Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire. Read the review here!!! ^ ^

YES!!! THE NEW NARUTO MOVIE IS OUT!!! *Grabs popcorn and eats Marksman* @__@

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here again. As many of you may know by know, the third Naruto Shippuuden movie, and the sixth overall movie in the series, has just recently been released in English subs for everyone who has been eagerly waiting for it.

For those who may not have been as interested, all I can say is that you should be, because this one will rock your socks!

Either way, whether you have watched it yet or not, here is the review for the movie for those of you who need a little push to take the plunge. For those who have already seen it, I am sure most of you will agree that this is easily one of the best (if not the best) Naruto movies so far.

So, let’s get straight to it! ^ ^

Sakura's answer to those who don't watch her new movie. Don't be a victim, go see it now!!! ;__;

Of course, no good movie would be complete with out a good story, and this particular story takes part after the death of Asuma and mostly revolves around a turn of events that threaten to initiate the third ninja war, as shinobi possessing rare kekkei genkai start to go missing from each of the five major hidden villages. When the first scene starts up, we find team Kakashi trying to investigate a suspicious location in an attempt to uncover the mystery.

Unfortunately, a battle ensues that sees both Naruto and Sai sustaining heavy injuries and eventually leads to them being bedridden soon afterwards. Back at Konoha, while in hospital, Kakashi decides to give both of the boys a gift to keep them occupied and to see to their recovery, with Sai acquiring a book based on the feelings of a woman’s heart, while Naruto received the very symbolic bells that were used in his very first test as a graduated ninja.

Throughout the movie, the lessons that team 7 had learned during that test are referenced regularly, in fact, the entire underlying theme of the story revolves around those teachings.

What do you mean I need to stick these in my... omg... T__T

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst soon afterwards, when a man named Hiruko reveals himself to the world as the one responsible behind the disappearing shinobi and claims to seek out the power of the five great bloodlines in order to become the perfect life form and start a war between the nations.

To top it off, he also claims to have come from Konoha, which puts the village under the spotlight as the instigators for this war and paints a relatively big target on their back.

From there, that is where the story really starts to take root, as Konoha takes measures to ensure its own safety in light of the predicament they now find themselves in, one of those measures involving sacrificing Kakashi, the bearer of the fifth and final bloodline, in an attempt to destroy the real enemy. Not wanting to see their teacher sacrificed needlessly, Naruto and Sakura set out to rescue him while putting everything on the line, even going as far as standing against their own comrades and the rest of the world who would rather allow him to die to ensure peace.

No story would be complete without a villain, and Hikaru makes for the most interesting so far.

That’s all I will spoil for now as far as the story goes. I think it would be better for everyone to see the movie for themselves rather than simply read what happens in a breakdown.

Instead, well take a look at the quality of the movie itself and I am very pleased to say that the production values are really quite superb and well above par in comparison to anything else we have seen up until now.

The animation is definitely top notch, with movements that feel fluid and natural, while flashy jutsu and massive explosions make the battle scenes of this particular movie the envy of many an anime. Some of the more abstract and obscured effects also add to the feel of many of the more vivid scenes, while the frame-rate remains consistently smooth throughout, even during the most chaotic battles.

Teenage acne breakouts. That's what happens when you don't exfoliate properly. T__T

The sound quality is just as grand, with the musical orchestra predictably excellent given the high standards already set by the series. The sounds match each scene perfectly, with the tempo shifting from a dramatic chorus during the movie’s more emotional or touching moments, before trading that for a more brisk-paced melody that picks up when the action does.

Most importantly, however, is that the story is just as enriched as the production values, which is most certainly a pleasant change from the overbearing and recycled themes we have already seen being used over and over again in every Naruto movie so far. The underlying lesson is one of companionship, trust, faith and the values of the heart and although these are themes we have seen before here and there, the way they are presented feels fresh and unique.

Some scenes even take us back in time, showing us the sannin in their younger years, a younger team 7 and, of course, Kakashi and Obito as well.

The story also manages to inject a lingering sense of urgency and desperation and even makes us question our own moral values regarding what actions are justifiable in the face of overwhelming odds. Is sacrificing even just one person an acceptable measure of acquiring peace? Does peace ensure happiness, if that peace is stained with the blood of those who died for it to be realized?

Shikamaru never bothered to yell surprise.... T__T

Of course, even the best story, best music and best animation is only half of what any person or fan is looking for in a Naruto movie.

The other half, of course, is made up by the great battles we all hope to enjoy and, let’s just say, they didn’t disappoint us this time. This movie probably has the best battles witnessed in any Naruto movie or episode so far and they manage to not only be thrilling, but very entertaining as well.

Each engagement is flashy, fast paced and riddled with explosions, while featuring magnificent jutsu and stunning choreography. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I guess the same can be said for any movie scene as well, so what does everyone else think?

Team scream has arrived on the scene. .__.

The best part is that we even get to see all the different teams fighting as well, including Team Kakashi, team Gai, Team 8 and Team 11, which will prove to be a pleasant treat for anyone who wants to see more of the other rookies in a real fight.

However, even despite the excitement, everything seems to be perfectly balanced with regards to the pace, with a nice mix between those quieter, more meaningful moments and the more robust scenes that see half the landscape deforming from the sheer scale of destruction witnessed.

There are even some moments of comedy squeezed in between everything else as well, although such scenes are more concentrated at the beginning of the movie and are far less prevalent later on, given the serious undertone throughout, although they are not particularly needed in this case.

Gaara fans will be happy to see him in an extended battle of his own. And let's admit it, he sure knows how to get around or make an entrance.

All in all, there is little to fault in this movie, unless you really want to nitpick at every small discrepancy you may find. Admittedly, there are a few, but they are not significant enough to really care for. In fact, one could say that this movie fits so well with the feel of the series, that it could have very well been considered cannon and it would have not felt misplaced.

One particularly emotional scene, involving a confrontation between Naruto and Shikamaru, definitely helps the story hit home and for me, it was a moment where the movie really felt that little bit grander and more special than I thought it would be.

The will of fire is a gift inherited by each new generation. A gift of hope, a gift of strength and a gift of companionship, an unbreakable bond shared between each and every person.

To top off such a great ride, we are treated to a grand finale that truly does the movie proud. The confrontation with Hiruko and the rescue of Kakashi is every bit as exciting as it is moving and far better than the almost stagnant, ‘I hit you, you hit me’, battles that seemed all too prevalent before.

Hiruko himself is a force to be reckoned with as well, as he makes good use of the four blood limits he had absorbed as well as the numerous other chakra affinities he can steal from his opponents. As a villain, he is also more enigmatic and interesting as well and his purpose, although somewhat simplistic in nature, holds profound roots that most of us could probably understand in some way.

Seeing Naruto and Kakashi on a tag-team of sorts was just as enthralling as the battle itself and very entertaining, while Kakashi fans will also be pleased to see him in action.

No, this isn't a promotion for the next Dragon Ball Z movie. X__X

Unfortunately, as is with life, all good things must come to an end, and what an end it was. In fact, I would say that the ending for “Inheritors of the Will of Fire” was more than satisfying enough and far deeper than we have come to expect. For one thing, the credits didn’t simply start rolling as soon as the last blow was dealt, and more time was taken to give us a proper, more meaningful finale.

And, embedded in that moment, is an important lesson for both Kakashi and even Hiruko himself…

By choosing to forsake our comrades, we give up a strength that is greater than any we could ever hope to acquire alone. By embracing that companionship, we gain something even far more important than that...

All in all, this movie felt like more than just a fan service. The story was well thought out, the production values great and the overall experience left me with a very positive feeling. To be more accurate, I was almost jumping out of my seat. But I am just weird that way. <_<

Well, that’s it for the review! I hope you enjoyed the movie and for those of you who have yet to watch it, I would definitely suggest you give it a try! If you still need convincing, here is an AMV that might change your mind. ^ ^

(The AMV may spoil some scenes in the movie. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled).

Final Breakdown:

Story: 8.5/10
Sound: 9.5/10
Animation: 9/10
Battles: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Well, that’s my opinion anyway, but what do you think? O_o

NOOOEEESSS!!!! (Tiny no?) Why did it have to end? T__T

Thanks for reading everyone!!!! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 30, 2010.

17 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire. Read the review here!!! ^ ^”

  1. F I R S T

  2. SECOND!

  3. THIRD!

  4. At least we know everyone can count.

  5. everyone except you tenrai! XD

  6. 6TH? O_O Tenrai counts right? Lol. Great breakdown/review Tenrai!

    Can’t say anyone can look at this movie as canon though. Some of the things the writers and animators did in this movie are not how they are presented in the manga. That’s what makes the animation of a manga so unique and great though. The anime can add filler material like new Kekkei Genkeis, characters, development, stories, powers, and abilities. It’s like the manga on crack but I definitely wouldn’t look at any of this as canon. It’s just for observation and entertainment purposes.

    Example: If in any future Tenten vs. Anyone debates somebody references this movie to show how strong Tenten is, lol, I’ll just point and laugh (as politely as possible). >_>

    Actually, I won’t say no one can look at this movie as canon. That’s just my personal opinion. 😉

    I thought the movie was definitely the best one so far! Familiar story line of sacrifice and friendship. Another missing nin from Konoha gone awry (how many missing nins does Konoha have that they failed to take care of? We gotta take a look at that Bingo Book o_O). Action was great, it would have been better if certain characters had individual battles but I know the problems associated with that…~_~ Sound and animation all wonderful. To bad saying this movie was the best of the Naruto movies isn’t really high praise, so I’ll remove any doubts of my stance on this movie and give it a 9/10. ^_^

    P.S. Self sacrifice of someones own free will to benefit others is A-okay. Especially if there’s no other way.

  7. [Insert Japanese for for seventh here]!!!!!!! Now off to read it.

  8. “Example: If in any future Tenten vs. Anyone debates somebody references this movie to show how strong Tenten is, lol, I’ll just point and laugh” – LMAO!!! Hahahahaha! *wipes tears from laughing so hard* Good one Superdude. Bashing Tenten is almost as fun as bashing Sakura………nah, its more fun cuz Tenten actually helps us to bash her!

    Nice Breakdown Tenrai, but I completely disagree with a lot of it. This movie wasnt the best one, the best was the very first (in my opinion of course 8P) because it stayed within the realm of what the characters are capable of (except Naruto’s Rainbow Rasengan lol). Plus this follows the general formula of filler far too much:

    1. 4 random (marginally strong but ultimately just throwaway) bad guys that use weird jutsus.
    2. A leader villain with generic motives
    3. Plot elements that were introduced and will never be mentioned ever again (Chimera Technique, this sounds like something Orochimaru would have known about).

    I’ll give ’em credit though, at least this one doesnt have some kid with a bad childhood…….or does Hiruko count…? The effects were cool though, but the random explosions irked me a bit since a lot of these techniques dont cause a Power Ranger-esque explosion. Everything accounted for (pros and cons), I give this movie a 7.

  9. Ton-Ton was finally there again, and it had a backpack 😀 😀 ! Sooooooooooo cut!!!
    The scene in the hospital were Sakura yelled at Naruto and Sai was hilarious as well, Naruto sitting in front oof his bed and rubbing over the sheets……… *rofl*!

  10. @kisuzachi

    I think you just described every Naruto movie, icluding the first, btw.

    The reason I liked this one more, is because it actually went away from the recycled formula a bit, which was a plus in my books. Instead of Naruto looking after some other character that the plot largely revolves around and swaying their hearts with his nindo, this one actually focused dominantly on characters in the series.

    The best part, it actually referenced the series a lot more than any other movie so far, by showing the Kakashi gaiden scenes, the genin training, Asuma’s death and more.

    If you ask me, this movie was closer to cannon than all the others, and less filler like than any other Naruto movie. I am not sure how you see it the opposite way. O_o

    Anyway, you are entitled do dissagree either way, but to each his own.

  11. @tenrai senshi I agree with you on that. It not about some emo filler who is from some country you’ll never see or hear from again. It’s too bad there wasn’t a Raikiri Rasengan combo though.

  12. @Ten, the first was the best becuz it was THE FIRST lol. It could use the formula of filler without consequence because it had no predecessors. The other movies however…….yeah not so much


    *takes off face mask*

    *shocked expressions everywhere*

    *some woman faints*

    *old man has a heart attack*






    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY…..hey it's me, katz747 and i'm back on wra, people….my internet connection is back at last 🙂 …. i'm comenting after, like, 20 days and it seems i've missed a lot here T_T….but it's okay.


    PS: yeah, i know, i'm an a**hole……but you have to admit, it was highly satisfying coming up with this gimmick 😀 …..anyway, hello to evrybody out there again…..and now i'm off to spam WRA with comments…..muahahahahahahahahaha *_*

  14. Hmmm….? Welcome back Katz. >(0_-))>

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice Naruto and his clones made one-handed rasengans? Maybe I missed something. When did Naruto learn how to make rasengans without clones? o_O

  15. Reading some of the comments changed my opinion, but I am still slightly nitpicky; although not as much. 🙂 It’s good to hear from everyone. :O Well, not everyone, but you get what I mean. XD It’s nice to hear from people in general. 🙂

    And I kind of like how Naruto kept smoothing out the sheets as well. XD Sort of like a put off child I guess. <,:D RAIKISENGAN! >:O RAIKIRASENKIGAN! >:D

    I don’know. :O Would have been better, even though it was explained off, than the rasenshuriken that was used and/or an ECLIPSE RASENGAN. That or if Kakashi helped Naruto to mold the rasenshuriken – that would’ve been cool too, and might’ve made it even more believable.

    It was a really good movie – I up mine from a seven to an eight or nine. :O

  16. *escapes from Tenrai’s stomach somehow* O_o

    Great breakdown Tenrai. I must say, i enjoyed the breakdown as much as i did the epic movie. They have much in commom. I enjoyed the dbz references lol and it was very well written. ^^

    I must say, i am glad to actually see the side characters with an actually role in the movie for once in a long time.

  17. This review is really enjoyable to read. You’re right, this is the best Naruto movie so far! The plot and the especially battles are great. I’m about to watch The Lost Tower and I’m really excited!

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