Bleach 403 IS OUT + 402 Breakdown! Urahara Vs. Aizen. Place Your Bets And Don’t Look At Aizen’s Sword. @_@

Read Chapter 403 here!

-Bleach 402 Breakdown Below-

Isshin looking mighty badass in that suit smoking a cigarette. Does this mean I’ll be cool too if I smoke? O_O What, I need Shinigami powers too!? No fair. T_T YOSH! This is Supertrek subbing in for Dark who’s experiencing internet problems as he’s stuck in a vortex from a vain attempt to travel through time and space. While he finds his way back I’ll be bringing you your Bleach Chapter 402 Breakdown! It’s going to be short since not a lot happened besides some Urahara pwnage and so we begin.

Of course Urahara had to upstage Isshin's badass cover with a page of his own. ~_~

Urahara has arrived on the scene after shooting a blast thorough Aizen’s chest which quickly heals itself. Quick regeneration; power noted. After a century is that anyway to greet a guy?

Aizen's 2nd power; camouflage. Noted!

I got a feeling the talks between Aizen and Urahara were more than what meets the eye. Underneath the surface they’re already jousting using their words with quick under the table sly retorts denouncing the other person while seemingly maintaining an affable outward appearance. Anyone else get that feeling? Alright just follow me on this. Urahara comments on Aizen’s “unusual outfit” and Aizen tells him the middle of evolution is always ugly. Tsk tsk Aizen, Urahara wasn’t talking about that, why so quick to defend yourself? He was referring to you “fusing” with the Hougyoku you smug bastard.

Fuuusssiiiiooon-HAH! XD

Ah, but Aizen is prepared and says wrong Urahara. It’s not fusion, it’s subjugation of the Hougyoku. Something which you failed to control. Ouch! I think I saw a tear slide down Urahara’s cheek on that one. Urahara comes back with a weak retort saying, yeah so I failed back then but this is nooowww! Hmmm…let me get this straight. You created the thing but couldn’t master it then comes along Aizen who subdues it on his first try, no failure in sight? He didn’t create the thing you did but he has better control and understanding of it! Lol, round 1 battle of words over. Winner: Aizen. This begs the question though. Has Aizen really subdued the Hougyouku?

You seem to be bleeding inside your chest. >_>

Aizen calls Urahara a sore loser and says it’s too late for him to do anything with Hougyoku as he stabs him through the chest. Whoops, wrong dude. It’s actually a portable Giga Urahara created. Sometimes the most petty of tricks can fool the smartest foes.

If it doesn't kill surely it'll at least blind him! *_*

Urahara then goes into a litany of binding kidou spells on Aizen setting him up for the finisher which is a level 91 offensive kidou spell. Talk about pwnage!

Funniest scene in Bleach since...I can't even remember its been so long.

Ichigo’s face witnessing Urahara’s power is priceless. Lol, take a picture Ichigo, it’ll last longer. 😛

Aizen's pimp smacks were always a little heavy handed.

Round 2 battle of words begins now! Urahara makes the statement of Aizen letting his guard down and out of nowhere Aizen appears behind Urahara all smug like. He claims it’s exactly what he planned to do, let his guard down. For you see, at this new level of power he surpasses his old levels of power which btw already surpassed Captain level, so he has no need to dodge a 90’s-level kidou spell and can let his guard down all  he wants. Nanananananah! 😛 Ohohoho, but Urahara takes the cake on this one. Aizen letting his guard down shows why Urahara’s real attack got in to him. The kidou spells hitting him were just proof of Aizen’s foolishness.

Aizen this is the Fashion Police! You're under arrest and everyone here knows why.

At some point in all that kidou spell weaving Urahara activated a seal on Aizen blocking the two exit points for reitsu every shinigami posses on their wrist. In effect, he clogged up Aizen’s reitsu arteries. XD You see now, if Aizen hadn’t let his guard down and allowed Urahara to weave all those kidou spells Urahara would not have had the chance to activate this seal. Thus, the importance behind his original statement of Aizen letting his guard down. Round 2 battle of words over. Winner: Urahara.

BOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I'm inviting Urahara to operate the fireworks the next 4th of July! 😀

So they stand at a tie and we need a tie breaker. How about burning Aizen from the inside out with his own massive reitsu? That’d do it. Winner by tie breaker with a score of 2 to 1: Urahara. 😉 And that concludes the chapter. We all know Aizen isn’t dead though so don’t get your panties all up in a bunch when he pops out of the smoke next chapter with kickass in tow. Aizen is in God mode and if he wills it the Hougyoku can grant it. So what will Aizen pull out of his ass to escape from this?

Calm down Urahara fans. 😉 Though, why did he put Aizen in kidou handcuffs…>_>


~ by supertrek89 on May 8, 2010.

35 Responses to “Bleach 403 IS OUT + 402 Breakdown! Urahara Vs. Aizen. Place Your Bets And Don’t Look At Aizen’s Sword. @_@”


  2. Second!!!! 😛

  3. Nice job Superdude 😀

    When Aizen said he mastered the Hogyouku and Kisuke couldnt, Urahara said 100 years ago that was true, so that seems to imply he mastered it because after creating it he had a FULL CENTURY to master it. Aizen is just being mega-cocky, or rather, he’s being Aizen.

    On the poll….its kinda obvious Aizen really subjugated the Hogyouku. Remember his massive reiatsu ran out against Isshin, if the Hogyouku was gonna revolt, it would have done it then instead of replenishing Aizen’s power and making him stronger.

    I’d also like to add…….SUBSTITUTION JUTSU FTEW! IT totally got Aizen XD! In yo face Trek 😀 Zehahahahaha


  5. FIFTH HOKAGE!!! :D…….oh wait, that means….O_O *pukes*

    *answering crazed fanboi’s queries*

    no,i don’t have the “assets” SHE has >_> <_<
    look i'm just a guy, okay?


    *runs away*

  6. @Kisu: Yeah, but 1 century later now Urahara says he can control it, so not only did it take Aizen a century to get a hold of it but Urahara too. And Urahara created the thing so he has less of an excuse. It’s like creating a video game where you know all the moves and tricks, and somebody else comes along and whoops your ass in it. XD

    As for Aizen’s reitsu running out, it’s possible he did when he said he had reached his limits as a shinigami. That could have been due to him being in the process of evolving into a higher being though. Take a look at this.

    Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the Hougyoku be understanding the will of his soul and not the other way around? It looks like the Hougyoku is bending Aizen to its will in actuality.

    This isn’t Naruto! ><

  7. I swear Tite is taking a page out of J.J. Abram’s book and throwing more questions than answers at us. Let us have a classroom discussion on the Hygoku plz guys! 🙂

  8. lol yeah sockorlu is right, we dunno much about how the hogyoku works……..the next thing you know, hogyoku might be able to make sasuke a happy rabbit too…….that’d really be pwnage 😛

    nice job super……and isshin does look badass on the cover….he looks like the kind of guy that would own an authentic pulpfiction-style “bad mofo” wallet 😀

    i can’t understand what he is saying though….what hazy things? O_o…lol i guess kubo just thought that up while smoking weed,huh 🙂

  9. It looks like Aizen is trying to copy Tousen.

  10. @katz: I think your right in smoking something. Opium maybe. Stronger stuff i hear. 🙂

    @kantonkage: What do you mean copy Tousen?

  11. @Katz: Lol, I think Isshin is trying to say don’t be so indecisive. Do what you have to do. Either that or he’s also doing weed with Tite. @_#

    @Sockorlu: I think Katon is referring to this.

    Tousen overcome by his new found ability and power let his guard down and was quickly taken out by his Vice-Captain, though Tousen was much more powerful. ~_~ His ability to see blinded him. A lame ending but ironic nonetheless. Now Aizen is experiencing the same situation of pwnage after gaining new power. This time though, this is Aizen we’re talking about. You’ll need more than catching him off guard to beat him.

  12. Dammit! someone pull Dark out of his temporal vortex, and have him announce the winner of last week’s bubble contest.

  13. @kanton & super: I think he just meant that Aizen’s incomplete transformation looked like Tousen’s hollow mask getup … but what Super said was good too.

  14. Maybe Urahara created another Hogyouku and istead of discarding the old flawed version he stuck it in Rukia.

  15. bleach is out

  16. Everybody is jumping into the fray now! Yoruichi is a beast! XD Lol, but WTH is Aizen now? He looks so…boring. Just kinda plain. Powerful as hell but I liked his look before even if it was incomplete. At least we could see his signature smug smirk that defines Aizen oh so well.

  17. When will we see some shikai(Isshin and Yoruichi does she even have her Zanpakatou anymore) Bankai.
    @supertrek Kubo ran out of ink and ideas.

  18. I miss Aizen’s smirk. This chapter was great! Once again Ichigo is totally useless XD!!! Btw, ever play a Final Fantasy game? After beating the bad guy he transforms to a powerful new form, then when you beat that he transforms into a gruesome cool last form. Maybe that’s where Kubo’s going. I cant wait to see Aizen’s complete transformation

  19. If whoever does the breakdown does not put a comparison to Freza from DBZ, then I would conclude that the awesomeness has failed you. 😉

  20. just read it, and it’s cool to see yoruichi back in action.and i think she’s already in her shikai…

    urahara’s still unfazed, no matter what aizen pulls outta his ass……..way to go shopkeeper-san 😀 ……..and ichigo’s got his “jaw paralysis” again…..i mean, he’s like this lol

    finally, aizen looks like a guy with a towel over his head. ridiculous getup >_>


  21. The face, a sword, the perpetual wisecracks, a little Wacko Jacko…

    Aizen is Deadpool!

    Wooptydoo, I solved the mystery of the universe…

    Well, I was expecting more company to show eventually…still am, actually. What I’m really wondering is how the hell anyone is meant to take down Aizen. He’s friggin’…just that: friggin’ >_>

  22. lol aizen stole ulquiorra’s awesome coattails…

  23. I’m wondering if Ishida designed Aizen’s and some of the Espada’s outfits…>_>

    @Sockrolu: Are you saying Aizen looks like Frieza? o_O

    Or are you saying he just keeps evolving into stronger forms like Frieza did? Maybe they’re both power hungry? 😉

  24. Why does Aizen look like a giant talking white condom. :/

  25. The similarities of DBZ and Bleach are becoming more apparant to me in this battle than any other. I mean I dont blame Tite at all. Dragonball, DBZ, and (to a lesser extent) DBGT were are great stories. I was comparing Aisen and Frieza because that is what first came to mind. I still think Aisen is one of the best villians I have seen in a long time. It’s just that the transformation similarities I was pointing out were hard to miss. 🙂

  26. HEY GUYS! I know where Kubo got Aizen’s design from.

    He did say he was a fan of Lady Gaga >_>

  27. lolz if u watch bleach again and come to the part where ichigo meets Shinji for the first time theres so many hints to what shinjis shikai is xD
    When hes at the schoolboard he does all calculation reversed then says “im an expert when it comes to doing things reversed” and theres more clues. I know its useless info, but i thought it was funny xD

    Anyways awesome breakdown super im pretty late but better late then never xD
    hmm it seems tite is having a hard job to continue 2 fights at ones i allready thought that when the captains were fighting the espada and now Ichigo and gin just stopped there little fight again, its kinda weird.
    Nontheless kool chapter Isshin, Urahara and yoroichi team up 😛
    now the only one missing is Ishidas dad and i wouldnt be surprised if he shows up one of the next chaps.

  28. @fearvano, ur forgetting Tessai 😛

  29. Bleach is out

  30. hmmm. Gin,….u puzzle me @_@

  31. go gin, loved the talk between him and ichigo. “thats some real bullshit” omg so awesome. and of course, conviently the two vice captains who have the greatest connections to gin are the only two up. i can already see where this is going, its tousen all over again…

  32. @takashid: Do you expect anything less? TK is all about the irony of the story. As predictable as it is, it does make for a better story. I for one would be sorely disappointed with Ichigo killing Gin.

  33. what if gin was stronger than aizen?…gin look kinda surprised/upset that aizen absorbed the hygokugen when he wasn’t looking. maybe gin never got the chance to use it like tousen, which is why he’s letting aizen fight those guys to observe him. gin was a prodigy far more than toshiro was…

  34. @shinobimadness, no he isnt. Toshiro outdid Gin’s genius, just like Gin outdid Kaien’s 😛

  35. They are all prodigies in their own right. Gin is still a badass. I dont care if thats all his sword does! I’ll put him on shishkabob duty at my barbeque! 🙂 Unfortunately I see someone taking down Gin that has no right being in the same power level. But like I said from a story standpoint, its fitting, regardless of how far away we see it coming. 🙂

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