One Piece Chapter 586 IS OUT + Double Breakdown Chapters 584-585! Conclusion To Jimbei Vs. Ivankov Debate! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_-

Read Chapter 586 here!

-One Piece 584 Breakdown Below-

Wallpaper by Itahs

YOSH!!! Welcome to a Double Breakdown of One Piece! Sorry I couldn’t get the chapter 584 breakdown out last week but hey now that finals are over it’s all good. 😀 Now I know no one wants to read through a breakdown over material a week old so let’s do a quick skim through.

First here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

WATCH THIS!!! O_O Lol, even if you never watch the weekly AMVs I highly recommend you make an effort this week to give this one a try. It’s ShiroZoroCookie’s (originally JuniZoroFan) latest AMV and it’s awesome!!! ^(O_O)^ This week’s Badass One Piece Picture by Aetaluta. Oh Sadi-chan, what is it about you that makes men scream for their lives? o_o

Let’s get to it!

A couple steps down from Baroque Works but hey, no one starts at the top. Not even that bastard Crocodile. 😛

Wonder what Crocodile is reading? Why…he’s the comics section of course, don’t be surprised. Just look at that amused look on his face. Only Crocodile could read the funnies after burning down a town with his posse of hippos.  XD

Pffffft, this is nothing! I heard he jumps off cliffs just for fun...>_>

Alright, Luffy has been caught by the Bluejam Pirates and is currently being interrogated with a giant hammer (will they ever learn? o_O) by Porchemy. Of course that’s not working (Gomu Gomu no Mi) so Porchemy brings out the spiked gloves and starts wailing on Luffy to cough up the information on Sabo and Ace. Luffy cries out for help like he did before when Ace and Sabo tied him to the tree threatening to kill him. Luffy is scared for his life again and is unabashedly crying over the pain this guy is causing him. What have we learned about Luffy from this flashback? Lol, not just Luffy but what about Ace? People always change. Luffy wasn’t always the toughest sonofabitch that could punch a wall of spikes without a moments hesitation and smile on his execution platform. Ace wasn’t always the loving older brother (Don’t contradict me Ace! Luffy did change! T_T) that put his life before Luffy’s. Besides the developing relationship between Ace, Sabo, and Luffy this flashback is giving us insight into we should also note how far Ace and Luffy have come since then.

Rookies...they're too damn quiet! >_>

Truthfully they haven’t changed much and for the most part Ace and Luffy are the same as ever but note the little but important changes at least. One thing that hasn’t changed for instance is Luffy never sells out his friends, though Ace and Sabo didn’t consider Luffy to be a friend at this point. The 7 year old kid is holding his tongue through hours of torture just for 2 people he doesn’t really know. I can’t tell if Luffys hurting more or Porchemy’s poor arms from all that useless swinging. 😦

KABLAM!!! ^(^_^)^

After Sabo retrieves the information on Luffy’s brave stand and reports back to Ace they have no choice but to conduct a rescue mission, and though they’re up against ruthless pirates that won’t hesitate to kill women and children they come out victorious.

Ace being stubborn to death montage? o_O

Hmm…where have we seen this side of Ace before? Yep, some things never change. 😉

Flashbacks...they're deadly.

Note: Bluejam is a bastard just like Don Krieg. Why get rid of your best subordinate just because they failed you once? That’s no way to conduct a business. ~_~ Though, I really don’t mind Porchemy’s death after what he did to Luffy. >_>

Sometimes it's just better to leave some things alone. o_o

Lastly, the chapter wraps ups delving into the start of a great friendship between three kids. It starts off with Luffy declaring he needs Ace to be his friend because he’s all alone without anyone else to rely on. This is a real shock to Ace because all his life he’s heard that the world would be better off without him and no one wants him. That he’s better off dead or unborn but here’s this kid who wants him to live. I don’t even think Sabo has made Ace feel so wanted like this before. Ace and Luffy get into a fight over crying and age and the relationship is off to a good start. ^_^ Sabo moves in with them at Dadan’s residence and Luffy is happier than ever. Looks like Ace and Sabo are better off too. The three kids are never far apart and fight both beast and man together courageously until their names grow famous all the way to the Goa Kingdom. That’s where we’re headed over next. >(0_0)> Oh, and the Tenryuubito are coming but if you’ve read the next chapter you know they don’t make an appearance. X_X

-One Piece 585 Breakdown Below-

Hannyabal's Vice-Warden take over plan #1204: "Push the DF user into the open sea". Bingo!

You think the oil spill over the Gulf of Mexico is bad? Wait until you see Magellan get pissed and go ‘Poison Fishing’. ~_~

Luffy's "smartest" move. >_>

The manga picks up right where it left off last chapter with the developing relationship between Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Sparring seems to be one of their bonding activities and they grow stronger from that too besides fighting pirates and wild animals every day. We learn two important things from this sparring.

1. Luffy absolutely sucked at fighting back then. XD He had to “learn” his DF in time like everyone else.

2. Ace is the strongest of the group. Slightly stronger than Sabo (His 26 wins to Sabo’s 24).

I must question how Ace and Sabo were able to hurt Luffy though with his DF power, so I just assume Luffy wasn’t hurt but he lost the fights on downs alone.

Luffy you asshole. XD

The trio have invaded past the Grey Terminal and entered into the Goa Kingdom itself. The Goa Kingdom Dadan was referring to last chapter. The kingdom the Tenryuubito are supposed to be visiting soon…>_>. Its structure is very segregated between the high and low classes with high walls dividing the hierarchy. Just think of Soul Society and if you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry about it, you’re probably better off. ^_-

Here’s an eagle eye view and a satellite view comparison.

Question: Why did you let 3 mangy looking kids into your restaurant???

Well the Tenryuubito aren’t here just yet or at least not involved yet so let’s move on off of them for the time being and talk about the trio’s behavior in the Goa Kingdom. It’s awesome…! No…it’s terrible! @_@ Bad kids…>_> This is the reason why you can’t take them anywhere nice. Leaving treasure credit behind for when they can’t pay and breaking stuff. Ah, some people just don’t change! XD  During one of their runs Sabo runs into someone calling out his name. This person seems to know him personally but Sabo tells Ace and Luffy to just ignore it and keep running.

Lol, poor Sabo got two nose picks at once. XD

It’s revealed after they get back to the Midway Forest that Sabo is in fact the son of a noble! *GASP* >(O_O)< Ace and Luffy don’t care. ^_^ Lol, actually Sabo’s whole life is a lie! >< He wasn’t born in the Grey Terminal either but in the high society of the Goa Kingdom into a noble family. He ran away for a good reason though. His family didn’t love him for who he was but his role as the heir to the family. Someone to secure their status and assets. Someone they can rely on and use.  Sabo wants to be freeeee and with that he declares they all become pirates and become free men doing whatever they want to do! Oy vey! >< Well not to be so pessimistic he did follow his dream and die with no regrets. Sabo may not be so lucky in that sense assuming that he’s dead. Even if he is alive did he ever get to follow his true dream? Btw, Sabo’s dream of being a navigator that sails the world is almost like Nami’s except he wants to write a book about his adventure around the world while Nami wants to draw a map of the world.

Sweet! When are the tick- I mean you sick bastard! ><

Ace proclaims his dream is to get acknowledgement from the world and to win, win, win until he gets a renowned reputation! No matter if the world hates him he’s never going to run from a fight and keep on going until he becomes a “great pirate” and the world knows his name.

Game, set, match! 😉

As for Luffy’s dream, it’s something much more straight forward but just as great if not greater. We all know what it is and is this perhaps the first time Luffy declares he’s going to become…the ‘Pirate King’? 😀 Lol, I love how Oda cuts the scene off and comes back to Ace and Sabo just staring at Luffy dumbfounded and laugh at Luffy’s words. Xd

Honestly, what's wrong with these kids!? o_O

One problem though….they all want to be captain of the ship. ~_~ Well, at least Ace realizes quickly they may not all even wind up on the same ship but that’s stuff to worry about later. Right now though, there needs to be a toast to become brothers! Luffy and Sabo happily make this toast along with Ace adding on to a certain flashback and officially becoming a trio of brothers. 🙂

Lol, the detail in this entire page is epic. 😀

Lot’s of fun yada yada yada! Wheeeeeeeeeeee, happy memory montage!!! Garp tells Woop Slap and Makino to visit and check up on Luffy and Ace. Garp stops by and beats the crap out of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo probably upon finding out about Sabo’s stay over at Dadan’s now. The updated list of power: Garp > Ace > Sabo > Luffy. Garp pwns all! +_+ The trio move out soon after that and live up in a treehouse. *sigh* I wish I had a treehouse. T_T

Sorry Ace, a swift kick to the nuts can't solve everything. Just most things BUT not everything...

Alright, back to the important events! >< One day the trio finally bit off more than they could chew and were apprehended by Sabo’s father and some guards with the help of the Bluejam Pirates. I don’t know if they were in the middle of stealing or if the Blueajm Pirates sprung a trap catching them off guard but the fact is they were caught.  Sabo’s dad who I will now don ‘Uppity Douchebag’ asks the Bluejam Pirates to “take care of” the little pirates and is about to leave it at that but Sabo protests. He submits to his father’s will and tells him he’ll do whatever he wants if he just spares the lives of his brothers. The chapter ends with Sabo being walked off and Ace and Luffy crying out for Sabo to break free and run away while Uppity Douchebag stands there seeing his son off to a miserable life he doesn’t want.

That ends this weeks breakdown. Oh yeah, I know it’s long. I’m the one that wrote it. X_X Next week I’m preparing myself for the epic confrontation between Ace, Luffy, and Sabo’s family when the two brothers come to rescue Sabo from captivity. Any bets the Tenryuubito are going to be present during this confrontation? 😉

Winner of last breakdown’s debate, Ivankov vs. Jimbei is….JIMBEI! Since we don’t know how a Fishman’s body works and Ivankov is an engineer of the “human” body there’s no clear evidence she knows how to manipulate the hormones of a Fishman. A Fishman and a human are two very separate things. Fighting wise they may be equal but with there being water nearby it’ll surely give Jimbei the edge. I thought Ivankov was going to win but I’ll have to give it to Jimbei for this battle.

Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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32 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 586 IS OUT + Double Breakdown Chapters 584-585! Conclusion To Jimbei Vs. Ivankov Debate! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_-”

  1. woah FIRST!

  2. Second!

  3. THIRD

  4. 4RTH!!

  5. 5th i guess? lol anyway, nice breakdown again super. i really think that there was something else in the scene where luffy shouted on the cliff, or else oda would have shown it you know? i bet it will be referenced later… im really surprised that Sabo was there brother as well. assuming he is still alive, that means luffy still has another brother out there some where! though its doubtfull he is alive, since he has not been mentioned in real time besides from ace…

  6. 6th.

  7. Errr….7th!? o_O

    I’m glad we have our numbers in order. 😉

    @Takashid: I’m hoping Sabo is alive and is in a really high position of the World Government. Maybe something related to the Tenryuubito, if not, then in the Tenryuubtio. That’d put Luffy and him at odds but I’m sure he would just brush it off as whatever. The more I look into it the more I believe Sabo is alive. It’d make for an awesome story arc and a cool character.

    As for Luffy saying something else on the edge of that cliff besides wanting to be the ‘Pirate King’ that’s an interesting idea. If you’re right maybe Luffy as something else he wants to fulfill on his journey.

    I have a question. Did Ace whisper something to Luffy that hasn’t been revealed yet or was what he whispered the speech he gave with his last breath?

    That part always confused me…>_>

  8. 8th Hehehe 😛

    I enjoyed this breakdown, Well done again super.
    This flashback is awesome and as much as i’d love to see the current time story develop and progress, I’m loving getting an insight into Luffy’s childhood and what has shaped him up to the guy we love so much.

    @super: I also have a strong feeling Sabo’s stil lalive and it would make for an awesome arc. It would definitely add another figure to Luffy’s already awesome list of friends and connections, (Shanks, Dragon, Jimbei, WB Pirates…). But how they would feel about each other over time is what I’m questioning.

    Also, I’ve wanted to ask something. If Sabo was almost as strong as Ace, where would that put him now against Luffy? Would he have got stronger over time or would he have given up all his ways just to please his UPPITY DOUCHEBAG noble of a father HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, (that’s the best title for him. Nice one super :D)

    Anyways, just a lil something for you guys 😀

  9. man there’s just so much to talk about with these 2 chappies! Super Special Awesome Breakdown Superudude! I’ll get to them later

    (hey Superdude, u posted so im taking ur number 7th spot >_>)

  10. @XdT0ks: I’m think Sabo would see Luffy as an enemy because he’s been brainwashed all these years too be raised as a noble and disgust pirates. While Luffy of course would have no hard feelings to Sabo and still see him as a brother. Then again, Oda could take a different route and make Luffy pissed at Sabo for not coming to rescue their brother while Sabo is seeking Luffy’s forgiveness. Maybe they can both be pissed at each other…>_> Last option is they both hit it off as friends immediately once they see each other after all these years, but nothing is that easy. 😉

    If Sabo was almost as strong as Ace back then and Ace is (was) stronger than Luffy now…then assuming Sabo also grew stronger I’d say Luffy and Sabo could be equal. Also this if of course assuming Sabo is alive in the current storyline.

    @Kisu: Fair enough but I’m going to have Ivankov turn you into a girl. >_>

  11. i think that sabo will be killed by the world noble when they get here it will be for protecting ace and luffy aswell

  12. 1. Thanks for reminding me of Don Krieg’s greatness
    2. Ace is awesome for going to such lengths for someone that’s not his biological brother…….very touching 😥
    3. Crocodile and Daz look awesome on that cover page. Croco looks like one of those Italian Mafia bosses on Tv. The Hippos are a plus 😉
    4. Hope Sabo’s still in the story and got a Devil Fruit like his brothers did.
    5.”Hannyabal’s Vice-Warden take over plan #1204: “Push the DF user into the open sea”. Bingo!” Hannyabal u bastard lol
    6. The recent OP episode was excellent. It probably only took up one chapter but Buggy had me loling through the whole ep. I say the One Piece anime is second only to Bleach’s. It has Naruto beat like Brownbeard beat Garp >_>
    7. When are we gonna see more of Commodore Smoker and more importantly, Brownbeard-sama!? 😦

  13. um guys?
    “Ace is my only brother in the whole wide world”
    other translations have that as “Ace is the only brother i have”
    Sabo is screwed :(…

  14. awesome breakdown super!
    hmm i dont think ace said anything of importance right befor he died, i just think he wanted luffy to tell the WB pirates that ace thanked them for loving him, ofc that was meant for luffy too =).
    wah wah Bleach>OP anime? hell no! no further arguements for that,..

    As for the discussion around sabo yh i hope hes alive aswell. and i do think theres a good chance that he might be still alive, that is ofc if he kept living with his baka parents and doesnt commit suicide or something shakespearsish in the next chap.
    I might even say that if hes still alive and not to powerfull kicking he might be a good addition to luffys crew =_)

  15. 8. Bluejam looks like really weak shit. I’m betting his bounty isn’t even over 7 million. This IS East Blue after all >_>

    @Takashid, nice find! But maybe Oda’s retconning that. He retconned this image of ONLY Ace and Luffy becoming brothers

    @fearvano, I dont mean in terms of story. In terms of animation, explosions, cool colors and sound, no anime has Bleach beat. For me, the Bleach anime fills the Black Hole DBZ left T_T

  16. @Takashid: Noooooooooeeeessss!!! T_T Why’d you have to find that!? 😦

    @Kisu: I don’t think Oda reneged on that. He showed Luffy’s and Ace’s faces but omitted Sabo’s on purpose, so as to not ruin the surprise flashback. It’d be bad writing if he showed the face of Sabo in that flashback so by the time we got to the current flashback we’d already know Luffy had another brother.

    I too want to see more of Smoker. He’s like Luffy’s destined Marine enemy from the start. Akainu may be hated more on Luffy’s list but Smoker was first. Akainu is a bit late on Luffy’s ‘Shit List’ so he takes a backseat to Smoker for me.

    @Fear: Thanks, I was wondering.

  17. @Superdude, yeah that’s what I thought, but he should have changed Ace’s wording. Ace should have said “….we are brothers” not “….the both of us are brothers”. Or maybe its the translators screwing up 😛

  18. spoilers:


    I don’t want to spoil anything but what is HE doing here!? O_O

  20. Spoiler

    Oda answered my prayers. SMOKER!

  21. ****POSSIBLE SPOILER*****

    Its been a while since i’ve been dumbstruck my OP…but never did i imagine (you know who) would show up… For a quick moment i thought Sabo would join him, but it seems more likely he just ran into him…Things are setting up that either 2 things happen. 1. Sabo gets killed in the fire, or 2. Sabo might “disapears
    ****Is that you know who also?(Ivankov) in the last page?

  22. OMG what a good chapter! i knew this flashback was gonna heat up soon!
    shinobi: it might be that Sabo does “disappear” by joining you-know-who. if luffy never found out what happened to him after that, that might explain why that quote i found that seemed to prove Sabo was doomed, see above. im betting now, that you-know-who will be the way ace gets his fruit. but damn, wow the people in that kingdom are assholes, really starts to show you more of whats wrong with the current one piece world. now, if only we had a revolution handy… 🙂

    also, theory time, did anyone notice this?
    look at the symbol on the rolled up sail of blujam’s ship. does anyone else think it looks a little like KUMA’S MARK!? im just guessing, but the more i look, the more it really seems like it to me.

  23. I want this to be where Ace gets his DF but it isnt likely. When Luffy met him again in Alabasta, Luffy didn’t know about that Ace ate a fruit, so I doubt he’ll eat it here.

    I was hoping we’d get to see a new revolutionary with Dorago not Iwankofu -_-‘

  24. @Takashid, this could be the pattern on the flag

    Check out Porchemy’s tattoo……its a stretch,but more of a stress to think that Bluejam is even remotely related to Kuma. Average bounty in East Blue is 3-11 million while Kuma’s is 296,000,000 lol.

  25. @Shinobi: Yep, most likely that is Ivankov. I wonder what they’re planning in the Goa Kingdom.

    @Takashid: Ah! I like that theory! The Bluejam Pirates could very well be a minor faction of Kuma’s pirate crew separated from the main fleet for whatever reason. The Jolly Roger on Bluejam’s ship…

    Is very similar to Kuma’s paw indeed.

    Plus, Kuma was known for his tyrannical piracy in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had those kind of men serving under him. Some holes though as there are to any theory. Why would Bluejam be separated from Kuma and why does he call his crew the ‘Bluejam Pirates’ instead of the ‘Bartholomew Kuma Pirates’? Also, we haven’t seen the Bluejam Pirates’ entire Jolly Roger unfurled nor do we know what Kuma’s Jolly Roger used to look like. Good theory nonetheless.

    @Kisu: Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing when Smoker appeared on the cover page! ‘Oda must be doing this for Kisu, nothing more nothing less’. XD

    As for bounties in the East Blue. Gol D. Roger, Luffy, Smoker, and Zoro all hail from there so it has a fair number of exceptions. 😉

    @Sabo joining Dragon theory: YES!

    @Anyone: If Dragon was originally from the Goa Kingdom then that means he too was from East Blue and was he a noble or a common citizen? Anyway, makes me wonder who Luffy’s mom is…>_>

  26. It means Luffy has:
    Revolutionary blood
    Marine blood
    Noble Blood

    Man this kid’s family is messed up lol

    @Superdude, The cover page rocks, but cant these guys do something about their hairy legs? lol Smoker FTW! Too bad he’s gonna die of lung cancer T_T

  27. @Superdude, yeah you’d think the World Government would dispatch stronger Marines to East Blue considering that’s where most the major threats came from. Imagine how much quieter things could have been if instead of Captain Morgan Luffy fought Rob Lucci lol

  28. @Super: I think instead of worrying who his mom is, who is luffy’s grandma, and dragon’s mother… obviously garp didn’t lay eggs or plant dragon so it makes you want to know more of both thier parents.
    Most likely garp could have married into noble because he was considered garp the hero giving him enough reputation as well as a high position in the WG already being a Vice Admiral, or Dragon could have met a noble 10yrs before his flashback had a kid(luffy) and she could have gone the portagas rogue route (such a toungetwister)and died giving birth because of some reason from the WG….i think im gonna enjoy those kinda flashbacks 🙂

  29. THEORY

    Suppose Sabo has to leave with Dragon(i mean, he doesn’t want to stay with his family and the only way out’s on fire) but Luffy/Ace don’t know…so they think he’s dead.

    …it could happen >.>

  30. Awesoooome~ chapter!
    luffy was hillarious once again “uwah its hot, its not hot”\
    hmm so dragons mother was a noble eh kooliez
    and is the person who was also there really ivankov?
    im not 100% sure if its just ivankov why wouldnt Oda just show her?
    what if its luffys mom? =)
    dragon met a noble whys that? he said he was born in goa kingdom meaning his mom should be a noble aye?
    at the start i wasnt looking forward to several chapter flashback but right now i think its awesome! =D

  31. here’s a thought lol. If this is LUFFY’S Flashback, why are we seeing scenes that Luffy wasnt present at? lol

  32. @kisuzachi: i just lol’d after reading that and think..yeah how does he know? but then again how would we know what ace, sabo and everyone else was doing..

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