Bleach Chapter 405 IS OUT + Double Bleach Breakdown Chapters 403-404! Just WTH is Aizen!? Well You Can Find Out Here. ~_~

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-Bleach Chapter 404 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!! Ready for a short Double Bleach Breakdown!? Lol, well you’re in luck! xD I actually enjoyed these 2 latest chapters of Bleach thanks to plenty of action but all good things must come to an end. In other words I wonder how long this fight will drag on until somebody finds some kind of weak spot or summons forth some hidden move or power within themselves to save the day. Aizen will then have 2 options; retreat or death. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it’ll be the latter. Here’s hoping for a surprise ending *cough*Aizen wins*cough*. >_>

Urahara finishes Aizen off by peeing in the explosion.

Last time we left off Urahara blocked the reitsu in Aizen’s wrists and exploded him from the inside. Booooommmm!!! To bad Aizen is Aizen and he can’t die by mere explosions of his own reitsu from inside his body. Urahara knows this and prepares to fight again.

My thoughts exactly.

Aizen appears from the smoke and flames and Ichigo sums up his new appearance “perfectly” and I mean “perfectly”! These were the exact thoughts I conjured up while thinking of Aizen’s appearance. Just WTF Aizen. >(~_~)>

Hmmm…I think Pickles summed Aizen up pretty nicely…

“The face, a sword, the perpetual wisecracks, a little Wacko Jacko…

Aizen is Deadpool!” (CaptainPickles)

Hell, maybe Kisu got it right!

HEY GUYS! I know where Kubo got Aizen’s design from.

He did say he was a fan of Lady Gaga >_>” (Kisuzachi)

Ah, and Pumpkinbread gave a nice description of Aizen too.

“Why does Aizen look like a giant talking white condom. :/” (Pumpkinbread21)

Lol, yes that’s also perfect. 🙂 *kicks Aizen in his bland anonymous balls* -_-

The smug bastard. ~_~

Moving on, Aizen has truly surpassed himself and those before him now and of course with his new power comes a giant ass ego. Aizen just isn’t as cool as he was before. At least before he destroyed people without a moment’s hesitation. Cutting people down with one strike, using his shikai ability, replacing his body with some poor little girl’s just to escape an attack. Priceless! XD Now he’s all “Oooh, I’m too good to doge and hey I’ll even let you attack me and just defend!” I hope someone manages to get a surprise attack in and shove a zanpaktou up his ass for underestimating all of them. Even if he does has the room too. X_X

He calls this the twister! @_@

Urahara and Isshin are obliged to attack but Aizen just deflects them with ease strutting his superiority like a mother goose with brand new feathers.

Can't beat a God chain him down for a surprise attack. 😉

But could it really be so easy? Nope, Urahara and Isshin were actually just setting Aizen up tying chains to pin him down for a surprise attack from Yoruichi. This strategy looks familiar. Come on Kakashi fans you know what I’m talking about. >_>

Please Yoruichi stay! I haven't suffered enough! @_@

Yoruichi pins Aizen down and manages to pierce his exoskeleton thing and wails on him crumbling the city around her. Hot damn, sexiest beat down ever~!? O_@

Errrrr...I love your outfit Aizen-sama! O_O

Of course Aizen isn’t dead and starts to heal immediately. Doesn’t even look like it hurt. 😛 To bad Aizen just doesn’t crush them immediately. Oh no, he “plans” on to though. Oh jezz… *facepalms* ~_~

-Bleach 404 Breakdown Below-

It's a little to late now Isshin! You were to slow.

Talk, talk, talk, WTF is he talking about!?

‘The number of ways you’ve come up with to defeat me shows how strong you are. Also, the amount of hope you have… So I must crush them one by one, now come up with your next move.’ (The chatbox Aizen)

Dammit Aizen, you’re purposely stalling just to show how strong you are and to decimate your opponents but the result is every typical badguy’s common mistake. You’re monologueing! You’re purposely giving your opponents numerous chances to come back and kick your ass. Knowing you can easily crush them now you refuse to make that simple move! Ah, whatever is coming your way you deserve it!

How's that back looking Ichigo? Yep...just staring at his back...*falls asleep*

And of course Ichigo is just standing there with his mouth agape admiring Aizen’s stature and smooth back. Useless kid. ~_~ Ja I know, I know. I said I liked these two chapters but all I’ve done is complain. Bah, Aizen is just pissing me off. He’s lucky he’s Aizen or I’d hate the guy.

Straight and to the point. o_o

Besides that Yoruichi’s appearance, Urahara and Isshin’s double team, and Gin talking smack is quite entertaining.

Finders keepers!!! 😀

Gin has always been a mystery, it seems he wants Ichigo to put up a good fight against Aizen before being inevitably taken down. At least he’ll go out as a warrior but since Ichigo is a being a little sissy girl and giving up already Gin gets pissed over Ichigo’s cowardice and decides to take him out himself. For all those thinking Gin is stronger than Aizen and is just waiting for the ride time to upsurp him think again. Gin is very loyal and respects, if not, fears Aizen’s power. Which is why he won’t let anyone interfere in his plans especially some coward.

Honestly, I can't tell which one is creepier.

Gin goes on the offense with his really, really fast extending and retracting bankai which proves useless against Ichigo because he just dodges it and puts on the new and improved vizard mask. Don’t worry you’ll get him one of these times Gin. ~_~

Oh Thank God Matsumoto is on the way! Aizen needs another human shield.

Meanwhile, Kira the Vice-Captain of the 3rd Division which Gin used to head and Matsumto a close friend of Gin, are recovering while Gin is fighting Ichgio. Didn’t Tousen have his Vice-Captain and a friend come to him too in this war? Will Gin fall under the same spell of friendship like Tousen did or is he about to show everybody why he’s Aizen’s right hand man?

That ends this week’s breakdown. Here’s a Bubble Contest for you all. Add a caption if you find it suitable. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

(Caption Optional)

~ by supertrek89 on May 22, 2010.

44 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 405 IS OUT + Double Bleach Breakdown Chapters 403-404! Just WTH is Aizen!? Well You Can Find Out Here. ~_~”

  1. first!!

  2. Caption:
    Yoruichi: Every known perv recognizes these pretty feet…Even Urahara can’t keep his eyes off them.

  3. 3rd.

  4. Fourth!


    Yoruichi: Alright Urahara…that’s how it’s done properly…

    Caption: Doggystyle!!!You know what i’m talking about 😉

  6. Excellent chapters. Glad to see im not the only one that recognized the Urahara and Isshin’s chain bind no jutsu….i mean bakudo 96: chain grab 😉 But did they have to get him in such an embarrassing position O_O

    I cant wait till Gin dies, he’s way more irredeemable than Tosen was. Tosen was the kind of bad guy to finish you quickly with one slash/stab (see Turn Back the Pendulum Arc, Soul Society Arc when he beat Uryu, and his fight against Komamura and Hisagi), but Gin and Aizen are sadistic bastards……..Aizen actually makes it look cool…..Gin just makes it creepy. X_X

    Speaking of Aizen: “I’ll rip some of my veins out and bleed half to death. Maybe then you will all be able to beat me”. Lol that’s so Aizen, I could really see him doing that. I wonder how he’ll look when the transformation is complete. In this chapter he had more cracks on his armor than he had at the end of last week’s chapter, so maybe this is like a chrysalis, i.e, his real form is gonna emerge from it once it breaks. Who knows?

  7. Pretty sure the cracks in his armor came from the severe beating he got from the cat lady, and it looked to me like they were healing as he kept on talking. I can’t say that I like either Aisen or Gin, but I feel like I can relate more to Gin. Aisen is just a manipulative bastard! 🙂

    Great breakdown by the way! Question for one of you, hopefully you can answer: Aisen has had his sword out for quite some time now, so does this mean that Ichigo has seen Aisen’s shikai and has now lost the advantage of not being manipulated by Aisen? Or does everyone think that Aisen is so much damn more powerfull that he doesnt need to use it?

  8. @sockorlu No, because Kyoka Suigetsu was already released.

  9. BUBBLE:
    Hey urahara guess what?

    Damn cant somebody KILL CANADA!!!!!

  10. Bubble: ULTIMATE WEAPON! Smelly Bare feet!

    Caption: Take cover!

  11. @katon: Still confused. So if he already released the swords power wouldnt Ichigo be caught up in it, since he came during the middle of it? So confused! 😦

  12. @Sock: In order for you to be put under Aizen’s hypnosis you need to see him release the sword.

    Aizen never released the sword’s power in front of Ichgio. Remember Ichgio arrived in the middle of the battle. It was already released by the time Ichigo arrived so Aizen would have to stop its power and then release it again just to get Ichigo.

    And here’s Unohara telling Ichigo he hasn’t witnessed Aizen release his shikai yet.

    And Ichigo has a bunch of Captains who will make sure he will never witness Aizen releasing his shikai.

    I hope that explains everything. I honestly think Aizen can just flashstep up to Ichigo’s face and release his zanpaktou before anyone realizes what just happened. XD But he’s probably too cocky to do such a thing.

  13. @sock long story short when Aizen says Shatter(kudakero) Kyoka Suigetsu anyone who see him say that at that moment are Villian-Stu hypnotized.

  14. hey, did anyone else realize Yoruichi was hitting on Aizen XD! Those legs ARE special, right Aizen-sama? 😉

  15. Bubble:
    Yoruichi:Lets play Peter is hiding in a Cave.This is Peter and your a** is the cave.Guess what will happen…

  16. Caption: So scary I would be shaking in my boots if I were wearing any.

  17. @Kantonkage: That’s one way to sum it up. o_o

    @Kisu: LOL! XD Leave to you and Harshy to turn something like this into something perverted. Even Shinobi has a hand…or foot in this. xD

    @Anyone: Any guesses that Ishada’s father is going to jump in next? I keep forgetting his name. Also there’s that Tessei dude, the master of kido.

    And anyone watching the anime? You see how they censored the good parts and made Ulquiorra and Hollow Ichigo look like pussies? Ulquiorra doesn’t rip Ishada’s arm off and Hollow Ichigo doesn’t rip off Ulquiorra’s arm and throw it back at him for a distraction. Throwing boulders and ripping off people’s sleeves and crap…~_~

  18. Very Funny Breakdown.

  19. Bubble: You have never seen feet smoother then mines.

    Caption: Not all black people have slave feet.

  20. @super I know don’t they know that Ishida has entered the “Need a hand” Bleach Club.

  21. I wonder how they’re gonna censor Hiyori’s bisection O_O

  22. @Super
    for the anime are you talking about episode 272? cause its not out yet… i think.

  23. @bb super talking about episode 271.

  24. @katonkage… ok i mustve missed something. The last thing i remember from that episode was orihime looking up towards hollowfiedIchigo.
    I’ll have to go back and check now.

  25. @bb Ishida’s burnt hand was suppose to be no hand.
    Btw it’s Kantonkage.

  26. @BB: Hmmm…in episode 271 it ends with Orihime and Ishada looking up at a Hollowfied Ichigo putting a cero blast on Ulquiorra at point blank range.

    But during that episode instead of Ishada loosing his arm like he’s supposed to his arm is broken instead.

    Then in that same episode it shows Hollow Ichigo rip Ulquiorra’s arm off (Espada can lost their arms but not humans?) then Hollow Ichigo…throws a boulder at Ulquiorra… o_O Instead he should have done what he originally did in the manga and like a true badass thrown Ulquiorra’s own arm back at him.

    Overall, the anime was pussified. In other words censored.

  27. @super The anime is against teen violence like Chad had his arm torn apart but in the anime not so much. Now, about the Espada they it’s okay they will get them back or something like that.

  28. This is what we get for living in America. Censored shit…

    If that is the anime that came out of Japan, then I have to ask what is going on in Japan?? Since when did they get so modest?? Or is the anime already owned by a company that has to desensitize everything b/c of standards. Does pussifying (great word Super! 🙂 ) greatly decrease the story? Yeah! I hate it when the movie/cartoon industry does this to a story or manga. Show on screen what the author wrote! When I go to read the story I want to read what the author intended, not a censored (pussified 🙂 ) version.

  29. Bleach isn’t that bad compared to Fairy Tail the ultimate in pussified anime.

  30. @sock yes it does

  31. @sockorlu, Bleach sold out. They want their anime to be mainstream.

    Poor Harribel’s boobs T__T

  32. T___________________T 😦
    i just finished watching the latest episode of bleach anime, and all i can say is Ulquiorra NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. im so sad, even though i knew it was coming, i always felt like bleach was missing something after that. the plot holes and desu ex machina’s only increase after the big ichithing one. sigh… Kubo really needs to start bring back some of our favorite arrancars.

  33. bleachs out



    Great chapter but I thought that ability was Ichigo’s shikai ability only belonging to him and him alone. Now I question, what the hell is Ichigo’s shikai ability!? Anyway, I warned Aizen he’d have something happen to him for stalling this fight. Now look at the poor sap. ~_~

    Got beaten again! XD

  35. I only have one thing to say GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!!!

  36. Ah here it is!

    Zangetsu’s (Ichigo’s sword) special ability! How does Isshin know it? Former master of Zangetsu? Lol, Ichigo must be aghast at seeing this. His one and only special offensive move taken. XD

  37. His only special offensive move is genetic.

  38. THIS CHAPTER WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! COULD IT BE POSSIBLE!? Bleach is getting better than it was already? Good job Tite!That Getsuga came as a real shock though, Isshin hasnt even used Shikai yet and he can use it. Eat your heart out Bitchigo

  39. I think Isshin was firing that Getsuga at his son, well…metaphorically at least. 🙂

    “Get your head out of your ass kid!!” or something like that. Bet we have a whole half a page of Ichigo giving his famous “WTF!” look in the next chapter.

    Overall, this chapter was awesome! Simple fight scenes, but hugely strategic! Shows that Isshin, Yurri, and Urahara have fought with each other for a LONG time because the timing of their attacks was perfect! Even if Aisen saw all of it coming, it could not do anything about it! LOVE IT!

    Here’s to hoping that next chapter is just as epic in a more explainatory way! Need some answers now Tite! 🙂

  40. ❤ urahara . he is still smarter than aizen :DDDD XD

  41. I wonder what Gin meant when he told ichigo to run.

  42. @kanton: Gin is probably as tired as we are of his “staring off into space” and “WTF?!” looks. I think it was translated incorrectly.

    It should have said: “Get you head out of your ass and show me your resurrection or get the fuck off my playground!!” 🙂

  43. I don’t when I’ll have time to work on the new breakdown but it should be out later tonight…like much later. >_>

  44. or, ‘ya know i could do it >_>

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