The Line Is Drawn – Part 4 of a Madara VS The First Hokage Fanfic

The Kyuubi Roars!

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Part 4 for your viewing pleasure, please read and review ^_^

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(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters, and i do not stand to make any profit from this story)

Part 1 – In The Valley

Part 2 – Dancing In The Leaves

Part 3 – The Roof Of The World

Part 4 – The Line Is Drawn


-just as it slammed into the tree Hashirama had created with incredible force!

Even in the Kyuubi’s weakened state, the aftershock caused by it’s Menacing Ball could be felt many miles away.

On impact, the ball exploded, vaporizing everything within it’s blast radius. Bark, leaves, branches – everything within its reach became powdered dust. That which survived became tainted with the Kyuubi’s deadening chakra. It spread like a plague, eating away at the remnants of the tree and everything attached to it, including the wooden tendrils suppressing the Kyuubi’s chakra.

The Nine-Tails shook them off, shuddering with extreme exhaustion. Having lost it’s will to fight, the Kyuubi flopped on it’s belly, too exhausted to continue.

Madara caught up with it, Mangekyou Sharingan spinning wildly. Every part of the Kyuubi’s being wanted to curl up and sleep, but the blasted Uchiha scum was not going to go so easy on it. It rose, shaking, the fury the Kyuubi felt towards Madara fueling it, empowering it.

The fur on it’s nape rose as it adopted an aggressive stance, head and forelegs held low to the ground while it straightened his hind legs, raising it’s flank into the air in such a way that the tips of its tails curved and pointed towards his opponent. It growled menacingly, sending a shockwave of potent chakra that battered the plantlife around it.

Madara hopped lightly onto it’s head. “Let us end this fight,” he said to the Kyuubi.

You had better hope either you or I die soon, Uchiha, it growled, the hatred in it’s voice almost palpable in it’s intensity. If I still draw breath at the end of this battle, I will not stop till you and the rest of your Sharingan-wielding clan have been completely eradicated!

Madara laughed softly.

“We shall see, fox. We shall see.”


Hashirama had barely a moment to dodge before the Menacing Ball hit, knowing full well he would lose his advantage over his opponents without the tree he had fought to protect. Without a moment’s hesitation, he leaped off just as the force of the blast launched him high up into the air.

Instead of fighting it, Hashirama rode the wave of energy, allowing it to carry him a fair distance away. Despite the distance he was from the ground, there was no fear in him; after all, he was the Leaf’s most powerful ninja. Height meant very little to him anymore.

Once he had judged that he was far enough away from the tree, he extended his arms with Mokuton jutsu, planting them firmly into the ground far beneath him. Even this simple action took it’s toll; despite the fact that he had sustained no physical damage, the amount of chakra Hashirama had expended exhausted him. He lowered himself slowly to the ground, breathing heavily as he landed.

This fight needs to end soon, Hashirama thought to himself.

Keeping his eyes on the Kyuubi in the distance, Hashirama straightened up, unslinging the scroll from his back and pulling it open.

He found the section he was looking for.

Hashirama laid it gently on the ground and stood, bringing his hands to his chest and forming the tiger seal.

“Let this end it,” he said softly.

His hands flashed into different formations as he manipulated the last of his chakra.

Boar. Dog.

Hashirama’s feet sunk a few inches into the ground, becoming wooden roots that gathered the dormant chakra of the plantlife around him.

Snake. Tiger. Monkey.

Four spiked, wooden poles rose up from the ground, coming to rest at head height.

Dog. Tiger.

Those four poles curved down and extended, puncturing the scroll that rested on the ground. The kanji on the scroll began to glow, the beautiful figures starting to swirl magically into a spiral-shaped pattern.

Hashirama’s head snapped up as he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye.

The Kyuubi was back on it’s feet, sprinting toward him at full speed!

Madara rode the Kyuubi, a look of pure hatred on his face.


Hashirama performed the last remaining hand signs he needed to complete his jutsu.

Boar. Dog. Bird-


-Monkey. Ram.

Madara almost laughed. “A summoning jutsu?” he said incredulously. “What summon could possibly be powerful enough to do anything to the Kyuubi!?”

He bent low, whispering softly to the Nine-Tails.

“Kill him.”

The Kyuubi just laughed as it closed the distance between itself and it’s quarry. It leaped towards Hashirama, a look of glee on it’s hate-filled face-

– just as it felt something of immense power slam upwards into it’s underbelly that sent both man and beast flying into the air!

The Kyuubi crashed to the ground, then instantly leaped to it’s feet, snarling all the while. It turned, facing the new threat that had materialized out of nowhere.

Madara landed lightly on the head of the Nine-Tails as he, too, examined the enormous creature Hashirama had summoned.

“That is not possible,” he breathed.

It took less than a moment for his Sharingan to identify it. It was absolutely huge, equivalent in size to the Nine-Tails. Horn grew from either side of it’s head, and eight tentacle-like tails thrashed in a violent frenzy behind it as it shook with righteous anger.

“Hachibi,” Madara breathed, awestruck.

Hashirama leapt onto it’s shoulder, revitalized by the chakra he absorbed from the Hachibi.

“This ends HERE, Madara!” he roared. The Eight-Tails joined in, the combined sound nearly knocking Madara off his feet.

This is not good, Madara thought to himself. Despite the fact that it was the most powerful of all the Tailed Beasts, the Kyuubi had been severely weakened by the First’s chakra-suppresion jutsu. The Nine-Tails would still put up a good fight – its undying sense of pride would not allow it to do otherwise – but Madara was unsure as to whether it would be enough to triumph over the Eight-Tails.

Or the bastard who controlled it.

Madara felt the Nine-Tail’s muscles tense as it growled violently, an aggressive response to the Hachibi’s challenge. He allowed himself to absorb the chakra that emanated from it. It was refreshing, energizing. It stoked the fire in his soul, making it burn with fierce determination.

All of a sudden, he could’t care less how close this battle may be. He fought to protect his clan and it’s honour, and nothing would stop him.

Madara felt an ear-splitting roar tear itself from his throat.


With that, the Kyuubi howled, launching itself towards the Hachibi –


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  1. First! awesome read darks well done

  2. Great fanfic! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. that was totally unexpected! pure awesomeness!!!!!!

  4. Nice one! Eight-tails vs Nine-tails. Awesome.

  5. Cool this story is getting better and better keep it up..cant wait for the next chapter!!!8-tails vs 9-tails awesome=)

  6. This is really good, the imagery and everything. I knew Shodaime had the ability to control the tailed beasts, but I didn’t know he could summon them. Could he really do that, or was that just something you made up for your story ?
    Either way, it was a pretty good addition to what was already a compelling fight.

  7. YES! YES! MORE! I must have more!

    *Rips madara’s head open and eats it’s contents like a cadbury egg*

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  9. im truly a fan of yours now. i hope one day kishi makes a ova or something about this fight.

  10. Freaking awesome Dark! Can’t wait for the rest! If you make Hashirama rap that’s 10 bonus points for you. 😀


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