother. Then there’s the 3rd rule of manga by Jeremiah. I don’t see a body. 😉

I know your question already. ^_^ If Sabo is alive why didn’t he come to Ace’s rescue in the war to free him? You as well as I know Oda can come up with a 100 different verifiable reasons why Sabo couldn’t make it fight for his brother. Those same reasons could be why Sabo hasn’t showed up in the current storyline buy hey don’t mind me, I’m just another helpless hopeful. 🙂

Fuuusioooon-HAH! >(0_0)><(0_0)<

Moving on, Dadan and Ace… SURVIVE FROM THE FIRE!?!*GASP* Who would’ve thought!? Dadan is incapacitated due to shielding Ace from the flames with her own flesh adding on to her badass meter. Of course luffy is happy to tears and we get a look at the scene of Ace’s flashback he had before his death.

Mustaches will take the backseat to beards in this manga no longer!

Here we learn of a comparison between the father and son, Roger and Ace. They both never ran from a fight or perhaps should I say they never let the enemy run? >(^_-)> It was not simply because of their brashness and quick tempers but too protect the ones behind them so they wouldn’t be put in danger. The ones they loved and would do anything to protect were of upmost importance before anything else. Roger embodied this type of attitude and it led him to become the ‘Pirate King’ feared by many and loved by those close to him. A little insight to his powers, Garp said Roger would destroy armies if they spoke badly about his friends. Reminds me a lot of Ace of course but also Luffy and Whitebeard who would do anything to protect a nakama. Seems Roger also had the same upbringing as Ace. Like father like son. Can’t fight the blood Ace. 😉

My turn---> ^(0_0)^

Dogura returns with the bad news of Sabo’s “death” (That’s right, quotations baby! I’ll never believe! :P).  He tells the group Sabo wasn’t happy where he was and set out to the ocean too obtain his happiness. Ace and Luffy lament because they feel guilty over not doing anything but I would just like to say Sabo willingly left to protect both Ace and Luffy. He could have run away at anytime but chose to put up with this torturous lifestyle to ensure the safety of both his brothers. He finally chose to run away and set sail probably after hearing Bluejam died in the fire and his brothers were no longer in danger. He wanted to be free, and unfortunately it ended in disaster.

What do I get? 😦

Sabo’s determination and dream of being free reminds me a lot of Ace’s talk with Luffy about being free. Remember Ace’s dream? It had absolutely nothing to do with being free because he never felt trapped. Yet, he talks about it here in this flashback so where did that ambition come from? I think it really isn’t Ace’s original desire but an adopted dream of Sabo to honor him. He and Luffy will sail out in the ocean to be freer than anyone else just like Sabo wanted. Which brings to question. Was being the Pirate King really Luffy’s original desire? Can we really be sure when Oda cut off from Luffy’s original declaration? For goodness sake Luffy can’t decide which is better between One Piece and beetles so it’s not far of a stretch to say Luffy originally had something else on his mind. 😉 I bet Takashid is jumping up and down right now. >_>

Oh, also in honor of Sabo look at the cool tattoo Ace got! At least it shows he didn’t mess up. xD*sniff*..don't....crrryyyyyy!!!!! T_T

That was from the letter Sabo left before he set sail to become a pirate. In the letter Sabo expresses his concern for Ace’s and Luffy’s health but believes them to be alright. Once again, Sabo says he’s setting out to be freer than anyone else and is concerned over which one of them will be the big brother (lol, so sweet and yet so saaaad T_T). In the letter he talks about Luffy being a weak little cry baby and for Ace to take care of him and finally child Ace sheds some tears. Hell, a whole lot of tears and better late than never I say. That ends this chapter I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! ^_^

That ends this week’s breakdown and… the world is ending next week… No, wait wrong premonition. >< NO MANGA NEXT WEEK!!! T_T Here’s this week’s demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on June 12, 2010.

43 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 589 IS OUT + Double One Piece Breakdown Chapters 587-588! What Do You Mean There’s No Chapter Next Week? Oda Better Be Having Another Baby! ~_~”

    Great double breakdown Super!!!!

  2. second now to read 😀

  3. awesome breakdown super ^_^!! all those long hours of writing have paid off yet again
    ace is not the only one breaking down about the manga………T_T
    darn u oda! y did u have to go and pull a kishi on us TT_TT?!?!

  4. fourth!

    man, it feels great to be back here 😀

  5. I always liked Ace’s tattoo so I still want to believe that it was an accident. If the resemblance to Sabo’s mark isn’t coincidental, I’m assuming Ace had it done to cover up a mistake.

  6. Great Breakdown Superdude!!!!!! How do you remember all these pages? I WILL find your secret! Believe it!

    Once again, if this is LUFFY’S flashback, how does he know Ace was crying? lol

  7. Thanks everyone! *hands NTG a napkin* ^_^

    @Kisu: It’s just easy to remember these things. I don’t remember the exact chapters but I do remember the general arc and from there it’s a hunt for that certain page you’re looking for. Onepiece wikia helps too (a lot). XD

    @Anyone: Since there’s no manga next week would you all like to see anything new like some kind of discussion post on One Piece in general? Just let me know if you have any ideas.

  8. @Super

    A discussion post?!!!? This is going to get bloody… O_O

    Lol, joke. I think that’s a great idea.
    Maybe you could talk about what you think will happen after Luffy’s flashback ends and tell us your theories and predictions more in detail. Just a few ideas! 😀

  9. “I bet Takashid is jumping up and down right now. >_>”
    lol super i wont say i told you so…(i told you so!) but anyway, we will see what happens. i still think oda will show us that part again, this time showing us what luffy said.

    for next week, i like the idea of disscussion, predictions and theories, but lets add some debates too! id love to do some debates involving more powerfull characters, like kizaru vs Eneru,(lightning vs light= kickass fight! and they are both screwy in the head XD) or blackbeard with both fruits vs Akainu (this one has to happen in cannon someday, “Evil” vs “justice”, it will be awesome!!!) so yeah, lets have some admiral related debates next week! 🙂

  10. Sabos symbol being on Ace’s tattoo was an epic find. It cant be coincidence.

    Thanks to this flashback now i feel even worse for Luffy for losing his two brothers.

    Remember when he said the worst feeling in the world is being alone? It was the reason why he chased Ace everywhere when he was a child.
    Plus Ace broke his promise of not dying thus leaving Luffy with no brothers.

    Luffy is “alone” and now more than ever needs his nakama to support him. I doubt Jinbei or Boa can do anything about this.

  11. well Boa could do ‘a lot of things’ to cheer up Luffy *nudge nudge wink wink* 😉

  12. i thought the blast that led the people to Dragon was a Hell Wink from Iva-chan

  13. YAY! Dubba-breakdown!



    *gets arrested, and then sentenced to death*

  14. epic as usual super. so ace’s tatoo was NOT A MISTAKE??? O_O ….

    although sabo’s death was forthcoming, i still feel sad abt it T_T……and the world nobles proved they’re the biggest ***holes on the planet…… i hate them even more than akainu now :X
    someone kill saint jalmack for me 😛

    looks like the flashback’s gonna end next week…….i guess the last cene will be of ace and luffy promising each other they’ll “live a life without regrets” 😀

  15. i think that the straw-hats will be reunited with the help of the revolutionary army, i dont really have the evidence to back it up yet but i find the fact that sanji was send to kamabakka and that robin was sent to tequila wolf is too coincidental. i think its the residence of kumas past colleagues

  16. @Dragon: LOL! My theories and predictions are always for naught! XD But I like giving them anyway and I think they make for interesting and sometimes funny observation. 🙂

    @Takashid: You know…have we ever seen in the manga two logia types battle each other? Even once!? How odd, I can’t seem to remember any such fights…

    @Pumpkin: Indeed, Luffy losing two brothers in the span of 10 years is harsh. It’s no wonder he shut down, that coupled on with extreme exhaustion.

    @Drtummygiggles: Well, Iva usually yells something like “Hell Wink” when doing her attack. Plus, if you look at the far bottom left panel.

    You’ll notice the wind signals which marks Dragon’s coming. Most likely it’s Dragon’s power which freed the residents of Trash Mountain from the fire.

    @Prawl: Stop dying! O_O *frees Prawl and sets him to wander in a desert full of oasis* Surely you can’t make trouble there. o_o

    @Katz: I hope the flashbacks end next week. I’m anxious to hear from from the rest of the crew and Boa needs to train Luffy in the use of Haki and offer up some MUCH needed explanations to that indescribable power.

    Lol, what of Akainu had noble blood in him? 😉

    @Omar: Ah, you’re not the only one to think over that idea so no worries. It’s pretty clear Robin is with the Revolutionaries right now and to an extent Sanji too. It’s not a big stretch to think the Revolutionaries will have some hand in reuniting the Strawhat Crew.

    Muhahhahaha! The comments section is so small here I can reply to everybody! It’s like a tight-knit Jewish community. 😀

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

  17. two logias have fought but a long time ago… ace vs. smoker

    For any One Piece fan that’s into FMA:

    I was rewatching Bradley and Greed’s second fight, and after Buccaneer took Bradley’s sword away, Bradley picked up two daggers from some soldier and was still able to fight Greed. That reminded me of how Mihawk beat Zoro with that little knife, and so this question came to mind;

    Who would win in a fight;
    Shichibukai Juracule Mihawk or Fuhrer King Bradley/Homunculs Wrath ?
    I thought it was a a pretty good fight.

  19. Naga Mihawk would win simply because he is from one piece. Enough said.

  20. naga: i love wrath, he is my favorite homunculus of all time, but i dont think he could beat mihawk because the power level in One Piece is on a higher scale. mihawk can split battleships and glaciers with a single slash. so, unless we were saying that the fight was in the one Piece world and wrath could somehow use the sword techniques from One Piece, id have to say mihawk. Wrath is way cooler though 🙂

  21. King Bradley (A.K.A Wrath) FTEW!!! But not for this fight. Mihawk can cut glaciers in half with one fell swoop of his black sword and though Bradley is quick he’s nowhere as fast as Mihwak. They both have exceptional vision but Mihawk has it in both eyes. 😉 Not to mention Bradley’s slowly declining health due to his age puts him out of his prime while Mihawk is at the top of his game. Enough of the analysis though it’s apparent Mihawk would win but that’d be an epic fight I would love to see. Lol, great idea Nagashikage. 🙂

    @Omar: JA! Thanks that was a fight between two logias and now that I think about it we’ve also seen one other. That being Ace vs. Akainu though both fights involving Ace weren’t fully fleshed out and way to short to be considered real fights.

  22. If Ace has Haki, he would be epic fail! 😦

  23. Super, there’s one more fight you forgot about, Ace and Blackbeard. Although Blackbeard isn’t immune to physical attacks he’s still classified as a logia.

  24. ooo nyuuuuooo no One Piece this week i allready forgot when i saw Naruto and Bleach coming out =(

    Great breakdown super!
    Sabo is alive and kicking (i hope)
    maybe he became part of the revolutionaries tho i really cant think of a reason why he didnt show up at aces execution.
    (maybe prohibited by Dragon since he thought WB could and would clear the job?)
    It would be really kool if Luffy and Sabo meet up again i wonder how both would react,..
    anyways all speculations =)

    Now first i actually wonder how long its gonna take luffy to meet up with Shanks i really wanna see that and perhaps shanks can teach him a lil about the KD since hancock doesnt seem to control it all to well

  25. why hasnt anyone challenged me on what I said up above

    Kisuzachi: “If Ace has Haki, he would be epic fail! :(“

  26. @King: Ah! You’re right! XD Damn Ace, you’re hogging all the logia battles, but I really want to see are two normal logia types battle it out in a full scale fight.

    @Kisu: Yeah, but I’d put it more as, “If Ace had controlled or potent Haki abilities he’d be epic fail”. I look at Haki as “the force”. Some it’s stronger in than others. For all we know Ace may not have had much Haki potential and released it much less than Luffy. It may have been more out of control, unstable, and rare for him to use it. Maybe his Haki wasn’t as powerful so even if he did use it at Marineford it wouldn’t have done much help. It seems to me Ace has only used it once in his life (childhood) and that was the height of it. Not as much an epic fail as it is a natural “limit”.

    @Fear: The only thing I can see stopping Sabo from making it to Ace’s execution is if he was to far away (lol, somewhere like Raftel) or restrained. Maybe a change of heart…but I seriously hope that’s not the case. Then again…he could be dead. That’d sure stop him.

  27. @Everyone who has a Opinion, I love Opinions.

    So I got a summary of what I think Onepiece is about and I want your opinion since your basically on top of things and when it comes to analyzing and deducing I think your opinion would be appreciated because we are like Otaku 🙂

    So I rekon that the True History is that 800 years ago the Ancestors of the present day Tenryubito and possibly some elements in the World goverment now were possibly like a Pirate element or a Organisation something along those lines usurped power over the Ancestors of all the people with D in their name cause I believe they were like leaders of the world Peace loving more then likely the True Royalty or Masters of Haki or creators of Devil Fruit Something ya know what I mean?.

    Now the Ancestors of Tenryubito must of taken power with a large force possibly 20 extremely powerful individuals strong enough to take over the world or at least challenge the Ancestors D’s. Now cause the T’s won they destroyed all cultural relics, knowledge, language, etc. They also became false Royalty thats why all the Tenryubito look like Trash and do Inhuman acts. Now the D’s and all those associated are connected to the Poneglyhs and recored the events of the world like Watchers explaing that a Incredible power Usurped and Destroyed their Nation Rah-rah-rah and all that.

    Now Present Day Tenryubito are the Decendants of 20 Kings who established what is now known as the World Goverment, I got that from Wiki.. Now what the WG Fear the most is people learning the true history of the Void century which is the Time that it all went down, and they Fear a Pirate King because a Pirate King would be Commander of the 4 Emperors and Master of the New world and King to all Pirates in the Seas a Power strong enough to Challenge the WG now Luffy has Destroyed the 3 Powers of the WG Enies Lobby, Impel Down and Marine HQ all the things Unheard of in history Luffy and BB are Contenders for Pirate King.

    Now this New Age has drawn more people to the Seas in search for Onepiece. And the Main Power is the WG rules over 160 or 190 nations they also command the Marines. (One confirmed power to challenge the World is Monkey D. Dragon who leads the Revolution and has gathered many nations behind him, My theory about Dragon is that he was the Bastard child of Goa Kingdom – Not really sure if they Related to Tenryubito which means Celestial Dragons or not, but he also a D. He is also refered to as “The Revolutionary Dragon” but Im reaching cause his heredity isnt known.

    Though the Contenders for Pirate King be Blacbeard n’ Luffy=Pirate King. Once Pirate King and this is What its all about Luffy will have the Power to Defeat the Tenryubito and World Goverment and reveal the True History and all that and because Luffy is Pirate King and hes helped many Royals and has Many friends his Name and Family will be well known and all the Bad guys are Defeated and the Marines lighten up abit. By Bringing all Kings and Lords together Luffy will Invent a New World order and in doing so will find the Treasure to bring the World together in ONEPIECE or ONEPEACE 🙂

    And thats why I think what OnePiece is All About.


    A play on words, now that’s a theory! 😀

    Though, the void century happened 900 years ago.

    An entire 100 years with no records or data. Completely void. After the Void Century came the 800 years, extending to the present day, of World Government rule. Altogether 900 years of history regarding those topics.

    What if Raftel was the remains of the once prosperous kingdom Dr. Clover was talking about?

    And the name of the kingdom was…One Piece or One Peace? That’s why Roger told everyone to go there and you’ll discover One Piece, and that’s why the World Government is so against the dream of Pirate King. Anyone who becomes Pirate King has to reach Raftel. There they will have discovered the remains of a prosperous nation the World Government had destroyed and the last poneglyph revealing the True History. This is all just hypothesis of course brought on by BlackBustBoom’s discussion…>_>

  29. SPOILERS look frickin fantastic!!!


    looks like the spoilers are finally here 😀
    thankfully they are just in time, many OP fans were dying due to absence of Oda’s awesomeness. O_O

    Cover is of Domino(hot chick from Impel down) and some other chick.XD

    ace and luffy talk about the “no regrets” stuff

    DRAGON makes an appearance. dunno about Sabo?

    Ace sets sail. 3 yrs later, luffy sets sail.


    here’s the link for the entire spoiler::

  31. i have a bone to pick with oda… and the anime for that matter, he forgot one of the nakama for the straw hat whereabouts…. wheres the thousand sunny!!!! i feel that that info would be even more useful to us than knowing that sanji is a transvestite now… lol

  32. oh and the new sbs is out on one piece wiki…. when asked if whitebeard was logia, this is what oda answers…O: I guess that’s difficult. The answer is Paramecia. “Guragura no mi” is said to be the most powerful of the many paramecia fruits. It’s easy to think that he’s an “Earthquake Human” and must me Logia, but if that was so, he’d have to become an earthquake himself. Whitebeard creates earthquakes, in other words he’s a “Vibration Human”. That means he’s a Paramecia who isn’t any weaker than the Logias.” A vibration human… no wonder hes such a player

  33. its out on mangastream… epic!!

  34. @Omar: LMAO!!! XD The ladies love Whitebeard and thanks for the heads up! The chapter was awesome and the flashbacks are over!

    I wonder what Dragon was doing near Zorro and Kuina’s hometown. Was he visiting Luffy’s mom? He seemed down like he got denied some make-up sex. XD Poor Ace had to break his promise to both Sabo and Luffy but at least he died without regrets ans was free in his last moments. Dadan was hilarious but the highlight of the chapter for me was Luffy coming to terms with a crude reality. He’s weak “comparably” to the challenges he’ll be facing in the New World. Now he can stay on the island and train with Boa in the use of Haki. 😉

    Here’s the chapter btw!

  35. Rough Tale Isle I forgot about that place the last leg of the Journey, then it is there OP should be found.

    Good Chapter, I thought it was Zorro and Kuina maybe this is a indication to say she left with Dragon instead of falling down the stairs, Alot of things are revolving around Dragon this could be his Arc coming up I hope.

  36. During this chapter i was thinking if that’s maybe Sabos flashback or something o_O I know it wasn’t. Just had the feeling he would show up at the end sitting sowhere in Mary Joa an beeing a word noble after all. Wouldn’t that be tragic… >_>

    Luffys realistaion was just heartbreaking.
    NOO, don’t lose hope, Luffy-kun! T^T

    Wonder what the next chap will be about. Luffys talk with boa maybe (Wasn’t she on her way to him) or some random infos about the word. Maybe we gonna se the strawhats again… Vote for the third one.

    btw. Kishi show us Dragon in Kuinas and Zoros hometown. It is safe to assume that this has a meaning! O.O

    @ omar
    Sunny is with Duval and his men. The ship is safe. Don’t worry ^

  37. LOL i thought i was hallucinating when i saw that shawdoy figure with that hair it was zoro!!!!!!!!1 what the heck was dragon doing there O_o the way the flashback ended and the way luffy reacted the flash back just put so much emotion into how luffy was crying i was beggining to think the flash backs were being extended but just the right time i say just the write time man oda you may not be the best “artist” but you certainly are the greatest story teller . props to you man ^^

  38. It’s over! Woop! That flashback just made me hate Ace all the more, making Luffy-kun suffer like this. -____-

    It’s sad how in the end, Luffy comes to the bitter realization. I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s going to be some major training coming up; maybe even a time skip! Luffy just so happens to be in the one place where he can learn control over his Haki at the point in time when he concludes that he is weak. Coincidence? I think not! That word doesn’t exist in the manga dictionary.

    @Anina: You mean Oda. X__X

  39. what does it mean if im already lookin for spoilers 2 days after an episode was released?? i think it means im legit addicted to one piece

  40. I’m really excited to see how oda connects zoro and dragon together from the past. Maybe Kuinas dad is secretly apart of the revolution army? But frankly, i’m more concerned with zoro at the present. Zoro vs. an army of sword weilding werewolves? Not good

  41. I had a crazy thought what if Ivankof transformed Kuina into a Man? So she leaves her old life behind and starts fresh with her Fathers blessing and a clever alibi for her death. Departing with Dragon and leaving Zoro behind to grieve her Death and Continue there Path of being Ultimate swordsman perhaps one day meeting again. But If Kuina is a Man who is she?

  42. @Pickles
    OMG! O_O ! It’s Oda-sama of course. What was I thinking…

    Wow! that theory makes sense! She alway hated beeing a girl! That would be kinda cool.

  43. The new breakdown is out!

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