Naruto 494 Breakdown: Meeting the 8 Tails officially

Hey Guys! Marksman here! The Incredible Marksman that is, and i will be bringing you the breakdown for this weeks chapter of naruto, consisting of an epic past which is a bit simular to that of the 9 tails if i do say so myself.

Though this episode may have been a bit slow moving to the adventure for some critics, i must say i particularly enjoyed this episode. We got to see the past of a character who will play a major role in the future of naruto. It also gives some epic foreshadowing of what may be a great bond between the hosts of chakra monsters.

With that said… lets get right down to it, shall we?

*Grabs popcorn and eats Zets*  @_@

In the beggining... there was destruction... and black ninjas. >_>

So! Last we ended naruto, we were about to be shown just how and why exactly was one of Bee’s supposed closest friends trying to kill him. And i must say, though this chapter started with a flashback to a past a bit similur to that of the nine tails, it did with seasoned salt so to speak, with a bit of action from the older brother of killer bee, Raikage, in his younger super saiyen days.

It wasent a slow, dragged out flashback many of us can refer to, which purpose only serves to bore us to death and take up precious manga pages that of which we waited all week to see. No, this flashback was one of the epic ones to say the least, that Kishi choose to shower us with.

Now, in this picture and in the next, we are shown the beggining in which a certain village saw fit to tame and host a chakra monster so that they wouldnt be over run by other countries or threats. *cough* Konoha *Cough* Akutski.

Many of us may agree that it …..did…nothing!


Why am i getting a strange sense of Dajavu? T__T

Dajavu you say marks?

 Why yes! Yes i do!

Why Munchman?

O_o  Its… Marksman.  And ill tell you. Just take a look at the pics below. 

Well as we can see depicted here, Konoha has had its problems with a certain chakra beast as well. And on both occasions: the First vs Madara with the Nine Tails, and The Fourth Vs Madara with the Nine Tails, its safe to assume many ninja lost thier lives due to the monsters rampage in this village as well. 

Thankfully, as seen in all three manga and anime pictures, the monsters were stopped. However, the damage had already been done. During the story being told, we find that story tellers father happened to be a victim to the monsters wrath.

But believe it or not, this isnt the reason he wants revenge on bee. Well, atleast he didnt turn out to be an emo killing pycho path bent on revenge because mommy and daddy are gone. I guess i shouldnt be so hard on sasuke. X__X

What? You were expecting me to reference something funny? Pfft! Dont know what made you think that. >_>

Finally, we see his true intentions here. Bee’s friend explains to us that he also became consumed by revenge, and that during the time of the monsters rampage and Motio fathers death, they were only five. We learn the the jinchuuriki that killed his father died when the moster was pulled out of his body and resealed.

Bee San was then chosen to be the next host. Tobio reasoned that no one could control the 8 tails, and that trying to do so would onlyresult in the death of more ninja. Despite being a child at the mere age of five, Tobio convinced himself to avenge his fathers death on an innocent child who also had nothing to do with it. However, Revenge has a wicked tendency to blind us all to logic. T__T

He was also angry because Bee just kept smiling at him. A perfect reason for revenge if i do say so myself. >_>

Police: Why did you do it Tobio?

Tobio: Because he just kept smiling at me.

Police: . . . .


I dont think that would work in real life. Its safe to assume one would be in jail for attempted Murder.

Never eat someones cheesypuffs and then smile at them. Or you will pay... WITH YOUR LIFE!! O__O

I believe we have all learned a vital lesson here. >_>


Near the end of things, naruto starts to have his own flashbacks of how the village went from mistreating him, to worshipping him for defeating the god of naruto. So far in this show, all the host have endured through things for the sake of thier own villiges.

However, again we are shown just how strong the bond of friendship can be. That even dispite the fact the Tobio tried to kill Bee, he easily forgave him so that they could become the best of friends once more.

In a shocking turn of events, Bee returns to the fray for an epic save, surprising both naruto and Tobio.

A happy ending to an epic chapter ^_^

And so ends an epic chapter and a short breakdown. It is a bit safe to assume that naruto likes the turn of events that have played out before him. I guess it trully is touching to see the bond of friendship truly at work. As we can see, the blond Hero of Konoha is left with a big smile slapped accros his face.

This can be a faith strenthening event for the youngster, as he prepares to face his s greatest challenge of all. Sasuke

Well, Thats it for me folks! Sorry for the short breakdown, but next week i can assure you that everything will be back to normal.

Till then!


The Inedible Munchman.

The Incredible Marksman


~ by The Incredible Marksman on May 17, 2010.

46 Responses to “Naruto 494 Breakdown: Meeting the 8 Tails officially”

  1. FIRST!

  2. SECOND!

  3. THIRD!

  4. And what about bubble contest? Or this week’s shinobi debate?

  5. Great breakdown Munchman,oops, I mean Marksman <_<

    And yes, I have to agree with Cumulusbg – where is the caption contest. Don't think I am being ungrateful , though, just asking is what I am doing. "gives Munchingman a cookie to show gratitude"

  6. Fifth!! Kirby dance!

    Thanks, Cap’n Munch! 😀

    About that smiling business, we probably shouldn’t take it at face value. For many, given the circumstances surrounding them, they won’t always feel all warm and fuzzy when a smile is thrown their way. No matter the intent of the thrower, they could possibly feel nothing but disgust for one reason or the other, especially when they feel the person does not understand the full extent of the situation at all, which is pretty common.

    Oh, by the way, if all goes well, I’ll be back on the breakdowns this week…it’s a fair warning. =P

  7. Sixth!

  8. seventh. DAMMIT!

  9. eighth just like kirabi

  10. ninth like the kyuubi…aww, i wanted to be tenth!

    anyway, can someone explain to me what happened to the giant squid? we just see it sinking into the water…is it dead???
    i liked this chapter. i think that bee will now start training naruto and naruto will learn to master the fox just in time to save bee from kisame.

  11. Jubi!!!

  12. Sorry about the poorquality breakdwon guys. I kinda rushed things a bit because of stress.
    However, i will add a bubble post contest and a debate first thing tomorow!

    Till then, i am off to die.

    Bed! I mean bed T__T

  13. 12th..i guess..i’ve to try next time…:-)..btw…….awesome breakdown..!!

  14. Maybe we will learn something about minato when naruto completes “that jutsu”. How much training is left for naruto in the series? Is the manga going to finished soon, kinda seems that way. Hopefully the war will last real long and have a few archs rather than it just being its own arc.

  15. Well…I predict that this manga will gonna last at least for three more years. As for this kyuubi training arc … it will last probably …. three months.

  16. @Marks, there’s one more similarity with the Kyubi and Hachibi attacks. In the Hachibi attack, Motoi lost his father, in the Kyubi attack Iruka lost his parents. Motoi tried to kill Killerbee, but Iruka treated Naruto like a son i guess.

    I grant myself 1 awesome point for seeing that. That brings me up to a grand total of 0 points! 😀

  17. nice one marksman…, i want some CHEESEYPUFFS TOO 😀

    motoi looks like he will be a good trainer and “interpreter” between Bee and Naruto……btw, i dunno if anybody noticed, but motoi has this strange black tape on his nose…….what is that??? maybe it’s his idea of a tattoo O_o

    also, what exactly is guy’s function there……..i suspect he’s to fight kisame here…….which means……a team-up of KILLER BEE AND MAITO GUY!!!!! YOSH!!! 😛

  18. So far it seems that the kage number is kinda of the same everywhere besides Suna. For example the Sandaime so far than have been revealed are very old and badass and the Yondaime are blond badasses.

  19. I expect Maito Guy to be killed. New generation is coming and Lee must succeed his master. We cannot have two Maito guy looking characters. One must die. Maito Guy will win against Kisame, but he will lose his life in that process.

  20. and the fifth are sexy badass who you should make fun of their age.

  21. @cumulusbg If that happens, I hope that he takes Kisame with him or goes out with a bang. I wonder will he recognize Kisame this time.

  22. Awesome breakdown Marks! I’ve been absent for a little too long. X_X

    Is Toboi a nickname you gave Motoi or am I missing something here? XD *eats a cheesypuff*

    I like this chapter because it shows how strong Bee truly is and I’m not talking about physically. More mental strength. While Naruto acted out defacing the Hokage mountain and pulling pranks. While Gaara went psycho and found strength in killing people. Bee just kept on smiling and rapping. He easily forgave his village long before he conquered his Bijuu which is probably why his training at the waterfall of truth was so short.

    Now Naruto has to truly forgive those who wronged him. I wonder if Gaara has already taken that step or is in the process.


    Look at the bottom of the first pic… The early shinobi of the lightning nins were TRULY badass. Aside from super-saiyan Raikage, take a look at the dude next to him…

    He’s like some kinda awesome HOLLOFIED angry (possibly half-ape-man)
    Maybe he’s Monkian from the Thunder cats!!!



    lol, you’re right…….THUNDERCATS HO!!! 😀

    man, i really miss that show…….even though i only had a bit part 😛

  25. spoilers are out. these are confirmed: while these are verification pending

  26. !!! Spoiler Alert !!!


    SPOILER #1
    CREDITS: Pokeballs

    Bee and Naruto become friends.
    Bee: Dattebayo, go to the Waterfall of Truths. You’ll be fine as you are now.
    Naruto VS Dark Naruto
    Naruto says “You are also me” and embraces his dark self and it’s settled.
    At the place where Bee lead Naruto… next week Naruto VS Kyuubi.

  27. Chapter 495 Prediction:
    Another Specialist Prediction

    -Session One Complete

    (Yamato, Motoi, Killer Bee, and Naruto are all gathered near the edge of the cliff. Bee and Motoi break their hands apart, as Bee turns around and waves his hand.)

    Killer Bee: Well imma ‘bout to get a bite to eat ‘ight?

    (As Bee prepares t to walk off, Naruto speaks up.)

    Naruto: Umm, Octo-Dude, wait up. (Bee turns around.)

    Killer Bee: Oh, it’s the Dattebayo-boy… Yo?

    Naruto: I, uh… (Naruto remembers himself neglecting the meaning behind the fist bump between him and Bee. Naruto snaps back to reality and sticks out his fist. Motoi smiles, while Yamato nods his head. Bee smiles and he fist bumps with Naruto. Naruto smiles right back as the scene switches over to the waterfall area. Bee and Naruto are standing across from each other with Motoi and Yamato in the background behind the brushes.)

    Yamato: Hey, what do think they’re talking about?

    Motoi: Beats me, but Bee told us not to bother them. (The scene switches over to Bee and Naruto.)

    Killer Bee: Take a squat lil’ dude… (Naruto sits down and folds his legs while Killer Bee does the same.)

    Naruto: So uhh, how am I supposed to beat that guy? (Killer Bee makes a serious face for the first time.)

    Killer Bee: You still hate them don’t you?

    Naruto: What!? No way, who?

    Killer Bee: Your peeps, that’s who!

    Naruto: Noo… I have Sakura, Kakashi, my friends, and Iruka… Heh, heh, I don’t hate anyone- (Bee cuts him off.)

    Killer Bee: And that’s why you won’t win, stupid idiot!

    Naruto: Uhh… (Naruto remembers the villagers ostracizing him as a kid, and then remembers how Evil Naruto was rehashing on it.) Oh… I see.

    Killer Bee: That water fall over dere’ reflects innermost suppressed self in physical form… You have such a thing because you haven’t conquered your darkness and haven’t forgiven the people who came after you.

    Naruto: WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE THEM! (Killer Bee stands up much to the shock of Naruto. Bee shrugs his shoulders.)

    Killer Bee: It’s on you kid… I can’t tell ya how to live ya life… (Bee then points to Naruto.) Hey kid, do you know what chakra comes from?

    Naruto: Hmm.. (Naruto remembers Fukasku’s demonstration during the Sage Training arc and is able to recite it to Bee.) Oh yeah… Um physical and mental energy right?

    Killer Bee: When you use a Bijuu’s chakra, wad ya think ya pullin in?

    Naruto: I don’t know… (Bee looks surprised then the scene switches to Hachibi.)

    Hachibi: Ok, I was wrong, he has no potential… (The scene switches back to the outside. Bee points to his head.)

    Killer Bee: Hey OH! You pull in some of the mind behind the chakra as well, someone who hasn’t come to terms with their hatred will be manipulated by its chakra!

    Naruto: Just like that toad said…

    Killer Bee: A weaker mind will be over-come, that’s just how it is…

    Naruto: So, I need a stronger mind, is that what you’re saying?

    Killer Bee: Sayin it won’t matter, you gotta believe it. Forgive ‘em, it’s not like it’s all of their faults anyway. The Bijuu were used to destroy villages and kill people for years. If ya had to ask me, I’d say just deal wit it boy… Except it and forgive them… Show them why you and that Kyuubi of yours isn’t the samething, if ya can’t do that, then you’re proving them right. (Naruto has a shocked look on his face.)

    Naruto (in thought): That’s right… I just ran away from my problems… Scared of what might happen if I used the power of the Kyuubi… I didn’t believe that I could control it, yet I also believed that I will eventually lose control again… Heh, I’m a fool…

    Killer Bee: Kiddo, I did all I could… Now would ‘ya excuse me, I gotta be on my way, oh yay! (Bee rushes off.)

    Naruto: Heh, how can I save someone from hatred when I can’t even beat my own? I’m a real piece of work huh? (Naruto looks over to the waterfall as the scene changes over to a dark and dank underground tunnel. Cries and moans become discernible.

    Following the tunnel eventually opens up into a wide open area, where countless defeated white-robed ninja are scattered and toppled across the arena. Soon, a hand emerges from the mountains of bodies and in one quick motion Sasuke emerges from the opening he created. Sasuke stands atop the bodies in victory.)

    Sasuke: … (Sasuke flips off of the bodies and lands on the ground. He proceeds to the exit, soon a swirling effect opens near Sasuke, Sasuke turns around to spot Tobi. Tobi makes a quick glance around the area and then claps his hands.)

    Tobi: I see they were easily dispatched, and from the looks of it, you managed to spare their lives like I’ve asked you to, indeed impressive. These were no ordinary subjects Sasuke…

    Sasuke: I want to know why is the cursed seal enzyme transplanted into these ninja? For one, how did you get them to join you and two, how did the research from the North Base get carried to them. The only one capable of this knowledge must have connections to Orochimaru…

    Tobi: Oh Sasuke, you over-analyze things… Orochimaru is dead like you said and I, the true ruler of Akatuski, was able to gather Orochimaru’s research files and track the location of his bases. You doubt my ability. I just had to grease a few palms, and you know how those things go down. Besides, we’re at war; we need all the power we can manage.

    (Sasuke stares at Tobi.)

    Sasuke: *Hmph* If you plan to test me at a later date, be sure to enlist more fools to use my power on… (Sasuke walks off, Tobi goes into deep thought.)

    Tobi (in thought): I should have prepared more for that; that was close. He was almost able to deduce that I’ve joined forces with Kabuto. It’s best I keep Sasuke in the dark about this; he and Sasuke must not meet. Damn you Kabuto… Offering to advance Sasuke’s dojutsu at the cost that his unit witnesses his skills; I have no choice but comply with Kabuto’s requests for now. Sasuke’s powers must be ready for “it.”

    (The scene switches over to the island. Naruto is sitting at the waterfall with his eyes closed. Yamato and Motoi are behind Naruto watching over him.)

    Yamato: Hmm… (Yamato scratches his chin. The scene switches over to Naruto and then, switches over to inside the mental world. Evil Naruto and Naruto are standing several meters apart from each other. Evil Naruto pants and shows signs of exhaustion while the Naruto stands firm. Evil Naruto points his finger at Naruto and yells.)

    Evil Naruto: HOW! HOW’s THAT POSSIBLE?! I’M YOU! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! (Evil Naruo rushes forward. Once he nears Naruto he does an up high hook punch with his left hand, Naruto ducks to avoid the blow. Evil Naruto smiles and then thrusts his right knee forward hoping to catch Naruto’s head, since Naruto’s ducking however, Naruto immediately catches the knee with both hands and pushes off, which throws Evil Naruto off balance. Naruto then stands up, extends forward and upper cuts Evil Naruto in the face with the left hand.)

    Evil Naruto: AHHH! (In one quick motion, Naruto spins around and elbows Evil Naruto in the face with his right elbow, leaving a cracking glass effect on Evil Naruto’s left side of the face. Evil Naruto holds his face then backs up a good distance. Evil Naruto yells and rushes forward again, Naruto does a left side kick and sends him flying back. Naruto then looks to Evil Naruto’s direction.)

    Naruto (in thought): I’m winning…. He’s weaker… The Octo-dude sure knows his stuff…

    (Evil Naruto is rushing forward with two shadow clones, one on each side of him. Naruto quickly makes two shadow clones. Evil Naruto and Naruto stops midway while both of their sets shadow clones proceed to clash with each other. Both of Evil Naruto’s shadow clones both punches away however, Naruto’s shadow clones slips their heads out of the way and delivers straight jabs to their faces, dispersing them. Evil Naruto is shocked but before he can provide a counter-attack, both of Naruto’s shadow clones each grab an arm of Evil Naruto, restraining him.)

    Evil Naruto: HEYY! LET ME GO! LET ME GO YOU IDOIT! (Naruto creates another shadow clone, and it helps him form Rasengan. The shadow clone behind Naruto disperses once it shapes the Rasengan in his hand.)

    Naruto: It’ll end here! posted in

    Evil Naruto: WAIT! WAIT (Evil Naruto grins.) YOU THINK THIS STOPS ME FOREVER?! (The Rasengan strikes and completely shatters Evil Naruto into pieces of glass. The scene then switches to outside the realm. Naruto opens his eyes and stands up. Motoi and Yamato rushes over.)

    Yamato: How’d it go?

    Motoi: Did ya beat him?

    (Naruto jumps in the air and screams.)

    Naruto: YAYYYY!

    (Motoi looks over to Yamato.)

    Motoi: I guess that’s a yes.

    Yamato: So, what’s the next step…?

    Motoi: Hey Naruto! (Naruto is still ecstatic.)

    Yamato: HEY! NARUTO! (Naruto stops and then turns around abruptly.)
    Naruto: Oh, Yeah?

    Motoi: Ready to face your Bijuu? (Naruto places his hand on his stomach.)

    Naruto: Yeah… I’m gonna undo the seal… (Yamato has a concerned look on his face.)

    Next Time: Face to Face with the Kyuubi, Naruto breaks the seal! By Special One


    its out

  29. Naruto is out!

    Lol, someone beat me to it. T_T

  30. lol ^_^

  31. @acegamer51: I enjoyed the prediction post. It sort of seems like someone saw a few untranslated pages and made the story up off of that. Some of it was really similar to what happened in the real chapter.

  32. Nice chapter. Now comes the real fight! Fox vs. Naruto. I wonder how will Naruto fight the fox. With hugs or rasengan? 😀

    Will he use Sage mode, or key or what? Next chapter will be awesome.

  33. Naruto will fight the fox with his newest Jutsu, the Futon Rasen-ShiuriHug!!

    No but seriously he is going to need one large newspaper and a large squirt bottle to train that puppy =P

  34. He’s going to fight him with the power that itachi left behind for him.

  35. I’m in the mood for some good old fashion Naruto fighting here. I hope the Kyuubi is changed with sort of an epic battle. Much like when Naruto changed Garra’s mind way back in the day. By the looks of things it’ll be more than just beating down the Kyuubi though.

    A little ‘understanding’ and a little ‘beat down’ could do the trick.

  36. YAY new chapter!!

    naruto’s defeat of yami naruto using his TALK-NO-JUTSU was lame and predictable……..but apart from that, this chapter rocked, yo!

    and the next battle is widda kyoobi, madarra dawg get ready ur joobi!

    >____> <____<

    man, i suck! 😀 …….Bee would kill me for that one LOL

  37. @supertrek: regarding your comments on the strength of Bee. It kinda seems unreal to us that a kid like that and under those circumstances can forgive and move on. Especially when one considers the typical mindset of a preteen kid, but maybe that is the point they are trying to make. Bee made the (way mature beyond his age) choice to forgive and move past the hurt and bitterness that accompany such a dilemma. He made the choice none of the other jinchurikis (i know its spelled wrong) have, and is thus able to interact with his bijuu without it feeding on his bottled up hatred. Thus, leading to the unheard of notion (until his Bee’s appearance) of controlling one’s bijuu
    I am sure this new dimension to our beloved 9 tails may possibly upset many people but I personally find it adds a dimension of complexity to the fox rather than simply labeling the 9 tails “evil”. I mean consider the 9 tails as a character within the series for a sec. It pretty much has this overarching impact on the world of Naruto, as an evil presence that is widely known to induce dread upon mentioning the subject. All the major villains within the series have a specific goal and a back story that tells us everything about the villain as a character. In contrast, the 9 tails has no specific goal, nor does it have aback story, in fact of all the characters in the series (besides ten-ten 🙂 ) it has the least lines. Yet this bijuu has the strongest impact on the universe of Naruto. Its this Jokeresque mystery of the character that keeps him fascinating.
    I guess this new dimension of the 9 tails brings up the question if anyone can answer. Is the 9 tails a creature or more a force of nature, if its entire nature is changed based on its host (a la Hachibi); does this mean that the bijuu are not really characters but rather plot devices on par with the concept of chakra?
    I seem to have covered a lot, I apologize if I overloaded your minds. Loved the new chapter, can’t wait to hear yalls thoughts on it.

    -The Accordion-
    A Ninja’s most feared weapon


  38. BTW here is footage of Naruto and the 9 tails fox finally cooperating:

  39. @accordianninja, Yagura also controlled his Biju O_O

  40. So did Nii Yugito.

  41. Does any one think that it isn’t wise for kisame to wait around for to much longer! If he keeps sleeping on the job the last two jinchuriki will both have full control and kyubi is supposed to be the strongest.

    I still don’t understand one thing if kisame was holding back as to infiltrate thunder country, what reason was there? He pretty much had killerbee captured so why wait? Zetsu should of cloned bee and gone to thunder country with raikage. And if he was holding back how badass is he when he’s trying, shit! Sugeitsu doesn’t stand a chance to get the samaheda. Sorry facts are facts.

    Talking of team taka are they dead! We haven’t seen them in ages. They must at least been abandoned and forgotten because a Sasuke with EMS + his clingy buddy tobi, who needs them lightweights around. I think they are bigger disapointment than Sakura in terms of development. Even she had one epic battle (although a long time ago). Especially after Sasuke made a point of searching them out and hyping them up I thought they would actually defeat someone.

    Its offical, if naruto get involved between kisame and bee (beef lol) i think Kisame is offically screwed (Sugeitsu strolls by and pick up samahada). Maybe hiding out ain’t such a bad idea.

  42. @ accordionninja In regard to the now developing story @ the kyuubi i think he’ll be like picolo was in DBZ, a bad and one of the best antagonists in DBZ but latter he became Goku’s best and most dependent friend, and plus he was the smartest one there.
    So maybe that’s gonna be the kyuubi’s role from now on, seeing as it’s a very old creature he has a lot of knowledge that he can pass down to Naruto in the eventuality they do become buddies, and it’s most curtain that will happen sooner or later.

    @ lostpride, I actually think that suigetsu & jugo will switch sides and become part of the good guys, las we’ve seen them they were Id’ed by the iron country samurai and karin is back in the leaf beeing ass****** by Ibiki with his pervert iron maiden cat no jutsu, so if that doesn’t make u a good boy and girl I don’t know what will, it’s gonna be a nice site to see when Sasuke find’s himself all alone again only with his zombie brother and tobi left to play, maybe Kabuto will summon his mom and dad to cheer him um a bit, it’s gonna be Sasori flashback’s all over again.

  43. Talking about Kisame, I wonder one thing. Lets assume for a moment that Samehada somehow feeds him but doesn’t this guy need to take a leak or something more serious. I mean, I know some people can hold it for a long time but come on, a few days is a bit too much.

    I bet when he emerges, it will be from a liquid and that won’t be a water jutsu. X_X

  44. @eugen, well suigetsu and jugo didn’t reall come across as bad guys in the first place so i guess they could jump ship. I kinda made an assumption that karin was just going to end up in a konoha prison cell (irony) because i could not really see how she can add to the plot anymore. Well she was an atkatsuki member although tobi did try sik sasuke on her in the end.

    @ to63, well i suspect kisame released his bladder while killerbee splashed around after the squid. Come on who would know? well apart from the yellow streak of water leading to samehada. “huh i didn’t raiton jutsu”

  45. Spoiler Alert

    Killerbee going to sign a record deal and be unveiled as part of a infamous rap group.

    I’m talking bout

    The RZA, the GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, U-God , Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef, and the Method Man.

    The Wu-Tang Clan

    Wu-Tang’s Killerbee on the swarm

  46. i have a feeling there is a reason why Gai is in the island… does anyone think any reason why? I think the reason is, Kishi wants to finish the fight between Gai and Kisame… We are all focused on Bee and Naruto but Kisame has badblood with Gai and i think Gai can finally finish Kisame off or at least injure him or something.. hehehe

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