One Piece Chapter 584 IS OUT + 583 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included + Jimbei Vs. Ivankov? =_+

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-One Piece Chapter 583 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by ArcielFreeder

YOSH!!! Welcome to the WRA One Piece Chapter 583 B-B-B-BREAKDOWN!!! I wanted to wait for another release of the One Piece chapter with better translation and scanatalation so sorry it’s a little late. I didn’t want to do a very early breakdown and leave you all with nothing to read for the rest of the week anyway. 😉

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

Yes, I know it’s a Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece AMV but the One Piece part is really awesome. Just take a look. ^(0_*)^ AMV by XxtheShaMaNxX. Badass One Piece Picture by Meissdes. Ace couldn’t keep up with Luffy’s watermelon binging. 😉

Alright let’s get to it!

At least I don't have to hear that annoying laugh! "Fosfosfosfosfos!" Ugh! ~_~

A pretty decent chapter, I felt it definitely served as more of a setup for the next chapter and an introduction to the character Sabo. Also we got to see how unhealthy the relationship between Ace and Luffy was in the beginning. Well anyway, we’ll get to all of that but first let’s….not talk about this front cover and quietly slip past it. The elephant in the background incites my gag reflex. X_X

It's especially annoying when you're not even a swordsman!

The chapter starts off with Luffy proclaiming how much he hates mountain bandits, oh, and he does have the right too. Funny though, pirates aren’t much different from mountain bandits. They just happened to be the  heroes (Shank’s Crew) in Luffy’s case but to many others they’re just murderers, robbers, and plunderers. Lol, it all depends on what side of the sword you’re on. If mountain bandits rescued Luffy from a group of bad ol’ pirates he’d have a different outlook…just saying…>_>

Ugliest Magikarp I've ever laid eyes on. @_@

Dadan and her family of mountain bandits aren’t an exception to the general bad image Luffy already has on their type. They rob, steal, and kill and they want Luffy to join in on their activities. You fend for yourself and you feed yourself if you don’t want the minimum food supply offered. YOU GOT THAT LUFFY!?

Luffy: “Okay.”

Dadan: “NANI!!?!?”

Lol, Dadan did a complete Magikarp flop! Priceless. XD Apparently even before this memory Garp was training Luffy and threw him into a jungle all alone and remember he’s only 7 in this flashback. This wasn’t the only thing Garp has done to the poor kid. Now if I’m following this correctly, the time Garp threw Luffy into the jungle was before Luffy got his DF power and yet he still survived. Since it seems like soon after Luffy got his DF power he was taken to Dadan. Meh, who knows? All I know is that Luffy has balls…of rubber. o_O

Poor tree never stood a chance. T_T

Moving on, Luffy forgives Ace for spitting on him referencing back to chapter 1 again when Shanks didn’t get all peeved about Higuma spilling the alcohol on him. These references back to chapter 1 show how much the events, good or bad, in Luffy’s childhood shaped his perspective in life. Wait…isn’t that the case for all of us? >_> Luffy tries to follow Ace but in testament to Ace’s strength he kicks down a damn tree to lose Luffy! O_O Lol, monster kids and though Luffy keeps up the pursuit he’s sent spiraling down a ravine when Ace cuts the bridge.'re drunk...>_>

When Ace returns without Luffy Dadan doesn’t give 2 cents worth of care for what happened but you can tell she’s not worried about Luffy because she believes malevolent children like that grow strong, quick, and have a knack for surviving. Oh, and if something does happen to him she’ll just tell Garp it was an accident. ~_~ Alright, so I thought I liked Dadan, after all she did help raise Ace and Luffy and probably held the most influential female role in their lives. But frankly speaking, she’s a bitch! I mean, I can understand not wanting to raise kids that aren’t yours and being spiteful over being blackmailed into the task but hot damn! They’re just kids show some love! How do you all feel about her? Personally I think Oda will make her do something that’ll put her in a new light. He wouldn’t make Ace’s and Luffy’s foster mom out to be a total bitch would he?

Somebody cut Dadan's supply of booze off please! ><

Now this is something interesting. I figured this might be the case and it’s confirmed Dadan knows about Ace’s origin, the only son of Gol D. Roger and she’s worried about what would happen if the World Government found out he was here. Reminding us of why Ace is so angsty in the first place, living in a world where no one wants him, not even the person supposed to be taking care of him. A world where people say he should be dead if he ever existed. A hated child begets a hateful and troublesome attitude. Is it Ace’s fault he’s like this or should he be more optimistic life Luffy? What do you all think of kid Ace?

I think it's time for an intervention...

One week later Luffy stumbles in after surviving at the bottom of a valley. The next day Luffy is recovered and follows Ace again wanting to be friends. It seems he’s taking Shank’s advice of not getting mad over the little things a little too seriously but his optimism is cheerful. XD


For the next 3 months he tries every day through torturous environments to follow Ace until he succeeds one day and finds himself outside the forest. In, the Grey Terminal! Looks like it used to be an abandoned amusement park full of mutants. Can’t be worse than what he survived from out there in the forest though.

Punch the kid in the face and put glasses on his hat a voila! You'll have Sabo! 😉 (I don't condone punching children in the face. >(0_0)>)

Finally we’re introduced to Sabo! Remember “the Sabo thing”? Well, whatever this incident is we’re on the first tracks to uncovering the mystery. Sabo is a little 10 year old kid, would be 20 in the current storyline, who dreams of becoming a pirate like Ace and Luffy. His attire speaks for itself.

Oh crap! Not him again! =_=

Luffy who followed Ace there is caught (he kinda yelled out loud) and tied to a tree. Because they don’t want their treasure to be revealed Ace, not Sabo, offers up the idea of killing Luffy though I’m sure it was on Sabo’s mind too. Fortunately, lol, no matter the outward appearances and words of bravado they’re still kids and don’t have the guts to kill someone nor have they killed a person before.  Still, Luffy is scared for his life and screams out attracting the attention of the Bluejam Pirates.

Oh noes!??? o_O

Unfortunately these were the “merchants” Ace robbed from and now they’re in big trouble. This crazy mo fo’ scalps his opponents while they’re still alive. X_X But who is that guy with the broken arm? Doesn’t he look familiar?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Rockstar 10 years ago? O_O

*choking ensues*<(X_X)>

Lol, typical Luffy behavior he acts before he thinks and goes out there to confront the enemy only to be easily caught. We all know lying won’t get Luffy out of this. Lol, he’s quite terrible at it so he’s taken off for the information to be extracted from him. So what happens next chapter? What is the defining moment that changes Luffy’s and Ace’s relationship? When do Ace and Luffy exchange drinks and become brothers?

When does Ace find he and Luffy share similar backgrounds?

And most importantly, what happens to Sabo!?

That ends this week’s breakdown. Here’s a new debate and your demotivational poster!

Coloring of Jimbei by Whitetom. Coloring of Ivankov by Seiji-Murayama

Jimbei vs. Ivankov! Both fighters use some style of karate and are mainly close distance fighters. Location, an island. They start on land…>_>

Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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  1. first?

  2. YAY FIRST!!!!! :D. i can’t believe my luck lol. NOW FOR THE CHAPTER!

  3. Awesomeness breakdown Superdude!

  4. great breakdown super……pedobear insertion was priceless lol 🙂

    i think dadan has a soft heart under the crude (and ugly) exterior….we’ll see her “true” nature later, when she and her crew show up to pwn porchemy 😀

    kid ace is a victim of his circumstances…..anybody would be “emo” if he had to face that…..BTW i don’t understand people’s tendency to brand anything unhappy as “emo” and distance themselves from it…….why do people hate “emo’s” so much? 😕

    as for the bluejam pirate member, i rather thought he resembles… EUSTASS CAPTAIN KIDD?? 😛

    however, i don’t understand “the sabo thing”….what incident??


    i’m opening the betting and placing my money on………..JIMBEI!!
    ivankov lost against magellan, i don’t think he/she is THAT strong……i think they’d be equally matched on land, but since it’s an island, jimbei would win eventually ^_^

  5. My vote would be Jimbei. Although Ivankov is a decent fighter, Jimbei has the advantage of using his fishman karate which he can use without touching Ivankov nor allowing him to get close to change his physic to a fishwoman, or anything else… At the most they would draw when it comes to his fishman karate and Ivankov’s death winks(and its their variants). The minute Jimbei would reach the shore/ocean it would be over for Ivankov. Jimbei could use a waterspout hit and stun Ivankov long enough to either finish him or throw him in the water…
    Jimebei can also call animals to aid him like starfish and have them become shurikens lol…

  6. Awesome job Super! 😀

  7. Thanks everyone!

    No one is going to go for Ivankov? If she gets her hands on Jimbei the match will be over long before he reaches the sea. This is because her powers allow her to freely control the hormones in her opponent’s body. It’s not just limited to turning the person into a girl or giving that person more energy.

    Matter of fact. Here’s a list of hormones effects on the body.

    Hormones have the following effects on the body:
    Stimulation or inhibition of growth
    Mood swings
    Induction or suppression of apoptosis (programmed cell death)
    Activation or inhibition of the immune system
    Regulation of metabolism
    Preparation of the body for mating, fighting, fleeing, and other activity
    Preparation of the body for a new phase of life, such as puberty, parenting and menopause
    Control of the reproductive cycle
    Hunger cravings

    Do you all see how she can just engineer Jimbei’s body from the inside out by manipulating his hormones? She can make Jimbei too depressed to fight, raise his body temperature to a fever, reprogram his cells to die, destroy his immune system, destroy his muscles, lol, make him hit puberty again.

    She also has the Death Wink which is extremely powerful to silence Level 6 prisoners and send entire ships flying for long range battle against Jimbei’s Fishman Karate. Just something to think about. >_>

    Now on a different topic.

    @Katz: I have no idea why other people use “emo” for every single emotion that’s not happiness. Lol, I use it in a sarcastic overly drawn manner to express how much the phrase is so overused. I wouldn’t call Ace emo. More like just a pissed off kid.

    If Dadan comes to rescue Ace, Sabo, and Luffy by kicking the pirate’s asses that’d freaking awesome! Especially if she does it with ease.

    And this is “the Sabo thing”.

    There was some incident with Sabo that changed Ace which we have yet to see.

    @Anyone: A member of the Dadan family seems to have been following Luffy on at least some parts of his journey. Either that or he was at the right place at the right time.

    So there’s a chance if Luffy is caught now that guy may be on his way to report it to Dadan. As for Sabo. My prediction is that he lives but gets seriously injured to the point where he loses his chance to become a pirate and hands his dreams over to Ace inspiring him. Then he decides to increase his brain muscles for lack of physical muscles and wanders off as a crippled. OMG what if Sabo is Vegapunk!? LOL! XD

  8. I vote Ivankov as well. He/she isnt Dragon’s right hand man/woman for nuthin!

    I think Sabo will betray Ace or die. Probably die since we’ve never heard of him until now.

    I dont think Sabo could be Vegapunk since he was born on a winter island on the grand line where Franky is residing atm. 😛

  9. i was thinking that sabo was going to betray ace and then that would give room for luffy who cares about him but that is because i forgot what ace said when died (i know stupid of me have to remember that forever, it was probably because i was crying at the time and coulndt read properly) he said that if it wasnt for the sabo thing that that he wouldnt consider living so it makes me think that he died to protect him and having a sort of kakashi-obito moment were he tell him to look out for luffy and tells him to tell luffy that he roger’s son but ace dosent want to but gets tlked into it and ends up having the exact opposite of what he was expecting.

    ivan for the win

    its feeling like ages until the next chapter comes out i hope i dosent just skipp back to wed-thursday realses and goes to tuesday first so we get to see it a day ealier next week instead of waiting an extra 2-3 days for the next chapter.

    does anyone like HSD kenichi?

  10. @Pumpkin: Lol, yeah you’re right. Vegapunk must be Santa Claus then.

    @Smurf: History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi? That manga is great! To bad the latest chapter came out on April freaking 12th! It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve seen a new chapter. Just WTF! ~_~

    If Sabo dies then the purpose of the flashback is more on Luffy’s and Ace’s relationship and revealing who Dadan is. A shame…I really want Sabo to live.

  11. @super: i know wat u mean about it been 3 weeks i thought that they were bringing one out last week but it turned out to be a stupid side story lol, i want kenichi to get captured and taken to see the one shadow nine fists (they arent allowed to fight him anyway + plus they wont be able to have the disiples attack him because they wont get the title of the strongest if he is imprisoned before the fight cause it has to be a duel) (one shadow uses elders forgeting tech on him and then a master trains him lol)

    i think that if sabo dies then it will show how ace came o terms with his death and might lead to how luffy comes to terms

  12. i was looking back on the part were mr 2 sacrafices himself and thought that after the panel on this page there could have been an interurption by blackbread and the escapess but it seems that that happen after so i think there is a 95% chance that mr 2 is dead (poor thing).
    middel of the page u see his hand coming down to kill him 😦

  13. reading one piece chapters again (only ones infront of anime becasue would take too long) because i cant wait for the new chapter too come out and i noticed this page.

    isnt luffy’s fist the full size of the giant so wat has he got better at using gear 3 and the size has gone from giant to oz’s size?

  14. @super

    thanks for the “sabo thing” clarification


    well i think bon-chan is still alive..because it seems blackbeard and crew heavily defeated magellan, probably at that exact moment….i mean, we all thought he was dead back in arabasta too…….i think luffy will keep meeting Mr. 2 again and again on his journey……and Mr 2 will keep having near-death experiences again and again……..but he will finally live and get to kambakka kingdom 🙂


    man, i’m getting OP withdrawal symptoms already, I WANT A NEW CHAPTER T_T

  15. @Super awesome breakdown!
    I believe that Sabo most likely dies. If he betrays Ace I think that it would destroy Ace to the poing of no return. If he dies, Ace may be able to cope with his death (plus Luffy could fill that gap) more than having his one and only friend betray him.

    @Katz, yeah I agree with you. Bon-chan is ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!
    this is what I’m thinking:
    Magellan’s ‘terrible injuries’ were probably caused by the loose Level six prisoners that still lived after Blackbeards battle to the death thing was over. Before Magellan went to kill Bon-chan the other prisoners caused another uproar and magellan tried to fight them.

  16. Awesome Breakdown like always Super!
    bbgurly14: wouldnt the level six prisoners care more about escaping for the first time in god knows how many years, then fighting magellan? i think most of them would try to avoid him and escapre, which is what makes me think that it was blackbeard and his crew that beat down Magellan.

    for the debate:
    wow Super! i had origonlly thought that it would be jimbei ftw esay, but after seeing your post, i have to reconsider. i think i would have to call it a draw this time, jimbei would win easily if he can make it to water, but ikanov would really mess him up if he could get him while they were still on land. since they start on land though, i think i will go with ikanov.

  17. @Superdude, In your link IVankov said she/he was a master of the HUMAN body. Jimbei’s a FISH-MAN, who know’s how his body develops?

    I’m not on either side this time, dont really like either of them >_>

  18. @kisuzachi: when ivan fruit is horu horu no mi fruit mean it changes the hormones of anything that has them including animals she probable said human body bacause she wanted to generalize it meaning anybody that she want to changes she can fish man or otherwise

  19. @takashid: Well wouldn’t Blackbeard and his crew want to quickly get to Marinefold so he could fight whitebeard and eventually steal his power?
    Plus, we are talking about Level 6 prisoners here. They aren’t pushovers, ya know. They are the baddest of the bad. So bad that their crimes were erased by the government. Surely they could take on Magellan or possibly even want revenge on him for locking them up. you never know. ^__^

  20. If the fight is near water:

    Jimbei > Ivankov

    If fight is anywhere else:

    Ivankov > Jimbei

    nuff said. 😛

    So my vote is Ivankov.

  21. @Smurf, well we dont know how Jimbei’s body works. For all we know, Fishmen could grow from eating copious amounts of fish with no hormones involved. It can be taken literally or figuratively, but we dont know which is the right case here. And if its figurative, then Jimbei wins.

  22. god dammit i see no sign of the newest HSDK raw and even after the raw it take about 3-4 days before someone is will to translate it. they said that they were have in week break + golden week as well as the side story they put in but they still havent had a proper chapter foinf on 1 month now and im dieing.

    does anyone know a good website that could compensate for the raw that i cant find now tat ‘raw-paradise’ has gone?

  23. @Kisu: LOL! XD I knew someone would pick that out, good job. It was the major flaw in my argument and you exploited it marvelously. That’s all I’m saying. 😉

    @Katz & BB: Hmm…speaking of Bon-Chan didn’t a whole bunch of Level 6 prisoners escape? Doesn’t Bon-Chan have powers to disguise himself by touching the face of anybody he comes into contact with? Could Bon-Chan have disguised himself as a Level 6 prisoner and escaped with them into the open world? 😀

    1 problem though…how did Blackbeard and any of the other Level 6 prisoners escape when there were no ships located at Impel Down anymore? Well, we know what ship Blackbeard and his crew could have taken to get to Marineford from Impel Down.

    But what mode of transportation did the Level 6 prisoners use? Open swimming in the Calm Belt? O_O

    @Smurf: The latest chapter of HSDK I can find is here.

    Pretty good too. Now just awaiting the next chapter to finally come out.

    @Pumpkin: Lol, you know what they say. Location, location, location…

  24. @super: yea i have seen that one but i dont get what the hell the point of doing a stupid side story and not doing a proper chapter when they have a break for a week then they have golden week then they bring out this stupid side story (only said stupid becuase i wanted a proper chapter, though the sidestory wasnt so bad) and then another break for god sake they could have just brouhg out a new chapter instead of doin a sidestory

  25. bbgurly14: true, i think the level 6 prisoners could take magellan, but both before the white beard war, and in chapter zero, we see them all yelling about how much they want to get out, so i think they would focus more on escaping then fighting. plus, similar to how magellan focused mostly on luffy cause he was the cause of the uprising when they were escaping, i bet magellan went after blackbeard and his crew, espically cause shiriyu was with them. that would force blackbeard and his crew to fight him. we dont relly know, so lets just drop it here. although i think it would be a good introduction to some of the other level 6 prisoners if we saw them beat down magellan.

    kisu: aw good point about jimbei’s body. unfortunatly, that makes this just like the Marco vs Crocodile debate, cause we dont know what would happen. but still, i will stick with my vote for ikanov. there’s a reason dragon kept him in the revolutionaries after all…

  26. after luffy is nearly tortured and if ace or sabo don’t show up do u think that luffy is smart enough to take them to dadans place because the travel there will cause most of the people that were accompanying them to fall and i think that only the guy that picked luffy up and took him away will be able to make the trip but then he will get his asses kicked. only if he is smart enough

  27. @Super: My guess is that since the stongest man in the prison was beaten within an inch of his life, the level 6 prisioners wouldve ran the show how they wanted. They may have taken hostages, forced them to open the gates of justice and give them marine ships etc. Or perhaps there were fishmen among the prisoners who couldve pulled a jimbei and hijacked a ship easily. Since they were all level 6 prisoners, they shouldnt be underestimated. There mustve been plenty of DF users among them.

  28. Luffy is tied to the post/tree with a rope
    Luffy “Let me go! (I changed this because I think they made a typo) I won’t say anything!!
    Porchemi: Damn brat!
    Another pirate brandishes a giant mallet and gets pissed

    The sound of the giant hammer’s impact sounds out within a small hut on the mountain of garbage.
    Luffy is being flattened by the hammer
    Luffy: ….!!
    The pirates get up and scream
    Luffy: I ate the gom gomu fruit.
    Pirates: Gyaaaaaaaaaah
    Porchemi: ….

    Porchemi: ….? A devil fruit? This is the real thing. Bring the gloves.
    Pirates: ?!
    Porchemi: Listen you dram brat, what your friend Ace stole from us was our crew’s precious money.
    Luffy is strung up with rope
    Porchemi: You know where it/he is…so tell us!

    Luffy: !!!
    Porchemi beats Luffy with spiked gloves and Luffy bleeds

    Blood splatters
    Pirates: ……! It worked!!
    Porchemi: Don’t offend pirates…our captain Bluejam is a brute.
    Luffy’s blood drips like water while he cries and is shown dealing with great pain.

    Luffy: Gyaaaaaaaaah it hurts! I’m scared!! Save me!!
    Luffy’s voice sounds out throughout the mountain of garbage
    Porchemi: You guys, go look for Ace and Sabo.
    Pirates: Y-yes sir!

    The scene changes to a forest in the Gray Terminal/Colb Mountain?
    Sabo: Hurry hurry! If Porchemi and his gang make it here we’re through! Hurry and move the treasure to another place–there’s also the problem of how long it takes that Luffy guy to fess up!
    Ace and Sabo take out the treasure and money in haste
    Sabo: If they come here they won’t just take this time’s treasure, but our pirate savings for the past five years!

    At one part of Colb mountain there’s two goons looking for people and a mass of homeless people.
    Guy in a hat: You say you don’t know Ace and Sabo? You’re the dregs of this town…stop protecting those two.
    Guy with a child: Don’t look down on them because they’re small…they’re mad dogs that can devour a tiger.
    Guy carrying a small sword: Ace and Sabo…I don’t see them. More important than that…you guys give us something worth money. (Totally not sure about this)
    The two goons: !!?

    Ace: Didn’t notice it was night…alright! We’ve moved all the treasure!
    Ace is ontop of a rock under a tree
    Sabo runs in desperate to the rock Ace is at
    Sabo: Hah…..haa….Ace!!
    Ace: Sabo! How was it? Did they come to look for the money over there?!
    Sabo: Ha…haaa…nah they didn’t come to search! That Luffy guy….he still hasn’t talked!
    Sabo speaks while trying to catch his breath and Ace is shocked
    Ace: Huh?!

    A map explaining Gray Terminal is shown. A bay with pirates?
    The Bluejam pirate ship is shown
    Bluejam: They sure are late…hey…who was responsible for today?
    Pirate: That rascal Porchemi, Captain Bluejam!
    Bluejam: It’s already getting dark…How much money could he have taken? That bastard…there’s no way he took the money and ran, right?
    Pirate: No…no way….
    Bluejam has messed up teeth and a weird hairdo (I think)

    Scene changes to Luffy who is all messed up
    Porchemi: Cut the BS and spit it out! Ha….ha…
    Porchemi is out of breath and pounding Luffy and a pirate tries to stop him
    Pirate: Po-po-po-Porchemi! It’s useless!
    Luffy is beat up, crying and covered in blood
    Pirate: This guy…he’s even lost the energy to shout! He probably won’t say anything…this is so brutal I can’t watch.

    Porchemi: If you have time to protect this brat then go find Ace and Sabo! It’s our lives that are on the line!
    Porchemi knocks his underling away

    Some dude that lives in the garbage heap sees this
    Dude: To a kid like that!…Should we call the cops?
    Another dude: No point. The law doesn’t reach out to this garbage heap. That man is one of the Bluejam pirates…they give money to the nobles…their crimes and murders are allowed in this land. No matter how many corpses this garbage heap gets…garbage is garbage.

    Porchemi: Answer me!!
    Luffy: …I won’t talk…
    Porchemi: Damn brat, don’t protect secrets to become an adult! (I can’t localize this for the life of me lol)
    Porchemi continues to pound Luffy, Luffy cries
    Luffy: I won’t talk!!! I won’t talk!!
    Porchemi pulls out a sword
    Porchemi: Then enough! Die!
    Luffy: ?!

    Ace and Sabo: Stop!!!!
    The two break into the shack
    Porchemi: !!!!!
    Pirates: These guys! Porchemi! These are the guys that took the money! Son of a bitch!
    Porchemi glares that them (I think)
    Luffy: A–Ace!!
    Luffy cries loud

    Porchemi grabs Ace
    Porchemi: If you’ve come yourself then this won’t take long.
    Ace: ?!!
    Porchemi: Your friend has a tight mouth and it caused me trouble.
    Ace: Sabo!
    Porchemi: Huh?
    Sabo: Uwaaaaaaah!
    Sabo hits Porchemi with the pole he had
    Pirates: Porchemi!
    The Pirates panic
    Porchemi collapses

    In the opening Sabo steals a knife from the pirates
    Pirates: Ah! A knife!
    Sabo cuts Luffy loose and runs away with him
    Sabo: Run, Ace!
    Ace: Go on ahead!
    Ace waits as Porchemi gets up
    Sabo: ?! You idiot!
    Ace: Once we’ve faced each off I won’t run away!
    A shot of Ace getting ready

    Sabo: Stop it! Your opponent has a sword! He’s different from the punks in town!
    Porchemi: Hey…you’ve done something wicked (I don’t know this) Why don’t you just quietly hand over the money?
    Ace: We can use it better than you can.
    Porchemi: Quit talking crap!
    Porchemi gets pissed
    Sabo: You…wait!
    Sabo sets Luffy down and backs up Ace
    Porchemi cuts both the pole and Ace’s forehead with his sword
    Porchemi: If I lose to a brat, I’ll quit being a pirate!
    Ace bleeds from his forehead and an angry Sabo jumps in
    Porchemi is calm and Luffy is silent

    Changes to nighttime
    Bluejam: I heard the details…Porchemi is pathetic.
    Pirates: Really? You…!
    Porchemi is all beaten up
    Porchemi: I’m sorry captain…that money was…
    Bluejam: Don’t look at me. I don’t even want to see your face.
    Bluejam shots Porchemi dead.

    Scene changes
    Luffy: waaaaah wahh or whatever
    Luffy cries
    Sabo: You’re so evil Ace! To say “I won’t run” up against a real pirate…why do you have to have a death wish like that?!
    Sabo gets angry and Ace gets quiet again
    Sabo: Ha…having done this Bluejam’s crew won’t forgive us…they’ll come after us now.
    Luffy keeps crying
    Luffy: I was scared…I thought I was dead.
    Ace: Shut up! How long are you going to cry for? I hate weaklings and crybabies, they get on my nerves!
    Ace gets angry and slaps Luffy, he stops crying.
    Ace: Oh.
    Luffy: ….thank you.
    He bows his head to Luffy and Sabo
    Ace and Sabo: ….
    While thanking them he begins to cry again
    Luffy: Th…thank you for saving me!
    Ace: You ass!
    Sabo: Hey hey! He’s just thanking us.
    Sabo stops the angry Ace
    Ace: Anyway…why didn’t you tell them?! Those guys would kill a woman or child without a problem!
    Luffy: …if I talked, we couldn’t be friends anymore.
    Ace: Not being friends is better than dying! Why do you want to be friends with me so much? Just how do you look at me? You’ve gone and followed me all this way!!

    Luffy cries all teary/snotty
    Luffy: But I have nobody else to depend on!
    Ace: ?!
    Luffy: I can’t go back to Fusha village, and I hate mountain bandits! If I didn’t go after you…
    Ace: …….
    Luffy: Being on my own…being alone is so painful for me!!
    Ace: Your parents…?
    Luffy: I don’t have any other than gramps!
    Ace: So if I’m with you it’s not painful…if I’m not with you…you’re troubled.
    Luffy: Yeah.

    “What if Roger had a child?! Gahahaha it would suck for that guy!
    “He is birth and life wouldn’t be forgiven! A demon!”

    Back to present (as in the current flashback)
    Ace: You…want me to live?
    Luffy: ?!….Of course I do!
    Ace: I see…but I hate naïve little brats like you.
    Luffy: I’m not naïve/mushy!! I’m strong!!
    Ace: Strong? How are you strong? Even though you’re a man you cry!
    Luffy: Have you ever been punched with a spike?! I’m 7 years old! When I turn ten like you I’ll definitely be strong and not cry!
    Ace: Even if I was seven I wouldn’t cry! You idiot! Don’t group me with you!

    Luffy: I’m going to be stronger than everyone! I promised Shanks I would be a great pirate!
    Luffy and Ace are spreading fireworks
    Ace: A pirate? You?!
    Sabo: Hey…by the way…a problem has come up for me.
    Ace/Luffy: ?
    Sabo: Up until now I’ve lived in this garbage heap…but as of today our lives are being sought after by pirates, right?

    Scene changes to Dadan’s hideout
    Dadan: What the hell is the meaning of this?! Ace! Luffy! Who is this guy?!
    Sabo shakes hands with the shouting Dadan
    Sabo: Yo! You’re Dadan? I’m Sabo.
    Dadan: Sabo?! I know that name! I heard you’re quite the damn brat!
    Sabo: I see…I’ve also heard that you’re a damn ol hag!
    Dadan: Unnecessary information!

    “By being chased, Ace and his good friend Sabo now live together in the uncertain gray terminal”
    They head out toward the mountain from the hideout and are yelled at by Dadan.
    Dadan: you guys! I have to look after you so do some work!
    Ace: Luffy! Don’t follow us!
    Luffy: I’ll follow!

    Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Soon these three would do nothing all day and night but fight with the beasts of the mountain road and jungles, and town’s punks, the scoundrels of the garbage heap and the bay’s pirates. This bad reputation would soon come to the land and reach the streets.

    Dadan: Dogura! Magura! Where is “Goa”?
    The turban guy is probably Dogura
    Dogura: Well, in general, this Colb mountain, garbage heap, and Fusha village are all part of the dominion of the Goa Kingdom.
    Dadan: Right?
    Magura: (Not sure about this line, but I think it’s commenting on Dadan rarely reading a newspaper)
    Dadan: They say a visitor is coming to this land? It’s becoming kinda big news…but what an uproar…is this guy really such a big deal? A “Tenryuubito”.
    Ends showing the hideout.

    i think that the next episode the tenryuubito kills sabo and becuase luffy remembers when it comes back to the present then he will declare war on them and people will be all like:
    ‘are u mad’
    ‘if u hurt one of them again, then a admiral will be after u’
    luffy: thats exactly what im wanted i just hope it _______ (forgot name, the guy who killed ace

  29. oh yea its out by the way (the new chapter)

  30. YOSH!!! Thanks for the heads up Smurf!

    LOL! XD Luffy is hilarious in this chapter from his facial expressions to his rant about only being 7 years old. Then he says he’ll never cry again. Lol, he cries all the time at 17 just by seeing something “awesome”! XD Sabo is a pretty cool kid himself and Ace is as awesome as always. The Tenryuubito are involved!? That’s never good. What happens next!? What could the elites of the world government have to do with Luffy’s childhood? Questions! @_@

  31. he also crid when usopp came back and merry dying (that one desent count becuase it a death) but the usopp one he cried more then than being tortured

  32. so,…20 bucks says Sabo ends up attacking a tenryubito. 200 bucks says that seeing the tenryunito in this flashback will only make us hate them more…

    P.S. awesome chapter! the flashback is slowly building up, and i have a feeling it will get very serious now that the tenryubito have showed.


    ace and sabo are cool and rescue luffy.. YAY!!!! 😛

    porchemy got what was coming to him……but he was just being loyal……can’t help feeling sorry for him lol O_o

    luffy is too funny. “shankyou for shaving me”….lol 🙂 …..SO IS DADAN…”YOU MAGGOTS!!” lol epic 😀

    and hey, Oda inserted a indian (GOA) reference. SUGOI!!!

    finally, those tenryuubito bastards are here again??? grrrr…

  34. Let’s see…

    Minus for child beating: no matter where it is or how it’s portrayed, I’ll always hate it

    Plus for Ace pwnage: still hate him, though >_>

    I’m curious to see what happens to Sabo. It would suck if he ends up betraying Ace and Luffy, but he seems that kind of shady to me.

    I like Takashid’s suggestion. Maybe he’ll go down after taking a piss at one of those Tenryuubito. At least that would be more honorable. Paradox intended.

    Overall, I’d like to see where this goes and all, but I’ll still prefer to move along with the main story at hand. So unless Oda has plans to link this flashback to the main plot, I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long. Except maybe at the end of it is a relatively short time skip. And judging by the (badass) cover page, that probably isn’t too far from the truth.

  35. hey i kno this is random, and you’ll have to search deep in your memory to know what I’m talking about… but im re-readinig the manga, and rewatching the anime over the summer and i’m up to jaya. Can someone explain to me why Luffy and Zoro do not fight back against Bellamy? thx

  36. Hi everyone. Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. i think i missed out in 3 breakdown participations. But I checked them out and what can I say,

    super: Once again, you did amazing on the breakdowns. There’s one bit in the most recent breakdown that got me luaghing really hard and that’s the bit when you made Dadan say, (about Ace) ” I remember when he was delivered here! SATAN HIMSELF came out of the ground and said… ” “TAKE MY BABY” 😀 Even just reading it now cracks me up.

    Smurf: I’m taking my hat off to you cos your enthusiasm for One Piece kicks ass and makes me appreciate it even more and makes me question things and analyse things harder, just to have more to talk about. Nice one dude and keep it coming.

    I got quite a lot to say but at the moment, i’m busy working on a 3d model of a Chevrolet Camaro 2008 for my course.

    But yeah, it feels good to write on this forum again. I’ve had some serious withdrawal symptoms… Nah, just playing. But it’s good to be on again.

  37. And b4 i get back to my work…

    @ Omar101990: The reason why both Luffy and Zolo don’t fight, form what I remember, is that they promised Nami, that no matter what provocation they’re submitted to or whatever anyone says there on Jaya, that they wouldn’t fight. I have a feeling there’s something else so if anyone else knows…

    I hope that helped.
    Peace 😀

  38. @Omar: Lol, I remember wondering about that too when I first saw the scene until I remembered a similar situation back with Shanks.

    Some fights just aren’t worth fighting. 😉

    And in the end you are really the winner.

    Because like Shanks before him Luffy assessed the situation and knew it was one of those times where there was no need to fight back.

    Anybody can throw a punch and prove who’s the “strongest”. That doesn’t make you a man. The strength of your heart does. Something like that…>_>

  39. @xd0tks and omar

    welcome back xd0tks 😀 ……..BTW there’s the “promise to nami” thing, and there’s also luffy’s belief (like shanks) that some things and people are’nt worth fighting…..


    i dunno if any of you has read charles dickens, but doesn’t SABO look exactly like how jack dawkins, better known as “THE ARTFUL DODGER” in OLIVER TWIST is written? ……..same hat, same boots, same clothes, same attitute, lives in a slum, and i can imagine sabo speaking with a cockney accent 🙂 …….what do u guys think???

  40. @Xdt0ks: Hey welcome back dude! Good luck on that project and thanks for the comments.

    As for Luffy’s promise it’s true on the surface it looked like it was the promise that kept him from fighting but remember Luffy broke the promise to not fight the Tenryuubito.

    And WHAM! XD

    He knows he can break a promise in order to protect his friends and his friends were not in mortal danger with Bellamy. Hope that helps.

    @Katz: Never read the novel but I’m sure you got a good comparison going on there. 😉

  41. Man this manga is going to hell. WHERE’S BROWNBEARD-SAMA (XDD! That never gets old :’))

    I remember the Jaya Arc……I never hated a villain as much as I hated Bellamy. Luffy just survived a fight with Crocodile, who the hell does Bellamy think he is? I know he didnt know that, but he wasnt even worthy to look in Luffy’s general direction. Well I’m glad Blackbeard (he’s just a poser trying to be like Brownbeard-sama ;)) put that dumbass Sarquiss in his place. The only reason I DONT hate Doflamingo is because he took out that bastard Bellamy.

  42. lol kisu blackbeard is the poser when brownbeard came after him? how does that work?
    and lolz ballamy was such a dick, luffy beating his face in was priceless. but did bellamy die? we dont see what happened, just hear a slash. i have heard some people say that maybe doflamingo just had his legs cut off, as punishment.

    amar, i cant link the page for some reason, but blackbeard basicly sums up the reason, besides the promise to nami, when he talks to them, he says “let them laugh! anyone who wants to be a first rate man, will encounter a time when there is no reason to fight back!” thats the one manga translation anyway.

  43. hey super, any idea when the new breakdown will be out? just wondering.

  44. i had a sudden argue to see how long the SH crew have been apart in our time and it a total of 71 chapter or 1year 8 months (20 months) and i think its going to be a few months still until we see them in a chapter again

  45. @smurf: i havent even been following OP that long!!! wow i guess OP will be the longest running manga ever at this rate. We’ve still got atleast 4-5 chapters/weeks for this flashback, then theres luffy and law talking with boa, his arrivial to the island known,…thats another 6-10 chapters man…by the time Op is done my kids will be as old as chopper is lol…

  46. @shino: so far i think hajime no ippo is the longest contined running manga that is any decent then its OP (long if u go my lenght)

  47. Sorry about the breakdown guys. Couldn’t find time to do it. I’ll have to do a highlight with the next breakdown.

  48. spoiler

    Here’s the translation in a summary!

    The Tenyruubito come and want slaves,
    The blue jam pirates go to dadans house
    One guy debates about how the 3 would be good slaves, and captures them
    In the slave shop Dadan appears and protects them with her devil fruit ability (which can destroy trees?)
    she promised to protect the two sons, and her and Sabo are taken instead
    ace and luffy try to stop them and get attacked
    Sabo does some ‘i will protect my friends’ BS
    ace and luffy get knocked out,
    when they wake up Sabo is dead
    cue scene at sabos (or grave, with ace agreeing to be like a brother to Luffy, and living for sabo through himself

    back to the present,
    Jimbei tells luffy Ace lives within his heart aswell, so he must live for both of them

  49. @Smurf: I totally forgot about Ippo…and theres also that Detective Conan, which is like at the 750 mark if not higher by now…Anyways what i was getting at was OP might be around for a long time…Theres so much that needs to be told about that it seems as if its a never ending story…(which is a good thing for us). Plus, Oda does have a kid now, so i see no reason why not to drag it out till his son can read it and be like “my dad makes the super awesomess manga ever!!!” but that would be in japanese… -_-

  50. One Piece 585 is now out! at mangastream 😛

    sorry no post at this weeks breakdown =P
    but ill be active next breakie :p xD’
    ive read it tho and awesome breakdown tho its a bit late

  51. holy crap, what an awesome chapter! Luffy has/had a second brother! wow! when we started this flashback, i never even considered that sabo would be included in the brother promise! but no, he got caught… i get the feeling luffy and ace might try to save him, but i dont see how they can. on a side note, i found Luffys yell at the cliff part interesting because we didnt see it. i thought it would be standered “I will be King of the Pirates” but the fact that it was skipped made me think that it will be important later. im kind of hoping that this is the last we see of sabo in the flashback, because that would mean that luffy still has another brother out there. cant wait for the next chapter though.

  52. yep awesome chapter indeed!
    tho what the hell happened to the tenryubitoo wasnt the story supposed to turn that way now or did i just miss something because i was reading the chapter late at night?

  53. btw lmao at luffys gomu gomu pistol xD
    i thought it was kool to see that luffy also had alot of problems controlling his df =_)

  54. wow, WHAT a chapter…….ODA pwns all again 😀

    Sabo has just gained a hundred awesomeness points!!!

    tenryuubito, you bastards….. >_>

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