Bleach 400-401 Double Breakdown! Ichimaru overcompensates for his, ummmm…

Cue lights! Cameras! Action!

Welcome to the Double Breakdown of Bleach 400 & 401! Is Dark bringing it to you this week, and yes it is my first time. Indeed, I’m a virgin (unless you count Tenrai’s constant attempts to “eat” me…O_O). So if – in your feedback in the comments section below – you need assistance spelling the words “E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T”, “A-W-E-S-O-M-E” and the like, I’d be more than willing to lend you a hand.

Thanks Supertrek for the opportunity to write for the blog, and for NOT realizing that this is just one small step I’ve implemented on my quest for blog domination. First WRA…and then…THE WORLD!!! MWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

*laughter dies out*


So let’s get into it!

No wonder Aizen's so pissed off...

So we’re brought back to where we were left before, with Ichigo and Ichimaru duking it out (way too many “Ichi” names in this series, I swear…), Bankai vs. Bankai. Personally I don’t see what everyone’s problem with Ichimaru’s Bankai is. 13km swords are awesome! I have one in my garage…

(just so you know, 13km = 8.07782 miles, which makes it only slightly longer than the distance Ichigo’s jaw dropped when he saw it but not nearly as long as Drew Barrymore’s Golden Globe acceptance speech)

After seeing Ichigo block his bankai so easily, Ichimaru decides to up the anti a bit and slash at Ichigo like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, he makes such a showcase of everything. Kudos to Ichigo though for noticing the true ability of Kamishini no Yari (ultra-fast extension and retraction speed of its blade) and being able to block a surprise thrust from Ichimaru that otherwise would have injured him severely.

OMG! Did I like just see Ichimaru's upper lip twitch for the first time this entire series!?

Realizing that there’s not much use keeping up the charade, Ichimaru proceeds to tell Ichigo about his bankai’s ability. The blade can extend and retract at 500 times the speed of sound, which after a lot of calculatory stuffs going on in my brain (which here means “after looking up the answer on the Bleach Wiki”) I have deduced that Ichimaru can extend his blade to 13km’s in 0.08 seconds.ย  That’s hella fast. After declaring that Ichigo doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning, Ichimaru charges at Ichigo and they continue their duel.

Skip to Aizen and Daddy Kurosaki. Aizen is wearing out, noted by Isshin who asks whether the rogue Shinigami has reached his limit, to which Aizen responds, “No way baby, I can keep going and going and going…”


Well, no, actually he starts talking about how the Hougyoku’s will is finally coming to understand his mind. Finally, after having his invading force beaten to a pulp, he reveals his trump card!

No, not THAT trump card...O_O

Now onto 401, and this chapter confused the hell outta me. Aizen spends the entire chapter talking about what the true ability of the Hogyoku, and frankly, he lost me about halfway through his explanation. So far as I can tell, it is revealed that the true ability of the Hogyoku is to turn what the user wishes for into reality. He goes on to explain that Hogyoku was directly responsible for Chad and Orihime-hime developing their powers – because they cursed their own powerlessness and wished for the strength to help. That the reason Rukia lost all her powers to Ichigo was because she was still hurting over Shiba Kaien’s death and I suppose she was looking for a replacement figure. That it wasn’t actually made to break down the barrier between Shinigami and Hollow, but because that’s what Urahara wanted, that’s what it did.

+5 Awesomeness points to whoever can understand what the heck I just typed there…

Personally, there was way too much dialogue in this chapter, and I think Kubo’s trying too hard to explain its power and losing us along the way. Though the basic gist of it seems to be that the Hogyoku gives its user the ability to make whatever he wants to happen, happen. It’s like having your own personal genie, except without the lamp. Isshin can’t believe his ears…

I couldn't have been the ONLY one thinking that, surely...>_>

And yet, sadly, I think I was the only one…

For those who voted no (and for everyone else who’s interested), Axelgerhard posted an excellent theory of the Hogyoku’s abilities and the effects that it would have over some of the key players in the series, and the debate that followed was rather insightful. If you want a better understanding of Chapter 401, read the comment here.

After a brief interruption from Ichimaru and Ichigo (and a rather heated argument between father and son), Aizen fires up the Hogyoku in preperation for his transformation, when who should appear?

Urahara Kisuke! Your favourite dodgy salesman is back! Reminds me of a guy I know who runs a “legit” business selling audio systems out the back of a white van…O_O I hope he can answer the many questions Aizen has left us with…

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with the next instalment! See you all then ๐Ÿ˜€


Bubble Contest:

(insert caption here)

Soooooo many ways that pic could be taken…LOL bashing Ichimaru is almost as fun as bashing Sakura!

Let the dirtiest/wittiest/cleverest/boredest amongst you commenters win!

And to sign off, a demotivational poster…

Demotivational Poster:


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36 Responses to “Bleach 400-401 Double Breakdown! Ichimaru overcompensates for his, ummmm…”

  1. FIRST O_O Thanks darks for posting the breakdown @_@, I personally understand what the Hogyoku does, hope everyone else understands it, now I have to wait for the next bleach manga >_> tch silly holidays

  2. secondddd!!!!!! gin rocks

  3. THIRD! Awesome breakdown Dark and if you really want to take over WRA all you need to do is bribe me. Honestly, I come cheap.

    I think I have a fair understanding of what the Hougyouku does thanks to the previous discussion and now I’ll just sit here and wait for the answers. I’m on the sidelines regarding what will happen to Ichigo and his friend’s powers once Aizen takes full control of the Hougyoku but I do think at least Ichigo’s powers are natural.

    I can’t believe you like the 13 km sword though…>_>


    Gin 1: “Ohhh, you blocked my Bankai Ichigo!”

    Gin 2: “Let me do a slow exaggerated clap to show you how impressed I am.”

    HA! I won’t be the first to make the obvious penis size joke!


    @Superdude, well after seeing it in action, i actually like the bankai. That whole retraction thing is cool

  5. Godaime, I guess… O_O That means I’m an old woman with HUGE boobs… X_X

    I understood what the Hougkyoku does thanks to axel in the old breakdown and I even have a theory I posted.

    Did you notice that Gin’s “bankai” gets longer only when he sees Ichigo? Don’t tell me you didn’t get the double meaning… ๐Ÿ˜›


    – Dark

  6. bubble1. five,five dollar, five dollar foot long.
    bubble2. gggget it ooonn
    caption. its a catchy tune what can i say.

  7. BUBBLE1: Hey Ichigo, I know what you’re thinking…
    BUBBLE2: Why does my “sword” get longer when I see you?
    CAPTION: Erection: It’s a bankai now… -_-
    CAPTION2: Gin: You know he’s gay from his bankai…
    CAPTION3: Gin: You know he’s gay from the way he squints at you…
    CAPTION4(Caption2 and 3 fused together): Gin: You know he’s gay from his bankai and the way he squints at you…


    Dark, you decide which caption is better. 0_0 XD

  8. Bubble1: If your happy and you know it clap your hands
    Bubble2: *clap clap* *maniacle laugh*
    Caption: Gin… He is happy and damn u to hell if you didnt know it and possibly just a little crazy

    Bubble1: Domo arigato
    BUbble2: Mr roboto
    Caption: The robot… its too powerful to ignore

    Bubble1: Peek-a-boo
    Bubble2: I see you
    Caption: Gin… he can see you with his eyes closed

  9. 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. BUBBLE:

    #1: Hey there red-haired boy… wanna see my candy bar… it’s thiiiis biiiig!

    #2: Now just reach into my pants and grab that big ol’ bar!

    CAPTION: Never trust the creepy guy at the bus station!

  11. BUBBLE:

    #1: Why yes, I AM Orochimaru’s brother….

    #2: We have the same eyes, the same smile, and the same length…
    *holds hands apart to show size*

    Pedophilia: Yes, it IS genetic!

  12. My gawd prawl, that’s just disturbing. I LOL’d hard anyway.


  14. @Darks, and that’s why its funny 8D

    I finally get the Hougyoku’s powers as well!


    the moment we have all waited for

    urahara is here!!!

    bleach is rocking for the second time O_O hell yehzzzz baby O_O

    now for some aizen pwning ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. BUBBLE:
    Gin:Look Everyone, Im kakashi!
    Gin:Now all i need is a mask covering my mask and a sharigan.

    Gin:I was just reaching for some nuts I swear.
    Gin: Jeez, you didn’t have to hit me with that beer bottle Kenpachi…
    Caption:After that incident, everyone though Gin was gay…All he wanted was some beer nuts for his heineken….

  17. *mask covering my mouth and a sharigan

  18. Who thinks Unohana should stop being a lazy ass and join the fight? She better be healing a few captains while the fighting is going on or something, but wouldn’t she have to release that giant shikai of a praying mantis of hers? Not something you’d miss…

    Dammit, I want to see her fight almost as much as I want to see Urahara fight. Something tells me he isn’t much of a fighter though in the long run and is more of an intellectual mind. Like Unohana is probably a better healer than fighter. Not saying they can’t fight though. Oh no, I’m sure they’re super strong.

  19. Holy crapsters, Ichimaru burned dinner. X__X Thanks for doing the breakdown, Avatar.

    @Sagemodefreak: Lol! At Subway! By the way, are they still doing that? >_>

    I wonder who’s going to show up next…maybe Ichigo’s little sisters. That would be cool…some pre-teen butt-whoopin’. Maybe they’ll kill everyone with Justin Beiber records…

  20. I know who will show up next!!

    The Karakura Superheroes!!
    Aizen better watch out, the true protagonist of the story Don Kanoji will take him down before he can even rant half a rant, Lol =P

  21. As far as new fighters showing up anytime soon, i don’t see any… in the near future. I do see the trapped Captain’s in hueco mundo showing up with the cat woman, or possibly with Urahara’s barrier side kick guy. Anywho, besides all that i think were gonna understand what Deicide really meant:
    1. Gin’s bankai’s name (God Killer/God killing spear?)
    2. Death of a God (referring to a Certain shinigami wannabe who got 90% of their super powers because of the hougyoku *cough* my theory *cough*)

    Next chapter is gonna be a doozy for sure, but chances are i’ll be in Oklahoma for training, then back overseas. So if you no longer see my posts for a while, i need one of you to take over my crazy theories for me while i’m gone. Can you imagine no bleach for 6-9 months. Scary scary :p

  22. And no i’m not referring to Ichigo dying, just referring to him losing his unique abilities he learned over night, once Aizen takes complete cntrol of the Hougyoku and reverses Ichigo’s power back to where it should be.

  23. Ohhhh bubble too:

    1. Who said you need to go to Subway…
    2. For my five dollar foot long.

  24. Crap sorry forgot the caption:

    “It doesn’t just have to be foot long”

  25. Good luck with the overseas training Axel and thanks for your theories. They were really fun, thought provoking, and interesting to discuss which makes for the best of theories. ^_^

    If Gin betrays Aizen, steals the Hogyokou, and becomes the main antagonist I’m kicking Tite’s ass. I call BS on Gin being stronger than Aizen and then betraying him after all this time Aizen’s abilities and character were built up. Of course nothing like this has been confirmed just wanted to rant about a terrible possibility. >_>

  26. Thanks for the breakdown as well as Axelgerhard explanations of the chapter. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. bleachs out

  28. Urahara kicking ass and taking names! ^(0_0)^ … Until Aizen comes out of the smoke, laughs, and cuts him down for thinking he can defeat him with his own reitsu when he’s in “God Mode”. What was Aizen in before!? He should be uber balls to the wall holy shitzel powerful right now!!! Urahara and some kidou can’t take him out even if he turned his own reitsu on him. That surely wasn’t all of it because I’ve seen much bigger blasts than that. Aizen better be ok. I like Urahara and all but come on…this is Aizen! He’s in a league of his own. >_<

  29. Man I hope Aizen doesnt pull another Kyoka Suigetsu get outa jail free card. That would be annoying ๐Ÿ™‚ But oh so badass……which means, oh so Aizen.

  30. LOL! Brutal KILL…LOL ! One issue though ? really ? Any body going to do the anime ? THE FIGHT is about to happen. Just wondering.

  31. my wish comes true YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    urahara pwned mr aizen ๐Ÿ™‚

    best bleach chapter ever ever i tell you

  32. Love the fight. Cannot wait for the breakdown and we are just getting started with this fight. Notice how everyone has just stopped fighting and watching this. Too bad next chapter will be more talking than fighting. I’m with Trek on this one. This fight is far from over.

    Speaking of the Bleach anime. I thought the new episodes were suppose to start soon. Anyone know a time frame on that?


    i think aizen is’nt defeated yet, but will fight another day……the sensible thing to do for aizen would be to withdraw now…..i don’t think he can match up to urahara and isshin teamed up……as for Gin, he just sucks…i can’t believe i once considered him cool….i mean he’s got, like, an extendable knife……..agreed that it’s very fast, but i think ichigo can easily pwn him because his strong point is speed too….kubo really hated Gin and Tosen, it seems ๐Ÿ˜›

    UNLESS, OF COURSE, Aizen pulls some kyoka suigetsu shit outta his ass….that’d REALLY suck..

  34. All I have to say: I pity the fool that messes with Mr T…I mean Mr Aizen. Lord knows what manner hell he’s going to rain down next.

    Oh, by the way, did anyone else notice that 6-rod prison had seven rods? Fail much? It’s almost as bad as a scarless Kakashi…almost…

  35. @ Captain – that seventh rod doesn’t count, it was just a decoration.

    Also, has anyone noticed how awful the english translations for this chapter were from onemanga?

    I would almost think it was a parody
    (reference Team Four Star’s recent Bardock:father of Goku parody)

    “That Bardock’s a prety cool Character…”

    “Yeah, and he DOESN’T afraid of anything!”

    “Doesn’t afraid of anything indeed”

  36. why do i have this funny feeling that Urahara has a secret agenda? The way Aizen talked about how Kisuke failed at mastering the hougyoku…this all just seems a little sketchy to me. idk maybe im just paranoid because everything is going too smooth and Urahara just finally decides to show up at the end…

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