Bleach Anime Breakdown 272! New Author Included! o_o

Bleach Episode 272 – Death of Nothingness

It has come to my attention that Bleach Anime has been sadly neglected by the general population of WRA… and I know they sometimes have long winded and annoying fillers with no purpose, bad animation (in some episodes) and many battles seem to be repeats since plot seems recycled…. Ummm what was I talking about…?


Oh yeah Bleach breakdowns. The past couple of Episodes have been pretty awesome, though I am slightly bias, since Ulquiorra Cifer is one of my favorite characters of Bleach. His ideals of Nothingness and true despair, brings emoness to a whole new level! Being too sad to even feel sad O_O but to the breakdown!!!

*High 5*…… *stands like idiot with hand in air* No??? Okay then fine 😦

*Puts on old reading glasses and analysis the episode*

It starts off pretty strong with fully transformed Ichigo promptly beats the lights out of Cifer, though the battle epicenes is kind of lost to me by the lack of an equal opponent, (its too one sided.) The true battle was better covered in 271 and since Bleach love to spend the first 15min of a 20min episode of stuff from the previous episode it is okay to sit through. This is perfect to the manga interpretation of the battle it’s too much for me (Mostly cause it’s my fav. Getting the beating) What is interesting are the signs of true hollow shown in Ichigo, his desire to save his friends has actually completely twisted him to the exact monster he fights to stop. Makes you wonder do people also go too far in their pursuit of doing good that they miss the true purpose? The animation though seems well done a lot of effort is put into the music of the battle to increase the dramatic effects, it’s pretty cool how as Cifer is beaten his music/theme music ends and a slow maniacal beat begins with Ichigo’s Hollow standing point blank ready to kill X_X

What is your purpose?

The battle between Team Rukia (somehow she is leader) and Rodoben the Special Ops Captain is shown in some detail with Renji and Chad following Rukia’s lead in the battle. To me it seemed to take an eternity to complete mostly because the unholy army seems to march in one place most of the battle. In reality it only takes a few minutes of the episode but my attention was more thinking of what was on top of the dome that this battle was more just whining and long talking then actually a battle. As Tree Man finally thinks “hey lets use my ultimate attack”, Rukia spoils it by promptly freezing the Roots though this is also what happened to in the manga I was hoping for a little bit more or just less talking would have been nice… Goes to show kids Tree’s are bad and what grows from them are worse so cut a tree today and never eat fruit, shweeets are better ^_^

BOOM!!!! Massive Yammy jumps out!!!

He is a little upset O_O like the hulk the angrier he gets the bigger he gets O_o

But more on this another time…. but what would the no. 10 Espada be relevant now, is he more powerful then first appeared… like I said watch this space to be filled by angry dude…

The scene switches to the outside of the dome again with Ichigo getting ready to cut a good piece of Cifer… *pulls out knife and fork* I would like some white meat please ^_^

Aiming oddly enough at the hole in his chest, the same spot Cifer marks all his “worthy” enemies. From here is what makes this episode for me most profound. The fact that Ichigo’s Hollow form even goes to kill Ishida who now represents an obstacle to saving Orihime. In this moment only Orihime realizes this was all her fault that she had relied so much on Ichigo, in truth everyone does, but she sees that this has pushed Ichigo so far to save her that he lost himself in the process. Ironically it is Cifer who ends up saving the day, with an out of no where *Surprise* moment that would do us all proud T_T

Finally back to his senses, Ichigo rises to see the true results of his powerful transformation to a complete hollow, his heart restored but I think even Kubo was getting tired of this battle…For some reason he still wants to have a fair fight, wanting to have his arms and leg cut off like Cifer, I feel that this shows both Ichigo’s respect for Cifer and the remorse for his actions, though it is completely retarded, it’s still noble thought.

The end of Cifer is completely different to any of the previous Espada who died. He seems to become more human, not many Espada have invoked sympathy near their death like he did unfortunately he realized only too late that feelings exist. Cifer asking Orihime if she fears him and the bond that had actually seemed to grow would give an indication that Hollows may not be so different to Shinigami and Humans. I think in a way for manga readers who know this already but this battle for me was truly a twist in the general idea that one is completely good and the other completely evil. The way the music begins to pick up as he begins to turn to ash gives a new dimension to the feelings Cifer realized he had begun to feel. He found his heart ^_^ he believes it in his own hand all this time.

Without the Dorothy’s nice slippers, a scarecrow with no brains and a cowardice Lion… Take that Tin man O_O

*wipes away tears* these aren’t emotional tears they manly pain tears.

So close yet so far T_T


Well that the end to my dedication to the 4th Ranked Espada Cifer.

I hope you enjoyed reading it ^_^

Sorry it’s a little long but since it’s the first breakdown in a long time I thought it would be good to go into a little more detail than usual.

~ by pein0avenue on June 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “Bleach Anime Breakdown 272! New Author Included! o_o”

  1. yo pein , guess im first eh 😀

  2. p.s why does every image has a strange border O_o its ulquaira right ? O_O

  3. Second @ahsan its Ulquiorra Cifer.

  4. it been a while since there was a bleach anime breakdown.

  5. Nice breakdown. I was wondering if someone was gonna pick this up again.

  6. nice breakdown, pein0avenue 😀 ***gives High5 ***

    hmmm i too was wondering how come WRA does’nt host bleach and OP anime breakdowns……although i don’t watch bleach anime anymore, it’s nice to read about it here ^_^ ……..and this episode was especially special (:P) as it involved the death of ulquiorra….NOOOOEEES ULQUIORRA T_T …DAMN YOU ICHIGO >_>

    lol, actually i’d have preferred if orihime got killed instead of ulquiorra O_o…….damn you orihime <_<

    wow, yammy looks angry 🙂 …..let's hope the anime guys edit out that "cero espada" bullshit though #_#

  7. I used to appreciate Orihime for her very unique and special powers. Her looks had something to do with it too admittedly and she’s a brave girl. After seeing the last 2 episodes though and HEARING Orihime say “Ichigo” and “save me” over and over and over again I wanted someone to put a cero up her ass!!! I didn’t know someone could whine and complain so much! Holy crap! ~_~

    Lol, anyway great job on the breakdown Pein. It wasn’t long at all. 🙂 The anime has indeed been getting awesome and it’d be nearly perfect if they didn’t censor all the good parts. Nonetheless, I’m really enjoying it. Ichigo’s and Ulquiorra’s transformations were epic!

  8. THE NEW EP IS AWESOME! Even Yammy got some attention lol

  9. Yammy with his hideous centaur-centipede-dinosaur-like thing it’s even worse in color.
    I’m pissed at Kubo because I believe that Orihime should have had her berserk button pressed and obliterated Ulquiorra.

  10. lol Orihime take on Cifer that would just be an insult O_O

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