Naruto Shippuuden 161 Breakdown. Having faith.

*Runs into high security room and slams door on carnivorous emo-bunnies.* O_O

*Catches breath and composes self.*

Well, hello everyone and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. As you can see, I was held up by a pack of carnivorous emo-bunnies, who ate my lift, my left shoe and Marksman, who I innocently used as a distraction to escape. <_<

So, before we start, can we please have a moment of silence for my left shoe…?

*Coughs during awkward silence… and notices that one of the cheesecakes looks like Marksman.* O_o

Okay, the moments over! So lets get things underway! ^ ^

Emo-bunny.... OMG!!! It looks like Sasuke!!! O___O

Alrighty, now that I am in a secure facility, safe from wild predators and stocked with enough cheesecake to last a few months, let’s move onto the real attraction of the breakdown, which is, of course, this weeks episode.

And, all I can say is that it was a pleasant improvement from the last, in many ways. Not to say the last episode was bad so much as simply afflicted with a great deal of blemishes that kept it from being anything special.

This time around, instead of Ibiki and the ANBU, we have Konohamaru and Ebisu taking the starring role of this episode and they did a good job of holding that limelight for the time being.

Hey guys, I finally found my brain!!! Apparently it was in my head this whole time! ^ ^

To be honest, there isn’t much one can really find wrong with this episode. It was pretty entertaining in all respects, especially with some of the filler content that was added to it. We get a bit more insight into Konohamaru’s activities in the village during Pein’s attack and although some of the additional scenes may be seen as unnecessary to some, for the most part, they were pleasant.

However, one could claim that it was a bit too much extra content, especially given that this entire episode only actually advanced through one chapter from the manga, while other episodes normally hit around three or maybe even more.

*sings* Just dance!!! Gonna be okay! Doop dee doo!!!!

A fair amount of that extra content involves a fairly brief, but rather enjoyable bout between Ebisu and Pain. Instead of simply being pwned, Ebisu actually puts on quite a show for us, but in the end, it’s obvious that he won’t come out the victor, which is a pity, because he comes across as quite a cool character with the shades and the confident demeanor.

But, alas, the cake of victory belongs to the second star of our episode…

*Notices the same cheesecake that looks like Marksman staring at me.* O_o

That thing is seriously creeping me out. Why did they have to give it eyes? T__T

Guys... those beans were just too much. I think I farted too hard. T__T


*Throws a cloth over the creepy looking cheesecake and runs away.*

Anyway… there was one part of the chapter that I found somewhat odd. When Pein asks Ebisu about Naruto’s whereabouts, we are given what I believe is a very important moment in the manga, where Ebisu reflects on the villages growing faith in Naruto, from his time of entering the ninja academy, where he is seen as little more than a monster or a threat that needed to be disposed, to more recent events, such as how he rescued Gaara or protected Konoha on more than one occasion.

This scene was quite important in the manga and yet...

Now, when we arrive at this crucial moment in the story for all anime watchers, some of whom will never read a single chapter of the manga, that important scene is, for some reason that I cannot fathom, completely absent, instead being replaced by a brief flashback that focuses only on Naruto’s influence on Konohamaru.

To me, Konohamaru had always looked up to Naruto from the start and although Naruto played a large role in his current nature, Konohamaru, to me, does not in any way, accurately reflect the village’s view of Naruto. We know that over time, those who once scorned Naruto have now slowly grown to have faith in him and to trust him, and his scene was a moment that showed that growth in fairly good detail and also showed why, right now, everyone was willing to even risk their lives for him. But for some reason they decided to cut it.

To me, that is quite an epic failure with regards to this episode.

Hey look, it's Ebisu, Iruka and all those other guys I can't recognize. Everyone, you have to run now before the carnivorous emo-bunnies get you!!! O__O

*Notices the cloth that was covering the Marksman cheesecake curiously slip off.* O__O

*Tries to remain calm.*

The only part of the original scene that did seem to make it from the manga was the end part, with Ebisu standing with many of the other villagers, showing, in some way, their new found belief in Naruto. However, it still does not carry the same weight or impact.

Other than that little snag… alright, so it was a pretty HUGE snag… the episode was still good. Thankfully, the animation was better as well and the battles, although both brief, were still quite entertaining.

Even Konohamaru’s encounter with Pein was elaborated on to a degree.

So... I take it the acupuncture didn't help calm you down at all? Not even a little bit? T__T

Once again, we also still get a few fleeting glimpses of Naruto’s training. For better of for worse, that remains mostly unchanged from the manga, so there aren’t any real or new developments to really hold the interest of manga readers who have already “been there” and “done that”.

In the end though, it is important to the progress of the story and anime only watchers will still enjoy those scenes, so it is hardly a fault.

Learn from Naruto. Never look directly into the sun and always brush your teeth. X__x

Well, that’s it for this episode. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Here are last weeks caption contest winners.

6th) Pein0Avenue: Welcome to Japan!! The land where the cuter it looks the more twisted it actually is <_<

5th) Iamnotreallyhere: I knew that summoning contract with that tacky dollar store owner would pay off eventually.

4th) Iaregerman: And who has to clean up again … Me!!

3rd) Kantonkage: The return of Konoha worst nightmare….. TORA and this time he is armed with a giant mecha.

2nd) Cumulusbg: Maneki Neko: May I take your order? Ibiki: Sure. Order 66, please.

Holydemonandy: “That’s right bitches. This is where I store MY loose change.”

There were so many captions this week that it was hard to choose the top places, so well done to everyone. I really had fun reading them all and I hope you guys did as well.

Also, happy birthday to Holydemonandy for last week and well done on the contest win. Please note, winners are NOT determined by their birthdays. <_<

*Gives Andy the cheesecake that looks like Marks and runs away, leaving him standing there awkwardly.*

And here is this week’s screen.

*Insert caption here*

*Carnivorous emo-bunnies break through steel security door.* O__O

NOOOOOEEEEEESSSS!!!!! THEY’RE HERE!!! RUN!!!!! Andy, you stay here and pretend to be dead!!! I’ll run and lead them away!!!!

*Andy stands with the cheesecake that looks like Marksman in his hands and watches Tenrai run through the back exit. Andy then looks over to the mob of hungry emo-bunnies.*

Andy: “Oh, hell no…”

*Andy throws cheesecake at emo-bunnies and runs screaming. Moments later, Marks walks into the door, clothes torn and all.*

Marksman: “Wow, Tenrai, I thought I was a goner for a moment there. I have more slobber on me than the last time you mistook me fore a waffle, but I somehow managed to get away from the… oh… damn…”


Well, that’s it form me this week. Next episode we may see Konoha’s destruction, so things will definitely pick up now.

Cheers everyone! ^ ^

*Hears screams in the distance.* O_o

~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 25, 2010.

42 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 161 Breakdown. Having faith.”

  1. FIRST! Now to read…

  2. FIIIRRRSSST!! (In my own little world ;___;)

    *runs away from emo bunnies*

  3. *somehow briefly manages an escape long enough to give credit for breakdown*

    Nice breakdown Tenrai. I must agree with you on the flashback moment that seems to be somewhat, if not entirely absent and replaced in this episode.
    It read quite nicely for myself. ^^

    Now if you will exscuse me.

    *runs away screaming*

  4. Great breakdown, but I am disappointed by your lack of mention of Konohamarus rasengan….that was the most important thing for me

  5. Caption: Bob: I thought…that rape was over…after Oro died…all the tongues…so many…nightmares…wet…nightmares…

    wow, I liked this episode a little less than I thought I would…Great breakdown though. Marksman has some personality issues…

  6. Caption: wow this 3d movie really comes to life *gurgles*.

  7. I liked this episode. The only poor episode of this arc was Pain vs Kakashi in my opinion >_>

    Anyone realize Konohamaru left the old woman in the open? O_O Konohamaru u sick bastard

  8. hot damn! @ 0:27 seconds into the video Pain looks amazing! If i was a girl I’d be screaming @ his awesomeness! >_>

  9. Yes! This is my second, second place on bubble contest. One day, I will be the first….hokage! 😀

    Nice breakdown! :thumps up:

    First of all, I never imagine that that thing that’s coming out from their mouths was red and more like tongue. I always think (reading manga) that coming from their mouths was more like soul looking thing, white or transparent. (If you understand me what I want to say.)

    I imagine scene with konohamaru and rasengan more cooler, but never the less it was fine.
    Can’t wait for a new episode. Pain looks awesome!

    *Saw a creepy looking rabbit.
    -Oh no! They came to Europe too! They probably hijack the plane and cross the Ocean.
    *Try to run but rabbit is faster than me
    *Do the rasengan on rabbit.
    *Rabbit dodged a cross the pawns.
    -Kage bunshin no emo rabbit!
    *CumulusBG run from millions and millions emo rabbits.

    Emo rabbits has taking over the world! Must form…ninja alliance!

  10. Great Breakdown Tenrai! I didn’t even notice how the anime abandoned that all too important scene from the manga. Now that I look back on it that was a foolish thing to do and the anime’s maneuver (Flashback with Konamaharu) leaves less of an impact. I can’t understand why they would omit that scene either…

    One thing that I did notice right away which bothered me was the writers blatant ruining of the surprise ending to the episode. It was immediately obvious what new jutsu Naruto taught Konomaharu was since the writers gave it away at the beginning, long before he was supposed to use it. Lol, and it was then obvious what jutsu Konamaharu was going to use to defeat the Naraka Path.

    Besides all of that though, good episode. 😉

  11. Nice Breakdown Tenrai! Emo bunnies can be beaten, hug no jutsu beats all O_O

    That Caption image is just twisted O_O


    Pein’s Dental Plan: We take Personal service to a whole new level 😛

  12. Great Breakdown Tenrai 😀

    Bunniiiieees! I love bunnies…especially with potatoes.
    * Starts getting the furnace ready*

    “Once again Sakura forgot to put her hairnet on back in the restaurant.”

  13. Caption: Don Corleone, what to do with this two? They talk too much!

    Nooo, don’t eat the bunnies! You will become an Emo too! Just like Sasuke. Or even worse.

    😀 😆

  14. CAPTION:

    If you don’t cook pork thoroughly, you WILL GET WORMS!!!

  15. Caption
    Why are we being violated by tentacles even though we are men.WE AREN’T EVEN SEXY!!

  16. Caption: Oh no, tentacles. Why’d we have to be Japanese?

  17. Caption: Despite the fact that i’m getting molested my glasses still shines brightly.

  18. Yeah, totally missed the rasengan highlight…

    Caption: Now Showing – Bareback Konoha 2: Make oral love, not war!

  19. Good breakdown. 🙂 And thanks for the congratulations. 😀 I appreciate it. XP Been dealing with a lot lately. :O So yeah, thank you, and God. 🙂 And I know that wasn’t the reason – I had actually forgotten. ;P I didn’t totally think that one would win, but I’m glad it did. XD I tried extra hard to come up with something amusing/funny. :O

    Now as for the next one – that’s so obviously either ninjas mimicing that old toad that I forgot his name unfortunately, or else utter tentacle grape. :O

    More like gum. 🙂

    Thanks again, and by the way, one more thing. I’ve noticed that Kishimoto may have quite a few fetishes, perhaps? <,<; He goes over soft vore, among other things. Such as oral. :O And deepthroating. XD But I think we've noticed that. :O

    The soft vore was when Naruto got eated by a snakey. <,<; 😛

  20. man the funniest move i have ever seen on Naruto happened in this episode… Ebisu kicked Pein in the leg and Pein was like “oww WTF bitch!!!” and slammed that body on Ebisu and kicked him away like a soccer ball… OWNED lmao…

  21. @Everyone mentioning the lack of a comment on Konohamaru’s Rasengan.

    Yes, I didn’t mention the Rasengan because I didn’t have much to say about it, it’s as simple as that. Those of you who watched the episode will all know what happened, so is there really any reason for me to just repeat what we already know?

    I try to focus on themes or emotions in the breakdown, or look at things like the quality of the production more than simply just summarizing everything that happened. I try to look at the impact the episode had, rather than simply telling you something you already know like “Konahamaru used the Rasengan on Pein”.

    If you guys would prefer that I simply summarize everything that happened like a parrot, then I can do that as well, but then I would be accused of being boring. I could have gone on about how it represented new generations, etc, (something we have also already addressed at length) but in the end, it just never really moved me that much. In addition to that, if you guys have something that you saw in that scene that you felt made an impact for you, then say it rather than expecting others to speak for you, because I may not always see things the way others do. For me, it just didn’t have any real effect on me, but for others, that may obviously not be the case.

    In all honesty, the comments section we have here exists for you guys to add your own thoughts, ideas, theories and views on an episode, or to discuss certain themes or events that have been presented, and yet most never seem to make use of that freedom, or put any effort into giving feedback.

    I am human, I make mistakes and I miss things once in a while. Let’s just leave it at that.

  22. @holydemonandy

    It was my pleasure, but you also won the contest because you had the best caption in my opinion, it’s as simple as that. I am sorry to hear you have been dealing with some problems and I hope things get better.

    If you ever need to talk, you have a family of sorts here at WRA.

  23. @Tenrai: To be honest this was great breakdown. I really enjoyed it!

    The part where you opted not to focus on the rasengan was your call and I totally respect it. Just continue what you’re doing because you are good at it.

    As for the rasengan bit, it is more than just a jutsu – it is a signature of Narutoverse. Also it might be a preview of what Konohamaru and his contemporaries could do though it may still take a few generations to surpass the awesomeness (or emoness) of the current.

  24. @Tenrai: Thanks a lot Tenrai. 🙂 I appreciate that much. ^,^ Mucho gracias. 😛 XD

    And no worries about the rasengan bit – I didn’t mind. 😀 I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I hope to get around to it soon – God-willingly and such. <,<; And God-willingly I'll be able to sort the problems out. XP Etc. etc. :l

    But yeah, anyways, thanks. 🙂 I'm also glad you enjoyed it. 😀 I figured that was the case. XP 🙂

  25. HE KILLED SHIZUNE in the VID! OMG >_>

  26. This episode was cool.

    @super: I agree with you on the writers ruining the surprise. It would have been way better if they hadn’t. 😦

    I’m disappointed with the anime’s colors. Those things coming out of the Konoha Ninja’s mouths aren’t worms, they’re chakra and lifeforce! I always imagined it being a light, almost see-through green, not a wierd worm color! I hope that the colors will be different when Nagato revives the Konoha ninjas.

  27. CAPTION: Aren’t you glad your not a female ninja?

    CAPTION: Swallowing your lunch money won’t stop me from taking it…

    CAPTION: Evil Ninja has a slight side-effect…

  28. Caption 1: Yawn rape that is all….

    Nice breakdown tenrai :p

    Caption 2: Make-out Paradise version 3.0, page 130, sex position 200. A ninjas personal fav 😉

  29. Caption: Sakura’s hidden fantasy experiment.

  30. @最强 Dragon

    yes, I thought that to. It’s should be white or bright green not red, and worm looking…thing.

    Caption: Never eat at Konoha’s cafeteria.

  31. Caption: Orochimaru’s and Sakura’s Hidden experiment.

  32. caption: damn it Bob the animators screwed up again do they know how wrong this looks.

  33. New episode is out, and it was awesome!

  34. the new episode was probably THE BEST EPISODE EVER!

  35. Caption1: What’s the matter? Giant demon from hell thingy got your tongue? O_o

    Caption2: The latest contestants of Fear Factor Konoha, never saw this coming.

    Caption3: Ew!!! something yucky tasting just landed on my tongue!!!

  36. Caption:

    I don’t hear them complaining O_O

  37. 162 is awesome! Who knew Konan was actually useful? Thanks anime guys. But Pain’s Shinra Tensei seemed more powerful in the manga. The huge Shinra Tense should have blown everything away quickly, not as slow as it did in the anime.

  38. No Shizune WHYYYYY!!!!
    @kisu I thought it was good that maybe it was slow down to show detail.

  39. I love the fight against Aburane and Inuzuka clan. We saw it in a manga just a little but they show us in anime more than that.
    And Konan rock! 🙂

    And Shizune dies more dramatically than in the manga. Somehow I have actually felt sorry for her.

  40. They definitely went in with this episode, I think they upped the animation a bit. Not looking too forward to the next episode though, looks like it’s all just Naruto pondering things and raking in the whole situation. I’m 99% sure that next week’s episode is gonna end with Naruto smashing the Asura Path.

  41. Caption: Heimlich maneuver gone wrong.

  42. it was a good episode but i dont think the anime should be adding any filler content whatsoever, let alone cutting out manga content. i hope thats the last time they do that.

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