Naruto Shippuuden 157 Breakdown. When emos attack. O__O

Hey everyone.

I am afraid I must apologize for a very late anime breakdown. I was away at Sun City (a holiday destination here in South Africa) and I didn’t have a computer to work on to do my breakdown, or an internet connection to speak of. I was even considering just waiting until the next episode came out and then simply doing a double breakdown, but then I thought it would just be best to do now.

Well, I guess late is better than never, and for better or for worse, here it is. ^ ^

Playing a card trick on a Hyuuga is like running into a brick wall, both being stupid actions, of course. (Unless that brick wall really had it coming). O_o

For the most part, this episode was quite a mix of many different scenarios merging into a single showing, with scenes showing Naruto’s training, the investigation into Pein and, of course, the man of dread himself initiating his attack on Konoha, which is probably the most notable of all these events.

There were moments where I felt the animation was a bit awkward, with regards to some of the proportions of some of the characters’ features as well as inconsistencies in the flow, but they were very few and overall, the episode did instill a sense of excitement.

Unfortunately, the 'Hug no Jutsu' that Konoha developed to defeat adversaries afflicted with emoness, was a devastating failure. T__T

One thing I found particularly odd, right near the beginning of the episode, was when Pein first arrived on the scene. Now, I may not be the brightest person under the sun, but I am pretty sure that running up to the enemy and hugging him and then telling your teammate to run is not the smartest strategy one could possibly come up with when facing down an s-class shinobi.

I mean, doesn’t it take just as much effort to just stab someone? If they were already within touching distance, I would have thought that would be logical direction one would take, but it seams that is not the case.

Other than these few discrepancies that seemed to crawl ever so slightly under my skin, I will say that I enjoyed this episode, although the epic feel that the music created may have contributed more to that than anything else.

I am pretty sure they had a scene just like this in The Matrix. Inoichi is even wearing a black cloak that just screams 'Neo wannabe'. O_o

Barring some of the animation oddities and illogical absurdities, there is not much one can really find wrong with this episode. The pace was consistent, the content was generous and it had Pein in it.

It also had explosions. You can’t go wrong with explosions. ^ ^

I found the scenes that involved Inoichi’s mind reading session and Naruto’s training interesting enough to make them watchable, but at the same time, there was always this lingering sense of urgency in the pit of my gut the whole time throughout. It was almost like Pein’s attack felt more pressing and it largely overshadows most of the other events occurring.

There was always one thing we were all waiting to see and, of course, that was Pein himself.

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This is where things started to pick up in the episode, in terms of the action anyway. Pein makes it very clear that he is a force to be reckoned with and he does so by pretty much destroying any Konoha shinobi who get in his way.

What surprises me, is that Konoha is regarded to be the strongest of the five major shinobi villages and is also known for its incredibly powerful ninja. Even Tobi remarks on the difficulty of toppling over such a strong force and, considering the fact that it has survived everything from the Kyuubi’s attack sixteen years prior to the combined invasion of Suna and Sato, it makes you wonder if they have just grown soft, or if Pein really is that powerful to challenge them to such a degree.

Konan contributes a bit as well to the death and destruction in her own unique way, however, we don’t really get to see that much of her real potential. I hope to see some more of her unique skills in the episodes to come, even if it is in the form of some filler content.

One thing that disappointed me most in the manga is that she, much like many of our other heroines in Naruto, was not really given a moment to truly shine. Let’s hope that won’t be the case in the anime as well.

Next time on "When Librarians Go Bad", we take a look at the tragic case of little Johny, who was found with numerous paper cuts inflicted simply because he refused to kept quiet during reading hour. ;___;

All in all, the stage has been set for many exciting things to come and, so far, things seem to be heading in the right direction, but it still remains to be seen whether it will remain that way. We can only hope that this arc is done the justice it deserves and that the animators live up to our expectations.

In our next episode, we will be treated to the battle between Kakashi and Pein, a fight I am sure many of you may have been waiting to see.

Other than that, I guess this is as good a time as any to get everyone’s feelings as to how things are moving along so far.

Some think of faith as a folly weakness, because instead of relying on our own strength and ability, we expect the strength of others to pull us through hard times. But in reality, the ability to have faith in others is an empowering strength all its own and knowing that others have faith in us gives us the strength to do anything. It is in that moment, where you know you have someone who you can truly rely on , that you have found something worth cherishing forever.

Sorry again for the lateness of this review. It may be a bit short, but I guess that may just be a consequence of life.

Here are last weeks caption contest winners.

3th) Truepain: (referred to last week’s caption) …and Kakashi thought his prostate exam was bad…

2rd) Kantankage: 1000 years of death Orochimaru style.

Namikaze88: No, Naruto… That certainly is NOT natural energy flowing into you…

Well done to everyone who entered.

Here is this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the episode and the breakdown.

Here is the preview for the next episode.

See you next time. 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 27, 2010.

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    Great breakdown, Tenrai! I hope you had a great time in Sun City!

  2. Second. South Africa, that’s neat.

  3. The way Pain popped in front of the guy was cool, but still odd … and when Pain first used it on those ninjas that hugged him, what was up with the noise that Shinra Tensei made ? It made like a loopy sound. That was dumb.

  4. Caption: Whoa, and who ever thought Bob was really an architect?

  5. YOSH! Good job Tenrai. I agree with you and Nagashikage. Some of the stuff in this episode were just awkward, mainly the beginning. The Shira Tensei on the two ninja, the group hug on Pein, the lazy way the centipede attacked the child. It looked more energetic in the still black & white photos of the manga. ~_~

    The Hyuga and his Byakugan at the beginning at me laughing hard though. XD

  6. 4th. great breakdown tenrai..

  7. Godaime! (Holy crap! I’m Tsunade) Anyone wanna trade my Godaime spot for a Rokudaime spot (or even a candidate Rokudaime spot. Danzo and Kakashi FTEW)?

    I liked the first part best. Nothing like turning around to see Pain behind you, that’s sure to give you a couple heart attacks and leave you foaming at the mouth. Lol, the anime sure loves killing those nameless ninja, but its cool as hell when Pain does it. The only problem I found with this episode was Pains small screentime. Darn you plot >_<

    Pain is the greatest threat Konoha has faced and Minato CANNOT beat Pain. ^^

  8. Gonna pop a caption and hop on outta here…
    The breakdown was a-okay, but the episode felt a bit…meh…

    Really, though, it was far too sluggish. And awkward would be a gracious way to qualify most of the framework.

    If you ask me, the new opening generates more excitement in the multiple. It really could have been delivered better. And I’m hoping against all hope that it does by the next installment(s). This arc simply cannot afford to be half-assed.

  9. And, of course, there’s my entry…


    The ninja and the brain, the ninja and the brain, one is a genius, the other’s insane!

  10. Nice breakdown, Tenrai! I’m glad you decided to keep your string of single breakdowns going… We all love a nice, juicy double from time to time but a simple single is just as filling.

    And two caption wins in a row? Yay me! ^_^

    CAPTION: Inoichi couldn’t believe Ibiki had actually done it… “Epic Brain-Freeze no Jutsu!!”

  11. You actually brought a thought to my mind.

    They probably should have tried to draw the fight out, so as to make it seem like Pein was strong, but having difficulty with the Leaf.

    Seeing as how all of his paths could be destroyed, yet they could be revived a few seconds later or some such due to one of the other paths – I forget which one had that job.

    So people could really potentially defeat them and whatnot? I don’know. :O

    And indeedlit, hugging isn’t the best way to go about a life and death fight. XD 😛

  12. @Tenrai hey hey! didnt think there would be other south africans here haha, i was actually also at sun city lol! probably walked right past you! cheers man hope you enjoyed your long weekend 😉

  13. @bakakage

    LOL! I didn’t think so either, other than Pein0Avenue, I thought I would be the only one. Well, now that makes one more. ^ ^

    Too bad the weather was terrible, but we still had fun taking photographs and seeing the sights. lol!!!

    I hope you enjoyed the long weekend as well. ^ ^

  14. Yeah I agree that the beginning was VERY retarded… the hugging? I mean if you’re going to throw the damn kunai at least try to hit the guy… Pein didn’t move at all the kunai just hit the ground and they came down hugging him, not trying to fight him. It would’ve been better if they tried to REALLY fight him with Taijutsu and Pein use Shinrai Tensei… and yea i was like a capitol WTF! when Pein used shinrai tensei against the ninja to push them away. Made that disney sound effect… then when they hit the ground, that reminded me of those old games when people were pushed on the ground there was no impact. When pein used Shinrai Tensei on Jiraiya it was more powerful than that shit… then when he pulled that ninja towards him, he had all the time in the world to throw shuriken at Pein while being pulled in. THAT WAS JUST ridiculous, I know he was squeezing in 5 minutes before the intro but shit actually having a little fight could’ve fitted in to with shinrai tensei pushing them away with a impact like DAMMMNNN!!!! i didn’t have a “DAAAMMNNN!!!” moment…

  15. Caption: aah yes the rare Brain tree has been found

  16. Caption: It seems the Brain stem blooming a little late this year.

  17. Guys, in the defense of the ninjas that tried the hug no jutsu. When they jumped and threw the kunais, Pain dodged them (if you pay attention to Pain you’ll see). I had to watch that part 13 times to see it lol


    “…and that kids, is what your brain would look like if you saw Sakura under the shower.”

    Btw guys, since it seems it golden week, will there be at least anime or will they deny us of our rightly belonging pleasure for a bowl of ramen. Oh, and how many damn golden weeks are there, can’t they just make a golden month and get over with it for four years.

  19. Obviously Pein is more powerful because his power is more concentrated but in pure destruction i still think the Kyuubi is more powerful, the thing is Pein could blow up Konoha so its like comparing 10 nukes to 14 hit on the same spot its still enough to destroy everything. PEIN!!!!!!! This is gonna be epic Kakashi to wet the lips 🙂 then the full battle ^_^

  20. Well, at least there is an episode this weak.Yay.

  21. Caption1: And this is your brain on Emo, any questions?
    Caption2: Some people get their ears pierced, some their nose, but only the truly hardcore get their brain pierced.
    Caption3: Only one more implant and then we can make Kishimoto ignore all holidays and never stop production of Naruto until of course the story ends or he dies, which ever comes first.

    That’s enough captions for today =P

  22. The episode was a bit more talk than myself would have liked but, alas, a necessary evil. At least we get to see Kakashi vs Pain next time and from the brief contact these two had now I can tell that, boy did Kakashi look badass here. Interesting times await us from now on 😀

  23. @pein0avenue

    The battle against Orochimaru when Naruto was in four tails state, saw him destroying large sections of a forest with single attacks.

    Then there is this…


    That was Naruto’s attack while in his six-tailed form fighting against Pein. That little speck of near incoherent ink marks next to the beam of doom is the Hokage mountain, which is dwarfed by the size of the blast.

    Note, this is only six of the nine tails and if only half of the Kyuubi’s chakra was sealed in Naruto, it may even be accurate to say it was only a third of the Kyuubi’s full power.

    If Naruto was out of Konoha at the time and directing his attack towards it, it would easily level the village. Add to that the fact that the attack didn’t even fatigue Naruto, or cause him to lose power for 20 minutes (like Pein’s attack did) I think it gives us a good idea of how powerful the Kyuubi really was.

    Imagine Nine tails at full power… and then you will understand why Minato was forced to use the power of the death god just to seal it away, much less kill it.

  24. Caption:

    I finally found it!!! I found Sasuke’s BRAIN!!!!!

    (I wonder what it was doing in there. O_o)

  25. Yes the Kyubi’s weakness is soul removal…..who do we know that can remove souls without trading his life to some Shinigami? hmm…….

  26. @kisuzachi

    Yeah, that’s the Kyuubi’s only real weakness. Pein has a lot more weaknesses than that, one of them being squished like a bug before he gets the chance to walk up to the kyuubi, grap him by the collar and pull out his soul.

    I am afraid it isn’t that simple anyway Kisu. The difference between Pein’s soul removal and the sealing technique Minato used is that Minato’s tech actually seals the target away in a body.

    Pein’s simply seperates the sould from the body to kill the target and from what we can tell of the Bijuu, they are not really a living body, per say as much as simply an overwhelming mass of chakra. So you can’t simply walk up to one, touch it and rip the life out of them. If Pein could, the Kyuubi could just as easily squash him, seeing as how Pein’s technique is a close ranged one.

    Even then, if that was really possible, then why didn’t Pein just remove the Bijuu from their hosts that way? As far as I recall, it takes days for Pein’s technique to remove something of that size and power and I don’t think the Kyuubi is just going to sit and wait for him to finish in a battle.

    (Senses a Kyuubi vs Pein debate coming along). @__@

  27. Caption: The Fist brain seems to be Growing nicely

  28. @Tenrai, who said anything about Pain? But since you brought him into the equation 8P

    Isnt sealing Biju like one of the main things in Part 2 of the manga? All he has to do is summon Gedo Mazo…or just beat the Kyubi to a bloody pulp. Minato was strong, but not as strong as the Pain (Pain wiped out his village, killed Hanzo, who defeated his teacher and colleagues, killed his Teacher and leads the most feared criminal organization in the Naruverse). O really need to start a Pain fanclub 8P. WHO’S WITH ME!?

  29. @kisuzachi

    Lol. It seemed as if you were implying it, but I apologize if I am wrong. Anyway, now that we are definitely discussing Kyuubi vs Pein, I don’t think Pein could beat the Kyuubi to a bloody pulp. He struggles against six tails and had to bring out his most powerful technique just to “Subdue” Naruto, much less anything else and we saw the six tails deflect Pein’s own techniques back against him.

    How would he defeat a fully powered nine-tailed fox, when he had so much trouble with a form that was probably only one third of the Kyuubi’s full power, if what was said about Naruto only containing his yang chakra was true?

    And yes, Pein could seal away the Kyuubi, only it would take a few days and that is with other Akatsuki members helping him. Alone it would take even longer. As I said, I doubt the Kyuubi would just sit there and wait for Pein to seal him away using the Gedo Mazo.

    As for simply defeating it first before sealing it, if the Kusunagi sword couldn’t even pierce Naruto’s four-tailed form, I doubt anything Pein could use would directly damage the Kyuubi to a significant degree, not to mention it has near infinite chakra that would allow it to outlast any foe as well as a near instantaneous healing rate (Which means he could recover any wounds we may happen to receive). So weakening it or beating it into submission seems very unlikely.

  30. @Tenrai, we know Gedo Mazo takes forever to EXTRACT a biju from the Jinchuriki and seal it. But in battle do u think it would take that long to absorb a wild biju (pokemon lol), what i mean is a free Biju, so its a moot point.

    As for beating the Kyubi to a pulp:

    1. He didnt have the use of his other Realms when Naruto transformed. If nothing else, Animal Path’s summons can be a distraction to keep the Kyubi busy (or possibly kill it cuz that Giant Dog cant be beat)

    2. Pain couldnt try to kill Naruto because that would make his whole invasion pointless and would have ruined his plan.

    3. Pain didnt use a full-powered Chibaku Tensei, so while it is Deva Path’s strongest jutsu, it was NOT at its strongest.

    4. Biju are stupid unless they are in a Jinchuriki so it can be easily outsmarted (see Sanbi filler Arc)

    5. We know the Shiki Fujin seals souls, so it can be assumed that the Kyubi and other Biju have souls, thus they are susceptible to Human Realm’s powers.

    5.5. Even the Naraka Path could beat Kyubi because it can summon the King of Hell, ask the Kyubi some random question, and then the King would just eat all its powers 8P

    6. The Kusanagi sword was Orochimaru’s weapon and there are many villains stronger than Orochimaru, including Pain. We also dont know exactly how much piercing power the chakra rods have, but so far they’ve not failed to pierce an opponent…..

    7. Near infinite chakra can mean anything really. 1 is near infinite so is 9000 and so is 1 million lol.

    You misunderstand Tenrai, I’m not debating Pain vs the Kyubi, what I’m debating is “Pain or Minato, who’s stronger?”

  31. @kisuzachi

    Well, I would agree that Pein is probably stronger than Minato, if that was the case. I only mentioned Minato as a reference to the reaper death seal that he used on the Kyuubi.

    The polls do not necessarily reflect my opinion, just remember that.

    Anyway, I think you are overestimating Pein or underestimating the Kyuubi. Firstly, Naruto broke those rods of Pein’s like twigs when he was in Sage Mode, so I doubt they have the same durability as the Kusunagi sword.

    Secondly, the Kyuubi IS smart and even cunning. He is not like some of the other bijuu in that he is nothing but a dumb animal who can’t think past what his next meal will be.

    I just thought I would make those points for now. More can come later. lol!

  32. @kisuzachi, tenrai: i have to agree with tenrai on this. the kyuubi is a chakra monster, and the strongest one. it’s cunning and has practically infinite chakra. i don’t know what you meant with your last point, but the kyuubi definetly has more chakra then anyone in the narutoverse (obviously not counting the juubi).

    1.pain’s summons couldn’t defeat the kyuubi, not even the dogs. otherwise they’d be the most feared creatures in the narutoverse. i believe that the dogs can be killed by a menacing ball… the summons could be used as distractions but that’s it. preta path on the other hand would be really useful if he can absorb the kyuubi’s attacks or maybe even it’s chakra directly.
    2. true but this has nothing to do with kyuubi vs pain.
    3. we don’t have proof that nagato can make a chibaku tensei strong enough to hold the kyuubi. i think he could if he was at full power, but it’s all speculation.
    5.i don’t see naraka path nor animal path being much of a threat since they’re close range fighters. how could they grab the kyuubi???? still, somehow minato must have gotten close-range to the kyuubi to actually use the seal…he must have somehow kept it still and then walked up to it. now, if the kyuubi has a soul then the Gedo Maso would be a real threat. the Gedo Maso might even have more powers that we don’t even know about….
    6. the chakra disruption blades may be as sharp as kusanagi but i can’t see then piercing the kyuubi’s cloak, most of all at 9 tails.

    the only way i can imagine pain defeating the kyuubi is by temporarily knocking it out with a full scale shinra tensei or a full power chibaku tensei and then 1) stealing its chakra through preta path 2) using naraka path’s technique 3)stealing its soul if it’s possible.

  33. Ok, Kyubi is a chakra monster. Who do we know that has a body that ABSORBS chakra? 8P I win this one XD!!!!! I just wanted you guys to say the word chakra again so you couldnt take it back 8P

  34. btw, the new ep has too many flashbacks. They killed the whole “Pain is invading, we’re in a hell of a lot of trouble and time is of the essence” vibe.

  35. Hmm, I must agree with the most of you, that the beginning of the invasion was completely slow and lame. I was sitting there like about to start a race every second, like “ready steady go”, but the “go” never came, no the “steady”……. It’s just as one of you said: The attack of the centipede was waaaaaaay to slow, and everyone else was staying in their houses, wondering silently what’s going on out there. Meh….

    But the new episode is WAY better! Of course, like kisuzachi said, the episode wasn’t very hasty and fast and quick, but I liked the flashbacks, they were very nice and emotional!

  36. @kisuzachi

    He can’t absorb chakra at range, don’t forget that and coming close is suicide. The kyuubi just has to step on him and it’s game over. Shinra Tensei was deflected by Naruto in a six-tailed state and turned back on Pein. With the kyuubi at full power, I doubt even Pein’s most powerful Shinra Tensai could stun it.

    Animal path is useless, unless you really believe that his animals could fight on par with the Kyuubi. If they were that strong, why didn’t he just use those to make his ultimate weapon?

    Soul stealing is also touch based for Pein’s other body (i forgot the name). So unless, once again, he wants to be squashed, I don’t see it happening. We also need to remember what happens when people touch the kyuubi, because even touching him can burn you and cause severe invuries from what we know.

    As for lazer head… I don’t even need to say anything. Out of all of Pein’s bodies, he is the least likely to cause any damage to the Kyuubi. In fact, he might as well not even be in the battle.

    The last of Pein’s bodies has only been shown reviving the other bodies. Until he does otherwise, speculating what his abilities are is a bit one sided. He could have more abilities, or, like Pein’s other bodies, he may be a one trick pony. As mentioned before, the Kyuubi is cunning and I doubt it would take him long to figure out that this body would be a priority target.

    No wins yet Kisu. It aint over until the fat lady sings. @__@

  37. @Ten, reviving bodies isnt all he can do. The King of the Underworld he summons eats souls. Just re-read the invasion Arc.

    Hungry Ghost DOESNT have to make contact to absorb chakra. When ninjutsus were used against him the chakra from them are sucked out BEFORE they touch him, so he doesnt HAVE to touch the KYubi to absorb him.

    “Animal path is useless,” The fourth was shown standing on Gamabunta, thus it can be concluded that summons can be used for distraction purposes. Plus the Dog Summon has shown to be more resilient than any other summons thus far.

    As for Soul Stealing, is it so hard for Pain to merely jump on a summon then jump on the Kyubi? The harm the Kyubi’s skin does is only minor burns, it clearly wasnt strong enough to melt rock (even at 8 tails), if it could Chibaku Tensei’s rocks would have melted away. So a minor burn for stealing a soul, still sound like PAin wins to me.

    “As for lazer head” You’d be surprised how far a well-placed distraction can go…….

  38. nice one tenrai….

    as for the episode, it was too good for any criticism…, not even hug-no-jutsu could spoil it…..i mean, what we have here is PAIN, man, it’s P-FRIKKIN-AIN we got here……..those nameless ninja EXIST to get pwned by God anyway :P….and besides, what exactly would a person do if he’s confronted by hell path? i for one would bow down and pay my respects to him…..and then just wait for my death >_>

    @debate above

    kyuubi wins because he’s got more tails than pain’s got bodies.

    PS: see, that’s what happens when you post a comment after a bong hit…….but not really lol….just kidding 😕


    Gentlemen, what we have here is a fine specimen of a mind afflicted by rectumoparto horribilis, commonly known as the “shit-i-saw-goatse-accidentally” disease..

    PS: i hope everybody here knows what goatse is…blehhh O_o

  40. @kisuzachi

    If hungry ghost could absorb chakra at long range, then why didn’t he just absorb Naruto’s chakra from a distance? Why did deva path have to draw him in close so he could be restrained first?

    Yes, he can absorb jutsu from just outside his touch, but it is still very close ranged, only a few centimeters from his actual body. We have yet to see him absorb anything from further than that.

    As for touching only causeing minor burns, it can do a lot more than that. Just ask Orochimaru…

    Notice the sound effect. “Decomposition”.

    And yes, summons can be used as distractions, as mentioned before, but I distinctly recall you saying “Animal Path’s summons can be a distraction to keep the Kyubi busy (or possibly kill it cuz that Giant Dog cant be beat)”

    “Possibly killing him” was the part I was addressing in my retort. I just don’t see how a summon could “possibly” kill the Kyuubi, because if it was that powerful, there wouldn’t be a point in trying to capture the Kyuubi in the first place.

    Naraka paths soul eating is based on his test, and only if you lie does your soul get eaten. Once again, he has yet to show this ability at range and it seems he has to subdue the enemy first. Otherwise, once again, he could have just absorbed Fukusaku’s, Shima’s or any of the other toads souls right from the offset of his battle with Naruto and he would have been able to do it from a distance, yet he didn’t and obviously couldn’t.

    Either way, I doubt the Kyuubi is going to sit around and answer truth or lie questions when he could just as easily pwn Naraka path. You seem to think he is a senseless beast who would be easily distracted or tricked, when the Kyuubi himself is very cunning and intelligent. Fox’s are, by nature, seen as cunning animals and in Japanese mythology, Kitsunes (which the Kyuubi essentially is) often tricked human beings with deceit or magic.

    We have seen Pein falling for tricks more than enough times to know he is susseptable to them. lol!

  41. Orochimaru punched him with no side effects.

    All Biju are dumb if they dont have a Jinchuriki. Until I see a chapter with the Kyubi being outside of Naruto and not being controlled by anyone and talking, I wont believe he was any smarter than the Three Tails.

    “Yes, he can absorb jutsu from just outside his touch, but it is still very close ranged” Exactly my point. He doesnt have to touch the jutsu to absorb the chakra. Example, Kyubi is about to step on him, when suddenly the Kyubi gets absorbed just before it makes contact. (now that’s what I call a distraction)

    “Animal Path’s summons can be a distraction to keep the Kyubi busy (or possibly kill it cuz that Giant Dog cant be beat)” I’ve never seen the Dog Summon get killed. If it can infinitely separate itself then even the Kyubi’s NEAR infinite chakra can run out (like the Hachibi’s when Kisame was fighting Bee).

    “Naraka paths soul eating is based on his test” Exactly. If your answer is a lie, you lose your soul, if your answer is the truth, you are left severely tired. In the fight against Naruto, Naraka Path took a back seat so he could keep bringing back the Paths if necessary, plus he didnt touch any of the frogs. This is not a full power
    Shinra Tensei. He didnt use full power attacks against Naruto (even in his transformed states) because if he killed him all the destruction would be pointless and his life goal would be crushed. In a life or death fight against the Kyubi he wouldnt have such qualms against killing it.

    But I digress, i think I’ll end this debate here as we have approached an impasse 8P

  42. @kisuzachi

    Why do you assume that Naruto in his above four tailed transformations is killable. By saying that Pain didn’t use his full force against transformed Naruto so not to kill him you show that you hold the belief he can be harmed with a strong enough attack. Maybe you are right but is this “strong enough” even achievable by someone because judging from what we have seen until now, when in those higher forms, Naruto can only be slowed down and the only damage he receives is from the fox’s chakra. I really don’t think that Pain, or anyone else who can’t directly control the Kyubi, can even scratch the higher forms let alone defeat it.

    Now, Pain could have easily ended Naruto in the beginning but as soon as Naruto went six-tails he lost any ability to even harm him. You saw what happened with Death star-no jutsu – Naruto just went 8-tails and got out.That technique would have crushed to little particles anything else in the Narutoverse but was used as a mere cage for the fox. Also I think Chibaku-tensei, has pretty much the same power as that giant-ass shinra tensei Pain made so if it didn’t work I don’t see a reason full powered shinra tensei would do more than make a big crater with Naruto in the center of it.

  43. Sorry for spamming but I forgot something.

    About Fat path(or hungry ghost if you wish). I don’t really see him absorbing much kyubi chakra for the same reasons he couldn’t absorb natural chakra. From that we saw that this path is susceptible to the chakra’s unique qualities, in that case natural chakra turns you into stone. From what we know, the fox’s chakra burns pretty much everything that comes into contact with it, witnessed in the fight with Oro and his snakes, so I don’s see a reason why the same rules shouldn’t apply in this case which means Fat path getting his bacon cooked from the Kyubi’s chakra which he absorbs.

  44. did you guys notice that katsuyu managed to stay attached to 6 tailed naruto WITHOUT getting burnt? now, i think that this was a mistake that kishi made but it can be counted as a fact.
    @to63 to: preta path couldn’t handle natural chakra because he didn’t know how to balance it. that’s why he turned into a statue. the kyuubi’s chakra on the other hand is just normal chakra so he can absorb it. if the kyuubi’s chakra burns, how did minato touch it while sealing it?
    pain was already tired when he used chibaku tensei.
    he surely could have made a bigger one.

  45. @truepain

    I used Fat path’s turning into stone to show that he is susceptible to the chakra’s unique qualities.It doesn’t matter if he can use it if trained properly, it still has side effects to it. It is exactly the same with the kyubi’s chakra and It is far from normal. Just because Naruto can somewhat handle it doesn’t mean that others can. After all he has this thing inside him almost since birth.Also how do you know Minato touched this chakra? Links to prove it?

    And it does burn everything it touches.
    See here, Oro just touched it and it burned his body. Also Naruto’s body suffers the same damage but the fox’s chakra heals him.

    Now, about Pain’s chewbacca tensei, he himself said that he could have made a bigger one but would that have worked. We don’t know that and seeing that his smaller yet still insanely powerful version failed miserably at doing its job I find it very hard to believe a bigger one would have any effect.

    Face it guys, regardless of how strong Pain is, and I by no means deny his power, he doesn’t stand a chance against the nine-tails. Even Madara used it for its unlimited power and Minato died to seal it, not defeat, seal half of it. This thing is just too much power for any single ninja to defeat.

  46. @to63 to: i agree with you, the Kyuubi is too much for any ninja to handle….no one, except for the Sage of the Six Paths, can defeat it. all i wanted to do was clear some things up.

    kishi isn’t very coherent. the kyuubi’s chakra burnt orochimaru in your link but here instead it didn’t:
    nor does it burn katsuyu. nor does it burn here:
    so it apparently doesn’t burn EVERYTHING. as i already said, i think these are just plot holes. that’s the only way to explain them if you want to believe the the fox’s chakra burns everything.

    now, about minato. how could he have sealed the kyuubi using the dead demon consuming seal without touching it? as we saw with hiruzen, he had to catch the first and second hokage before being able to seal their soul:
    therefore minato must have touched the fox.

    Pain wouldn’t defeat it but he would put up a hell of a fight. his fullpower chibaku tensei might be enough to capture naruto in his 9 tailed state but not the actual kyuubi. it all depends on just how big he can make it.

  47. Yep, I guess you are right about Kishi being inconsistent at times.

    About Minato-well… I think it’s one of those times the author thinks “Eh, nobody would notice.” so he makes it be without serious consideration how it’s supposed to happen.

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