Bleach 273 – Learning to Count Bleach Style 0, 1, 2, 38DD O_o

Awe!! (Awe=Hello) Pein here with another Bleach Anime Breakdown. ^_^

PhotobucketMS Paint FTW

Since all the Espada are dead except 1-3 and 10. (Grimmjow unknown) The battles should really be picking and they have!! Well that is a lie T_T but they are building up quite nicely ^_^

The scene and feel of the past few episodes where predominantly dark and sinister in surroundings, with the battle between Cifer and Ichigo representing despair and sadness. This week begins of course where the end of Cifer’s Death and eventual realization of feelings. T_T

What is more surprising to me in this episode as a whole was how much they actually packed into it when it comes to battle build ups. Something rarely seen in the manga which usually each chapter focuses on one battle at a time, one build up at a time which is understandable for the 18pgs can only do so much.

The battle between Yammy and Team Rukia for me was pretty cool it added some well placed filler content which I was actually able to enjoy, unlike the previous episode where the battle although shorter in time dragged on, this one flew by. This added filler content gave a good indication of how powerful the most powerful/weakest Espada actually is. It is revealed that the Espada actually run 0-9 instead of 1-10!! So Yammy is in fact number 0 in his transformed state and 10 while normal, it’s confusing I know but it’s part of the plot of Bleach for some reason. Personally I think they forgot about Yammy and gave him this role for the hell of it.


Also interesting to note is Yammy reaction to Cifer’s Death, seemingly upset that he couldn’t help him.

So Giant Multi legged thing Yammy is pretty powerful, but how did he transform within the dome wasn’t that restricted.

PhotobucketNext will be -1, -2, -3 X_X

This is where this episode becomes really awesome to me when Tia Hallibel takes her shirt off <_< I… I mean the battles really pick up *phew* nah who am I kidding that probably the main reason… The removal of her top does however reveal something interesting (That the censorship board has taken control)


and It seems that in Bleach (according to this episode) one gets stronger by, Females taking cloths off and males eating and sleeping (Yammy) sounds like a plan ^_^

PhotobucketPlease ma’am would you tell your breast to stop staring at my eyes @_@

And she is the 3rd Ranked Espada. (Same as Nel was?) The animation quality is really good for me in this episode with each battle being well highlighted. I must say watching the battles as fleshed out and in quick succession like this is really what makes me enjoy the anime of Bleach, the development and screen time (although hogged by Ichigo to a degree) is also more spread out, you get to see many captain and characters develop and not like some anime where one person develops. Though this does lead to the dreaded flash backs, though in this episode again I felt it was well placed and important in developing the character Tia Hallibel as more than just a mindless hollow but someone who care for the people under her… 😉

Throughout their initial battle Hallibel vs. Hitsugaya the music never seems to gain pace it just seems to melodramatically build all the time.

PhotobucketFashion disagreements can be deadly O_O

The short battle or build up shown with Starrk was a nice break of pace from the main battle. It helped break up the episode nicely instead of the one track focus, though this battle at the moment is more a light sparing match it still gave a taste of things to come and almost something to look forward to. The music continues to build now and with it the anticipation for Hallibel’s transformation and even less clothing which means power up 😛


Baraggan vs. Soifon is also highlighted with the Captain having a tough time and Baraggan just beginning to battle, it is revealed that none of the current captains have limiters on them and no super last minute power ups are on the cards. This though felt like an unwelcomed break but maybe necessary to mention though. I think the long flash back could have been avoided however, but que sara sara….

PhotobucketAll Hail the floating lazy chair ^_^

The battle refocuses on Hallibel’s amazing b…. battle with Hitsugaya <_<


Though the theme music and build up now sees more into her heart and almost disgust she feels that her subordinates where killed by such a low level. She seems to assume that all captains are on a similar level to Hitsugaya. The flash back and music especially drive home the fact that these where more than just pawns to her that she had felt some sort of connection to these Fracción.


R.I.P Hollow girl – When Ur hot you’re hot 😉

This is what builds her to the transformation which is very fitting thinking she represents sacrifice, the animation again is top notch and the Resurreccion is well done, even less clothing and more power, thus my theory has been proven ^_^

Photobucket*Activate less clothing armor*

The demonstration of her power is then shown with a single swipe of her blade she is able to slice straight through Hitsugaya. The episode even has some time to fit in a really heartwarming scene where a giant man bear thing tells the almost dead lieutenants to have faith in the captains getting their butts whipped…


Dedicated he won’t move that hand anytime soon…. Unless it’s up 😉

Though his faith in Hitsugaya is shown to have its merit, Hallibel is more concerned with revenge then finishing the job she started  and it seems to give Hitsugaya an opening, though too small to actually land a hit L

Photobucket2 for 1 deal…. Ice for a hot summers day ^_^

The next Episode is built up pretty well with all three major battles, shown in the end.

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown. ^_^


Well this week I would like to test run a new contest!!!! *waits for excited applause*


O_O anyway I just wanna see if anyone is interested if not its no big deal… *wipes away tears*

Contest: Create Motivational Poster from clips of Current Bleach Episode can use the screens I have used or if you can any other screens from this episode, the poster maker is linked on my poster up top. Post your works as comments or E-Mail:

Have Fun hopefully get some good results the winner will be announced next weeks breakdown plus each person will receive a free Bankai…. though that is kinda common now @_@


~ by pein0avenue on June 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Bleach 273 – Learning to Count Bleach Style 0, 1, 2, 38DD O_o”


    I haven’t seen the episode yet so I haven’t read the breakdown yet but it looks great! I’ll comment more later. ^_^

  2. Second!!!

  3. Third

  4. Great job Pein!

    Every episode of Bleach has great animation and excellent sounds as well as, and most importantly, SPLOSIONS! I didnt too like Rukia, Renji and Chad’s filler battle against Yammy though.

  5. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown Pein! I’m ashamed I waited so long to read it. T_T The best part about your breakdown is your theory makes complete sense! Females power up by taking off their clothes and males power up by eating and sleeping! Makes sense to me let’s put it to work! 😀

    “developing the character Tia Hallibel as more than just a mindless hollow but someone who care for the people under her… ;)” (Pein)

    Lol, I gotcha. xD Anyway, more people should be commenting on here if they watch the anime…>_> I thought this was a pretty good episode. Damn the censorship though. Damn it to hell! The filler battle with Yammy was meh though. He’s the 0 Espada, he should be able to take care of those 3 in a matter of seconds but he’s slooooowwwwww!!! Just a bunch of brute strength. ~_~ Besides that though solid episode and the ending song is the best!

  6. the new episode is epic!!

  7. “I felt it was well placed and important in developing the character Tia Hallibel as more than just a mindless hollow but someone who care for the people under her…”

    yeah, but thats it. thats all the “character” she gets. ever. she is rather stoic, cares about her girls, and…? after this she gets literally 0 character growth, and doesnt even get a character poem for her bleach volume, the volume with her on the cover has a poem that is for soi fon! she really just there for fanservice and fighting(losing) against hitsugaya. well, at least its fun to watch…
    great breakdown btw, it was very entertaining and funny! i ranted a bit here, but it wasnt directed at you, more towards kubo 🙂 looking forword to your breakdown for this weeks ep!

  8. She DID get some character development in episode 274. A lot actually. It makes her “Sacrifice” aspect easier to understand. Plus we got to see her hollow/incomplete-arrancar form

  9. Nah, she’s to badass to lose against Hitsugaya. She was betrayed by a certain somebody remember? 😉

  10. is it me or has some major implants been given to haribel since her ressureccion? matasumo has competition for a little while…*cough* aizen *cough*

  11. kisu: i uh, dont count anime filler as character development. im looking at what kubo himself put in the story. really, i liked what the anime was trying to do with her never explained sacrifice attribute and the hollow form, but i wish that had happened in the actual story. it feels weak when its thrown in as filler. i understand lots of people, myself included, like her for her looks, but after death/betrayal later, i started noticing how little character she has, and how little she contributes to the story. she doesnt even get a flashback in the end!

    super: i was refering to a certain ice obelisk we all remember…

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