One Piece Chapter 588 IS OUT + 586 Breakdown And Discussion! I Hope You Love Theories + New Demotivational Poster Included! @_0

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-Chapter 506 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by 12Emmz12

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 586 Breakdown! I thought this was a really well done chapter leaving the floor open to a few theories which I always find fun to discuss. I’ll be getting to those later and mind you I won’t be assuming anything just theorizing! There’s a difference! You know what they say about “assume”. It makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. That’s why you never assume. ^_^  I didn’t enjoy this chapter as much I did the last one which was for me consistently entertaining throughout, but by far the ending to chapter 586 was more exciting in so many ways. Slowly building up towards the climatic fire and surprise appearance was what this chapter was all about and it did a great job in setting up the next chapter for an epic beginning. It also moved the flashback along nicely and now things look like they’re really about to pick up!

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP

This AMV may not be to everyone’s liking due to some choice words in the song (you’ve been warned) but the AMV flow is excellent and it syncs with the song perfectly! I’m not a big fan of the song myself but the AMV by Compbros is too good for me to resist. xD I don’t know whether this week’s Baddass One Piece Pic is that…badass, but I love the artwork! 😛 BOPP by Sakimichan!

Ready… Start!

Smoker knows how to party! He brought the camel and everything! ^(0_0)^

As if hearing Kisuzachi’s prayers Oda smacks Smoker onto the front cover along with a drunken Hina and a Camel Taxi. What more could you ask for? 🙂


The chapter immediately starts off with Bluejam who takes the responsibility to watch over Ace and Luffy preventing them from seeing Sabo again. Though he threatens to slit their throats where they stand adding on too his ‘Badass Pirate’ persona, we get a little insight past the grimy rugged exterior that is Bluejam. The poor soul always wanted to be a noble saying, and I quote… “Getting born a noble isn’t something one can achieve from any kind of hard work! The only way is to get born under a blessed star…!!” (Bluejam the Wise) Now keep what he said in mind.

Remember what Elder Nyon said to Boa Hancock not too long ago questioning the star Luffy was born under to be so fortunate? Now Bluejam is here talking about being born under a lucky star to be born a noble. This information coupled with a revelation later on in the chapter will bring us to one of our theories.

Lol, I know it looks terrible! XD

Patience is a virtue and we’ll get to that theory eventually. 😉 In the meantime let’s hit up on our first theory! Thanks to Takashid for this one. Notice the partially exposed Jolly Roger on Bluejam’s ship? Look a little familiar? Were the Bluejam Pirates once apart of Kuma’s crew when he was a tyrant pirate or are we looking to much into this? XD

Now, is it Stelly or Satan?

Getting back, Ace decides they should leave Sabo alone for now and trust he’ll find his happiness. Meanwhile, Sabo is with with Mr. Uppity Douchebag finding his happiness in an interrogation room/customs office being blackmailed into selling out his brothers, but of course Sabo doesn’t give in. He goes on to later meet his little brother who I call Uppity Douchebag Jr. whose only purpose in this flashback I can discern is to tell Sabo about “Flammable Trash Day”. Which just so happens to be tomorrow and it involves burning all the “trash” in the kingdom to make it look nice for the Tenryuubito who are on the way for inspections. Ah, and when they say “trash” that includes all the people they see as less than them who live in the Grey Terminal. Those bastards! They’re doing it wrong, it’d be better to just turn those people into Soylent Green! No need to waste good people like that. (I’m going to hell, I know)

Because we all know wherever there's a giant bonfire marshmallows must follow suit. ~_~

The next day after Sabo spends a night on the town spying on the guards to confirm what Uppity Douchebag Jr. told him he’s still not too sure because everyone around him is acting so normal. They want him to study and there’s supposed to be a mass burning of “trash” today? Human lives going up in flames? No way right? Going around town he actually asks nobles if they heard about this rumor and they casually admit that, yes, they did in fact know about this for months and he should keep quiet about it and go on his way. They’re better than the “trash” and there’s nothing to concern themselves over.

I wonder what his face looks like under the bubble.

WTF!? It has to be said, but does this not remind you of the mentality and actions of the Nazi party with their “superior race” shit that led to the massacre of “inferior trash”? Looking at the parallels. The Goa Kingdom plans on burning people they find inferior, the knowledge of the atrocities are known and ignored by many of the citizens, this is all supposedly for “the greater good” of the kingdom. Ha! The Goa Kingdom is nothing but a WW2 Era Germany and they want Sabo to be a good little boy and join the Hitler Youth. -_-

Lol, that shirt is just really messed up. XD

Excuse me for ranting about Nazis a simple manga breakdown but the nobles of this kingdom struck a negative chord with me. Xd Ahem… Ace and Luffy find out about everything through Bluejam and, lol, what’s up with Ace’s shirt? That’s just about the worse shirt in existence. xD Bluejam wants to know where they hid their treasure before he sets the place afire and interrogates them.

If you don't get this reference... *sigh*

Come later that night the Grey Terminal is set on fire with all of its hundreds of inhabitants sleeping in their homes. Now, I know it originally was made out to look like a terrible place only filled with crime and disease but from the looks of it a lot of good people just down on their luck are forced to take residence there. Men with families, wives, and children all being burned alive just so the kingdom can look cleaner for the Tenryuubito’s inspection. Not surprisingly this makes me hate the Tenryuubito even more than I already do because…they ummm…errrr…BECAUSE I CAN! >_>

Who would've thought? >_>

Well at least one person gets what he deserves in the meantime. Betrayed, tricked, shat on, whatever you want to call it Bluejam receives the short the end of the stick and is locked out of the safety of the city and left to burn in the fires he created. Not only that but he’s used as the scapegoat and all the blame is put solely on him and his crew! XD Is it so wrong to appreciate the inevitably of karma as it comes around to slap Bluejam in the back of the head? ^_^ Unfortunately Ace and Luffy are also trapped in the fire and just untying themselves from a tree are on the move to escape.

The 10 year old knows what he's talking about!

Alright! Here comes the bulk of the theories and I apologize they’re so close to each other. Lol, but the ending left us with such a blast it’s to be expected all the questions will come at the end. 😉 Sabo tries to leave the city but is blown back by the wind before being apprehended by the guards. He looks up to a voice and it’s MONKEY D. DRAGON! ^(O_O)^ Btw, notice how Dragons’s appearance was foreshadowed earlier in the chapter? Whenever Dragon makes an appearance in the manga the wind is always blowing strongly. Anyway, Sabo and Dragon have a short discussion. First notice, Sabo tells Dragon, “As long as I stay here I’ll never be free!” Dragon has a revolution army and Sabo is a runaway! According to this Luffy thinks Sabo is dead but maybe that’s what Sabo wants everyone to think. See where I’m getting at?

Wow, pretty convenient. o_o

Shortly after that it’s revealed Dragon was born in the Goa Kingdom. Now this does not necessarily mean he was born in any part of the city because the Goa Kingdom encompasses more than just that. Is this a coincidence though? Bluejam’s talk about nobles being born under a blessed star. Elder Nyon’s talk about Luffy being born under an odd star. Now Dragon born in a kingdom notable for its nobles. Hmm…

It could be any woman now! O_O (LOL, Jkjk please don't kill me sexism isn't funny! T_T)

Dragon didn’t come alone. He brought his revolutionary army with him but I don’t know how big his army was at this point since he wasn’t considered the infamous threat he is today, but I digress. Out of the shadows steps a foot in heels saying “Dragon…!! Preparations have been made, babe!!!”… or…did the voice say, “Dragon…!! Everysing is ready!!!” according to Onemanga? Now to me this sounds like Ivankov but we all know what theory is going to pop up from the word “babe” and the fact Oda didn’t show the woman’s face. So here it is. 😛

Next chapter!? I hope Dragon reveals his Devil Fruit abilities and save Ace and Luffy! Then whatever plan he’s enacted I hope it ruins the nobles beyond repair and ruins the Tenryuubito’s future visit. After next chapter we’ll have a clearer view of how much longer this flashback will last. It’s been great so far so no real complaints here and that ends this week’s breakdown.  Here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

~ by supertrek89 on May 29, 2010.

46 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 588 IS OUT + 586 Breakdown And Discussion! I Hope You Love Theories + New Demotivational Poster Included! @_0”

  1. First;
    This flashback finally just got interesting with Dragon’s appearance. I think they’ll display his devil fruit powers, but in an ambiguous way that doesn’t truly reveal what it is, or even what’s it’s named. Kinda similar to Sengoku. I don’t think we’ll know completely until Luffy meets Dragon himself.

  2. SECOND!!!!!!
    Now i gotta read it…

  3. Third, jo!

    And noble babies don’t poop too! Great work, Super!

  4. What is dragon doing there if he was already considered a future threat back in the pre-onepiece world? If he was a threat already back then how is he not strong enough now(then in the flashback) to do anything? Maybe he’s just on vacation seeing some old drinking buddies lol…

  5. what if ivankov was luffy’s mother ^(O.O)^

    no wonder dragon ever wants to show people his face he slept with that face…


  6. aww the pic messed up >.<

  7. Alright! It took three shells, a shotgun, a bowie knife, and three years of Tai Chi, but I made it through finals! 😀

    Yeah. It was epic. Hence the long silence. Great to be back!

    No one missed me? 😦

    Anyways, great breakdown. I thought the whole Sabo-flashback would a breather arc to help us recover from the incredible trauma of *sniff* you know what, but instead it seems to be giving us more information on Luffy’s past and an intriguing look into Dragon’s motives as well.

    I also sincerely hope that Sabo doesn’t die. I know Luffy explicitly stated that Ace was his only brother and seeing as Sabo was technically his brother as well via the sake ceremony, but maybe Sabo fakes his death to escape his heritage and escapes with Dragon.

    Speaking of which… DRAGON’S BACK!! FUCK YEAH!! I was so bummed we didn’t even get a glimpse of him in the War on Marineford, but this makes up for it big time! He was from Goa (which doesn’t explain why Luffy was born there as well) and he didn’t have enough power ten or so years ago to make a change in the world but now he does? Is Goa basically where he burned his bridges (no pun intended!) or was it just the place that he needed to see one last time to confirm that what he was doing was right? Was that woman behind him Luffy’s mum or just some random revolutionary?

    Anyways, loved the humor as per usual and great theories! We’ll just see if they’re true!

  8. The mark on Bluejam’s flag likely matches the ship’s figurehead.

  9. ROLAND THE LAST GUNSLINGER HAS COME TO VISIT OUR BLOG!?!? My life is complete… Farewell, I’m off to meet my end at the Dark Tower. Such is ‘Ka’. 🙂

    *stops rambling*

    Lol, yeah it likely could be Gunslinger. xD

    @Shinobi: Before One Piece was hidden (22 years ago) Dragon was just starting out and not considered the threat he is today. According to this current chapter (10 years ago) he didn’t even have enough power to change 1 country. Adding on to that, 6 years ago (from the current storyline not the flashback) a meeting between kings was held and they said in 5-6 years Dragon would probably become a serious threat to the world which he is now (current storyline). This tells me Dragon didn’t really become the most wanted man in the world into somewhat recently. He was not always as powerful as he is today. I hope that wasn’t too confusing because I know it was to a certain degree. T_T

    @Gamer: What was the image? o_O

    @Elisha: Lol, welcome back dude and happy the finals are over. I finished like 2 weeks ago. 😉

    I think Goa is the stage where Dragon makes his announcement to the world, telling the WG they have new enemy to look out for. That or maybe what you said about him seeing his childhood home one more time before setting off on his revolutionary journey, but he did come here with some sort of plan.

    @Nagashikage: Ah, that could happen but I really hope they just blatantly say what it is. xD

  10. Yes, I am the last.

    Don’t ask what happened to the other 46 gunslingers.

  11. i think we’re gonna see kuma… i think he was a revolutionary… i dont have much proof but it seems he knew dragon well enough to know he had a son…

  12. Cool breakdown super. I must say i did enjoy it, thought i do not read bleach.

    One Piece and thanks. 😉


  13. @super: gotcha…kinda threw me off with the 5-6 year refence’s of the kings, but i did the math lol…

    @elisha: welcome back. hope you haven’t missed to much of the OP breakdowns during finals…

    Granted kuma does have a paw fetish, i’m a bit skeptical about those guys being kuma’s henchman. We saw a similiar senario with Law’s jolly roger on WB’s medical equipment and nurse’s yet there hasn’t been a connection yet between them. Its more likely something to match their ships’ front piece.

  14. Yeeup. don’t think Sabo’s dead and now that Ace just passed, feel Luffy’s gonna hear from him

  15. @Super
    awesome breakdown
    *shivers at the thought of Solient Green* ew gross… we just finished watching that movie in Sociology, it was extreme but pretty frightening.
    and LOL I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Ace’s shirt. I was like is that suppose to have any sort of significant meaning? ITS SO RANDOM!

    also I really hope its Luffy’s mom. Bout time to give that woman some credit for giving birth to such a… unique kid! >_>

  16. I read this Breakdown days ago but was too bus to comment…….now I’ve forgotten all I wanted to say. Whatev. I DO remember it was a super special awesome breakdown though

  17. I appreciate it everyone. ^_^

    I was rereading some of the manga and I noticed these separate power levels between the CP9 members.

    I’m surprised Franky had so much trouble on someone so weak, comparably to who Luffy, Zoro and Sanji fought, even if he was weak from cola depletion. It’s not like everyone else was fresh off the seatrain when they got into their fights. Makes me wonder about Franky’s power level. T_T

  18. @Superdude, you’ll love this lol

  19. Kisu: OMG LMAO. lol wow, i like bleach, but its so, so true!

  20. Super: i love that pic of Rayleigh and Shakky at the top, its so badass! as for franky, well he was low on power after all. once he recharged he was winning pretty easily and fukuro had to resort to cheap tricks like pushing him in the water and stuff. so id say franky can still be considerd very strong.

  21. @Kisu: ROFLMFAO!!! XD That’s funny and true but it should go in the Bleach section. *holds back snickers*

    @Takashid: Indeed, I suppose that’s true. You have restored my faith in Franky. SUUUUPEEERRRR!!!!

  22. @super
    lol i dunno how you do these breakdowns super……i almost died laughing while reading it. EPIC!!! 🙂

    I wonder if someone sent kubo a copy of that 😀

    sabo is giving more and more hints that he is alive…..i hope he joins dragon……btw people….IS SABO INAZUMA??? 😕

    Dragon FTEEEEEW!!! i hope he beats the **** out of those nobles…….lol he could atleast kill shelly……man i hate that guy…….the first time he came up, i was like WTF?? how can oda introduce someone this evil into OP?? LOL 😀

    as for the mystery woman, i think it’s ivankov…’s too early for luffy’s mom to make an appearance……lol IVANKOV being luffy’s mom is one TWISTED idea O_o


  23. LOL @ kisu sooooooo trueeeeee

    gr8 breakdown super . btw is it just me or the flash back is getting dragged on . i wanna see the sh creew bitches >_<


    Who’s the big tough looking guy in the background while they’re on Dragon’s ship!? LOL! I knew he was apart of Dragon’s Revolutionary Army! I wonder why Oda focused so much on Bluejam and Ace and their fight this chapter. I can only think it’s because the disappearance of Ace and Dadan plays a significant role in this flashback. To bad Sabo didn’t get on Dragon’s ship… But now he’s off to sail!!! 😀 I wonder what he told Dragon though because Dragon didn’t seem to know Ace and Luffy were trapped in the fire. That or he didn’t care. XD Lastly, what preparations did Dragon do and why did he come to the Goa Kingdom in the first place? #_o

    But besides that… ACE USED A HAKI BLAST!!! O_O Great chapter but I really hope it focuses more on Sabo and the Tenryuubito next time. We’ll see Luffy after the flashback is over and Ace is dead…>_> (That’s terrible of me to say that. I’m sorry. +_+)

  25. New chapter out!!!

    okay and when ur done reading it, pay particular attention to

  26. @super.. i kno i was so happy to see that big guy behind dragon… so excited to find out more about it…

  27. Ahaha! Am I the only one that just loves the way Oda portrays the stuck-up nobles, especially the kids? Everything from their looks to speech just makes me LOL!

    I was hoping to see Dragon’s DF ability, but I totally expected this: an extremely vague demonstration, unless that was one mighty beastly Death Wink.

    Well anyhow, it’s all good. I thought the chapter was pretty cool, but not all that exciting. I get the feeling this flashback is nearing its end, which is good, because I want to see the damn Strawhats! ;___;

    As for Kuma, I think he was a spy for Dragon and co. He maybe was meant to get intel on the government for them, until he went all double agent for whatever reason. Remember how Ivankov reacted when he met him at Marineford during the war? Just a thought.

    Sabo is gonna get picked up by a hungry eagle and pecked to death. And then it’ll feed him to its little chicks.

  28. Good chapter
    Ace having Kings disposition was pretty kool ^^
    i always wondered if Ace didnt mean hisself when he said
    “you too” when luffy used the haki blast on marine HQ
    I hoped we would get a lil more information on the thing with Kuma
    but that has to wait a lil longer,..
    I hope Sabo can make it on its own but i wonder.
    i really hoped Sabo would ve hopped on to dragons ship but meh
    yeh i agree the fight with bluejam was dragged out a bit i just hope it comes to use later on the story.

  29. i really liked this chapter, mostly cause dadan comes through for the boys. im sure we will see more from her soon. Sabo… ive got a bad feeling for him. he is heading out right when the tenryubito show up! since he did not end up with dragon, i think he will die, probobly running into the tenryubito. next chapter when ace comes back we will probobly see this flashback:
    where ace makes his promise not to die T_T…

    P.S. im also very, very, happy we saw a certain badass big guy with bear ears on dragons ship. yay kuma was with dragon!

  30. The new OP episode is creepy on so many levels……I had to skip the last part of Sanji’s battle and the bits that i did see have permanently scarred me until next week. I hope he doesn’t stay an Okama 😦

  31. btw does anybody else love how all of dragons group are wearing his awesome black(or green?) cloaks. they look badass!

  32. @kisu
    I totally agree with you, Sanji freaked me out so much especially the last part where he said something about nami and robin.
    muuh if hes gonna stay that way zoro is gonna laugh so hard at him 😛
    but still it would be no fun :S

  33. @omar: good catch.. i usually don’t catch those things until later on when im reading through older chapters. Maybe kuma might have met luffy and ace before but won’t remember him, which is why he did what he did back at Thriller Bark/Sabo….

  34. are we expecting more nakama whereabout covers… because from what the anime is showing… theres still a lot that we don’t know about whats going on

  35. I gotta see this anime episode you all keep talking about. X_X

    I’m doing a double breakdown this week btw.

  36. OMG! LMFAO!!! XD No one told me that episode was that hilarious! xD Sanji being turned into an okama was funnier (and creepier) than I thought it was going to be and Chopper and the chick made a kawaii/funny combination I couldn’t resist. XD

  37. i know its funny, but i hope that when he sees his nami-swan and robin-chwan he’ll go back to the way he was before

  38. nah, i think it’s gonna take zoro/marimo laughing his ass off at sanji in order for the chef to turn back to his normal self. It would be hilarious if we got to see nami struggling to cope with the fact that she wont have a personal slave to boss around anymore


    Awesome chapter, a lot of stuff happened and I think the flashbacks just might be over. o_o It’s good to have an explanation on why Ace doesn’t run from a fight and more info on Gol D. Roger. But another break!? Oy vey!!! T_T

  40. nyuu another break,.. ah well we didnt have as much a a lil while ago.
    still the question remains did he survive or did he die?
    yeh the bit of info we got was good

  41. he’s dead dave. …poor sabo.

    i liked the info we got on rogers personality. this could explain why roger did something as nasty as wipe out all of squardo’s crew, because they threatened his loved ones. not another break! oda WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????

  42. One Piece 588 was great.
    SABOOOOO!!! *sniff*
    I hope that Sabo isn’t dead and I don’t think he is because his death was too fast and short. He probably survived, almost drowned, but was saved by someone. He then sailed out and will meet Luffy again one day. 😀

  43. in one piece , until u definitely…or see a flashback, it ain’t dead

  44. *kno definitely

  45. One Piece flashbacks are notorious for killing off characters lol

  46. im going through withdrawal right now… NEEED ONEEE PIECCEEEEE

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