Naruto Shippuuden 156 Breakdown. Dem eyes are looking for trouble. O_O

YAY!!!! I finally get to do a single breakdown for the first time in two screenings!!!

*coughs and then switches to a formal voice*

Why, good day everyone and welcome to another single episode breakdown for Naruto. This week was quite a good one in just about every regard, so there was a lot to be happy with and very little to complain about. I am glad to see that the anime is moving quite nicely with the pace, rather than dragging along like it has all too many times in the past and this particular episode managed to move things quite well in its own regard.

Master Yoda in his younger years, before space travel. He looks cranky. O__O

For the most part, this episode continued to concentrate on Naruto’s abuse… *cough*… I mean, training, where we get a bit more insight into the actual process than the manga gave us. For one thing, the anime gives us a better sense of time than its black and white counterpart did and the passage of events in the anime feels more organic and palpable, if not somewhat off-center due to the filler arc.

There are also more added details that help to flesh everything out nicely and add more of a complete feel to Naruto’s time in training, which to me, is one of the anime’s real niches that place it in a different realm altogether. Even though they fit a lot into one episode, it didn’t feel rushed.

Unfortunately for Naruto, time is an enemy, because the more of it that passes, the closer he is to an early grave.

The only thing between Naruto and a proctologist's worst nightmare, is a thin slab of stone. X__X

Watching the training was more fun and interesting than I thought it would be, especially with the more meaningful moments where Jiraiya’s own training was referenced.It also gives us an idea of how time consuming it is. The mere fact that Naruto almost felt like giving up at one point also gives us an idea of how taxing it was as well.

For a moment, our defiantly stubborn hero almost throws in the towel, but a reminder of Jiraiya’s own perseverance, even facing the same trial, eventually pushes him to keep going until he finally achieved his goals.

Naruto never got to tell his mommy... ;___;

I have to say, I was somewhat curious as to how Sage mode would look in the anime overall, seeing as how we only really got three colour pages in the manga to really give us a good impression. Fortunately, they pulled it off really well and it really gives Naruto an air of power and, dare I say it, coolness that we have only otherwise seen in the more emo side of our cast up until now.

His eyes make him look intimidating and yet, in an odd way, more friendly at the same time. Maybe it’s the sunshine yellow. O_o

This is what happens when you stare at the sun for too long. (Naruto heard that you could tell the time by looking at the sun, but he just could never seem to make out the numbers).

Of course, Naruto’s training, although the highlight of the episode, was definitely not the only content we had the pleasure of watching.

We also got a glimpse of team emo, led by the one and only Sasuke, who is still recovering from his use of Emotarasu. For the most part, they have a discussion about why Suigetsu is naked, why Juugo is so childish *cough* and why Karen is being herself.

Actually, truth be told, it was more of a team building, group hug type of scenario, only without the hugging part, because that would defy Sasuke’s inner emoness. One thing we can see however, especially at this point, is how much closer Team Taka are growing to each other. They seem to understand the bonds that are forming inadvertently and the funny thing is, none of them seem to be too surprised by it.

What do you mean I only got five minutes of screen time in this episode? Must... resist sudden dark urge to... kill.... @__@

Of course, I always believed that they cared for each other a lot more than they showed and their sacrifices during the battle with Bee definitely show that much.

But, perhaps even more interesting, was how quickly Sasuke started losing his sight after such a small amount of use of his Mangekyo Sharingan. It just goes to show you, the price is proportional to the power, and it also gives us an idea of how scantily Itachi must have used it over the years to make his own eyesight last as long as it did.

We also get a brief look into the Raikage’s life as well as his forces, who are in close pursuit of the ones who took their beloved Bee from their grasp.

The six steps to being pwned. Naruto knows them all by now, especially after this training.

Back to the training again, we get to see Naruto’s sparring with Fukusaku, once again,  in more detail than the manga ever afforded us.

One thing the above screen shows us in particular, is how strong Fukusaku is. Even though Naruto has learned sage mode and grown immeasurably stronger, he still lacks the experience to control that new strength and Fukusaku quickly shows him that power is nothing without control by making short work of him.

I was actually very pleased that they showed this scene, because it shows that Naruto didn’t just get an instant power-up only by learning how to draw in natural energy. He had to train hard and learn how to use it properly as well, which was a long and laboriously difficult process that involved, once again, a lot more agony for our new sage.

OMG!!! Someone's looking this way! Quick, strike a pose! X__X

We also get a brief, first glimpse of team Kumo, three characters that I personally feel are quite fun in the manga and who could be just as great in the anime if they are given justice.

In the subject of first impressions, these guys really pull it off and it almost makes you feel excited about seeing them a lot more in the future. All I can say is that I think they are a great addition to the story and I hope they remain that way for quite some time to come.

I only realized a bit later, how wrong some of those sounded. T__T

The air is cool, crisp and silent, its gentle whisper of existence caressing delicately against your skin. You take a deep breath, feeling your lungs burning furiously like a furnace inside your chest, before letting it out again, watching as it mists up in the icy nighttime air. You can still see the moon trailing across the horizon, its bright and radiant illumination panting the sky with smears of purple and blue. Your emotions begin to stir. You feel relieved, blissful and a well of pride begins to swell up in your heart. You've finally done it, you are content, you are free...

From here on out, the episode mostly switches back and forth between brief scenes, from Naruto sneaking out at night to practice secretly with his newly acquired Sage Mode, to Team Taka as they deal with a pursuer from Kumogakure.

After that, we go back to the Raikage and a rather emotional moment between him and his subordinates. It’s quite funny seeing a figure as strong as him shedding more water than the Niagara falls, so it’s no wonder his underlings seem to have adopted a similar, over-the-top emotional spectrum.

However, overall, it adds a lot to the anime and these are great new characters that I really look forward to seeing a lot more in the future.

*sniff* I swear it wasn't me!!! *Hugs blankey closely* ;__;

Our episode ends with one last showing of Naruto sparring with Fukusaku once more, only this time with a far greater grasp of Sage Mode than he had before. Seeing them sail across the sky as if gravity didn’t even exist was really cool and in the end, this episode left me with a warm feelings inside.

I was simply content and I enjoyed it a lot.

So, do we get frequent flier miles for this? More importantly, how are we gonna get down? T__T

Well, that’s all from me for this week. Our next episode will thrust us into the invasion on Konoha, so get your hard hats ready and prepare for some demolition and destruction!

Here are last weeks top caption entries.

4th) Prawlkage: Kishi’s addition of ‘Albino Kakashi’ In the 15th year of the manga was a HUGE disaster!

3rd) Kantonkage: Kakashi with his best Hinata impersonation

2nd) Prawlkage: Kakashi stole the byakugan to complete his ultimate doujutsu… only to be thwarted by Sunburn-no-jutsu.

Namikaze88: Unfortunately for Kakashi, med-nins have begun using the 1000 years of death technique for prostate exams… -_-

Well done to everyone who entered.

Here is this week’s screen!

*Insert caption here*

This one should be a fun one, I think.

Lastly, here is the trailer for the next episode. This is where the fun really begins in the anime. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown and the episode. ^ ^

See you next time. 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 19, 2010.

25 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 156 Breakdown. Dem eyes are looking for trouble. O_O”


  2. second 😀

  3. Cool breeakdown Tenrai. I enjoyed he starwars referece lol, and the pose striking. @_@

    I must say, i have been looking forward to this pain arc for sometime.

  4. the breakdown is great , kinda filled up the episode for me , hope i can watch it soon….

    i didnt kinda get prawls entry what is albino kakashi O_o iaredumbnesss

  5. 3rd…or 5th?

    Nice breakdown. I can’t wait for a new episode. Maybe I make a break, a collect a couple of episode just to spare myself of the cliffhangers.

  6. pain is finally here! yes!!!!

    (refered to last week’s caption) …and kakashi thought his prostate exam was bad…


    that’s not fukusaku’s tongue

  7. Great breakdown Tenrai! 😀

    Say what!? Was Naruto jumping in mid-air!? I know I saw it! XD I forgot Naruto still does get tired even when using natural energy and not his own chakra. Now for the Pein invasion and hopefully it’ll portray the ending much better than Kishi did in the manga. I’m hoping for a miracle. ~_~

  8. Nice job Tenrai.
    @supertrek89: I hope the anime can make the ending of the Pain arc way better too. Maybe with some killer music! It actually does have an important function in the anime…

  9. Caption: Dammit Fukasaku! Too soon! At least by the guy a drink before you put your tongue there >_>

    Nice breakdown Ten. I liked this episode because the manga made his training seem too easy for my taste. On page 5-6 of chapter 417 he falls and then one page 1 of chapter 418 he’s magically mastered it. Didn’t go over too well with me but I just looked past it because PAIN-sama was about to kick some ass. The anime did a really good job this time (but still not good enough for me to forgive them for the Three-Tails Arc)

  10. Great breakdown Tenrai!
    There is a lot of humor in these episodes which makes the contrast between Naruto’s pre-Pain and after that personalities even more glaring.

    “Sage wedgies – feel the pain!”

  11. CAPTION:
    Okay, time for final part of Sage training: CAVITY CHECK ! XO

  12. Caption: 1000 years of death Orochimaru style

  13. Caption: Fugaku=Orochimaru brethren. Naruto learned this…the hard way

  14. CAPTION:

    Behold the TRUE POWER of sage training… A SAIYAN TAIL!

  15. CAPTION:

    Naruto would never know a healthy sexual relationship… it would plague him his entire life

  16. Wow, my first caption win since IRA! ^_^
    Another great SINGLE breakdown, Tenrai. Keep it up.

    CAPTION: No, Naruto… That certainly is NOT natural energy flowing into you…

  17. Caption: Naruto would have preffered a Gomu-Gomu Pistol* than Fukasaku’s tongue
    Caption:Fukasaku’s tongue: worse than a gomu-gomu pistol*..

    *Its a One Piece reference 😉

  18. Great Breakdown Tenrai. I’ll add more later, but here’s my Caption.

    Caption: Naruto – “What is in my pants?!!”

  19. naruto movie 3 perfect raw is out so it wont be longer than a couple of weeks until we see the subbed movie out

  20. This week’s episode is mind blowing. Seriously, not to mention the animators have been extra careful to make us feel sorry for the village and some of the side characters.


    Actually the movie is already out and has been for half a day. I still haven’t decided whether to download it though. It looks a bit too far from the general feeling of the manga.

  21. This episode was epic, especially the first few minutes. Pain pwned those noobs XD! Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin FTW!!!

    Pogo sticks for dummys

  23. I find it interesting – took me awhile to notice – that when Naruto mentions he’s losing his humanity, that more or less is true. It just goes to show how much he’s sacrificing, seeing as in the manga, he’s going to end up sacrificing his dark side as well, most likely.

    It just shows how far he’s going because he cares.

  24. Drama will catch you, and it won’t be pleasant! No matter where you go, it WILL be watching!

  25. CAPTION:

    Good God I hope that’s Fuksaku’s tongue, and not Gin’s “Bankai” again!

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