One Piece Chapter 583 IS OUT + 582 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! *_-

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-One Piece 582 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece chapter 582 Breakdown! We finally got that timeskip some fans were harping on so- Wait a minute… Do 2 weeks really count as a legitimate timeskip or are we just going to pass it off as a ‘So A Little While Later’ moment? Because it did say “3 hours later” for Luffy’s treatment in Impel Down so should that also count as a timeskip, and what about the 3 days Luffy and the crew were flying in the air? Timeskip galore!? O_O Lol, I kid but just think about this. 1 year later if someone asks you, “Have there been any timeskips in One Piece” are you going to remember these 2 weeks and answer, “Yes”? Just something to think about. I think it’s a timeskip but not a significant one to note down or remember but I’ll do it anyway. Yeah I know, enough babble get to the breakdown already. X_X

I will but first here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

I hope you like the ‘Foo Fighters’ and if you do this AMV will be 10x better for you! You want to turn this one up because the sound quality isn’t the best (the best of youuuu *snickers*). Even if you don’t like the ‘Foo Fighters’ or never even heard of them I recommend taking a look at this AMV by Animaster67. In honor of the Shichibukai and the last time we’ll see them together like this, Badass One Piece Picture by K-EL-P.

Alright, on to the breakdown!

The Strawhat Crew is no stranger to the field of sports. If you haven’t seen the One Piece Soccer Special I suggest you do. All I can say is poor Coby. He’s going to pay them all back one day, those damn pirates…just not any time soon. XD

What!? You say the joke is too late? I say your sense of humor is too early! ;p

2 week timeskip later the world having a messy affair with pirates and if you know pirates you’re well aware they like to make a mess and not clean up after themselves. They also never call back when they say they would and when you text them they’re always “busy plundering”. Yeah, busy plundering other people! *runs off crying* While the pirates are having fun plundering towns the Marine’s resources are spread out to thin to stop thanks to the unexpected spike in pirating. It’s your fault Marines now you gotta deal with it. Lol, it’s funny how this manga makes you like the badguys. Honestly these pirates we’re seeing are burning down towns and killing innocent people but they’re portrayed as…kind of like heroes. In reality though they’re a bunch of assholes but not everyone thinks so. Who’s side are you on in this war?

I wonder if he goes "Hee-Haw" when he- *pukes a little* X_X

In the meantime over on Amazon Lily the merry group of okama along with their queen Ivankov are departing for Kamabakka Kingdom. Actually they have already departed since what was shown was a flashback. Since 2 weeks have passed since we last saw them does that mean they could be at Momoiro Island already where Sanji is trapped in the Kamabakka Kingdom? I freaking hope so! Someone get Sanji off that island pronto! Good lord man he’s already in a dress! ><

Watch out! He's a firin' his lazah! O_O Damn you Shoo Da Whoop!

Whatever peace and quiet Amazon Lily had after the rowdy group of okama left is now broken because our favorite rubber hero is finally awake! LUFFY!!! He’s not even that hurt. O_o Ok, he looks like a mummy out of rehab but he sure is lively for someone that should have died many times over just 2 weeks ago.  Now correct me if I’m wrong but this is the first time Luffy has woken up from a huge battle and not had food being the first thought on his mind. For him to yell out Ace’s name as soon as he wakes up confirms Jimbei’s fear of Luffy’s condition when he woke up.

A fail is a fail no matter how small. ~_~

Jumping quickly over to Boa Hancock she is glows at the mentioning of Luffy’s recovery from his 2 week coma. Seems like she’s not just still in love with him. She’s still madly-crazily-obsessively-probably a little stalkerish scary in love with him! O_O With a girl that hot though who’d complain? 😉  Oh, and watch out for the Onemanga version on this page. It fails and it fails hard. I didn’t know Luffy was a girl. I could have sworn the “ant” Elder Nyon was referring to was Luffy and not Boa. ~_~

Now that I did shameless free advertising for her new movie she owes me. Btw, Zoe Saldana is the hotness--->

Moving on we see the Heart Pirates have been granted permission to live on the edge of a cliff. Lol, how hospitable the Kuja Pirates are. It’s good though because if they didn’t have them sectioned off from the female populace none of their female bears would be safe. Fear the horny bear!

*note to self* Don't piss off Luffy. Save the rain forests.

Deep in the woods we come back to our hero who is going through the 5 stages of grief in his own way. He practically pummels through it.

1. Denial: Oh he sure did that by trying to beat the memory out of his head. Sadly it’s not a dream.

2. Anger:  The trees, rocks, and plant life can testify that Luffy eagerly went through this stage.

3. Bargaining: Skipped. He chose to overload on anger. Trust me when you start picking up boulders your anger is more than enough to take up 2 stages.

4. Depression:  I haven’t seen Luffy cry this much since the Viking funeral of the Going Merry. In fact this is the most depressed I’ve ever seen Luffy how rare it might be. Tis’ is a depressing moment. T_T

5. Acceptance: Done and done.

Just couldn't bring myself to change the words on this one. T_T

After tearing up a good portion of the forest Luffy finally subcumbs to the harsh reality and accepts Ace’s death with a flood of tears. All Jimbei can do is confirm Luffy’s worse suspicions with a single word and that’s all it takes for Luffy to give out one more cry of sadness and breakdown.

See? Garp knows Brownbeard-Sama is to be feared and respected. >(0_0)>

The only thing left for Luffy now is to retreat to the only comfort he has at the moment. Memories of his brother growing up. Before he sees his brother though he relives a terrible memory of a demon. Yes, Garp is a demon in his own right. There has to be some law against child abuse established in the Marines. Now I can’t help but notice that Oda is once again highlighting Garp’s power to hurt Luffy though his body is made of rubber. I say the chances of him having ‘Haki’ are high but it’s still unconfirmed so I wonder what you all think.

Who's the real criminal here? o_o

BUSTED!!! *cough*My theory on Kuma being Dadan*cough*…>_> Enough about that let’s move on. T_T Dadan is a woman and she’s ugly as hell! I wonder who gave her that pearl necklace. Garp must have been drunk as hell! XD This is the infamous Dadan we’ve seen so much of in Luffy’s and Ace’s flashbacks. The mother who raised them in the woods growing up like they were her own. Garp has a tight leash on her and her gang so it was kind of forced but it all worked out for the best. I just find it funny though how Garp wanted Ace and Luffy to grow up as strong Marines but forced a gang to raise them. What are the odds Ace and Luffy would turn out to be pirates huh? ^_^

Well you know... Any problematic child is "emo" nowadays. >_>

So Luffy finally meets Ace. Their first encounter and the beginning of a strong loving bond worthy of brothers. If only they knew his fate back then maybe they could have spent more time together but something tells me Ace would have still went out to the sea to be free… Too live a life with no regrets. That’s the kind of man Ace was.

The words are a little different but the pain is all the same. XD

Lol, the above picture was a little fun to edit. Two different perspectives from two different memories. Reference to the chapter here. The picture below is something I forgot to put in my last breakdown.

Oda thought he could sneak in another Street Fighter character (Blanka) without me noticing. 😛

Lol, you know there’s a similarity. Oda sure loves Street Fighter characters. >_> That ends this week’s breakdown. Here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Coloring by Aspirin40

P.S. No manga next week. I’m starting a support group to help deal with the One Piece withdrawals. Please contact this number before making any rash decisions. 1-800-WHERES-ONEPIECE. If no one answers it’s because I’m to busy going through One Piece withdrawals to lift the phone. That is all. @_@

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  1. first

  2. i think that the strawhat pirates should learn or start to learn ryosuki (6 forms) that the CP9 use that should make stronger and if they just start to learn it then they can slowly get stronger on there jounery.

    i want luffy to be able to use soru with out using gear 2 and be able to use tekkai becuase when someone uses a sword on him then he would be able to just hold it aswell as if they start shoot him with pointed weapons

    ive started to watch one piece again for the hundered time lol (good for watching and doing something else at the same time.
    well ive got to the point were tells robin history and the vice admiral that kills all of the ohara people on the boat is the same that kill ace ‘vice-admiral akimru sakazuki’
    so i dont know how much robin wants revenge on him because they also treated her like shit but both luffy have an involment with him now

    i get only because no one talks on it hardly

  3. I could’ve been first … if I hadn’t read it word for word …

    @Super: Why do you like Brownbeard so much ???

  4. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

    are u serious that theres not going to be any manga this week?

  5. @Smurf: I’m hoping Luffy stops spamming Gear Second so much in general. Not only does it wear on his body but it’s like how Goku went Super Saiyan for any battle ever since he obtained it. Lol, I know it’s necessary especially with all the strong enemies popping up, but I want to see Luffy beat some future enemies without reverting to Gear Second. A testament to his strength and for his own health.

    In order for Luffy and the crew to learn any of the Rokushiki abilities, besides Soru, someone has to teach or show them. Luffy already knows how to use Soru but he has no idea how to use the other 5 skills (Actually 6 other skills. The last one being “Rokuougan” which Lucci used twice on Luffy). I don’t know who would train them besides the abandoned CP9 members.

    As for Admiral Akainu. Yep, he was a bastard back then and he’s a bastard now. At least he looked a little guilty over blowing up that boat back then. Now he’d just do it without a moment’s hesitation.

    @Nagashikage: Lol, it’s simply because he makes me laugh. I talk about him in a sarcastic manner but I don’t overtly like him nor dislike him. He’s a pirate with a brown beard and I think it’s a great joke. 😉

  6. @super: yea i know wat u mean about him being a bastard, cant believe he killed ace 😥 . does some of the front pages mean anything because if they do then there were some that showed CP9 not working for the goverment so they might meet up but they dont really need to teach them how the do it just the training they went though and a quick explanation as to how the move work. i keep going over it because i kept counting there being 7 skills in total but i looks like i wasnt wrong.

    yea him going into gear 2 is getting a little tiring i think that he should be told to not use it by someone and then he goes though loads of battles after getting stronger but then when he finaliy uses it again all of moves that hes improved uptil now evol to another lvl again

    wat u wrote about there being not manga this week is it true?

  7. @Smurf: The serial cover stories on the front page are indeed something to note down. You’ll notice them because they’re titled “Mini-Series” and cover the whereabouts of past enemies and friends of the Strawhat Crew. The CP9 Mini-Series is the 10th one.

    Yep, the news about no manga next week is very true. There’s a holiday in Japan next week and SJ is taking a break. None of the big manga are coming out.

  8. so only some of the front pages are true then

    who the hell says they are allowed to have a holiday when im waiting for my manga god sake one piece had a break 2-3 weeks ago and now this holiday i will be dead by the time the straw hat pirates meet back up with all these breeaks

  9. Man who DOESNT love Bronbeard? That guy’s gonna be the next Pirate King I tells ya! XD!!

    Well i didnt read the comments yet, but I saw Akainu’s name while scrolling down. This guy, even though he’s a demon that eats children and kills fan-favorite-characters, he deserves some kind of reward for all he’s done. He did more than the other two Admirals put together (and got more pwnge from Whitebeard than the other two as well 8P), so maybe he’ll be the new hero of the marines. “Garp who?”

    Speaking of Garp, I think that was Haki. Its a subtle way for Oda to throw Garp’s Haki in our faces. Plus you dont get too be that feared/respected/notorious just for having brute strength solely. Now that he’s seen Ace die, do you guys think he’ll finally accept his promotion to Admiral?

    Great breakdown superdude, but how do you always remember which chapter these things happen in? Are you working for the FBI? O_o

  10. Great breakdown Super!!!
    Brownbeard?!? Are you joking?!? Bluebeard and Yellowbeard FTW!!!
    You know they will try to become pirate kings too soon… >_>

  11. theres a sayuing that humans are the most vicous species on the plant and with chopper having the human human fruit could lead to something big

    oh i remembered that becuase chopper turn into that monster again against the guy with the strongest defence in the world do u think that they might rethink choppers bounty becuase that strength is a bit more then 50 beri (maybe not sure though cause 50 is a high amount lol poor chopper lol)

    @super: when u said that some of the front pages are mini-sereis do you have a list of them

  12. @smurf, the list can be found here:

  13. k thanks

    i have been watch chopper vs cp9 episode 293 and i keep thining that if he had full control over it then i think that he could stop luffys gear 3 and could probably beat up lucci i mean he owned that other by just putting his and down and when he threw he aside like u would if there were a bin next to u and u were tossing paper in it he flew over a frigging mile. plus with his size i would say he is 3/4 gaint size and that is way bigger then those awaken zoan in the impel down prison if he down become able to control it i think that not only beating lucci but probably a px could not be out of the question

    possible bounty over 100 mil

  14. i think that the 6th forms also have an improved version of each one like:

    tekkai – tekkai gou/the movin tekkai
    shigan – bigan(flying shigan-lucci)/whip shigan(caliga)/ten finger shingan(wolf guy)
    an so on

    there is also the move that not added to the 6th form – life return (modaling the body)

  15. thanks for that link to the min-series pages but how do u tell which is which then because some of the new ones shows zoro (injured) and chopper meeting up is that real aswell?

  16. @Kisu: I have some help from One Piece wikia but mostly it’s just memory. I can’t work for the FBI since I’m on their wanted list…>_>

    I too think Garp has ‘Haki’ but it’s also evident he has enormous strength when he picked up that giant cannon ball and flung it at the Thousand Sunny. It’s just confusing me and I hope Oda confirms one way or the other. Something else to note about Garp’s awesomeness. Look how fast he is.

    Yeah, you don’t the man who even cornered Roger. 😉 As for Garp taking a promotion I don’t think that’s his style. If anything since he failed to stop Luffy and Sengoku noticed his purposeful blunder I think Garp won’t even be offered a promotion.

    The scary thing is it may come to the worse case scenario. That being, Sengoku is demoted for letting Ace go free (not on purpose of course) and Akainu is promoted to Fleet Admiral for being the one to execute Ace.

    @Smurf: You can tell they’re a mini-series by what’s written at the bottom.

    That tells you if it’s actually happening. Any other cover picture can be considered just fun to look at. The recent covers showing members of the crew together again may be hints to them reuniting but nothing is official so take those with a grain of salt. Since it says nothing about it being a mini-series at the bottom of the cover pages.

    Btw, One Piece wikia calls them “Mini-series” while Mangashare calls them “Short-term focused serials”. Same thing though.

    @Dragon: Let’s keep on the lookout for a Black&White Beard. Though he’d probably be even older than Whitebeard was. O_O

  17. @super: yea thanks for the info. i think garp has haki because when luffy was getting crushed by laboon at the start of the grand line he never screaming out in pain as well as getting stomped on by moria and punched with a puch the split the island, and the punch that garp did you could tell it wasnt his full power so there is no reason that he should have shouted out unless his devil fruit powers were nulified by haki

  18. i was checking to see if luffy cried more when merry said goodbye or when ace died but it looks like it was when ace died (damm) but he didnt cry as much a usopp lol (what a bitch)

  19. i was wondering what cp9 were up to i checked out the front pages (still dont know which ones are real becuase some of then not tranzelated) but looks like they not with goverment anymore

    wondering if they mean someday return to CP9 or return to payback spanda

    i was checking out the straw hat crew wearabouts to as seen below:

    sanji –
    robin –
    franky –
    usopp –
    chopper –
    nami –
    brook –
    zoro –

    i think that becuase brook was asked to help and he sat down composing he could composing something new that instead of puts them to sleep make them get along with the enemies

    i want to see more battles at see for the straw hat crew vs world goverment.

  20. @Super, well as an Admiral Garp could have more power and freedom to follow Luffy around, or keep a little protective eye on him or w/e since he was so distraught after seeing Ace die……or he could just fall asleep…..old people. Well after all his legendary battles with Brownbeard-sama he’s bound to start losing the spring in his step XD!

  21. Everyone was wondering a few months back on how oars got there, he took his own ship duhh…lol
    its in the top left corner.

  22. Why don’t you all just go join Brownbeard’s crew, he could call you his brown nose brigade ¬¬

    Everyone knows Beige beard is gonna be pirate king =P

  23. just though about it but i dont think i have seen anyone in shanks crew that has got a devil fruit power

  24. @smurf, well we know too little about his crew to assume none of them have Devil fruit powers. The only members we really know anything about (and even that is still little) are Ben Beckman, Yassop and Shanks himself.

  25. am i alone in thinking that naruto and one piece and about the same in awesomeness (lol) but i think if it came down to one i think i would pick one piece.

    so what does anyone think that after they tell ace’s and luffys past (probably about 2 more chapters) they will have about a 1 month time skip were he heals and comes to terms or after the flashback there will go onto the strawhat crew wereabouts?

    i am still confused on what kuma could have possibly said to rayliegh at that time becuase he only had a small amount of time to say anything so something like:

    ‘its the only way they will make it out of here alive and i am doing it for them’
    ‘dragon told me keep an eye out for them and to send to the different places if they need to get to safety’
    ‘they are not yet strong enough to fight in the new world so i have sent them to places were they can each get stronger’

    stuff along these line maybe?

    people are saying that luffy will go on a trip to find his crew but there are only a few ways in which that will be possible:

    -they contact the sunny go by dendenmushi to tell the locations or each person, by the time luffy gets back to the sunny go i would have been 4 weeks that if he left right now but considering that if is still wounded if think that i will be at least another 2-4 weeks before he can even leave (thats without any training) plus another week to get back to the sunny go, thats about 7-9 weeks since they each landed on there different islands and that will probable give atleast 1 person time to get back to the sunny go, and the others closing in on it, rayliegh would have to stay behind if there has been someone who has not contacted becuase they are following the paper and if nami is not the one that has come back then they will have to look for a navigator tp help (shakki could have been one).

  26. @Kisu: Don’t forget about Blanka. We learned a lot about him years ago in Street Fighter. XD

    @Shinobi: DOH! >< Lol, thanks for the link. XD

    @Smurf: Yes, you are alone in thinking One Piece and Naruto are about the same level of awesomeness. That's silly. One Piece is at least 2x the awesomeness level of Naruto. Give or take a few awesome points. Lol, jkjk. ^_^ I like them both the same for different reasons. They both have their strengths and weaknesses…while one has a few more weaknesses than the other…>_>

    Ahem…I think Oda is going to concentrate on Luffy training Haki with Boa Hancock and the rest of the Kuja Pirates. This just hit me, when Boa trains Luffy in the use of Haki she's going to explain Haki! That's Oda's chance to elaborate on Haki more! 😀 While Luffy is training to get stronger, after the healing and flashbacks of course, the story can also cover the whereabouts of the rest of the Strawhat Crew. There's no point in having whole chapters on Luffy anymore. Oda can branch out now.

  27. @super: lol i only said that i like them about the same amount becuase i didnt want to favour one piece to much but truthfully speaking i can read/watch one piece chapter and episode over and over and not get bored becuase its so amazing

    i hope that is whats going to happen because i want to know the possibilities of haki and one think that been bothering me is wat rayliegh did with the collar just because he had haki means he could do something like that it make me think that there are near endless possibilities of haki, boa and the pirates might teach him about haki (kick smoker’s ass then lol) but i think that rayliegh will atleast tell him about the king’s haki and how to use it, unless jimbei tell luffy that he has it and that he used it at marine HQ, boa will says that he used it here during the death match and then when they tell him that it knocks people without a strong spirit unconscious he will remember rayliegh doing it and the maybe wat happen to the bull (dont know what the heck that animal is lol)

    so far there has only been covering the whitebeared pirates and a bit about shanks, and we know nothing about big mam, but we know the fourth one kiadou (cant spell) kicked the crap out of moria (lol not that hard tho is it) and supposidly tried to stop shanks

    what does everyone think of the grandline islands that the crew was set to do u think that they are all in the first half of the grand line of not? robin and chopper are not even in the grand line so i guess they are the farthest away (chopper’s big adventure cause he never been out of the grand line)

  28. @Super, having a lightning animal-man thingy on a ship… the middle of an ocean……where it can rain anytime….that doesnt seem smart to me XD!

    @smurf, u sure are enthusiastic about One Piece! Captain BrownBeard-sama needs recruits like you!!! LOL! I like Naruto, but I like Bleach more, and more than Bleach I like One Piece. Tite wastes too many pages drawing buildings being blown up, Kishi killed all of the non-main-character Konoha 11 characters in Part 2 of the manga, but so far I have no complaints with One Piece (even its crazy artwork is growing on me)

  29. i dont like brownbeard becuase he reminds me of buggy getting a big crew (all worthless) and he him self isnt that great so when someone half decent comes along hes going to get the stuffing knocked out of him

  30. why when one piece is sooo much better then naruto that the naruto forum is gett alot more attention? i feel very longley here 😦

  31. @Smurf – No clue why Naruto forum is getting more attention, now on to my theory!!

    My crazy whacked out theory: Suppose Blackbeard didn’t just absorb Whitebeard’s DF powers. If having one DF power makes you a Hammer, what does having two DF powers make you? What if for each consecutive DF power he gains the common DF weakness to the sea and sea stone becomes more and more potent, to the point to where even a little bit of sea water would weaken him considerably. It’s just a though but there has to be a downside to the ability or else he could just absorb all of the DF powers and become sasuke.. I mean overpowered and nearly unstoppable.

  32. lol true and becuase whitebeared was dead and he still took the DF does that mean all of the bodies of the pirates and the DF people they have looked up (lol not many in impel down now lol) they could kill and extract to give there people more than one power or now that they know that it can be extracted i think that would concentrate on give more high ranking officers some DF (if extracted and with the possibilty to be still alive then they could switch fruit lol). but i think that i could have something to do with blackbeareds power but then again if that cover was either that as part of taking the power or to stop other people from learning how to.

  33. Im having One Piece withdrawal. T.T

  34. I think many of us are having manga withdrawal, maybe there will be a double chapter next week.

  35. lol probably not going to be a double chapter but we can all hope

  36. i have been wondering because i first noticed one piece when i started on cartoon network (dubbed) and then recently got to watching/reading it again the past couple of years and i was just thinking if it would have been better to have not stopped watching it or have not remembered about it for a while, because if i didnt stop watching i would have had a long time watching a anime that i love but on the other hand i would have been very angry becuase i had to wait 1 week each time before a new one came out and if i didnt remember it soo soon then i would have been able to watch and read more in one go and woulndt have been waiting for new episodes to come out.

    lol i kno it probably dosent make any sense just that im loosing my mind with this stupid golden week break lol

  37. Japan has too many golden weeks, they need a few silver days or something instead that way people got to take days off but it didn’t interrupt the manga schedule =P

  38. For anyone who loved one piece volume 0, there’s now an animated version! O_O
    here’s the Youtube link:

  39. Here’s part 2!!

  40. i was just thinking after wtching the moria arc and with sanji’s dream of peeping in girl bath now that theres a possibliity of getting that fruit from him (bcause of what blackbeard did) i just hope than he hasnt turned gay

  41. SWEET! Thanks Assassinaybe! Now to learn Japanese or wait for translations. o_o

  42. lol i was thinking of learning japanese but then again learning another language is too much hard work lol



    Well, the title page is of Hogback AND Absalom enjoying themselves at a resort. those bastards.. >_>

    the chapter is mostly about luffy and ace’s childhood……it seems that this arc is gonna be a FLASHBACK ARC in which we are told how luffy and ace became friends (and de-facto brothers) 🙂

    You can get the entire spoiler here:



    if that spoiler is real then that means that even next week is likly to be be all flashback and the week after finishs the flash back unless it finishes at the end of next week lol to get spoilers and with some pictures so early i guess one piece will be out tuesday/wedneday

  45. i was just wondering how long everyone thinks that luffy and crew have been in the grand line? if it has not told us already and ive missed it

  46. maybe in next weeks flashback ace goes to save luffy but nearly get killed by that guy and then luffy uses his king;s haki for the first time when he is younger and then realises that everytime there is a desprate situation then people around him get knocked unconcious and this could also lead to him training himself or with the help of boa on haki.

    i think that zoro will learn how to use haki and it will be shown as him cutting the devil fruit power (the ghosts) of the woman who he is with

  47. one way for moria to be still alive is if he secretly put a shadow inside of the OZ’s look alike (cant remember the name) and used to to attack the place were he was and make his get away.

    i was thinking that because the marines dont want anyone to know that the strawhat pirates took down another warlord so while they are apart from each other someone on the ship will find the ships log that nami recently made and they will share it with someone else and then soo will they and evently everyone will know that they defeated him and now they will have to raise there bounty because of that aswell lol

    luffy so far hs been doing things that the world goverment never thought would happen and they are all a first to happen in the history of the world goverment:

    invaded ernis lobby/ desimated the CP9
    invaded and escaped impel down
    purposly knocked the shit out of the cestryal dragons

    i wonder what he will do next lol

  48. Don’t feel lonely Smurf, as long as you keep commenting there will always be somebody reading. 😉

    Luffy hasn’t even been sailing for more than a year now but his birthday is coming up. Most of his journey has been in the Grand Line funny enough since they were so hard pressed to get there, lol. I have no clue what the timeline is for his journey overall though. I just know it’s less than a year.

    I don’t think any pirate has beaten a Shichibukai before, while they had their status, so that’s also a first to the World Government.

  49. just thought of something but with brook being only a skeleton so that mean that he dosent have a dick poor him lol

  50. @super: how can u tell that his birthday because none of them have had there birthday that i can remember

  51. both wiki and imdb only shows up to today episode and not episode after today so i was wondering if they are having a break or another website that shows the dates of new episode realses.

  52. @Smurf: One year has yet to pass since Luffy started his adventure. In other words, 1 year has yet to pass in the One Piece timeline since the series started…though technically the series started 25 years ago in the One Piece timeline thanks to chapter 0…>_> Lol, anyway this is what I refer to when I say Luffy’s birthday is coming up. (Just read the very top)


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