Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire is out !! ^_^ (if you havnt already heard).

Yosh!! after accidently stumbling upon the 3rd Movie of Naruto Shippuden and watching it, i thought it was my obligation to give a link to you folks incase  you have not already seen it…

Now i wont go into breaking down the movie, i will leave that job to someone more skilled than i am, im just the messenger. All i will say about this film is that personally i thought it was awesome, if you have already watched the film give me your opinion on it in the comments ^_^


~ by Captain Awesome on April 25, 2010.

29 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire is out !! ^_^ (if you havnt already heard).”

  1. FIRST~!

  2. Now that I am first, someone will come along and delete this post, Like they did Deathcon’s post regarding the 4th Naruto movie!

    Also, The movie had it’s FLAWS!
    Tenten is able to defeat an enemy – I call bullshit!
    Fuuton Rasenshuriken DOES NOT damage Naruto, before having sage training?
    Shikamaru becomes the advocate for all fetusesesesss, and orphans (to play on captain pickleseseses new monachre)
    *flash to scene where Shikamaru grabs a condom that is about to be discarded, and forcs it’s contents into a woman whilst singing monty python’s “every sperm is precious”

  3. @prawlkage: yes i noticed these flaws, especially the fuuton rasenshuriken one, i was expecting at some point someone to say something along the lines of “Naruto what about your arm”
    And on the Tenten situation, basically, when she finished the big as chimera thing i was left wondering … what … the … fuck. but none the less, without the flaws it was a great film.

  4. It was an awesome movie, but it had flaws just like prawl said. These are flaws I saw:

    While Hiruko was standing still gathering chakra towards the end of the movie, Kakashi showed his Mangekyou Sharingan. Why didn’t he use Kamui? As I said before, Hiruko was perfecty still and it would have been an easy kill! Wow, non intentional ryhme.

    Copying from my comment on the naruto breakdown: “@anyone: I was watching Naruto movie 3 and I have a question: Is Sakura stupid or is it normal for her to punch the ground instead of her paralyzed opponent?
    I mean, the Chimera monster was unable to move thanks to Shikamaru’s Kage Nui, so she could have punched it full force and damaged it very badly or killed it,right? Nooo, instead of that, our VERY smart pink-haired girl punched the ground to make it fall. That didn’t damage it so Tenten had to kill it. TENTEN! *facepalm* -_-”

    How the hell did Naruto make it into the sky to create a Rasenshuriken? Can he grow wings or levitate like Goku? And as prawl said, how did he use Rasenshuriken without any damage?

    Oh well, it was a great movie nonetheless.

  5. So in conclusion, these are the problems with the movie:

    1. How did Naruto use the Rasenshuriken without taking ANY damage (it was pre-Sage Mode training)? I mean the guy just shrugged it off lol

    2. For that matter, how’d he get above the freaking clouds!?

    3. Tenten was actually useful (Kishi must’ve been steamed to see Tenten kill something)

    4. When the chimera was trapped by Shikamaru’s Shadow Sewing, why didn’t Sakura punch it head on instead of punching the ground.

    5. When Kakashi used his Mangekyou Sharingan, why didnt he just use Kamui and end the fight?

    6. Neji wasn’t acting like the Neji we all know and love

    7. Since when can Gaara TURN into sand?

    I rank it as the second best naruto movie. The very first movie was the best.

  6. @prawlkage About Tenten isn’t weak just no character development it could be worse it could be Ino or Sakura. Also where the fuck did the all of those explosive tags come from anyways.

  7. The ending was funny with Hinata assuming Kakashi was gay was roflmao

  8. sixth…
    all i can say is fuuton rasenshuriken from above rocks hard

  9. @anyone: If you’re wondering how Naruto got so high, he could’ve used a shadow clone to propel him in the air, similar to how the Asura Path propelled the Animal Path into Konoha to begin Pain’s invasion. If not that, he could’ve used Multiple Shadow Clones to make a rope, and then use one to just get momentum and throw him.

    As for the Rasenshuriken deal, it is just a movie, so it isn’t canon. Maybe he just shrugged it off … or maybe the Demon Fox’s healing factor worked extra hours and helped heal it quicker. Just remember, this movie wasn’t written by Kishi, so mistakes were only inevitable. Tenten proves this.

  10. @Nagashikage: Lol, exactly. I lessened all my complaints about the movie because of 1 simple fact. It’s not canon so I ignored the small stuff (Ok, admittedly some of that stuff was big. XD).

    @Everyone: Naruto can make the FRS without being hurt. It’s when he uses it at a close distance (while it’s still in his hand) does it also hurt Naruto. Which is why he learned to throw it.

    Still it begs to question…how was Naruto unhurt? >_> Because Kishi didn’t make the movie! 😀 I still thought it was awesome.

  11. This movie was awesome.

    2nd best next to the very first one.

    Naruto vs Gaara was awesome however why the f*ck was Gaara presented as a Sand Logia o.O *cough*

    and the rasenshuriken not only left Naruto unharmed but left a crater the size of a hidden village in the mountainside >.<

    Still i luv it cus they're hardly any filler characters and the movie focuses on the Konoha 12 which is a huge plus.

  12. My observation about the movie….

    INO IS USELESS…. Nuff said…. Hahaha

    Every scenario was rushed… very very poor storyline…

  13. @kisuzachi/Everyone. A big flaw that comes to my mind. How is it that Kakashi could still fight like he was at full strength after using the hell after his Mangekyou Sharingan. Doesn’t he usually have trouble just walking afterwards? Someone should have had to carry his a** back home.

  14. @nagashikage: that is a fair point on how Naruto actually got into the sky, although i doubt it was the throwing one since the rasenshuriken was made in the air and i wouldnt of thought Naruto would of been able to make it mid-air, while falling.

    Only major flaw in this film was the rasenshuriken caused no damage, everything else was minor (ish). Atleast one thing staying right … Ino is still as useless as ever.

    Best part of the film most likely had to be Naruto vs Gaara, very epic scene in my opinion.

  15. One thing that got me about this (well alot of things, but I focus on this)

    Does anyone else think that Shikamaru has taken his role as “protector of the village’s children” a little too seriously?

    Heeellloooo! Pedo-Shika warning!

    Also, his line “I’ll stop Naruto, even if I have to kill him”
    Gaara should have started laughing his ass off about that.

    Gaara: “I couldn’t even slow him down… you’re gonna stop him with what? A difficult math question?”

  16. Ideas for those two flaws:

    Naruto in the air — He was hit pretty hard with what looked like a giant rasengan, (or at least a ball of chakra) which could have thrown him way up there in the first place.

    Not getting hurt — Before he used the FRS on the akatsuki member, yamato said he used it several times practicing it, then he made another two of them or so during the actual fight. All this hurt him a lot, but maybe using it just the once, every so often, just leaves him with tennis elbow.

  17. @gudoruto – Ino IS USELESS! HA! She did fall to her knees really fast though… I think she was “asuming the position” in anticipation of a chougi-shikamaru BBQ!

  18. @ Nagashi and Super – I know it’s not canon… but they DARED to make Tenten seem inportant in the fight!
    Also, I have no joy in my life, so I must bully the poor anime and films!

  19. I haz a opinion on how naruto got away unscathed >.>

    when wutz his face got hit with the rasengan initially he absorbed it turned it into his own power and then turned it onto his opponents soooo…..

    maybe him trying to absorb the attack he kinda killed himself since taking the immense amount of chakra (and wind natured chakra to boot) kinda made him implode and naruto getting away unscathed as the attack’s dmg is transfered into the guys chakra network rather than hitting him head on and any dmg that naruto would of had happen to his arm could be negated that way

  20. You know, if every sperm is precious, there wouldn’t be a lot of pent up sperm that dies once it enters the female body, nor would the female antibodies and whatnot fight against the sperm, huh?

    Obviously these are ways for God to help only certain sperm get in? :O

  21. The only flaws I see are why did Tenten have to wait in order to use her killer move, and…

    Why didn’t Kakashi use his Mangekyou Sharingan after he came out of the absorption technique thing, while Naruto tries to keep him busy with shadow clones?

    bunshin09: “Not getting hurt — Before he used the FRS on the akatsuki member, yamato said he used it several times practicing it, then he made another two of them or so during the actual fight. All this hurt him a lot, but maybe using it just the once, every so often, just leaves him with tennis elbow.”

    Best explanation so far.

  22. HI! I’ve been reading WRA since it was originally IRA – just never posted anything until now.

    Love the comments about the movie. The movie itself was pretty darn awesome even with the plot holes the size of Meteor Crater, AZ.

    Yes, Tenten gets her only shot of glory of the entire Konoha 11 and destroys the big (second) bad of the movie. But give her credit – she did better than Ino, who got her mind control jutsu shrugged off.

    Sakura performing the ground pound over the monster pound? Well, if you think about it – it was a good thing that she did that; otherwise, we’d never see the rest of Konoha 11 team up to defeat the beast (that they couldn’t defeat while it was chained down).

    Naruto’s constant use of the Rasengan and it’s various forms? His chakra and the Demon Fox chakra was definitely working overtime. I do like the tennis elbow explanation though…

    Gotta love the emphasis on the Rashenshuriken…

    And the fight between Gaara and Naruto? I would think, considering all of Gaara’s strength after Shukaku was removed, that Gaara was going a bit easy on Naruto – being that he considered Naruto a friend. Even then, Naruto’s experience is showing that he’s about as close to Kage-level as he can get (Before Sage mode). Someone should just promote the guy to Jonin and get it over with…

    Still was a cool movie!

  23. @tasturner: “Someone should just promote the guy to Jonin and get it over with…” My sentiments exactly. But just imagine how much cooler4 it’d be if Naruto gets promoted form GENIN to Kage! That would be awesome XD!

  24. @kizuachi/tasturner: That would be awesome techinally that would be better than him taking the chunnin exams. I can see it now after dealing with Brainless things who takes steal their brother eyes, the rare black and white species of flytrap, and Jabberjaw reincarnated. Naruto the son of the Yellow Flash, becomes the first ever gennin to become a Kage.

  25. Ok movie I guess…I would have like to see naruto go beast mode on sombody’s candy ass. Also, is it just me , or does it seem like they take One bad guy or extra character and recycle him/her? Hiruko reminds me of the priestess from the first movie and couple of other characters from the fillers(the faded pastels the pale skin/eyes). Anywho why does it seem like Shino shows up Once a year, pwns, and then vanishes for a whole year( this dude went avatar[aang] on that fleet of ships in “Bonds”) ?

  26. I loved the movie as well very much, after all, it’s a Naruto Shippuuden movie, so why should one NOT love it?
    My little problem was only that it was completely predictable that Naruto will end it with a Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken. And guess what he will end it with in the next movie? A THROWN Rasen Shuriken… D’uh… 😉

  27. @aeris i say Father & Son double Rasenshuriken

  28. @kantonkage: Good idea, although Minato can’t do it, that’s what Kakashi emphasized on when training Naruto. Ok, this is a movie, so everything is possible, but that would be really dumb…

  29. @aeris I know that but I was thinking of maybe a Oodama Rasengan style Rasenshuriken.

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