Naruto Chapter 496 IS OUT + Super, Marks, And Pickles’ Co-Op Naruto Breakdown And Discussion! With Special Guest Artist Tenraisenshi! New Debate Included!

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-Naruto 495 Breakdown Below-

Tenrai Senshi: Hey everyone, sorry this is late, but I have finally finished the coloured front page. As you can see, it was a bit complex to say the least, which is why it took so long, but it was definitely worth it. I hope you all like it. ^ ^

Supertrek: “Yo Yo Yo this is Super and crew dropping a beat! You better keep up because we’re bringing the heat! Me and my two homies Marks and Pickles are assigned a mission. Bringing you a Naruto breakdown co-op edition! Word! >(*_*)<

*gets tasered in the back of the neck by Marksman*

Supertrek: “GLABH! Fine, no more rapping…hater.” >_>

YOSH! This is Super, Pickles, and Marksman’s attempt at WRA’s first ever (and maybe last XD) co-op breakdown. Tenrai has provided us with an awesome color splash of the cover page for this week’s chapter so many thanks! Captions and photoediting are done by myself and mostly Pickles! Breaking down of the chapter will be done by Marksman and I! I’ll be starting us off on our journey this week so enough of the introduction…let’s get down to some Naruto e-du-ca-tion! 😉

*Pickles pulls out taser*


Screw your hugs, too! X__X

I thought this week’s chapter was pretty good, a bit boring, but good overall. I mean all Naruto really does is defeat his evil self with love and understanding and they move on to the Kyubi training which is for next chapter. A decent setup chapter for next week but not much going on in the entertainment department for me this week. I wonder what my companions thought about this chapter…>_>

Pickles: “I thought it was funny.”

Marks: “I thought it was awesome!”

Tenrai: “…” *busy painting a work of art*

Oh, how the scanalators get it wrong...

Well, besides Naruto coming to an understanding with himself he also becomes quick friends with Killer Bee, coming to a level of understanding with his fellow Jinchuuriki. That’s a good development. One problem I have with this relationship though is the fact Killer Bee’s enigmatic personality may be rubbing off to much on Naruto. For the love of God please stop rapping Naruto. T_T I’d rather eat a jar of Mayo, than hear another rhyme with “Dattebayo”. Eh? 😉

*gets zapped by Tenrai, Marks, and Pickles* X_X

Sage Mode training? Kyubi training? Hunger strike? None of the above! He fell asleep...

With Killer Bee’s new faith in Naruto he tells him too go back to the Falls of Truth and accomplish his goals there. Too go back and face the truth inside his heart. Something Killer Bee already did in quick succession which allowed him to go on and conquer his Bijuu masterfully. What amazes me about Killer Bee is that he was able to smile and forgive those who wronged him from the get-go. All he did was smile and rap. Hell, he was even proud of what he was. While Naruto went about pulling pranks and acting out, and Gaara…well he kinda killed a few people… Lol, but he’s all better now. @_@ With renewed vigor and an answer to the problem in his head Nauto heads back and once again confronts the hidden darkness inside his heart. Btw, speaking of control what kind of training did Yagura undergo to get control of his Bijuu?

Gotta get the boom boom pow!! @__@

I’m glad Kishi didn’t go with the “beat up my clone and conquer him” plot. Instead he went with the “I’ll win you over with love and understanding” which is yes, typical of Naruto but at least he’s sticking to his own thing. Rather than conqueringhisinnerhollow in some kind of internal struggle for power. ^_^ I call BS to Naruto not being able to beat “himself” though. Gai, Neji, and Tenten did nearly the exact same thing with clones reflecting all their moves and thoughts so why can’t Naruto? o_O

Haters to my left, haters to my right. Nothing but haters in my sight. 😉

Ah, and that ends the section of my breakdown. T_T Naruto conjures up an image of his autograph for his biggest fan ever. Himself! xD He needs to have faith and belief in himself foremost before he can protect others and he’s learned that now. But that’s all for Marks to explain. For now I’m off like an airplane. ^(0_0)^

*gets tasered into unconsciousness* @_X

Ah here we have it! Marksman Enters the epic Duo breakdown! The Incredible Marksman that is. And i will be continuing this write up, as Supertrek89 is no longer concious. And i have absolutly nothing to do with that.

*hides taser behind back and whistles innocently*



Marksman: Say, You guys dont plan on tasering me do you?

Captian Pickles: Maybe.

Marksman: O____O

But wait guys. I thought we were a team.

Captian Pickles: Yea, apparently Supertrek thought that as well. >_>

Marksman: o_o

Tenria Senshi: Hmm… Well if you like, i could just eat you instead.

Markman: . . . .

I actually dont like that option either. >_<

Alas! At the risk of loosing my conciouness, The breakdown must continue!

I must say, i particularly enjoyed this chapter to say the least. The bond making between the two Chakra Monster Hosts, was a bit touching, even after they got off to a bit of a rough start. Last we left Supers epic break, naruto was confronting his evil counter part.  His first attempt to defeat the dark side of the force himself, didn’t blow over to well, as he was evenly matched by his own skill. So he takes to a different approach, as we are shown here.

Ps. When talking to yourself has been taken to a level that defies any and all logic whatsoever in ways that simply cannot be explained as depicted above, we here at WRA advise that you get away from us, and consult a doctor who specializes in ' Epic Fail Sanity'. Oh, i can’t elaborate on "Stay away from us", enough. o_o

And for those of you who refuse to heed this advise, know that we are fully capable of running. O__O

Ahem! As we continue, naruto seems to have everything under controll, and uses the power of understanding and compassion to sway his counter part, though he puts up a good argument. As i have said before in the past breakdown, the hosts, naruto and killer bee both being two of them, have endured through many sufferings thanks to thier own villages. And this is the evil Naruto’s counter argument.

He uses that pain, that resentment deep down in the lowest parts of naruto’s soul, agaisnt him in an attempt to show that they only worship him now thanks to what he has done. However, the good naruto brings out that the villagers, the people, they count as well.

Yea! I want to be like octo Dude to. I would like to rap and actually not be tasered. ^^

Despite his compassion,  the evil naruto is consumed with rage and begins a head on attack. It would seem that a second confrontation was not aviodable. However, naruto isn’t out of the game yet. Let us see what he says to make things better.

*watches Supertrek finally wake up from being tasered*

Yo Super! Welcome back! How ya feelin?

Supertrek89: T_T

*watches super pick up spare taser*

*points at pickles and Tenrai*

They did it!  O_o

Caption Pickles: Pffffffft! No we didnt.  >_> *hides taser bihind back*

Tenrai: Come here marks. @_@ *Grabs fork and nife.*

Marksman: Please dont taser and eat me. I need to atleast finish the breakdown. X__X

A happy Ending! Way to go Naruto! ^_^

Alas! Naruto finally defeats or rather, helps his evil counter part accept his way of thinking, letting him know that everything is going to be ok. This is the naruto we all know and love! It is simply amazing how he works his majic, and it knows no bounds. It even convinced pain, the god of naruto, that there can truly be peace.

So thats two major stones down. And now naruto gleefully moves on to his next challenge. Rapping without being tasered by Tenrai, Super and Captian pickles.

I get the feeling i am leaving someone out. >_>

*super walks up pointing taser in a threating manner*

Ok ok! By Marksman to.  T__T

Hop Scotch can be such a fun game. @_@

Finally! We are on to the moment we have all been anticipating, naruto training and gaining control of the nine tailed fox. You know, its about time kishi decided to do so, as we have watched sasuke(His non Bias character T__T) improve and increase in power so much. I mean, lets just add up what kishi has had him attain over the year.

Ms, all of itachi’s eye powers, Training with Maru, random eagle Jutsu’s >_>, the ultimate lightning jutsu, and now eternal MS. All the while naruto has attained sage mode and…. and… and… oh thats right, the rasen shurikan move that he already had, but just perfected. T__T

Least to say, he has almost completly forgoten about some of the other characters, like kiba, tenten, and many others. Perhaps i am being a bit bias myself. But finally, we get to see naruto gain controll of his chakra monster. I am just wondering, as i am sure most of you are , as to how he will do so?

Naruto: Alright! AWESOME! I finally get to... wait... i have to fight it? O_o

And so ends an epic chapter and an epic Duo breakdown. This was an EPIC ending to an epic chapter.

Captian Pickles: You epically say epic alot. >_>

I know -_-

But i cant wait to see how naruto will battle the nine tailed fox. It looks as though the next chapter will be a even better one.

*glares at super and pickles coming in for a final Taser, and Tenrai slowly approaching with knife in hand.*


Alas! Thats it for my part folks. Hope you enjoyed the breakdown. ^^


The Incredible Marksman.

Now if you will exscuse me.

*runs away and throws a debate behind him for a distraction* X__X

*Pickles picks debate up and dusts it off* “Jo, I like this one!”

Tenrai: “This is going to be a good one. A battle of the two opposite spectrums in taijutsu.”

Supertrek: “Alright WRA, who’s it going to be? Neji or Rock Lee?” (I still got it)

Neji artwork by Meiwren. Rock Lee artwork by Kairi-Moon

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    Don’t tase me bro!

  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if being first and second on your own posts actually count?


  3. Great co-op breakdown!!!

    Since you guys don’t count I guess I’m FIRST!!! 😛 XD

  4. Screw the rest, I have FIIIIIRRRSSST!!

  5. the first four actually cheated and posted before the breakdown was even finished, i’me the real No. 1.

  6. great breakdown guys.
    Really keppin’ it funny on WRA, that’s what Super, Mark’s, tenrai & Pickles have to say. ( yeah I know i’me white ).

    You should do this team-up breakdown style more often, it really worked out great.good job

  7. XD!!! Great Breakdown!

    A Pimp Named Slickback FTW!

    Yagura was apparently a tyrant so maybe he and that dumbass Sanbi had an agreement of hate. Like some say, it takes a greater evil to beat evil

    Maybe Tenten beating her clone……..beating someone caused a rift in the space-time-continuum thus preventing anyone from beating clones of themselves O_O

    (besides, I like beating the evilHollowHalfdownforsupremacy >_>)

    Nice jabs at Sasugay Marksman, but how could u forget Sasuke’s Kyubi-level chakra? Which i might add is also more evil according to the Kyubi, the same giant monster that’s killed thousands of people, destroyed villages and wants to tear apart Naruto piece by painful piece (u make me sick Kishi) X_X

    I give Neji the win. Anyone wanna prove me wrong? O_O

    Awesome Breakdown!

  8. Hey guys, check out Sasugay’s Susanoo’s official color

  9. @kisuzachi – Purple is good, even though I would have been ok with red… I bet the anime still screws it all up and makes it red anyway…

    Oh and this debate shouldn’t even be close… Negi’s ability to block chakra points is totally useless against an opponent who doesn’t use chakra… Lee FTW!!!

  10. @adakias, the Eight Gates essentially makes Lee stronger by RELEASING chakra. When neji shuts down the teketsu, that power boost instantly goes. And we know Neji can also fight at long-range, something Lee cant do, and its not like Neji’s slow either. PLUS, the Hyuga Taijutsu is the strongest in Konoha.

    Pfft, Sasugay’s Susanoo still looks dumb >_>

  11. @Kisu and ada One word Sake.

  12. By the way nice breakdown too bad there was no Caption.

  13. @adakias: Well Lee does use chakra, so you’re wrong there.

  14. Go Lee go! With alcohol ofcorse!
    I voted for Lee! 😀

  15. Indeed, it has been awhile!!!!!

    Great break down guys *Mumble about never being able to do a breakdown*

    Never the least nice job Mark, Supa Dupa, Tenrai and Del Dixi. It seem like the teamwork paid off for you four or three depending if Mark haven’t been eating yet.

    Now for the Lee vs Negima, I’ll give it to Lee. We all know that Negima is a very skilled magician but *Random guy in suit tap him on the shoulder*

    What……Wrong guy…….That can’t be…….It is……You telling me that I did all this research and created these charts and bar graph and printed out these handouts for nothing……you are!!!!

    Well I have just been inform that I have the wrong guy, but I am still on the side of youth by all that is green and tight!!!!!

    Mark: Why are you scream man?

    Tai: Because its the only way I can breath, this green spandex is so tight.

  16. Oh yeah don’t Gate force your chakra out of ur body, so even if it is sealed, gate would make it release anyway?

  17. Thanks everyone, the feedback is greatly appreciated. So much better than the tasering. 🙂

    @Debate: Ja, you all are focused on Neji’s ability to close chakra points and Lee’s ability to open the gates but they have other moves in their arsenal. Moves that would do them both well in this battle.

    How about Neji’s Heavely Spin? Could Rock Lee even touch Neji? What about Lee’s speed? Would Neji even see Rock Lee coming with his near perfect 360 degree vision? Lol, as Cumulusbg has touched upon, what would happen if Lee got drunk? Could Neji hit Lee to cut off his chakra flow with Lee’s unpredictable movements? And as Kisu noted Neji does have a range attack…though its appeared in the anime only.

    Also noted which is very important is Rock Lee himself claiming the Gentle Fist is the strongest taijutsu style in Konoha. Then again, we all know a weapon is only as good as the user no matter how fine it is. They’re both geniuses in their own right so there’s no telling who surpasses the other and which style would best the other. That’s all up for debate. 😉

    Lastly of course, there’s the 5 Gates (yes only 5 gates we know of Rock Lee can open) and Neji’s ability to close the chakra points. Opening the gates does indeed force your chakra flow but is it enough force to reopen the chakra paths like Naruto’s Kyubi chakra did for him?

    That’s also up for debate. In the end it all comes down to whether to hard work can overcome genius.

  18. That last statement you made Supa open my eyes up to something, and if you have forgotten who I am its Black Ice. Anywho, being a genius is great and all, but because everything come so easily to you, you tend to look over the smaller thing that can make a big difference in a match. Neji is a beast, no doubt but Rock Lee, unlike Neji has trained for the day that he would surpass Neji. Neji is fast but Lee is crack head fast. I doubt the Neji would be able to land many hit or the Green Flash. Now the reason I am saying this is because I doubt that Neji would have been able to get around Gaara sand, which Lee did.

    They said gates would give its user the power to rival or surpass a Kage, I think it would force Lee charkra points back open. Once that happens, it a wrap, Neji can’t keep up with that speed.

  19. @debate Are we talking about Lee also using Nunchaku/staff from the third movie as well?

  20. @Ice: Lol, I know who you are. You haven’t changed your avatar in ages. 😉

    While it’s true Neji used to be over confident in his natural abilities and overlooked things he might have found trivial, I think the match with Naruto changed him. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he took every opponent he faced from now on seriously no matter the circumstance. Also, to open the 8th gate gives you the power surpassing a Hokage but that begets death and there’s no evidence Lee has learned to open the gates that far.

    As for Lee’s speed. Yep, that should be the main focus for those on his side for winning the match. Speed, strength, and his tenacity to never give up. On Neji’s side, his amazing natural talent, doujutsu, and Heavenly Spin.

    @Katon: Lol, yeah you can include weapons if you’d like. Though, that was only seen in the movie which isn’t canon to the manga.

  21. I wonder though, can his Heavenly Spin be broken through? Myself think it can with enough force and a large mass. Like four tails Kyuubi Kamahamaha or Kiba’s Double Head Wolf Fang. So the Lee have enough power to break through it or is it that he is so fast, he can stop it even before Neji begins to spin.

    *gets tasered, and escapes Tenrai… minus one leg*


    Anyway *leg grows back piccolo style)

    I think the Versus is Awesome!
    I gotta go with the underdog -ROCK LEE!!!
    Neji can block his chakra, but he can’t block his FLASK! Drunken beatings +10 Lee
    Neji is strong – but Lee can punch holes in trees, rocks and… children? +10 Lee
    Neji beats women – like his hot, innocent cousin Hinata. – over 9000! Neji
    Neji can beat on Lee like he beats his pale, byaku-meat, but Lee can drop the weights and break out his nunchucks (what? that was in the fillers? dammit!) +5 Lee

    And the finishing move.. Lee has SPIRIT SENSE! The most awesome…ly useless ability to ever hit an anime.

    A quick dialogue between the two of them during their match:
    NEJI: I hate being a branch family member, I’ll beat on you because I hate myself.
    LEE: *hiccup* Dis’ single malt scotch is the shit… hey! stop hitting me you albino bitch!
    LEE: You makin fun of Sakura… *hiccup* I’ll kill you!!! *drops weights*

  23. @ Tai Night – LMFAO @ Rock Lee’s “crackhead fast speeds” I nearly forgot about that…

  24. with Lee drinking is sure win for Lee because not even Gai could restrain without using lethal force.
    Btw super it’s Kanton not Katon.

  25. @nagashikage/kisuzachi/debate – Taijutsu only uses stamina. Neji’s general strategy involves fighting defensively and wearing the opponent down by blocking chakra points when he can until the opponent is unable to use any jutsu. How can Negi wear an opponent down in this fashion if the opponent has no need for chakra… Based on the high level of speed we’ve seen from Lee and the very little information we know about Neji’s, I assume Negi’s speed is average at best (otherwise it would be worth mentioning, though someone may prove me wrong on this with a link)… I think the fight is won before Lee even has to try to release his chakra gates.
    I also have a hunch that Negi is pretty fragile, hence the need for heavenly spin… well,and because Naruto took him down with a single punch in the Chunnin exams… I think if Lee lands one blow its basically over…

  26. I agree and from what I know, Neji is not faster then Kiba, and we all know that Lee would run around the world a few time before Kiba even make it to Konoha main gate.

  27. When it started I was leaning towards Lee but now I’m not sure.
    @ada that was three years ago and don’t forget that he took to shots from Kidomaru’s bow still got up ran towards him and killed him. If thats not endurance I don’t know what is. Neji is a jounin plus the fact that there are teammate so they should know each other moves.
    Here are the stats of the 3rd databook stats well the important ones.
    Lee Neji
    Taijutsu 5 4.5
    Intelligence 2 3
    Strength 4.5 2.5
    Speed 4.5 4.5
    Stamina 3.5 3.5

  28. Well Neji is a jonin but that doesn’t mean that Neji is better than Lee. Naruto is still a genin but at the moment he is the strongest ninja in Konoha.

    In first years we see that Neji is better than Lee. But in that time Neji was a little bit mean character. Lee did fight with Neji during training but he never did “the gate open thing” or lotus (and we didn’t see him drunk), but We know that when Lee had his first drink he redecorated the restoran, and for holding him down it takes not just Neji, but Neji, Guy and Tenten together. And don’t forget. In that time Lee even beat Sasuke.

    After time skip we didn’t see much of the fight. Just a little in Garra’s arc. But I think that Neji got his title of Jonin mostly because of his eyes. He is probably the best Byakugan user in his clan and he can probably use all three types of jutsu. Ninjutsu, taijutsu…and the third one (I forgot the name). Lee can only use one, but he is the master in that types of jutsu.

    So , I think that Lee has a good chance to beat Neji.

  29. this is gonna be a hoot XD. Be back later

  30. The ending was awesome.

  31. Awesome breakdown guys a little odd but no less then to be expected from wra… I think in the end the Ichigoinnerhollowbattle, was better in that it showed most of his demon and highlighted some of his more epic battles and each person he battled explained this hate or failure, would of been epic to see Pein, Sasuke, Neji, Oro all pop up in some sort of form to intensify the true hate personified by each aspect there. Hug no jutsu is kinda true to Naruto but also seems too easy…

    Naruto has also gained higher levels of Kyuubi transformation, 4 Tails etc, Sage Mode is not something to be thrown away, and an S Ranked jutsu… but yeah Sasuke still been getting a lot of spotlight, but naruto too has a gift from Itachi waiting O_O

    Over all I hope the taming of Kyuubi is a little more kick ass then a epic bear hug O_O

    Neji will win, a failure will always be a Failure (unless its the 9 tailed fox)

  32. I can’t really say to much on this because this isn’t a deep battle because the characters are pretty shallow so its not to fun… but Neji isn’t a long range fighter like someone said, He is a close range fighter according to Kimimaru or the SPIDER DUDE… that is why he had the advantage and why he attacked from long range because Neji couldn’t… I think Lee would win though because of his tremendous speed and Neji can’t use that spinning jutsu to much, Lee has stamina he doesn’t really use his chakra… but i don’t know, lately Chakra and Stamina has been in the same category in the Manga and anime..

  33. Ok did anyone of you see the speed stats for Neji and Lee? They’re equal. And Neji has shows his speed every time he uses the Trigrams attacks. Remember the distance he closed on Kidomaru, while he was falling? THEN BEFORE Kidomaru hit the ground Neji had already finished him. Lee’s normal speed isnt/wasnt that impressive. Neji can get off 64 hits before his opponent knows what happened, while Lee gets in only a few.

    The only reasons Naruto beat Neji was because Neji deactivated his Byakugan, Naruto used the Kyubi chakra to force his tenketsu open and the fact that the punch was a Kyubi-enhanced punch. That came punch shattered Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirrors, so how is Neji frail for losing to that hit after he got up from this:

    Also, Neji can effectively slow Lee’s punches (if he hasnt already outright dodge it using his Byakugan) by ejecting chakra from his body, or even redirect them. Also, this is the very basis of Neji’s Mountain Crusher Jutsu. All he has to do is eject enough chakra at Lee, keeping him at a distance.

    Let’s not forget that Nji can attack any point on the Tenketsu, so he can even close Rock Lee’s gates if he so chooses.

    Also, Neji has never lost to Lee, but the opposite is true (LEe has always lost to Neji).

  34. I think this is an appropriate video for the debate and though I’m not siding for this one I’d say it’s a hard case to argue Neji’s speed being on equal with Rock Lee’s. Not only does Lee get an insane speed increase from dropping his weights but also by opening the gates. Statistics only give a surface impression. Doesn’t it say Neji’s intelligence is higher than Naruto’s but look who outwitted who and won the battle.

  35. @ the debate, I think it’s useless to comment this debate because besides the new movie shippuden 3 we haven’t seen any of the two use there real skill in a fight, i men that as to the present or near present time.

    People say Lee stands a better chance then Neji, even if Neji is one of my favorite characters in the manga I know that Lee can overcome him if he wants, this fight is all about who can survive the longest, while Neji uses extreme amounts of chakra in his style of combat, Lee only rely’s on brute force and speed, Neji is a offensive and defensive player all in one while Lee is more of an offensive type, but besides that they both have special skills like u guys especially Kisu pointed out earlier like Lee’s drunken fist & neji’s Mountain crusher both tech never been shown in present day & seeing as both fighters came a long way from the Sakura:”sasuke come back home to me” ark and the rescue gaara arc i’me sure that both this two tech are now fully mastered and just as hinata and kakashi showed us in the pain arc new jutsus are a must for this times, and Neji & Lee are two of konoha’s elite ninja, so it’s for curtain that both of them have new moves to show, so in my opinion unless we know the full extent of there power and jutsus/techs it’s trivial to continue the debate because all we’re doing is speculating from what we last saw in the Gaara arc seeing as it was the last time they truly shown there skills.

  36. I say who cares about this debate, that video was awesome 😀

  37. In that video Superdude posted Neji had killed Lee from the very first hit. All it takes for a Hyuga to kill you is one hit to the chest area (where the heart and lungs are). Plus if he gets in all those hits he could have basically destroyed Lee’s organs. You can strengthen your outer body, but not your organs. Let’s not forget that Lee’s ultimate jutsu relies one opening 5 gates on his chakra network, which Neji can EASILY close, hence the reason I think Lee always lost to him. Primary/Initial Lotus opens 1 gate, and that’s an attack Neji has clearly already seen, which means he’s already probably dealt with it.

  38. @kisuzachi

    Well if Rock Lee was drunk Hyuga will never succeed to hit him in the chest.

  39. This is hard debate. Neji vs Lee. Its hard because we know nothing about there new abilities (if they have that many). I personally before the time skip thought that lee had probably surpassed Neji due being able to open the 5 of the 8 gates. I personally don’t believe that kaiten will help Neji against Lee if he attacks Neji in a high speed combo as he did with Gaara. He would not be start the spin mid combo to defend himself. It was mentioned that a high speed combo was the key to defeating Neji and this is my opinion of how it would be effective (who know just an idea).

    Neji byakyugan would only help in offence as Lee is a taijutsu user meaning close range. As Lee also relies on attacking swiftly being able to detect the attack is not important as being able to block or dodge it as the case fighting with Sasuke. I’m not indictating by any means that Neji is not agile or swift. His fight with Kidomaru he dodged everything he could see when attacked by Spidermans summon. I just cannot see him keeping up with Lee after opening the 5th gate before that is anyone guess.

    There is relly one thing I see doing Lee in and that is himself. If he fucks up his attack while the gates open (which to his detriment he has everytime) he is wide open to an ass whooping of Hinata proportions. Don’t forget Neji attacks internal organ connected to the chakra network. So in thoery if Neji can keep up with Lee it is ends up with Gai offing himself after the fight.

    To summerise Lee for the win if he opens 5 outta 8 gates and doesn’t fuck up. Come on, he can’t get it wrong a 3rd time, right? Although Neji’s win ratio isn’t much better 1 win against hinata, a draw, and an epic beating resulting in slow motion (anime) uppercut to jaw.Oh just remembered Lee beat Sasuke! Well actually Lee disquailified for interference by a turtle but almost (I wonder what became of that turtle).

    To be honest, this based on what i can recall without rereading manga to prove facts. Who knows they both mabye even better than im giving them credit for! I believe it would be a first challenging (out and out) close range fight for both of them so a hard time choosing people.

  40. @kisuzachi, It’s true one thrust to the chest means game but is it really that easy. e.g. one rasengan to the chest means game over. But valid point.

  41. which naruto made the other cry? I ask the question …. who the evil one.

  42. @cumulusbg, when drunk, Lee HAS to make contact with his opponent to damage them (he has to even when not drunk, hence why its taijutsu) and this is his weakness. Neji can push chakra out of his body to slow Lee’s kicks, redirect them, or simply take the hit then tap the leg. The chakra network is so close to the organs that the Hyuga’s attacks can destroy them. This means one tap to Lee’s leg could tear his muscles. If that happens Lee can do nothing more because his Taijutsu focuses on the use of his legs above all else.

    “Neji byakyugan would only help in offence” Not necessarily. Neji doesnt have to dodge the attacks like Sasugay was forced to do, all Neji has to do is eject chakra from his body, and the Byakugan helps him keep track of Lee’s movements around him.

    Once again. Neji can shut off Lee’s best moves by closing his gates.

  43. – Legs get damaged, its over.

  44. BINGO! As we can see here, Neji is keeping track of Lee’s movements!

  45. @Super: That video has better animation than the anime.

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    P.S. The Great Elder Toad said Naruto would “battle” a man with great powers in his eyes.

    To me this sounds like someone with a doujutsu. Though Naruto encountered his evil self it wasn’t really a battle as much as it was an…understanding.

    @Everyone: Since Naruto already conquered his hate this will just be a battle of wills as every has already mentioned. It’ll only be a matter of time before the Kyubi is sucked into Naruto’s optimistic never back down will power. It’s like crack apparently, nearly irresistible.

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  96. @ BlackBurstBoom, Yeah why is Yamato there? He can’t contain Kyuubi chakra now right? My guess is that he was assigned as like a personal bodyguard because he is powerless to stop kyuubi from emerging, right? Or maybe it because Naruto is an idiot and he babysitting the heavyweight fool from doing something stupid (if he is he not doing a good job).

    @ adakias, In Onemanga aa is far more tamed down translation. Maybe bee isn’t as thugnificent as we thought. Although he is posing through most of the chapter spo mabye he is cussing.

    @ ursamajour, we learned earlier in the manga that you don’t have to have a big repitoire of moves to be badass. The baddest of the bad, the last pein only had one grav tech and owned all. All we know is naruto gotta learn an sik tech to be untouchable cos we all know shinrai tensei was the shit. Overpowered but the shit.

  97. @ supertrek89, I agree no ones teach naruto per se but look sasuke dreams up hawk summons mid battle. Naruto been eating too much ramen and not learning jutsu.

  98. @sockorlu:
    1. Uzumaki means whirlpool
    2. Shippuden means hurricane.
    3. Naruto has a lot of spirals around him, from Rasengan to the symbol on his orange jumpsuit, which all goes back to whirlpools.

    So all of this makes it plausible that Naruto’s second element is Water. Imagine how cool a Hurricane Rasengan (Wind + Water + Rasengan) would be, or Naruto using Water Shark Bombs! 😀

  99. @sockorlu also Naruto means the fish cake usually found in ramen and it has a spiral in it seen here.

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    Capslock is cruise control for cool. Oh shi- alliteration, I just noticed.

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  102. @ holy, there has been someone from WRA ( sry for being a noob and not remembering who it was) who posted a link were a very documented and bread minded fellow made a thread discussing the possibility of kushina being from the same clan as haku’s mom, the person from who haku gained his ability, and that in fact Naruto might be able to use ice jutsu and/or another fusion of water and ice nature manipulation.

    Anyway imo once naruto gains the power of the fox he’s gonna skyrocket in matter of jutsu and nothing will be out of reach for him, and the sad thing is sasuke will be in the same situation, as far as ninjas come this two are perfect descendants in matter of the sage of six paths’s sons, sasuke is the bearer of the ems, other then that the only way he can be stronger is to acheve the rinnegan & naruto is a sage & perfect jinchuriki, and i bet that the only thing that will set this two apart is gonna be itachi’s gift 2 naruto.

  103. In 496, the way the the Kyuubi cuts Bee’s tentacles like that almost suggests that it uses Wind, not just poisonous chakra. Wind slices, and there was slicing going on while his hands were tied. Also, whenever the fox’s chakra is leaking, like in the Oro fight, there was a huge windstorm going on. Maybe the reason the chakra paper split was due to the Kyuubi, so he has that extra affinity because he is the fox jinchuriki and Naruto’s true nature is water. Who knows.

  104. @bunshin or maybe it’s genetic because Minato had a wind affinty as well.

  105. @Bushin, lightning can also slice

    @Kantonkage, where did it ever say Minato used wind?

  106. @super: True. I remembered that right after I posted. (D’oh!) However, I definitely don’t think the sage was talking about Sasuke, unless Sasuke’s possessed, since he asked, “and you know *what* he is?”

    @lostpride: I agree but Naruto always seemed like he really wanted to learn more jutsu and he desperately needs more things in his arsenal that he can use in precise, managed ways without causing massive collateral damage. Plus, his partnership with the toads cries out for some fire techs to use with their oil.

  107. @ kisu, it is speculated that minato used a combination of wind and lightning to achieve the super fast speed of the flying thunder god, if u stop to think about it the rai kage is the fastest character we know today except minato, and in the sasuke vs raikage fight shi or chi or whatever the genjutsu dude from kumo’s name was said that in the synapssys mode ( supe sayan 3) raikage was almost as fast as minato, it would only be logical that to enhance the speed of someone using lightning u have to use wind because it’s the fastest traveling nature affinity besides the lightning, i don’t think it’s faster the lightning ( speed of light = fastest speed known to man YET!! ) but wind is the fastest of fire, water and earth so thats why kanton may have said it’s genetic

  108. @ Eugen,

    The Hiraishin no jutsu isn’t a lightning or wind based jutsu (or a combination of both). It’s more of a reverse summoning jutsu. He uses a special seal or tag to mark where he would want to go. His kunai were all engraved with that seal enabling him to sense anyone around the kunai or instantly move to a particular kunai, even if he was miles away. It’s explained in the Kakashi Gaiden arc where Minato marks the rock ninja by placing his hand on the ninja’s foot. In the manga however, you don’t get to see the seal being formed but in the anime they display the seal going up the ninja’s foot.

  109. @ tredbaron1, I know what your saying is true but it has a taboo side to it.

    This is what I think the tech is all about, at leas it’s my personal opinion on it:

    Minato might have achieved the speed due to what i said earlier that is a fusion of wind and lightning armor sort to say and can travel faster then a crack head run’ed down by the Police, now the tricky part, he can travel fast enough but can he see were he’s going, that’s what i think the seal on the kunai is for, Minato can run the fastest out of everyone in the manga but without a sharingan to slow down time he can’t see were he’s going so he uses the tagged kunai as receivers, pulling himself towards them, when he grabs the kunai time slightly slows down and he makes his move and after that on to the next kunai.

    At first I used to think it was reverse summoning too but back at IRA and i think here on WRA too it was debated that in order to be summoned or to summon yourself that cloud of smoke appears every time, while in Minato’s Flying Thunder God no smoke was in sight it was concluded that it wasn’t summoning, we all guess in are own way and no one will know until we see it from kishi, a good insight to Minato’s straight could be the upcoming Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4, to bad were gonna have to wait till next aprit to see it ( damn Japanese people, when will they learn to pirate shit 4 the rest of the world).

  110. Maybe your affinty can be based on personality as well.

  111. @Eugen, actually Shi said the Raikage’s speed is comparable to the Yellow Flash, which means his speed is equal, a bit greater, or a bit less. So I’ll stick to the theory that he uses the Kunais to summon himself. Last time I check Kuchiyose can be used by any chakra

  112. @Kanton, I doubt that. Sasuke is fierce, Itachi is calm, but they’re both fire users. Sasuke is a psycho, Kakashi is stable, yet they both use Raiton. Naruto is an idiot, Temari is analytical, but they both use wind. It all comes down to genetics I think. Hence why all the Uchihas had Fire element. But then again it isnt a sure thing a osn will get the chakra nature of his father. Check out Asuma and Hiruzen. Asuma had only wind, while Hiruzen had fire and Earth.

  113. @Kisu true but Asuma’s mother hasn’t been revealed so it’s 50% chance her affinity could be wind.
    Its true, Itachi was calm on the outside but on the inside I’m pretty sure no matter who you are killing your at 13 or seeing a war when you were 5 would scar anyone.
    Yes, Naruto is a idiot but that’s book smarts remeber in the start Naruto managed to evade most jounin steals the forbidden scroll without being caught.

  114. @ kisu, u stand corrected as Asuma had a wind and fire affinity, remember the Asuma vs Hidan fight when asuma blew smoke at hidan and made it explode, that was a fire jutsu.
    For reference check it out on
    As for Minato’s FTG I already said that it’s anyone’s guess how the jutsu works, as far as i’me concerned and from what I gathered over time from both IRA & WRA alike, most opinions regarding the tech say that is high speed over summoning, I don’t know and I don’t care because this is everyones guess and whatever we might dig up or make up we still won’t know how it works until kishi shows us.

    And about the wind nature manipulation we actually have 4 very different characters witch all use wind in there own way, Naruto (knucklehead/tactician) is opposite to Temari (calculated) but how about Asuma (also an all rounded fighter) and Gaara (former maniac and killer/suicidal), all very different styles of combat and different people but if u look closely u see that is indeed genetic;
    – Asuma has fire from Hiruzen, and wind probably form her mother
    – Gaara & Temari probably inherited there wind affinity from there father the 4th Kazekage
    – Naruto most likely has his affinity from his father because Kushina was from the whirlpool and that to me spells Water as the main nature affinity.

    And just as the Uchiha knew without using the chakra sensitive paper to detect one’s nature affinity, that there main affinity was fire above all others so was the same for the others i just mentioned above.

  115. Uchiha are based on a dog-eat-dog complex. Look at the clan history, the MS, and the personality of the Uchiha. Once you look at the detail of the Uchiha it pretty obvious why their affinty is fire.

  116. @Eugen sorry my mistake. Asuma is just so lame and weak i didnt bother going over all his moves lol. Now I shall correct you young grasshopper. Gaara’s nature may or may not be Wind. He only used Wind jutsu after he transformed and was using the Shukaku’s power. But I agree element affinities are genetic (which explains why most Kirigakure shinobi can use water, why most KUmogakure shinobi use lightning, why most Iwagakure Shinobi use Earth etc) though the secondary element is pending….

    @kantonkage, yeah, but what about Uchihas like Obito and Itachi? IF it indeed was personality-based, why would they have fire instead of say earth (calm, sturdy, nurturing etc) and why would Deidara use Earth when he’s clearly not calm, sturdy or nurturing?

  117. why does it matter if emotion cause the element or not? 0_o…..lolz
    On another note…..

    Anyone think kyuubi’s personality will change after this? R ox-friend said he was once wild but now he/she/it? has calmed. Maybe if you gain control of a biju their personality will flip. Lolz kyuubi being the creature of pure evil will become good? Anyone is free to tell I’m crazy ^_^ it’s just a theory!

    Also long live the obito-Mandara theory XD

  118. @ deathcon, Maybe since this bijuu are just huge masses of chakra that show up when people are at war and the worst of them comes out that’s why there so evil, I don’t know if this is a trait only regarding Kyuubi or not, i’me just generalizing, so if they only knew this life style maybe they don’t know how to be good.

    Take a serial killer, he’s gonna kill and kill and kill again because in his mind he knows that’s the wright thing to do, but if he would have lead a different past, one were he would have learned what’s wright and wrong in the world things may have been different.

    Now back to the bijuu, if they only knew hate in there life how can they not act like they do, but things like that change once they have someone to talk to, someone that takes the time to know them and you know that that someone will be there to talk to for a long time, I personally don’t know if Yagura was the tyrant of kirigakure but everyone thinks that was the case some say he was controlled, who knows the fact still remains that he could control the sanbi and I bet he went through a lot to achieve that feat, just as Bee did and Yuugito and now Naruto.

    Maybe that’s all it takes, someone to be there for the beasts to understand them, I know I know ( Supertrack comes along and says: I’ll teaser U if u don’t stop with the mushy stuff, this ain’t Oprah.).Anyway that’s what I think and in the beast’s perspective it’s like, hey if i’me stuck in this dude’s body for a while might as well make the best of it, this applies only if the jinchuriki take control of the beast I guess.

    BY the way Kisu I’me 21, don’t think I’me that young anymore, grasshopper maybe.

  119. @ Eugen,

    As Kakashi already explained, Minato’s jutsu is a space time jutsu. Shunshin no jutsu is rapid movement. Perhaps the Raikage can run so fast that he travels at or close to the speed of light but it is still movement. Furthermore I said Minato’s jutsu is like reverse summoning in the sense that he teleports to the Kunai or anything else with the marker on it. It’s not a reverse summon jutsu but it works roughly the same (space time manipulation). The difference between the Raikage (or any other Shunshin user) and Minato is that no matter how fast they are they still need to run to cover distance or get around obstacles. Minato skips that distance (space) or obstacles entirely and just appears out of nowhere.

  120. that front page is soooo good…

  121. Lmao.. A pimp named Slickback 🙂

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