Fairy Tail 180-181: ERZA VS. ERZA and…. well nothing else can beat that >_>

Hey everyone, welcome to an exciting DOUBLE breakdown of Fairy Tail! Sorry for not posting last week, schools been busy? O___o … for some reason it seems that the end of my senior year is becoming filled with more homework and projects, and I haven’t had a major hit of Senioritis to just say NO yet… *sigh* anyway… Moving on!

Lets start off with a little recap of what happened in Ch. 180 ERZA VS ERZA or The Ultimate Chick Battle.

Things kicked off right from the start: Grey wanted to know where all their friends were and attacks Edo-Erza and some soldiers. Of course Edo-Erza easily dodges and goes straight in for the kill, only to be confronted by our very own Erza (>^_^)>


Grey, Lucy, Charlie, and Happy go in search of Wendy and Natsu, while Edo-Erza and Erza introduce themselves and prepare for battle. After a quick skirmish, we find out that Edo-Erza can only change the shape of her weapon, however depending on the type of weapon she chooses, it can increase her fighting ability. So… basically its exactly like Erza’s fighting style minus the hot outfits TT____TT

Then sadly the scene changes back to Lucy and Grey, and Grey tells Lucy that the piece of Lachrima in the town square was him and Erza… wow… that’s pretty big for two people O___O

Oh and Gazille saved them using his Dragon powers. Dragon Slayers have the power to change lachrima’s back into people because no one else is allowed to be the hero in this manga >_> . Mistogan is still missing. Happy flies off to find Gazille. Natsu and Wendy are found unconscious, but Grey gives them special drugs medicine so they are able to get their powers back.

*snickers*..... >_>...... <_<

AAAAAAAAND finally its revealed that with the Dragon Slayer magic the King will crash the Lachrima into the Eksheed’s floating island and it will EXPLODE *cue evil laughter*

(yes I know that was rushed, but deal with it.)

In the beginning of chapter 181 we get a little more detailed explanation of how the King plans to have eternal magic fall down upon his kingdom and yada yada… Then Natsu comes back.

Natsu: OMGWTF THERES TWO ERZA’S?!?!?!?! Oh hey its Grey. And Lucy’s ok too.

Everyone: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Then the gang splits up. Wendy and Charlie head towards Extalia to warn the cats that a bomb is headed their way. And Natsu, Grey and Lucy go looking for the King.

Meanwhile, Happy finds Gazille and takes him to the Lachrima while asking the OH-SO important quesiton: WHERE IS MISTOGAN?

Suddenly they are attacked by…. PANTHERLILY aka P. Lily…. Who has WINGS and can fly! With wings! >_> and he has a big spear/sword @___@


P. Lily dodges Gazille’s Iron Dragon Sword, and says -bitch, please! You know you can’t beat me.

Serious... these boys are serious >:D

But I’m curious as to why P. Lily is going along with the Kings plans to destroy the Eksheed… any guesses?

The scene switches back to Natsu, Grey and Lucy looking for the king. Of course, the King isn’t easy to find because the layout of the kingdom is very confusing, heck there might even be an…. Amuse…ment… park? Seriously? No wonder Edolas has such a magical supply problem. Tsk tsk! Oh yeah and they run into Hughes (arrow eyebrows) and Sugarboy (prince charming wanna-be).

Yay! More battles are ahead!

And that’s the end of this weeks breakdown, hope you all enjoyed it ^_^



~ by bbgurly14 on April 24, 2010.

14 Responses to “Fairy Tail 180-181: ERZA VS. ERZA and…. well nothing else can beat that >_>”

  1. 1st yeah love FT

  2. 2nd

  3. THIRD! Awesome breakdown BB! You covered everything important very nicely and with good humor. 😉

    I think Pantherlily, lol, is a traitor to Eksheed and the King took him in because he saw his potential. Pantherlily may have shared different ideals from the Eksheed and was banned because of his views. Maybe he saw the humans as an equal race. Can’t have any of that in Exteria. ~_~

    I can’t wait to meet this queen who think she’s God. Lol, ego boosting much?

  4. Lol … anybody think that Panther Lily is the cat companion that Gajeel is looking for ?

  5. 5th. Great breakdown BB!

  6. I cant take lily serious… he is too cuddly looking to ever be taken serious… though how a cat managed 2 get all those muscles really needs to be taken into consideration… what steroids have they been feeding him in his katnip?! :O

  7. Awesome Erza vs Erza 4tw MUST SEE MORE. @nagashikage i kinda thought that too.

  8. @eatencookie LOL, very true, he’s bigger than any of the other cat guards O___o
    btw, I love your picture, its making me extremely jealous right now.

  9. @Super: You are one to talk about ego boosting -_-”

    @bb thanks 😉 i thought i’d get my hands on it before it became cool!

    Yeah he is just one bigass cat.. I dont see why Gazille doesnt just throw a ball of yarn and be done with it.. either that or a handy dandy purse and a grandmother! *wonders if anyone would actually get that*



    Good chapter. Why didn’t he just crash the roller coaster into the ground though and kill Lucy?

    @Cookie: Lol, I can talk about it more than the girl who put her name in the tags of her breakdowns. 😛

  11. ah.. touche…

  12. But that is so people dont confuse me with your ego 😛

  13. Lol!!! When Gray was going to throw Lucy up in the air I thought he was going to grab her boobs or something funny! I’m probably not the only one… 8)

    The chapter was ok. Natsu should have fried his enemies from the start. He and Gray should switch opponents. Sugarboy(funny name, huh?)’s Rose Espada can’t make fire soft for sure and Gray will pwn Hughes. 😛

  14. Ummm…some sort of copy cat version or tribute to One Piece is out. o_O


    Honestly, I knew I saw this almost exact same plot somewhere before and lo-and-behold.


    I can’t make this stuff up. Read the plot. Hiro Mashima must be working with Oda…or stalking him. This is not a diss to Fairy Tail btw. One of the reasons I like Fairy Tail is that it resembles One Piece in many ways. Just saying…

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