Bleach Chapter 406 IS OUT + Chapter 405 Breakdown and Discussion! Late!? Pffffft, I prefer the term; ‘Stylishly Procrastinated’ ^_^

Read Chapter 407 here!

-Bleach 405 Breakdown Below-

Aye, sorry Bleach fans. Bleach breakdowns have been getting the shit end of the stick lately. It’s like someone is determined to undermine Tite Kubo. >_> I don’t care how Tite Kubo is, Bleach is popular for a reason so let’s adhere to that and get on with the breakdown!

Oh jeez, that’s terrible and I apologize but I think it’s only fair you all should know I really don’t mean it…my apology that is. Put your Bankai’s away! 😛 Lol, seriously I’m just kidding. I still love Bleach… *achoo*

That's like Gin's new catchphrase and for this I couldn't agree more.

On to the chapter I actually really enjoyed it. Lots of kicking ass and not much useless talking plus some interesting developments.  Matsumoto is up and running on the injury she received a year and a half ago (our time) towards her old friend Gin.  Of course she’s not fully healed but whatever Gin’s treachery comes first! Now when it cuts over to the Gin and Ichigo fight there’s only one problem… There is no Gin and Ichigo fight! It seems to be over but the last time we saw them Ichgio had his new Vizard mask on and though it was giving him problems before I thought he’d at least injure Gin with new and improved power. Unfortunately I was wrong and it seems Gin must have smacked Ichigo so hard his mask came off. ~_~ I really don’t understand what’s happening here. Ichigo came in the fight fully healed Bankai and all. He has a new mask but even without the mask he should be on Captain level. Hell, he should be beyond Captain level at this point. ~_~ He beat Kenpachi with only his shikai and defeated Byakuya ( Well, not really) with only his Bankai! Why is he on the ground defeated against Gin? Is Gin really that powerful above the rest? I doubt it. It’s just another weird fluctuation of power levels at work to fit the plot now which will then be disregarded in the next arc! Enough of that though. Let’s just say Ichigo is losing the will to fight and the fire in his eyes he had so long ago so now he’s weaker. 🙂

Maybe he ran out of ink...o_o

Gin tells Ichigo to run and I want you all to remember way back when Gin left Soul Society for Hueco Mundo. That pitiable look of sincere maybe apologetic look on his face. Matsumoto is on her way to his location now and Gin is giving mercy to his enemy. Is Gin really the badguy here? Can he be turned before it’s too late unlike spontaneously combusting Tousen? I still think he is the badguy but something is running through his mind. I still don’t think he’ll betray Aizen… Let me put this poll back up from last week to get a second round of votes in.

Just tailor the suit Urahara and maybe we all won't die! O_O

Now on to a more interesting fight it’s the badass trio of Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin vs… The Thing. @_@ I think it’s Aizen still but I can’t really tell with that zip-up condom outfit on. We find out something interesting in his talk with Urahara. Aizen is “observing” Urahara not being cautious of him! Observing him because Urahara is the only man in Soul Society is smarter than him so he still has interests in the scientist. Lol, right… Obviously Aizen is being cautious of this man because he’s weary of any more plans (tricks?) Urahara may pull out of his hat. Hmmm… Now that I think about it maybe Aizen really isn’t being cautious of him. Maybe he’s forgotten how to fear with all this power enveloping him but somewhere in the back of his mind his brain is telling him Urahara is dangerous. Unfortunately he doesn’t fear danger anymore so to compensate his brain replaced the word “caution” with “observation” in order to protect his dignity. XD

This is the second time Yoruichi has jumped at you Aizen. I think she's trying to tell you something. 😉

Well if Aizen has forgotten how to fear the badass trio try damn hard to help him remember with another perfectly coordinated combo. 😉 Urahara and Yoruichi start off with a distraction and an attack. Yorucihi uses her Shunkou combined with the power glove Urahara made for her, but it’s still only enough to slightly damage Aizen and then he just blocks her attack and wonders why the flies are really buzzing today.

Last time Aizen asks Urahara to help with the exploding fishing net.

Next it’s the men’s turn and Urahara comes in with another distraction/attack on Aizen. I should call everything Urahara does to Aizen a distraction because it never seems to hurt him no matter how inventive or ingenious it is. xD

As Aizen comes out of the fires and flames Isshin finishes off the grand combo with a GETSUGA TENSHOU!!! Nani!? Now I’m no Bleach expert but isn’t that attack Ichgio’s special power taught to him by Zangetsu and his own unique Shikai ability? Unless Isshin knew Zangetsu or use to work with him I don’t see how he has that attack. Maybe Ichigo inherited Zangetsu after Isshin left Soul Society. Afterall, it seems like Yoruichi used to know Soi Fong’s Shikai ability.Doesn’t seem like Shikai abilities are unique to one person anymore. >_>

That ends this week’s breakdown! Why didn’t I just do a Double Bleach Breakdown since the chapter will be coming out soon anyway? Lol, because I don’t want the work to pile up. Btw, we have a BLEACH ANIME BREAKDOWN up now so go and check it out if you already haven’t. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Oh, and here are the top 5 entries for last week’s Bubble/Caption Contest.

#5) Kantonkage: “So scary I would be shaking in my boots if I were wearing any.”

#4) Jb135: “Hey Urahara guess what?” *FART* “HAhahahha” (Caption: Damn cant somebody KILL CANADA!!!!!)

#3) Iaregerman: “Let’s play Peter is hiding in a Cave.This is Peter and your a** is the cave.Guess what will happen…”

#2) Harshytkage: “Alright Urahara…that’s how it’s done properly…” (Caption: Doggystyle!!!You know what i’m talking about ;))


Congratz to Shinobimadness! xD

No bubble contest this week but if you want you can do this for fun. ^(O_-)>


~ by supertrek89 on June 2, 2010.

55 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 406 IS OUT + Chapter 405 Breakdown and Discussion! Late!? Pffffft, I prefer the term; ‘Stylishly Procrastinated’ ^_^”

  1. FIRST!!! Now to read 😀

  2. Second!

  3. third for the fourth time

  4. Fourth!!! Finally I’ve won a bubble contest…it seems like forever since i’ve won..
    Awesome breakdown Super…*hands over bag of $50s* I dont get the impression that Gin’s gonna betray Aizen, at the very most he would question him on wether or not he should have merged with the hyogoken…and speaking of Gin, ICHIGO NEEDS TO STEP IT UP!!!… At the rate he’s fighting he’s proving Aizen to be right about the fights. Either Ichigo needs to grow some balls or just look at Aizens shika and get it over with.
    Urahara and Yoruoichi better come up with something genius because its not looking too good(except screenshots of Yoruoichi of course). the Isshin thing and Getsuga…no comment I think Tite is slowly getting bored with bleach…He needs a break atleast or something so he can come up with something to really keep us on our feet.

  5. 5th O_O

    Nice breakdown!! Bleach everyweek for me seems to be waiting for something to happen, Aizen is too over powered and Ichigo is pathetic, though I think Gin is stronger then some of the other Captains. Training with Aizen since he was a child etc but I think there something more to him, He the hardest character in bleach to read which makes him interesting. Where is Yammy vs Kenny/Byukuga!!

    Thanks for the mention Super ^_^

  6. *takes money from Shinobi* 😉

    I can’t believe how low Ichigo has fallen on my list of loved protagonists. He used to be up there and I mean waaay up there, especially after he first achieved his Bankai. It was beautiful! T_T Now his Bankai which specifically puts all of its power into increasing his speed is worth shit because he’s not faster than anyone anymore. Then the Vizard mask become useless too because it seems to only put him on par with the Captains he should be way stronger than by now.

    @Pein: Lol, no probs. Gin is a mystery case but at least he’s interesting. Far more interesting than Aizen now who’s just a condom on steroids. Aizen used to be so cool too before he let the Hougyoku take over… Maybe they’ll beat him so hard he’ll revert back to his old self.

    On a good note for Bleach I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting the King and the 0 Squad who guards him. Also some real Vasto Lordes, likes ones on Ichigo’s full hollow level.

  7. It’s out on Mangastream!!

  8. WTF

  9. That chapter suck ass once again Aizen beat everyone with a flick of the wrist and Ichigo stands there doing nothing. Aizen was actually a Condom + Metapod= Metacondom which evolve into Mullet Man.

  10. You had to do a Pokemon reference didn’t you Kantonkage… *starts to pick up big rocks to throw*…the Mullet Man name calling was funny so Funny Man Joke goes to you sir.

    @ latest chapter: I liked it. If only to reject my suspicions that Gin might be a double crosser. It pissed me off too b/c we all know Ichigo has his resurrected form. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY IN THE WORLD TITE! BRING THAT SHIT OUT AND HAVE ICHIGO PAWN AISEN ALL IN THE FACE!! 🙂

  11. YOSH!!!

    Man, with all those blank spaces of just…nothing Bleach chapters sure do go by fast. ~_~ WELCOME BACK AIZEN!!! 😀 I got tired of looking at that blank mask. I thought he was lost but now he is found and he even grew his hair in such a short amount of time. xD A good chapter because finally Aizen attacks back! I was tired of him just getting wailed on and not doing anything but talking about how much that didn’t hurt. He took out Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin without a sweat. That’s some serious business.

    Is there anyone left to fight? Oh yeah! WTF IS UNOHANA DOING!?!?

    Oh, and Ichigo is a pussy!

  12. seriously this chapter sucked balls!!!

    like heck man stupid shit , aizen beat all in a second , ichigo cant do shit ? . and now ichigo and his dad are gonna stop em ? eh hell man im going crazy cant even type tite gah f u

  13. @ Supertrek – Unohana is BUSY… with stuff… and yeah…
    I agree with everything you said. Ichigo suddenly turns pussy… Aizen morphed into himself, and how the hell can I steal Tite Kubo’s job!!! I can draw 3 diagonal lines on each panel, and call it an “attack”.

    *Kubo forgets his meds, goes from A.D.D./bipolar to A.D.D. Octo-polar, flies to America, and beats Prawl for a few panels, then forgets everything, and watches a cool squirrel run up a tree*

  14. man that chapter was over before i knew it. Aizen looks badass though 😀

  15. Wait what happened to wonder boobs…I mean matsumoto ? You mean to tell me all the time ichicgo is nothing more than farm raised beef ? Last time he got all scared like this…we all remember the kenpachi fight, I see a visit to bizzaroworld coming soon and maybe some new abilities..and maybe, just maybe a sudden unexpected visit from ichigo’s Mother (we all know no one dies in bleach …at least they dont stay dead) . That couldnt happen , could it?

  16. So did Aizen just become a Hougyoku version of Ichigo but instead Aizens Instincts are King now and his old self is the Horse.??

  17. @Prawl: Lol! You can be Tite Kubo’s assistant. I heard he’s looking for line drawers that can draw lines really straight and paint white stuff everywhere. 😉

    @Ra: That’s what I’m wondering too. If Gin leaves with Aizen now then I’m guessing Matsumoto will follow Isshin and Ichigo into the gate after them.

    @BlackBurstBoom: think Aizen is an evolved form of a shinigami. Didn’t he say he never tainted himself with any hollow modifications? That means he’s all shinigami and with his wish of wanting to be a god intact with the Hougyouku he’s evolved into something greater. A ‘Metacondom’. XD

    Btw, are you Lelulalilo? o_O

  18. @Supertrek, Yea Ultimate Shinigami I getcha but when he said he wanted to EatUp Ichigo I assumed Hollow and the Eyes.

    Yea I changed name from Lelulalilo that was a code name in metalgearsolid I used a few years ago, I thought I would change it cause it annoyed me to type all the time.
    But Berserk fan all the Way so m I keep him as Avatar 🙂
    BlackBurstBoom is new Gamer callsign I use and Also cause Ive become a Huge fan of the Psyren Manga.

  19. Hmm, after re-reading this chapter, something piqued my interest. It’s Isshin and Gin’s choice of words.

    Mangastream version:
    Isshin: “Maybe the only ones capable of perceiving the power of Aizen the way he is now … are those standing in the same place as him”
    Gin: “You understand it don’t you? Captain Aizen’s power”

    Onemanga version:
    Isshin: “Probably the only one who can gauge his power … is someone like him”
    Gin: “Captain Aizen don’t you? You grasp his power”

    The connection I’m making is that Isshin said only someone as strong as Aizen could understand him, but Gin asks Ichigo if he understands Aizen, as if to imply that Ichigo could possibly be Aizen’s equal. If this is true, then this is exactly what I hoped wouldn’t happen. In this case, I HOPE I’m wrong and that I’m just grasping at straws.

  20. yeah, i noticed that too, it definatly implies ichigo is on aizens level, since he can sense aizens power and is scared by it. but even if ichigo is on his level right now kisu, it not like he is in a good place mentally. hes all guilty and messed up from what happened on the dome. he definatly doesnt have the will to beat aizen, regardless of the power levels.

  21. Sorry folks, another author is supposed to be doing the Bleach Breakdowns from now on but I guess he forgot. I guess I’ll have to do a double hitter this week. >_>

  22. lol cool double super breakdowns!!! (you gonna be okay doing bleach and one piece? thats alot!)

  23. @Superdude, i offered >_>

  24. I knoooowww Kisu! X_X It’s just a conflict of interests. Tis’ is all. 🙂 If I hand it over to you I have to drop the other guy who is a veteran member. Let me talk it over with him whenever I get the chance. He may not even mind but better safe than sorry.

    Bleach is out Aizen is base breaking AGAIN

  26. Getsuga Tenshou is genetic

  27. and Keigo is waking up.

  28. BLEACH IS OUT!!!

    Lol, Aizen is beyond reason. Aizen is beyond anything I can even comprehend right now. I see Tite took up the Hyberbolic Time Chamber idea. xD

    Edit: Beaten to it again! X_X

  29. Ok enough of this foolishness …Aizen has gotten waaaay too big for his britches. Time for Kenpachi to come beat some reason into him. Aizen-no reason + Kenpachi-no sanity = Mass destruction & beautiful fight. Although I think Ishida’s dad and the kido dude(cant remember his name the other adult at the candy shop) will stall aizen just long enough for someone else to show up.

  30. yes finally!, throw ichigo into the hyberbolic time chamber and train him off sceen again kubo! (like bankai training) and in the meantime how about you use some secondary characters! lol aizen says reason is for wimps. someone needs to make a demotivational poster for that.
    lol i just had a weird thought. that line aizen says, about how only weaklings who wont survive without it needing reason, well… IS AIZEN/KUBO TRYING TO TELL US READERS SOMETHING? since, you know, we are the ones who have been trying to Reason out how the hell this plot(and aizens power level) works. lol its weird, but somehow when i read that, it made me think about how we all try to anylse and apply reason to these chapters in the breakdowns. if none of this makes any sense, i apologize, im kinda tired right now 🙂

  31. @Takashid, Im on your page when you say we all deduce facts and catalog abilites.
    While in Ichigo is getting trained im thinking White Getsuga that by harnessing his reitsu a little he can tap into his Mask abilites or beyond a lil better.

  32. Aizen….is….so…badass – No!….he’s better…..he’s…….AIZEN! Once again Bleach has delivered! Aizen once again gives us another Hannibal Lecture in its simplest form this time.

  33. bleach has gotten the last headshot it could take =p

  34. Aizen? I predict that NO ONE will beat him… He will die from Hogyouku Herpes… or some other Hogcockyou related disease.

    Also, I am kinda sick of seeing the main character having ‘reasons’ for being powerful, extraordinary, etc…

    Goku – He’s a Saiyan (And later a super saiyan XXG387)

    Ichigo – his daddy’s a cap’n! (and mamma’s a hollow-ho?)

    Naruto – He’s a jinchuuriki, AND the son of a hokage (and also the successor of J-man, Kaka-sensei, and uhm… Iruka?)


    Why can’t they all be more like Aizen… Aizen was a great opponent because HE WAS AIZEN – we weren’t given a reason why he was/is so powerful… even Kubo couldn’t fathom it anymore… he had to make Aizen posess the hogcocko “to make him more powerful”

    Aizen is badass just because HE IS BAD-ASS! NO REASON NEEDED!
    Aizen probably drew himself, and threatened Tite Kubo to ‘play along or die’

    I rant all this to say “WHY?” Why couldn’t Goku be the ultimate warrior ‘just cuz’?
    And the same goes for Ichigo, Naruto, and anyone else who displays extraordinary abilities ‘because of FILL IN BLANK’ Give us some sense of wonder damn you!

    *shoots himself, becomes a hollow, works his way up to Vasto-Lourdes*

  35. @ Everyone –
    Don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters I referenced… I wouldn’t be reading any of these manga if I didn’t.

    I just think it would be great if the hero was awesome, simply because he/she was…

    “Why is Goku so strong?”
    “Because he can be… and besides, who did you want the star of this to be? Krillin?”

    *Krillin owned count:32*

  36. C’mon Ahsan, you gotta like Bleach! Toriyama’s the one that made Shonen Jump take on Bleach, and if Akira Toriyama likes it, then bijove the whole world should!

    @Prawl, that’s exactly what happened. Kubo said in an interview that he felt like Aizen was calling out to him when he was drawing him lol

  37. @ Kisu – yes, and Kubo also said that Aizen made him look like (a japanese) cousin oliver from the brady bunch, and forced him to make all the women characters hot.

    Oh, and Aizen also left a ‘shroom bruise on Kubo’s forehead

  38. LMFAO!!! XD Thanks to Aizen this manga is entertaining and Prawl just explained why exactly. He’s Aizen.

  39. @super, prawl, and kisu Nope, Gin is what makes this Manga so badass.

  40. Gin has a pedo smile O_O

  41. @ Kanton – Gin makes everything better! *hiccups with drunkeness*

    Gin Ichimaru, on the other hand, makes for a great episode of “to catch a predator”

  42. Aixen is just badass not cause of his overly insane strength but his insane intellect, I bet when Ichigo hops out and says I have a super new awesome trick, Aizen gonna be like I know, I purposefully let u and Isshin be able to move and destroyed the choo choo so you could use that techinique against me and then I can fully use my abilities to create the key ^_^ I am also looking forward to Squad 0. I think soon they gonna have negative numbered squads etc O_O but an entire squad of Captain Class Shinigami and most more powerful then the Captain Commander, excessive yeah I think so!!! and Vasto Lords I didn’t even know they existed truly and if they do where??? I mean Barrangan was the king of hollow land… and he wasn’t even a Vasto Lord?

    Does this mean Isshin has a Zangetsu?? maybe like a gray one since black and white are taken 😛

  43. also if you need a fill in and no one else is willing just let me know super ^_^ I am usually available via carrier pigeon 😛 or email but can try that once carrier pigeon has fail… with Carrier pigeon get a free meal 😛

  44. Mullet Man will has a weakness SO OBVIOUS is stupid. Then he will be defeat by Kon pulling the ultimate Cop-out since Ass-uke survivng a fight with the Gokage.

  45. @Pein, just a few corrections lol *takes out scroll of bewilderment*:

    1. Squad 0’s Captains arent more powerful than Yamamoto, they’re just above average Captains (like Soifon and Mayuri).

    2. Harribel, Barragan and Starrk fit the description of Vasto Lordes. When they were Hollows they were humanoid (Barragan more so than Harribel because he had a human skeleton), when they were Arrancar they maintained a humanoid form, and when they used resurreccion they kept human forms. Plus each of them were clearly stronger than Captains.

    3. I’LL FILL IN!


    Now if Isshin already has the “true” Getsugo Tenshou and is like 3 times as strong as Ichigo and he couldn’t take down Aizen along with Yoruichi and Urahara by his side…even with 2000 hours of training in the Hyper- “Precipice World” how does Ichigo stand a chance!? Lol, you know who should be training for 2000 hours? ISSHIN! >< Just go Hollow on him Ichgio, that's the only way you can beat Aizen. ~_~

  47. hehe, Bleach just keeps sinking lower and lower.
    did you really feel the need to do the time chamber shit Tite!
    zzzz i see so many so boring chapters coming.
    Aizen should just pwn everyone now and make the kings key.
    then world domination
    /end story

  48. lol @ super, I was thinking the same things

    Also, does anyone else think Isshin is going to die while supressing the time chamber’s – err – precipice world?

  49. Hyperbolic Time Chamb- Precipice World FTW!!!! Except this Precipice world isnt as good as DBZ’s. Let me explain. While the PRecipice World’s time moves slower than DBZ’s HTC, the HTC is a more effective place to rain. With 10x the Earth’s gravity, higher temperatures, and a denser atmosphere, you can accomplish 152 days 6 hours and 20 minutes of Earth training at least, while in Bleach’s Precipice world, 1 hour only equals about 83 days. Woah, I got all ranty there…

    Btw, when’s the next Bleach Breakdown?

  50. I agree with everyone. Tite kinda went mediocre on the comedy this go around. So the chapter was meh…not too good but not too bad. 🙂

    Well at least when we have these blah chapters we have these AWESOME breakdowns to keep us laughing… wait a second… 🙂

  51. ” Just go Hollow on him Ichgio, that’s the only way you can beat Aizen. ~_~”

    your wrong super and its the reason i hate bleach!. ichigo’s hollow form beat the 1st hollow transformer ( whats the name ) yammy was number 0 and two captains were pwning him ( literally powering owning ) aizen pwned the cc and ALL the captains how the hell can ichigo beat him ?

  52. “aixen is just badass not cause of his overly insane strength but his insane intellect,”

    urahara is smarter than aizen =p

  53. LMAO!!! XD

    It’s fun to make fun of Bleach.

  54. Right now, I bet Tite is reading One Piece to get ideas – don’t be surprised if you see Ichigo obtaining, and then eating the Hollow-hollow fruit, or some shit like that.

  55. Ahsan
    “ichigo’s hollow form beat the 1st hollow transformer ( whats the name ) yammy was number 0 and two captains were pwning him ( literally powering owning ) aizen pwned the cc and ALL the captains how the hell can ichigo beat him ?”

    If what you are referring to is when ichigo beats Ulquiorra Schiffer then you are wrong.
    this link shows ichigo with his mask on against Ulquiorra’s first release.(4th espada)
    this one is the next one and it shows that even with his mask on he still cant keep up with him.
    This is when Ulq goes into stage 2 even though he is already owning Ichigo. Which i might add that he is the only one that has a 2nd release, and according to him not even Aizen knew about it.
    this is what happened because he kept fighting after Ulq went into stage two.
    to are knowledge ichigo either died or some how he was brought back by her scream.
    When they say go hollow they are not talking about his mask they are referring to this. Anyone who has read this manga would know this.
    When Ichigo turned hollow he started moving way to fast for Ulq to keep up. In this pic he runs behind Ulq with out even Ulq noticing, and then grabs Ulqs arm.
    Here he rips the arm off and there was not a thing Ulq could do about it.
    Again he shows how fast he has become. along with a reference about how ichigo is more hollow than human.
    Ichigo stops what is probably one of Ulqs strongest attacks with his bare hands.
    This is why he probably has been afraid and stood with his mouth open and hasn’t done anything yet in the fight against aizen. its probably because he is afraid he will hurt the ones he is trying to protect.
    In this image it shows how dangerous this hollow side to him really is.
    He is no longer in hollow form but he still has high speed regeneration which makes me believe that he is more hollow than human now.
    Besides having lost his resolve he also was not anywhere near full strength. Thats why he lost to yammy. So if Ichigo went full hollow he would be a decent match up for Aizen for two main reasons first his strength is boosted tremendously. 2nd he is not in control so a lack of resolve wouldn’t be a problem. Ahsan I have compiled this data for you and now that me ask you a question since you like to criticize bleach so much do you even read Bleach or do you just read the breakdowns, because they don’t always give a accurate description of the manga.
    Sorry for the long post.

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