Naruto Shippuuden 160 Breakdown. Fighting for a lost cause…

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here again with yet another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I was away on holiday for the weekend and I only got back late yesterday, so I was unable to work on the breakdown during that time due to a lack of internet access.

It seems no-one was able to fill in for me as a substitute either, so here we are, a bit late for my liking. However, I guess late is still better than never.

So, there’s the good news for you… <_<

Look, Naruto, about that time... you know... with my tongue. I really didn't mean for it to go there and I know I should have yelled surprise first and... well... I'm sure it was very traumatic for you. Do you wanna... you know... talk about it? Maybe get it off your chest? If it makes you feel any better, I heard it happened to Sasuke a lot while he was training with Orochimaru.

… The bad news is that despite everything that this episode supposedly had going for it (Pein, explosions, Ibiki…), it seemed to come off a bit short in most departments, including a great deal of dodgy animation that left a lot to be desired. I am starting to worry somewhat due to the artists’ seemingly deteriorating sense of style and finesse, especially when we look back to the earlier episode of Shippuuden where the animation quality was of a much higher standard than what we are seeing now. When you also consider how far into the Pein invasion arc we are already, it is a huge concern with such an anticipated battle coming up so soon that the animation may ruin what was an incredibly epic moment from the manga.

Hopefully, some fans will complain a lot, which will also hopefully prompt the animation team into bumping up their efforts, especially considering the caliber of the manga they are following. For now though, we are stuck with what we have got…

Omg... Guys, I just found out what he did last summer. X__X

All rants aside, if one looked at this episode from first glance, it isn’t really that bad if you ignore the horrendous animation. It has a decent amount of content, the pace was good, the music was fine and the general feel was still positive. The scenes that showed Fukusaku and Naruto probably suffered the least in terms of art direction, however, the same cannot be said for the battle with Animal Path back at Konoha.

We also get a slightly more detailed look into Inoichi’s journey through the Ame Shinobi’s mind scape, but the interest there also wanes after a while.

Introducing the new piggy bank 9000 extreme edition. Now bringing payback to an enemy near you, with interest! O_o

As for the battles themselves, for the most part, the ANBU are the stars for the show, showing that they aren’t just nameless and expendable fodder who succumb to death every time an enemy attacks the village, ambush a kage, try to kidnap someone of importance or simply take a stroll through the woods.

However, as cool as the thought of seeing these guys in action may appear in one’s mind, they weren’t given quite the treatment I felt they deserved. The manga portrayed them in a far more enigmatic and powerful way, whereas in the anime, they feel very, average or common. That may be somewhat attributed to the odd style of their jutsu though.

I mean, who can take a technique called the “Biscuit Firing Jutsu” seriously from any shinobi of a decently high caliber? (Giant baking oven FTW?) O_o

Dear Kami, hear our prayers. Please let the animation get better for the battle with Pein, so that we aren't sorely disappointed. And please look after Sasuke. We know he's a little emo right now, and he's really cranky, but he just needs a big Kami hug. T__T

There was also a further glimps into Naruto’s training, which seems to get a few minutes of attention in every episode amongst all the other chaos that is occurring so far away. It is interesting to see the contrast between the calm and peaceful serenity at the sanctuary of the toads in comparison to the destruction back at Naruto’s home. It also helps break up the pace a bit.

Going back to Konoha, one of the highlights of the episode was Ibiki’s involvement in the action, which is mostly extra content that we never got to see in the manga. It was quite fun to witness Konoha’s resident torture expert in action, even if some of his techniques seemed a little odd for someone who looks so tough, but, you have to admit, that black cloak is definitely working for his image.

Quick, everyone stand next to Ibiki! He'll make us look cool. @__@

This short battle was probably the most enjoyable part of the episode overall, so I am glad that they added it. It almost made some of the other setbacks forgivable, especially seeing as how we have never really seen Ibiki in action in the manga at all, unless you count his psychological warfare during the chunin exams.

With the ANBU backing him up, the epicness factor seems more than set to rise to the occasion, but is a stylish fashion sense and an enigmatic flair enough to bring these guys back into the realm of coolness?

Alright, that's definitely the last time I take you fly fishing. You're a real pain, you know that? <_<

In the end though, even the guy with the coolest cloak in Konoha could not succeed in subduing Pein, leaving our self proclaimed god to rampage through Konoha unhindered. Well, that’s it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope my breakdown didn’t suffer from my haste to get it out.

Here are last weeks caption contest winners.

6th) Dragon: It’s not rape if you use Shinra Tensei.

5th) Pralkage: The quality of animation has truly suffered here… (Definitely a testament to this current episode as well… <_<)

4th) Nagashikage: “GET OVER HERE !!”; Pein’s audition video for Mortal Kombat 9.

3rd) Nagashikage: “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you !” Powers of God, mind of a child.

2nd) Kantonkage: Come to the color purple.

The Incredible Marksman: “Be like pain and say “NO” to perverted sex attack No Justsu* >_>

Well done to all those who entered.

Here is this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here.*

Seeing as how Ibiki was the star of this episode, I thought it was only right that the caption contest featured him this week. I hope you guys have fun with it.

Well, that’s all from me. To finish things off, here is the preview for next weeks episode, which will hopefully pick up the slack a bit.

See you all next time.


~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 19, 2010.

40 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 160 Breakdown. Fighting for a lost cause…”

  1. First…zippity…

  2. second!

  3. You know guys, I just noticed that Ibiki looks like a WW II german officer with that grey uniform under the trench coat. Doctor Mengele anyone?

    Anywho, I can’t really notice any evident drop in animation quality compared to the first episode of the arc. Yeah it lacks the bloom effects but othet than that I don’t see anything different.

    ” Ibiki shows us how he treats his bitches”

  4. 4th


    Ibiki: That’s great guys, the model for the new Hokage mountain is looking perfect. Hello Robokitty would be proud.”


    Ibiki: “That’s right bitches. This is where I store MY loose change.”


    Ibiki: “Shake! Tha’s a good boyyyy. Who’s my good boy?” 🙂


    Ibiki: “”Hmm… To be honest with you, I can’t tell if it’s a dog or a cat.”

    Ibiki. He knows how to criticize art.


    Ibiki. He needs to find out what’s what.


    Ibiki’s Mom: “And make sure you chain him down before you give him a bath, you know how feisty he gets!”

    Ibiki: “Okay moooooom!” *Turns back.* “Jeeze, what does she think I am, stupid?”


    Silent Hill 2 meets Naruto Shippuden. Ibiki and a stitched-together Dog are all that remain. The question is: are Ibiki and Dog playing a sex game, or are they fighting, and the chains are symbolizing something about Dog?

    [Emoticon is optional for my third entry.] <—-these words are not apart of any caption. ^_^

  6. And one more because I don’t like to end at motherfucking six.


    *Robopet’s sides fall apart and to the ground.*



    SUMMONING TECHNIQUE: IRON MAIDEN!!! …Wait… Oh what the hell? this doesn’t look ANYTHING like IRON MAIDEN’S Mascot!!! DAMMIT!

    *For those confused, see the link below*

    SUMMONING JUTSU…. Dammit! that’s not what I wanted to summon! Oh well, at least it’s not like that time that guy summoned a jet-powered Pterodactyl from outta my ass…

    *note – this happened just after this scene*

  9. Caption: Damn it!! The cat is clashing with my badass pose

  10. Caption: And in conclusion, every anime in a time of distress MUST contain a 60 foot tall rabbit/dog hybrid in chains. It is vital this is included, or the main character will have nothing to laugh about for the next hundred episodes

  11. Caption
    Ibiki:Its over 9000!!!

    And who has to clean up again … Me!!

    Thats what happens if youre not sleeping enough…you start daydreaming

    Ibiki: *hick* Thats what happens if you drink to much *hick* you start to haluzan…haluzi*hick*…haluzinate…yeah *hick* thats right you start to haluzinate *hick*
    Anbu thinking *Crap we should have sent him to AA*

  12. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    Lol, did anyone notice how ridiculous this episode made the ninja style running look? I was was almost falling out of my chair laughing! XD Leave it to Ino to ruin something that used to be cool looking.

    Now what contract(s) did Ibiki have to sign to summon a torture chamber and a giant lucky cat in chains? The anbu did pretty well in the episode but in the end…they were useless. ~_~ I also thought the animations was messy especially Pein’s face. She always had that “duuurrrr” expression. :O

  13. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Anbu finally kicking ass FTEW! I for one liked their combination, something different. Now the mantle of uselessness gets passed on to the Samurai. I really dont see the problem with the animation here, its not like it’s MORE crappy. Those anime guys need to step up with their game though, even Bleach has a cooler anime >_>

    “Leave it to Ino to ruin something that used to be cool looking.” LMAO! Ino ftw XD!!! I always wondered about that running. It’s actually easier to fall flat on your face (I should know >_>)

    @Super, animals need contracts, but just about anything can be summoned. Sasugay summoned those kunais against Itachi and a giant shuriken and Shikamaru summoned a puddle of water against Kakuzu 😛

  14. ANBU#1: KATON! Biscuit firing jutsu!

    ANBU#2: EARTH STYLE: Hot brown gravy jutsu


    *The ANBU finally became TRULY useful when they gave up being the black-ops group for the village, and opened up a DENNY’S in Konoha*

  15. Caption:
    Ikibi:Finally With the Trap of A Super Sized Pizza by ANBU, I have finally caught the SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!!…oh wait wrong anime…

    for those who don’t know that reference he’s a link…

  16. Caption
    Ibiki:” Oh great, another monster destroying the city. I told them that letting Godzilla have its way with a dog is a bad idea but who listens.”

  17. great breakdown tenrai……and this episode rocked! honestly, i did’nt notice the bad animation, because there was epicness to be had due to the battle……….animal path FTW 😀

    ANBU were’nt too bad….it’s just that this is GOD they are facing…….anybody would appear lame here……i think ANBU put up a good battle………….but they REALLY need to improve their technique-naming………..biscuit-firing jutsu sounds like something ur mom made…. >_>

    anyway, next episode looks like it’s gonna be awesome…….it has a nice title 🙂 ..we get to see naraka path…and there’s konohamaru showing off his skills…….with a rasengan 😛

    *WARNING: It’s not our responsibility if HE gets out of control too*




    CAPTION: Ibiki: Whos’s “scarred and ugly” NOW, bitch???
    Ibiki. he’s beautiful on the inside.The INSIDE >_>


    HAHAHA, i had fun with that. LOL, i think this pic is one of the most funny we’ve had in a while 😀

  18. Caption: The return of Konoha worst nightmare….. TORA and this time he is armed with a giant mecha.

  19. Great job Tenrai!

    ANBU weren’t useless for once and Ibiki’s jutsus are funny…
    Animal Path summoning a bird out of Ibiki was just wierd… O_O

    CAPTION: Hello Kitty’s a torture weapon now… X_X

    CAPTION: Hello Kitty’s a sex toy now… O_O

  20. Caption:
    Maneki Neko: May I take your order?
    Ibiki: Sure. Order 66, please.

  21. Caption:
    Maneki Neko: Welcome to my store. The store from hell!

  22. Sorry for spam, but I’m in the mood! 😀

    Caption 1: I’m here for the tip!

    Caption 2: You may tie me but I won’t give you my slippers!

    Caption 3:
    Cat: Release me and I will fulfill any wish you want.
    Ibiki: Die, Neko, die!

    Caption 4:
    Cat:Oh, no. I’m caught.
    Ibiki: Yes. We finally manage to caught you, outlaw cat. Now back to the pet shop!

  23. CAPTION:
    Ibiki: I knew that summoning contract with that tacky dollar store owner would pay off eventually

  24. Caption:
    Ibiki:” Man, the animators have seriously lost their creativity. What’s next – ninja turtles?”

  25. new episode is out.

  26. The new episode was awesome and konohamaru is forming into a pretty badass ninja to be honest. Also I just love the epic music they play when Pain is having a villainous moment. 😀

    There is just one thing that bugs me, though – japanese people really have a thing about tentacles*, don’t they? o_O

    *You’ll see what I mean when you watch the episode.

  27. and did you notice a mistake they made? somehow animal path was shooting missles… XD

  28. @truepain – glad someone else caught that too, that was the first big wtf moment i had with this episode…

    ..the second was the fact that konohamaru’s rasengan was regular sized, not tiny like it was in the manga… seriously wtf???

  29. p.s.- sorry, i meant asura path.

  30. TV TOKYO has screwed up a lot this week.

  31. Ugh. My laptop is so stupid right now. >,> I seem to be having a problem with embedded videos and/or flash animations. :O Not totally 100% sure. <,< If I remember correctly, the only place I seem to be able to watch stuff, is this one naughty vid site, youtube, apparently (not like that helps seeing as only up to ep 159 is uploaded to there so far), and possibly Newgrounds (I forget).

    And thanks Super. :O I really appreciate it. 🙂 I'd hate to spam when I should know better. XD

  32. Oh shi – – it says on this site that it’s May 21st, my birthday, but where I’m at it’s still 20th. XD <,<; Sorry for spamming, 'gain. :O <,<; v,v; Ugh. :O

  33. happy bday andy!! 🙂


    same here lol….everytime they get that choir and creepy music on, i start wishing naruto doesn’t turn up after all 😛

    and the track’s title is so badass too : DECLARATION OF A GOD 😀


    CAPTION: A cat-rabbit who eats monsters??? DAMN NATURE, YOU’RE SCARY!!! o_O

    lol….i can’t stop using that line… XD

  34. Happy Birthday Holydemonandy!!!! My birthday is the 22nd so you got me on that one 😉

  35. Thanks Katz, Shinobi. 😀 I appreciate it a lot. 🙂 I didn’t totally expect to get wished happy birthday by quite a few people. XD Thank you very much. 🙂

  36. happy birthday holydemonady

  37. Happy birthday Holydemonandy!I wish you good luck in life and all other activities! 😀

  38. Happy happy birthday Andy and no probs man. 😉

  39. Hot damn! Did you guys see next week’s preview!? Pain looks so godly with all the light shining behind him! OMN!

  40. @Kizu – Pein is Godly O_O

    Nice Breakdown Ten!! I wish Konoha would explode already 😉 Then Pein vs Naruto ^_^ *jumps up and down*


    Welcome to Japan!! The land where the cuter it looks the more twisted it actually is <_<

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