Fairy Tail 186 Breakdown *throws stones at all FT haters*

Hi Guys and Gals, and welcome back to this weeks FT BD! Ch.186 😀

A lot has happened since my last breakdown, so lets go over some key points, shall we?

-Coco stole the Dragon Key b/c she doesn’t want P.Lily to die (awwww)

-Lucy has no sex appeal. X___X

-Natsu is a real monster, little scary dolls won’t beat him.

-The weird man with the weird accent turns into a squid-thing… with tentacles >_____<

-Lucy gets a magic whip from Virgo

-Lucy beats Squidward Byro

-Sugarboy stole the key from Coco

-Gray looks damn good on a motorcycle

-Gray beats Sugarboy, and the key breaks. But its ok, Gray can make a new one b/c he’s Gray an ice mage. >_>

So now this brings us to Chapter 186 ^_^

This weeks chapter brings us back to Wendy and Charlie who have finally made it up to Extalia. As they take a little walk through the city, they are confronted by the Exceed.

Why they didn’t just fly all the way to the castle is beyond me…

But before I move on, lets take a look at a little guy who caught my attention this week.

This little piggy looks like he wants to get out of the market.

Hey, not all the Exceed are happy with their hometown just look at P.Lily >_>

Moving on….

The Exceed are very confused why a fallen angel is back in Extalia and why she’s brought a human along too. Wendy and Charlie try to warn the cats that they are in grave danger, but these little kitty cats have their tails so far up their you-know-what that they won’t listen to a word they say. They don’t even believe that the army cats were defeated by the humans either, well except for one cat (the panicked stricken one).

So what’s the best thing to do if you don’t agree with someone? THROW STONES. Because that’s perfectly ok and civilized. Its not like we are back in the colonial times again or anything >_>

Wendy looks like she has sharper fangs than Edward Cullen *sees fangirls with pitchforks* O__o *runs*

Wendy shouts that they can throw stones at her all they like, but the Exceed shouldn’t attack Charlie because she is one of them. I love it when they show Wendy’s little dragon teeth @___@ makes her look cuter serious!

Don't we all ask the same question?

Then Wendy goes on to shield Charlie from the stones, and Charlie asks WHY? I believe Charlie didn’t finish her sentence here… I think she meant to say:

WHY I am so useless?

WHY do I always complain and bitch?

WHY am I not flying away from the cats throwing stones?

So this is WHY they call it a human shield, how convenient!

Anyway then the scene switches back to something more important: GAZILLE AND P.LILY!!!

The two are still battling it out on top of the floating Lachryma island, and it seems like neither are anywhere close to throwing in the towel. Gazille wants to know why P.Lily is fighting with the Royal Army, and we find out that the bad ass cat discarded his home, and he realized that it was a “fake country.” Wonder what he means by that… >_>

Silly Happy.... Panthers eat kids! X__X

Gazille thinks he and P.Lily are the same, and wants the giant panther to become his pet. So how does he do this? Well Gazille goes ape-shit on P.Lily’s arse to show him who’s boss.

I believe this is also what you call ANIMAL CRUELTY.

P.Lily looks a little worried at first.

LOL or not, he’s excited Gazille is strong, and is ready to fight back—WITH HIS MOHAWK!!!!

Watch out for P.lily's wild side @___@

Meanwhile, back in the Royal City, Natsu has caught up to Gray, who tells him that they can use his ice key to activate the dragon cannon and fire it at the lachryma and save all their friends. Oh and Lucy’s stuck….

tentacles... *shivers*


But an approaching set of footsteps attracts their attention and they find….. EDLOAS ERZA! Gray and Natsu are shocked that their Erza had lost. The boys are so distracted, it seems Edo-Erza easily takes them out and drags them to the Kings quarters.

Now I believe this one is pretty obvious, but I’ll ask it anyway:



Yeah, so basically you can tell it’s Earthland Erza because of the cut on her face. The End.

Speaking of the end, we have reached the end of this breakdown, yay! Now give yourself a pat on the back and GTFO.



~ by bbgurly14 on June 1, 2010.

40 Responses to “Fairy Tail 186 Breakdown *throws stones at all FT haters*”

  1. First.
    Ending of the breakdown was hilarious.
    Yeah, I had no idea of the possibility of that being the Earthland Erza. I mean, now that you mention it, duh, but this arc is putting me to sleep, so I’m not thinkin’ too hard.

  2. *dodges stones*

    *looks around nervously*

    second. lol sorry bbgurly.

    i liked the breakdown, even though i don’t read FT. SKULL JOKE!! yohohohoho 😀

  3. Third. *then proceeds launch flaming boulders at Fairy Tail haters while laughing*
    Nice breakdown.

  4. Yondaime! The second time in this week. I must change my nick to Minato Namikaze. 😀

    OK, wrong manga.

    I am in a bit of hurry so I will be short….this time.

    Great Breakdown….maybe is good that FT breakdown is once in a couple of weeks….we have much more to discuss!
    And I absolutely love this chapter. Nice arc! Almost all the chapters in this arc were funny and interesting.

  5. Great breakdown BB! ^_^

    I though it was Earthland Erza too when I saw how easily Natsu and Gray were captured. Edolas Erza would have been too weak and tired to capture them, so it can’t be her.

    I didn’t notice the cut on her face, though… <__>

  6. LOL! *dodges a stone* I just want it put on record that I do not dislike Fariy Tail. *dodges another stone* o_o It was great at first but now it’s alright… I still read it though and…like it…it’s good so that has to count for something! *dodges a flaming boulder* ~_~

    Great breakdown BB and funny! I wonder what Edo-Erza is wearing now after she got her clothes stolen. I hope she’s naked…>_>

  7. I think that Edo/Erza is unconscious, wearing a Earth/Erza’s armour. In that case, Edo/Erza will go in the prison (dungeon or whatever) and will not boder our heroes till the end of this quest (arc). 😀

  8. **gets hit by thousands of stones**

    ft still sucks >_>

    btw i read the latest chapter and id say it was decent !!! amazing fairy tail has a decent chapter!!

  9. hmmmmm I wonder what this week’s chapter will be about…. >_>

    no but seriously. Idk how this weeks chapter will go. I feel like itll be all talk, until the very last page or something. I think they’ll completely skip over Wendy and Charle. But Wendy should just use her dragon powers and blow all those cats away!! Especially if this chapter turns out to be all about fighting over control of the key, then wendy and charle need to hurry up and visit the queen……..if there is one >_> (yes i said it!)




    Sweet chapter! I knew Erza would be naked!!! Well, almost naked. T_T The innuendo on the first page is priceless and is it just me or are the boobs getting bigger? >_> Lol, anyway I enjoyed this one even if it ends oh so predictably.

  11. I liked this chapter
    @super I’m glad you were sort of T.T
    now if you would excuse me i need more ammo *runs off to collect more boulders, contact cement(it sticks better), and some matches.*

  12. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/92690689/2 Fairy tail is out and the Queen appears.

  13. “I’m gonna stop it! Even if it splinters my body, I’ll just stop it with my soul!”

    Natsu you badass. I can respect that. Great chapter this week.


  14. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/55277344/2
    Mystogan a prince saved by P Lily that caused P Lily to be exiled.

  15. Oh and NO P lily NOOOOOOO.

  16. Well, I think it’s safe to say Edo-Erza is on her period.

  17. mystogan is so confuzing in this manga, how many personalities does this guy have?!?!?

  18. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/36042857/1 Fairy Tail is out. Three dragon slayers are about to kick some ass.

  19. Good chapter!

    @fear: There are two Mistguns. 1 was a slave (Gerald I think is his real name) who lived on Earthland. The other is this Mistgun (probably also named Gerald) who lives in the edo world and is a prince. The theme of opposites in these parallel worlds plays its part here.

    Though, I could be wrong about something, I don’t know. This manga doesn’t interest me enough to remember details like I usually do.

  20. I think Mistgun/Gerald has all those staffs because he comes from Edoras and can’t use magic naturally.

    Everyone in Edoras seems to use objects or weapons that hold magic and it would make sense for the Edoras version of Gerald to carry multiple staffs for use as weapons that hold his magic powers. It actually makes a lot of sense now and it shows how far the Author though ahead when he created Mistgun, because he always carries a lot of staffs.

  21. @tenrai

    I thought the fact they weren’t able to use magic was because of the world itsel

    remember how natsu and the others couldn’t use magic when they arrived? after that they got cured right? well, i think mistgun goes the same way ^-^

  22. http://read.homeunix.com/onlinereading/?image=Fairy+Tail%2FFairy+Tail+c191%2F01.png&server=nas.html
    latest chapter

  23. OMG! The “Dragon Slayers” are really Jinchuuriki!!! XD Is it just me or is Lucy getting sexier and sexier?

  24. i kinda started reading fairy tail when i had no more one piece chapters to read, im to date and stuff… but i just have to say, fairy tail has more plot holes than bleach… !!!

  25. O_O She’s 12 years old, super…

    You pedo. XD No offence.

  26. @Omar: Lol, I notice Fairy Tail runs through arcs like candy so I guess there could be plot holes left behind.

    @Dragon: Lucy is 17-18! 😛 You made me go look it up on a Fairy Tail Wiki. T_T No way could a 12 year old be that sexy. ~_~


    I think you’re talking about Wendy! XD

  27. lol at dragon
    Scarlett vs Knightwalker the sexiest mirror match eva!!!

  28. X_X Fail. T_T
    I thought you meant Wendy. Sorry Super! Gomen!

    I got confused because you said Dragon Slayer and then “Lucy”, so I thought “Wendy”.

    Anyway, Lucy didn’t do anything in this chapter except slow Happy down with her huge boobs!
    Maybe next week she’ll crush the King with her breast… <_<

  29. @Omar: I just found out why Fairy Tail has plot holes like Bleach!

    Look at the two mangakas!!!

    Hiro Mashima (FT): http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/File:SDCC08_Mashima1a_500.jpg

    Tite Kubo (Bleach): http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/File:TiteKubo.jpg

    Notice the resemblance??? O_O

  30. BAH! Fairy Tale will never make it to the West! We LIKE plotholes and long drawn out plots! Just look at how famous DBZ ia (and there’s a plothole every 2 episodes, while the characters take at least 2 episodes to power up). Bleach gives me my DBZ fix 😀

  31. @kisu don’t forget unscratchable villains and either worthless female or good female character with no screen-time.

  32. @kisu: LOL, that was just the anime. They made things WAY too long. For example, the Frieza fight was 19 episodes, while in the manga it was 3 or 4 chapters.

  33. whenever i hear someone say ft rocks it makes me laugh

    what they did was onepiece + naruto + bleach (which prolly ruined them 😉 ) + bunch of others = and still epically failed xD

  34. @ kisu

    WHATEVER DBZ was it still rocked (was and will by my fav anime. you just cant get that effect with niether naruto , bleach onepiece

    imagine this

    oda’s story + kubo’s drawing + kishi’s guidence = OVER 9000!!!!

  35. @Ahsan, I know what you mean buddy. I use Bleach and Naruto to try to compensate for the lack of DBZ. And watching subbed eps dont work for me, I prefer the English Dub. Thank Kami for DBZKai on Nicktoons Network (too bad they try to censor it though)

    But you made a mistake, cuz its actually:
    Oda’s characters + Kishi’s story + Tite’s over-the-top fight scenes = over 9000!!!!!

  36. op has better plot than naruto… either way it would be over 9000… dbz was awesome, but i’ve been able to watch op, naruto and bleach 3 times each, after trying to watch dbz a third time it just wasnt doing it for me anymore… the fights are too predictable… Dragon ball on the other hand…. was AMAZING

  37. @omar, yeah he may have a better plot, but Kishi’s character skills arent too good. Most of the characters a carbon cut outs of each other. So that’s why I gave Kishi the plot and Oda the characters. Tite beats ’em with the action though (and loses in all else :P) >_>
    Oh, try watching DBZKai, it cuts out all the useless filler and keeps all the good filler. By Episode 38 you’ll be at Frieza vs everyone as opposed to the original DBZ 😀

  38. actually im right >_> oda san’s story and charactere both pwn kishi’s

  39. i agree with ahsan, but im obsessed with one piece so who knows

  40. Ya know this is Fairy Tail not OP.

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