Naruto Manga 493 Breakdown. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us + OPENING PAGE IN COLOUR!!!

Greetings everyone and welcome to yet another weekly Naruto manga breakdown. This is Tenrai Senshi here filling in for a very preoccupied Captain Pickles, who is currently being detained against his will by an unidentified group of individuals who may extort him for large sums of money by using pictures of him, and a secret acquaintance, doing stuff that cannot be mentioned here.

*cough* Reflex *cough*

I also decided to add a little treat in the form of a colour image for the opening page of this weeks manga chapter that I made. The idea of Naruto’s inner Darkness was intriguing, so I couldn’t help myself. ^ ^

Sometimes when we look into the mirror that reflects our inner soul, we are surprised by the unfamiliar person looking back at us.

So, to get right to the chase, we are treated with a very interesting chapter this week that sees Naruto’s darker side appearing before him as he sits near the Falls of Truth.

From the offset, we can already tell more or less what is going to happen here, and true to those suspicions, we see a brief exchange between the two sides of the same coin, one that gives us a bit of insight into Naruto’s inner emotions.

Now, when you think of Naruto as a character, you hardly think of anything evil unless the Kyuubi itself comes to mind, and yet this dark presence in Naruto couldn’t have just come from nowhere. Somewhere, deep down inside, our hero is obviously holding onto a lot of anger and resentment that he himself may not even be completely aware of, but they are emotions that exists one way or another. The reason behind such feelings may not be very difficult to fathom either. After all, it has been staring us in the face throughout most of the series.

To be deprived of the warmth of a hug, or the gentle words of kindness offered by someone dear to you. To be denied a loving smile, or the comforting reassurance of a protective hand. To be lonely, is to bear the burden of a broken soul, shattered like a mirror whose scattered pieces reflect all pain and sadness held inside one's heart.

Up until his graduation, Naruto had unanimously been treated with scorn resentment and even fear by the older generation of Konoha, actions that eventually filtered down into his own generation and consequently led to his isolation. Those feelings of loneliness and solitude eventually led to bitterness and even anger, and only Iruka managed to offer some solace and company to him.

It was only once Naruto graduated, that he finally began to form bonds and even then they were hardly tangible. It took months to grow them and to strengthen them into something worthwhile with those who he now considers his closest friends and it took even longer to prove his worth to the older generation, who only started to truly warm up to him after he defeated Gaara and protected Konoha from harm.

The Kyuubi was to evil Naruto what Snowball was to Dr. Evil. After all, no self respecting villain can take over the world without a fluffy side-kick. O_o

Up until now, it has taken one trial after another for Naruto to prove himself in the eyes of those around him. He had always yearned for that acceptance, however, even when he finally received it, it almost seems as though he became afraid to lose what was so hard to earn. So he began to accept the burdens of those around himself, and he mostly kept his own feelings to himself.

He carried the brunt of those problems on his own shoulders and everyone became overly reliant on him in my opinion, even his closest friends. Sakura’s reliance on him to rescue Sasuke is one example of this.

Eventually, it all begins to compress inside, with no real way to escape. Now that Naruto has defeated Pain, and rescued Konoha, he is suddenly seen as a hero by those who never wanted anything to do with him before. And yet, even still, that resentment is still lingering deep inside. Even though he tries to hide it under the mask of a smile, I am pretty sure deep down, he is angry and upset. The dark side that has revealed itself to him now is simply a collection of those years of welling anger and bitterness.

And now it all comes down to a single confrontation as Naruto overcomes his greatest enemy. Himself…


Reading this chapter actually made me realize that we have never seen Naruto really express his deepest feelings. We all know about his beliefs and his nindo, but when it comes to those personal grudges, he just smiles and tries to hide it.

Of course, Naruto isn’t the only character whose inner emotions are hinted at. Bee himself is shown briefly in this chapter as well and, for the first time since he has been introduced, we get a fleeting glimpse of another side of him…

Bee deep in thought? I guess it could happen from time to time...

Right at the end, we are given a bit of a cliffhanger with regards to Bee’s words. Clearly he sees something in Naruto that brings some sort of negative response within himself, perhaps in the form of buried emotions due to the familiarity of his plight.

Was it Naruto’s eyes that reminded Bee of who he was long ago? Or perhaps simply the mere fact that they both carry the same curse. Or is there something else he sees in the younger Jinchuuriki that worries him in some way? Whatever the case, it seems we will have to wait a bit longer to find out for sure, but theories are always good, so hopefully the comments section will see some development in that regard. Let’s just hope this moment doesn’t become lost in translation like Hinata’s love confession. <_<

The question this scene does bring up, though, is that if the Hachibi was once wild like the Kyuubi, but is now far more amiable, does that mean we could possibly be seeing a ‘good’ Kyuubi in the near future?

It's amazing how times change... T__T

We also get a bit of a glimpse into Bee’s childhood as well and, as much of a hero as he is praised to be now, it has become painfully clear that his life was pretty much the same as has come to be expected with every Jinchuuriki we have seen so far.

Much in the same way Naruto and Gaara were feared and hated, Bee seems to have been subjected to the same cold eyes as well, only he seemed to deal with it in a different way. With Naruto, it was playing pranks to get attention, or acting loud and boisterous. With Gaara, it was finding a purpose through strength over others and their consequent death, while with Bee himself, it was rap.

However, even though their reactions may have been different, their treatment was ultimately the same. It’s a curse that bonds all Jinchuuriki together and allows them to understand one another’s pain.

The pain of being hated and of being alone. It creates a sense understanding between all Jinchuuriki and bonds them together.

I hope to see more of this theme explored more thoroughly if Bee and Naruto start to communicate more. Perhaps they may even relate their own experiences and Bee’s own trials may help Naruto come to terms with his own feelings as well.

Either way, it was an interesting chapter and although some may complain that it wasn’t exciting enough, I believe that these kinds of moments are needed to inject the heart and emotion that makes the story so great to begin with.

Did someone order an extra large portion of Calamari? O_o

Our next chapter will most likely be a trip into Bee’s past, so don’t expect too much other advancement plot wise aside from that.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. Unfortunately, my funny bone wasn’t working too well as I was writing this, so you may not laugh as much as you would with the good Captain Pickles, but I hope I did well.

Now for the winning shinobi from last week’s debate.

Sorry, Danzou, you have been quite soundly pwned... <_<

As for this week, I have decided to forgo a debate, mostly because I can’t think of any good match-ups right at this moment.

Instead, we will just have a bubble contest. So here are the goods for this week.

*insert possible caption here*

That’s it from me!

See you all next time. ^ ^


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  1. FIRST!!

  2. For God’s sake, Reflex!…Blog stalker -__-

    Thanks for the backup, Senshi! Me appreciates it a lot. πŸ™‚

  3. Trea<<< Third in swedish

  4. Yondaime

  5. Caption: Hollow Ichigo got nothin on me.

  6. Bubble: Dolly can SUCK IT!

    (For those of you who didn’t get it, it’s a reference to the cloned sheep, Dolly.)

  7. YOSH! Great breakdown Tenrai! I thought it was good chapter to set up the next installment dealing with Bee’s past. Something that was said in this chapter made me think about why Minato sealed the Kyubi in Naruto.

    Does this mean Minato put the Kyubi in Naruto not only because he believed Naruto could control its power but also to ensure it wouldn’t be given to a person that might betray the village? There’s nothing wrong with that, it may sound impersonal but it’s actually a smart move.

    How does Naruto beat himself? Pffft, Tenten did it anybody can do it. -_-

    I just noticed how little Kishi covered those battles against the doppelgangers in the manga. o_O Also speaking of how Jinchuriki’s are treated I found this.

    Jinchuurikis are used to protect the village but they’re disposable to I guess. I have a feeling the Raikage looked out for his little brother and gave him leeway to help him through his childhood. He obviously cares for him enough to lose his arm.

  8. Bubble: Let’s make our two-some into an ORGY!!!

    Caption: Match made in heaven – Evil Naruto and Harem Technique.

  9. Good job Ten ^^

    Bleach finally gets a win over Naruto. Evil Naruto needs to be more evil. Hollow Ichigo was the perfect foil to Ichigo, pointing out his weaknesses and his biggest insecurities, but what’d evil Naruto do? MAke one comment about Konoha. wow. Well the score now is Tite-1 Kishi-372 (dont worry Tite, you’ll catch up eventually……and im a pink elephant)

  10. Btw, I’m tired of Jichuriki interaction. Its a sob story. We get it already. I wanna see why the Hachibi doesnt like the Kyubi, I wanna see BIJU interaction. What would they do? Fight it out, or do they have a nice family pick-nick in a burning village somewhere drinking the blood of those poor human peasants.

  11. @kisuzachi: the score is Kishi-372, Tite-1, and Oda-583 πŸ˜›

    This chapter sucked so badly i wanted to strangle somebody.

    We wait two weeks for the overly cliched “dark” side of Naruto….we get an extremely lame fights between them. And to top it all off we end the chapter with a boring flashback on some minor character who we met just two chapters ago and noone cares about. It felt like filler. Hopefully we’ll see more Bee in the flashback and not so much of Mr. Island keeper.

    This is almost as bad as the nagato flashback era. *shudders*

  12. nice one tenrai…..considering that the chapter was crap, you almost made it sound interesting with the breakdown.good job πŸ˜€

    evil naruto FTW. although he sux in comparison to hollow ichigo’s awesomeness, he is still the most interesting character in naruto since Raikage and BEE were introduced :).

    however, it’s Naruto’s own fault this happened. He could have expessed his anger and not keep it bottled up for the sake of certain “friends” *cough* Sakura and Sasuke *cough*

    When Suckura asked him to “return” sasuke at any cost, he should just have said:

    “Sasuke ain’t a book that i can return. He went of his own FREE WILL. IF you want him so badly, why the hell don’t YOU try to get him back yourself?”

    but then again, that’s not like naruto >_> <_<. maybe i'm being too offensive lol.

  13. Bubble: SURPRISE!!
    Caption: You all knew someone was going to post it

  14. @pumpkinbread21, funny. I thought Oda was over 9000!!!!!!

  15. @katz747

    You need to look at it this way. Everyone only started respecting Naruto after he proved himself by saving them time and time again or by proving himself. It was his accomplishments that gained that respect from them, and not simply Naruto as a person.

    No-one tried to get to know him or become close to him for any other reason, other than Iruka, Jiraiya and maybe Kakashi, and yes, that even includes Sasuke and Sakura. Even his own teammates only started warming up to him after he proved his worth, but before then, they treated him as poorly as everyone else.

    So in Naruto’s eyes, he sees failure as a one way trip to being lonely again. He can’t express himself because he has to be strong for everyone else in order to keep those bonds. If he just told Sakura he wasn’t going to return Sasuke, he would have almost definitely lost both of his teammates in one go. two people he considered very close to him. That would be a heavy blow to say the least.

    If he drops the role of a hero for his village, he would lose their respect as well and things would likely return to the way they were before he graduated. I don’t blame him for holding those feelings inside or being upset or angry, because he probably feels his entire worth and existence is based on his accomplishments and not who he is deep down.

  16. Great breakdown Tenrai! The color page was awesome.

    Evil Naruto didn’t do much and I hope we see him again.

    Killer Bee might have decided to train Naruto and he’ll probably hear Motoi’s story and talk to him, creating more similarities between these Jinchuriki.

  17. @kisuzachi

    The only Jinchuuriki interaction we have had up until this point, was when Naruto met Gaara and that was a few hundred chapters ago. Even then, it was a bit brief, if you discount their battle. They never really spoke that much past that.

    Since then, we have not seen Naruto interact with a single other Jinchuuriki since that point in the manga, and this is the first time since his battle with Gaara that he has actually met another one. (I am not counting the fillers in Shippuuden). So it’s not like Kishi has pushed the theme that far, or even far at all for that matter.

    That’s why I like the idea of Naruto meeting Bee and even possibly being trained by him. It would be the first long term relation between two jinchuuriki we have seen, that doesn’t simply involved a huge battle and little else.


    Thank you very much. ^ ^

  18. Great breakdown Tenrai, speedy too.

    Wow, guys some of you, forgive me for saying this, are too shallow. The real difference between those crappy American comics and manga is exactly in the storyline. Having only fights in one manga can ruin it just as effectively as having none. Bleach, for example, became pretty lame for that reason-almost no story, only fights, fights and fights.

    As Tenrai already said in his breakdown, chapters such as this one are needed to make the characters feel more real and human, to makes us like them.

    I personally enjoyed the chapter and it made Killer Bee look more like a real person in my eyes.

    BTW, Raikage looks like a real Gangsta and is only missing a lowrider to make his character complete πŸ˜€

  19. @katz/Tenrai: well the reason naruto accepted that promise to go after Sasuke is because he knew he had no chance with Sakura, so he was more like “if this is what will make you happy” since she said it was a request of a lifetime and she made it clear she didn’t like him but did care about him and blah blah blah …

    I truly hope the evil-naruto goes and bashes on sakura..i think that would be almost as awesome as seeing a chapter One Piece come out early and be 25 pages…
    *Note:Naruto, and bleach cannot ever hope to bring that much joy even with a double chapter…

  20. @tenrai

    thanks for that tenrai. you’re quite right, naruto’s “ninja way” is that he does not go back on his words, no matter how much pain that causes him. so he must fulfill all his promises, no matter how stupid they may be……haha, i think i really need to unsubscribe from that anti-sakura FC. πŸ™‚


    i agree, the storyline is the reason why naruto scores over bleach.we need to “connect” to the characters and see them as “people”, not just fighters……but too much storyline can ruin the plot too. remember what happened to death note at the end? πŸ˜›

    that’s why OP pwns all, it has storyline and fighting in equal measure πŸ˜€

  21. @Katz747

    I don’t really follow many mangas ’cause my brain will overload from too much awesomeness so I can’t say anything about Death note but you are absolutely right πŸ˜€ That’s why I’ve always like the “golden middle” rule. Any extremity is equally bad as far as I am concerned.

    Still, Raikage demands his “Pimpmobile” or he’s gonna bitchslap some fool… πŸ˜€

  22. OP early release with 25 pages? I’d die! πŸ˜€

  23. All this talk about One Piece and Bleach on a Naruto page, lol, come on now. We have other places where those two topics can be discussed. OPtards and Bleach haters awwaaayyy!!! XD Where are all the Bleachtards anyway? >_>

    @Anyone: Does anybody think the Kyubi attack on Konoha 16 years ago will be similar to the event with the Hachibi 30 years ago except in Kumogakure? Except this time the Kage (Raikage) won’t have to sacrifice his life. Or maybe Bee just loses control and attack the village.

  24. @Super

    I am going for Bee loosing control. Motoi sounded like he didn’t want to kill Bee back then but never had another choice.

    I wonder though, how did they manage to capture the Hachibi and seal it without anyone important dieing. Konoha spies have really let themselves go. If they had done their job properly Minato might have been alive now…”sigh”…it is so similar to how people in my country do their jobs.

  25. He never beat himself, he just woke up from the fight.

  26. @Ten, yeah we only saw NAruto and Gaara but we kinda gett the idea that all Jinchuriki suffer. But I want to see BIJU interacting. THAT WOULD BE THE CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME!

  27. @Nagashikage: Indeed, I’m saying if Gai, Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten could do it then Naruto should be able too. He was asking himself how could he possibly beat himself. He should just ask Gai who’s also on the island with him. πŸ˜‰

    @To63to: It’s probably because the Kyubi is stronger than the Hachibi seeing as how it’s the strongest bjiuu besides the Juubi of course. Which would make it much harder to stop without sacrificing yourself with some kind of forbidden jutsu.

  28. @Superdude, i think it all comes down to different methods of sealing. The one Minato chose just happened to take his life……


  29. @kisuzachi: I want to see the biju’s ‘interacting’.

    Bow chicka wow wowwwwww.

  30. @gavin, aren’t they all males?? This echi echi request could be “troublesome”,…. or not haha.

  31. mea culpa for the toofer (or in some circles two-fer); atleast the ones we have heard talk in the anime like, the onetail, the threetail,i think the 7, the 8tail, and the kyubi, have been dudes. the rest are in the air but i could wagger they too.

  32. about the different sealings, minato’s sealing will give naruto the kyuubis chakra over time,i havent heard any other sealing like that in manga so that in itsself is a better sealing cause eventually it will kill the kyuubi. thats my opinion on it atleast

  33. I didn’t know the biju was all males, but the joke I made was messed up enough in the first place.

  34. @Sealing discussion.

    I think everyone is jumping to the conclusion that no-one died when Bee had his bijuu sealed into him, but there is no evidence suggesting that at all.

    From what we can tell, Bee probably became a host when he was born, just like Naruto, seeing as how we see images of his childhood as a jinchuuriki. The name Jinchuuriki itself means “power of a human sacrifice”, or something like that, and it has already been said that to seal a bijuu, a human life needs to be given up first. Of course, it is also a double meaning in that the host’s own life is sacrificed in a way to hold the Bijuu. Even with Gaara, his mother was sacrificed in that particular instance.

    Perhaps Bee’s mother or father was used as the sacrifice in his case, or perhaps someone else in the village, who knows. However, until it specifically mentions that the Hachibi was sealed without any sacrifice, I think it is safe to assume the cost was just as severe.

    The only difference with Minato is that he gave up his own life as a sacrifice and not anyone else’s. He wasn’t selfish like the Kazekage was and he put his own life on the line for the sake of his village. I also believe that Minato wouldn’t have ever sealed any bijuu into his own son for any other reason, or anyone else for that matter. He only did it because it was the only way to save the village but I doubt he would do it just to acquire power.

    Has anyone noticed that out of all the five major shinobi nations, Konoha was the only one that didn’t keep it’s own Bijuu through each generation? Hashirama gave them away out of a gesture of good faith and to keep balance, but Konoha never kept one for themselves.

    The only reason Naruto become a Jinchuuriki was because of the Kyuubi’s attack, but Konoha never actively pursued that power otherwise. Perhaps they never believed in those kinds of sacrifices for strength, because the “Will of Fire” is a belief system where they place their faith in the strength of their unity.

  35. @Ten, I had no idea that this sealing thing was a discussion lol.

    I observed something peculiar though. Whenever a Biju is sealed in a person, that individual gains some physical traits from the Biju. Nee has those bull horns on his cheek. However in this chapter, he only gets those horns after its shown his brother was the Raikage. So if my hypothesis is right, that means the Hachibi was sealed into Killerbee AFTER A became Raikage. – Pay close attention to young Bee’s cheeks – now look at the picture of him and the Raikage, you can clearly see the horns.

    This may be right, or it could be some whack job crack theory spawned from a mind that hasnt rested in 26 hours πŸ˜›

    @Gavin, lol. That joke was pretty messed up. Biju dont have pubes, silly Gavin πŸ˜‰

  36. Caption: All your base are belong to us!

    I have another thought about that sealing back then when Tobi attacked Konoha with the kyuubi, namely: Minato used the Shiki Fuuin which takes your soul in exchange for drawing another soul out of someone else. Well, how would that make sense if the Kyuubi was there in his own material form? Wouldn’t the use of that jutsu be more proper if Minato had to draw the Kyuubi chakra out of a living human, let’s say….. a jinchuuriki? If so, then who was the former jinchuuriki taking into account what Motoi said in this chapter: Jinchuurikis where always people close to the Kage. By the time Tobi+Kyuubi attacked, it was Minato and former Hiruzen Kage time, so maybe………. Konohamaru’s parents? What’s up with them anyway, why did no one speak of them?

  37. Bubblition:

    Caption:”Damn Koreans, they all look the same”

  38. @kisuzachi

    If two or more people are talking about the same topic, then it is a discussion, is it not? Anyway, what you are observing is Bee’s tattoo, nothing more. It isn’t the physical trait of a bijuu, so in no way does it depict Bee getting the bijuu at any later stage.

    You also forgot that they also already showed that younger Bee being regarded by the villagers with discontent (not the older Bee with the raikage or the tattoo, the younger Bee shown before) which means he already had the Bijuu sealed in him at that time as well.

    The Kumo shinobi that Sasuke interogated already said that he had a tattoo of a bull on his cheek, so that is also to be considered. As for the physical traits, it is true that Jinchuuriki gain some physical traights from their Bijuu, but in Bee’s case, I believe it actually has something to do with his eyes. We see him wearing sun glasses as a kid and as an adult and he has mentioned disliking sunlight.

    Perhaps his physical traight has something to do with his eyesight.

    Anyway, the Third Hokage specifically mentioned that the Kyuubi had to be sealed into a newborn who had just had its ummbillical cord cut. We also know that Gaara had his sealed into him when he was born as well and in both cases, a human life was sacraficed. So far, we haven’t seen anything else to the contrary, so until we do, that is the only existing conditions of sealing a bijuu we know of.

  39. BUBBLE:

    Now men ! Storm into Kubo’s office and don’t stop until we’ve stolen ALL his other ideas ! All his ideas are belong to us !!

    (Referring to the way Naruto fighting his evil self in his mind is similar to Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo’s interactions.

  40. Oh, whoever colored the splash page, it’s well done, but I think that was Yami-Naruto’s teeth you colored red …

  41. @Ten, well actually they are two fundamentally different cases. Gaara was still in his mother’s womb when he was given the Shukaku if memory sertves, while Naruto was aslready born. So that’s two different situations now. But I fold. I dont feel like trying to defend my other comment, I was half-asleep when i typed it lol πŸ˜€

  42. BUBBLE:

    “We are the Bear’s Shuffling Crew, shufflin’ on down, doin’ it for you… we’re so bad, we know we’re good, blowin’ yo mind like we knew we would”

    **Extra old-guy points to anyone who knows where this came from without googling it… and also extra sympathy points for anyone who actually had to listen to this non-stop in the Chicago area in ’86**

  43. BUBBLE:

    Gahdammit Sakura… you WILL give it up to at least ONE of ME!!!


    Sexual Frustrations of the Teenage Jinchuriiki: A study in Kagebunshin gang-rape culture

  44. @Aeris: I’ve been wondering that myself. Who were the former Jinchuriki in the ninja world and which country had which? We know the history of creating Jinchuriki goes back some time.

    Actually, wasn’t Rikudou Senin the very first Jinchuriki and he’s been around since…the very beginning. o_O

    @Tenrai: True, Konoha did give away their Bijuu but all the Great Nations sought the powers of Jinchuriki for military gain.

    Hashirama only started giving them out when he wanted to see peace.

    Lol, but it’s funny how Konoha had so many in the first place. Much more than any other nation and why not? They’re powerful assets and if you can get them then get them. πŸ˜‰

    I still find it more than a coincidence that Minato sealed the Biju in his son and it just so happens that it’s traditional for Kages who acquire a Biju to put it in someone close to them. It’s just the smartest thing to do. Minato trusted in his son and who else better to give it to? I’m not saying he was trying to put Naruto on a leash. It’s all about trust. Minato trusted in Naruto to gain control of the Kyubi and protect Konoha. And in doing so he just so happened to follow the traditional guidelines of putting the Biju in a relative close to him. >(0_0)>

    @Kisu: Though Minato’s seal was suicidal in nature I’m saying that it was probably the only thing that could stop the Kyubi, besides EMS and Mokuton Jutsu of course. If the Kyubi attacked Kumogakure I doubt they could stop it as easily as they would the Hachibi, lol, though I’m sure it’s a pretty tough task either way. Whatever way they went about in stopping the Hachibi’s rampage, if it did rampage, I wonder what kind of jutsu they used. Did someone use a sacrificial jutsu like Minato’s Shiki Fuujin? Were they allowed to use a less powerful jutsu and it worked because the Hachibi is less powerful than the Kyubi? Maybe they used a jutsu on par with Shiki Fuujin without the sacrifice. Maybe it stopped itself or Killer Bee got back in control. Ohhh, that’d be something. >_>

  45. “Minato trusted in Naruto” LMAO! this would be so funny if Naruto turned out like Gaara XD!

  46. @ supertrek89

    Actually, the senju clan had all those bijuu, or more specifically, Hashirama did. After Konoha was founded, he gave them away for the sake of peace. Notice how Konoha never once sought any out? Even during the third great ninja war…

    You also need to remember that even Jiraiya said that Minato was not the type of person to do things without good reason and he was talking specifically about the Kyuubi’s sealing at the time.

    Yes, he may have sealed it into his son because he had faith in him and trusted him, but that wasn’t the reason he sealed the Kyuubi in the first place. What I am trying to say is that he would not have sealed it in anyone at all, his son or otherwise, unless it was a last resort and he only did so because he foresaw great danger in the future, not for power.

    The lives of all jinchuuriki are very hard, that much is certain. We have not seen one scenario that shows otherwise. I don’t think Minato would have done what he did just for Konoha’s military strength alone, knowing what kind of life he would put his son through in the process. He just doesn’t strike me as that kind of person.

  47. @nagashikage

    That was me, but that definitely looked like Yami Naruto’s lips to me. I assumed they were enhanced to make him look more evil.

    I could be wrong, but just look at the black and white version and tell me what it looks like there.

    It would be funny if I was wrong though, but I can always fix it. lol!!!

  48. @Tenrai

    Yep, when I looked at it more closely, those really are Yami Naruto’s teeth. He looks like an old man without teeth!!

  49. @to63to & nagashikage

    Alrighty, I did another version with them white and replaced the first one. Let me know what you guys think.

    For some reason, it feels a bit awkward still, but that’s probably because the left half (good Naruto) has his mouth closed. lol.

  50. @Kisu: LOL! XD Then instead of Naruto punching Minato in the stomach, Minato would have probably bonked him over the head for ruining everything. XD

    @Tenrai: Ah, indeed Hashirama had the Biju and as the leader of Konoha him giving the Biju away is the same thing to me as Konoha giving the Biju away. In the end Konoha had lost the Biju its leader had under his control. πŸ˜‰

    Maybe Konoha never sought the power of the Biju but my post was referring more to the fact of them seeking the power of the human sacrifices, Jinchuriki, along with the other Great Nations.

    They may have not went Biju hunting but they sure were in the Jinchuriki game. Lol, but you do whatcha gotta do right?

    Now to say Minato didn’t seal the Biju in his son for power isn’t quite right. Part of the reason, I repeat “part” of the reason, he sealed the Biju in Naruto was exactly for that. Power. (“No one could ever face him without a very unique set of abilities.”)

    It was a very important reason too. Lol, you’re right in saying Minato doesn’t do something without reason and I’ve said before Minato did it for a good reason, “To protect Konoha”. He is doing that through his son Naruto. He gave him a special power, the Kyubi for Konoha’s future sake. I’m not referring to why Minato sealed it in the first place. I know he did it because he had no other choice as it is quite obvious. I’m just pointing out the many other likely reasons he gave the Kyubi to Naruto. Trust, power, safety of Konoha, and it’s the smartest thing to do (give it to your son). I’m also pointing out the similarity of how he did it and what other Kages do (putting the Biju in someone close to them).

  51. @Tenrai

    It looks better now. Evil Naruto has this menacing look to him. To be honest he even looks a bit psychotic which leads me to the idea that Naruto has received brain damage from being around Sakura for too long. πŸ˜€

  52. @supertrek89

    Then we are at an understanding. lol!

    It is just too bad that even though Bijuu are sealed into the family of the kage in order to create a sense of trust in them and to reflect the power of that Kage, that they are still treated so poorly. You would think they would have learned by now.

    It just shows you how shallow or blind people can be in the end. Minato’s last wish was for everyone in Konoha to treat Naruto as the hero of their village, whose sacrifice in becoming the container of the nine-tails saved them. And how does everyone honor Minato’s dying wish? By treating Naruto with scorn and loathing instead…

    If you ask me, they completely disrespected Minato’s sacrifice for the village by ignoring that wish. He saves them and they can’t even honor his death. I wonder what it must have been like for him, looking at his own village through Naruto’s memories and seeing how they treated his son despite his wishes.

  53. Bubble:

    *sings song*

    “Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

    we’ve Got The Right To Choose
    And there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose
    It this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
    we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
    don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
    you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong

    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
    no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
    oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!”

    Caption: Naruto finally decides enough is enough.

  54. unite my fellow people!!/group.php?gid=2204660409&v=wall

  55. Lol, thanks Bakakage. Xd

    @Everyone: I thought I’d never do it but I made a twitter account. X_X It’s for WRA updates and whatever the authors want to put up there. Just scroll up and click on the link “Weareawesomeness Updates” under ‘Recent Posts’ and you can follow us on twitter and receive updates whenever something new is posted on the blog. I think that’s how it works…>_> Anyway, have a good day. πŸ˜€

    *mumbles something about twitter taking over the world* ~_~


    by: Ohana – 2Ch
    Translation by: TaKl – NF

    perhaps there will be a story about
    bees past and raikage
    and maybe nauto convo with yami naruto?
    mr kissame is interesting as well
    Translation by: vered – NF

    she is giving the spoiler as a she wont get in trouble.
    what she said in the “prediction” is the real spoiler.
    meaning we’ll get bee past,naruto and yami naruto talk and kisame.

  57. @super: you made a twitter!!! NOOOEESSSS….I don’t even know what twitter is -_- Does WRA/IRA have a facebook page/myspace(does anyone use myspace anymore?) I’d gladly add it to one of my many pages is have become a fan of lol….

  58. @Shinobi: *robotic voice*

    Create an account and follow us on twitter Shinobimadness… Receive free, easy, and up-to-date notifications of what is happening on the blog. Anime, manga, and blog updates all yours with a simple click of the button. @_@

    Lol, but seriously though I just wanted to add a new feature to the blog and I thought this was a bit helpful. Also yes, WRA does have a FB page. I don’t know about IRA.

  59. oh noes…..even WRA ans super succumbed to the lure of facebook and twitter T_T…..looks like i WILL have to get accounts there >_>



    damn, you stole my thunder eugen, i wuz gonna post that spoiler lol πŸ™‚

    anyway, Ohana is clever lol XD …..and FINALLY kisame makes a move and accelerates this stupid arc…i hope so *_*

  60. Lol, and I thought I was the only person left on the planet that didn’t use a social network. I guess I prefer to see my friends in 3D .

    And btw, those aforementioned networks IZ EVILS I TELLZ YOU.

  61. I’m not the only person that doesn’t have an account on Facebook?!? I can’t believe it!!! @_@
    Lol, seriously. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, only MSN which I don’t use. I didn’t even make it on purpose, I just made an email account and I automatically got one. I found out I had it 4 months later. XD πŸ˜€

  62. Well…. I don’t have profile on facebook ether.
    That’s make as…three. πŸ˜€

  63. will naruto come out today or will “they” move it back to thursdays??

  64. @Maiden: No clue but hopefully it’ll be out later tonight! One Piece is already out and Mangastream usually releases Naruto then finally Bleach after that. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Edit: Whoops, looks like they released Bleach before Naruto this time. Just gotta wait. πŸ˜‰

  65. Is Shinra Tensei and the scroll the girl had enbedded in the last filler arc the same jutsu?
    BTW, right about now im feeling a little like Naruto often feels about Sasuke and Sakura felt here;


    Narutos:” THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAA!”
    Caption:” There were 300 brave soldiers waiting to dine in Hell!!!”

  67. Naruto is out on mangastream

  68. ARRRRRR, third Raikage looks like he be a pirate, mateys. πŸ˜€

    Anyways, the chapter was cool and we finally get to see who redecorated hachibi’s head. Also it seems that the other bijuus seek the anger deep oneself and use it against him/her as well so that means that in order to control them you have to be infinitely good or something like that.

  69. The chapter is out if anyone hasn’t mentioned it already.

    It looks like everything I said in the breakdown was basically reiterated in the chapter itself, so I wasn’t far off. (I think Kishi was spying on me. <_<). They even showed a comparison between Gaara, Naruto and Bee in a similar way.

    It felt a bit rushed at the end, but I guess that is better than spending 6 chapters on Bee's past. Still, they could have added an extra page or two, but it was otherwise good in my books.

    I just realized after posting this that Shinobimadness had already mentioned that the chapter is out. – TenraiSenshi

  70. Anyway, I think that this chapter was almost like a first test of sorts for Naruto. Before he could get rid of his hatred, he has to learn to forgive. In a way, Bee showed him that now, by showing compassion and forgiving Motoi.

    Without being able to forgive, Naruto can’t get rid of those feelings and only once he shows that compassion can he finally let them go. I guess in a way, it’s like Naruto finding a way to understand himself and how he feels, confronting those feelings, admitting they are there and then finally letting go of them.

    I am getting all sentimental now. O_o

  71. This chapter was boring. I understand why Kishi wanted us to know Bee’s background and all, but somehow, I read complete chapter and nothing specially happens.
    Quite boring chapter. And stupid too.
    “Hey Squid, don’t hurt him!”. πŸ™„

  72. BUBLE:
    And now…new model! Dark version 2010!

    Naruto & co.- Making Kage Bunshin since 1997.

  73. @Tenrai: This chapter made me sentimental at the end too, specifically when Bee implied that he had know all along that Motoi had tried to kill him and that he had forgave him. πŸ˜€

    When Naruto was young he didn’t act like a crazy killer like Gaara, but he didn’t smile all the time and forgive like Bee either. He didn’t hurt the villagers that hated him, but he didn’t forgive them deep down in his heart. If Naruto conquers his Darkness in the next chapter I will be seriously disappointed. Forgiveness isn’t something you can magically find in little time. Naruto can’t simply say “I forgive them all” and his Darkness will be defeated. He must feel it in his heart and he can’t just forgive them all after seeing Bee. As we saw in Chapter 493 Naruto denied having darkness inside himself. If he wants to control the Kyuubi he’ll have to admit that he isn’t pure like Bee and has to try to become like him, but it will take a bit. Bee probably took a lot to forgive the villagers and him and Motoi were best friends before he became a jinchuriki so it came natural to him. Just like Naruto with Sasuke, except Bee didn’t become a criminal and psychopath like him. πŸ˜›

    This chapter also proved that you don’t have to be a newborn baby to have a Bijuu sealed into you, since Bee was 5 or 6 when they sealed the Hachibi in him.

  74. I don’t know why every time this types of chapters come out people just don’t like them, in my opinion it was great seeing the raikage and black beard kage fighting the 8 tails and also the part were it shows bee’s friendship whit motoi as kids.

    One thing in this chapter that i’me curious about is the words naruto says on the 11th page “…Bastard…He’s just using me…”
    to who are those words addressed to exactly?
    Who is using naruto, is it the fox or the dark naruto, or someone else?
    Or was it bee, who ever it is that was the best part in the chapter for me because I think Naruto figured out something very important there in regards to conquering his own anger.

    Other then that nice chapter and better then the last.

    And to what Dragon said, about conquering his dark side i think that kishi will fly over this thing faster then the Thrust SSC on autoban ( for those who don’t know: thrust SSC= the fastest vehicle the owns the WR for speed on the ground over the speed of light, and autoban= the german highway that has a speed limit of over 240 KM/h that’s 160-180 mp/h I think).
    I think this would be the case here because that’s the same thing he did during Sage arts training and he became a pro in a little over 5-6 chapters, so I don’t see him streaching this thing longer then that too, at least that’s what I think, then again this is the most important training Naruto has to go through so far and people were waiting for this ever since the Naruto Manga came out so it would be a good idea for kishi to give us some details during this very important part in Naruto’s life.

  75. my bad about the speed record is faster then the speed of sound not light like dughhh, :P.

  76. I wish Killer Bee was the main character

  77. very nice chapter……..we get to see bee’s past and it is SURPRISINGLY interesting……..and i love how he and motoi slam fists again at the end………i think this chapter helped a lot in expanding bee’s character……i mean, before this one, we just thought of bee as this crazy-ass cool rapping mofo who gave a satisfying beatdown to sasuke πŸ˜€ …..but now we know that he had his dark times too……good plot securing, kishi πŸ™‚


    i think the β€œβ€¦Bastard…He’s just using me…” was the EVIL NARUTO speaking out from within naruto……..he was comparing MOTOI to all the konoha ninja and thought motoi was just using him to apologize to bee, when he should do it himself…..fortunately, naruto soon controls this stupid way of thinking πŸ™‚

  78. Well looks like I was right. Bee DIDNT get the Hachibi as a baby πŸ˜€

  79. Great chapter! I was LMAO@ Naruto’s reaction to Motoi’s predicament with the squid (octopus? ;)). That last jinchuuriki before Killer Bee looked badass, to bad he couldn’t control the beast.

    So now we know what Naruto has to do to conquer his evil side. He has to truly forgive the village and those who have wronged him in the past. You gotta be as mighty as Killer Bee!

  80. @Pumpkin I agree because they’re pratically the same: the best friend tries to kill them but the one friend still tries to kill him and the other fell regret. They’re both relatives of the Fourth the most badaas Kage in existence. They both had a hard past but they can forgive easily. You would never know the difference.

  81. Bubble: Emo clone jutsu
    Caption with our special eyeshadow we can’t be beat.

  82. Caption: with our specail Emoshadow We are Emovincible.

  83. Nice chapter, Bee’s constantly getting more awesome. For those who haven’t read it yet.. translations at onemanga suck, the MS ones are a lot nicer (imho).

  84. CAPTION:
    INTIATE ORDER 66…oh wait they’re my shadow clones….

  85. CAPTION:
    Naruto: INTIATE ORDER 66…oh wait they’re my shadow clones….

  86. @kisuzachi

    Indeed. I was actually reading back into the manga to look into it more and I realised that Hiruzen doesn’t actually specifically say that it had to be sealed after the umbillical cord was cut.

    I then realised that it was actually the anime that added that little part, which would explain my confusion on the matter. But the manga itself hasn’t specifically stipulated, as you said, that a Bijuu HAS to be sealed at birth, so I guess that sorts out that matter.

    In any case, a sacrafice was still probably needed, because the term Jinchuuriki means power of a human sacrafice. That’s how they got the name, and I think that if there was a way to seal without someone losing their life, that the secret would have been found out by now, or at least, that is what I think.

  87. does anyone realise that motoi hair shrunk! i wonder why? akira toriyama has spoken!

    not even bee can keep up with instant translocation! tobi watch out

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