One Piece Chapter 582 IS OUT + 580 Highlights And 581 Breakdown! Conclusion Of Marco Vs. Crocodile Debate!

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-One Piece Chapter 480 Highlights Below-

Artwork by Ichi Haze

YOSH! Welcome to the One Piece Chapter 481 Breakdown! First I want to get through the chapter 480 highlights. Of course you can just skip them and get to the chapter 481 breakdown at the bottom.

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

I think the AMV is appropriate regarding Luffy’s current condition and predicament. It’s a great AMV and espresses Luffy definitely isn’t infallible. AMV by Kalvi13. Badass One Piece Picture by Sephirona. Kaku is FRREEEE FALLLIIING!!! 😀

1. Shanks returns Luffy’s hat indirectly through Buggy.

If nearly dead people had feelings Luffy would be really hurt right about now.

Shanks promised to come back for the hat one day when Luffy was a great pirate. Not only that but Luffy is supposed to give the hat back to Shanks. That near dead pirate fighting for his life and losing what was most dear to him isn’t exactly in the ideal situation for that promised day. Plus, I don’t believe Luffy is that “great pirate” yet. He still has a long way to go, just look at him. >(0_0)>

2. Everyone pussies out when Shanks shows up.

It really does look like someone socked him right in the jaw in that picture. XD

Yeah, from the Marines to the Shichibukai (lol Mihawk looked scared) to the pirates no one wanted to fight the dude. Blame it on exhaustion but the fact is Shanks challenged “anyone” who dared to continue fighting. That includes the Whitebeard crew, Blackbeard crew, and all the Marine forces. No one stepped up. XD

3. The end of war.

This chapter is all about Shanks and Shanks is a "G"! 😉 He won't allow his comrades to be defiled.

Shanks basically ends the war with his declaration. No one wants to fight anymore and when the fighting stops that’s all there is to it. He’s going to take Whitebeard and Ace’s bodies back to give them a proper burial so the Marines can’t parade their deaths any longer. Sengoku agrees and declares the war officially over.

Complaints about chapter:

Felt kinda rushed to me. Lol, the Admirals tried so hard to kill Luffy and it seems they just gave up to easily and called him lucky if he survived. Yes I know there was nothing more they could do but meh… Ben Beckman had the gun on Kizaru and he still let Kizaru attack. What was the point of holding him up if he wasn’t going to do anything? Sengoku complains about the threat of even 1 Level 6 prisoner out in the world but he lets 4 of them just walk away. Of course if he did attack them then he would have had to fight Shank’s crew, many more casualties would pile up, and the war would have continued. All of my complaints I countered myself. o_o In the end, overall good chapter.

Theory Time!

I don’t believe a rookie like Law would have a connection with Whitebeard but then again who knows? Law is a doctor right? Whitebeard is using a doctor’s equipment (with a smiley very similar to Law’s) and nurses we have not seen again even when the Moby Dick was sank. Nor have we seen those nurses partake in this war. In conclusion, did the equipment and those nurses come from Law’s crew?

Thanks to Takashid for the theory no matter how crazy it is! @_@

-One Piece Chapter 581 Breakdown Below-

Buggy and Shanks getting along? They must be drunk as hell! O_O

Now it’s time for the 481 Breakdown. Sorry I went a little link crazy. @_@

Let's also forget the Archipelago had a tsunami warning 5 minutes ago...>_>

Party over here, party over there! The war is over and the big bad pirate Whitebeard is dead. No longer do the citizens of the world have to live in fear of the legendary pirate Whitebeard. Of course they must have forgotten about this! If they feared Whitebeard’s reign then they’re in a hell of a surprise when Blackbeard starts expanding his control. Blackbeard is like Whitebeard on roid rage. No matter how “good“ Whitebeard was I guess no matter who the pirate is he’ll/she’ll be viewed as the “badguy”.

Goes to show you, pirates are assholes. ><

The news of Whitebeard’s death spreads fast and quickly reaches the 7 ships floating in the bay of Marineford. In those 7 ships are 8 (Kid’s ship has 2) of the 11 Supernovas who are destined to carry the ‘New Age’ on their backs and make great names for themselves. They are the future era.  All along the Supernovas were near Marineford watching the war so they must have departed for the bay after we saw them last in the Sabaody Archipelago. You see they were smart. Why watch the war in that crowded plaza on the one big screen that kept cutting on and off? Just hop in a ship and watch it LIVE! Beware of the random tsunamis and freezing water though. Front row tickets are non-refundable…>_>

Oh my...who could refuse?

Most of the Supernovas are shocked at the outcome, especially at Law’s interference in the war saving their rival Luffy. In fact Jewelry Bonney chases after Law and heads immediately to the New World. Apoo questions why a cruel guy like Law would save Luffy but the one who seems to be the most pissed is Basil. He just can’t win that damn card game! XD I know how he feels. The computer cheats so much in Hearts especially that cheating whore Michele. Ahem…>_>  Thanks to Kid we find out the last Yonkou’s name! Big Mum! 😀 There’s been a theory floating around that the pirate Lola was referring the Strawhats to as her mom was a Yonkou. Now a Yonkou pops up with the name Big Mum. Coincidence? Is there another Yonkou out there that likes to take on the family model as Whitebeard portrayed himself as a “father” to many of his “sons”? Or maybe Big Mum is actually Lola’s mom related by blood. I think there are two other possibilities, one not very likely. Here are all of them together.

1. Big Mum as Lola’s mom.

2. New World Pirate as Lola’s mom.

3. Catalina Devon as Lola’s mom. (not so likely)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! *pauses* HAHHAAHAHHA! Good luck buddy! XD

News of the war ending spreads across the world, citizens and Marines are celebrating, and unbeknownst to the partiers thanks to Whitebeard’s death his territories are once more open game. The war of course did not bring about peace but utter turmoil in the seas with the upset power balance. I know at least the higher up Marines knew this would happen. ~_~ I wonder how Fishman Island is reacting to the news of Whitebeard’s death… A quick new theory. With all these islands in trouble will the Whitebeard Crew split up to protect the islands their Old Man put under his protection?

Lol, the situation was to perfect not to use it.

We are introduced to the next big name in the business. Someone I personally believe will far surpass both Blackbeard and Whitebeard! His name is, and don’t you dare forget it, Brownbeard! LMFAO, what a poser! XD I’ll give him credit for this much. He actually has a beard! 😉


Moving on, we get back to Luffy and his condition. Boa caught up with the sub by tracking it underwater with her snake. Oh please don’t ask me how this was done. T_T The best I can do is say the snake tracked the sub with infrared vision and followed the heat the sub was emitting. Go go wiki! It may be something related to an unexplained power for all we know so don’t look to much into it.

As an athlete I just noticed how illegal Ivankov's powers are. XD

Anyway, Luffy’s condition is in critical after Law’s operation and Ivankov explains why. Wait… Ivankov? Okama? Where’d they all come from? O_O Last we saw of them Akainu was pwning them good.  Apparently they stowed away on the Marine ship Boa commandeered to chase after Luffy. I guess after Ivankov saw what happened to Curiel he said, ‘The hell with that let’s get out of here!’ XD Ivankov explains after Luffy saw his brother die right before his eyes his mind and spirit should have been shattered. He was barely able to fight through Impel Down and to have gotten this far was astronomical. When Ivankov asks Law why he saved Luffy he doesn’t give a real answer. Bastard! ~_~

Use the ocean Jimbei! >(0_0)>

Jimbei then stumbles out and explains why Luffy fainted. He theorizes it was an instinctual defensive maneuver to shut his mind off from the tragedy he just witnessed. A last resort reflex to protect himself you could say after all his reserves were depleted. Even if his life is saved though what Jimbei fears most is Luffy’s mental condition when he wakes up. Does this mean…we’ll have to put up with an emo Luffy!? Boa makes the brilliant decision of hiding Luffy on her island in the meantime. I brought this up in the comments section but does she really think her status is 100% secure after the stunts she pulled in the war? I’m all for hiding him on the island where he can learn to control his ‘Haki’ and it is the safest place that’s for sure, but I have a feeling her Shichibukai status has been put in jeopardy because she fought Smoker, Sentomaru, and the PXs.


Over in Marineford, holy crap, it’s Lieutenant Brandnew! The guy that gave Luffy his first bounty! XD Glad to see he’s still doing well and he for one never underestimated Luffy and his trouble making ability. 😉 Brandnew reports to Sengoku what happened over in Impel Down. Magellan was beaten within an inch of his life and is in critical condition. I’d feel sorry for the guy but not until I figure out what happened to Bon-chan! T_T Magellan seems to want to take responsibility for everything that happened and is a suicidal risk now. I bet Vice-Warden Hannyabal is straightening his ‘Take Over Warden’ cap right now. ^_- The real tragedy is in Level 6 though. Blackbeard pitted the Level 6 prisoners up against one another and took those who survived the death matches. Bringing out 4 new nakama for his crew but even after the death matches were over a good amount of prisoners survived. Those prisoners left their cages and escaped to the open world.

Lol, the translation is too priceless to change. 😀

What do we do about this situation? Of course you sweep it under the rug and hope the Level 6 prisoners will turn into cultured citizens and cause no problems. The World Government is brilliant! Is the real tragedy the escape of the Level 6 prisoners or the World Government’s response to the incident? Either way it’s failtacular.

Come on, that's torture Doflamingo! Just kill the poor guy already! X_X

Lastly, over in the back alleys of Marineford and explosion can be seen after all the fighting has stopped. It’s Moria getting his ass kicked by a group of PXs headed by Doflamingo. >(0_0)> It seems Moria isn’t cut out to be a Shichibukai anymore and that’s not just Doflamingo’s ramblings. He says the orders came from the higher ups (more talk on the delicate balance between powers). Hmmm…but why are they limiting their attack force? With Blackbeard quitting the Shichibukai no matter how “weak” they may think Moria is he’s still a force to be reckoned with. I don’t like the bastard but jeez, he deserves better than being killed in some back alley like some junkie. XD Which is why I don’t think there’s any way he’s going to die here. What do you all think?

That concludes are breakdown and here’s last week’s winner of the debate. Due to the lack of knowledge on Marco’s fighting capability compared to Crocodile’s there was some confusion on Marco’s ability and powers. The best argument I saw for Crocodile was to douse Marco’s eternal flames with a sandstorm. Sand douses and suffocates fire right? The best argument I saw for Marco’s side of the debate was he had ‘Haki’ enabling him to touch and hit Crocodile. Luffy knocked out Crocodile when he was able to touch and hit him so why not Marco? I’d say the debating was a tie so winner by number of votes, Marco the Phoenix!

Artwork by Kiriha2929

No debate this week so take a break. XD Maybe I’ll participate next time. 😉 Here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Artwork by Arthadel


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  1. FIRST!!!!! XD 😛

  2. Great breakdown Super!!!
    And it seems like no one wants to be second… 8)

  3. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great breakdown (Y) as always

  4. Awesome Breakdown as always Super. I’m curious to see who picks up WB’s mantle of protecting the fishman islands. In the last post i suggested Luffy and his crew coming there and getting in a fight with the person running it kinda like in Alabasta, but he would use his name i guess as a declaration. He’s getting alot of fame from this war, so people/pirates would know he’s not just someone who talks big, but would back it up…That or Shanks/other Yonkou would. I don’t see the WG trying to do anything

  5. That artwork of Phoenix Marco is good. And the demotivational poster ? Looool. Mihawk ftw.

    But here’s on question: wtf is Brownbeard ? He better be as badass as both Newgate and Teach. Can we get a Greybeard too ? Greybeard sounds the coolest. He’d be the impossible offspring of Whitebeard and Blackbeard. 🙂

  6. hey fantastic breakdown as usual, Super! the theory about Law and Whitebeard got me all excited! It would be awesome if it were true!! ^.^
    @nagashikage Greybeard isnt an impossibility… we never truely found out what happened under Blackbeard’s blanket…. >_>

  7. @kindasorta: Ohhh … I forgot about that blanket scene… BLEH. Hey look, no vomit.

  8. Thanks guys!

    @Shinobi: The problem with Luffy’s name protecting an island is the size of his crew. It’s so tiny compared to most other pirate crews he can’t really spare any men. If Whitebeard staked his name on an island and someone disrupted it he could send out any number of crew members to see what the problem is and be assured they’ll do the job right. I can’t see Whitebeard going himself to each and every island he said he’d protect. He didn’t even go after Blackbeard himself who killed his “son” Thatch.

    On the other hand if Luffy manages to become so feared maybe his name alone can protect an island and he won’t have to spare any men to actually protect it. Probably only 1 island at max though and perhaps it’ll be Fishman Island as you predict. 😉

    @Nagashikage: Brownbeard is the future Pirate King. I have my money on him reaching Raftel before any of the other crews. He’s such a badass that when he finds One Piece he’s not going to even open it (if it even needs to be opened). He’s going to write his name on it saying, ‘Brownbeard was here bitches. One Piece wasn’t worth my time’ and leave to go on a more manly adventure. XD

    @Kinda and Naga: LMAO@ Greybeard! XD White + Black = Grey! Ah, I get it. ^_^ Blackbeard is having Whitebeard’s baby after the fun under the blanket. X_X

    I like the theory on Law and Whitebeard too. It would explain why he saved Luffy despite them being enemies. I don’t buy it was because of “kindness” or “I want to fight him in the future”. >_>

  9. Another great one Super. Ya know, your Breakdowns and (the sadness of) Ace’s death is what made me like OP lol

  10. That’s a lot of colored facial hair for one manga, I have to say…

    About Moria, I doubt he’ll be joining WB any time soon. Someone mentioned (and I don’t remember who) on the previous post, Oda’s certain…penchant…for keeping characters alive, no matter how incredible the circumstance. So yea, until I see his body in a number of different pieces, I won’t believe he’s dead. Hell, possibly not even then X__X…

    And great work, Super! My innocence is gone. X___X

  11. Moria could be transferred later on to Impel Down, as a guard if anything, by still working with the WG. If anything, if Flamingo doesn’t get to finish him i just see him running away and being a regular pirate now. Kinda like a buggy character that the strawhats might run into every know and then or something..

  12. I dunno who’s in charge of this breakdown, but this is just about the first time ii’m commending breakdowns. Good job.

    I reckon the marines won the war against whitebeard but lost the war against piracy. In other words it was a phyrric victory. In the short term they managed to isolate the one ‘visible threat’ but in so doing created one far more lethal and dangerous- a blackbeard with whitebeard’s powers used in perpetrating evil. Now blackbeard is going to be what i call ‘an outrageous handful’. I think sengoku recognises that. Not just that, they also realise luffy might be alive, and might become a far greater “threat” compared to blackbeard in due time because he might just have one thing in his mind- long term vengeance against the marines(especially akainu) and against blackbeard.

    I’m very interested in seeing how luffy takes it when he gets up. Something tells me his first sentence would be “i want meat”. I also sense he’s going to go about his goals normally, knowing he did his best to save Ace, and Ace died a free man- died willingly to protect him so he could be safe. He might just realise that choice from Ace means Ace has passed his will to him. Time will tell though.

  13. @totalitarianhypnosis, nice prediction. Knowing Luffy’s carnivorous diet, that sounds entirely plausible. But maybe it’ll take a chapter or two for him to come to terms with Ace’s death, who knows?

  14. great breakdown super ^^

    and as for moria , he is a looser capable of nothing more than he already has .. he will die ~_~

  15. I just finished re-watching the alabasta arc and I’d like to clear up something. Ahem. LUFFY DIDN’T BEAT CROCODILE! He drew with him. If it wasn’t for Robin giving him the antidote he would be dead, and Croc would be alive! BOOYA! IN ALL OF YOUR FACES! HA! I’m done now.

  16. @Kisu: Muhahahaha, my notorious plans for converting as many people as possible to One Piece is going as smooth as ever! ^(*_-)>

    Lol, really I’m just glad you like it. Now as for Luffy vs. Crocodile! LMFAO!!! XD You have a good point…>_> But Round 2 and we’ll see if Crocodile can keep up with Luffy’s Gear Second speed! 😉

    @Pickles: Let’s say Moria is cut up into tiny bits and pieces. It’ll probably just turn out to be his shadow and Moria would have gotten away by replacing himself with his shadow. XD

    @Total: It’s me and thanks. ^_^ Welcome to the One Piece side of life. 😉

    I like your outlook on things.

    “I reckon the marines won the war against whitebeard but lost the war against piracy.” (Total)

    That’s very true. They won the battle but they may have well lost the war because their overall objective is to end piracy. Even with the deaths of Whitebeard and Ace, the son of the late Pirate King, a new interest in piracy has come about. This is all thanks to the pirate’s heroic stand against the Marines and most notably Whitebeard’s mentioning of One Piece.

    I too am curious as to how Luffy will be when he wakes up. I’m in the dark with what Oda plans to do with Luffy from here on out. Except of course, to make him grow stronger and mature him in a way with Ace’s death.

    @Moria discussion: I was looking up some stuff on Moria and he’s definitely no pushover. He stood up to Kuma without even the slightest hint of fear.

    Speaking of Kuma, in his opinion, Blackbeard joining the Shichibukai did the opposite of putting the world back on its equilibrium.

    I think that’s because Blackbeard caused the war with Whitebeard and that war changed the world forever. Here’s evidence the WG already had little faith in Moria’s powers and what is currently happening to him now is probably his punishment.

    And like Shinobi said, since Moria openly dreams of becoming the Pirate King he might as well just become a rogue pirate and set out to the seas.

    Oh, and I updated the link comparing Lola with that New World pirate in the breakdown. Comparison #2 so it’s less blurry.

  17. after wtching the one piece movie i find somethings missings from the trailer. for example
    whitebeard, garp and shanks looking at the wanted posters and talking to themselfs.

    as well as the part were the door explodes and i makes u think tht is was just becuase luffy was near it. (but instead it zoro cutting one and ussopp kicking the other and putting his foot though it then sanji has to take care of it)


    One Piece Chapter 582 “A New Era”
    One Piece 582 Spoilers from Apprentice, reported by Aohige on AP

    Two weeks have passed, and Luffy is recovering.
    Iva and co head to Kamabakka.
    Flashback of 10 years ago inserted, and Dadan is shown.
    Carly Dadan. Probably female

    Moria is in critical condition in the backtown of Marine Ford

    Moria: *breathing heavily* DoFlamingo, who’s side are you on exactly, betraying me, another member of the Shichibukai…Who’s orders were they, Sengoku? No, the Five Elders? Answer…

    DoFlamingo: Hahaha. Moria, how do you read the upcoming era? Now that WhiteBeard is gone…Here let me tell you something interesting. The government never respected you from the start…It could have been anyone with a certain level of power, you were just being used. Understand? We had no particular use for you from the beginning!

    DoFlamingo cuts Moria in two.

    DoFlaming: Now then, there are only 4 Shichibukai left..Well 3…hahaha, things are starting to get interesting.

    **Scene Change, Impel Down**

    Domino: What’s Mazelan’s current condition?

    Medics: Not good..Judging from his mental condition, there is no letting our guard down.

    Mazelan: Blackbeard…Strawhat…

    **Scene Change, Luffy**

    Hancock: Warriors, take Luffy to the Castle’s hospital.

    Warrior A: Mistress Hancock, what’s the emergency? Is Luffy okay?

    Hancock: Luffy went to Impel Down to save his brother Ace, you know this…The problem occurred afterwards. After saving Ace from capture, Luffy joined forces in the battle agains the Marine HQ, where one of the Marine Generals Akainu murdered Ace in front of his eyes. Ever since, he’s had a mental breakdown…

    Hancock: Medics, prepare for surgery.

    Warrior B: Snake Princess.

    Hancock: What?

    Warrior B: A middleman…j-just called in through the snailphone.

    Hancock: ?!

    this is a perdiction that i found and seems possible.
    it also says spoiler not perdiction at the top so it could be true

    and if it goes straight to amazon lily even in the marine ship with them avoiding the wirlpool they would take about 8 days to get back but because of them traveling with law sub i think it would take abit longer more like a week to get there.

    Check page to see the distances to amazon lily

  19. does anyone know were to find to interview that oda had on the strong world movie?

  20. its been personally wrote by oda so does that mean that there wont be any more luffy pirates?


    @super: If the spoiler is true, then it looks like you were wrong this time. Although I am surprised myself that Oda killed Moria off so abruptly instead of mkaing him a rogue pirate like you said.

  22. OMG i just saw Strong World on the big screen in the theater. i live in Hawaii, and twice a year they have the Hawaii international film festival, bringing films from around the world for us to see. this year they brought Strong World! it was Japanese with English subs, and seeing it on the big screen was so amazing!!!! you can tell it was done by Oda, its a perfect mix of action and comedy. i wont spoil anything of the plot since i know that people here may not have seen it yet, but super, you should definatly do a breakdown for it or something once everyone sees it. One of the best things aboutit was the straw hat pirates. seeing them together again and in action was so nice after so long. all one piece fans should see Strong world!!!!!!

  23. @Nagashikage: Ahhh Spoilers!!! X_X *pretends he didn’t read it* >< If you have anything related to the spoilers make sure to put a warning over your post so people know what to expect when they read it. $_$

    @Takashid: You live in Hawaii!? You saw Strong World on the big screen!? F**k, I'm so jealous! T_T

    Lucky you and thanks for the review! I'll be sure to do a breakdown on it. 😀

    @Smurf: Aren't most segments of a movie supposed to be missing from the trailer? o_O I found this. Just scroll down to comment #13. Can’t confirm the validity of it though.

    I also found another interview. XD

  24. @takashid >_______.> thats really awesome though…

    I completely agree with the thing about the marines winning the war but losing the war on piracy. Just look at Brownbeard! XD That scenario could be happening all over the Grand Line…

    I’ve had an idea for awhile and would like to have some input on it… In Robin’s cover stories after the Shabondy arc, she is rescued from forced labor by the Revolutionary Army which, coincidentaly, is led by our favorite rubber man’s very own father, Dragon. I could be way off, only Oda knows, but could it be possible that Robin will be helped back to Luffy by the R.A. and Dragon could be coming into the picture sometime soon? ooo i just love theories!! ^_^

  25. Srry about the first part of my post ^^^ I dont know what happened it got cut off half way down… I fail with computers -__-

  26. does the picture that start the chapter sometimes actualy go along with the story??

    and i dont know about anyone else but i like the little time skips becuase with every day that passes im sure the strawhat pirates are following the ‘paper of life’ to get to rayliegh as fast as they can and if u use that paper as and compass (u really could use it like a compass pointing to someone by getting a circle glass and placeing it onto of the paper and just head stright for it lol)

    i mean so far i would say that it was 3-5 day that everyone landed
    but after luffy 8 days plus the possible 2weeks of recover who knows how far they have traveled

    though i am worried about though that are not in the grand line and how they are going to get back into the grandline though the calm belt or over the mountian again?

    wat i want to be shown in the next dhapter is a full world map and the locations or were everyone ended up and another one showing were they are now.

    wat does everyone think of the strawhat pirates that are still on the grand line do u think that there are still in the first half of it or do u think that some may be in the ‘new world’



    Post-war Memorial His back is just getting farther…and farther
    Two weeks have passed.
    Law says Luffy hasn’t regained consciousness but he’s recovering suprisingly quick.
    Crocodile helps Daz Bones(Mr. 1). He’s completely good now.
    Shanks leaves Ace and Whitebeard to the Whitebeard pirates. “You still have things to do.” “Whitebeards dead but you have inherited his will.”
    Each captain takes their crews to the “Past” islands protected by Whitebeard and go wild.
    Going back a short time
    Doflamingo vs Moria
    “A higher place has seen your blunders…all of them.”
    Moria screams. His fate is uncertain.
    Ivan and Inazuma take the New Kamas to Kamabaka…Bon-chan is there too.
    A Luffy Flashback
    While touching the straw hat he reminiscences about Shanks.
    Dadan appears. “The marines are good.” “Which is cooler to you…Justice or Evil?
    Luffy “This again?”
    Luffy’s dreaming!

    is the sam as the other one but also got different parts in it

    like does show if moria is daed and bon-chan is alive

  29. luffy should wake up in the next chapter and say ‘evil is more cooler’ and thinks to himself that he needs more destructive power and then destructive reminds him or what margaret said to him about haki and he asks about it from them

  30. can someone answer my questions

    is mantra like the thing that rayliegh said that roger had ‘the abbility to hear the voice of all things’?
    does the filler that luffy heard the senrenruyry heart mean that he has it/ does any info from the fillers mean anyting to the actually story?
    apart from the king’s haki that only 1 in a million people have does that mean all the other haki’s can learnt if given enough time i.e, nullify devil fruit, wat ever the hell rayliegh did to get the necklace of kami and wat the amazon people have to make there arrows stronger.?

  31. Isn’t Dadan the individual who looked after Luffy and Ace in their youth, before they set out for their adventures ?

  32. yea i think he the old guy thats in the bar screaming that the villages because they are proud that luffy is famous

  33. @Smurf: Mantra could be related to Roger’s ability to hear the voice of all things! O_O Lol, I can’t believe this has never crossed my mind! ~_~

    Fillers don’t count towards the manga and though I’ve seen them all I don’t remember anything about a “senrenruyry heart”. Perhaps you spelled that wrong…? What was the filler about exactly?

    Now for the Haki and Mantra questions.

    1. It seems you have to be born with Mantra. I don’t know if you can learn it but once you have it you can train it. (There’s a typo in here. Gan Fall is supposed to be saying, “I do not know…” not, “I do know…”).

    2. Haki and Mantra have a similar ability implying Mantra just may be an offset version of Haki. Example being Sandersonia used “Haki” to predict Luffy’s movements. Predicting movements which is a formidable power of Mantra.

    3. You’re absolutely right about ‘King’s Disposition’ also known as ‘Sovereign Haki’ or ‘Haōshoku Haki’ being a 1 in a million ability meaning you have to be born with it. Other forms of Haki like the one the Kuja Pirates use to strengthen their attacks can most likely be learned and trained. Since it seems every warrior on Amazon Lily can use that kind of Haki I highly doubt they’re all just lucky enough to be born with it. I don’t know for sure though so nothing is final until Oda explains Haki more.

    4. The Haki Rayleigh used to harm Kizaru and block his transportation is…well…Haki…o_o Lol, I really don’t know if it’s a special type of Haki but it was strong enough to actually cut and make Kizaru bleed. While the Haki Vista and Marco used on Akainu just passed through him without doing any actual harm.

    Kizaru bleeding.


    Marco and Vista’s Haki infused attacks. It may have hurt Akainu but I don’t know. He does say, “Ahhhhhh” lol! XD

    @Nagashikage: Yes, Dadan is the guy that looked after Luffy and Ace when they were young. We have not seen his face and know nothing about him besides he’s a friend of Sengoku. He’s alive and Ace referred to him when he was dying.

    The person Smurf is referring to is Woop Slap, chief of Fuschia Village.

    Some stuff to add…

    @Smurf again: This shows Mantra is ability you can have since birth.

    Also you should note Mantra can possibly be awakened under extreme conditions or after extreme pwnage because Coby looked like he was using it after he woke up in the middle of the war.

    @Kinda: Symbols like “>_>” and “<_<" sometimes screw up posts on WordPress so it's best to leave them out if you haven't saved your post. I usually copy my comment (Ctrl + C) before posting it.

  34. senrenruyry/dragon (spelt wrong) heart is refering to the filler before they go to the grand line and a girl called apis if cased after by the marines because she has some connection with the ‘dragon’ luffy is able to understand it but i said heart becuase apis has eaten the hiso hiso fruit (whispering fruit) and can understand the heart of all animals, but luffy just looking into its eyes can tell that the dragon just want to go home. (happens in episode 55 about 18 mins into it)

    apis: luffy how can you understand ryuiji (dragons name)
    Luffy: just somehow

    i just thought that mantra not being that uncommon because there were 5 people including enel on he sky island that could use it so i wondered if it was something that you had to be born with.

    i think that rayliegh is more proficient as using haki that why marco and vista didnt do alot of damage, i mean come on that thing he did with camie and her collar (either made it pass though her and threw it away or just when it exploded and the ring was not a full circle he though it away (god like speed)

    devil fruit so far that a useless on luffy:
    said to be ‘the invincible logia of lightening’ – being rubber
    hancocks love love friut – no interest in hancock/opposite sex (but during alabaster arc nami’s happiness punch gets him lol)

    lol wonder if they will be anymore will be usless

    starting location for the straw hat pirates and possible way to get back to rayligh

    nami – sky island grand line – something to do with flying or she is never getting down lol
    franky – snow island grand line – high tech boat and using new technolgy from vegapunks lab to make it go faster
    sanji – momorio island grand line (hell) – if not already off island when they return help from ivan or even after if he hears about him then will probably search for him
    usopp – boin archipelago grad line – help from that weird guy or nearby island (archipelago means cluster of islands)/unkown
    brook – namakura island grand line – unkown
    robin – bridgetop county east blue – unkown (if the front page of one of the chapter is real then help from the revolutionary army
    chopper – torino kingdom south blue – possible help from birds to fly over the red line/ clam belt
    zoro – kuragina island grand line – unkown

    that is all asuming that the places that juma sent them wasnt first told to dragon and he will be helping them, plus i still am wondering what he said to rayliegh

  35. i was thinking how much i want the strawhat pirates to be stronger but if they come back too strong it will be redicules so i was thinking that they should power up so zoro, sanji, franky and robin can just about take on one of those px-1 each.

    like sanji being able to hurt one of them with a kick to the head even without diable jumble instead of looking perfetic with on thriller bark.

    most people would think that its abit unreasonable to think that they will get that much stronger but its not if they each learn that haki that the amazon people have then they could do it. hello i think that even chopper and usopp and nami could take 1 together if they also learn it, plus i hope that chopper can control that 3 rumbleballs thing (i think its close to and aweakened zoan but they seem unable to go back to normal)

    i wonder if zoro with be fullly healed by the time he meets up with everyone becuase he was the most damaged and he hasent been 100% since thriller bark

    @super: the king’s haki thing do you think that if u get full control over it that you be able to make it stronger either by training it or it getting stronger the stronger you get, so that the stronger it get then you could knock even stronger poeple unconcious?

  36. one piece is out on mangastream

  37. here is the link:
    am i the only one who was slightly disappointed with this chapter? i feel bad for Luffy, but i wanted to see more of what happened to the world, like, did Moria die?

  38. i liked some parts of it and i get the feelling that in the next chapter its going to be mostly flashback/telling jimbei wat happened back then. and a couple of chapters after that he’ll say that he not strong enough to kill him yet lol

    law’s reason for helping luffy?

    – the world would be boring without him
    – something to do with the relovtion army and luffy’s dad
    – could be a nice guy like luffy crew and understands that they are to same just wanting the most freedom and didnt want him to did becuase of it.
    – thinks becuase ace was luffy brother and rayliegh wanted to talk to him he could know something out one piece

    i have a question and that is why hasent the red hair pirates got to raftel when shanks has already been and most likly know were one piece is, could it have something to do with the ‘will of D’ or not got a good enough navigator to get though the water to the last island?

  39. i also want that in a few chapter to have just a little showing of the strawhat crew (1 pannel each) of them watch the war on tv and see ace killed 5 will be crying and the rest will be shocked angry or a disbilief face

    5 crying:
    – usopp
    – chopper
    – nami
    – brook (becuase of the pain luffy must be going though)
    – franky (same as brook, sort of like he was with merry)

  40. ‘if i die like this, look after my brother for me’ – possibility of jimbei joining the crew

    i really like the last panel on this page

    lol the gods keeping him alive, heavens planning something or luffy (like wat smoker said back in lougetown) could that lighening attack have been the work of heaven or a form of haki dorment in luffy or if possible dragon changing the air current to cause lightening and that was the highest metal structure

  41. is it just me or has there still not been anything on luffy’s mother or is it like with dragon he dosent think he ever had one (a hatchling/he was grew lol) do u tihnk that she will be someone important and just some random person

  42. seein though nothing has happened about the whitebeard pirate taking charge of the terrories of whitebeard i want to either the straw hat pirates on there way to rayliegh to stop on some of those island and deal with it just beacuse they are anrgy, or when they all get back together and go to the new world i want to first island in the new world to be the one with that stupid brownbeard-sama lol so they can completly obliterate him

  43. @Smurf: Whoa, so many comments. @_@ Lol, all the better. XD

    ‘Haōshoku Haki’ can be trained and grow stronger. Remember Luffy doesn’t have full control over his and Blackbeard commented on Luffy’s Haki growing stronger.

    I don’t think Shanks and any of the other Yonkou have made it to Raftel because…they have no interest in it. Whitebeard never wanted to become Pirate King. Shanks never had interests in becoming Pirate King either. I don’t know about the other 2 for certain though. I’m guessing Raftel is extremely difficult to locate and reach even for a Yonkou.

    Luffy’s mother is still an unknown quantity. I’m really anxious to meet her. She’s bound to be an awesome woman.

    Lastly, lol, Brownbeard could wipe out the entire Strawhat crew in one swing! That’s how awesome Brownbeard is. XD

    @Takashid: I enjoyed the chapter for 3 things.

    1. Luffy’s rampaging was just awesome. He’s awake! Even with his injuries his will and strength are still inhuman.

    2. We finally get to see who Dadan is. She’s a woman! O_O

    3. Luffy seems to be coming to terms with Ace’s death. That’s a relief because it’s better to get the moping out of the way now rather then have it hinder him 20 chapters from now.

    It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t awesome. Enjoyable nonetheless for me. Oh here come the flashbacks. >(0_-)>

  44. Poor Luffy. the dreaded chapter has come…the one where i would have to see Luffy face reality…and it was very painful indeed to read.

    His reaction was definitely not what i expected….a mixture of anger and extreme sadnes…and ofc destroying the environment around him. That was sad enough.

    The part that really got to me was when he finally asked Jimbei if Ace was gone for good and tears started flowing. DAM U ODA for making me feel emotional over blotches on a paper. D:<

    Lookin forward to the flashback. XD

    Not an epic chapter like the recent ones but it was definitely necessary. I just wanna see Luffy happy again soon. 😦

  45. @super: it not brownbeard it ‘

    never saw the fact that dadan was a women as well as a pirate i though atleast an ex-marine or a training buddie or grap

    does anyone think it weird if i say i got chocked up when ace on this page

    not as much as i did when i watch the anime episode of them buring the merry and merry apologizing

    some of the flashbacks of luffy and ace when they were little show them getting along well but never showed them geeting to that point in the realitonship cause from the looks of it its going to start of bad, mybe ace will say his dad was the pirate king just to get luffy to leave him alone like the rest of the village would treat him if they found out but then he gets so excited and attached. lol

    one thing i noticed and that is that the yasopp wasnt with them when showed up and i havent seen him since ages back

  46. one of the best parts in this chapter has to be when bepo asks if there are any female bears lol

    oh yea do everyone agree with when that Margaret love luffy? ifso do u think that she is going to go sneak a peek at how he is doing?

    after everything calm down luffy could phone the denden mushi on the sunny go if he hasnt forgotten the number and check out how things are (if he was smart enough). now that they have a denden mushi on board the ship they should use it to keep incontact with some of the poeple from the island that they helped out.

  47. I just reread chapter 581 and saw that Sengoku isn’t as evil as he looks like. He wanted to help the population by sending out the wanted posters, but his higher-ups weren’t ok with that and decided to hide this from the people, risking their lives. He obviously disagreed with this because of what he said after that… XD I don’t think he’s such a bad guy.

    The new chapter was sad. Luffy was going crazy after he found out Ace actually died and it wasn’t a dream. I hope he recovers soon. 😦

  48. This chapter was a real tear jerker 😥

    @smurf, Yassop’s the guy to the far right with the rifle on his back and the locks.

    @Everyone, BrownBeard-sama FTEW!

  49. are you sure because he looks alot different

  50. i was wondering wat everyone thought was the closest manga to ending out of

    1. one piece
    2. bleach
    3. naruto

    and the reasons why

  51. @Smurf: Bleach will end first because the author said he’ll be wrapping up the manga in a few more years (maybe 2) *shrugs* I can’t recall. Naruto will end second because…it won’t end after One Piece I can tell you that much. XD Oda said he has so many ideas and stories to tell before he reaches the end and he’ll do it properly no matter how long it takes. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. X_X

    It’s a good thing. 😉

    And yeah Kisu is right. Yassop is the one in the starry cape.

  52. k thanks i figured as much becuase one piece is like halfwat thoough and they only end a series short if its not going well so i dont think that it will abrutly finish

    naurot still has alot to do on the story becuase thers the training, the fight with kisame then the war then the fight with saskue (+ kabutowant to fight as well) and also the fight with madara awell so that atleast going to be a few years i think.

    and bleach all thats really left to do is the fight with aizen and gin the fight with yami the healing of everyone and the destoring of the houyoku, ichigo decovering about himself and then possibly and intro to the 0 squard so i think that is not going to be longer than naruto or one piece

  53. i think that the strawhat pirates should learn or start to learn ryosuki (6 forms) that the CP9 use that should make stronger and if they just start to learn it then they can slowly get stronger on there jounery

  54. i want luffy to be able to use soru with out using gear 2 and be able to use tekkai becuase when someone uses a sword on him then he would be able to just hold it aswell as if they start shoot him with pointed weapons

  55. ive started to watch one piece again for the hundered time lol (good for watching and doing something else at the same time.

    well ive got to the point were tells robin history and the vice admiral that kills all of the ohara people on the boat is the same that kill ace ‘vice-admiral akimru sakazuki’

    so i dont know how much robin wants revenge on him because they also treated her like shit but both luffy have an involment with him now

  56. New Breakdown is out.

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