Naruto 492 Breakdown…yo! Demotivational poster and official debate inclusive…(WHAT! My title covers less than five lines on the sidebar?! That can’t be right! Well, why don’t we change that)

Haha! Bet you thought you were gonna get off this week! Well you know what? You’re absolutely right! I decided hey, why not forget the breakdown and have some good ol’ photo fun, eh?

For a Mighty Guy, you should remember to knock first next time.

And then I remembered how much fun it is to do both at the same time, and I feel so much better 😀 (especially when you have in the ever so lovely Sakura-chan to ‘talk about’, who, by the way, I will be calling Pink Beard from now onward. What?! Ever OP character gets one!).

So on that note, I welcome to all to this week’s (very late) Naruto breakdown! (Woohoo)

You know who I be, so let’s skip the pleasantries and hurry on down to business.

Poor Gai-sensei, the memories will forever be engraved in his mind ;___;

Well, there was no splash page, so this is kinda my idea of improvisation >_>. If you have a problem, you may speak with my lawyer…soon as I get one…<_<

Alrighty, so about 492? I have to say, it felt a lot like last week’s chapter: a little light and not too profound, which, in my personal opinion, is not a bad thing at all. But again, it was not so much in the way of depth as in the entertainment factor, which has been delivered pretty damn well, I might add.

So in a simple phrase, what I’m saying is this: “more comedy, less Days of our Lives”

Tour guides these days can be so forward these days...well, at least he didn't mention the forest and the little bridge that went through this entire route...X__X

All the same, with these new developments, I’m seeing some mighty interesting content in the chapters to come. I mean, when you get a double page of Kage Bunshin Sexy-no-jutsu, you have to see the signs! Passed the bloodied computer monitors, of course…Kishi, you perv >_>…

Don’t fret, people, this breakdown won’t be very long, given that there isn’t as much spout about as we’ve had so far. So you remain relatively safe…for now! 😈

Now let’s advance to our first topic for discussion.

No, Kisame, it's called the menstrual cycle.

Bet you guys didn’t know Samehada was a girl…ahem…>_>

First things first, now we know that Bee brought along his new buddy, Samehada, for the ride, who inevitably came with Kisame, who brought along his nematode worms, which made his butt look bigger, which attracted the Supertrek89 fish <_<…and so the chain continued…damn tag-alongs. Now Resort Gorgeous will be like some Save the Whales convention…except with less concerned humans and more dying fish (excess blood loss being the most common cause).

Oh, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away…>_>

We already discussed the possible implications of this happening in the preceding breakdowns. And the way I see it, whatever be the case, with all the squid, and octopuses, and the sharks, and the Sakura, this island deserves a feature on Animal Planet.

It just now dawned on me that there is still the chance, little or large, that Kisame is no longer squatting inside of Samehada. If his recon abilities are anything to go by, I may not be spurting hot air if I said Kisame already knows the truth about the sudden Jinchuuriki vacation. Hell, anyone with half a brain could have been able to figure it out, in light of the afforded circumstances. Well technically, that would mean Kisame doesn’t count, but I think we can let him off the hook this time. Wow, bad pun X__X…

Oh, gee,'re such a genius...

And if he knew that, he would also know that the chances of his getting caught would be upped a few notches. And the opposite is to be said of his chances of survival if that came to bear fruit. Leading him to bail before he even got onto the island in the first place…

In consideration of his abilities, it’s easy to reason out that Kisame could make a swift getaway once he hits the water. Well, that will only happen given he’s not caught before then; or better yet, while he makes a break for the deep blue. But for whatever reason, I can’t shake the feeling that Kisame is going to meet his end on this very island (i.e. if he’s on it). The possibilities continue to stack.

There’s the most inviting, which involves two Jinchuuriki and a dead fish. In mathematical terms, Naruto and Bee + Kisame = Tag team heaven…or more accurately: gangbang hell.

Fist pumping: No, it's not a porno...

With that barrier encasing the entire island, I’m half assured they can just as well know when a person leaves as when an intruder pays a visit. Besides, with Gai-sensei on the watch, there’s no hope of escape! *nice Gai pose*

And my personal favorite: Naruto could always do his new shark-outta-water style Sexy-no-jutsu and Kisame is as good as gone. Talk about die hard…>_>

Oh yea, it would be nice to see Naruto dummy run his Kyuubi powers on Kisame once he begins to realize control over the beast. At least so we get a little wiff at what the fox is cookin’. So maybe a simple Naruto – Kisame bout isn’t pushing it?

Speaking of which, that brings us the the second, and by far the most important subject of this discourse. RHYMES, JO!


“I’m a musical genius, wanna be the best. I’m an elite shinobi, better than the rest. I’m destined for greatness, walking the track. Ready to roll, Eight Tails watchin’ my-”

STOP!! It’s the motherfreakin’ remix!!

Facepalm...Naruto has much to learn X__X

Well, Naruto wastes no time at all. Right off the bat, he’s already asking to be trained.

His pleading isn’t taking him so far with The Bee, so he resorts to…errr…well…extreme measures…>_>

And with that, Killer Bee makes world history.

And with another epic fail by Naruto-kun, there’s only one more thing to do: bitch about it. Oh, and bitch he does. (Hellz yea!)

Which earns him this. (Oh noes! OMG! NOOO! This can’t beee!!!)

AAAAHHHH!! ;_____;

*runs away crying*

So this is Naruto’s other half! ;___;

I wonder what the alter egos of the others would be like…

*rubs chin*



Hot and much more opposite does it get? >_>

And, of course, how could I forget (even though Kishi seems to have)…

Sasuke...Care Bear...need any more be said?

Wowsers spowsers X__X…


Before we go, I just want to chip in a few words about this training, even though it hasn’t officially begun yet. I’d always wondered how it could possibly work out since gaining control of the beat would entail blocking its mind entirely, and sapping only the power.

So it’s safe to assume it’s more of a thing with the psyche than physical conditioning and development. So with this method, Goku, the tour guide, may be on to something that I’m liking very much.

Also, Gerratora said something about conquering the hatred and evil within (in context) and if Darth Vader isn’t the very epitome of the word, I don’t know what is X__X.

So I think it will be very interesting to see what happens next, how this creepy little encounter will play out, its effects in the future, and its significance in realizing the ultimate goal.

Here’s to more awesomeness!


5) Deathcon

Bubble 1: JUST RELAX!!!!
Bubble 2: But But…The daddy in my stomach said drugs were bad for me!
Bubble 3: Kidd stop being a player hater!!!! Everyone is doing it!

Caption: Just tell your Friends that you couldn’t help fight in the forth great ninja war cause you were out getting toaded…. They will understand.
Brought to you by the Ninjas against drug abuse or aka NADA!

4) Shinobimadness

Getorra:Hold on a minute Naruto, there’s some beetle shell stuck in your molars, i’ll get them for you…
Naruto:Who set this dentist appoint up in the first place?….I’ll Kill’em
Getorra:… Ahh, it seems we have a cavity back there…Hold on, theres a worm in the back of your throat, and it taste like ramen…

3) Aimeeamd

bubble 1 So you said you were having flu like symptoms?
bubble 2 Yeah doc sneezing caughing ichy watery eyes. I lost my voice so that’s why I’m only thinking this …
bubble 3 Well there’s your problem! You’ve got a frog in your throat!
Naruto visits Doctor Obvious

2) 会長加賀 Chairman Kaga

Right Bubble: Hold still, stop moving, stop squirming!
Center Bubble: New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu!
Left Bubble: Juuuuust a little bit more Naruto…

Caption: “deep throat no jutsu…” the latest addition to naruto’s sexy jutsu arsenal…

Almost as wrong as Prawkage’s X___X

Now the winner! *drum roll*

Congratulations to Kingtuckerviii!!

*looks around*

*secretly licks toad*


First, we must announce last week’s winner.

With 70% of the votes and a good-enough-to-watch debate, the victor emerged, and he has piercings…lots of ’em: Pein! (You guys must be masochists >_>)

Now this week’s debate…

Hokage vs. Hater

They both died by emo hands, but not too early for us to see what they could do. You can gather ammo from the Orochimaru – Hiruzen brawl (preferably the anime which had a lot more detail) and the Danzo – Sasuke battle.

Alright! Let’s get ready to rumble! *rings bell*

And finally…


Well, I’m out, have a nice bout, don’t you shout, or I’ll slap the taste out your mouth!


I’m really sorry that this is a bit late. I just have quite a lot on my plate. Lol

See ya next week! (I probably won’t be able to comment for some time)


Just waiting till the shine wears off.



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  1. First! Dances around EPIC PICKLAES EPIC

  2. Second.

  3. THIRD!!

  4. Fourth!!!!

  5. Godaime!!!

  6. Dear Captain Pickles,

  7. first

  8. not 😛

  9. The Nerdy WRA-style RapRant:

    Scullin’ my coke and eating corn chips by the dozen,
    Jump on the laptop that I “borrowed” from my cousin.
    I’m buzzin, cos I heard the new breakdown’s out,
    You know that Dark’s gonna tell y’all what it’s all about.

    First, I’d like to claim NINTH! Leave them slackers behind,
    One more time, it’s all I do when I connect online.
    Or load up Skype, grab earphones and flick on the mic,
    I’ll show you how narutard’s spit they rhymes!

    (open rant btw. you wanna battle in light of the recent chapter, post your replies lol)

  10. Juubi! I’ll kill you all with my wierd eye!

    Great breakdown Pickles!

    Hey I didn’t know 😈 existed!
    … What? Is that all I’m going to say? Yes, it is. 😛

  11. YOSH! Great job Pickles. Lol, Naruto singing Fireflies is priceless.

    I despise Danzo but he’s strong. Hiruzen is awesome but I don’t know if he could take down Danzo without any prior knowledge of him having Izanagi. Plus Danzo has Shisui’s eye and it can be used immediately this time. Danzo can put Hiruzen under genjutsu and we’ve seen it happen to Hiruzen before.

    For some reason Hiruzen never broke out of it (probably because he was busy activating the Shinigami) until he killed the zombie Hokages, but someone with the sharingan like Danzo can probably use more powerful genjutsu than what the 1st used. Hiruzen has Shiki Fuujin but would that work against Izanagi which can warp reality? Hiruzen also defeated the 1st and 2nd Hokage zombies at the cost of his own life of course, but they were just playing around with him.

    Hiruzen has hundreds of jutsus at his disposal and knowledge of both the sharingan and mokuton jutsu. Plus, Danzo needs time to unravel his arm to bring out his extra sharingans and even mokuton jutsu I believe. That would probably be Hiruzen’s greatest advantage.

    Meh…I’m on the fence for this one. ~_~

  12. Great breakdown CP, funny as hell.

    I’d have to side with Hiruzen Sarutobi on this, seeing how he defeated the first and second hokages in his pathetic shape.


    I think the zombie kages prevailed because they were regenerating lost limbs and shit.

    Anyways, the third is kind of old and with really small chakra pool as consequence but regardless showed impressive use of different jutsus.

    Danzo on the other hand has troublesome techniques but if he trows them around like he did in the fight with with emo boy I think he would be outmaneuvered by the third. About his sharingan- I am not really sure how it works. Is it supposed to make people easier to manipulate or outright control them. And if the two of them are fighting how is Danzo going to manipulate Sarutobi- throw him a tea party in the middle of the battlefield and say “Hey, let’s be friends”?

    Btw, if the third managed to defeat the two zombie kages in his old age that makes him far more powerful than them when he was young, right? That means he was even stronger than Madara himself.

  13. Dattebayo! Nice one Pickles……..yo.

    @Danzo vs Hiruzen. Danzo has this one in the bag. Hiruzen is a Ninjutsu-power type and Danzo is both a Ninjutsu and Genjutsu type. Plus he can just use Shisui’s Sharingan and make Hiruzen kill himself. Plus if Hiruzen uses Shiki Fuujin, Danzo’s Izanagi would let him escape. Lets also remember that we NEVER saw Danzo’s full capabilities because he was holding back on Sasuke (because he thought he had to fight Madara next) and was concentrating on taking out Madara.

    …………..But Hiruzen DOES have the elemental advantage.

  14. @to63, I honestly DONT think Madara was strong compared to the ninjas currently alive. Back then he and Hashirama were Kage level, but if they were in the current era they’d probably be only Jonin level.

  15. @kisuzachi

    Maybe, but still, you have to admit that if they were able to control the Kyubi, they gotta be pretty badass by any standart. Besides, we haven’t really seen Madara fight so far, so we don’t really know what he is capable of. He may be of INO power levels or may make Pain look like a little puppy(TINY, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).

  16. I say the Sandaime wins, elderly or not.

    @to36to: You’re saying because Sandaime>Shodaime, and it seems Shodaime>Madara, then Sandaime>Madara, and subsequently, Sandaime>Danzo. Makes a bit of sense, but I doubt it’s that simple.

  17. @nagashikage

    Well, mine was more of a question rather than a statement and yes you are right – it can’t be that simple. And I am not entirely sure Danzo would loose. I mean, it took a lot of emo powers to bring him down and that was because he didn’t use his abilities prudently. Sandaime, rather unfortunately, does not have a very large chakra capacity, as we saw in his fight, so he may not be able to last this long so as to expend all of Danzo’s eyes.

    Still, I like the old perv so I’ll be voting for him. 😀

  18. Lol every debate, kisu is on the same side as super O_O


    @kisu – you can’t say for certain that shiki Fuuijin would not work VS Izanagi, since we’ve only ever seen Izanagi cancel out physical injuries. Spiritual trauma is a different thing entirely. Besides, as we’ve seen with Orochimaru, while a victim has been caught by Shiki Fuuijin, that victim can’t use any techniques. Danzou might not even Be able to activate Izanagi.

    Now let’s all step away from the Shinigami and Multiple Sharingan thing. The only reason either technique was brought out was because a significant threat was posed to the village, and to be honest I can’t see either of them pulling their biggest trump cards out under any other circumstances. Until someone can PROVE otherwise, I say we leave Izanagi, Necro-Uchiha Arm and Shiki Fuuijin out of the debate.

    Now let’s break it down from there. Both are powerful ninjutsu fighters, but Hiruzen has the elemental advantage. Fire PWNS Wind. True, Hiruzen has been shown to be susceptible to an incredibly powerful genjutsu, but you have to remember two things: 1) Danzo got sucked in by a regular genjutsu, and 2) Hiruzen managed to worm his way out of the First’s genjutsu. You might argue that it was because he found and stole the souls of the First and Second Hokage’s, but he was actually able to block incoming attacks and even search out the hidden Zombiekages while effectively blind. This to me indicates that the genjutsu was losing it’s effectiveness against Hiruzen.

    As for summons, no summon is cooler than the Monkey King. End of story. *whistles the Monkey Magic theme song to self*

    And finally, the reason Sandaime Hokage wins is because he has freakin balls. Danzo was such a chicken sh!t during his flashback he had while fighting Sasuke. Effing woman.

    I mean…

    Yeah. That’s why Hiruzen wins. XD

  19. I kinda feel this breakdown should have been done earlier or even in pair with the upcoming release. Good breakdown but poor timing.

    Good debate. However we already know the third would pin danzou in a corner like a caged rat and rape his arse over and over. Then he will stick a hot rod in it and then………arrhhh seems i’m being a little inappropriate.

    What that literally translates to is that the third wins.

  20. @Dark: Lol, that’s funny because I thought Kisu supported Danzo.

    “Danzo vs Hiruzen. Danzo has this one in the bag.” (Kisu)

    And I never threw my vote in for either Danzo or Hiruzen which I stated at the end of my post.

    “Meh…I’m on the fence for this one. ~_~” (Super)

    Maybe there’s a third side in this debate which Kisu and I share? *slips Kisu some money* >_>

    But to touch on some of the points you made. What does Danzo being sucked into a genjutsu have to do with this particular debate when Hiruzen hasn’t been shown to use genjutsu? The reason why Hiruzen was doing so well in the 1st Hokage’s genjutsu is because they were toying with him.

    That hardly means the genjutsu was losing its effect on him just because he could partially defend himself against half-hearted attacks. And nowhere does it say the genjutsu the 1st cast on him was “incredibly powerful”. Danzo does have a guaranteed powerful genjutsu though, Shisui’s eye tech, which has never failed him even against a user of the MS.

    Izanagi controls your personal reality. Death is a reality. Which is why every time Danzo “died” he really didn’t. If the Shiki Fuujin kills you by sucking out your soul then that’s just another way to die is it not? A reality of which a user of Izanagi most definitely has control over.

    Of course you can argue having your soul sucked out of you somehow bypasses Izanagi but then you’d be saying having your soul sucked out isn’t a reality. We know souls and shinigami are real in the Naruniverse so they are in effect encompassed by reality. Reality, which Izanagi gives you personal control over. All Danzo needs to do is make 1 seal to activate Izanagi. How long does it take to activate Shiki Fuujin? (Then he has to wait even more after that charging it up.)

    Danzo only used his arm to protect the village? o_O Danzo pulled out his arm to fight a very powerful opponent, Madara, then later used it on Sasuke to take his Sharingan. Lol, protecting the village was definitely not the first thing on his mind.

    Besides, it’d be crazy to take these jutsus out of the debate. Why would you take some of their best techs away?

    As for which summoning is cooler, lol, it’s a matter of opinion but I agree The Monkey King Enma is cooler. Also you’re right, Hiruzen does have more balls, has the elemental advantage, and is definitely more badass than Danzo. Like I said though, Danzo is strong and I’m still on the fence for this debate. >_>


    Now it looks like I’m on douchebag Danzo’s side. If you’re wondering where there are any defense points for Hiruzen I put them all down in my very first post. Note my very last sentence which would probably give Hiruzen the biggest advantage in this debate. *goes back to sitting on the fence* ~_~

    @Kisu: Madara with the full EMS and Kyubi under his control only at jounin level today? Hashirama the very founder of the Leaf, rare possessor of a Kekkei Genkei (that’s not a doujutsu), and the man that beat Madara a mere jounin today? Bahhumbug they’d be on Kakashi’s level! O_O

    Oh wait…isn’t Kakashi Kage level? 😉

  21. @Super – “Now it looks like I’m on douchebag Danzo’s side.” (Super)

    Lol it looks like I knew which side you were on before even you did XD

    In regards to Danzo using Izanagi for the hell of it, read this link:

    He may have said that that he’d take Madara and Sasuke’s eyes when he uncovered his arm, but dude, thems just fighting words. It doesn’t tell you what he was thinking. But from the above link, you can see that the protection of the ninja world and his village was prominent in his mind. And if you were in Danzo’s shoes, would you throw away all the Sharingan’s that you’d acquired over your life just so that you could acquire two more? Doesn’t make sense to trade an armful of Sharingans for two half blind ones. No, the only reason he stayed to fight and used Izanagi as he did was in defence of his village and of the world.

    Same with Hiruzen and Shiki Fuujin. Would you seal your soul away forever just to overcome someone you consider a rival and not an enemy? No, he would only bring it out in defence of his village.

    Again, I don’t think Izanagi and Shiki Fuujin should be used in this debate. Besides, they’re both extremely powerful shinobi and have a multitude of other jutsu and abilities at their disposal. It’s not much of a handicap lol.

  22. @Super, lol you dont get what I mean. Hashirama and Madara were ONLY strong when they had a Tailed Beast around. Get them in a back alley and its over. I base my argument off of Yamato’s abilities and Hashirama’s fight with Sarutobi. Hashirama’s style is more about power than actual skill. Its just squashing people with bigger and bigger trees (evident from how Yamato uses the Mokuton and how Hashirama used it in his fight with Sarutobi). The sheer fact that he and Madara were equal makes Madara equally as weak. They were powerful in THEIR time, just not in the current time.

    @Darks, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesnt Izanagi last a certain period of time, i.e Danzo doesnt activate at the point he’s struck, but at the point when it appears he’s going to be struck. So if he saw Hiruzen do some crazy hand sign thingies and didnt see the Shinigami, I doubt he’d think Hiruzen made the hand signs solely because they look cool. Plus, Oro didnt know this jutsu existed, but anyone that was at the battle of Minato vs Kyubi should recognize the move, and since Danzo was Konoha’s shadow, surely he knew this jutsu existed. Also, if we are omitting Izanagi and Shiki Fujin and the Third does win, he would get sealed into Danzo’s corpse, so for Danzo its either a win or a draw.

    Btw, if i was in Dazno’s shoes back then I would have voted for Sarutobi to go, no better way to get rid of a rival than sending them on a suicide mission……or sending them on a mission with Ino, Tenten and Sakura >_>

  23. @Darks: “Lol every debate, kisu is on the same side as super O_O” Lol not when Sasuke’s thrown into the mix

  24. Arigato, people.

    @Gavin: Ahaha! Lol, thanks. 🙂

    @Everyone: It sorta, kinda, maybe could have possibly slipped my mind to install the Sarutobi vs. Danzo poll. X__X The omission has been aligned now, so be sure to scroll back on up and vote for your winner. *coughs* Danzo…>_>

    Now since I’ve already started on that topic, I might as well chip in that in this little tidbit: there really are no restrictions whatsoever in this here debate. It’s a pit between two giants, so I figured they would both be bringing their A-game to the field. And coupled with the fact that their rivals and Danzo has so much beef, I believe the term is ‘no holds barred’.

    But one thing you probably should bear in mind is that if Shiki Fujin were tangled up in the mix, then technically, there would emerge no victor in the end, seeing as both combatants would be rendered incapable for further battle.

    @Hypnosis: Yes, again, I apologize, I just had quite a bit of extra weight to pull. And I also said (blithesome, but candid, nonetheless) that I wouldn’t be missing another breakdown after the last time, as long as circumstances permit, and are not completely out of control, of course. Hopefully I’ll have the next one up earlier than this was…

  25. @Kisu – Izanagi has a 60 second duration. So technically you’re right, but I really don’t think it’ll come to that. True, Danzo had the Reverse Four-Seals Tech but he only activated that as a self destruct mechanism in defence – yet again -of his village. Besides, if the Third and Danzo ever did have a fight, I really don’t think it’ll be to the death, especially in the case of Sarutobi being the victor. It’d be more of a “beat the other guy into submission” kind of fight.

  26. I do believe Gai Sensei is the one that will be facing off against Kisame.

  27. @Dark: Lol, fine you can freely believe I’m on Danzo’s side. I won’t stop you. 😛

    I don’t know who said Danzo would use Izanagi for the hell of it as if he’s fighting some cannon fodder. It’s not like he’s up against…oh I don’t know…the 3rd Hokage or anything. You say Danzo only pulled his arm out to protect the village and I say he pulled his arm out to defeat a powerful opponent and take his sharingan. Lol, we could go back and forward on this but here’s a link proving my case.

    Here’s your link proving your case?

    Lol, that’s not Danzo sacrificing himself or his arm to “protect the village”. That’s Danzo sacrificing someone else to preserve his own life and in connection “protect the village”. You want to talk about his mindset? His mindset is that his single life is just as important as the village, if not, then more important. He never pulled out his arm or even sacrificed his arm for the village. It was all to keep himself alive which was always the first thing on his mind. For you see, only if he was alive would then the village be safe. At least…that’s his mindset. His life first, then the village.

    Example: Pein attacks Konoha. If Danzo valued the village so much as you claim then why didn’t he fight Pein then while he was destroying his beloved village? Instead what did Danzo do? He hid underground preserving his own life and planned a coup d’etat.

    Danzo you silly hypocrite. ~_~ Only when Danzo’s life is directly confronted does he fight. When he ran into Madara and they started to fight he knew there was no way he could win without Izanagi. That’s why he pulled his arm out and that’s why he’d do the same with Hiruzen. Yes, I’d sacrifice however many sharingan eyes it takes to defeat my opponent because which is better? Sacrificing some eyes or dying because you were to stubborn to pull out your best weapon? o_o

    @Kisu: Nah, I got what you mean but I just can’t agree with that. Lol, how do you know Hashirama and Madara are only powerful when tailed beasts are around? Like EMS and Mokuton jutsu aren’t formidable weapons. We know the highest tier of power a Uchiha can achieve is the EMS and we see how strong (jounin level) Yamato is with only a fraction of Hashirama’s Mokuton jutsu power. Madara’s power to control the Kyubi and Hashirama’s power to subdue a Biju are just added bonuses. 😉

    As you can see their powers are hailed as current not past.

  28. @holydemonandy- holy crap your right!!! i totally looked past that one! its just too convenient that gai is there in the same place with kisame, lol watch this time he will recognize him, but probably die 😦 i think kishi is sloooowwwwly killing off the old generation, asuma was last, will gai be next?

  29. usually i dont do debates so im just going to state things on my mind and that is it.

    First off i really dislike danzo… alot but i have to say i think he is stronger than sarutobi mainly because as normal people they were more or less on the same level i believe as with all teammates but danzo boosted himself with steroids on top of his normal power aka. sharingan collection, mokuton, viagra, steroids, etc. and he damn nearly killed sasuke and sasuke is on a whole much higher level than orochimaru and well orochimaru killed sarutobi.

    Yes i know theres a trillion other factors and explanations but thats just how i feel lol.

  30. @bakakage

    i wouldent worry about gai he is with naruto and the 8 tails on a small island and its not like he uses small scale techs that are going to go unoticed.i think its naruto who will help bee defeate kisame then to repay his debt train him.

  31. Yeah I’m not going to hop in this battle because I wouldn’t really have a strong argument besides Danzo can use Izanagi 9 times??? But i do have to say this…

    Danzo did want to protect the village, yall may think Danzo was the villian but he WAS NOT the villian, Sasuke was the villian. Danzo may have taken things out of proportion and such and yes his mind was kind of wack but he was doing things with protecting the village in mind.

    When he killed the toad that was going to summon Naruto and them back to the village when Pein attacked was so Pein wouldn’t get a hold of the 9 tailed kyuubi because he thought that would be the outcome. Turns out Naruto defeated Pein.

    But he did want the kyuubi power for himself, BUT then again he wanted to be a strong village? He wanted to be a strong leader even though he would’ve been a cold leader. He sent Sai to kill Sasuke because he knew Sasuke was a threat to the village.

    He and the elders killed the Uchiha so a civil war wouldn’t break out and cause another huge war. (RIP Itachi)

    He wanted to kill Madara and Sasuke so they wouldn’t be a threat no longer… He may have had bad intentions but he did it all for the village…

    @back to the danzo vs 3rd
    I would probably side with Danzo, now if we were talking about the 3rd in his youth i would sie with hte 3rd because he was also considered the King of Ninjutsu??? all i know is that he was king of something(King of pop)

  32. the 3rd already defeted danzo when he challenged him for his hokage title and danzo lost so im going to say the 3rd would win.

  33. that was before Danzo experimented on himself ^^^^^

  34. no mangathis week, golden week back in japan, it’s a week full of holidays there so no shonen jump this week.

  35. @Grey: What is a villain really? You don’t have to be “evil” to be the villain and no one is saying Danzo is “evil”. All you gotta be is the enemy of the “good guy” to be classified as the villain. I understand his twisted logic of “protecting the village” and I too never looked at him as a villain. Just a hypocritical self-serving oppressive manipulative dictatorial tyrannical malicious douche bag. Probably a kleptomaniac too. Afterall he did steal the 1st’s DNA, Shisui’s eye, his arm, and multiple sharingans. He kinda stole Kakashi’s seat as temporary Hokage with that eye of his too…>_>

    @Chromer: Hiruzen and Danzo most likely competed politically and not physically.

    Probably after Tobirama appointed Hiruzen as the Hokage and died Danzo challenged Hiruzen to the position in the bloody wars of…politics! O_O

  36. 36th!!! YOSH!!


    My money is on Hiruzen, Danzou may have multiple stolen abilities(klepto-no-jutsu, thanks Super)
    But let’s not forget that Sarutobi can summon ENMA THE MONKEY KING!
    And Enma graaabs Danzo from behind and gives him “1000 years of monkey-raping death”

    And (somewhat) seriously, Hiruzen faced off against 2 hokages, and an immortal pedophile all while at the age of 67…
    F*cking Danzou couldn’t even beat Sasuke… not that Sasuke’s not badass, but Danzou just didnt seem to do very much damage to Sasuke (blindness being nothing more than ‘Temporary’ for a member of Doujutsu Of The Month)
    Let’s face it, if a guy that has multiple stolen sharingans, Shisui’s mind control abilities, AND the first Hokage’s Mokuton abilities can do little more than make sasuke’s eye bleed, I just don’t see him as a serious threat.


  37. since there’s not going to be a new chapter this week, I will entertain (yeah right prawl) with another
    BULLSHIT CHAPTER (formerly Cracktacular Spoiler)


    *this very closely mimics the events of “Escape from Alcatraz” with clint eastwood playing Hiruzen*


    Ok, it seemed like a great joke, but it now dawns on me…


    The card game they’ve been playin in there has to be drawing to a close sooner or later…

    or perhaps they’ve simply defected to One Piece

    Hashirama Senju as Wood Beard the Pirate

    Tobirama Senju as Wet Willy

    Hiruzen Sarutobi as Monkey D. Kage

    Minato Namikaze as Yellow Beard the Pirate

    and the conglomeration of Orochimaru’s arms and half the Kyuubi as
    Chopper – half fox, half snake pedophile, made from eating the pedo pedo fruit

  38. Here goes 8(….

    “Pein attacks Konoha. If Danzo valued the village so much as you claim then why didn’t he fight Pein then while he was destroying his beloved village?”

    Danzo hid because he thought it was in Konoha’s best interest for a new Hokage to take over. When people who inherited Hashirama’s “will of fire” lead it only brings disaster. Sarutobi- Huge ass invasion, Tobirama- Uchiha unrest, Minato- Demon Fox attack and Tsunade- Pain invasion. In Danzo’s head only he can protect the Village and a few sacrifices would be made so he can do it. Danzo cares about Konoha more than he does himself. The reason so many hate Danzo is because he is exactly like a real ninja (dealing in the shadows) while the “heroes” of this story are Samurais (except they don’t get owned as easily >_>). I’ll let those links explain Danzo’s character…

    “Lol, how do you know Hashirama and Madara are only powerful when tailed beasts are around?” Because Hashirama was killed several times by the Third, and the Third was fairly equal to Orochimaru, weaker in fact. Now we know there are many ninja stronger than Orochimaru, and Madara was equal to the first or perhaps weaker, thus they were powerful, but not THAT powerful without Biju, hence they were Jonin level as I previously said. (how many times did i use “thus”? lol)

    Think about it, each generation supposedly surpasses the previous, and Hashirama’s time was about 3 generations ago. Back then they didn’t have the luxuries ninja have in the manga’s current timeline (no ninja Academy, no Jonin teachers, no safe Village, no nothing). So if you were to throw Zabuza back to that time, perhaps he would be considered a legend as well.

    “and we see how strong (jounin level) Yamato is with only a fraction of Hashirama’s Mokuton jutsu power.” If you give a toddler the First’s genes he wouldnt automatically be Jonin level now would he? Yamato only became that strong because he trained and gained experience. Only thing Hashirama’s genes do is give him access to a unique power. And comparing Yamato’s jutsus to Hashirama’s, Yamato is clearly more skilled than Hashirama was (creating many different wood constructs), BUT Hashirama was more powerful (creating an entire forest).

    “As you can see their powers are hailed as current not past” Yes, because in their time they were powerful and their legend in those time lives on to this time. Would you compare Tobirama to Orochimaru, or Kabuto, or Pain, or Itachi????

    As for Hiruzen and Sarutobi, I dont see either of them fighting each other to the death. They were rivals, but more along the lines of a “Goku-Vegeta rivalry”. They push each other to be better. Sarutobi is always ahead and isnt willing to do the more realistic things like Goku (i.e killing the Uchihas to stop a civil war and killing the Ginyu force members), while Danzo cleans up Sarutobi’s messes (like killing the Uchihas with the other 2 elders to stop a civil war and Vegeta killing the enemies that Goku leaves alive) and is playing catch-up with Sarutobi. But Vegeta cant be the main character because he’s an asshole (the coolest asshole ever!) and Danzo cant be Hokage because the people want a leader they can trust, not one that lives in the shadows. But the rivals need each other.

    My God. That was a super rant (and I still didnt say all i wanted to say lol). 3 awesome points if you read the whole thing *gives Superdude cash for awesome points*

    I’ve read and written longer, lol, no worries. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the past Hokages’ power levels if they were to be brought back now and compared to the current ninja. I understand Danzo’s character and agree he had the village’s best interests in mind, in his own twisted away, but I still think he valued his own life as much as the village if not more. Hence, why he sacrificed others (the villagers) before himself.


  39. Bloody hell!!! No chapter this week? Is that some funny joke from kishi?

  40. “The card game they’ve been playin in there has to be drawing to a close sooner or later…” Unless its Yugioh…then it could go on forever ~_~’

  41. greyfox2012: “When he killed the toad that was going to summon Naruto and them back to the village when Pein attacked was so Pein wouldn’t get a hold of the 9 tailed kyuubi because he thought that would be the outcome. Turns out Naruto defeated Pein.”

    I feel bad about bringing this up, but it’s similar to the whole Hinata thing – how that ended up turning out for the best, thank God or whatever. XP Kishi, I don’know. X.o

    But either way, it’s only because Naruto got more time to train from Danzou killing the frog/toad, that he was able to defeat Pain, na? Doesn’t change the fact Danzou did something wrong, but it still turned out for the best, similar to how Hinata did something stupid, and, like those jounin that decided to hug Yahiko no Pein, also acted stupid about what to do next.


    *facepalms* Saving Naruto is stupid? We went over this already didn’t we Andy? 😉


  42. Ya know guys. I’ve been thinking about the best jutsu. I already made my decision on what the ABSOLUTE BEST JUTSU is, but what do u guys think is the best jutsu?

  43. No manga this week?

  44. @pokekage nope it’s golden week

  45. @kisuzachi: The Best Jutsu is Shadowclone Jutsu.

  46. No, no, no guys, the best jutsu is ass pull-no-jutsu – the one technique which allows you to win for various, vaguely described reasons.

  47. Flying Thunder God Technique

  48. ass pull-no-jutsu – Only Kishi can do this jutsu so it isnt accessible 8P

    Shadowclone Jutsu- Splitting your chakra among clones and receiving their fatigue when they go poof doesnt sound like a really good jutsu to me.

    Flying Thunder God Technique – yeah… cant teleport to an enemy unless you’ve marked them…

    Rasengan – not that either. The rasengan can only be molded into a sphere, so its predictable in that it can only get bigger or smaller

    Chidori – The speed it takes to use this technique is unreal, and if one achieves this speed, using the Chidori without a Sharingan, Rinnegan or a Byakugan would be fatal in battle. So if you dont have a dojutsu, you’re screwed.

    Kirin – . It’s too conditional, if there are no storm clouds one has to use powerful fire jutsus to produce these necessary clouds. Then all that hard work goes away once Kirin is used because all the clouds will be used up.

    So the best jutsu is *drum roll*……………… the Substitution jutsu. No drawbacks, can be used in any situation and is so important that its taught to Academy students lol

  49. @ kisuzachi You said Yamato is more creative than Hashirama? But you never seen the first hokage fight… ALSO, Hashirama fought Madara without tailed beast from what we know while Madara controled the nine tailed Kyuubi. A single man having the power to tame the beast and also to fight the nine tailed Kyuubi and Madara who possessed the Eternal mangekyou sharingan. There are some ninja that NO no one can surpass but there are those that ninja become stronger than. There are some legends in fact that ave never been overpowersd for all we know.

  50. greyfox2012, yeah we saw the First Hokages fought…and he got pwned. Also, Kishi said in an interview that among the dead ninja, Hiruzen and Minato are the strongest. What we saw was only a clip of the battle, we dont know if Hashirama summoned up the other 8 Biju after that panel ended. All we know is, Madara had the Kyubi and he lost. Think of this, Luffy (at the time) was not stronger than Enel, but his special ability let him win the fight. All Hashirama really had to do was break Madara’s control of the Kyubi and that’s it. Put Hashirama in a fight with Pain or Itachi or Deidara or Kakuzu (according to the 3rd databook, after Hashirama beat him he became the string monster that he is today) or Sasori or Kisame and see who wins (it wont be Hashirama 8P). He’s just a legend.

  51. @kisuzachi: Why all the negative stuff ?

    Rasengan; No idea what you mean when you say it’s predictable in that it can only get bigger or smaller … but we’ve clearly seen that it can change shape when you do different things with it, and I’m not talking about the movies.

    Kirin; the point of all the hard work is to use it in the first place. Yeah you need clouds, you can’t just pull natural lightning from anywhere. Yeah the clouds go away (if you produced them wuth fire), but only so because Kirin is supposed to be a one-hit K.O. Unless you’re Itachi or Madara, you won’t avoid it.

  52. @nagashi, well its the negative stuff that could screw you in battle lol.

    If your opponent dodges Kirin, ur screwed. You’d have already wasted too much time on that attack. The rasenagan cant change shape like the Chidori. The Rasengan can only get bigger or smaller (see Naruto’s first Rasengan, Naruto’s normal Rasengan, Odama Rasengan and Rasenshuriken). IF I know an attack can only get bigger or smaller, then its fairly predictable 8P

  53. Kirin is designed so that your opponent can’t dodge it.

    Flying Thunder God Technique enabled one of the strongest ninja to be anywhere he needed to be in the middle of a war. He could go anywhere his troops were. Extremely powerful and faster than Tobi’s dimensional portal jutsu. It’s not a full teleport because he needed the mark the spot first, but he had clever ways to do that.

    Essentially what the jutsu is all about is protecting his own people if they are in trouble. He can be there immediately and that’s really powerful.

    Also, if you mark the enemy, the enemy is DONE. If you marked the enemy you WIN.

    If you pull off a substitution jutsu, all you’ve done is dodged an attack.

  54. @Gavin, exactly. Substitution jutsu is the best! I dodge ur attack, momentary distraction……then WHAM! You’re out. OR. I dodge your attack, momentary distraction…….then im a mile away 8D. The Ultimate jutsu. On a serious note, it has no drawbacks (like all the uber powerful kinjutsu), provides a distraction, can be used anywhere and doesnt take much chakra to use. This is why it is beast!

  55. pickles, totally cool and psychotic breakdown…. i dunno what you’re smoking, but i want some of it 😀

    i think killerbee is gonna train naruto and the arc will end with the epic defeat of kisame (and good music too) at the hands of the world-famous rapping duo, killer west and 50-ruto……or wait, maybe they are called kayne B and naru-cent O_o

    as for the BIG debate, OLD GEEZER VS ANOTHER OLD GEEZER…..well there’s only one way to decide..



    *takes out epic coin*

    your call gentlemen!

    Hiruzen: i'll take…………TOMATOES

    Danzou: well for me………45667892

    Katz: Forget it……carry on fighting! yosh! 😀

  56. @kisuzachi: You’ll just have to give a proper definition of what ‘best’ or ‘beast’ means to you. When you say “the ultimate jutsu” how do you define “best” or “ultimate”. What makes a jutsu better than another? Because if it is about winning a battle, then I think I have a point. Flying Thunder God Technique still wins.

  57. @Gavin, the best jutsu would be usable in all situations (Chidori, Rasengan, Raikiri, and many other jutsus), pose no negative side effects to the user (Chidori, Rasengan, Raikiri, and many other jutsus), be fairly unpredictable (Rasengan is out because it can only get bigger or smaller, see Konohamaru’s Rasengan then see Odama Rasengan) and doesnt take too much chakra to use. That’s why, IN MY OPINION, The Substitution jutsu is the best of them all. I’m disappointed that the main ninjas dont use it anymore. Its demoralizing when you go through a hell of a lot of trouble to kill someone then POOF, it was just a log. Ever played a Naruto game and think you’re about to win? lol.

  58. @Kisuzachi the Chidori/Raikiri have negative for one you need a Sharingan to use it properly to counter the tunnel-vision. Also, there was a limit too how much you can used. Well I’m not so sure about the limit anymore.

  59. @kantonkage, is that a pic of Goku vs Superman XD!? Goku would beat him with just a finger lol

  60. @kisu: Sasuke knows how annoying that log is… XD 😛

    Goku pwns Superman because he’s OVER 9000!!!! Even though Goku’s power is probably 1,000 times that at the end of the series…

  61. @kisuzachi: Those are all good attributes to have in a jutsu. I just find it interesting that you didn’t once mention anything that has anything to do with power. Shinra Tensei (sp?) is an example of a jutsu that has a high power level and can be very damaging. It was powerful enough to level a city. I’m not saying that this jutsu hits all of your criteria, but why wouldn’t sheer power be a part of a good jutsu? It’s like the first thing that I would think of. For something like rasengan, the power level is very high (if it hits).

    Yeah. I do respect all of those attributes you mentioned, but I can think of many more: power, speed, ease of use, accuracy, rarity, reputation, learning curve, etc. Is there any reason you didn’t mention power?

  62. The best jutsu huh?

    When’s the last time we’ve seen substitution jutsu (Kawarimi no Jutsu)? A long time ago used on low level ninja. Have we ever seen it work or be used on high level ninja like the ones we see today? I’m sure no A or S class rank ninja would be fooled by it.

    Raengan? To slow and easy to dodge and it’s not even a complete jutsu. Not saying it’s undogeable (not a word apparently), just saying you can easily dodge it if you aren’t to tired or trapped.

    Kirin? Takes to much preparation. It’s nearly perfect if you can set it up though.

    Chidori? Only if you have a sharingan and knew how to manipulate its space like Sasuke does.

    Shadow Clone jutsu (Kage Bunshin)? Only if you had the chakra capacity and could utilize the numbers in mass like Naruto does.

    The best jutsu…it’s obvious and I will enlighten all of you who have gone astray. It’s Madara’s space/time jutsu. 😛 Travel through dimensions faster than the speed of light. Minato with his Hiraishin couldn’t touch him. You can leave people to starve to death in another dimension or just leave them their for eternity. It takes no apparent effort. All the above jutsu can’t even touch this jutsu… literally.Which makes it the best, albeit cheapest, jutsu there is. ^_^

  63. @Supertrek89: Madara’s space/time jutsu is sure up there are the top of my list. But I can’t decide which jutsu I think is better. The Flying Thunder God Technique is very similar to Madara’s space/time jutsu, but has advantages and disadvantages over it.

    I would say the Flying Thunder God Technique is faster than Madara’s space/time jutsu. But Madara’s movement with space/time is only restricted by his imagination it seems.

    This seems like much more of a close call than Flying Thunder God against substitution.

    I suggest having a poll next time. Maybe we can all chime in here with our favorite jutsu and have a list to choose from in the poll?

  64. @Gavin: Very much possible. One of the authors had an idea like that some weeks ago. 🙂

  65. @kizusachi True

  66. @supertrek for Madara teleport you need a MS or EMS. to use it. How about Deidara’s C4, Bijuu’s Imari, E’s Raiton yoroi Gai’s Asa kujaku or Jujutsu: Shiki Hyoketsu by Hidan; who is slowly becoming the first ninja to die from malnutrition.

  67. interesting match up wouldbe sasuke vs neji, i know this was supposed to happen back at the chunnin exams, but am i the only one who thinks neji would win now if they fought?….As much over powered as Sasuke is i still see neji with the win..

    oh and the best techinque would be a tie between sexy no jutsu and 1000 years of pain…the only flaw is it only works against ur allies lol

  68. @kantonkage: You mean starvation ? You can’t die from malnutrition if you’re not eating at all.

    @kisuzachi: lol … come to think of it, I’d agree too, but I’m not sure if it works on just anyone. Strongest person I’ve seen it used on was Deidara, in his fight against Sasuke. If it’s capable of fooling any ninja in the world, then I agree.

    Which leads me to a question. If someone used a substitution jutsu, would a Sharingan be able to see through it immediately ?

  69. @shinobimadness I agree because the only thing that Sasuke could do is say “I can see” and watch as Neji perform Hakke Rokujuuyonshou. He’ll see every hit just won’t be able to do anything about it.

  70. @nagashikage Hunger = no eating = no nutrients = malnutrition

  71. @kantonkage

    not so sure. what he (sasuke) can do is dodge every thrust toward his body…….his sharingan NOW is able to keep up with speed as fast as lee, guy or even bee……..after that, sasuke can proceed to beat the hell out of neji, who’ll be out of chakra by then…and we have’nt even begun talking about EMS abilities 😛 much as i don’t like sasuke’s invincibility, he would take this one easily if they fought NOW. Sasuke you sly bastard >_>

    of course, it was a different matter in the chunin exams. Neji would probably have beaten him then 🙂

    correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not really strong in technical discussions of manga lol 😀

  72. as for the strongest jutsu,as long as you’re fighting a male, it’s obvious that it’s the HAREM NO JUTSU………not even old man Sarutobi was able to resist it….the only man who can resist it so far is Killer Bee, and even he won’t be immune to it’s charms for long………apparently Killer Bee is REALLY into bestiality 😀


  73. @katz747 i was talking about genin Neji vs Sasuke. shipudden Sasuke would spam amaterasu and susanoo plus he is Kishi’s favorite character so I doubt Sasuke would win. Unless the Byakugan has some upgrade or something then maybe Neji would have a chance but we all know how Kishi is with Hyuugas. They make apperances twice a year even the main two Neji and Hinata. Btw that reminds me when will Naruto confront Hinata Damn you older twin Kishimoto.

  74. @Super, HA! Substitution jutsu tricked Akatsuki when Killerbee used it 8P. Space-Time is goob, but ur vulnerable when attacking. Imagine if Madara learned the Sub jutsu- then he’d be impossible to hit *GASP*!

    @Gavin, the reason I didnt include power is because of my personality. For me, getting an opponent down when they dont expect it is more fun than just overpowering them. Plus using the Sub messes with their minds XD! But if we’re talking about power, I say Shinra Tensei.

  75. Come to think of it, this manga is so biased. Isn’t the Sharingan a mutation of the Byakugan (which also looks closer to the Rinnegan than the Sharingan does). The Sage’s son’s eyes look closer to Byakugan eyes. My theory is this eventually led to a Byakugan and the Sharingan mutated from the Byakugan. So my point is, Byakugan needs an upgrade too Kishi!

    As muc as i hate Sasugay, and as much as I think Neji’s the strongest non-main character of the Konoha 11 or 12, Sasuke would outright devastate him. He wouldnt last 5 minutes against Susanoo and Amaterasu. If it were 3 years ago, or even at the start of Shippuden, then yes, Neji could win, but definitely not now.

  76. @kizuachi Kawarami was also used by Kisame to avoid losing his head.

  77. Kishimoto hate Hyuugas it has been proven many times. Nuff said.

  78. lol kantonkage you do have a point……

    it’s just that kishi LOVES UCHIHAS.Except for some arcs like hadan and kakuzu arc, pain arc etc. the series has totally become Uchiha This and Uchiha That………heck, i hate the sharingan already, it should be banned for being too haxxorxx……

    i mean, imagine Sanji from OP having, in addition to his kicking style, the powers of haoshoku haki, the fire-fire fruit and zoro’s swordfighting skills ALSO……that’s the magyenkyo sharingan…

    Byakugan definitely needs an upgrade……and so do the OTHER kekkai genkai………..fuck sharingan, MS AND EMS!! >_<

  79. @kantonkage:
    not enough/too much/imbalanced = malnutrition.
    What you said = starvation. When you don’t eat enough or properly, it’s malnutrition, and you die of starvation. It’s impossible to die from malnutrition, but the latter can lead to death … by starvation. Is my point proven yet ?

  80. @nagashi Doesn’t matter, he is still going to die by the most humiliating way possible for a ninja let alone an Akatsuki member.

  81. @katz747 Amaterasu = Mustang from Fma + Jin/Ashura from younger Kishi’s (the good Kishi) 666satan. Susanoo = Kokujo tengen Myo’o (Komamura bankai)+ final form Ishida from bleach + Erza Kongou no Yoroi + Gluttony from FMA. Tsukoyomi = a lesser version of Kyoka Suigestu. Madara teleport = controlled Hyperresonanace from tales of the abyss + instant transimission from Dbz.

  82. @Katon: Eh? Don’t you need an earth affinity to use Deidara’s C4, a Bijuu to use the power of their blasts, a lighting affinity to use E’s Raiton jutsu, the ability to open the 8 gates to use Gai’s Morning Peacock, and knowledge of the forbidden jutsu Hidan stole to become immortal? Ah, I know Madara’s space-time jutsu has a certain requirement for its use (assumption is MS or EMS though Madara has never been shown with anything besides a regular sharingan) but it is by far still the best jutsu once you get the requirement. Just like you have to meet certain requirements to use the jutsus you just mentioned. >(0_-)>

    @Kisu: Pfffffffffft, Madara and the rest of Akatsuki were presented with an already disguised tentacle as Killer Bee. It’s not like Killer Bee did the switch right in front of them. Besides, Killer Bee only tricked Sasuke with the help of his Bijuu.

    Sasuke would have seen Killer Bee try to substitute himself if he wasn’t transformed and disguised as the Hachibi. In other words no other ninja could have pulled that off. I want to see a regular ninja try the substitution jutsu on a sharingan user and try to get away with it. 😉 But you know what works on the rinnengan, sharingan, and byakugan without fail? You know why Madara doesn’t bother to use the E-rank technique substitution jutsu? Oh you know. It’s the awesome space-time jutsu. So far untouchable! ^(^_^)^

    We know every ninja who goes to school has substitution jutsu and yet they just keep on dying. Tsk tsk, if only they had something better. *whistles and walks away*

  83. @everyone When I think about there is no Ultimate generic Jutsu you need some special requirement to access one.

  84. Substitution jutsu also causes the opponent to lose chakra after performing an attack, similar to how Naruto wasted an attack – a rasengan (not that it mattered) against ‘Madara’ when they were facing off in that forest or whatever. Remember how when they were chasing after Sasuke as he fought Itachi?

    Anybody also remember how Shino trapped ‘Madara’ in his Kikai bugs or whatever? Does anyone remember if Madara/Tobi said he was just kidding or some such – about being caught?

  85. Also, @Supertrek: You say, ” I want to see a regular ninja try the substitution jutsu on a sharingan user and try to get away with it,” but that’s just it, not everybody (ESPECIALLY now) is a sharingan user. Also, even if Pein had seen it occur with his Rinnegan, it would have been too late to stop Hinata because he had already wasted his five second interval thing or whatever. So he’d have his arms out ready to be attacked – he’d have to turn around just to even think about catching Hinata.

    Not to mention he probably underestimated her, so suprise would be in her favor.

  86. @holydemonandy That would be epic but I’ll say it again Kishi hates Hyuugas. Also, Naruto would have never had found out about his father considering the road Konoha was going they would had never told Naruto. So, Kishi needed some fodder aka Hinata (Kishi you bastard) but he give her a new Jutsu to make it look better. Then he would ignore that epic moment for over a year and focus on the people with Sharingan in their left eye socket and nail polish wearing red clouds.

  87. Harem no jutsu, hands down.

  88. The ulimate is Oiroke: Dōshi no Jutsu because it’s flexible.

  89. @Superdude, you try playing an Ultimate Ninja game and NOT use Substitution jutsu, lets see how far you get 😛

  90. @Andy: You know in order to pull off Kawarimi no Jutsu you have to replace yourself with a nearby object so fast the attacker is tricked into thinking he hit you right?

    So what nearby object could Hinata have replaced herself with in that barren crater she was in? Fast enough so Pein couldn’t notice might I add.

    Those rocks on the opposite side of where she just saved Naruto? Lol, Naruto’s body (admittedly that’d be quite funny)? XD No matter what she would have done Pein was to much for her, to much for anybody actually. She managed to save Naruto sacrificing herself and that’s all that matters. At least she did something when no one else did. Indeed, no one else stepped in to help Naruto and in the end it all worked out thanks to Hinata’s involvement did it not? ^(0_-)>

    @Kisu: Hmmm…I don’t play Naruto games but I’ll take your advice to heart and spam Kawarimi no Jutsu with fervor whenever I get the chance to pick up a title. Hopefully I’ll never lose. 🙂

    @Anybody: Maybe Hanabi will have a role in the upcoming war and the Hyuugas will get some love from Kishi again. The Byakugan has been put on the back burner for to long now. It’s time for a doujutsu revolt!

  91. Oh, oops. 😦 My bad, Super. Sorry about all I’ve put you through. XP Kind of embarrassing – my mistake is. I had thought there were rocks behind Pein/Yahiko that she could’ve switched with. Sorry about that.

    It’s cool. o_-


  92. @super the same way they replace themselves with perfectly cut logs out of nowhere with a convenient but randomly placed boulder.

    But there weren’t any conveniently or randomly placed boulders for Hinata so… And in the manga (not talking about the anime) there’s always “that” object nearby that someone replaces themselves with.


  93. For those who reckon madara’s space-time jutsu is untouchable, Aburame Torune prove it was. It just needs the perfect timing and concentration. Again, when kakashi tried to use kamui on madara, he told madara not to bother, that techniques like that “did not work on him”. Meaning there were some techniques that could work on madara, kakashi’s just wasn’t among them.

    Oh wait a sec. When danzou tried to drag madara’s arse down with him with that sealing jutsu, why didn’t madara remain on the spot? I guess he should have just waited and teleported his body to another dimension. But he moved his “teleported backside” out of the way. Madara just hasn’t met the person who can harm him. When he does, it will be epic.

  94. Because MangaHelpers has changed its policy, some people are not sending in spoilers on the next chapter….So I searched for Ohana’s comments on 493 around the web and this is what I have found thus far. Hope everyone is well…Take care 😉

    Credits : Ohana
    Verification: Confirmed
    Translator : Nightjumper

    493 闇ナルト!!

    左がナルト 右が闇ナルト

    86 ポポが作った人形ゴクウみたいに 同じ力でぶつかりあうから決着はつかないの。


    the chapter title is yami (darkness) naruto
    the chapter cover
    naruto on the left yami naruto on the right

    ohana like the goku doll bobo made, its the clash of identical powers that it wont come to an end. when naruto shadow clones yami-naruto does the same. to yamatos it appears that narutos just sitting there.

    no appearance of zetsu







    Naruto VS Naruto
    It’s not settled.

    A Rai-nin(mediator) begins telling the story about when someone tried to kill Bee…

    Just what happened 30 years ago…

    Bee has been wearing sunglasses since he was a kid

    On the SJ cover is Naruto and young Naruto

  95. a bit more….

    Naruto fights against his dark version who represents his hatred. They both call each other the fake Naruto.

    Meanwhile, Bee is beating some huge bears at Sumo and Hachibi tells Bee that he should help Naruto. Hachi says he hates Kyubi but that Hachi used to be bad back in the day before meeting Bee. Bee tells himto shut up and say he won’t accept that idiot who insults rap. This part ends with Bee saying “Plus he…”

    Naruto and Yami-Naruto are evenly matched in everything and Naruto wakes up and explains the situation to Yamato and Motoi.(the battle was all in Naruto’s mind, BTW) Motoi explains that you can’t control the Bijuu unless you can win this fight. Naruto asks about Bee and Motoi explains how Bee was hated by everyone but got over it by learning how to express himself. And also that he was able to put up with it because he didn’t want to make his brother, the Raikage, look bad. Basically, he accepted the sacrifice for his brother’s sake. Naruto asks Motoi to ask Bee to help him but Motoi says he can’t. The reason being that Motoi once tried to kill Bee. Next week will focus on a tragic situation that happened 30 years ago…

  96. MY F**** GOD @_@ ero dude where have you been @_@


    Yes. I win. I always said that the Kyuubi could be redeemable. Now they are saying that Hachibi was bad back in the day. But he was redeemable, and now he’s nice because of Killer Bee for whatever reason. Booyah!

  98. Actually Toruze watever his name was explained how he could hit Madara because you have to be solid in order to attack

  99. @Everybody: Please remember to put “Spoiler Discussion” or “Spoiler” over your text if you’re going post anything related to spoilers which reveal or hints at what happens in the next manga release. This is so I can mark it yellow. I know new people and those who have been away for awhile might not know so this is just a heads up.

    Thanks 🙂

  100. I regard to the ! SPOILER !

    I didn’t really saw anything worth while in the last manga because it was obvious what was gonna happen, only I was hoping Naruto would figure out by himself how to defeat his evil self and not to rely on bee,but i guess that’s how is supposed to go according to the “super size sage”.

    anyway, if bee’s life is gonna be show’en the week after this one then it’s at least 3 week’s till Naruto will overcome the evil self and find the means to control or at least try to reason with the kyuubi.
    I’me actually hoping to see Sasuke’s new EMS but i think that will be presented after Naruto gains control over the fox, so it will look like they are finally on equal ground.

  101. my bad

  102. Is it just me or does it seem everyone is waiting for kisame vs bee or naruto vs sasuke and talking about this ninja wars. Well i can’t wait till after the war for the ultimate showdown everyones overlooked naruto vs konohamaru (chunnin preliminary showdown). How could you all forget that one huh? Naruto for the win by skarf stranglation no jutsu. Training really does pay off doesn’t it!

  103. Doesn’t naruto need a team to take the chunnin exam! Does that mean naruto sakura and sai with a bunch of genin. Come on that at least 20 chapters of fun!

  104. @Ahsan 阿赫桑: Just been working. Now with the oil spill in the gulf I am busier than ever. TF2 & CoD:MW2 & L4D2 have been eating most of my other online life.

    @supertrek89: new rules huh? ok, but are you doing it to highlite it, or to warn those who are for some reason scared of future eps? If it is the later….shame on you. Xp

  105. Is it just me or do think that kishi has had a few DB (dragonball) moment. He could think of anymore bad guys so he brought back umm…. everyone! No dragonballs but still no one is truely dead. I kinda liked the fact that characters stayed dead! It made all the battle have more meaning and once you took a few chapters to get over your favourite characters dying (sob kimimaro, small tear for Itachi good or bad no one really cared) you moved on. I hate the recycling of the people in mangas it makes them seem cheap and worthless.

    Worst of all the now overpowering character to the point where your not really sure now strong, fast, tough, etc, etc… anyone is. who liked the thought of a team of ninja on almost all occasions beat the man by himself no matter how good he was. im okay with one or two freaks but jeez shinrai tensei! first the village then the planet (sound familiar). with all of this the believability of the manga is slowly gone and now i read it because i have for so long.

    pull it back kishi i know you can. And no more invincible technique like kamui, susanno and inzangi. one lead to another one and then a loss on reality (that you shaped for goodness sake). When last did a battle be decided by kunai? It now like everything else as obsolete as the expolding note or lee’s taijutsu.

    Oh yeah no more sharingans, it like the super sayain of naruto awesome but now completely annoying.

    Yes i do like killerbee in manga and evil sasuke(why is he evil again? does he even know?) but stick to advice about spamming everyone with used jutsu and keep it believable while you still can.

    493 What’s under those sunglasses? Ebisu has the sharingan?

  106. Actually

    493 Guy vs Kisame, 8 Gates opened! Does that mean a draw then!

  107. Prawl: Rules about SPOILERS?!?!? MUWHAHAHAAAAAA I will never conform to you rules…

    Supertrek: Ok, then you’re banned for life… tard…
    *Prawl is banned to a life of ordinary american comics*

    Prawl: PLEEEASE! LET ME BACK IN! I’LL BE GOOD! I can’t stand these bloodless, endless confrontations! I refuse to believe Batman wouldn’t kill an enemy… And… and.. Fuck you superman…. always flaunting your near-invincibility, and Kryptonian appettite for viagra… BASTARDS!

    Supertrek: Alright alright! you can come back, just shut the hell up… and leave DC comics alone!

    Prawl! 😀 *does the happy-kill dance*

  108. *in the guise of “Good Prawl” *

    You do know that NARUTO refuses to kill his enemies?

    *Prawl – a.k.a. ordinary, ‘evil’ Prawl*

    Shut up me! Nobody likes a know-it-all!

  109. @Lostpride: Welcome to WRA! o_o First time I’ve ever seen a new guy come on here with a rant in tow. XD

    As any shonen manga progresses powers always get crazier and crazier to give the good guys who are constantly growing stronger a challenge. One minute you’re fighting some kid with ice jutsu and the next you’re up against a dead body that can blow up your village with a single blow.

    Konamaharu vs. Naruto? Now that’s a match I definitely want to see.

    @Ero: Lol, it’s both and yes shame on me but rules are rules. 😉

    @Prawl: Only you Prawl, lol.

  110. I was hoping more for a duel of words rather than a duel of attacks (physical).

    Also, why is Yami Naruto ONLY his hatred? >,> You’d think it ought be his potential perversion too or something – I don’know. Meh.

    And unless Konohamaru makes use of his environment like Shikamaru used to do very often, and uses some of the more basic jutsu and also has some of his own, I’m not so sure he could beat Naruto. Ugh, I’m not even sure I want to post this really. :O

  111. Konohamauru would beat Naruto, granted naruto has been trained by a Sannin, Sage mode, and to top it off trained by kakashi and a kyuubi for back-up. But don’t forget Kono is personnally being trained by Ebisu(granted thats not something to brag about) who is a Jonin specifically trained to teach him to be a hokage one day(as quoted by himself((Ebisu))). So its the guy who most likely be one, and one who will become one. Kono learned the rasengan younger than naruto, knew how to use shadow clones more effiecently than naruto was previously so its more like how soon will he be at naruto’s level, granted he doesn’t learn a kekkei genkai lol….
    Konohamaruo FTEW!!!

  112. I wonder how the current Konohamaru would fare against the Konoha 11/12 when they were all just Genin? I know he would beat Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Kiba….but im iffy on the real powerhouses…..

  113. Konohamaru would have beaten all of them. Ask yourself if any of them would have been able to take on one of Pain’s bodies.

  114. Wait, wait, do you guys mean current Naruto vs current Konohamaru because if that’s what you mean it’s gonna be a quick and painful one for the little brat. But I have to agree that he is rather strong for a genin.

    You know what would be fun, at least for a few seconds, Ino vs Raikage.

  115. konohamaru is probably better than naruto when he was a genin….there’s the whole YOUNGER>OLDER shit going on..


    i would buy stadium tickets for that one @_@

    i mean, what can Ino do? swing her ponytail at raikage? lol..

    BTW, did anyone notice that naruto’s Girl-form in harem no jutsu resembles INO the most out of all the girls…O_o

    that means….OMG…..Naruto X Ino shipping! yay! 😛

  116. you guys are all making KONO bigger then he really is. Remember that naruto was taught the rasengan at a LATER age then Kono, knowing narutos tenacity if he was shown HOW to do it he would have at the same age or younger then Kono. PLUS naruto learned it in a week or a bit less, kono had much more time to learn the rasengan. Though he is skilled hes not naruto. AND DONT FORGET THAT NARUTO IS STILL A GENIN HE NEVER PASSED THE CHUNIN EXAMS and has still yet to advance in rank SOOOOOO if you compared Genin naruto to genin KONO lol well there is no comparrison


  117. * Spoiler *

    hide your eyes!

    Turn off that F#*K!ng Byakugan!

    Here are some raw scans of 493:

  118. OK. So, apparently I don’t know the difference between a scan and a pic. They can be blurry, but they are a sneak peak.

  119. @ all… GAI Senswi and kisame to the death!!!!!!!!! Gai opens the 8th gate of Kick a$$ !!!!

  120. when will the manga come out!?!?!? come on!!!!!!!!

  121. lmao @ dricedt…… all of you ppl are crazi kono def would not stand a chance in a fight with anyone of except sakura and ino every one esle would crush him including naruto. naruto has a great deal more chakra than kono even without kuubi and toad sage (remember he went through a good deal of the chunin exam with his kuubi sealed). an naruto isn’t going to have to take the cunin exam any one in the village can become hokage..being that his name was offered up with kakashi’s while the 5th was absent before donzo budded in rank really isn’t necessary to achieve his goal.

  122. Im not sure anyone realised this but kabuto’s pawns in the shinobi war could incude a kimimaro return with him free of his shinobi aids (tut tut orochimaru). We could see him go all out this time. I wonder how stong he is in the manga now? Who else could kabuto bring back? Well we know it isn’t the sound four who would waste chakra on that!

  123. “You know what would be fun, at least for a few seconds, Ino vs Raikage.” I learned my lesson. Never drink liquids when you visit WRA…..

  124. @lostpride, I’d definitely wanna see Kimimaro return. He was 15 when he owned Lee, Gaara AND Naruto while he was on his death bed. If he lived he would make Sasuke (age 16) look like shit. Sasuke at the start of Shippuden wouldnt beat Kimimaro 😛

  125. @kisuzachi: Baby chimps outperform humans in IQ scores, should that mean something as well?

  126. wth man, spoilers since yesterday and still no chapter??! is someone hogging it??

  127. I went Hogg’n at this bar when I was younger…..Oh wait, you mean ‘not sharing’ the new chapter….Nevermind.

  128. @ Supertrek – I would also like to see a fight between Konohamaru, and Naruto – but that is one that I think would have to take place post-time-skip. Konohamaru needs a few years to learn a bit more, and to catch up to Naruto.

    It would also be pretty cool to see him adopt Grandpa Hiruzen’s summoning tech, and then… THE RETURN OF ENMA! The ASS-RAPING MONKEY KING!!!
    No Toad would want to face off against that!

    *A Possible reaction to Naruto summoning against Enma*
    Gamabunta: “No way! I got a scar over my eye, and my ass is still sore from Enma! Dammit Naruto!”

  129. why do you guys think Konohamaru’s father’s identity is witheld?? could he end up being a missing-nin? personally,i think konohamaru would get his insides splattered if he faced Naruto. Naruto is a different animal and with a bijuu inside when he completes his development no one EVER will even stand a chance. I see Naruto and Konohamaru becoming like Ero seenin and Minato

  130. is it possible for the third’s son to join akatsuki, seeing as how someone related to the hokage is supposed to join them. it never said the current one, either danzou/tsunade. its plausible because asuma obviously had a brother , which at the moment is mia, hmmm…

  131. @shinobi, Asuma has a brother!? Couldnt it be a sister? 😛

  132. @everyone he/she is where Hinata’s mother, Kushina, and Neji’s mother is.

  133. Konohamaru’s parents that is one or both.

  134. Konohamru is so awesome that he made it to Ben 10. In your face Saucegay!

  135. @maidencrow: Right you are. There is something I always said when IRA was still up & running, and that is, “The name of the f*&King manga is ‘Naruto’. Hello?! So who (even if he isn’t strongest ninja) do you think will, in the end, be victorious? That’s right, NARUTO! Duh!” He may loose a few battles, or it may cost him his life, but in the end it will be Naruto’s will that is successful.

  136. The manga is Naruto, but remember the Kishi’s themes. One is: The next generation will eventually surpass the current generation. That’s why Naruto won’t always win against Konohamaru.

  137. @Gavin

    Yes, but Naruto is the chosen one. 😀
    He must be the best ninja who will ever live, who will unite the villages..and so on… 🙂

    With Kyubi who will probably learn how to control it, Konohamaru have no chance to beath Naruto. Only if Konohamaru become a Jinchuriki, he and Naruto might be at same level.

  138. i think Gavin is right, the strongest theme of the manga has been

    think, if someone said at the beginning of “Naruto” that naruto could pwn Kakuzu, become stronger than Jiraiya and also protect the village single-handedly against Pain……people would just have laughed at that person lol 😀

    that’s why, one day, loooooooooooooooooong into the future, Kono will become stronger than naruto and possibly pwn him 😛

  139. Wouldn’t it be interesting, down the loooooong road, after Naruto is dead, if someone like Kabuto summoned him from the dead, and made him fight Konohamaru…

  140. …then again, Naruto would probably just do Zombie Harem No Jitsu at Konohamaru, and they’d both laugh… XD

  141. chapters finally out!

  142. I feel like I read 17 pages of what was already described by the last page of 492…

  143. am i the only one that thinks that old pic of the raikage is fucking awesome?

  144. @fuutonsavior: You aren’t the only one.

  145. SPOILER-ish Discussion!

    Ok, so next chapter we get a ‘bit-o-honey’ into Bee’s past. Which could be very cool. Maybe we’ll even get to see some of his 8-sword training sessions.
    I swear to GOD ALMIGHTY though, that if Kishi makes young Bee out to be like Urkel, I’ll fly to Japan and….

    *Kishimoto’s private ninja bodyguards appear and beat Prawl for so long that he think’s it’s a new career*

    Prawl *coerced into reading prepared statement* “I love the latest turn of events in the manga, also I am glad that Jiraiya is dead…NO I WONT READ THE LAST PART *gets punched* NO! F*CK YOU! I WILL NOT SAY SASUKE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!”

    *3 silenced shots are heard, and Prawl dies… again… *

  146. *Resureccion*

    @ Gavin, and Fuuton – Yes, young Raikage is cool looking. I would like to see some of the Raikage’s earlier days, and also to see how he became the Raikage. (And, since we all know he’s Mr. T w might get to see his battle with the famous Rocky Balboa-chan)

    I say that because it will help the timeline a bit. If Neji’s dad was killed and offered up when Neji was a child, and that was supposedly after Hyashi killed the old raikage… Meh, maybe I should re-check my facts… did Hyashi kill the former RAikage, or was he just some Lightning nin?

  147. I wonder what Bee was going to spit about Naruto in page 8.
    and yea little Bee is HILARIOUS!!!! I think Mr. Motoi is Kumo’s version of Konoha’s Iruka sensei

  148. *SPOILERS*

    Naruto is going to make nice with the Kyuubi.
    They will come to some sort of understanding.
    That understanding will not enable Naruto to control the Kyuubi.
    Killer-Bee thinks Naruto just wants to control things.
    That’s why he thinks Naruto is a punk.
    Naruto needs to come to an understanding with the Kyuubi.
    He will fail if he keeps talking about ‘control’.

  149. @Prawl, he was just some high-ranking lightning-nin. Also, Lmao @ ur comment

  150. @maidencrow

    i’d rather think he was a little like that OTHER BAD GUY with iruka (i don’t remember his name) who became good later after fighting Bee 🙂


    this chapter was mostly talk…….apart from the clash of naruto’s, which BTW also went off in a predictable method, there was no excitement really….meh

    Kid Bee is cool and so is Kid raikage……motoi is the usual……………..OH GOD, I JUST NEED SOME EXCITEMENT ALREADY!!! COME OUT KISAME AND KILL SOMEONE!! 😛

  151. really predictable chapter but non the less really good, i’me actually still hoping Naruto will learn to pass this part of his training on his own because it’s the most important thing for him to win against his evil inner self by himself and bee should only be there to provide assistance after this part and to show him the ropes sort to say.

    About the young Raikage and young Bee, that was really cool to see them at a young age, especially the Raikage who looked like a Bad Ass Mo Fo.
    So I guess Naruto has to find a way to express himself just as Bee found out through Enka_Rap Yoooooooo.

    Let’s just hope Naruto dosen’t have a Celine Dion moment, that would be………………………
    Goes of to find a good BAD word in the dictionary,.. comes back sad to say that there is no Bad enough word for this situation.
    All jokes aside Naruto need’s to find a way to focus his anger and probably after that he’ll be ready to start a long chat with the kyuubi.
    Can’t wait to hear that conversation”
    Yo fox I just found out how to take advantage of you fool,
    Sure took you long enough blondie
    Come on i’ll treat you to ramen foxie so you’ll get over it faster wiskers.

  152. Maybe Naruto will start writing books like Jiraiya to express himself. Kakashi would be pumped for some more icha icha to read.

  153. Hmm I wonder if Naruto will have to balance 4 type of chakra (Physical / Spiritual / Sage / Kyuubi) to drain the “evil will” of Kyuubi. He’s doing OK with balancing 3, so maybe he’ll get good at chakra balancing in general, and be able to eventually balance them all!

  154. …or, maybe Kyuubi’s chakra is so “evil” because he’s only been used as a weapon of war since his creation… maybe removing that “evil war taint” will make him a happy fox that just wants to run through poppy fields…

  155. @bunshin09: That’s actually a pretty cool prediction. Naruto will find a way to express himself. Maybe it will be rap? Maybe it will be writing? Who knows?

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