Rate this weeks manga!!!!!!! 01.06.2010

YOSH ! i return from the dead … the dead being revision ofcourse. Anyway i apologise for my lack of posting recently, ive been bit stressed with revision for exams etc etc. You get the whole idea… and if you dont then whatever.

Anywho i was going to leave my post to Supertrek for a while, but since im in a strangly optimistic mood today i will do it for you folks.

First will be chapter 186 of Fairy Tail…

Well then what to say about this chapter, it involved child abuse, a demented metal man obsessed with getting cats and evil erza. But to summerize it more proffesionally, Gazielle is battling Lilly and winning … i think, cant really make it out, Natsu and Gray have been caught by Edo Erza and Wendy is getting stoned to death … just like the good ol’ days … stoning, crucifiction and crazy people claiming to be god’s son and then paying a person to write a book about him… anyway moving on before i get taken to court by some preist … Fairy Tail gets a 7/10 for me … mainly because the climax of the arc is approaching.

I miss the days where you could stone a child without consequences T_T

Next will be Bleach… in which i will just say … does anyone even care anymore? Aizens strong we get it ¬_¬

For the people that do care i give Bleach 5/10… mainly because Aizen is looking pretty badass … however im keeping the rating low for the main reason, ive started to lose all interest in Bleach at this current moment.

Moving swiftly on to One Piece now where we are stuck in flashback land and all i can say is … this is the first flashback ive not wanted to cut myself over.

Now then this chapter had it all, badass parents returning (kinda), pirates (obviously), Scary adopted Demon children and FIRE! O_O.

YES! BURN!! ... i mean ... how tragic >_>

Rating for One Piece this week gets a 9/10 and shall continue to get this in the future from me as long as it can keep me interested in the flashback … also, can i have some predictions on whats going to happen after the flashback has finished… will there have been a time skip during this flashback? etc you get the idea.

And finally Naruto, which has become the epicness of this week… we are about to see Naruto over power the 9-Tails (and dont say he wont because he clearly will… hes the main character, he will always win etc :P).

Well to be honest that sentance just summed up the chapter really … so i will end this by saying i give Naruto 9/10 ! mainly because its about time Naruto kicks that foxes ass… lets just hope that technique he will be able to master after gaining control of the 9-Tails isnt some form of Rasengan -_-”

And thats it for my post this week. Dont expect to see me next week, since exams are starting properly again. So you will most likely have Super filling in for me… if he has the time. Cya folkss 😀


~ by Captain Awesome on June 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga!!!!!!! 01.06.2010”

  1. First!!!!
    For the first time. 😀

  2. LOL, you must love the voting. Five out of five people said that “i gave up caring a long time ago 100% (5 votes) ” (Bleach pool)

  3. Second!!!!

  4. Second

  5. third dammnit

  6. that the third time this week i’ve been third

  7. Bleach was the best release this week…or last week (?), I give it a 10. Naruto was too predictable, and thus not really good, a 6. OP maintained its usual level of unpredictability and awesomeness, so I give an 8 because I hold it to a higher level of quality than both Naruto and Bleach. 😛

  8. dude WTF O_O bleach freakin rocked !!! the best issue out of the others hell yeh @_@

    bleach 10/10
    op 8/10 – dragon came but yeh the falsh back is kinda getting dragged on now
    naruto 9/10 – great chap the yamato scene was priceless

  9. Fairy Tail gets a 6/10 for me. Can’t go wrong with Gazille beating the mess out of a giant cat. >_>

    I’d give Bleach an 8/10. Great chapter and Aizen got pwned in his new suit.

    One Piece 8/10. I’m loving the flashbacks so far as it’s giving us more insight into Luffy’s and Ace’s past which we didn’t have before.

    Naruto definitely the best for me this week so it gets a 10/10. 😀

    Great post Dean! 😉

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