Rate this weeks manga (or last weeks since im abit late) 26/04/2010, also rate the best abridged series .. !?!

YOSH!! two posts in two days, being fairly active here. I will start off by saying, that if you have read the title you will see im rating something else aswell as the manga this week, the reason for this ? i dont know to be honest, i just want to add something else to the post, hope you folks enjoy it… (also since im doing the abridged add-on today the manga rating section will be reduced … this is due to keeping the post short and my lazyness … sorry).

First we will start off with Fairy Tail (as i usually do), and will just say that overall the chapter was good, had some comedy in it, had some action, had plot devolpment and most of all it had the lead up to some up and coming fights, which should be rather epic.

My rating for this chapter would have to be 7/10, it had abit of everything this week.

Next we will move on to Bleach, which i will just say bluntly was dull… EXCEPT THE ENDING!!!!!!! we all saw it coming, we all knew it would eventully happen…

YAY… Bleach is getting more epic by the minute, well atleast for now it is, could all go down hill now.

My rating this week for Bleach is a 6/10. Too much talking got it to 4, Urahara made it 6.

Next is One Piece, which was a fairly emotional chapter, with Luffy trying to come to grips with Aces death, was  a good chapter, could of done with some action, but for me ive had enough of action for now, now is the time for the emotions and shiz to start going round.


One Piece this week gets an 8 off me for making me want to cry TT_TT.

And finally for the manga section of this post … Naruto, which was a rather disapointing chapter in my opinion, not much happened, and even when something happened, it was the end of the chapter… but i surpose it was good, just not as good as the manga has been recently.

O_O Evilness FTW?

Naruto gets a 6/10 this week for not having enough plot development, had some but not enough >_>…

AND NOW! we move onto this weeks special feature …

Rate the best Abridged Series!!!

Right i wont give my analysis of the series myself, because that is my opinion of them, instead i will let you watch them and then give me feedback on which you think is the best.

LittleKuriboh (CardGamesFTW) : Yu-gi-oh Abridged – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li_mpvip8aU

(obviously go to CardGamesFTW’s channel for more videos if it helps you get a better idea).

LittleKuriboh (NinjaBridge) : Naruto the Abridged Series – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPzxHWre4M8

(once again go to the channel for more videos… im not going to say it again so just remember it >_>)

Vegeta8639 + MasakoX : Naruto the Abridged Series – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OjHfxR1NVo&playnext_from=TL&videos=LeW1o66-ylM

(Yes, there are 2 Naruto the abridged series, i didnt make a mistake).

Lanipator : Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXPp5_X3LNM&feature=PlayList&p=109E77870BF7BEE1&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

Team Four Star: DragonBall Z abridged – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sAF0WdzVZQ

… These are the only ones that i have watched, and if you think you have a better abridged series post it in the comments section and im sure people will comment on it, whether its good or bad.

Now, if i had to decide on the best abridged series, i would proberly have to go for Yugioh Abridged, mainly because it uses real life situations (instead of whats going on in the show) and the ability to break the 4th wall and keep it funny (if you dont know what the 4th wall is, look it up).

Thanks for reading folks, hope you enjoyed it all (even my special feature for this week), and i look forward to reading your comments =P


~ by Captain Awesome on April 26, 2010.

11 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga (or last weeks since im abit late) 26/04/2010, also rate the best abridged series .. !?!”


  2. second!!!

  3. No epic fail, I hope.

    Fairy Tail: 7/10 I agree with you Kabuto.
    Bleach: 8/10 The talking wasn’t that bad, I understood more about the Hougyoku. Urahara’s Epic Entrance FTW!!!
    One Piece: 7/10: I didn’t like it that much.
    Naruto: 7/10 The humor was great, Naruto’s ryhmes and Harem jutsu. The cliffhanger was awesome!

    Yeah, Bleach dominates this week. 😛

    Abridged Series: Yugioh abridged is great, but I love Dragon Ball.

  4. Great job Kabuto!

    Fairy Tail 7/10: Lot’s of action and who doesn’t like a random amusement park…>_>

    Bleach 8/10: I admittedly was confused until someone explained it to me which helped me appreciate the chapter a lot more.

    One Piece 9/10: A good emotional chapter always beats action for me. Anybody can pull off an action scene but to draw out emotion is true creativity.

    Naruto 10/10: The chapter had me ROFLing. I can’t help but give it the highest score for putting a smile on my face and its ending. Hollow Naruto anybody?

    @Kabuto: It’d be awesome if you could add FMA to your ratings. 😉

  5. @super: i will do when the next chapter is out 😉

  6. LOOOOGED!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dbz abridged FTEW!!! teamfourstar is without a doubt the best abridgers out there! If you’ve never seen it and you know dragonball then you’re missing out.

    At least watch the nappa and vegeta fights! Those will have you ROTFLOL for HOURS!!!

  8. Pop quiz Time!!!!! Try to name the series, episode, and situation each quote comes from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -It’s… It’s …It’s so cute can I keep it? Can I keep it?
    -Fine just catch it or something
    -Yeahhhh! Here boy shake! Aghhh got your finger. Ok Now boy Catch the ball catch the ball! Herah! Ahh ahh I brokded it Vegeta. It must have been made of something weak like paper mache or radis

    -Why are there sometimes black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen?
    -Their there to make the show look really cool. Everyone knows wide screen is better than the original aspect ratio.
    -Oh I thought they were maybe there to hide the subtitles
    -No its defiantly that other thing I said

    -Simon says give me your soul
    -Ah well ok wha wait a second ha ha almost got me
    -ha ha ha oh snap I thought I had ya


    -That’s a long talk comi’n from a city slicken Wait a minuite this ain’t right I’m all discombobumalated
    -To put it lightly yes, yes you are
    -Wad you do to me
    -I simply removed this

    A kid showed up just the other day I don’t know how but it was kinda cool and there was stuff to do and so I got real busy and then he grew up and he was all pissed off he was bitter for some raisin and as he grew he said I don’t want to be like you dad and I sure don’t want to live under ground

    Screw the money I have rules!

    You usually do it on a table and you always feel deep shame when its finished also the older you get the less fun it is so remember always wear a ………..

    – are we there yet
    – are we there yet
    -are we there yet
    -are we there yet
    -are we there yet

    # 10
    -Took a vacation to the Island of Shut the Hell Up
    -Wow a lot of people must go there I get post cards from there all the time

  9. Yugioh Abridged FTEW! Everyone else started only because of CardgamesFTW’s success with Yugioh. Besides……….WHAT CAN BE BETTER THAN A CHILDREN’S CARD GAME!?

  10. DBZ ABRIDGED FTW!!! XD Just look at aimeeamd’s post… 8)

  11. great job as always kabuto

    Fairy tail and abridged: i rly dunno 😦

    naruto: gets a 7/10……good comedy, but no plot. evil naruto FTEW 😛

    bleach: the usual, 7/10. urahara is finally here 🙂 , so +1…that makes it a 8/10…..let’s hope he does’nt start yakking too…

    OP: now thia gets my goat….. 7/10, which is a low rating for Oda……..frankly, that “GO AWAAAY” shit really freaked me out…..it was almost like ichigo in his most stupid moments……i mean, i know that luffy has just lost his brother, but he could atleast not go emo….. still, the flashbacks rocked…..and Dadan was really a surprise 🙂

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