Fairy Tail 182 PLUS A HALF

Welcome one and all to another breakdown of Fairy Tail! After a very not exciting chapter last week, we are presented with a little side story or Chapter 182.5. But I will save that for later, for now lets talk about what happened in 182.

The battle between Natsu and the gang vs. Hughes and Sugarboy is about to be thrown down and there is no room for mercy this time. The first few opening pages excited me, things got right down to business; Hughes attacking with a giant boat, Gray defending, Natsu getting a good punch at Hughes. But then after that, it seemed the action was taken down a notch as Natsu was stuck on a rollercoaster and was being toyed with. >__< I don’t know, I just thought with all the big talk coming from Hughes at the beginning of the chapter that this fight was going to be full of action and pure epicness, but instead Hughes goes from Mr. I’m-serious-and-going-to-kill-you to Hey! Lets go for a ride T_____T *sigh*

Anyhow, lets talk about the division leaders powers. First we have Hughes who is able to control anything within the amusement park with a magic wand 8D but that makes me wonder if he is very useful in any other type of battle outside of the kingdom, unless it’s a traveling amusement park >_> Then again he might be able to adjust his weapon to control other things. What do you think?

Next we have Sugarboy who’s able to soften up anything his blade touches. Gray does seem like he is at quite the disadvantage, which is why I think Gray vs. Sugarboy will probably be the most interesting fight out of the two (not counting Erza vs. Erza of course >_>)

I'm sure most of us have an embarrassing rollercoaster picture... *burns pictures*

Moving on.

Natsu and Lucy’s crash into the water and ride stops. Mr. Hughes goes on again about how sad it would be if Edolas’ magic were to disappear, and finally Natsu is about to get serious- about time too! Not like there’s your guild to save or anything O__o

Lucy calls out Aquarius because they are in water and Aquarius can control the water, don’t you know? Then again… maybe she can’t control all water, because the water is within the theme park-which Hughes controls (tricky stuff isn’t it?)

BTW did anyone else notice that Aquarius was actually going to OBEY Lucy this time? I’m pretty sure that’s a first.

Also, it seems that cod ETD is in its final stages before it fires its laserzzzz @.@

It doesn't hurt to ask... right?


Will Gazille be able to defeat P. Lily before time runs out?

Will Mistogan appear anytime soon?

Will Erza beat Erza? O___O

Will Edo-Fairy Tail join the battle?

Will Wendy and Charlie make it to the Queen Cat in charge before they get blown up?

SOOOO many questions left to be answered! And hopefully one of them will be answered next time on FAIRY TAIL!!!!

But before we go, lets quickly look at the cute little half chapter! ^_^  (Which is all in COLOR!)

Everyone is partying for the Hanami… well except for Lucy, who unfortunately has a cold and can’t go TT____TT

Poor Lucy... 😦

But as she is woken up from some loud voices outside and looks out her window she sees a beautiful Rainbow Cherry Blossom Tree! The culprits? None other then Natsu and Happy of course. Nothing’s going to stop them from cheering up a friend (awwwww)

And that’s it for this week! Keep an eye out for Ch. 183, hopefully it will be better than 182  -_______-

Sorry for such the short breakdown… >.<



~ by bbgurly14 on May 6, 2010.

25 Responses to “Fairy Tail 182 PLUS A HALF”

  1. 1st apparently >_> <__> time to go to sleep ^^ O_O day sleeping FTEW

  2. FIIIIIRST!!!!!

  3. Second…now let me read it !!!

  4. third

  5. Fourth!!!

  6. Fifth!

    Well chapter 182 was….slow but ok. It can’t be always total action.;)

    Special was all in color! That was nice. Not the best special, but I enjoyed it.
    Love the part with everybody at grass, celebrating hanami.

    And the panel with “best picture at rollercoaster” was very funny. 😀 I love Fairy Tail simple because of that little jokes and humor in manga. Good Breakdown BBG!

  7. I lol’d at Sugarboy weapon “limp and soft”. I wonder how Natsu got the tree in the boat.

  8. I predict Juvia will come to protect her Gray-sama.

  9. I’m really not feelin’ any of this arc.

  10. Great breakdown BB! *saves backup pictures of numerous roller coaster ride photos* >_>

    I guess doing a special all in color takes up to much time to release a regular chapter so we’ll be waiting for chapter 183. I’m really excited to see who this “God” is that rules over this world. Best battle going on right now besides Edo-Erze vs. Erza is Gazille vs. P.lilly and he’ll obviously become Gazille’s cat. The most badass cat there is too. Gazille hit the jackpot. 😉

  11. Gazil’s cat! Woow…. good thinking!
    That might happen.

  12. Chapter 183 is out http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/80285293/1

  13. Sexiness fails again they must be gay.

  14. Another version of Fairy Tail is out.


    Their entire plan years in the making done under such strict secret conditions ruined by a little girl who doesn’t want her cat to die… Sucks to be them. -_- Why didn’t he just keep shocking her?

    Anyway, alright chapter. Lol, Natsu and his “sexy plan”. That dragon emanating from his body was pretty cool looking, now he’s about to kick some serious ass. I really want to see Gazille vs. P. Lilly though.

  15. Hahaha! Poor Lucy. Her sexiness always fail. 😀

    I love Lucy’s fights. Always so funny. Hope to see Loki soon.
    And P.Lilly vs Gazille. From now on it’s goona be just fights. All main characters are in the fight with someone.

    And I want to see finish of Erza vz Erza fight.

  16. dr. hililuk and chopper’s sakura really does cure everything !!!

  17. Fairy tail is out http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/21077968/1

  18. Still no Erza in new chapter…. and Lucy again fail with her stellar spirit magic.
    Well…at least she whip it…whip it good! (ta na la la la :singing song: :D)

  19. The amount of fan service in this chapter is…amazing. @_@

  20. What about new breakdown? 😀

  21. New chapter out http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/90806966/1 hopefully the next chapter will have Erza

  22. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/83663107/1 Fairy tail is out early. Erza won but there was no fight. Gajeel confirms what we all knew was going to happen.

  23. HA! I see what happened here. The earth Erza just took Edo Erza’s clothes and fixed her hair up a bit to impersonate the enemy. Then she told Gray and Natsu the plan and now they’re faking their unconsciousness to sneak into the king’s room without any opposition. Besides the obviousness of it all look at the different scars the two Erzas got from their first encounter and notice how the author emphasizes them.


    Now look at the only scar on “edo Erza’s” face.


    Yeah, it’s really Earth Erza. Good chapter though, really enjoyed it. ^_^

  24. The biggest clue was how the fuck are you not goin to show that awesome fight.

  25. Nice…I do too think that’s earth Erza. I didn’t notice the scars but I knew it all along. Natsu and Gray will not fall that easily, and it was two vs one. That was Erza’s plan and a good one. This episode was great! Awesome! Spectacular! 😀
    I give it a mark 10 out of 10!

    Nice thinking supertrek89! P. Lilly will be A Gazille’s cat!
    I like that idea.

    So….when will be a new breakdown? So much have happened.

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