Naruto 496 Breakdown Muthafucka!! Includes official debate (plus last week’s results) and demotivational poster; does not include killer zombies, cheerleaders, or complementary hand lotion…

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Oh, it’s good to be back! ๐Ÿ˜€

Welcome, welcome, welcome to this here week’s Naruto breakdown! If you haven’t figured it out already, then I haven’t made myself a bad enough impression: it’s Pickles here! Back to speak frack on the track! And if I so much as smell a taser, I’ll send it so far up the holder’s arse, their intestines will light up like a horny firefly.

*watches Marks and Super back away slowly*

Now let’s roll!

I'd think of another reference...but I have no brain! Hahaha!!

You know, every so often, that chapter comes along that goes “See? All that not so exciting buildup wasn’t for nought.” And last week’s was…not that chapter >_>. But if Kishi was trying to bring us closer to that, then he most certainly succeeded with 496.

Looking at it objectively enough, you can easily see why the last chapter was hardly anything short of awesome! But we’re not quite there yet. If you ask me, though, I’d say that blessed sentence is just around the corner.

And you know it won't be fun when there's blood seeping from the mouth...

Dirty jokes FTW! >_>

Now I’m just gonna drift a bit…

Madonna and horses, David Hasselhoff and singing, Pickles and sanity; some things just don’t go together. But you know what, I think Naruto and Bee hit it off pretty nicely.

That could be Naruto’s special ability at work, too. Then again, the two of them are mostly the same in that respect. And you know what they say: like terms attract. Oh, that’s not how it goes?

Oh hey, I know another word that fits in this rhyme scheme! And it starts with Q...>_>

In fact, Bee has agreed to be Naruto’s teacher. The problem is that this could well mean there ain’t much more rappin’ in KB’s future. It’s almost like a habit with these manga writers. They give you flashbacks and whatnot and make you grow more attached to a character more. And then before you know it, they pull the plug on the poor guy…the sick bastards. ;___;

I wonder how Bee’s death will play out…

Jaws: Hahaha, you will never get to be a successful artist like me! I will change your name from Killer Bee to Killed Bee!

80 Cent: But I will go platinum … … OR DIE TRYIN’!!

In stores OCTOber 8th!

*sets camp outside HMV, complete with internet and heating*

If you’d asked me a few weeks earlier, I probably wouldn’t have given a rat’s behind, but now, I’d actually prefer Bee lived. He and Naruto have begun developing a bond…James Bond! which becomes a bit more pronounced in this last chapter, and it’s not just the Yamato pwning, either (by the way, best…spread…EVER!).

Anyhow, here’s to welcoming the new sensei! (Woohoo!!)

As I’d said earlier, although not that one that will immediately make you forget all those grueling, never-ending prelims, it was hard to find that much wrong with this chapter. We got to witness the unique process involved in Bijuu control, and its practicalization, even, which inevitably came along with a short but stimulating treat of a battle.

I tell ya, it was nice to see all of that ramping up finally culminate and come to fruition in this chapter. It felt as if every event leading up to this very moment finally was utilized, and I must say, it was refreshing to know that it wasn’t all refuseย  (that means crap >_>). From Naruto’s obtaining of the key to his stint at the Fountain of Youth, they were all applied in the practical sense. Hey, he even discovers his new special ability!

HA! Stick THAT in your oven, Sharingan!

With his newly purified body, Naruto was able to open the gate to the White Room without giving up his head, and with the key he just obtained, he was able to release the seal which is ultimately essential for this endeavor’s success

Weeell, after that switch was flipped, we were shown into a room that looked awfully familiar. You know, I’ve been noticing a lot of similarities between Naruto and this subject in both anime and manga lately. Hmmm…>_>

Errr, I'll take the pills, thank you...>_>

And so begins the battle we’ve all been waiting for! Actually, scratch that, I wasn’t really waiting for it. Hell, I wasn’t expecting it at all, to be honest…not in this way. I was expecting a battle, but nothing physical. I anticipated more of a battle of psyches: a mental bout, if you will, something more along the lines of what we saw with Black Eyed Peas. Considering the simple fact that the beast of inside of the subject, I’d figured only a subconscious exchange was in question.

Whatever the case may be for you, Naruto and the Kyuubi are going to be trading punches real soon, and I sure as hell am not complaining.

Besides, the Kyuubi looks pretty freakin’ badass in this spread…I remember when he was still just a little Vulpix. *sniff*


The one little scruple I have isn’t really an issue as of yet, and hopefully not ever. It’s the question of power level. For as long as has been recorded, the Kyuubi has been subject to ludicrious amounts of hype, being said to be beastly among beats.

And this is where the issue is evoked. When you ballyhoo a character so much, it becomes difficult to make it so that they live up to the names they have been assigned, when given the chance. And in many cases, they end up performing far below prospect. Or if lucky, they’d be just about par. And if really lucky, maybe a little above; however, nothing too special, still.

Do I have to cite the ever so competent Anbu? Well, too late, I just did.

Point is, with all the drum beating that has surrounded the Kyuubi for so long, it becomes very likely that it ends up as nothing more than an overrated pup. Otherwise, it may be near impossible for Naruto to best it without help.

So this begs the question: will the Kyuubi deliver?

Here at Don't Sue Tattoos, we make marks for life...and sometimes suicidal teens.

Now there are ways to go around this problem by saying something along the lines of “over the 16 years of its exile, the Kyuubi has gotten a little rusty” or “it’s decided to become a republican and run for president, and a dead adolescent won’t look very good on his CV” or better yet, “the Kyuubi has taken a vow to celibacy” >_>…

But why go down that road when we have other options?

“Otherwise, it may be near impossible for Naruto to best it WITHOUT HELP.”

See where I’m going with this?

He's tired of Deathcon...>_>

*runs far…far…FAR away* >_>


Now just think about it. Who has the know-how AND the power to go head-to-head with the Kyuubi? And consider how this battle so conveniently takes place at this person’s backyard.

Now let’s be objective for a moment. The last time Minato appeared, he couldn’t help but complain about his depleting chakra. So from all respects, it won’t be easy or very sensible to assume he would be capable of prolonged fighting, especially not with the Kyuubi.

But no one ever said he can’t deliver a few words of advice or encouragement. Hey, who knows where Naruto inherited that magic tongue from? Not Gandhi. Or maybe–ok, I’ll shut up now >_>

Besides, the seal is set in such a way that on the release of 8 tails, Minato would automatically appear in Naruto’s subconscious. And with the whole damn fox out and about, he’s probably bringing a party along, complete with a Sandaime and two random pale arms (that will do dirty things to you in your sleep X__X).

One can argue that this release of the Kyuubi is different from the first in that it was intended, but any parent would be concerned if they heard something like this being told to their child.


That brings us to something else I found interesting about this chapter (don’t ask how, I don’t know, either).

“Four-element…that’s high quality work. Better than my Iron-armor seal.” -Bee (surprisingly enough, that doesn’t rhyme X__X)

Two conclusions can be drawn from that there statement.

  • First. It goes to show that the grim upshot of sealing a Bijuu inside a Jinchuuriki is not always the death of the sealer. Contrary to the belief many had adopted, with different seals being used to contain different beasts, it’s safe to say that it does not always include a casualty. Besides, a few chapters back, we saw this Iron-armor seal in action, and I don’t remember seeing any dead people around…nope, no dead people at all…>_>
  • Second. This almost ascertains a difference in power among the different Bijuu: a major argument among many Narutards. Think about it. It’s only logical that the power of the seals used in containing each beasts differs if and only if the power levels of the Bijuu themselves also differs. I’ll even go so far as to say this difference is progressive. In other words, the deviation in power level of each Bijuu is in ascending order of tail number. In other words, if the One-tailed Shukaku is Madara, then the Nine-tailed Demon Fox is freakin’ Chuck Norris! In other words…well, if you haven’t gotten it by now, go crawl under a rock or something X__X. Besides, if it takes one giant frog to hold off the Ichibi, and it takes the Fourth Hokage’s life to stow away the Kyuubi, I’m guessing they’re not on the same level on the chakra beast food chain.

That's the spirit!!

Naruto, I fear you grandma may have suffered the same treatment. Rest her soul. ;___;

As you read from the chapter and as you can see from the awesome Bee-Naruto telepathy above, this battle can be likened metaphorically to a tug-of-war. Each combatant will be trying to pull out the other’s essence until they are completely drained of their chakra.

The stage is set, and the contestants are at ringside. So grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and a tranquilizer gun, because this is gonna be so epic, it’ll be orgasmic.


This is your material for the week. It’ll be a killer.

Big butts: You like 'em and you cannot lie...oh, and your other brother can't deny...*insert possible caption here...kinda like what I just did*


Last week’s was the tightest I have ever seen. Even the poll will attest to that!

49% Neji

51% Rock Lee

In the end, I decided it’s too close to call. That means we get a tie!

Hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t get one this week!

Nine lives vs. No body

I figured this would be interesting enough. We’ve seen them both in major battles, more than enough ammo to go around.

Hahaha! Bet you thought you were gonna get off this week, Sakura!

And finally…

Later, jo!


Just waiting till the shine wears off.


~ by Captain Pickles on May 30, 2010.

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  2. GODS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW U PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that was fuuny *wipes tear*

  3. Caption: Completeing two steps in one move? Damn I guess he learned more from jiryha the we thought! Keep your HEAD IN and and your ASS in the air!



  6. 3rd….
    Awesome breakdown Pickles…”I” have a friend who’s also a oreo fanatic but he doesn’t know where’s the free oreos theys poke of…
    *suddenly strange men appear and grabs him and takes him to an undisclosed location for treatmentn*….its ot me I SWEAR!!!!

    I think its pretty awesome we get to see Naruto fight the Kyuubi…with or without help Naruto is gonna be in a huge battle. I think Minato would appear either after the Kyuubi is tamed/under control or there to help Naruto tame the beast and give him one last piece of advice before finally disapearing(maybe for good or only inside his head whenever he talks to the kyuubi)
    As for the match ups i’d go with Kazaku…he’s got more of the advantage because he can use multiple elements at the same time as well as combine them vs Sasori’s switching from fire to water or even poison. Granted Sasori may be able to use other techs, he still would be at a disadvantage due to Kazaku’s 4 other bodies keeping those puppets busy at the same time. Kazaku’s hardest fight would be when Sasori would use all 100 of those puppets and weapons.
    Miscelleanous Reasons(ie special abilities)=Kazaku

  7. EPIC BREAKDOWN PICKLES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ and 80 cent FTEW!!

    this chapter was really a funny one……poor yamato O_o……and kyuubi finally breaks free! wow, i’ve been waiting for this moment since sasuke forcibly restrained that fox back into his cage…now that you’re free, GO GET HIM, KYUUBI ๐Ÿ˜›

    also, how did naruto learn to unlock the key…….hmmm they should have shown that….it was a bit of a surprise to see him forming those blue flames on his fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

    as for the contest……i think kakuzu wins this one….see shinobimadness’s reply above for why…. XD

    CAPTION: Shake your BON BON shake your BON BON shake your BON BOOON!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    OR CAPTION: hey sasuke! what’re you doin…….WAIT, YOU’RE NARUTO?? O_O

  8. I think Kakuzu would definitely win, he’s more… adept.

    Hey guys, I have a problem, can anyone help me? I’m desperately looking for a demotivational poster that was shown in one of these breakdowns, it was when Kisame’s infiltration got revealed, the poster was called: “INFILTRATION” and then sth like “A good reason to be allowed to kick your best friend’s ass”, and the picture showed the scene where Kisame kicked Samehada away, but was replaced by Zetsu kicking Kisame away.
    I can’t find it, can anyone of you?

    Me believes this is what you’re looking for.


  9. Sweet Oreo Breakdown! Even complete with the obligatory Pokemon reference (are you being paid by Nintendo or something? I want in you bastard!).

    I think the seals change depending on Village because if the Tails were really a sign of a Biju’s power, then why the hell would a village take the ONE TAILED Shukaku? And why would a non-Great Village like the Waterfall Village get the 7 tails? I say its deeper than mere tails. Also, let’s not forget that the Shukaku was not defeated, it was resealed. Gamabunta got worn out while the Shukaku was still high on being released lol

    @Debate, I honestly don’t know who’d win here.
    Kakuzu has wide-area-effect jutsus, which means he could easily take out Sasori’s Red Army (lol this could be a Star Trek or Real Life reference :P).
    Sasori could just poison Kakuzu with his poison mists of crush him with Iron Sand
    Kakuzu could harden his body like a Metapod, but we really dont know HOW hard his body gets
    Sasori could, y’know, poison him
    It all comes down to this. Does Kakuzu’s immortal cover poisons?

    Kakuzu: Nin 5 – Tai 4 – Gen 3 – Int 4.5 – Str 4 – Spe 4.5 – Sta 4.5 – Hand Sea 3.5
    Sasori: Nin 5 – Tai 4 – Gen 4 – Int 5 – Str 3 – Spe 4.5 – Sta 5 – Hand Sea 4

    So statistically speaking, Sasori is stronger……still could go either way though.

    Haha! I’ll never let you in on my endorsement deals!

  10. @Pickles: Thank you so much, that’s what I was looking for! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Splendid breakdown Pickles! ๐Ÿ˜€

    The demotivational poster was too hilarious. xD The battle between the fox and Naruto I don’t think will be as much physical as mental. If it was a physical battle Naruto wouldn’t stand a chance in hell. It’s going to be a battle of will power, stamina, and chakra. Naruto is already receiving minimal assistance from Killer Bee so some help from Minato wouldn’t be too bad.

    As for the debate I’m going to have to side with Sasori here. Sasori could easily finish off 4 of Kakuzu’s hearts with his ‘Satetsu Kaiho’ leaving only Kakuzu left who can use the earth element to harden his body.

    This would leave Sasori with only Kakuzu and his earth element to deal with. Now seeing as how Sasori was able to kidnap and defeat the third Kazekage (considered the strongest of the Kazekages) who had the powers of the iron sand on his side… I believe Sasori has the know-how to sufficiently deal with earth element users who use iron to protect their bodies. That’s my conclusion for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I agree with Super on this Satetsu Kaiho is already dangerous combined with Sasori’s lethal poison one scratch is fatal An important factor is how long can Kakuzu hold his breath. For Sasori one scratch is fatal. Despite the fact that Kakuzu can always split his hearts from the poison and has some heavy elemental techinques.

  13. Bubblition: *silence* Naruto: Hey, Yamato, ever heard of that saying “Silent, but deadly?” No? Too bad

    I had a question about the title of this: Does it mean no zombi cheerleaders, or none in general? >_>

    Nice breakdown

  14. if this naruto vs fox battle is fought out with chakra alone it should be very alike to “hulk(tails) vs the bitch from hulk vs wolverine”

    hulk: ugly bitch scratch hulk hulk SMASH!

    you can imagine where it goes from here … (probably even without knowing the clip ^^)

    *so i agree with pickles this battle should have been fought subconciously without any power at all but willpower.

  15. Oops, Kakuzu’s Speed is 4, not 4.5 ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Ah, thank you all =)

    @Madness: He must join uuuus. @__@

    @Naruruler: It means what you want it to mean ;). And I’m not just saying that because my titles never make sense >_>…

    As for the debate, I think I’m gonna have to roll with Super on this one and go with Sasori. One of Kakuzu’s major follies in this match-up is that he’s all alone. And it won’t be very difficult to poison all his hearts at the same time with gas (especially not after he’s had some chilli dogs). I’m willing to bet a poisoned heart is a useless heart. Pity there will be no Hidan to bail him.

    Sasori doesn’t have to form his iron sand into a solid shape for it to be deadly. He can control it much like Gaara does his, except his sand is far denser and whatnot, rendering it much more powerful. Try a few doses to Kakuzu’s mouth. I’m also willing to bet this iron sand is also capable of providing a very potent defense against all those high level techs because it can be formed into very tough solids. And if it gets blown away, it would only be taken back to its original form.

  17. Great breakdown Pickles. ^ ^

    As for the debate, technically speaking Sasori is just a heart now and Kakuzu excels at taking people’s hearts. <_<

    In fact, if Kakuzu got his hands on the 4th Kazekage's heart (if Sasori happened to use it in battle) that would give him a huge advantage in battle against Sasori.

    We know the iron sand can cripple his puppets, like it did with Chiyo's, which includes Sasori himself. I am afraid I see Kakuzu winning this one, even though I still feel Sasori was a bit cooler.

  18. Well what we learned from this chapter clearly is prison changes you (or maybe not), tailed beast included. Great Breakdown couldn’t help but laugh. Kyuubi needs too work his pick lines, he a tad to forward. Kyuubi got no time for the soap approach. That many years of solitary confinement means he ain’t gonna just beat around the bush….. umm i mean fool around….. no i mean take his time. Naruto got a tough time ahead because we all know Kyuubi been doing his sit-ups and pull ups.

    Lol, when Bee talked about braiding his hair was I the only one who got a R Kelly vibe. They did become friends real quick. Please Bee do conscience some good and keep away from the ballards and Naruto’s eyes. If Bee finds out about Naruto ramen addiction i think we can all say he is offically screwed…. i mean in trouble.

    Bee: Yes I am pleased to see you and yes that is a gun in my pocket.

    Anyway more seriously, after Bee said the words, “tug of war,” I had the feeling that this might not be the epic show down that I first thought. But if we see some jutsu in between hey i’ll be happy.

    p.s if you dont get the eyes thing r kelly has a history of peeing on people.

  19. Crap last week i forgot to vote. I’m sorry Lee maybe i could a recount or something if it got 50/50. Kakuzu for the win just because he is so dam hard to kill.

  20. Caption:There is good thing Orochimaru not here.

  21. Bubbliton:

    Bubble: … *squeak* …

    Caption: No… that most definitely wasn’t his cellphone…

  22. Caption: Naruto: “I wish Sasuke could see what he’s passing up. Sakura and Karin got nothing on me!”

  23. As usual pickles u outdid your self, great work dude.

    496 was really a breath of fresh air and the comedy behind it was awesome to max, all we could ask more of this chapter was a little more action maybe but other then that it was perfect.

    As i’me partially subjective to this debate i’me gonna try to find as much data on both fighters as i can, but other then that i’,e down with the Zombie FTW. Kakuzu is one of my favourite bad guys in Naruto, he’s a man that outdid Kakashi, shikamaru, ino and choji, I know Ino ain’t much too consider in a fight but she can help out too, if she’d be at her dad’s level or that of Fu she will pose a serious threat. Well other then that my point was Kakuzu held them back and with lots more to go on his side, Kakashi’s only trump card at that moment was kamui witch he ended up not needing thx to Naruto and Yamato Motafucker.

    As a person you have to admit that anyone in Naruto universe who can keep Kakashi in the ropes is a BADDDDDDDDD man and that is what Kakuzu is.

    I’me not really the man to say stats from Naruto.wikia are wrong or anything but they tend to be not right on the money and faulty, i mean look at Naruto’s stats compared to Sasuke any idiot could tell you that ain’t wright, anyway Kakuzu can run really fast we saw that in the team asuma fight and after in the Kakashi team fight, he can fit very hard due to the doton affinity he learned to use very well, i mean this dude broke a armoured gate from the fire temple were Chiroku was, and stop’d one of choji’s enlarged fists whit one hand, the same fist choji smashed the laser head pain or was it choza who did either way that is some power in choji very few can stop let alone with one hand.

    The other great thing about Kakuzu is his brains, now this dude has been in the picture for a long time now and he picked up some shit throughout the years in my opinion he’s just like Shikamaru analytical and always thinking ahead like he did when he hid his arm underground from shikamaru, this could also be a KO strike for Sasori, Kakuzu detaches an arm or even have one body detach and run underground up close to Sasori and all it needs is a hit through the heart, easy and fast.

    And as far as tech & jutsus go Kakuzu is a pro, other then what a young Nagato might have been like, Kakuzu is the only one I know in Naruto history that can use all 5 nature manipulations and not only that he can actually use A & S class jutsus of those affinities and even combine them.

    Now on to Sasori, he has the sligh advantage that he can have up to more then 100 puppets fighting on his side, very lethal venom included in all the puppets weapons, now that would be a problem but if Kakuzu’s body can harden like rock can anyone actually scratch him so that the venom can spread trough out his body, I don’t know but I don’t think it can so that leaves Sasori with the venom gas left in this department, other then that Sasori has the 3rd Kazekage probably he’s best asset but not unbeatable, given Kakuzu’s speed and strength and with the aid or 4 of his heart monsters it could be enough to deal a finishing blow to the kazekage just like sakura did, other then that it’s said both fighter have the same analytical trait that allows them to determine there foes fighting style and power witch is one of the most important traits to have in battle and is a trait Naruto has as well.

    Now given both fighter run out of trump cards and a one hearted Kakuzu was to fight a one body Sasori who would come out on top, because unlike Sasori who is by nature a long range fighter even if we saw him fight close range, will he stand a chance against Kakuzu who can fight close to mid to long range all together in one body, Sasori without the use of his puppets at close range is a goner. That’s what i came up with so far but just as i said at the beginning I’me a little subjective on the matter and Kakuzu will reign supreme in my book.

  24. I vote Eugen for longest comment ever XD hahahahah

  25. @Eugen, those stats on Naruto wiki are from the Databooks Kishi does every 3 years. So they’re as official as official can get, but the latest stats are from 2008’s databook.

    I’ll go with whoever the majority goes with ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. wow, eugen, i can appoint you as my lawyer ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, does anybody else think it’s funny how kakuzu’s name can be pronounced in so many different ways??

    Kakuzu, Kakazu, Kazaku, Kakuza( my favorite ๐Ÿ˜› ), Kakaza, Thread-guy(by naruto), Kasaku, bakayaro konoyaro(by KB) and Kakuzku O_O

    LOL poor Kakuza..i mean Kakuzu >_>

  27. @kisuzachi They’re both dead by 2008.

  28. Bad choice for bubble contest. I have no idea whatsoever.

    So sad….I can’t contribute. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ::going to the corner and starting to like Sasuke::

  29. I actually don’t really like using data books or stats for these debates. If our arguments are based purely on those, then the point of having a debate in the first place becomes obsolete.

    All we would do every week is say “Lets see what the databooks say about Naruto vs Kakashi. Oh wait, most of Kakashi’s stats are higher, therefor he wins.”

    We all know there is a lot more to a character than physical stats. We also have to take into consideration that some characters are just better suited at battling a particular kind of opponent.

    For example, if Sasori fought Gaara instead of Deidara, would he have done as well, even though Deidara considered Sasori his superior? What does Sasori have that could get through Gaara’s absolute defense? Deidara had to use his explosive smartly in order to succeed, and he was more of a long range combatant, like Gaara, who could also use his ability to fly to help him evade Gaara’s sand. I just don’t see Sasori being half as successful in that kind of battle.

    Does this make him weaker in terms of overall stats than Deidara? Probably not, but it does give a good example of how stats don’t determine battles.

    I hope that made sense. O_o

  30. As for Kakuzu vs Sasori, from what we can see, Kakuzu clearly doesn’t have a normal circulatory system. In fact, the only time you ever see blood from an injury of his is when a heart was damaged directly.

    The fibers that make up most of Kakuzu’s body don’t appear to carry blood in them though, although that may have been done out of convenience for drawing purposes, but if that is the case, it would mean that simply scratching Kakuzu may not sufficiently poison him in any way that is dangerous.

    Also, as was mentioned before, it is possible for him to simply split his hearts from one another should one be poisoned regardless. It also isn’t impossible for Kakuzu to just evade being hit as well, just like Chiyo and Sakura did and if he liked he could also just simply harden his body to make it impervious to most physical damage like he did against Chouji.

    If he uses that, 90% of Sasori’s attacks will be rendered useless, seeing as how most of them are physical. The only other attacks he is seen using that did not rely on physical damage, were the fire and water elements from the scrolls on his back and Kakuzu has enough elemental affinities to counter those sufficiently until they run out.

  31. Caption: Yo Bee! Lemme ass you something!

  32. @Tenrai, everyone know’s stats dont determine who wins lol. Just look at Naruto vs Neji. On paper Neji would have kicked his ass, killed him, revive him and then kick his ass again, but we all know how that fight turned out. Also, Sasori vs Gaara would result in a victory for Sasori. His Iron sand would beat Gaara’s normal sand and I think mechanically launched needles with less mass than a human body and a more aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance would move much faster than Lee ever did, which means Sasori’s poison needles would hit.

    Chiyo was only able to dodge Sasori because Chiyo was a puppetmaster as well and had some info on how Sasori attacked, while Sakura was only able to dodge because Chiyo was manipulating her. I doubt Kakuzu has that info.

    Sasori also has his flamethrowers and water jets, which may not be as wide-area-damaging as Kakuzu’s attacks, but are far more focused. Let’s not forget that Sasori didint lose his fight by being beaten, he lost by suicide. Kakuzu was gang raped but he DID lose because he was overwhelmed.

    @Superdude, we dont know HOW Sasori won that fight. For all we know he could have just poisoned the Third Kazekage’s tea (if only Bleach people would use that tactic against Aizen, guy loves his tea :D) lol

    @kantonkage, bad guy’s stats usually come out only after they’re dead. I cant wait to see Nagato’s! I’m expecting 5 in each category ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. @kisuzachi

    Actually, Gaara could use his sand to cripple Sasori’s puppets in the same manner the iron sand crippled Chiyo’s puppets.

    Also remember that Gaara’s defense has stopped Deidara’s explosions at point blank range after the time skip, even when there was no sand there before the explosion occurred, showing us that the speed of his sand has increased drastically. Those needles of Sasori’s are just like the finger bullets Kimimaru used in terms of speed and density, so I doubt Gaara would have any problem defending against them. Not to mention he has his sand armor which is sure to be able to stop poison needles.

    But, this isn’t about Gaara and Sasori anyway…

    As for Chiyo dodging Sasori, remember that knowing your opponent’s movements and avoiding them successfully are not two factors that always walk hand in hand. This is shown by Sasuke’s first match against Lee. Even though he knew exactly what Lee was going to do, he still couldn’t avoid Lee’s attacks because Lee was faster. Chiyo is an old woman, so she is hardly fast in comparison to many other combatants, which means that Sasori’s attacks were probably not as fast as you make them out to be if she was able to avoid them. The only real threat came in how widespread they were, in that Sasori basically covered the entire battlefield in a shower of needles just to score a hit.

    Unlike Chiyo, Kakuzu can just harden his body to stop the needles or any other physical attack from affecting him, which takes away the threat of poison being transmitted through a wound. He can then use his ninjutsu to counter or match Sasori’s elemental scrolls, which only last for a moment before they disappear. Once Sasori cannot use that anymore, it’s game over.

    Remember, puppet masters lack brute power, which is why Chiyo had to use Sakura to break through Sasori’s puppet armor. I just don’t see any physical attacks in Sasori’s arsenal that have enough punch to damage Kakuzu once his body is hardened like steel.

    That’s why I think Kakuzu would win… unless, of course, he likes his tea as well. O_o

  34. How sick would it be for naruto to transform into the kyuubi and then use wind chakra swipes with the kyuubi claws?????!!!! OR use kyuubi’s Chakra laser beam and make a few earthquakes here and there with his giant body XD. lmao or maybe make a massive rasengan with the kyuubi’s claw! Obviously it has to be something over the top to counter sasuke EMS jutsus ๐Ÿ˜‰
    U Know? if naruto could actually transform into the kyuubi would that make toad summons useless?
    I mean what would u rather have? A fucking Giant demon fox king or a giant toad -____-……..

  35. @Tenrai: Databook stats are only used to add on to an argument not base the entirety of an argument on them. More ammo one could say but it’s ok if you don’t use them. To each his own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Kisu: Lol, come on there’s no way the Kazekage lost by tea sipping. X_X It’s true we don’t know how Sasori beat the Kazekage but we do know that he did in fact defeat him. In other words Sasori with only his puppets and poisons beat the Kazekage with the iron sand. Now if Sasori beat the Kazekage and his iron sand jutsu which is a Kekkei Genkei, then do we really see Kakuzu hardening his body as much of a problem? When all Sasori has to do is hit him with some poison gas or send a stream of iron sand down his throat? Just saying…>_>

    @Anyone: Btw, we never see in the manga Kakuzu use suiton jutsu so it’s only an assumption he has 5 elements. Yep, water is anime only. ๐Ÿ˜› What? He’s from the Hidden Waterfall Village!? That proves nothing! *slips away*

    Thank you Hidan, though we’re outnumbered and we’re still going to lose this. xD

  36. Hmm. I think im going with Team Kakuzu on this one (even though Sasori is cooler)

  37. I always wondered as to why Sasori never used his 100 puppet jutsu on his human puppets. If he did I think that this would be a closer fight. The fact Kakuzu can combine element and has 5 lives win it for me.

  38. Sorry Sasori, but I’m a turncoat.

    @Superdude, we dont know if they even fought. All we know is Sasori kidnapped him. Plus its not like he’s the Kage of Kirigakure (where he’d have to be better than the Seven Swordsmen) or Kumogakure (where he’d have to be better than……..well all the black ninjas, Shi was a wuss) or even Konohagakure where he’d have to be better than any named character. He was Kage of the single weakest main village, and being considered the strongest among the weak still means ur weak lol.

    I present Exhibit A – A ninja that didn’t go by the name Pain made a mockery of the entire Suna military

    Exhibit B – Suna in conjunction with Otogakure got their butts whooped by Konoha the moment they decided to counterattack.

    Exhibit C – A teenager that can be beaten by a sizable amount of other characters is their Kage

    So really, was Sasori kidnapping the Third Kazekage particularly difficult? You be the jury. I rest my case. (damn, waaaaaaay too much Law and Order SVU)

  39. I can see that since my last post a fair bit of info has been collected for both the two ex/revived akatsuki members.

    Well just as Kisu and Tenrai pointed out in there comments it would seem bot fighters have a lot to offer but in the long run Kakuzu has a deeper bag of tricks and that + 100 years on the face of the earth to me onlt spells one thing:

    Big old Bad Dude Vs Younger Body of average age dude + 5 hearts + 100 puppets + stick a dollar to Sasori’s heart = Kakuzu getting money high and killing everyone in his path.

    That would be hilarious if Kakuzu would actually wight way better if there were a reward or price on Sasori’s head, he would go mad a kill him over and over take his heart and stick it in every puppet Sasori has and at the end add how many times he killed him and with that he’ll be a rich ass zombie.

    Go kakuzu for the win.

    @ Katz, dude i’me open 24/6 the fee is NADA for WRA members but there is a drawback i’ll represent u from Romania, so i suggest a friend of mine, my esteemed colleague Mr. Capt. Pickles the 1st, he the man he can get u anywere from the lethal injection to Teaser Party madness with Some other distinguished members like Mr. Supertreck aka 89, Mr. Tenrai alias Senshi will have you for brunch & Mr. Charles “the incredible” Marksman

  40. @ tenrai, dude i have a question 4 u do you color sketches too, don’t mean to brag or anything but I do draw pretty good and i was wondering if u can color a drawing I made of Naruto and how I though he would look like the hokage. Let me know.
    WRA can delete this post after i get the answer because i know it has nothing to do with the breakdown or anything for that matter.

  41. “That would be hilarious if Kakuzu would actually fight way better if there were a reward or price on Sasoriโ€™s head”

    XD THAT’S SO TRUE! Kakuzu WOULDNT fight unless there’s a bounty on Sasori’s head lol.

  42. @Senshi: Wow, we’re on different sides…now that’s weird. Ok, I won’t start that. >_>

    As long as Kakuzu is human, he has a circulatory system. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes it to be like or how anyone thinks it functions, it will still dispense blood throughout his body. Otherwise, the purpose of his hearts will be defeated, among other things. This is why Kakuzu can receive injury, and in like manner, is susceptible to poisoning.

    You guys are really loving that Kakuzu can go hard as steel, no? >_> As I said before, Sasori’s iron sand doesn’t have to be solid to kill a person. There are a number of other death-dealing fashions it can be used in.

    Another thing is this. One very major factor with puppet masters is their unpredictability. You never can tell when and especially where an attack is coming from next. You never know what they will pull out of their ass (literally), and so it become exceedingly difficult to know when to go defensive unless you’re a puppet master as well, like Chiyo. Otherwise, you’re perfectly liable to at least get hit, and once that happens: game over.

    Consider how Naruto got Kakuzu hosed.

    Again, gas is not out of the question. If Kakuzu reinforces himself, the gaseous poison will get him. Each of those ‘heart bodies’ is only capable of using a single element. If he decides to separate himself to get bail, they will get smashed by physical hits seeing as how none of them other than the real body can use Earth Style.

    If Sasori scatters his puppets, it doesn’t matter how large-scale your jutsu is, there are only so few you can get with it. And as the number reduces, the power increases.

    Again, like I said before, iron sand is obviously extremely dense, and once formed into solid, it can provide as potent a defense as can be. If all that vacuum wind stuff somehow manages to blow it away, it would only be taken back to its original form which can still be used and formed back into a solid. And so begins the counter attack.

    Yea, Kakuzu has years more experience than anyone, yet he was ended by someone much younger than Sasori. Experience is one thing. Skill is another.

    However you look at it, Kakuzu is cornered, and even with his steel hard one, he’ll get screwed. >_>

    @Super: I think the heart Kakashi destroyed was the one for water is why.

  43. @Eugen: Hellz yea, I’m also open 24/7, baby! Wait, that came out wrong…>_>

  44. @Kisu: I object!!! Lol, come on now. To think the Kazekgae was simply kidnapped and killed without putting up a fight. No Kage level opponent goes down gagged and bound. :X

    The elders were wrong about one thing though. Sasori did not “easily” kill the Kazekage. He admits it was a hard kill in fact which makes it his favorite puppet.

    If you doubt they fought that’s ok but in the end the databook says he “painstakingly defeated” the Sandaime Kazekage. Now does that sound like Sasori kidnapped the fellow and that was that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I see you also doubt the power of not only the 3rd Kazekage but the rest of the Kazekages and the entire Suna Village. XD Yes, they failed to destroy the Leaf Village as many other nations have failed in the past. Yes, a teenager resides as their Kage. A teenager that if you put up against any of the 4 other Kages I can easily pick 3 he could beat. Those 3 Kages will be my witnesses to testify on the stand on the behalf of Suna’s power. The powers that Sasori overcame by defeating their strongest Kazekage. Powers that make Kakuzu’s earth jutsu look like amateur academy level jutsu. *sits down to drinks a glass of water and shuffle through briefcase* ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Pickles: Lol, I know I was being sarcastic. xD Though Kakuzu never used water element in the manga it’s as obvious to me he has that element as Sasori fought the Sandaime Kazekage. ^_^

  45. @ Pickles, I actually thought that the one kakashi smashed with the raikiri was the Doton one, because in the anime he used his original body to do water clones, oh and one more thing, can kakuzu use all his elements if he has his hearts detached???????? I don’t know were i’ve seen a clip of him using 2 different elements while the body clones were detached. I’ll check it out.

    And 4 the whole iron sand theory, I see it going both ways either Sasori manages to suffocate Kakuzu or Kakuzu manages to destroy the 3rd Kazekage’s body like Sakura did and after that all that’s left and from my stand point Sasori’s best trump card the poison, either mist or needles or just puppet weapons all together that’s a very wide attack no matter what and you have to be fast and very good at reaction time to avoid it, things that Kakuzi is really good at, so far from what I’ve heard from u guys I still give Kakuzu 65-70% more chances to kill Sasori then the other way around.

    Damn I wish there would be a simulator for this debates were we can see at the finish what we’ve all concluded in a real anime fight, like the show from discovery with the different animals that get to fight at the end of the show on a PC simulator in conformation to what the teams of the specific beast has gathered on there animal.
    That’s what we should get as a Christmas gift, or we could just play the game on PS3 or Xbox

  46. i actually dont get this debate O_O guys wake up!!!!!

    a useless shit called sakura once killed sasori , what could he do to any ninja he couldnt even beat iruke


    on a more serious note

    imagine sasori fighting 5 [or 4 ? correct meeeeeeezzzz] s class ninja who wins ? :DDDDDDD
    and i read above super you said gara could certainly beat 3 of the kage’s . well yeh i say NAME EM BITCH XD .

    raikage pwns gara
    the freakin old stone village kage can fly!!! and do a thing which disintigrates everything O_o ….[i may have forgotten though]
    danzo freakin owned sasugay [though kishi’s overwhelming love for sasugay gave him eternal chakra and new summons and the power to taunt kakashi [ though i guess kishi’s hate came into play there ]]

    btw dont count tsunade as a kage because if she is a kage i think iruka is a mega kage

  47. and with this comment i have successfully taken over the recent comments ๐Ÿ˜€

    i r stayz awayz for some timez and youz stripz me of my powerz you supez bitchzzz @_@

  48. lol thanks Eugen and Pickles…….although i was thinking of hiring Kisuzachi after his lawful speech XD……btw, i’ll have you guys know that i’m standing trial for engaging in “improper activities” with a cat…….WAIT, IT’S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS! >_> <_<


    wow, you guys really know your data and facts @_@……looks like i'll have to contribute something to the debate too….uhh umm..**checks databook**…….WOW KAKUZA HAS 5 HEARTS!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. @Everyone using Iron Sand in their debates.

    Just remember that in order for the Kazekage’s puppet to use the Iron Sand, it had to retain the same chakra that the Fourth Kazekage had when he was alive. For this purpose, Sasori creates his puppets with the hearts of the people he has killed, so that they can retain that unique chakra.

    In other words, Sasori using the Kazekage puppet is like handing over ammunition to Kakuzu. If Kakuzu gets a hold of the heart inside that puppet, then he can control the Iron Sand as well and, let’s face it, the Kazekage’s puppet was pwned by Sakura who is far less experienced than Kakuzu, so assuming that Kakuzu wouldn’t be able to just do the same is a bit much.

    Kakuzu also has access to many elements that he can use to defend himself. He also has access to very wide scale jutsu that can cover the entire battlefield in destruction, something that both Chiyo and Sakura lacked in their battle.

    He can also separate his body into five parts to increase his chances of taking the Kazekage’s puppet out, and only one of them actually has to land a direct hit. If he gets that heart, it is game over for Sasori.

    So, although powerful, Sasori using that weapon in battle is just as risky as it may be rewarding. It doesn’t give him the edge, per say, it is just one power that has more risk to using it in this particular battle than anything else he could use against Kakuzu. I think Sasori would be smart enough to know that as well.


    Unfortunately, I am not a very good illustrator from what I can tell, but then again, I have never really given it a shot, so who knows.

    But if you like, I can give your image a go for coloring. I am interested to see what it looks like as well. ^ ^

  50. I think a lot of people are underestimating Gaara nowadays as well. I would like to remind everyone that he didn’t just become the kazekage because he has a cool fashion sense.

    And it’s not like it was just because he was a Jinchuuriki either.

    He lost his Bijuu some time ago already and yet he is still the Kazekage. We know the each village’s council can also opt for a new kage and they have the power to appoint one as well, so they could have outed Gaara by now if they felt he was too weak for the position.

    We have also had a glimpse of his power lately. He stopped the Raikage’s attack from hitting Sasuke quite effortlessly to be honest (which was infused with lightning, btw) and he also managed to defend against Amatarasu, something few people, if any, would be able to claim. His absolute defense seems to be better than ever, actually.

    Even Kankurou mentioned that he doesn’t need protection when they left Suna, indicating that even despite the risk of sending him off alone to a meeting with five other kage and their escorts, he had full confidence in Gaara’s ability to defend himself without aid.

  51. The spoiler is outโ€ฆ

    My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw thatโ€ฆ omgโ€ฆ especially this…

    *rocks back and forth and tries not to splode*

  52. let’s take a look at the spoiler….OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. This was without a doubt one of the best match-ups as of late, two very skilled, and very smart fighters that even if they were defeated at the start of the shippuuden series they brought to the table some of the best fights we’ve seen ever, this guys offered us a show to remember and unlike most akatsuki this two aren’t afraid to dish it all out.

    I’ve seen that fighters like Deidara and Konan really din’t prove they belong there. I know it’s not part of the debate and yes konan has indeed seen more fight time in the anime with one episode then she did in the manga, but this two are weak in comparison to others, especially all the fuss i hear about Deidara from the tshuchikage and so on, that he’s the shit and all that, Deidara is a coward who take’s his time flying on a clay bird and throwing clay at u until he get’s lucky, it’s all he can do, not to say he isn’t effective but that for me is just cowardly especially the Gaara vs Deidara fight, deidara had to force gaara to protect his village in order to capture him, not to say he’s way of analyzing and thinking on the battlefield isn’t good but he just dose it because he can fly and he can take his time. When he fought Sasuke he was pushed to the limit and well he blew himself up and I bet that the same thing would have happened if he would have fought Gaara alone.

    As for how misoginistic Kishi is all women in Naruto are pretty much weak except the Mizukage & Tsunate, Konan & Temari other then that average or below average spells for pretty much everyone else (Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Shizune, Anko, Kurenai & i’me sad to say it but Hinata too average average average). The only true prospect i’me still waiting to see in regards to a strong female ninja in konoha is Hinata’s little sister, who from her father’s stand point should have inherited quite a lot, she should be just about Kono’s age now so if Kono can do Rasengan what can she do ???

    Well i guess this isn’t leading anywere so i guess i’ll stop here.

  54. @ truepain, where is it dude you got me all pumped up!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  55. DUDE no fucking way :O:O:O:O: >O___O<

  56. @eugen & Truepain

    My thoughts exactly…. I am actually beside myself. *Looks at clone standing beside me* O_o

    *splodes from complete overdose of epicness*

  57. When I saw the spoiler it was definately a WTF moment. Talk about completely forgeting someone. I think Kishi has done us proud can’t wait.


  59. *Welcomes Kantonkage into the “OMGWTH?SPLODES!!!” club*.

    Welcome, you can have a seat right in between Eugen and Truepain. Just be careful, Eugen has gone into a vegetative state, so he does tend to drool a bit. O_o

    Oh, and I sploded earlier, so I am not sure how I am talking to you right now. T__T

  60. @Tenrai: Eh? Lol, wait a minute let’s back up a little. How is it possible for Kakuzu to steal the Sandaime Kazekage’s heart when the puppet has no heart? The only reason Sasori is able to use the Sandaime Kazekage’s jutsu is because he made the Kazekage into a human puppet which retained its chakra. Nobody else can do that so Kakuzu is out of luck.

    No heart.

    Still no heart.

    The only puppet that has a heart is Sasori and he can move it to any of his numerous puppets at will and in the blink of an eye. Yep, there is a risk Sasori can get his heart taken just like there’s a risk Kakuzu can be poisoned. There’s always a risk in battle.

    Plus, Sasori can just use his iron sand to defend against any of Kakuzu’s elemental blasts. The only slim chance I can see of Kakuzu defeating Sasori is to somehow get a hit in on the Sandaime Kazekage, but he doesn’t have an antidote like Sakura did which is the only reason Sakura was able to defeat Sasori’s best puppet. Then if he does defeat the Sandaime Kazekgae Sasori still has 100 other puppets and the ability to defeat a Kage level opponent without the iron sand but raw talent.

    @Eugen: You’re right about that. Going by this picture the Doton mask was destroyed so he used that mask for his earth affinity.

    The earth affinity must also be his natural element because he used it in the anime even after the mask was destroyed. Either that or the anime made a mistake. >_> Since he used Suiton in the anime you can also assume that was his natural affinity too, but remember what you’re citing is anime filler. Like Kakashi using Katon Jutsu in the anime when we have never seen him in his 400+ chapters use a Katon Jutsu once. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And Deidara is awesome!!! His long distance fighting may seem cowardly but that’s just his style. Why get up close and die when all his attacks are suited for long range? xD Doesn’t Gaara just do long distance fighting never wanting to get up close to an opponent? Using his sand to keep enemies at bay while he just stands there with his arms crossed. o_O

    LOL! They’re both awesome and if Deidara wasn’t as unprepared as he was and if he was there not to capture but to kill.

    We would have seen a different fight. ^(0_=)^ Now please don’t let me interrupt your vegetative spoiler state. ๐Ÿ™‚







    just got out of my comatose state s=after great grandma kicked me out of the camp fire gathering.

    Dudes grab a seat next to me, Tenrai, Truepain, Kanton and Super and bring tissues because this chapter’s gonna be a drooling success.

    Can’t wait for this one to come out, hopefully it’s gonna be later tonight then tomorrow morning, it’s about 5:20 PM Wednesday here and the chapter as of late has been back on track with the schedule of coming out early in the morning Thursday. I really hope it comes out in the next 7-8 hours.
    I wonder if Kushina is real or just a illusion/ghost like Minato.

  63. Oh my…please remember to put “Spoiler” over your comments so I can mark it and the big surprise is ruined for others. >(T_T)>

  64. >_>

    i forgot >_>

    Lol, it’s alright Death. You just got a little excited that’s all. xD If you just said something like “OMGWTFBBQ” there would be no need for putting “spoiler” over your comment. ^_-


  65. @ Super, I know u like to make a firm point with this and i’ve said it from the start, being a big Kakuzu fan I’ll always take his side, cause the dude is super cool but I do think that Kakuzu is the one suited to beat Sasori, as I’ve been pointing out the fact that Kakuzu is so fast and strong and with the now overused term of iron skin he possesses the 100+ are as good as gone the only way they can do harm is by venom other then than I think that Sasori’s best chance is a combo with the 3rd Kazekage and Poison needles, a very wide range attack that would force Kakuzu to make a mistake, but seeing as he can detach his hearts too and unlike the puppets this guys can react on there own it’s clear to me that Kakuzu hold the upper hand in this one, just think about it this way, If the 3rd Kazekage is busy with let’s say 2 of kakuzu’s hearts, the puppets with the other 2 and kakuzu gets right next to Sasori, that puppet body isn’t good at taijutsu, just like when Sakura destroyed the Hiruko puppet, it wasn’t equipped to resist to that much power, and yes I know Sasori still has the water jet thing and the flame thrower but if u think about it Kakuzu has every element at his disposal and just as fire is weak against water so is water weak against earth so pretty mush those powers are rendered useless.

    Anyway that’s my true opinion, if Kakuzu can get up close to Sasori and that’s very probable the fight is over, just like if Kakuzu gets poisoned but just like Sakura, Kakuzu has a 5 shots at this seeing as he has 5 hearts to keep him alive and if i’me not mistaken that’s more chances then Sakura and Chiyo had.


    Sorry about not posting Spoiler earlier too Super, but u gotta admit this is one big ass surprise, the bigest since Minato came back into the picture.

  67. Spoiler Alert

    got a new spoiler for you gentleman, enjoy, I’me gonna go visit great grandma again, invites Tenrai’s out of body, spirit to roste marshmallows at the camp fire.

  68. “they could have outed Gaara by now if they felt he was too weak for the position.”

    Lol who’d they replace him with, Baki? lol He is the strongest in his WEAK VILLAGE so they CANT replace him with someone better. Gaara just isnt KAge level, and if he is, he’s at the low end of Kage level

  69. I’m siding with Sasori again >_>

    “just as fire is weak against water so is water weak against earth so pretty mush those powers are rendered useless.” You’re confusing chakra with actual elements here. Suigetsu’s body is made of water so he’s weak against lightning, but actual Water chakra nature is only weak against Earth. Difference

    There are 2 reasons Sakura got a hit in on the Third Kazekage. The first is the antidote she made. The second is Sasori completely underestimated both she AND Chiyo. He could have just used the Iron Sand to crush her, but because he thought some dumb teenager was out, he sent in the puppet to finish her off. In a fight with a fellow Akatsuki member he wouldn’t make that mistake. Lets also not forget that Sasori basically killed himself.

    “When he fought Sasuke he was pushed to the limit and well he blew himself up and I bet that the same thing would have happened if he would have fought Gaara alone.” No he wasnt pushed to his limit. Sasugay was done for if Deidara kept his cool. Instead he got angry because Sasugay dissed his Art and had the most spammed dojutsu in the manga, the Sharingan, which he hates. So Deidara losing is due to a combination of PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity), Kishi’s divine love of Sasugay (what are the odds that he’d have the exact element for countering Deidara’s bombs), Orochimaru’s healing abilities and Snake powers which Sasugay absorbed and his CS2. So no, things would have played out much differently if Deidara had the same amount of clay he used in his fight against Sasuke, in his fight against Gaara.

  70. When I saw the spoiler I was finally able to relate to this video.

  71. Spoiler
    I am excited to see Kushina in the spoiler pic but it left me wondering what in the world does a tug of war between the nine tailed fox and naruto have to do with his mother? A definite WTH moment!

  72. @Eugen: No worries, I’m not trying to make you switch alliances. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If Kakuzu splits his hearts I’ll just go back to the very first point I made in this debate.

    “As for the debate Iโ€™m going to have to side with Sasori here. Sasori could easily finish off 4 of Kakuzuโ€™s hearts with his โ€˜Satetsu Kaihoโ€™ leaving only Kakuzu left who can use the earth element to harden his body.

    This would leave Sasori with only Kakuzu and his earth element to deal with.” (Supertrek89 said this on May 30, 2010 at 8:08 pm)

    But I should make a correction on that. If 1 of the 4 masks/hearts uses the Daton element then only 3 of Kakuzu’s hearts would be vulnerable to the ‘Satetsu Kaiho’. Still, that would leave Kakuzu down to two lives and Sasori with his army of puppets and the Sandaime Kazekage. If I remember correctly Kakuzu got beat within minutes by 1 person and with 3 lives left to boot. On the other hand as Kisu as pointed out, Sasori lost voluntarily fighting 2 people at once. Also…didn’t Kakuzu return from a failed mission trying to assassinate the 1st Hokage? >_> Now if memory serves me right I do believe Sasori had no such failings when he killed the Sandaime Kazekage. Muhahhaahhahaaha! XD

    As for speed, according to the databook stats Sasori is faster than Kakuzu. I don’t see anywhere in the manga showing which one is faster though, so I’m just sticking with none is faster than the other. ^_^

    In order for Kakuzu to get near Sasori he has to get past the Sandaime Kazekage and then Sasori’s army of puppets first so it’s not like Taijutsu will work right off the bat either. Sasori isn’t called a genius for nothing. He’s too cool for school. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. lol, kisuzachi you change side more than than revolver ocelot did in metal gear

  74. just woke up from a coma after falling into a pool.
    @nagashi true Suna is the weakest village because when compare the yondaime kazekage to his fellow yondaime he pales in comparasion like Yagura can control his Bijuu, E and Minato have super human reflexes so fast that they can overwhelmed the Sharingan well Minato in theory. They fought two of the strongest bijuu and won. As well as a powerful seals without bad effects sort of. Gaara’s father was well killed by Orochimaru without a fight.

  75. Welllllllll, now that’s debatable that Kakuzu lost three of his lives in one shot, let’s keep in mind that this is The Rassen Shuriken probably the best jutsu ever created with nature and shape manipulation, so it’s no surprise kakuzu fell from that jutsu.

    Now I’ll admit as I’ve said before the 3rd kazekage and the poison are the best trump cards Sasori has, but they were beaten by Sakura and they can be beaten by a man that probably knows more about Sasori then Sakura and Chiyo together so it’s safe to assume that Kakuzu knows about Sasori just as Sasori might as well know about Kakuzu’s skills.

    A very combined attack could make the Kazekage history, just like I said a puppet is a puppet and one good blow can finish the job and if it’s one thing Kakuzu has, that is Jutsus, maybe more than kakshi himself.

    Not to be a hypocrit but the 100+ puppets as I said before in my honest opinion don’t pose that much of a threat in a fight with someone like Kakuzu or any other akatsuki for that matter.

    Oh and I wanted to make a point about Kishi’s 3rd datebook stats, I know we decided we weren’t gonna debate on this because there’s no point seeing that there are to many variables in a fight to just resume them on stats, but answer me this, Naruto in sage mode is probably faster then anyone now except for the Raikage but it clearly states that he’s very slow given only 3.5 at speed unlike may other slower people so this could mean one of two things, either his speed is the one he has at normal power without sage mode witch would be crap because it’s still his speed either way, or the info Kishi gave is made in a rush and it’s inaccurate. Can’t say for sure but the same thing can be said for Sasori, maybe his speed is the one he moves his puppets and not the one he uses with his own body unlike Kakuzu who runes like a Crack Head on wellllll Crack.

    So other then that I see your point Super I just don’t like this stats thing at all beacuse i think it to be very misleading and actually very far from the truth from what I gather.

    I mean compare this Naruto Statistic:

    Nin 4
    Tai 3.5
    Gen 2
    Intel 3
    Str 3.5
    Spe 3.5
    Stam 5
    Hand 1.5
    total 26

    to Sasuke
    Nin 5
    Tai 3.5
    Gen 4
    Int 3.5
    Str 3.5
    Spd 4.5
    Sta 3.5
    hand 4
    total 31.5

    That to me is just wrong, the only two things as of late Sasuke was better at then Naruto were Genjutu witch Naruto only knows how partialy counte and handseals again Naruto has no jutsus that require hand seals and those he dose have he make the seal pretty fast. Other then that how can u say Sasuke is faster or stronger then Naruto and the same at itelligence and taijutsu when Naruto outwited lots more people then Sasuke and as far as Taijutsu goes the kid can kill you even if he dosen’t touch you with the frog katas.

    I’me headed in the wrong direction again so i’ll stop here but head my worning kishi, Stop posting stupid ass Stats or I’ll send Tenrai to haunt u till the end of your life.

  76. @eugen Hand seals represnt Chakra control I think.

  77. @eugen I don’t think that current because Nagato, Kirabi and, Konan don’t have stats either.

  78. No no no, those stats are very accurate! O_O Sasuke is just awesome like that of course he trumps Naruto in almost everything. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lol, hey if we can’t trust Kishi who writes the manga then who are we going to trust eh? XD Lol, anyway in all seriousness I don’t think those stats are up to date (Naruto and Sasuke). When they are updated I expect to see Sasuke pwning Naruto again like usual. >_> *laughs manically*

    Anyway, on the matter of the debate I wasn’t saying Kakuzu lost all 3 lives at the same time. He only lost 2 to Naruto but he had 3 lives at the time he fought him. The stats I use loosely because they’re only 1 factor in a battle but they do help to prove 1 thing; Kakuzu isn’t faster than Sasori. Lastly, the reason why Chiyo knew Sasori so well is because Sasori was her grandson. Not only that but she was a puppet master herself. That’s why her and Sakura were able to come out victorious. Intel played a major role in the battle they only won because Sasori killed himself. o_o Kakuzu is no puppet master nor was he related to Sasori and he wasn’t even on the same team as Sasori, so I don’t see him having much information on him and vice versa.

  79. SPOILER – sorta…

    I’m at Kishi’s house right now, and I managed to beat up every guard, and ninja-dog he had (except for that crafty chihuahua)
    After interrogating him for a few hours, I got some info..


    The kyuubi is just using genjutsu on Naruto.
    Oh, and also Kishi admitted HATING Kakashi…

    *door bursts open, and who enters is a shotgun-toting Ahsan*

    See ya at the campfire Kishi!

  80. 497 is OUT!! Go get ’em, guys and gals!



  83. Wooot here we go!
    Kushina is not from kyuubi pplz! -__-
    It seems that I was right with my production last week.
    Naruto would lose the will to countinue, then now he will discover is mother and gain the will to finish his life long battle to end his own hatred within.
    It seems that his parents helped naruto though two stages of the kyuubi training.
    1.minato set him on the path to except himself and having to keep the the kyuubi at bay.
    2.kushina will end the battle with a mothers touch. You could tell tell how much she cared for him by looking at her expression. It was one of pure divotion any parent has.
    I hope she gives naruto a hug. That is Something he truely diserves.
    Also I wonder if minato did the samething he did to himself to seal part of his chakra in him to kushina.
    I hope this convo last longer than what minato had with naruto. Cause there’s so much unknown with kushina that I really want to know!

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    Also it’s not production *stupid ipod touch* it’s prediction!

  85. What a chapter! Naruto is kicking the Kyuubi’s ass and throwing it around like it’s a rag doll. I guess it’s because it’s only half the Kyubi’s chakra and Naruto is just a badass like that in Sage Mode. Wonder what Kushina has to say and how did she get in there in the first place? Seems like she’s dead too and Minato sealed her in Naruto’s mind to preserve her or something. Sicko…>_>

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  88. Now on to the debate. Where to begin…

    @Eugen: Yea, you’re probably right about the mask Kakashi destroyed, since I’m not too sure myself. I was just expressing a thought. I don’t like getting into the anime extras so I’m just gonna step over that. X__X

    Destroying the Kazekage puppet isn’t as easy as you make it out to seem. As I explained before, the iron sand will defend very effectively against any of Kakuzu’s jutsu, so that not only can he not land a hit, he’s left open for a counter-attack filled with options. It’s almost as if Kisuzachi was in my head when he mentioned those two reasons Sakura was able to smash the Kazekage puppet, none of which Kakuzu is capable of. Go check it out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Again, as I said, puppeteers are just so unpredictable, speed also won’t cut it. Like I said, remember how Naruto dealt with Kakuzu.

    Also, they will continue to fire relentlessly from all the most unprecedented corners, it’s only a matter of time. Kakuzu will be busy dodging thousands of needles, and then a few hundred arms, and before he knows it, some completely random one of the lot starts to emit poison gas and he’s rendered blind. Before he can move, he’s all tired up.

    If he releases his hearts to escape… (Just one of the many methods he could use if he chooses not to defend and go for a counter strike)

    And even with Sakura’s enhanced speed and Chiyo’s vast knowledge and puppet mastery, there was no dodging that. And, of course, the sand is poisoned.

    We also seem to be forgetting that Sasori isn’t exactly a slug, either.

    Think about this. Kakuzu has to move his entire body to dodge. Sasori has to move his fingers to attack.

    Oh, and you wanna know the scary part? He was only fooling around with them.

    You know, I’m really beginning to love this link posting business.

    “Anyway thatโ€™s my true opinion, if Kakuzu can get up close to Sasori and thatโ€™s very probable the fight is over”

    I totally agree! And I think Sasori does, too…>_>

    @Senshi: Emm, well, as Super already pointed out: no heart. And even if there were, as I’ve tried to show already, it wouldn’t Kakuzu can’t just take it. As for everything else, if I didn’t deal with it already in this post, it’s in my previous one.


    @Eugen those stats are from 2008, before Naruto learned Sage Mode and before Sasugay got the MS. They cant be used in debates about living characters, but can in debates about the dead like Sasori and Kakuzu

    @New chapter, meh. I’ve seen better >_>


    Just read the new chapter. naruto beating up the kyuubi was strangely satisfying lol ๐Ÿ™‚ ……..but after all the kyuubi’s been hyped up to be, it’s kinda…………………satisfying ๐Ÿ˜€

    KUSHINA!!!! WOW, kishi, you just showed haterz what u got man……….how to save your manga??? pull out random dead epic characters outta nowhere!! >_>

    kidding, of course kushina’s entry was epic…….but i’m waitin to see what she says to naruto…….i’m assuming it’s not “Can i get you a sandwich, dear?”… ๐Ÿ˜›

  91. @kisuzachi

    Seen better? Well… how… odd… O_o


    Anyway, as far as I recall, no matter how you look at it, Naruto pwned Pein. The only time he struggled was when he wasn’t in sage mode, which is a problem he doesn’t have against the Kyuubi because he can constantly gain natural energy while he is sitting still.

    Give me one instance in the battle with Pein while Naruto was in sage mode where he had a problem. I bet you wont find any. ๐Ÿ˜›

    This chapter has just proven how potent Sage Mode actually is.

    As for Pein beating the Kyuubi, as far as I recall, he was sent running when Naruto went six tails and his most powerful technique couldn’t even hold eight tails. To be completely fair, Naruto is also being assisted as well, so I can’t even say he could beat the Kyuubi alone, so it’s not like it’s just Pein. Imagine this was the Kyuubi at full power…

    @Manga chapter

    THAT WAS THE MOST EPIC CHAPTER I HAVE SEEN IN AGES!!!! There are just no words to describe how awesome that chapter was and to top it all off, Kushina arrives at the end.

    Epic, just epic… IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!


  92. I am thinking of colouring the double spread where the Kyuubi fires his lazer…. but I think it may take some time. X__x

    But it looks so epic… T__T

  93. Wait …where did his mom come from? I dont remember anything saying his mom was dead . Did yamoto summon her ? So let me get this straight…He has his moms ,his dads, and itatchi’s..chakra? Im starting to wonder if he really needs the fox at all…

  94. @Return_of_Ra

    Actually, his entire residents list is…

    1) Itachi’s crow.
    2) Gamatora.
    3) The Kyuubi.
    4) Minato and…
    5) Now Kushina as well.

    They all need to pay their long overdue rent. T__T

    No wonder Naruto was messed up as a kid. He had to deal with all that psychological trauma and share a brain with three other occupants, a list that has since grown to five now. O_o

    Unless dark Naruto counts as well…

  95. @tenrai don’t forget the visitors Ass-uke and Kirabi.

  96. @Tenrai and Kantokage

    Hell, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Naruto soon starts screaming “WE ARE GOD” and ” BOW BEFORE OUR MIGHTINESS”. In fact we might as well find out that the entire story was happening in Naruto’s head while he was in coma because a bus driver named Sasuke hit him. O_o

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    Kushina’s entry was the best entry we had it in years!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter. This will be some debate! Can’t wait for the new breakdown too.

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    @Chapter: I really hope Kushina isn’t dead but I can’t find another reason why she would be inside his head like Minato was. I have a strange feeling she’s apart of the Kyubi or maybe Minato’s backup. Minato appeared before the seal was just about to be released. Kushina appears after the seal is completely released so she’s like the last defense against the Kyubi taking over Naruto.

    The eight tails is stronger than it I thought. It smothered the Kyuubi’s blast with one hand and in a weakened state. That or the Kyubi isn’t as strong as I thought it was. Lol, but it sure can talk some trash! XD It would have gotten Naruto if Kushina hadn’t showed up. You better thank your mom after all this done Naruto, she just saved you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. @supertrek89

    Actually, it was Pein vs Kyuubi we were debating. I already know Pein is more powerful than Naruto, I was just giving an example of Sage Mode’s strength.

    And, to be honest, if Pein is dumb enough to go around wasting his power, that is his fail, not Naruto’s. A shinobi must always be prepared for any circumstances. It isn’t Naruto’s fault Pein decided to show off and waste his power. That is just as much a factor in battle as anything, the ability to hold back and not waste your chakra stupidly.

    Lee also said that luck is a form of skill as well. (Taught to him by Gai-sensei!) ๐Ÿ˜›

  100. Spoiler

    My bad last time, try to avoid it in future.

    If Kushina isn’t dead I have to say she sucks as a mother. Leaving with a tailed beast in a village that hates him is just short of leaving him in the woods. Naruto lucked out he could had the Gaara or Bee attempt on his life without the protective sand or back up. Iruka could went the Motoi path and finished Naruto because he had enough opportunities even with 3rd around.

    To appear in Naruto’s mind I’m guess she was probably sacrifice in the sealing with Minato or crush by Kyuubi and is unexplained part of kyuubi hatred with all them other faceless freaks. Still have no idea how she got there. Perhaps Flying Thunder God because she just came outta nowhere like 4th.

    497 was epic on account of Naruto being badass, Kyuubi without question was disappointing. He has less in repotoire than Naruto.
    Although Naruto did have no techs left except perhaps thousand years of pain exploding tag style and uzumaki rendan which I can’t see working. I wonder can you summon a giant frog on mind and if it does how the hell does work?

    What did we learn from this chapter. Obscure character and hardly mention can make appearances. Maybe Kabuto’s box could of had a certain sage in it. Or one of the random uchiha character can be tobi.

  101. EPIC ANIME, EPIC MANGA!!!!!!! What more could I ask for today??? T_T

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  103. That was epic. Man, I feel like that was a really solid classic Naruto chapter.

  104. @Tenrai: Lol, I was just addressing this sentence.

    “Anyway, as far as I recall, no matter how you look at it, Naruto pwned Pein.” (Tenrai)

    I’m not interested in a Kyubi vs. Pein debate that’s why I didn’t say anything about it. >(0_-)>

    Oh, Naruto won because of luck alright. He’s lucky Pein wasn’t there to kill him and like you said he’s lucky Pein wasted his chakra on destroying his entire village in one fell swoop. It all worked out in the end though so lucky Naruto. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Lost: I’m thinking if Kushina is alive she left the village because she absolutely had to. I’m sure there’s some reason to it all. Either that or she’s dead. If she’s not dead and she doesn’t have a good reason then yes, she’s a terrible mother. XD

  105. @supertrek89

    You can look at it as only luck, or you can look at it as Pein’s mistakes that cost him the battle. Wasting his chakra on destroying the village was a poor mistake. Trying to kill Hinata was a poor mistake as well.

    If two people are battling and one makes a mistake and trips because of clumsiness and that mistake allows the other combatant to win, does that suddenly not count because it was just a mistake? Pain was responsible for his actions and if he chose the wrong actions, that is as much a factor in battle as anything. It cost him the battle in the end and as much as you may try to excuse it, he didn’t have to destroy the village, but he chose to, so that is his fail.

    In addition to that, if he knew he was low on chakra, he could have had animal path summon him out of Konoha and he could have temporarily retreated until he had enough chakra again.

    But he didn’t, because pride allowed him to believe he was immortal and that cost him in the end. So sure, you can say he didn’t have enough chakra, or make other excuses, but in the end who’s fault is that? It was his at the end of the day. He could have done things more smartly, but he didn’t. Poor judgement in battle is not an excuse to say someone didn’t deserve a victory.

    It’s like saying Freeza lost to Goku because his own technique pwned him, so it wasn’t really Goku’s victory. Pfft… <_<

  106. Let’s see…

    Either we got the Kyuubi throwing one helluva genjutsu to lure Naruto into giving his chakra over or, we have the latest evidence that Naruto’s head is very crowded these days (no wonder he fainted). First, Yondaime now Kushina and then there’s Itachi. Who else is in there? Ero Sennin? Tsunade? Oh yeah, add Sondaime…then there’s Kakashi…the possibilities are endless. >.<

    I'd be very surprised to see that Kushina offers anything new about family history. Personally, I think she is a genjutsu thrown by the Kyuubi to lure Naruto into handing over his chakra. In the process, he learns that this image is that of his mother.

    I also believe she is dead and was either a second sacrifice for the Kyuubi being sealed (as strong as this demon is) or she died somehow either through childbirth or from the Kyuubi attack itself.

  107. @lostpride

    Actually, someone did make an attempt on his life. Mizuki. O_o

    If Iruka had been resentful towards Naruto instead of being compassionate, Naruto would have been killed that night. So I guess he is lucky Iruka was there for him and in truth, Iruka was the only one who was there for him at first.

    I just wish Iruka was given more credit for that important role he played in Naruto’s life.

  108. @Tenrai: No, I’m not saying Naruto won the battle “only” because of luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It just played a big factor. I’m not taking Naruto’s victory away, I know he won and I never denied it. XD I’m just saying how he won. Pein made the “mistake” of destroying Konoha and Naruto came in for the victory defeating a weakened enemy but only after Hinata distracted Pein from finishing off Naruto. That’s why I say Naruto is lucky. Is he not? Skill, determination, outside help, and Pein’s mistakes also went into Naruto’s victory but as you said yourself. Luck did play its part. Nothing more, nothing less. >(0_-)>

    If it’s any consolation if Naruto had the Kyubi under his control by then he would have indeed pwned Pein outright.

    @Penny: Yo Penny! The Kyubi using a genjutsu on Naruto with an image of his mom is just dirty, sneaky, underhanded, and downright evil! Something the Kyubi would do! XD

    But I don’t know about that, I really think that’s his mom but we’ll see.

  109. @New Chapter

    It… was… AWESOME!!! The Kyuubi didn’t actually seem that strong. It has enormous, legendary strength and Naruto almost pwned it! With a new rasengan variation… yet again. -_-
    Kushina’s entrance was kinda wierd in my opinion. “You belong here”, I don’t think that’s the Kyuubi’s genjutsu.
    Lol, death in naruto is highly ignored… Dead people just keep on interacting with living ones! It’s becoming redundant.

    @Tenrai, super, kisu… (Naruto vs Pein debate in general)

    The Nine Tails pwns Pain OVER 9000 times, but Naruto wouldn’t have actually pwned him if he hadn’t wasted his power and if he was in for the kill.

    Tenrai, Goku didn’t kill Frieza because his attack backfired and sliced him in two. Goku already had the upper hand. He was more powerful and pwned Frieza, even though he wasn’t in for the kill. He wanted to leave, but Frieza acted cowardly and attacked him anyway. Even after that Goku gave him a bit of his energy so he could escape, but he used it to shoot an energy beam at Goku who sent it back with his own.

  110. Hiya Penny. It’s good to see you again.

    Did you ever get my comment[s]?

    Also, I thought Kushina’s entrance was pretty awesomeness. And I’ve been experiencing my own chest pains recently, of various reasons potentially. ๐Ÿ˜›

    It also made me wonder if maybe Naruto’s unhealthy ramen habits led to some heart problems or perhaps he has acid reflux or some such, and it’s affecting him. It’s probable, I feel, that his stress potentially comes from other areas as well. If I remember correctly, we don’t necessarily actually see him sleeping while he’s in the inn, thinking about Sasuke, in the land of Iron?

    If I’m wrong, please someone mention it.

  111. @Pain debate

    thank you super, finally someone who get’s it! Pain destroying the village wasn’t a mistake…what should he have done, walked in there and started asking everying “hi i’m from akatsuki, do you know where naruto is?” Naruto’s luck consists in him being summoned 1 second after the massive shinra tensei. now immagine if he had been summoned before! pain would be eating frog legs at the moment with all 9 beast in his possession. Pain made a mistake because he underestimated naruto. as i already said over in the anime breakdown, just rewatching these episodes gets my blood pumping.
    i’m not saying pain could beat the tailed fox….but a full powered pain would put up a hell of a fight. nagato(without his wheelchair) would be able to steal the fox’s chakra. also remember that the naruto vs pain fight was influenced by the kyuubi, and i don’t mean when naruto transformed. Naruto’s 100000000000000000000 kage bunshins can be made because he has the fox’s chakra. so without the fox naruto wouldn’t have beaten a weak, beat-up, chakra-depleted Pain.


    Damn, now this was without a doubt the best Naruto chapter ever. I really thought that the kyuubi was gonna be a pushover but damn that fox blocked the biggest rasengan we’ve seen with his tails.

    Now that was awesome, and I’m sure next week’s chapter is gonna be awesomeness to 9000 than this one. It’s going to be one chapter I’m actually looking forward to, and the fact that a lot of talking is involved ain’t gonna be a issue this time, the more talking the better.
    It’s gonna be really sad to find out Kushina has been dead for this long too, and if that’s the case then why didnโ€™t Minato say that to Naruto after he remade the seal back at the Pain fight.

    Anyway about me siding with Kakuzu, you guys better stop trying to brainwash me into switching sides, cause that ain’t gonnaโ€™ happen.
    I do see all your points, Pickles and Super, but you guys are forgetting one small factor about Kakuzu, he can fight at all ranges from close to mid and long range alike.

    Remember when the dude was hovering over Naruto and spiked him with the black thread things, what reaction time will Sasori have for that. I’m not saying Sasori isn’t equipped to handle that sort of tech, it’s just that I see Kakuzu over all better and more experienced then Sasori.

    Just as I’ve said before, Sasori’s BAD but he’s a long range fighter and not that great at close combat, while on the other hand Kakuzu took out Kakashi at short to mid range leaving him whit only his Kamui for a last resort.
    I actually don’t know why Kakashi doesn’t use this tech more often, maybe he’s going blind too and he keeps it on reserve.
    Anyway my point is Kakuzu has all ranges of a fight covered and can deal with just about anything at all range.
    I can keep this up for a while, and Iโ€™m going to try and prove my point to you guy as best as I can.
    Funny thing about this WRA debates is that you get sucked up in them so deep you forget about yourself, and after that you end up like Prawlkage and Pickles.

    I feel like I’m the only one left backing up Kakuzu on this one, everyone else just jumped ship.

    Come Back, Kakuzu will buy all of you candy and cheese puffs if u take his side!!!!

    I have to mention this post was intended for this morning, well it was morning here anyway, but my net failed so I finally found the time to post it now.

    Funny You guys should bring up the Pain vs Naruto fight, because after this part in the manga is over and Naruto finally can make use of the full power of the kyuubi he’ll finally be stronger then Nagato.

    The perfect jichuriki with the most powerful Bijuu, now that’s something to fear, and on top of that he’s a sage too.
    Also as tenrai said and as most of us realized, this chapter could be very useful to Naruto not only because he’s gonna be able to control the kyuubi, but he actually found a way to gather all the Natural Energy he needs.

    having this many people in his mind + the Kyuubi, the factor of one staying still while the other one is moving is solved now because he has at least 3 people in there.
    Naruto must organize the coolest parties up in his brain, he’s got Minato & Kushina, the fox, Gamatora, Itachi and who knows who else is gonna join in.
    He’s gonna be a one man show.

  113. My plan worked. I’ve kept Pain alive in debates MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    @Ten, there are many things u said that I could pick apart, but lets discuss this chapter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  114. I had pretty much always assumed Kushina was dead. I figured it took both her and the Fourth to seal Kyuubi. As to why she’s here now, I figure just as Minato was there to help Naruto if the seal eroded before Naruto was ready, Kushina is there to protect him in case Naruto’s heart begins to break under the weight of Kyuubi’s hatred and Naruto’s own pain over how he was treated. Minato protected the body, Kushina’s protecting the soul, so to speak. I think–once this crisis is over and Naruto has subdued Kyuubi–Kushina will go the way of Minato and vanish for good.

    Anywho, epic chapter. I don’t see the battle between Naruto and Kyuubi as one of chakra in terms of the power of their attacks. I think it’s just a war of wills where the various attacks and counters represent their wills clashing, so it’s not a matter of who’s more *powerful* but whose conviction in himself and his way of life is greater.

  115. @Naruto vs Pein discussion.

    I think some people are misunderstanding the points to my comments. I am not trying to make Naruto out to be more powerful than Pein, in fact I have already said that I still believe that Pein was probably more powerful. What I AM trying to do is address the issue of Naruto’s victory.

    Every time his victory comes up, everyone just denies that he won the battle by making excuses to cover for Pein, like the fact that his chakra was low, or that Hinata intervened allowing Naruto to go 6 tails, etc, etc. The thing is, those scenarios are all a result of Pein’s decisions.

    Yes, he exhausted a lot of his chakra and yes, he couldn’t use his most powerful body for the first ten minutes of battle, but, whose fault was that? After he destroyed the village, he could have easily retreated for ten minutes until he could use shinra tensei again. After that, he might have performed far better in the battle with all six bodies fully functional. But, it seems either he isn’t as smart or divinely wise as everyone makes him out to be, or he just has too much pride for his own good, because he let that pride to allow him to believe he could simply defeat Naruto without problems.

    As I said before, a shinobi should be prepared for the unexpected and you cannot afford to underestimate your opponent, no matter who it is.

    Making the right decisions in a battle is also half the work needed for winning it, and if a combatant makes the wrong decisions, then you cannot simply excuse that for the sake of making Pein seem so perfect and godly. There are so many ways Pein could have done things better to ensure his victory, but he failed to do so, that is all there is to it.

    As for Hinata’s involvement, once again I will say, Pein made the mistake of trying to kill her. He already had Naruto where he wanted him. And he could have just left Hinata crippled after his Shinra Tensei attack on her, but instead, once again, he allowed pride and his estranged sense of justice to cloud his better judgment. He should have known enough about the nature of the Kyuubi by then to know attempting to kill Hinata might have set Naruto off, but he still did it anyway. Once again, that was a poor judgment on his part. Everyone can make all the excuses they like, but making poor decisions in battle that cause you to lose that battle is still losing, no matter how you look at it.

    Once again, I will reiterate, I do NOT think Naruto was necessarily more powerful than Pein, but I do believe that his victory was genuine and shouldn’t be excused. Give the poor guy his win, because it’s the only battle in shippuuden other than the one with Kakuzu that he has actually been victorious in with his own power. It irks me that people are always trying to find ways to discredit his victory. Pein lost, and he lost because of his own choices, it is as simple as that.

  116. @Dragon

    I know that already. That wasn’t the point of my comment. my point was that it would have been unfair for people to discredit Goku’s victory by coming up with excuses, like “Frieza pwned himself, so it doesn’t count anymore”.

  117. Guys, I was going through some of the older pictures depicting the kyubi and looks much bigger than in the current chapter. I guess it’s maybe because it is in Naruto’s mind and this is only half of it’s chakra so that probably explains why it got bested so easily.

  118. …?

    LOL I seriously can’t even believe this is a topic of debate. Pein lost. All you are doing is dishonouring his memory by making up excuses and “what if?” scenarios.

    He was arrogant in assuming he could take down the Leaf with only one other Akatsuki member as backup, knowing full well that the most powerful of Jinchuurikis lived there. The invasion was poorly planned and executed. He went in early and with insufficient intel (“Hai. Do you know where the Nine Tails is?” = espionage fail, he should have waited until he knew Naruto’s exact location).

    Why not wait to ambush him in the open, away from backup? He backed Naruto into a corner by launching his assault on the Leaf. Such a high-stakes fight brought out the absolute best in our favourite ninja, and Pein should have known that.

    Despite all his flaws, Pein made up for that by accepting his defeat and dying with dignity. He would not have made excuses to try and justify his loss, and neither should you, ya freakin fanbois LOL XD


  119. LMAO! XD

    No matter how hard I look through the comments I can’t seem to find anyone saying Naruto didn’t win nor anyone saying Pein would have won “if” this happened. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You all are making to big a deal out of this and turning this debate into something it’s not. XD This is not a ‘Pein would have won because of this’ debate. This is a ‘Pein lost because of this’ debate. Hey, you can even look at it as a ‘Naruto won because of this’ debate if that makes you happy. >(0_-)>

    I don’t know why it’s even a debate. You can’t deny the reasons no matter how hard you try. I think we should just accept Pein solely decimated the Leaf Village and Naruto came in for the advantageous win. Undeniable, yet debated for some peculiar reason. Lol, or you all can go on and keep debating over a topic with an obvious never ending full circle conclusion. The Pein fanbois vs. Naruto fanbois… *sigh* Silly Narutards. Lol, jkjk! xD

    I could care less either way. It’s all about Sasuke since he pwns them both! +_=

    *waits for it*

    @To63to: That’s what I’m thinking too. Also I thought the Kyubi’s fur was dangerous to touch but Naruto had no problems picking it up and throwing it. No burns at all which makes me think it’s just the Kyubi’s chakra which surrounds Naruto when he brings out the cloak.

  120. He was Pein he didn’t need to sneak in, its like the Kyuubi when it attack wouldn’t need to creep in. He only destroyed Konoha when he found out that Naruto wasn’t there it wasn’t his exact plan, how was he supposed to plan for someone to reverse summon with new kick ass powers, Even if he studied Naruto up to the point he disappeared to frog land the amount of strength Naruto gained from that short time is insane… Its like comparing Sasuke before MS to after MS its a big leap forward.

    Pein planned from the beginning to create confusion in Konoha with everyone running around its easier to fight. Think of the Joker in batman sort of thinking get everyone scared and chasing around and u know you have enough power to kill anyone else.

    Pein died out of principle more then actual defeat, if he had enough strength to revive an Entire Village of Shinobi and people don’t u think he had some power of Life and Death still remaining? What many forget its harder to capture someone then kill them, with capturing you always have hold back a bit cause if Pein killed Naruto his plans would of been worthless. Where did the battle truly turn? After Naruto went 6 Tails which is part of his abilities but still this after many battles… If you look at the core strength of a Character you think on even footing who is stronger both fully healed and rested begin a fight.

    Not who is stronger Pein or Sasuke after Sasuke took on the 5 Kage’s killed Danzou, fought Kakashi etc its not a fair fight one obviously will have less chakra cause he had just been in a massive battle?

    My opinion is Pein is awesomeness and at full strength he will hold his own against the 9 Tailed Fox… Win I don’t think so unless he has an awesome sealing technique (which he kinda does O_O)

    Fanboi ^_^

  121. Btw, I believe saying Pein outright lost is the real insult to his memory. Then it just makes him look weak. Yes, he lost and all people are doing is giving the reasons to why he lost exactly. Call them “excuses” do as you may but you can’t deny them. *_-

  122. @ pein – That’s all well and good, but you seem to be slightly misguided. His task was not to bring down the entire Leaf Village; it was to capture Naruto and bring him in. He tasked himself with the goal of decimating the Leaf Village, and in doing so, he compromised the initial objective of capturing the Nine Tails. Not to mention he failed at bringing down the Leaf. That equals fail, no matter which way you look at it.

  123. @supertrek89

    We debate because it is fun. It isn’t about being fanboys, but let’s face it, debates drive the discussions on these breakdowns. <_<

  124. LOL super. It’s not an insult due to the fact that he took his loss and died with honour. That’s not weakness; that’s real strength right there. Pride is its own kind of strength, and it’s for that reason that I like Pein so much. ^_^

  125. @ Darks if Pein (Naguto) had died fighting trying to kill Naruto,ie by Naruto’s hands fine but every other person in Konoha would of been dead except a select few… even Ahsans precious Kakashi, now tell me that would not of been destruction, though Pein/Naguto did have change of heart its still not completely clear how much power he still actually had to fight, though I do believe if he kept fighting he would of died anyway. He only chose to destroy the leaf once he thought his initial objective was not obtainable so why do all this to just say okay i can’t naruto I am going home but please build up your defenses so that you can beat me next time i try, sounds a little retarded also since now they knew where he was and actually had the research on him to figure out his secrets??? So why not eliminate your only true opposition and if naruto returns have him in a blind rage and let him search for you bring the battle back to home turf ๐Ÿ˜›

  126. @Tenrai: Ah, but redundant debates aren’t so fun anymore are they? You yourself have dropped out of a few debates when they just kept going in circles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Dark: I’ve never seen someone fail so awesomely before. o_o He destroyed an entire village, brought them back to life, and ended the day by taking his own life. In the end the whole are was fail to me. Just saying…>_>

    Thanks Dark, that’s another reason why he lost. He took his own life. See? Giving reasons why he lost makes it better in the end rather than just saying he outright lost. It was prideful indeed what he did. ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. @supertrek89: I don’t think Sasuke is a spoiled brat. I think he worked pretty hard to get to where he is. Surely, if Sasuke is a spoiled brat, then Naruto is too.

  128. @pein – or maybe, you take him out by launching a surprise attack on Naruto when he isn’t expecting it, away from the village, and with Naruto still not having figured out all there is to know about Pein yet?

    @Super – Taking your own life after a defeat in a battle was once considered honourable by Japan’s elite warrior class, the Samurai.

  129. sorry grammer epically failed there O_O i am at work so my mind kinda split ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  130. @supertrek: Look… I understand Sasuke got the MS from his brother. But seriously, he had to go through a lot of stuff before he could get it. Plus, the MS is circumstantial. But so was the forbidden shadow clone jutsu, so are we going to call Naruto a spoiled brat now?

  131. @Gavin: Nani? Lol, hold on Gavin. Reread my comments because I really have no clue what you’re going on about. “Spoiled” and “Sasuke” were never even mentioned on this post before you came in. o_O

    @Dark: Hmmm…I don’t see the “honorable” suicide the Japanese samurai did as an act of honor honestly. The reason I say Nagato’s suicide was honorable (but rushed and retarded) is because he gave his own life to give life to others. Albeit, those were people he killed before but he hit the reset button so it’s all good.

  132. but you in Konoha at the moment and I don’t think he knew his location or if he did didn’t know how to get there… The point is if Jiriya knew Peins secret he would of won so why give people the opportunity to figure out your secret although the odds are small??

    yeah when completely defeated but in battle in Japan people also give their lives to try win the battle. The right to take your own life is reserved to a few but that is to hide the complete shame of defeat or surrender… So I understand you point there but I just feel like Super, Pein was extremely powerful and what makes him cool is the idea that we actually didn’t see the full extend of his power… in war what is easier to mount and offensive or to create a fortress and hold strong?? (I usually use defense as best offense and once opponent begins to retreat mount surprise offense) O_O

  133. @supertrek89: Seriously Sasuke was spoon-fed from birth?!?!

    But seriously super, I was just kidding.

  134. @super – difference in points of view. doesn’t really affect the debate so much as it’s more me trying to get you to see the battle as I did. The battle was good, and Pein lost, which is a credit to Naruto. I’m just saying that you guys shouldn’t downplay Naruto’s victory due to a few “what if’s”. He won, fair and square. And Sasuke smells and greases his emo hair with his tears. O_O

  135. @GavinL GAH! X_X Lol, seriously you had me going “WTH” because usually I’m on Sasuke’s side when it comes to things like that. xD

    @Dark: Fair enough on all points but I wouldn’t exactly call the battle absolutely “fair”. >_> Emo tears FTW! ๐Ÿ˜›

  136. @Debate….

    I… have create a monster….

    It’s ALIVE!!!!! X__X

  137. @supertrek89: I just saw a pein/naruto debate popping up and decided that I would scare you by bringing up one of the other dreaded debates. You were always on my side for the one I mentioned.

  138. Anyway, I just wanted to give my viewpoint on Naruto’s victory. I am not actually trying to debate Naruo vs Pein so much as just trying to clear the air with regards to the circumstances of his victory.

    The whole thing came up because of a comparison to his strength shown in this chapter, that’s all.
    I blame Kisu…


    *Runs away*

  139. i dont think we should discredit the kyubi here… yes Naruto kicked his ass but remember that its all happening in the mind… The kyubi is not known for its technique but its tremendous chakra. I think it would be different if they would let say fight for real and not in Naruto’s Consciousness…

    as for Naruto vs. Pein, stop it already… we already know who won so theres nothing to talk about. Hehehe

  140. wo wo wo guys @_@

    darksy said :” All you are doing is dishonouring his memory by making up excuses and โ€œwhat if?โ€ scenarios.
    He was arrogant in assuming he could take down the Leaf with only one other Akatsuki member as backup, knowing full well that the most powerful of Jinchuurikis lived there. The invasion was poorly planned and executed. He went in early and with insufficient intel (โ€œHai. Do you know where the Nine Tails is?โ€ = espionage fail, he should have waited until he knew Narutoโ€™s exact location).”


    no body’s is saying what if , fact of the matter is pein > naruto . naruto didnt DEfeat or kill pein. pein gave up on the battle . even if we do not consider the fact that he was gushing up blood when the battle started he could have still killed naruto . he merely gave up .

  141. **Shoots prawl after shooting kishi with his shotgun**

    ” all aizen lovers must be eradicated as well”

    **goes on a hunt for super ** @_@

  142. LOL ahsan. I fail to see what your point is or how you can back up your claim that Pein > Naruto. But whatever. Guess we read the same manga a bit differently.

  143. Woah peace and love people. (takes out flower in hair and throw to one side)

    One thing is for certain and that if Naruto and Pein had finished the fight between each other nobody can say what the outcome was. We have no idea what the 7th pain (Negato) can do if he can do anything besides his Jesus jutsu. And don’t forget Naruto was in some crazed Sage-fox mode so how powerful each was at the time is anyones guess.

    Am I the only one of the opinion that the fight was s draw. They both just stop fighting. No actually finished off the other. If you have to push it you can say Naruto won with his words spirit in converting Pein but that sounds queer so i’m a stick with a draw.

    I have the feeling that Kishi going to have to start drawing the Mr Referee character from Medabots just so we know the score. Oh shit just figured out where Gai’s dynamic entry came from.

    What did we truly learn from the konoha invasion arc? That Pein was aroused while fighting Kyuubi-Naruto transformation. The nose bleeds don’t lie.

  144. About the Naruto-Pein fight:

    I’m confused. People are saying Naruto won because Pein was in a weakened state. But Pein himself say his strength was restored:

  145. The most boring element….. Fire. Come in three forms, small ball of flame, large ball of flame and regular? Oh and amereratsu is the only offical cool fire jutsu. Its like an unlimited refill jutsu.

    Oh I can’t type for shit but I can copy and paste real good ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. ahsan… i agree with u… pein is > than naruto. Naruto had that damn slug on him the whole time whispering in his ear the different weaknesses that each pain had. Sometimes intelligence makes a difference. I feel that if Pein knew that Naruto was a sage to start with, he would have had a different plan, then he couldve started with chibaku tensei, or a large scale shinra tensei right on naruto…

  147. Was it just me or did Naruto use a One handed BIG ASS Rasengan and a one clone assisted FRS.

  148. yo yo yo wassup bro @_@ im not a good rapper but bee FTw >_>

    yeh so where was i @ darks

    “fail to see what your point is or how you can back up your claim that Pein > Naruto”

    i can backup my claim by saying that pein faught an entire village before fighting naruto the village which had greatly talented ninjaโ€™s the shiba clan the bug clan fat guys clan hyuga clan tsunade and of course kakashi he was controlling 5 bodies whcih were using full scale jutsu whcih requires enormous chakra so you can consider how much chakra of his was used further more he was gushing up blood before the freakin battle even began. even furthermore as omar said the freakin thing on naruto the katsyuuyu was giving him all the intel [that matters alot i hope you understand] [kakashi gave his life to get intel on the main pein’s power of shinra tensai , well he gave his life to protect choji but yeh he was the one who got the intel still]. in a debate we have always and we consider contestants at full strength and coming at each other to kill {if you read bleach youll know what kisuke said to ichigo in his first training battle , โ€œcome at me with the intention to kill otherwise you will never be able to defeat me โ€ yeh i think that should clarify the importance of going for the kill in a right debate pein easily > naruto.

    You cant say im saying what if because its a debate of pein > naruto not about that battle.

    @angry black ninja {dont kill me >_>}

    pein was reffering to ability of the other pein to perform shinra tensai again , what i was saying was that he fought an entire village and got injuries from it(raikiri’s ressangens bugs etc) , not only that the important thing being he lost so much chakra he was gushing out blood is that full power??? ๐Ÿ˜› just like the itachi battle ๐Ÿ˜ฆ [why did you die itachi ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ]


    “One thing is for certain and that if Naruto and Pein had finished the fight between each other nobody can say what the outcome was. We have no idea what the 7th pain (Negato) can do if he can do anything besides his Jesus jutsu. And donโ€™t forget Naruto was in some crazed Sage-fox mode so how powerful each was at the time is anyones guess.”

    i actually agree with you a little and as you see above i was saying that pein is more powerfull than naruto which i proved above . as far as that battle goes when though so many things against him i still believe pein could have pulled it off he had his disposal to every jutsu now that all the other bodies were dead he had the rinnengan ! and lots of chakra + the chair of doom! lol anyway i still incline towards pein even in that battle ๐Ÿ™‚

    MERGED! ๐Ÿ˜›


  149. @angry black ninja
    Pain meant that he could use shinra tensei and stuff again, not that all his chakra had used returned.

    @dark: all pain needs to do is do this and naruto is defeated:
    even with only one body, albeit the strongest one, he defeated naruto.

  150. @ truepain,

    That wouldn’t have worked if Naruto was still in Sage mode.
    The result to that would have been;
    Read the explanation of Sage mode, with it Narutoยดs senses, strength and resilience increase dramatically. Getting grabbed and slammed into the ground would have done nothing. And Pain would not have been able to stab Naruto.

  151. @ Naruto and Pain Debate
    New Pain Nagato with all his powers combined in one body agaisnt Sage Naruto I dont think he could win, because Pains abilitys are more powerful cause he can focus his attacks through a single body now.
    If naruto comes at him with Ninjutsu it gets absorbed Taijutsu it gets repelled, Then if Pain touches you he can instantly read your mind or rip your soul out or even stick enemys with rids to use as battle puppets, over all I feel like Pain has more battle jutsu and experience to beat Sage Naruto.
    Sage Kyuubi Naruto is his main power agaisnt New pain but still Pain has Gedo Mazo which can basically start sealing Kyuubi then and there because I think Pain could do it single handed if he was a bit more healthy looking.
    Pain even now resureccted seems like his power is greater if its just Nagato.

  152. “I blame Kisuโ€ฆ ”
    HEY! I only gave u guys the weapons of mass destruction, you CHOSE to use them. Just like Pain’s logical plan to assure peace in an unstable world, much better than Naruto’s Hug no Jutsu >_>

    (sits back)

  153. btw, Sage Mode is the ultimate cheat code lol. It actually heals Naruto, so while Pain was getting weaker, naruto was getting stronger, and Pain didnt start at full power to begin with >_>

  154. second to that Goddamn Sharingan that gets powerups at least once a year.

  155. @lostpride
    The best fire jutsu would have to be Amaterasu but for future referance.. Konohamaru will one day create the Rasengan Inferno fire Rasengan, which will rival Amaterasu fire capability, well only IMO..

  156. Naruto and Pain Debate???????

    im a bit confused that fight already took place and one is dead and the other is still alive. itachi and pain would be a better debate

  157. Yeahhhhhhhhh, how about that old debate about Sasori and Kakuzu?? =)) =)) It was so long ago I can’t remember how bad Kakuzu beat Sasori :)):)!

  158. Itachi and PAIN?!!! LMAO! Pain no contest! ๐Ÿ˜€

  159. pein>Naruto
    1 more stab and it would ve been over

  160. @1redbaron1:
    in 433 deva path’s power has’t returned yet
    but it returns here:
    in 441, as you can see, nagato is practically dead after having used all his power:

    there are no facts to prove it nor to deny it, but i strongly believe that any naruto would have been defeated. here’s why:

    1)shinra tensei pwned all 3 frog summons

    2) naruto does get hit here but he recovers (stupid cheat code sage mode…naruto is already a superfast healer bcuz of the fox. with sage mode he’s practically immortal!!!!!!!!!).
    if the other bodies had been alive, by the time naruto had gotten up they would have been all over his ass.

    3)naruto here IN SAGE MODE gets hit by bansho tenin
    preta path had time to grab him so i think deva would be able to stab him, killing naruto whether he was in sage mode or not.
    the technique is so fast that naruto, who was next to pain, didn’t manage to get pa in time before tendou stabbed him

    4)assuming that deva path does choke slam him and naruto doesn’t get hurt, just look at how fast pain is. he grabs naruto and stabs him in a fraction of a second.

    @blackburst: revived nagato is going own everyone if he has all the powers that the paths had. he also has nature manipultion so yeah, only sage mode naruto combined with the foxes powers should be able to defeat him….even though i’m betting that nagato will somehow break out of edotensei’s control for a second and kill himself….that or his ‘life’ will be given up for something else(for example powering up madara somehow or summoning the juubi).

    @chromer91: the winner of a battle isn’t the more powerful ninja. as zetsu said “An expert with a pebble can still beat a novice with a shuriken”
    and yes, PAIN would defeat itachi.

  161. Yeah, I think both sides are kind of right. What actually happened is that Naruto won the fight against Pein. But in a fair fight with no prior knowledge of each other and at full power, I think Pein definitely wins.

  162. Great breakdown Pickles!!! LMAO!!!

    @Kakuzu Vs. Sasori Debate:

    Kakuzu is sort of a juggernaut. He’s good at fighting all around fighters like Kakashi, but he’s not well suited for S rank or above. His attacks are very directional and aggressive. If he has to be defensive he either turns his SKIN into iron or he uses his special technique where his insides turn into stringy tentacles that grab his opponent(s). Sasori would be able to take advantage of all that! He can create an unbelievable attack pattern on his opponents. If one of his attacks hit, then its all over (because of the poison, duh! ๐Ÿ™‚ )! Its pretty much over when Sasori pulls out his iron sand. Kakuzu would turn his skin into sand perhaps to protect himself but he would probably breath in the poison gas. Poison is pretty much the most powerful thing unless you are faced against God-like power and speed. The Japanese authors know this and try to keep poison as small a part in their story lines as possible because it would disturb the concept that perseverance and faith can overcome fear and hatred. Poison is good to have briefly though because everybody likes a little game of chance now and then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Naruto Vs. Pain Debate:
    Are we talking about Naruto now or when he first fought Pain? Or do you guys want to wait until Naruto merges with the fox? LOL!!! BTW!!! Would Naruto know about the 7th pain or would it be like a first fight? I was just wondering how much maneuvering Pain can do while he’s in his wheelchair… o.0

  163. @visionary

    hey hey hey mate , ya betteh start cleaning up babe

    you saiid “Heโ€™s good at fighting all around fighters like Kakashi”

    you better explain what you mean by “all around ” if it means above s level or kage level then its k ๐Ÿ˜€

  164. @Ahsan: Yeah… >_> uh… well Kakashi is a solid S rank so now that you put it that way I did mean “above” S rank. Thanks!

    *there was a part where I said Kakuzu turns his skin into sand I meant iron…woops!

  165. is my post in moderation or what? i made a pretty long comment and it didn’t get posted…why?

  166. @truepain , must be held up for approval for being too long >_> lol though i have suffered worser you got atleast your small post through none of my used to a couple of weeks ago ;without approval that is ; for some reason they just went to junk O_O

  167. @visionary As you said kakuza is a juggernaut… Sasori uses the same kind of aggressive direct attacks as well. His puppet army and the kazekage are examples of that. Kakuza is pretty strong like somebody said he stopped one of chouji’s punches with one hand at close range. he could easily break the kazekage puppet with that kind of strength. I feel as if the iron sand would be used as protection from the explosive attacks being thrown at him by the four zombies. After that puppet is gone sasori’s best protection is down so it could end there. The puppet army is the only thing i could see kakuzq having trouble with. While he can make his skin iron it seems like 100 vs 5 or less is still a bit much.

  168. @ahsan: not even a small part of my post appeared…wtf! and it had perfect arguments…it would have put tredbaron, chromer and everyone else in their place. PAIN pwns all!

  169. LMAO!!! xD

    It’s approved Pain no worries. Just scroll up. How did this turn into a Pein vs. Naruto debate again?

  170. @truepain, I’d also like to add this:

    Shinra Tensei completely blows away Rasenshuriken lol

  171. Pain the ultimate Base Breaker since Aizen.

  172. First of all, you said Pain would own Naruto with only the Deva Path. Sure he can push Naruto around a bit but he can’t damage Naruto while Naruto is in Sage Mode.
    And as for Pain being able to stab Naruto
    Hmm, not in Sage mode anyway.
    Second, you say Pain is so fast. That’s true but you forget that Naruto’s cheat code not only makes him more resilient, it also makes him stronger, faster and able to follow even the fastest opponent. Remember Jiraiya kicking the Human path in the face with ‘Blinding’ speed (Hehehe, get it? Hehehe…. >__>). Pain couldn’t even react to it. If Naruto was in Sage mode when Deva tried to Force Pull grandpa toad Naruto would have been able to intervene and kick Deva Path to the curb,… Again.
    All 6 paths and a healthy Nagato would own Naruto, that’s true. After all, he has the Rinnegan which is said to be the most powerful Wallhack among wallhacks, err, I mean dojutsu’s. It would be pathetic if he couldn’t be able to handle a little jinchuuriki, who can’t even control his bijuu yet, and a group of toads whereas Madara, with his simplistic wallhack and constant lagging, easily owns all.

  173. My comment was directed at truepain BTW.

  174. @tredbaron Minus the Byakugan. That only has zoom in/x-ray/circle vision.

  175. @tredbaron1: i said tendou owned naruto and posted the link. naruto wasn’t in sage mode, but he was defeated wasn’t he? deva path wasn’t at his full power either. naruto defeated deva path, there’s no denying it. what i’m trying to discuss is the how and why.
    full powered deva vs full powered sage naruto…now that would be an tough battle. i’m not sure who would win…it all depends on if pain decides to use the super shinra tensei or chibaku tensei before naruto manages to hit him. i think deva has more powerful techniques but naruto is overall stronger.

    in your link they’re face to face…if he gets hit by bansho tenin and choke-slammed then it’s another matter. if i’ve just hit somebody, it’s easier to get in another few shots.

    lol at blinding speed. XD Pain didn’t react to it that time, but what about here?

    when deva killed pa, naruto could have hit him without being in sage mode, just look at how close he is:

    And it’s not like frog kata defeats you in one hit. human path was hit in the face by jiraiya and survived:
    deva here got hit, while blocking, and survived:

  176. @super: because the naruto fanbois are too afraid to admit that their idol is a pussy compared to Pain!

  177. Shinra Tensei Failure:

  178. @tredbaron, the rod didnt break because Naruto’s skin is hard or w/e. It broke because Naruto chopped it, so he CAN be stabbed.

  179. Wtl;dr. The debate just got really… Old after awhile? I don’know. <,<; Was any new information brought up? :O

  180. *Realizes that the monster I have helped create has now grown out of control and is eating Marksman*


    I was never trying to debate Naruto vs Pein, I was just giving my view’s on the circumstances of Naruto’s victory. Once again, it stemmed from a power comparison involving Sage Mode, because of how it was used in this latest chapter against the Kyuubi, which, I might add, IS a relevant discussion.

    The only reason Pein became involved was because his power was also compared to the Kyuubi and then the triangle came full circle back to Naruto vs Pein.

    So, if anyone wants to call me a fanboy and say Pein pwns Naruto, that is fine. I already know Pein was stronger than Naruto at the time of their battle and I never said otherwise. Key word being “was”. That may change soon, but only time will tell.


    Your debate with me was also about the same topic I mentioned above (being the circumstances of Naruto’s victory). Just remember, you also chose to debate against my first comment, and you continued to debate with me further beyond that as well, so you contributed just as much as I did to this “discussion” that has formed out of it. If you didn’t want to see a debate of that nature form in the first place, you simply could have left my opinion as it was instead of debating against it. You had your say, just like everyone else.

    There is no harm done, really, because in the end if everyone is enjoying the debate, I suppose that isn’t a bad thing. I just think it is becoming a bit repetitive now, as you said earlier on and when people can’t convince someone else that they are “right” or if they become frustrated while debating, then they start to become a bit overbearing and sometimes even nasty towards one another.

    @Everyone Debating

    Just remember guys, treat others with respect, even when debating, and don’t refer to others in a condescending or insulting manner. It just makes it unpleasant for everyone. If you can’t win the debate without resorting to underhanded comments, or anal remarks, then you have already lost simply out of a lack of respect.

    Keep it clean. *Runs away* O__O

  181. Oh, one more thing, the Rasenshuriken that Naruto used in the latest chapter is NOT another variant. It is just the normal Rasenshuriken.

    The translation into English just made it sound different. In English, the Rasengan actually reads as “Spiral Sphere”, or something along those lines. The Fuuton: Rasenshuriken reads as “Wind element: Spiral Shuriken”. So the name used in this last manga is not a different name or technique, or even a variation, so much as it was simply just the scanslators trying to translate the name Fuuton: Rasenshuriken.

    Just thought I would say that because someone earlier mentioned something about yet another variation of the Rasengan.

  182. @Tenrai: That was me, but you didn’t understand what I meant.
    The new rasengan variation I was talking about was the Gargantuan Rasengan. I know very well that Wind Element: Spiral Shuriken is Wind Element: Rasenshuriken. ๐Ÿ˜€

  183. 1) I think that the debates get more gritty as the abilities and weaknesses become clearer and there is less room for error on the individual making the debate. So it’s understandable that certain gentlemen would not want their good name tarnished…

    2) Comparing characters to Naruto can sometimes be a bit foolish as he is the main character and is constantly improving(like a normal human being) as compared to others that stay stagnant(usually bad guys)

    3) What about Madara Vs. Sarutobi or Kisame Vs. Kakashi or Sakura Vs. Kushina -_-; or Iruka Vs. Konahamaru or Choji Vs. Tenten ewww =o How about the elders Vs. The Great Toad Sage? Hmmm? No takers? That’s too bad!

  184. @Dragon

    Ah… I suppose that is just a bigger Rasengan. It’s still the same technique, it’s just bigger. Jiraiya used the same tech before, and so did Naruto. The only thing that seems to vary is the size.

    Anyway, did you notice how he seemed to form it with only one hand. In the first panel where he is holding it, it looks like it is still forming. O_o

  185. @visionary, I’ll take u up on the Kakashi vs Kisame one. I say Kisame would win. Let’s face it, Zabuza killed Kakashi in a few pages (if Sasugay and Naruto didnt intervene that would have been the outcome) and Kisame is just a way more powerful and savage version of Zabuza with chakra absorbing abilities.

  186. @kisuzachi

    We already had that debate and it was quite heated (as are all debated that involve Kakashi. lol!)

    Actually, I think comparing Kisame to a pre-time skip Kakashi is like comparing Naruto to a pre-time skip Sasuke. Kakashi has grown since then and has also developed the MS, so he is far beyond what Zabuzu used to be.

    Who would actually win, well that has already been debated before. All I can say is everyone puts too much emphasis on Kakashi using Kamui. It was used to death in the Kakashi vs Gaara debate (I.E. Kakashi uses Kamui from the start = battle over) and it would probably be used in this debate as well (Kakashi uses Kamui from the start of the battle = Kisame dead). And they would justify it by saying that Kisame isn’t fast enough to avoid it seeing as how Kakashi can apparently absorb objects of incredible speed.

    In fact, that means that Kakashi can likely defeat any character in the known Narutoverse technically speaking, if the reasoning behind Kamui’s nature is re-used as it has been in the past. The only one he wouldn’t be able to beat is Madara, because Madara said so. <_<

  187. How about Orochimaru vs Danzo which shotacon will win?

  188. @Tenrai: I read the chapter again and you’re right! It looks like he formed it with one hand! Well, he could have made some clones when he did a handseal here:

    In that same page the Hachibi does a wierd face. Is it doing it to make fun of the Kyuubi and distract it?
    In the next page, it looks like Naruto hid behind it to go into Sage Mode, since you can see someone jumping.

    By the way, if the Hachibi had not shielded Naruto, would he have died? This fight is in his mind, so I don’t think he would have been hurt or anything… ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. @Tenrai: Eh? Lol, Tenrai you got it all mixed up. I know exactly what I was debating (how and why Naruto won against Pein) so of course I was contributing to the discussion. How it turned into a Pein vs. Naruto debate is beyond me but at least that’s fun (Pein pwns ^_^). What was becoming repetitive indeed were the points everyone kept making over to the circumstances of the Naruto vs. Pein battle and that’s not fun is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ We all put in our fair share of contribution to that discussion and I was just questioning why people kept debating against irrefutable evidence. Lol, but at least it was amusing. +_-

    Btw, you got that right about the Kakashi thing for the most part at least. ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Visionary: Hmmm…your first link was a Bansho Tenin actually, so it’d be more like a “Bansho Tenin failure”. >(0_-)>

    Btw, I’ll take you up on that Chouji vs. Tenten debate!

  190. @Everyone Debating:
    There are a few things that need to be cleared up before declaring a fight. First, I think we should have an agreement on the area. Would it be neutral ground? Would there be buildings, mountains, or trees? How about water, rocks, or sand? *Perhaps a neutral village in a valley?*
    Second you need to agree on the progression and attitude of the combatants. We all can agree that fate can be a bitch. So in all fairness all characters should come in as if they where summoned through “Impure World Resurrection”. What I mean by all this is that there should be NO disadvantages in the competing fighters. We are comparing abilities against abilities, nothing else! There is no impetus. There is no inner turmoil. Each character has made his/her peace with God, Buddha, Jashin or whatever religion they subscribe to…
    Intel: Each combatant should have 100% knowledge of the other. Why 100% you ask? Good question. It is because this is an arena, and we are comparing abilities! since we are the ones setting the fight, it is only fair then that they fight on the pretense of knowing the other opponent.
    This brings us to the last point which are those gray areas. There are common sense things that haven’t occurred in the manga, but they make you wonder “what if”. For instance, while in formation could deva path use shinra tensei and not hit one of his own dudes? What if Naruto was behind one of them? o.0 This stuff will be pretty much decided by the blog and our counterpoints.

  191. @Kisuzachi and Tenrai: Kakashi sucks on water agreed! However that Kumui thingโ€ฆIt’s not the easiest thing to use. It has been shown that when a character is stunned they will fall into the water. The most powerful preparations these two fighters can make are the water and bunshins( Kisame and Kakashi respectively). To say that Kakashi won’t get stunned and fall into the water at least once in a fair fight against Kisame is improbable. Kisame can, at that point, confirm whether it is the real Kakashi thats inside the water. If he’s in the water, Kisame can then make bunshins while Kakashi tries to escape. This will make it very difficult for Kakashi to use kumui. Even if he got a piece of Kisame with it, the dude can regenerate it back. So I think it all comes down to chakra which Kakashi doesn’t have nearly as much as Kisame does.

  192. @visionary1200

    I was being somewhat sarcastic with the Kamui thing. What I was trying to get at is how debaters always fall back onto the same jutsu to fuel their debates.

    I.E. Kakashi using Kamui.

    They put too much emphasis on it and make it seem all powerful and unstopable. My question is, if it was really that great, why didn’t Kakashi just suck up deva path the moment their eyes met? Deva path isn’t that fast, so I don’t see why the principle wouldn’t apply there.

    Maybe it was because it isn’t as easy as a lot of people make it out to be. There is no such thing as a perfect technique and all of them have a flaw, even Pein’s almighty Shinra Tensei. Kamui is no different. (dying after you use your own technique could be considered quite the flaw)… <_<

  193. @Dragon

    Naruto didn’t need the clones to go into sage mode, because he is already sitting still with Bee. In his mind he is moving, but his physical body is motionless, therefor able to gather natural energy.

    The clones were created for the Rasenshuriken.

  194. @Possible Chouji vs Tenten debate

    I vote Chouji for the win. I only need one page… <_<

    See? He can go super Saiyan. T__T

  195. … Yet again, you don’t get what I mean.

    I said:
    “It looks like he (Naruto) formed it with one hand! Well, he could have made some clones when he did a handseal here”

    I meant Naruto could have used the clones to make a rasengan and I didn’t say he used them to go into Sage Mode. I only said he went into Sage Mode when he was hiding behind the Hachibi. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway you were right when you said Naruto doesn’t have to stay still in his mind because he’s gathering natural energy with his physical body! :mrgreen:

  196. @ visionary,

    With no inner turmoil do you mean Naruto and Kyuubi working together? Because if Nagato, healthy and young, would fight that Naruto he’d loose. No contest. ^^
    Sorry, I just had to fuel the fire.

    @ truepain,

    I guess the different results to frog kata’s depend mostly on which Pain the attack was used. Preta got K.O.’d but he wasn’t even hit by Naruto physically. Human, Deva and the first Animal all survived direct hits. Perhaps Nagato channels much more chakra into those three than he does with Preta. Possibly because Preta is nothing more than a shield and Deva, Animal and Human are Nagato’s weapons.
    But all in all Naruto beats Deva in hand to hand combat and was even capable of fighting Deva toe to toe without his cheats on. As far as Shinra Tensei goes, we don’t know how much that super Tensei would have affected Naruto in Sage mode. We do know that Naruto hasn’t been hurt by anything yet while he was in Sage mode but the most powerful attack he faced was the normal Tensei. That tossed him aside but didn’t even leave a mark. Now I’m not going to say that just because Naruto could take the normal Tensei he would probably survive the Super Tensei too, but it’s not too far stretched to assume he could.
    Anyhow, I agree with you that a fresh Deva vs a fresh cheating Naruto would be a tough battle. I certainly would not be able to say who would win that. Nagato/Pain still owns cheating Naruto though,… for now… Naruto with 9 tails and cheats on will be ridiculously invincible.

  197. @redbaron like Pain wasn’t invincble. The guy was the ultimate base breaker in Naruto.

  198. Yeah but he will pale in comparison to Naruto mixing Kyuubi chakra with Sage Mode. Remember that the 6 tailed version was able to turn the force of the Shinra Tensei on Deva:
    And Chibaku Tensei couldn’t even contain an eight tailed Kyuubi (I know Nagato was tired but still):
    Just imagine what 9 Tails AND Sage chakra will do. It will be like Mr T. fusing with Chuck Norris…. Hmm,… Yeah,.. From now on I’ll call Sage Mode Chuck Norris Mode… I’m betting that the “secret frog oil” is in fact Chuck Norris’ sweat too.

  199. Since when is sage mode a “cheat”? If you ask me, fighting with six “puppets” and hiding your real body away, while having accerss to eyes that give you power to use any jutsu of any element sounds more like a cheat to me. Sage mode is a technique that naruto had to learn just like any other, so I don’t get where this talk of cheat mode comes in.

    Let’s not forget that naruto could also only use it for five minutes at a time and that was only IF he didn’t use Rasenshuriken. The tech has it’s weaknesses like any other. -___-

    If sage mode is cheating, then you are calling Jiraiya a cheat as well. It’s also like me saying kakashi”s sharingan is a cheat and orochimaru’s immortality, or Hidan’s for that matter. Or what about the 8-gates? I guess that makes Gai and Lee cheats as well.

    In the end, they are all techniques and they all have risks and downsides. All people are doing now is finding excuses to discredit a character’s power, rather than reinforcing their debates with genuine logic. Naruto learned sage mode, and just like shinra tensei (which also seems godly) you can’t just take that away from him for the sake of trying to make him look like some sort of cheat.

  200. Sage-Kyuubi Naruto if described as a Super Saiyan IMO.
    KaoKen- 1-4 tails kyuubi
    SS1 5tail
    SS2 6tail
    SS3 7tail
    Golden Ape 8tail
    SS4 Sage-Kyuubi 9tail
    SS4GOZITA – Naruto/Sasuke Fusion

    That sounds about right ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. What about this Battle Debate while we wait for new post.

    Naruto Vs Shodaime Hokage = ???

  202. @BlackBurst, I’d say all of those are wrong. All of Naruto’s powerups = Kaioken. SSj powerups would be strong enough to blow the planet up, and no one in Naruto is/was that strong……except the Sage of Six Paths.

  203. KAKASHI’S SHARINGAN IS A CHEAT! XD Its not like he was born with it. It’s like steroids

  204. The 1st Hokage (Hashirama) vs. Naruto eh? The 1st was able to suppress the full 9 tails Kyubi and fight off Madara who was the strongest of the Uchiha clan possessing the EMS. Not only that but Hashirama won. Naruto’s Kyubi wouldn’t help him in this battle but let’s assume he’s in Sage Mode and has 2 clones as backup generators. I’d say it’s a close battle but because Hashirama has that distinct battle advantage over Naruto I’d say he’ll come out the very bloody victor but I’m a little tipsy on this one. @_@

    @1redbaron1: Maybe this had something to do with Naruto knocking Preta Path out with 1 hit.

    Naruto was fighting a weakened enemy. As Truepain already showed you Human Path was kicked fully in the face by Jiraiya, in Sage Mode, and got back up.

    I’m not denying Sage Mode increases your strength. I’m just saying it doesn’t seem to me like it’d K.O. in one hit if the opponent is healthy. As for Naruto “possibly” surviving a full scale Shira Tensei in Sage Mode. Just a picture. >(=_+)>

    But hey, anything is possible. He might not be dead. Just knocked out with all his bones broken. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now if we’re talking about Naruto post-Kyubi training (which hasn’t even happened yet) then yes he fairs a much better chance against Pein.

    @Naruto in general: We should put him up against someone he can actually beat so I can take his side again. I like Naruto… I really do…>_>

  205. Spam alert!!!!! I just wanted to say guess who is a high school graduate me!!!!
    Hahahah @_@ I said I was gonna do this since July so woot for me!
    Also I wanna say congrats to any others who have graduated this year!

  206. @supertrek89

    Just remember, Jiraiya’s sage mode was not as fully developed as Naruto’s and even Fukusaku mentiones that Naruto’s transformation was flawless, unlike Jiraiya’s.

    One of Jiraiya’s punches was also blocked by Pein and that seems a bit odd considering how strong Naruto’s punches are when transformed. We can also see his fight against the Kyuubi as a good example of his physical strength in Sage Mode. He did throw the fox, after all, something that is many, many times his own mass.

    Assuming that Naruto’s attacks would have any less effect on a “healthy” Pein is still just an assumption, just like assuming whether or not Naruto would survive a shinra tensei in sage mode is as well. All we can go by is evidence and Naruto did fall off a moutnain without a scratch.

    Hell, he even fell off Pein’s moon without a scratch, and that was quite far off the surface of the earth. So I think one of Pein’s normal Shinra Tensrai’s would be more easily survived considering that resilience. A more powerful, village destroyng version used at point blank range would probably be another story, but then, no defence is perfect is it? It’s the same as asking whether Pein could survive a direct hit for one of Naruto’s punches at full strength, or a Rasengan for that matter.

    From what he have seen, Naruto can do a lot of damage without making contact, yet in some other cases, such as his kick against deva path, there wasn’t an instant KO. Maybe it depends on where the hit lands or how much power he puts into it. It may also have something to do with each body’s weaknesses. We know Preta Path was weak against physical attacks, so the simple explanation might simply that that particular body simply couldn’t handle as much as the others and we may all be looking too deep into this in the end…

  207. @kisuzachi

    I was trying to consider all the Kakashi fans who would likely eat me (probably litterally as well) if I said anything to the contrary. T__T

  208. @Tenrai: Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s why I said, “anything is possible”. Yes, Naruto survived falling from distant heights and not only that he wasn’t even hurt. Pein’s Shira Tensei destroyed an entire village and left a humongous crater in the ground. Going off of that evidence what’s the obvious conclusion? Not enough evidence for a faithful conclusion? Bah Humbug! >_>

    As for Preta Path where does it say he’s weak against Taijutsu? o_o As I said, I’m not denying Sage Mode’s strength so I know all about the animals Naruto has tossed around. I was just showing Naruto downed a recovering opponent in one hit and the effectiveness of Sage Mode as a whole.

    @Death: CONGRATS DEATH!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    *throws confetti* ^(*_*)^

  209. @ Tenrai,

    Since it gives naruto above normal health, stamina and resilience. And yes, Nagato cheats too. Naruto’s cheat code can be turned off by others and runs out after a set time but Nagato is constantly cheating. He not only uses God Mode, he also uses a wallhack and an aimbot. He’s the biggest cheater in Naruto land.
    And yes Kakashi is also cheating, he uses a wallhack. All Sharingan, Byakugan and Rinnegan users are wallhack using cheaters.
    As far as Orochimaru goes. He’s got a really fast respawn timer. He must have been fooling around in his config or ini files so he is a cheater too. Hidan has God Mode on constantly,.. Although he can be dismembered so his God Mode isn’t exactly like the God Mode I know.
    And about Gai and Lee, they obviously use performance-enhancing drugs. I’m not sure what they use but it must be some form of doping. How else can one rip his own muscles or break his own bones or even literally exhaust himself to death.

    But it doesn’t matter because in Naruto land there is no PunkBuster or World Anti-Doping Agency so cheating is allowed and accepted. So you’ve got me all wrong if you think I’m trying to talk these characters down. Instead it shows the incompetence of all other n00bs in Naruto land that don’t even know how to cheat.

  210. @ death, Dude congrats, may u make the best decisions of your life from now on, and may God or Allah or Buda or Jashin or Sheva, what evere the case may be, smile upon you and help u do great thing from now on.

    I too have one more year of collage left and let me tell you, as much as I’m gonna miss this wonderful years, I can’t tell you how happy and releved I am for finishing school once and for all.

    So if u chose to go to collage, make sure u go somewere u like and do something u love, cause otherwise you’re gonna regret not making the best choice at the right time. :);)

  211. So uhh, not sure if anyone’s interested anymore but I wonder if Naruto’s Kyubi chakra cloak will look a bit more “natural” after he pwns the fox. Like how Bee’s tentacles are? And what’s the deal with the whole octopus thing anyway? Did I miss something? Or is his bijuu just an ox/octopus chimera? Cuz if so that’s just…odd

  212. Pardon the double post, but Kushina’s death was never detailed either right? So did the manga basically show us in the last chapter that both of Naruto’s parents sacrificed themselves at the same time when they sealed the fox away? Just to implant their chakra selves in Naruto’s mind?

    So I guess the way this will play out then is that love is the direct opposite and opposing force to hate. Kushina’s role in naruto’s mind then is to share her love for him, and with him in order to overcome any hatred still lingering as well as the fox’s hatred. He can focus on his mom’s love (as she’s opening up to him) while pulling out the fox chakra, completely blocking out the negative crap, and basically do what we saw here:

  213. Oh God!! My perverted mind is at work after reading your last post Kahmix!!! X_X Lol, it sounds so innocent but soooo wrong! xD

    But that’s just me…>_>

  214. @eugen: ahhhh thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to college of coarse!
    Also future reference change the dude to dudette ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @Sulertrek89: you would think that -_-‘

  215. @eugen: ahhhh thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to college of coarse!
    Also future reference change the dude to dudette ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @Supertrek89: you would think that -_-‘

  216. WTF? Weird! Lolz some how two posts came out and the first spelt supers name wrong and it says it was posted a minute earlier 0_o

  217. @death Good luck with college.

  218. hey does anybody know when the new naruto spoiler is released???

  219. @kahmix i think he will have the three forms Cloak
    Version 2
    Version 2 with bones
    Full Transformation

  220. Naruto would destroy Hashirama. He’s just all hype.

  221. Congrats, Death!

  222. How come everyone assumes Kushina is dead?
    Itachi put a part of himself into Naruto, and it didn’t kill him to do so either. So why is it that we are all assuming that Kushina is dead?

    Also at this rate it’s got to be crowded in that head of his. Kushina, Minato, and Itachi probably play poker in his subconscious to pass the time and all (they tried playing I spy but quickly came to the conclusion that Itachi was cheating with his sharingan =P)

  223. @Kantonkage: Whoa, how long did it take you to find those links?

    @Dricedt: No clue.

    @Kisu: LIES!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Iamnot: Well, I’m just hoping Kushina isn’t dead but it looks like it. We don’t know if Itachi put a part of his consciousness inside Naruto. He gave Naruto some his powers, that’s all.

    If she’s not dead I’m guessing she put a seal on Naruto before she left the village that activates and allows her to talk to him after the 9 tails seal is completely released.

  224. SPOILERS are out

    pics and some translations

  225. SPOILERS!!!! I know bunshin just said that too… I’ll post them anyway.


    Kushina punches Naruto in the stomach.
    Kushina uses Naruto’s favorite expression (dattebayo!).
    It seems Kushina has a special chakra.
    We don’t learn what her abilities are.
    She was once kidnapped by Kumogakure (Cloud), being after that chakra.
    When she was an academy student, she moved to Konoha from another village.
    “I’ll become the first female Hokage!” Saying this, she was was teased by the others.
    Her nickname was “Tomato” (because of her red hair).
    But turning the tables, she threw tomatoes at the other party.
    Alternative nickname: “Hot-blooded Habanero”
    The Hot-blooded Habanero got together with the Yellow Flash of Konoha
    Naruto: I’m Konoha’s orange Hokage dattebayo!”
    Naruto has inherited his parents’ wish.
    “Now then, defeat Kyuubi!!”

    More from Ohana:

    ้›ฒ้š ใ‚Œใซ่ช˜ๆ‹ใ•ใ‚Œใ€้ซชใ‚’ๆ•ตใซใฐใ‚Œใชใ„ใ‚ˆใ†ใซ่ฝใจใ—ใฆใ„ใฃใŸ

    When she [Kushina] was kidnapped by Hidden Cloud, she let her hair down to not let it be known by her enemy.
    The one who noticed was Minato.
    The red strings of fate (her hair).
    She began liking Minato.
    She began liking her own hair.
    We’ll get a flashback about Kushina & Minato’s romance.
    Kyuubi knows Kushina very well.

    Translation/summary by Yagami1211 of NF:

    When exited or troubled he says Dattebayo.
    Kushina let her hair down to the point of absurdity.
    Naruto says “Dattebayo”
    Kushina says “Datteba ne”

    Kushina reveals that she’s Naruto’s mother. Naruto wants to talk more but he’s in trouble and Kushina says “yes, the time has finally come.” Kyubi says “You… I thought I killed you that time.” And Kushina says she’s dead but she left behind a certain jutsu. Then flashback to Kyubi fight. Yondaime heads out and Kushina tells him not to die. She wants to go with him but he has someone take her away and he fights Kyubi. Yondaime is very confident and uses a space-time jutsu to send a Kyubi blast away from the village. Ends with Yondaime saying “I might be able to win this one!”

    Here are the links:

  226. @Kanton: Dude, those were awesome screenshot examples. Thanx much, homie!

  227. oh and @Super: Lol, my mind definitely wasn’t there but after re-reading the post…that’s pretty hilarious

  228. After 40 minutes is my comment still in moderation?!? -_-

    Maybe, probably, definitely. o_-


  229. @super maybe 20-30 minutes.

  230. Alright… time for me to play Mr. Obvious!

    Naruto has now met (and subsequently lost) both of his parents…
    Does anyone care at this point? NO! Sasuke is awash in a sea of EMO-ness, and probably Orochi-Madara semen.

    Which also brings up a lot more questions
    Will Naruto save the day, and save Sasuke? You damn right!

    Will the fight between Sasuke and Naruto be EPIC beyond all that has been epic? IT BETTER BE!!! *Shakes fists at Kishi*

    Will Bee die in another chapter or two? Hell yes.. sorry, I just got to liking him too… but he’s sharkfood.

    Has Kisame survived by eating his own shit for the last 3 months? Simply put… Yes!

    Will we get to see how Naruto ‘was made’ ? Not bloody likely!

    Will Prawl ever stop with the damned questions? N… *gunshots from moderators*

  231. Naruto is out!

  232. Minato wears Adidas ๐Ÿ™‚

  233. Great one boy and girls.

    Kushina’s a really bad ass mofo, in the good way.
    What I don’t get is, how come she and minato couldn’t stop the Kyuubi 16 years ago.
    I mean, she can make kunai chains with her chakra that can hold down the kyuubi, that along side Minato’s FTG, I just don’t see how they’d lose that fight, even if Madara were there, he still wouldn’t have been able to put up a fight.

    Can’t wait for next week’s chapter and hopefully Naruto will inherit a bit more from his parents this time @.
    Maybe some hints from his mom on how to make use of that genetic chakra they both have and maybe a crash course in speed from his old man.

    Tenrai, please do us proud and give us a colored image of Naruto and Kushina. It will make the “2 in 1” breakdown loads better.

  234. *puts away smoking gun*

    It was only to the kneecap Prawl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Chapter: That was a pretty sweet chapter in every sense of the word.

  235. @Eugen come onj their in Naruto’s mind. She can do whatever she wants.

    This chapter really drives home just how much Konoha had it better than Amegakure. Those smiling faces on those kids are only there because Nagato, Yahiko and Konan are suffering *sigh

  236. @eugen One word Childbirth.

  237. Hey tenrai can you do a demotivation poster on kushina Bloody Habanero pic.

  238. So going through the pages I noticed this guy behind Minato..
    Is this guy who later is with Minato..

    Something to speculate later in the next breakdown, though I think he a Sarutobi.

  239. @blackburst Maybe so or maybe he is just a random extra .

  240. Did she really use the term red strand of fate ? As in what ichigo used(uses) to locate other soul reapers?

  241. Return_of_Ra, that’s the first thing that popped into my head when i read that line lol

  242. I really liked this chapter. It was sweet to see the mother/son bonding and I loved how much Kushina and Naruto are alike.

    On another note: the red thread of fate’s a pretty common bit of Japanese folklore. The way Kishi’s using it is from a belief that “soulmates” are bound to one another by a divine red thread. Kishi loves his folklore/mythology references.

  243. I really enjoyed the chapter a lot and I am glad that Kushina didn’t just say a few words and then disappear like Minato did. It was good that Naruto got to learn a bit more about at least one of his parents.

    What did irk me though was the scanslation. (I read the chapter on mangastream). What gets to me is that they translate a bit too far, like how they called the rasenshiruken the wind style spiraling shuriken rather than just leaving it as it is. But in this chapter, they replaced “dattebayo” with “it’s like”. I mean, seriously… >____<

    When naruto first says dattebayo in the raw translations, Kushina remarks on how he really must be her son, mostly because she also uses a similar phrase when she is excited. I can't fathom why the scanslators would change that to "it's like…" Especially considering how prominent the phrase is. T___T

    Well, that's my only gripe, and it isn't something that is even a fault of the manga, rather than simply odd translations.


    Are you requesting a colour image?

  244. @kisuzachi

    You always make it sound like being happy is a bad thing. Maybe you would prefer suffering kids instead. Don’t forget, Minato was a kid before the start of the shinobi war, so at this stage, Amegakure wasn’t even in the middle of strife. I don’t see a problem with them looking happy. O_o

  245. Kushina is awesome!Just That!Very few characters have made me like them from the beginning and she definitely qualifies as one of them.

    The other thing that got me interested was her special chakra. What is so special about it and whether Naruto has it too. Apparently it’s good for making seals. And more importantly, when we look at Naruto’s seal we see that is a four element one. I wonder if that means Kushina could use four chakra natures and whether she could combine all of them in one extreme new type. Cosmic chakra FTW!

    That guy behind Minato – what if he is Neji’s dad that got traded for peace.

  246. @ Eugen i think the reason that they seal the Kyubi inside Naruto is not to defeat it actually, its to “power-up” Naruto somehow for him to defeat the man in the mask.

    This was indeed a good chapter and i was still curious what kind of chakra Kushina has. Maybe it could control a Bijuu or something. But i think its just to restrain and Naruto still need to defeat the Kyubi by himself.

  247. I shed some man tears in the new chapter.

  248. I think Kushina’s chakra may be unique, in that it may be able to either suppress or perhaps even control the chakra of a bijuu. Maybe something similar to what Hashirama could do.

    That might explain why her chakra was used in the seal (To reinforce it and suppress the Kyuubi’s power more efficiently). It would also have made Kushina a valuable target for any nation trying to control a Bijuu, like Kumo.

    Another thing that supports this is how she seemed to restrain the Kyuubi fairly easily in this chapter. I also recall Minato telling Naruto that the only reason he could withstand the Kyuubi’s chakra was because of the strength of his own chakra, and Naruto might have inherited some of that from Kushina to a degree.

    Is anyone else thinking along the same lines? O_o

  249. @ BlackBurstBoom, well that kid is clearly a Hyuuga, the one from this weeks manga but if u look at this”:

    The kid in his team looks exactly alike, only thing that bothers me is that in the manga he/she looks like a hyuuga, while in the picture on the wiki, he/she probably she has blue eyes, and as we all know hyuuga only have white eyes.

    Oh and did anyone notice that while Minato was rescuing Kushina from the cloud nin, he was wearing an ADIDAS track sweater.
    Damn, now if that’s not cool for a guy in a manga I don’t know what is :)=))=))

  250. Actually I’ve looked at the pictures one more time and there both the same person, aside from the hair style and the head band & also the big eyes they both have the same collar @ their necks.

    So it’s clearly Minato’s teammate.

  251. this was the first naruto chapter i have actually enjoyed reading from start to end since kishi derailed pains character from a badass to a “suicide to revive the village i have hated and plotted against for at least 20 years! because the kid in the jump suit said he would somehow create world peace! somehow! thats enough to convince me!!!”…-smashes head against the wall many times- sorry, i went into rant mode there. anyway, kushina is made of win!!! shame she (probobly) wont be sticking around.

  252. @to63to, About the Four Element Seal it could also be Kushina 2 elements and Minato 2 elements coming together.

  253. @tenrai Well, yea can add the tomato pic too.

  254. @Eugen & Kantonkage

    I was actually working on a colour pic of the double spread with the Kyuubi firing his lazer against Naruto, but it seems that it is very complex (omg), so that might take some time.

    If I do another colour image, then the Kyuubi one will have to take a back seat for now. Also, I would have to decide on which one is most worth colouring. X__x

  255. @Tenrai

    Yay, color-y. Don’t worry if you can’t make them on time. It’s not like we’re going to eat you. And besides – it’s not your job to color manga, we appreciate whatever you do. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Maybe, or maybe Naruto is a product of a threesome so he has inherited Kushina’s, Minato’s and somebody elses perverted chakra. O_o

  256. @Ten, Minato was a young adult in the Third Ninja War, while Nagato and friends were suffering in the Second Ninja War, where Jiraiya and the Sanin were young adults. I hate seeing them so happy becuz we know the back story, that Konoha’s peace is dependent on the suffering of smaller countries. In fact, Kushina has officially gone on my hate list, right on there with Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Asuma, Shikamaru, Tenten, Tsunade, Shizune, Yukimaru (filler) and Sasugay. Careful Minato or you’ll end up there too (mostly because the fandom thinks he’s stronger than Kami) >:)

  257. @kisuzachi

    Blind hate never solves anything. You can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them. So you cannot help people who suffer by causing more suffering and you cannot solve death by killing.

    Pein didn’t solve anything by killing thousands of people, he just caused more of the same problem.

  258. Spoiler/ Prediction

    kushina = Madara!

  259. @Ninjahunter22 OH SHI-

  260. I thought captain pickles said he would never miss one of these sessions. Pickles We’re on 498, so you’re two behind.

  261. @ Ninjahunter22,

    I know what you mean:

    Coincidence?!! I

  262. @Tenrai, lol I only brought that up because I read OP before I read Naruto. Its like the Nobles are the Konohanians and the Trash Mountain folk are Amegakure and its land. The kids dont seem to care that so many suffer…… but pfft u got ur opinion, i got mine, let’s hug and agree to disagree *gets joy buzzer ready*

  263. Thank God Kushina’s chains are different, otherwise I’d think you were on to something. ;D ๐Ÿ˜›


  264. call me a pervert or whatever i have one word for kushina … HOT O_O lol.
    man manga has gotten boring nowadays .-. onepiece is trying to extend the flashbacks as long as possible . naruto is going ok i wonder why kisame isnt taking advantage of this opportunity to get rid of naruto or bee or both .-. aizen aizened all again fu%% that . if urahara [ who is smarter than aizen] and all the captains and cc couldnt beat aizen [ cc was stronger than him -.-] ichigo cant fuu%%kin beat aizen just FU%% that . i think this would be the last headshot bleach could take ๐Ÿ˜› enough of my rant bye bye ๐Ÿ˜‰

  265. I think Naruto’s so going to end up complimenting “Billboard Brow,” and getting Sakura to like him more. *Awesome Konata face.* That would be so cool. :3


  266. when u guys have a chance, check out the onemanga naruto 498 chapter, translation is a bit more on the money then manga stream.
    At least that’s what i thought.

  267. @1redbaron1

    Coincidence?… I think not!


  268. @ Tenrai – I completely agree with you on the mangastream scanlation/translations. I do like that they made Bee a little more “gangsta” with his continuous use of “muthufucka” but, I did find the current chapter annoying. Essentialy, they have reduced Naruto’s mother to some air-headed Valley Girl.

    “It’s like, ya know.. let’s go to the mall ttebayo?”

    Also… I am getting equally annoyed with the anime’s continuous use of “Almighty Push” for shinra Tensei.
    “Almighty Push” sounds about as threatening as “Minor Papercut”

  269. *calls Ahsan a pervert, then agrees with him*
    Also, I couldn’t help but noticed that you shot me Ahsan… and that was my favorite lung… Bastard!
    Thankfully, I’m immortal!

    *Dark runs up with a sword*
    Darkavatar: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
    Prawl: Oh goddammit! Not again!


    Hey guys i’ve been reading the manga for over 10-11 hours now just for kick and future references.
    And i happened to stumble upon something: If u look at the first pic I posted and then at the second one, the face of the juubi looks just like the one on gedo mazo, and seeing as we don’t know what’s behind gedo’s blindfold it’s safe to assume he only has one eye, I assumed that Nagato actually summoned the juuby’s partially body from the moon were it was seal’d and once it has all the bijuu’s inside it, it will form it’s original body againd.

    Check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  271. @prawl everytime i hear for some strange reason i think some lady giving birth. mangastream was almost as bad the Accursed Dub Believe it the Ear worm that haunt me till this day despite the fact I only watched 5 minutes of it.

  272. Accursed dub? Do you mean 4kids’ One Pie- *gets tranquilized before I can finish*

  273. Anything with the 4kids is always Damned.

  274. Interesting theory Eugen. We’ll wait and see. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, if the Juubi is comprised of all 9 Bijuu put together then that statue which is supposed to hold all 9 of the Bijuu inside of itself would be like the Juubi right?

  275. awesome breakdown.
    i’m actually crying with laughter here from all those witty remarks
    oh and super and marks, i’d get rid of those tasers if i were u XDDDD

  276. Naruto should compliment Hinata on her Flustered Red Face instead of Sakura’s big Forhead she grew into it so she should be over it but Hinata she still gets a Red Tomato Face, Perfect match ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. It is to much to read but I am on Kakuzu side. I read something about poisonous gas, but Kakuzu can blow that away with his wind element. Also even if poison is introduce to his blood stream, I think he can stop it. He have shown that he have a very good control over his body, able to do many thing with it that is not even possible for a normal human.

    Puppet Dude do got some trick up his sleeves and I know it won’t be an easy fight for Kakuzu, but he just go to much backing him up. It took Kakashi, Naruto, and Choji to defeat him. And if Naruto haven’t shown up he might have been adding some more hearts to his collection.

    To beat puppet dude you need speed and power, which he have. Adding on to five different elements and a bundle of experience and jutsu, I just don’t think Sasori can pull it off, even with black sand, that Kakuzu can counter with his water element or lightning.

  278. LOL i know this is sick, but kushina is totally HOT!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    sorry naruto, but you said it yourself.she’s a babe :P….i rly want to see her in colour

    y’all can report me to the authorities now… O_O

  279. @katz747

    Are you sure you’d like to see her “in color” or in something else? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Anyway, she really is hot. Maybe Naruto’s mind is the perfect place to stop aging… It should be a nursing home for old people!

  280. Naruto’s most likely going to use his mother as material for his sexy no jutsu.

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