Naruto Shippuuden 162. It’s just one epic entrance after the other!!! ^ ^

*Takes deep breath.*


*Passes out from lack of oxygen. Wakes up only a few minutes later and realizes that someone stole my cheesecake and put ink marks on my face.* T__T

Well, that would be one way of summing up our latest Naruto episode if you don’t care much for self preservation, but you aren’t all here just to watch me hospitalize myself, so hello everyone  and welcome to this weeks Naruto anime breakdown (AKA, a much longer way of saying what I have already said above in just a single sentence). It’s Tenrai Senshi here once again bringing you the goods, only this time without the threat of emo-bunnies, and I am happy to announce that episode 162 is definitely worth every bit of praise I am about to give it, which would be a lot. ^ ^

Looking good has never looked so good. ^ ^

To say that this episode was epic, would be like saying Jiraiya was a pervert, that’s just how true it is, and everything from the animation to the sound quality, and even the moments of action, were all injected with a great deal of brilliant production efforts.

In fact, I think it is quite safe to say that in terms of quality, this is the best episode we have been given in a long time. There was no dodgy animation, no awkward design proportions and no unnecessary procrastination or boring filler content. Everything that happened felt like it happened in good time and the pace was as smooth as it was exhilarating. The filler content that was there was exciting and entertaining as well and by the time the episode ended, it almost left me wondering if I had really watched the full twenty odd minutes that had already disappeared in what felt like such a short space of time.

That is just how absorbed I was in the moment.

*Sniffs* Omg... STINK BUGS!!!!! EW!!!! >_<

Of course, it seems no anime episode would be complete without at least some form of extra content that is otherwise non-existent in the manga, and sometimes that extra content can be more harmful than good. In this case, we are given a bit more insight into the battles between the Aburame clan and Konan, as well as that between the Inuzuka clan’s Kiba and Tsume versus Pein.

In this instance, these extra scenes provide a wonderful example of ‘good’ filler content, because it is always fun and interesting to see a side to characters that we have otherwise never had the opportunity to observe. Witnessing how Konan can use her origami techniques in a way that is inventive and powerful (who would have though of mixing explosive tags into the fray?) is just one example, and you can just never get enough of the Aburame and their stylish shades and monotone expressions.

How could she? T__T

Of course, the real star of the show, and rightly so, is Pein.

Of all the villains in Naruto, there have been few that are anywhere near as enigmatic or imposing as the self proclaimed god himself. Every action he takes, every word he speaks and even the way his eyes narrow in such a cold and ruthless expression, all add so much to his personality.

You can almost taste the overwhelming anger and bitterness hidden underneath such a gesture, despite the otherwise calm and methodical demeanor he always seems to adopt and it shows us that despite all that cool pride and confidence shown on the outside, there is a lot of turmoil beneath the surface.

Alright, who stole my fluffy. I'll kill you...

A lot of these inner inhibitions only really start to show for the first time during Pein’s talk with Tsunade, where he shows a far more dangerous side to his mentality, especially after she denies him his prize and defends the peace Konoha has seemingly sought for so long. Of course, once Pein has learned the real location of Naruto from Shizune, discovering that his target is no longer in the village, that is where things really begin to pick up.

Realizing that he no longer has a purpose in Konoha, Pein decides then to instead leave it with a parting gift to share his pain.

Not the least of which results in Shizune’s death, although she is only one of many more casualties to come.

Scalp Massage no Jutsu!!! Just another one of Pein's many talents. <_<

From there, everything begins to blur together into a frantic and exhilarating rush, as the episode begins to jump between scenes, showing the points of view of  each group of shinobi fighting against this crisis, as well as Naruto and Fukusaku, who have just learned that Konoha is in some form of danger.

It all becomes very epic, and you can’t help but feel a small rush of adrenaline. Seeing Pein slowly rise into the sky above Konoha in a fashion that can only be described as ‘otherworldly’, invokes a sense of curiosity and dread all at the same time.

It truly does give him a sense of unmeasurable power.

*Insert religious connotation here*

And that is where it all comes down to one catastrophic finale, as Pein destroys Konoha in a single, ruthless blow.

It almost makes your heart sink when you hear him speak the name of the jutsu that will destroy everything and even more so after taking a glance of the aftermath. I felt that the episode did a good job of showing the power and magnitude of the jutsu, especially seeing the massive cloud of dust in the distance from Konan’s standpoint, and the quality of the animation, as well as its fluidity, was as good as one could hope.

I would have preferred if they showed a bit more of it, because to me it felt a bit brief, but otherwise I have no complaints. It was still epic regardless.

Alas, it was a tragic moment for all of Konoha that day. The day that Chouji finally passed wind. Silent, but deadly... T__T

*Allows for a brief moment of silence for Konoha.*

One thing that I did find odd, was that the subs for the anime referred to Pein’s jutsu as “Almighty Push.”  Now I know that may be a more literal translation of the techniques name, but I would have preferred it if they just left it as ‘Shinra Tensei’, in the same manner the Rasengan is not just called “Spiral Sphere” or Chidori as “One Thousand Birds”.

Or perhaps they could have even just called it the “Big Badda Boom no Jutsu!!!!” ^ ^

Of course, once Konoha’s new swimming pool had finally been dug out, Naruto finally decided to come and inspect the renovation. However, he quickly realizes that it was a few meters deeper than it was planned out to be in the blueprints, so he’s quite angry now.

This is where things really become quite epic, so let’s hope the next episode is as good as this one was. With everything that is happening now, we can only hope.

Epic Entrance no Jutsu!!!

Dum, dum dum!!!!

Well, that’s it from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown! However, let’s have one last pole just for good measure. ^ ^

Caption contest winners:

5th) Kisuzachi: Oh no, tentacles. Why’d we have to be Japanese?

4th) Kantonkage: Heimlich maneuver gone wrong..

3rd) Pein0avenue: Pein’s Dental Plan: We take Personal service to a whole new level!

2nd) Lousytv: Now Showing – Bareback Konoha 2: Make oral love, not war!

Deathcon4: Make-out Paradise version 3.0, page 130, sex position 200. A ninjas personal fav. ;)

Deathcon4: Make-out Paradise version 3.0, page 130, sex position 200. A ninjas personal fav. 😉

Well done to everyone who gave it their best shot. It wasn’t exactly the easiest screen I have used, so I apologize if it didn’t get the creative juices flowing. T__T

Now here is this weeks screen. It looks like Sakura made a epic weird entrance of her own. <_<

*Insert caption here.*

Hopefully, this one is a bit easier to be creative with. ^ ^

And now for the preview of next weeks episode. With the battle finally upon us, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

That’s it from me.

See you all next time! ^ ^

Cheers! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 31, 2010.

63 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 162. It’s just one epic entrance after the other!!! ^ ^”


  2. SECOND!


    Seriously, I almost wet myself when Naruto showed up….Can’t wait for next week!

  3. THIIIIIRD!!!!

    Great breakdown Tenrai!

    O_O at Mandi “wetting” herself. XD X_X

  4. Yondaime!

    I am so cool! 😀

  5. Nice breakdown. I agree. This episode was AWESOME! The trill, the tension, action, drama…it has it all! And an epic entrances too. 😀

    Caption> even slugs doesn’t like Sakura.

    (Well I’m not 100% sure is it my capture grammatical correct, but never the less I always contribute. :D)

  6. Excellent Breakdown Ten-senpai!

    After watching this episode, I squarely put the blame for Konoha’s destruction on Tsunade. A Kage’s responisbility is to put the welfare of the Village above all else. Pain told her Akatsuki wouldnt be unwilling to help Konoha in the future if they just cooperate, but Tsunade threw that offer in his face. Screw you Tsunade! lol

  7. *makes an epic entrance through the fires and flames* (we carry on)

    Awesome breakdown indeed Tenrai! 😀 I think Konoha has the record for biggest pool in the world now. They should be thanking Pein not loathing him. xD

    The episode was every bit as epic as you described and like you the only problem I had was with the Shira Tensei. It looked weaker than how it was portrayed in the manga and too slow. At least the aftermath looked great! Naruto’s entrance was the most enjoyable by far and though I’m not almost wetting myself *looks at Mandi* @_@ I was very excited (that’s what she said).

    Cumulusbg: Indeed you do. ^_^

    LMAO@Kisu! XD

  8. It’s not Tsunade’s fault. Pain is not a trusty man. First of all he killed half of Konoha’s villagers. The second Tsunade didn’t know what will Pain do with collected beasts. End of the world? Total domination?

  9. @Ten, btw, “Almighty Push” is the Viz translation of Shinra Tensei, the literal translation is “Subjugation of the Omnipresent God”

  10. @Kisuzachi

    Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere. It still doesn’t explain why they didn’t just leave it as “Shinra Tensai”. It sounds far less intimidating as “Almighty push”, because that just sounds like something you would do when you’re…

    A) In the bathroom with cramps or…
    B) Trying to get the car started because the battery died on you. <_<

  11. @Tenrai

    I don’t know about cramps but “Almighty push” sounds like Choji has a constipation 😀

    Anyways, I too agree that they should have left it in japanese. It just sounds more ominous and less like a bathroom problem.

  12. what does shinra tensei actually mean? almighty push, divine judgement, Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God, Heavenly Attraction of All Creation and so forth….
    anyway, awesome episode!!!!! as tenrai senshi said, the worst part about it was them translating Shinra Tensei….and this testifies just how awesome this episode was!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Caption: I knew she wasn’t human I just knew it.

  14. HAH! Just wait til Bansho Tenin shows up lol. “Universal Attraction!” LMAO

  15. @super i think Shinra Tensei was slowed down to show detail.

  16. CAPTION:
    Damn that sexy Pein gets my slug soooo wet!

    No matter how tight you pull Sakura’s shirt, it’s clear she’s still an A-cup.

    I bet Lady GaGa never thought of this for a show!

  17. P.S. Yeah!! Second on my lousy caption! :-b

    Very nice breakdown! Truly, these are epic episodes enough to archive for our descendants to savor.

    Previously on Temari pawning Konan? hmmm….

  18. CAPTION: Poor Katsuyu has cancer. T_T

  19. That

    Dum-dum-dum-bang in the end, WOW! *freaks out*
    The ONLY thing I was disappointed in, but I’m still trying to fight it down, is the screwed up Shinra Tensei effect.
    @Tenrai: Do you REALLY think that this was the best way?
    At first, I would have expected a “special” soundeffect, and not just a “whooosh”, but THIS:
    Then, I did not like it that all the pieces of Konoha seemed to be “washed” away, I’d expected them to FLY away like hell, but it all looked more like a wave, and not a blast. 😦

  20. @Tenrai or C) giving birth

  21. Caption> “damn it, that Bukake no jutsu is a dirty one!”

  22. HA! Glad to see I’m not the only one that hated the effects of the MOST POWERFUL DESTRUCTIVE jutsu every used in the series.

    @freund275, nice pic. A Gohan fan……wow, I never thought I’d use those 3 words together in that particular sequence 😦

  23. The result were disappointing it’s like what would have happen if Shukaku actually succeeded in the first invasion

  24. Caption: They don’t wrap dolls like they used to 😥

    Seriously dousnt she look like she’s made of rubber or like a doll of some sort?
    Poor sakura even your anime drawers hate u XD
    Epic entrance FTFU!!!!!!!!!
    But of coarse minato will always have the best entrance of all time @_@!!!!!

  25. Caption: You know your the least liked character when a giant slug doesn’t want to be too attached to you..

    Caption: Katsuya would rather bathe in salt than stick with Sakura any longer..

  26. brilliant breakdown as usual, tenrai. yes, this episode can be considered the most epic in the anime 😀

    i particularly like the pain-tsunade conversation. it added yet another dimension to pain’s character……..and of course, what followed it was awesomeness-no-jutsu……although “almighty push” did try to ruin the effect 😛 …..haha, what’s nagato’s final jutsu going to be? “holy crap”??? LOL XD

    nice to see konan do something else than nag……it’s quite an achievement to “outcool” the aburames :)……..and shizune’s death was BAMF too

    so what was left to make it a complete sucess? why of course, NARUTO’S EPIC ENTRANCE!!! NARUTO FTW ^_^

    here’s looking forward to one of the most epic fights in the story!

    CAPTION: Sakura. She sucks so much, even katsuyu can’t heal her 😀

    CAPTION: In Soviet Russia, YOU heal Katsuyu!!!

  27. Just watched it, and I have to say, that episode was friggin’ badass!

    About Shinra Tensei, I actually thought it went pretty quickly. I don’t know, call me sadistic, but I would have loved to see some screaming woman and crying children soiling themselves over the awesome power of the Almighty Push. And maybe a few more random extras attempting escape from the epicenter of the blast, of course with raw horror written all over their faces. All that said and done, I thought it could have used a little work, but nothing taken away from this episode!

    Looks like there is still hope for this arc, and I cannot wait for this battle to start!

  28. am i the only one bugged about the eyes when narutos in sage mode. manga he has red around his eyes in the anime its orange… wtf were the color pages for if they are going to mess up the color.

  29. @Aeris

    I never said it couldn’t be better, I just said it was as good as one could hope. In other words, they at least did a good job of it rather than messing it up completely.

    Could it have been better? Well, that’s an interesting question. To be honest, everything could technically be better, no matter how good it is, so the truthful answer would be yes, it could always be better than it was. What matters is whether it met your expectations, more than anything else, because that determines how good it was for each individual.

    For me, the jutsu was good. I felt it could have shown more, as I mentioned in my breakdown (and when I say more, I am referring to more visual feedback like seeing buildings topple, things flying about, etc.) but otherwise, with regards to the actual animation quality, I felt it was satisfactory.


    I agree with the haste part. I felt that the jutsu was over pretty quickly, which is why I mentioned that I thought they could have shown more of it than they did. Yet everyone else is saying it was too slow. Perhaps they were referring to the effect of the animation (as in, the shock wave looked like it was moving slowly) more than the actual pace of the scene itself.

  30. Caption 1:

    Perhaps I should have rather yelled surprise first. .__.

    Caption 2:

    When slugs get acne….

    Caption 3:

    I’ve heard of tumors before, but this is just ridiculous. X__x

  31. “Perhaps they were referring to the effect of the animation (as in, the shock wave looked like it was moving slowly) more than the actual pace of the scene itself.” Exactly! I wanted to see buildings flying through the air, I wanted to see a huge splosion! I hate you for that anime guys T_T

    Almighty Push!

  32. Yeah that what i was thinking but I was expecting a maybe a nuke-type explosion not a Ryusa Bakuryu Sabaku Taiso combo-like effects.
    Caption: How slugs give birth.

  33. LMFAO@ Kanton!!!! XD

  34. amazing breakdown for an unbelievable episode even tho people are hateing on the “almighty push”…
    (ive got an almighty push for you ^(^.~)^)…
    i actually think that it looked pretty epic with the debri flying out of the gates and such. oh yah the epic entrances were top notch even tho naruto took the cake hands down idk theres just somethin about those aburames that just ooze fucking awesomeness… it may be katsuyu latching onto their half dead corpses now….>.> wat?…. too soon?…

  35. great breakdown ten and great episode as well !

    see now kishi’s hate has influenced the anime makers as well now they too hate kakashi, they made such epic battles for the dog clan and the bug clan but stuck to the manga for kakashi no epic anime moves no pain getting punched no kakashi doging attacks no nothing 😦 and i waited for that battle soooo long . atleast hope they make naruto battle good 😦 i wonder if anime boys will get the sasugay love for kishi too

  36. CAPTION: Sakura: OMFG! I thought this new “Full-Body, Extremely Durable” condom would be just a BIT helpful. But OH MY GOD!!!

  37. I have a sort of caption for that up close shot of pein, kind of like yours:

    “WHO THE HELL KILLED FLUFFY? I’ll start with the right half of the village, and if no-one talks, I swear….”

    That was the best episode YET! I loved Naruto’s EPIIIIIIC entrance. I mean, it was all, and then…and yeah…and…WOO!

  38. Ichiraku’s gone…Naruto’s gonna pwn some serious arse…

  39. @Ahsan

    Yes, you have told us just about every week you comment, without fail, just how much Kishi hates Kakashi. I think we all understand it quite clearly now.

    But if you want to continue ranting about the same thing forever, that is your choice. If I wanted, I could just say Kishi hates Naruto, because Naruto has only had one epic battle since the start of Shippuuden. Or that he hates Neji, because he has had even less screen time. Or maybe he hates Kiba even more, or Shino, or every single female character, or every single other character besides Sasuke, who seems to be the only one he likes. Etc, etc, blah, blah, blah….


    The thing is, if all we ever do is complain, then all we are doing is creating the same negative vibe all the time. I don’t mind people ranting now and again about something that irks them, but to rant about the same thing all the time, over and over and over again, every single week on every single breakdown, gets a bit much after a while.

  40. The spoiler is out…

    My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw that… omg…

  41. Great Breakdown Tenrai!!

    NOW BEGINS EPICNESSNESS of emo Pein vs sage Naruto ^_^

    When your pets love you too much? more on this after the news O_O

    Even her allies try to kill Sakura ^_^

    Bad hair day, use slug glue to keep your hair exactly in place *product may spread over whole body and kill user keep out of reach of children and idiots* 😛

  42. The new episode is out for anyone who wants to watch it.


  43. This episode left me speechless and with tickling feeling inside.It was freakin’ epic.

  44. Well the animators failed again Ko’s leg was broken. Well that can be ignored because that was an epic fight.

  45. Woow Rasen shuriken was fantastic. I misted him. 😀
    One of most awesome jutsu that Naruto have.

  46. I… was so very disappointed with that episode, to be honest. The animation quality was so poor, I couldn’t even force myself to enjoy it, and that is saying a lot considering how much I enjoyed this battle in the manga.

    Many of the dramatic moments were lost because of how sloppy the production was.

    The way Naruto destroyed Lazer head was a fail, the way he threw the Rhino was a fail, it just all looked so sloppy. One would be better off reading still black and white frames than watching such poor animation quality.

    *Goes into a lonely corner, grabs a pillows and shoves head into the pillow*

  47. It’s sad, because I can’t even be optimistic about it like I normally am. T__T

    Wow… I just don’t know what to say… *Is not crying* T__T

  48. yeah, the animation was TERRIBLE. the way he killed lazer path and how the shadow of his two masters appeared behind him was just horrible…. as tenrai said, the moment was lost.
    the beginning felt pretty good, since the animators decided to show just how destructive pain’s jutsu was. the rasenshuriken was pretty good too.

    i enjoyed the fight while reading the manga (even though it pisses me off how naruto beats each of the pain. the whole situation played out in naruto’s favour: nagato was tired, deva couldn’t use his power, they didn’t manage to dodge the rasenshuriken, naraka path’s death was stupid, etc). i expected the anime to create something even better instead this episode was disappointing…

    *Runs into a corner with Tenrai and starts crying*

  49. Whoa,guys! How exactly was the animation poor again?I really didn’t see any faults with it. You know how they say “Who seeks – finds”, well I think you are trying too hard to find some mistakes rather than enjoy the episode.

  50. @Tenrai, Truepain

    Sorry for spamming but with what quality did you watch the episode because anything less than 720p has seriously messed up colors and generally sucks. Maybe that is your problem. 😉

    Anyways, I watched it again and it still looks pretty damn fine to me.

  51. @to63to

    They also say “Ignorance is bliss”. Sometimes people look away from the bad just so they can feel better about something. If they don’t know it’s there, it won’t affect them, after all.

    Now, I am normally the type of person who likes to find the good in everything or who tries to be optimistic when I can. In fact, it is sometimes taken to the point of being a fault of mine, where I am a bit too gentle when it comes to being outspoken, because I don’t want to be harsh in my judgement. For me to say that I felt the episode was terrible means I have really been pushed far, believe me, and it isn’t something I would say lightly.

    I was trying to enjoy the episode, but the poor production kept me from doing just that. If you read a book and it has non-existent grammar or lacked any cohesion when it came to paragraph layout or sentence structure, would you enjoy it as much, or would it simply frustrate you? Would you enjoy Avatar (the movie) as much if it used b-grade CG animation or poor special effects?

    I enjoyed this battle in the manga, that much is certain, but the anime is meant to push things even further with regards to visual feedback, otherwise it is simply like reading the manga again, only with music playing in the background. In this case, I felt the animation was so bad, that the manga was actually more visually appealing.

    Just look at the scene where Naruto destroys lazer head. Look at it very carefully and tell me there is nothing wrong with the animation. Look at how he threw the rhino and tell me it didn’t look awkward. Those moments had such a visual impact on me in the manga, because they looked and felt epic. The anime made them feel dumb and they lost that impact completely. I almost fell off my chair when Naruto pumped in to save Tsunade.

    However, despite all that, at the end of the day, it is simply our opinion. Just because we feel it was a bad episode doesn’t mean you need to feel the same way and I won’t tell you how to feel either. The animation they used in the previous episode should have been what this episode was treated to in terms of production. I just felt that it was too important a battle to just push out with poor production and I was highly disappointed.

  52. I would also like to say that I download and watch the episodes in 720p, because I use the high quality screens for my breakdowns every week.

    It wasn’t the colour I had a problem with, or resolution, etc. It was the fluidity of the animation. It felt stattic and some scenes just felt like they plastered a single frame there and just shook some of the debris around in the background to make it look like things were moving. The pest example of this as when Naruto used the rasengan on Lazerhead. It just looked like they coloured in the manga page, made it appear in screen in the moment of impact, and shook the screen around to feign the impact, instead of using actual animation to show the action.

    The previous episode was far superior in the animation department. I don’t see why they couldn’t keep up that production for such an epic battle.

  53. @Tenrai

    Well, I have to admit that the scene with Naruto throwing the rhino looked a bit awkward but I couldn’t find anything wrong with him killing laser head.I guess there is something wrong with me. 😀

    Now, don’t think that I don’t notice such mistakes just to feel better. I usually find a lot of mistakes and general nonsense in almost every movie I have watched so far. I just don’t actively seek them nor do I let them bother me much. After all if I want flawless animation and fluidity I’ll get a RPG and start blowing shit up.

    Sometimes, turning a blind eye for such not-quite-important things can save you a lot of needless frustration and thrust me on this, it can get quite unhealthy for your keyboard. 😀

  54. Lol, lame grammar mistakes 😦

  55. @to63to

    I may not have cared if this was some random filler arc where nothing that happens has a lasting impact, but to me, this is a very important and epic battle.

    If I didn’t care about the animation quality, then why watch the anime? Why not just read the manga and be satisfied with that? The truth is, we watch the anime for that visual experience. If the visual experience isn’t there, or is lacking, then it isn’t going to be satisfying.

  56. @Tenrai

    True that.

  57. Episode 163 is f*cking awesomeness!!

  58. actually tenrai i just watched gthe episode. The animation wasnt that bad really. It was fun to watch and it kept a fast pace. I loved watching the giant toads kick the shit out of lose monster summons!
    Super strong chuck norris style naruto FTW!!!

  59. Aerial Frogfu 4TW!!!!

  60. Biggest flaw in the animation (though there were several) was how rushed Naruto’s destruction of Asura Path felt. Rewatching that section several times in frustration, it struck me that the entire sequence was just a colored frame by frame of the manga… The anime is supposed to add motion and fluidity to the events depicted in the manga by adding extra motion and transitions. So much just felt like it was missing, like they missed a huge opportunity to make their mark on the series… Hardly any build up to the moment, sloppy work drawing Asura as he flew toward tsunade, a single/static frame of naruto crushing asura, extreme rush of the images of jiraya and minato behind him… I was really surprised this was all so rushed, especially since this anime is notorious for keeping things on the slow side…

    In your camp completely Tenrai, I am so frustrated…

    p.s. second biggest flaw was that the “flames” on the bottom of naruto’s cloak looked like just a bunch of triangles in this episode… so lame…

  61. Yes I must agree. The scene when Naruto destroyed the Asura Path was really bad. I noticed it too.

    It was like a picture, not an animation. Slowly and sloppy.

    And Yes….before this arc people draw Naruto’s cloak in deviantART a way better that’s show in the anime.

  62. Just to let everyone know, I am in a bit of a tight spot this week and not in a very good place at the moment, so the breakdown for last weeks episode won’t be coming out like it normally does.

    Instead, Mandi has kindly offered to help step in for me and she will be doing a double breakdown for this Friday for last weeks episode and this weeks one that will be coming out.

    I am really sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, life happens sometimes….

    I should be back on it soon though.

  63. The new episode is pure awesomeness and the animation is better than the last one too. 😀

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