Rate this weeks manga!! 16/04/2010

YOSH!! hello folks, ive taken time from my busy schedule and party planning to bring you this segment of awesomeness 🙂

First off i would like to thank Super for putting the ‘Rate this weeks manga’ post on the WRA front page, it looks sweet ;P

Also i would like to say happy birthday to me for next tuesday 😛 you can join in if you like.

Anyway lets get on with the rating shall we?

First im going to start it off differently and start with one piece this time.

first off i will say i didnt like One Piece as much as previous chapters, it was ok but could of done with more happening to be honest. Although we did see that all the new high bounty pirates overlooking the Marineford battle. There isnt much to talk about really in this chapter except the fact that somehow all of the high bounty pirates are alive after their encounter with Kizaru (somehow) and that Luffy is hooked up to a big ass machine.

Anyway One Piece gets a 5/10 from me this week, could of done with more development in the story in my opinion.

Next we will move onto Fairy Tail which recently has been getting better and better ^_^

Basically the title itself summed up its awesomeness; Erza vs Erza, come on its seriously awesome. Basically the chapter starts off with the epic fight with Erza against her alternate identity, and is kicking ass with edo-erza looking supprised at Erza’s armour changing… which was awesome!!!


Anyway the chapter overall was good, had a decent plot development and some epic fighting, fairy tail gets a 9/10 from me this week.

Moving on swiftly to Bleach now, and to my, and im sure other people’s disapointmen the ending of the previous chapter did not mean Gin was doning a Vizard mask =(

But however it was awesome still, since it revieled Gin’s bankai’s power, even though its still abit pathetic the fact he can shorten it and make it longer at incredible speeds, so basically hes a speedy mo fo.

And after moving on from Gin and Ichigo we see Aizen is becoming a bit sluggish, or as he says; Hogyoku is finally understanding his heart … creepy.

creepy... >_>

Anyway im not quite sure what to give Bleach this week, it was good but not overly good… i suppose it can settle for 7/10… thats fair right ??

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD finally good ol’ Naruto…

Right once again there isnt alot to discuss about Naruto but i will try, basically it was just the confrence of the Kages and then Naruto getting attacked by a giant squid but being saved by KB, from what i read in the spoilers (yes im sorry, i read the spoilers, i got excited i couldnt help it) there would be some discussion between KB and Naruto but it seems not. Was mainly a talky chapter, but was still good.

Now, is it just me or is Killer Bee abusing his power abit, he doesnt really need to use the Hachibi’s power to take down a squid (unless its some amazing squid or something)

anyway naruto gets a 7.5/10, could of done with less talkin with the Kages and more between Killer Bee and Naruto in my opinion…

Right thats it for this weeks post, i hope you enjoyed it and i will most likely see you same time next week, bye folks.


~ by Captain Awesome on April 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga!! 16/04/2010”

  1. 1st. and it’s my first first. not as exciting as I thought it would be.

  2. second!

    Fairly tail 10! Erza vs Erza! Epic.
    Naruto 10 (maybe this chapter is not for a highest mark, but I am a big fan of Naruto manga and for me it is almost always 10).
    Bleach 0. (I am reading Bleach just because of the habit. But actually I don’t like this manga. No story just boring fight.)

  3. @cumulusbg: Same same same. I’m a super huge Naruto fan, and the only reason I’m still reading Bleach is because I can’t just stop reading a manga, especially one that took me so long to catch up with.

  4. YOSH! Great post Kabuto!

    One Piece 8/10: All the talking is to be expected after the war just ended. A new arc is starting and Oda is slowly building up pace for it as always.

    Fairy Tail 9/10: Yes, I just ranked Fairy Tail the highest I’ve ever ranked it. I’m a sucker for action and Natsu finally got his powers back.

    Bleach 8/10: I thought it was a decent chapter and Tite expanded more on Gin’s bankai making it less dumb so that’s greatly appreciated. Plus Aizen’s development has me excited.

    Naruto: 9/10: Felt a little rushed between Naruto taking on the scroll and him arriving on the island but a great chapter nonetheless. It’s really moving fast as the war approaches.

  5. @Holycrow: That’s because you’re not doing it right! It goes FIIIIRRRRRSSSST!! (Along with a couple more exclamation marks and extended lettering) 😉

    I’m on pretty much the same boat as Nagashigake and Cumuludbg here.

    Naruto gets a perfect 10 simply because “Show me the way!!” made that entire chapter for me.

    Fairy Tail, I don’t even bother with it anymore, so I wouldn’t know…

    Bleach…don’t even make me start…but I have to say, it was definitely a surprise of a chapter. Almost a pleasant one, too…

    And to add the one…

    One Piece gets an 8. The storm is over and things are starting to calm a bit too much for me. I’m sure it’ll pick up soon enough, though.

  6. Naruto was awesome this week! Yeah, the talking was a bit much, but i guess it was okay, I just loved the fact that kishi showed naruto getting the recognition he rightly deserved – i could never get enough of that ;P And the humor was great too! lol!!!

    You said that the Hachibi was probably abusing his power buy i think he was in that mode cuz he was probably training there at the island before the boat arrived or maybe he was travelling to the island via hachibi and saw them being attacked by the squid…

    Cant wait for this week’s manga!

  7. onepiece = 9 things needed to be done things needed to be said , now on to the next arc the straw hat crew reunite stronger than ever!!!

    bleach – 0

    naruto 9 – naruto meets kb , and the naruto We or atleast i like .. not the always serious one ._.

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