Naruto 491 Breakdown: Naruto-kun! Come sign your autograph on an inappropriate part of my body!! Demotivtional poster and official WRA debate (plus last week’s results) inclusive…

Forced entry: You know it's bad when it's long as a scroll and slimy as an amphibian...and I'm talking about Gerotora! Jeez, get your mind out the gutter...<_<

“Why through the mouth?”

Oh, silly Naruto, that’s because going through the only other opening would make you very uncomfortable. I mean, it’s not like you’re Sasuke…>_>


Hello and welcome, everyone, to another Naruto chapter breakdown brought to you by moi, Captain Pickleseseses! (As dubbed by the Dark Avatar himself)

First and foremost, I would like to formally thank Senshi for bailing me out last week, so you folks at WRA didn’t have to miss another week’s breakdown, especially since I promised that would never happen again. And you know I never go back on my word! That’s my Pickle Way, dattebayo!! 😀

Besides, it’s not like I had some stupid excuse like I was hooked on some Pokemon game…and it’s not like my Gyarados got pwned by a Meowth, either. Pfft, that’s totally bogus…>_>…<_<…

Let’s begin then, shall we?

Yea, it's chilled that you can break the fourth wall and all, but I'm sorry, did you say 'cool' rhymes? You and I both know that's just horse jizz...*looks at Dragonfly* *snickers*

So let’s see. What can be said of this chapter? Well, for one thing (and this is for certain), it wasn’t nearly as forward as its predecessors since after the brakes were hit on all the fighting action. And neither did it bring along an unexpected, exciting twist to wrap our tongues around and devour.

However, although a fairly light chapter, the comedy in 491 single-handedly maintained the entertainment level on high. I’ve missed that for sure.

Now Naruto's Jesus no jutsu can finally be truly perfected...

*looks nervously at Lousytv* >_>

Additionally, it was not stagnant, either. Although not as rapidly as we’ve experienced thus far, the plot was still pushed forward allowing for progression in this last chapter, so we weren’t left with a completely stale piece that did zero to move the story ahead.

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part being the fated meet between Naruto and his fire-spittin’ Jinchuuriki counterpart finally arrives. Naruto is more popular than Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift combined. And the Kages reconvene at a more…private location.

But let’s begin with our tailed friends.

Spongebob? Patrick? NOOOOOO!!! Squid are pure evil! I just knew it ;___;

That one’s just for you, Dragon. 😉

So it’s finally here: the long-anticipated meeting between the remaining two monster containers. I’m sensing some major epicocity in the near future, but what exactly do the next few weeks hold for us?

Quite possibly the favored response will be the first since that was the whole basis of the formation of the theory in the first place, and the majority believes, or at least hopes that is what will be the case. In fact, now that I think about it, I think it’s no coinkidink that the meeting almost immediately followed Naruto’s acceptance of the seal that would ultimately allow him control of the Kyuubi. But I don’t care, I’m still voting for the fourth option…and you can just blame it on the boogie!

Now if you recollect a few breakdowns back when we first discussed this prophesied encounter in respect to what timeline it would occur, relative to the when the inevitable Bee – Kisame battle will pass off, you will notice that the question posed (before, during, or after) has now been answered.

Now since we know the answer is “before” we can deliberate the conditional relations of this happening.

For starters, this once again shifts the odds of Bee’s surviving this entire misadventure in Akatsuki’s favor. Since the prophesy has now already been fulfilled before his battle with Kisame, there’s nothing holding back his death; except, of course, his own ability. Well, if you ask me, I say this is a good thing, since that would have effectively been a spoiler. At least now there remains no certainty as to who the match will go to. And until the very end, we’ll be left speculating who of the two will conquer. The killer jaws of life or the killer of ears. X__X


One significant element to mark is whether or not Bee brought along his new scaly friend on this trip to Resort Gorgeous. A deserted, derelict island…perfect for Kisame’s kill; well, except for one minor hitch. And it has whiskers. So are we looking at a Naruto/Bee team-up to take down Kisame? That would be epic sauce. All I know is Naruto better not get hurt. Else, his loyal fans will be mighty pissed.

That, of course, can only happen if Kisame decides to exit from inside his sword (ironic, anyone? >_>) while they’re still on the island. How long does this dude plan on going without food or water. Aww, no fish flakes for this itty-bitty fry…

Anyhow, if Samehada was left at Kumo, I think Kisame would be found out sooner or later. So I’m doubting if that will be the case, but it could bring along an interesting twist. Some Kumo nin could even begin to oppugn and question the probity of Bee for letting something so big just ‘slip’ through, which may lead to a rebellion of haters with flopped albums that wanna bring down the multi-platinum selling 80 Cent ’cause they got beef, and armed with the most delicate information such as how Bee really led a privileged childhood, how all his freestyles were written, how he’d never even seen a gun, how all those rides he’d flashed on Cribs were rented, and worst of all…when he says ‘homies over hos’, he means something completely different from what you may think…>_>. And as soon as they leak this juicy scandal into the internet, Bee’s career will be as finished as Vanilla Ice and his MC vis-à-vis.

STOP! …Hammer time…

See? This is what happens when I actually start to think. X___X

Anyhow, forward we march.

Evil is once again conquered by killer pun...>_>

One more thing about this development I want to speak on is what Naruto will do when he catches wind of the truth about why he’s  being sent to some distant part. And whether Bee even knows the truth himself; and supposing he doesn’t, how will he also react?

For starters, I think Bee is just as clueless as Naruto. Yea, he would like to escape from his overbearing older bro and take some time to write a rhyme (I think I’ve been stung be the Bee, you see X__X). But he doesn’t strike me as the sort to deliberately desolate his comrades. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh, but the the fact still remains.

Now, suppose Naruto and Bee are well and truly on the same boat (quite literally, too =P), what will they do about it once they discover the Worldwide Web and see that it’s spamming news of how war has broken out and how Kabuto’s Boys ‘R’ Ours is quickly taking over the world? Well, at least that’s what Naruto will be reading. Bee will be too busy filing for bankruptcy. That is, of course, after rehab and intensive therapy.

This brings us now to the Kage assembly where the decision was made and where Gaara pwned like a madman on a mission. He and Tsunade already anticipated Naruto would not comply given his sort of person he is. I’m sure that’s exactly why they had escorts keep an eye on him (and probably so does Bee, if, of course, he’s as oblivious as Naruto). So this obviously would make if more difficult for them to escape if they somehow came across the truth, which I’m thinking can’t stay hidden for long. But I’m sure they can think of something.

Hell, Naruto is already in consideration of that possibility. If he finds out something is up, he plans to distract his escorts with the most horrifying sight any man can think up when alone on a deserted island, and then making a break for it before they get a chance to heal their eyes. And what is this hideous vision that Naruto will poison their eyes and minds with?

Save me...;____;

Disclaimer: I would like to pronounce that in no way do I hate Sakura nor should you. In fact, I think the is the most talented, *twitch* beautiful creature on the planet that can only be adored, admired, *twitch* and loved. I am only saying this to preserve my life *receives a swift blow to the head by a female hand and is instructed to continue reading* I mean, to allow you all appreciate the splendor that is Sakura…*dies*

Really, though, Sakura isn’t all that bad. She’s just so fun to bash. And you have no idea how hard it is for me to say that with a straight face, but it’s true…*resists urges to make witty remark* X___X

Now I went and forgot where I was…

No wayz! O__O

Ok, so back at the Kage Summit V2.0, the gang decides to exchange intel amongst itself and make arrangements to unionize an integrated intelligence gathering corps. And I’m hoping for their sakes that the Kages uninvolve the ever so competent Anbu. I mean, the want a corps, not corpses.

But that’s another story.

The real treat here is what they agreed upon (mostly), which ultimately arranged the meeting of prophesy between the remaining two Jinchuuriki. And that probably means poor content arrangement on my part regarding this here review, but I’m curious. What say you about the Kages’ decision?

As for me, I’m not too sure which side I take, but I’m tilted a bit toward the first option

On the one hand, it makes sense that the Kages (who are still unmindful of Kisame’s infiltration) hide away the entire cornerstone of this whole war, leaving Akatsuki with no visible target to battle for. And if they are forced to fight blindly, the balance will be tipped in favor of the Union. In addition, exiling Naruto and Bee naturally would make it impossible for ‘Madara’s’ Moon’s Eye Plan to be executed.

But I’m afraid it’s not that simple, which brings us to the other hand.

It’s Akatsuki we’re talking about. Their ways and machinations are about as crafty as the Devil’s himself. Take Kisame’s example, for instance. Because of their simple-mindedness in merely taking Akatsuki’s targets off the radar, the Kages have left Naruto and Bee on a distant island with insufficient protection and no other intelligent life for a few hundred miles. Now I’m not suggesting those two are incapable of defending themselves, but the Kages’ primary duty is to protect them. And this improperly thought out plan can so very easily backfire and then they will be left with red faces along with an EPIC FAIL. This is in the event that Akatsuki somehow gets a line of the Jinchuurikis’ whereabouts , which is very likely, given their cunning. Hell, Kisame is probably already schmoozing with his fellow animal friends on Resort Gorgeous. And if he isn’t, he would have gathered enough intel already to know where exactly the Jinchuuriki are, and relay the info to ‘Madara’ which would be even worse…

Anyhow, rant over…

Now that that’s all said and done, why don’t we move on to something a little more interesting. Or more accurately: malignant and pure ebil (in ascending order of evilness, that’s in-between Darth evil and kill a puppy evil).

For all these years, these Kages…these leaders…have been spearheading in endless testing and probing; perfecting and making ready their ultimate weapon of insurmountable power.

This weapon, once ‘released’ will run wild, diffusing to all corners of the earth. It will give rise to the most heinous of elements known to man…vices that will rob any human of their very being.

The world and all mankind will be at the palm of their ebil hand…

I've been living a lie! ;___;

Now that I have unveiled the brutal truth to you all, if you don’t see me do a breakdown next week, you can rest assured I’ll at least say hi to Elvis for you.

Goodbye, WRA. ;______;

The breakdown is also over, you can open your eyes now >_>…


I have to say, because you guys simply killed that contest, it was too hard to pick a top 5, so I decided to make it 10…and it was still hard X__X. But at least I got some help from Senshi. (Woohoo)

Here are the winners…

10. Gavin


Pein: Bom-b-b-bom-b-bom-b-bom-bom-b-b
Kakuzu: Bom-b-b-bom-b-dang-d-dang-dang
Deidara: da-dingy-dong-ding-blue-moon
Sasori: Blue Mooooooooon, You saw me standing alooooone
Itachi: Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my oooooown.

Lol, speaking of Elvis…

9. Prawlkage


1st: BACK
3rd: BACK
4th: ALL-
5th: RIGHT!

No matter how violent the ninja, a boy-band is still gay

8. Madarrancar

and…. um I forgot

7. Goldenpill


Itachi: “Cause this is thriller, thriller night”
Sasori: “And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about strike”
Deidara: “You know it’s thriller, thriller night”
Kakuzu: “You’re fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight”
Nagato: “Kabuto we ll need Mike for this one”

Caption: “The legend is coming back…soon…forever!”

6. Kantonkage

Nagato: give me souls
Kakuzu: give me hearts
Deidara: give me mouths
Sasori: give me bodies
Itachi: give me eyes

Caption: Zombies on a diet

5. 会長加賀 Chairman Kaga

Bubble 1: L is for the way Madara look at me
Bubble 2: O is for the only option he sees
Bubble 3: V is very, very extraordinary bombs
Bubble 4: E is even more than any puppet that you adore can.
(Itachi’s solo)
Bubble 5: Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don’t break it
Love was made for me and you

4. Dragon

BUBBLE 1(order from left to right): F is for friends…
BUBBLE 2: who do stuff together…
BUBBLE 3: U is for U and me…
BUBBLE 4: N is for N-E where and N-E time at all…
BUBBLE 5: Down here in the deep blue sea!

And, of course…

BUBBLE 1: F is for fire that burns down the whole town…
BUBBLE 2: U is for uranium…
BUBBLE 4: N is for…
BUBBLE 5: no survivors…

3. Shinobimadness

Itachi:5 Guys

(Caption)***Product Placement:Its Everywhere..

***For those that don’t get it…5 Guy’s is a burgerplace…Way better than McDonalds or BK combine even if they Merged the Whopper with the Big Mac…

2. To63to


Nagato: “buy”
Kakuzu: “our”
Deidara: “tasty”
Sasori: “butterscotch cookies”
Itachi: “or die”

Caption: “Boy scouts-not as adorable as they used to be.”

And the winner…

They were so full of live in the 90’s… At least we know who’s in the 6th coffin…

Lol! Congratulations to RedBaron!

Now for this week’s material…

Insert possible caption here...

At least try to have as much fun with it as Naruto obviously is…>_>


The debating last week was a lot of including intense, long, arduous X__X, and evenly matched, but most of all, very fun.  As I said, it was very equally pitted, but the poll just gave Kakashi the push he needed to claim victory! Congrats to him and his loyal…very loyal >_>…defenders.

And now for this week’s debate, we will be having…

Whose emo power shall prevail?

Sasuke has his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Pein is at full power. Who will take it?

And finally, I leave with a gift from me to you.

That’s all, folks!

See ya next week!


Now my feet won’t touch the ground.



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  1. First!

  2. Second!

  3. Third!

  4. Forth!!!! Nice job CP!

  5. 5th!!!!! im not sure if this has been discussed before but doesnt naruto only have half of the fox’s chakra? so technically the 10 tails cant be reborn. unless it just makes a weaker version or that this is conveniently never mentioned in the manga

  6. Bubble 1: JUST RELAX!!!!
    Bubble 2: But But…The daddy in my stomach said drugs were bad for me!
    Bubble 3: Kidd stop being a player hater!!!! Everyone is doing it!

    Caption: Just tell your Friends that you couldn’t help fight in the forth great ninja war cause you were out getting toaded…. They will understand.
    Brought to you by the Ninjas againsts drug abuse or aka NADA!

  7. 6th

  8. Wil read later. Shameless pokemon plugs much Pickles >_>. Well you’ll be glad to hear that two new games have been announced, Pokemon White and Black (yeah, the names aren’t really creative). also, LOL at battle. Pain would annihilate Sasugay. ESPECIALLY since he would be fresh, Sasuke would have no info on him, he would be trying to kill the Uchiha and NOT capture him and thus he could go all out.

  9. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’ve been robbed of my top 3 bubble position!!!!

    I finally made top 3 in months, let alone being mentioned and i don’t even get the credit… -_- <- EPIC FAIL on my behalf…total you got lucky this week 😉

    Anyways, this chapter wasn't bad, since there was no action, however it did provide us with a bridge leading us down the path we knew things would happen such as naruto/bee meeting and him "possibly" learning to control his pet fox…lol I'm curious to why there's animals so huge in this area, which reminded me of OP with Shiki and his scheme…

    Getorra:Hold on a minute Naruto, there's some beetle shell stuck in your molars, i'll get them for you…
    Naruto:Who set this dentist appoint up in the first place?….I'll Kill'em
    Getorra:… Ahh, it seems we have a cavity back there…Hold on, theres a worm in the back of your throat, and it taste like ramen…

  10. Bubble 1 When I was younger,
    Just a bad little kid,
    My momma noticed funny things I did-
    Like shootin’ puppies with a BB-Gun.
    I’d poison guppies, and when I was done,
    I’d find a pussy cat and bash in it’s head.
    Thats when my momma said…

    Bubble 2 Is this really the time to be breaking out the
    showtunes? Not to mention his singing is so awful my
    eyes are watering.

    Bubble 3 She said my boy I think someday
    You’ll find a way
    To make your nat-u-ral tendencies pay!
    You’ll be a Dentist!
    You have a talent for causing things pain
    Son, be a dentist!
    People will pay you to be inhumane
    Your temperamant’s wrong for the priesthood
    And teaching would suit you still less!
    Son, be a dentist!
    You’ll be a success!

  11. BUBBLE:

    frog: gotta give it up
    (gotta give up the toad now)
    it’s no joke. Buddy give it up
    (you gotta give up the toad now)
    or you’ll croak

    naruto: f*ck you family guy…

    frog: buddy give it up
    (gotta give up the toad now)
    and don’t smoke
    or you’ll seeeeee
    it hurts to peeeeee

    caption: there’s a reason naruto hates cartoons…

  12. Bubble 1 Don’t eat me! Help help!!!
    Bubble 2 It DOES NOT taste like chicken.
    Bubble 3 Let me out! Help!!!
    Caption: Naruto tries eating frog legs at a French Resturant.

  13. bubble 1 So you said you were having flu like symptoms?
    bubble 2 Yeah doc sneezing caughing ichy watery eyes. I lost my voice so that’s why I’m only thinking this …
    bubble 3 Well there’s your problem! You’ve got a frog in your throat!
    Naruto visits Doctor Obvious

  14. bubble 1 No Naruto spit that out right NOW!
    bubble 2 Formaldehyde tastes awful!!!!
    bubble 3 You’re supposed to disect the frog not eat it!!!!!!!!
    A hungry Naruto tries to pass Intro Bio

  15. bubble 1 Eee Ah went the little green frog one day
    Eee Ah went the little green frog.
    Eee Ah went the little green frog one day
    His eyes went Eee and Ah.

    bubble 3 Honk, Honk, went the big blue bus one day
    Squish, Squash, went the little green frog.
    His eyes don’t go Eee Ah any more
    ‘Cause he got eaten up by a dog. Woof! Woof!

    bubble 2 (naruto’s thought)
    I resent that. I’m not a dog I’m a kyuubi!

  16. Bubble 1 No No you’re supposed to kiss me to turn me back into a handsome price! Not eat me!
    Bubble 2 Wha Wait did you say prince?
    Bubble 3 Ok …. how many times have you gotten hit in the head?

  17. bubble1 im stuck wait i see someting…

    bubble3 its that a crow WTF man i thought it was just the kyuby u mess up naruto.

    bubble2 is it weird that i like it. better ask sasuke next time.


    So there would be no point in hiding them their???

  19. Great breakdown CP. Simply loved the Jesus part.It’s always amusing to watch someone make fun of other peoples beliefs 😀


    Gerotora:”Kid, let me tell you something about kissing…”
    Naruto”s thought:”You don’t get, do you? I just love you so much I can taste it.”

    Caption:”Naruto…get a girlfriend…”

  20. Wow! 4th in the bubble contest AND an honorable mention! Actually, I don’t think that was so honorable… T_T

  21. I can’t be the only one who noticed flex claimed first and third place…surely…0_0

    Great breakdown, Pickleseseseses!

    …is what I will undoubtedly say, once I actually read it.

    This may be totally off-topic, but I’d really like to see a debate with Kuchiki Byakuya and Gaara. Started reading Bleach, and it is so awesome. I know, I know. Not a Bleach breakdown, but a Naruto one…btw, who’s doing the bleach breakdowns now?

    As for the debate, I have no doubt in my mind that Sasuke would…fail, surprisingly. Pein is just too powerful, and his range of abilities are a perfect counter to Sasuke’s. Preta Path is the perfect shield to any and all of Sasuke’s ninjutsu (which to me would also include his MS techs like Amaterasu and Susano’os crossbow bolts), Asura Path for long-range fighting (and close-range if it came down to it, as we do know it was proficient enough to take Jiraiya’s arm off and crush his throat while he was in sage mode), and Naraka Path for healing any of the six Paths should they become damaged.

    Sasuke’s only chance is for him to use Susano’os defensive abilities straight away. Which is sad really, him being forced to go all out right at the beginning of a fight. He’s outnumbered six-to-one, his opponent share their sight so no sneak attacks, and let’s face it: Rinnegan > Sharingan.

    If of course he does use Susano’o immediately, I suppose Deva Path could just crush him in a Chibaku Tensei. Though I wonder, now that Sasuke has Itachi’s eyes, does that mean he has the Sword of Totsuka and the Yata Mirror? I personally don’t see Tobi handing over those powerful weapons to an inexperienced ninja like Sasuke, but if he did have them, then it would change things substantially.

  22. WOOOHOOO!!! First in the bubble. Thanks so much. Oh and, GO PLANET!

  23. @Debate: Is it that obvious or do we really need to do this….YEAHHHH!!!

    Pein wins this one clearly by a landslide. Pein and Sasuke have never met before, however Pein would clearly have the advantage for the mere fact he knows something about the Sharigan, while Sasuke hasn’t even seen them before, but even with a stretch might have only heard about them.
    Advantages of Pein:
    -He has 6 paths that can work together simulatiously.
    -Massive chakra reserves, and multiple/all elemental finities.
    -Easily has more experience defeating stronger opponents,(Hanzou,Jiraiya,etc)
    -Theres also Nagato…

    Advantages of Sasuke:
    -Sharigan’s multiple MS(EMS won’t count for the fact he literally just got it)
    -Has the true power of Emo…
    Yeah i don’t see Sasuke beating Pein,

  24. @debate: we still dont know the full powers of EMS but pein wins easy with Gedo Mazo

  25. BUBBLE:

    GERATORA: Oooh, oooh that’s it Naruto, just relax your jaw and let it in… it’s gonna be sooo goood!

    NARUTO: I know he said that Jiraiya “let him do this all the time” But I’m beginning to have my doubts about that…

    GERATORA: Ooh OOH! AAAAH! That’s the stuff… Ok, now be a good boy NAruto and swallow ALL of that Toad Oil I just left ya!

    CAPTION: Without parents, children will never know the difference between “Good touch” and “Bad touch”

  26. Debate time!! DEBATTEBAYO!

    We’d all like to think Pein will win, He has the advantage in nearly every way.. which is precisely why he will lose.

    I’ll explain:

    In a short time, there will be millions of Saucegay lovers pouring their heart-felt support for their favorite emo.
    “Sasuke beat Naru at the valley of the end”
    “Sasuke beat Orochimaru and Danzou”
    “Sasuke took it in the @ss for a snicker’s bar at the bus station”

    All of these reasons will be mentioned, none of which are valid, or even “Victories” (except maybe the bus-station, sasuke is known for saying that was a “win-win situation in the end” )

    Hopefully it plays out where Fat Pein and Lazerdouche Pein tag team Sasuke, robbing him of his precious chakra, and sadomizing him with mecha-puppet parts until Madara bails him out again.

    For what it’s worth, My money’s on Pein, but only the polls will know for sure!

  27. Buble 1: Naruto hold on I almost got my keys
    Bubble 2: why did I agree to this
    Buble 3: There we go now its lock we canleave now

  28. I think sasuke would win because he has his emo no justsu and pein is so emo already the emonessness would over power pein and just cause him give up …….. Or sasuke could just beat pein buy buying him a new puppy… either way

  29. Lol just for those above posts and everyones obious underestimation of Sasuke’s emo no jutsu, imma side with Sasuke. Let’s see how well I can argue his side…

    @Shinobi – Why doesn’t EMS count? If you check the debate rules that Pickles posted, it says clearly that Sasuke has his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. I’m sure we are allowed to use them in our debate. 

    As for chakra levels, don’t forger that the Uchiha clan are known for their particularly potent chakra banks. And even for an Uchiha, Sasuke has a high chakra level:

    Unfortunately for the purposes of this debate, it seems that Pein’s stats entry in the newest databook is empty, so there’s no real way of knowing just how much chakra he has. All I’m saying is don’t be too quick to dismiss Sasuke.

    As for nature affinities, technically you are correct. However, Pein uses his Six Paths to fight, and none of them have demonstrated the ability to do more than one or two different techniques, let alone nature release jutsu. Jiraiya even notes this in his fight with them. The only one that has shown such an ability is Nagato himself, and I doubt he’d be on the battlefield as well. He’d be way too easy a target.

    Now you’ve mentioned Sasuke’s advantages, namely multiple MS jutsu. But as he has now gotten his brothers eyes and thus access to the EMS, Sasuke has now unlimited uses of all of his MS techs. Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and a fully-formed Susano’o with the Yata Mirror and Totsuka Sword. At least three of the Six Paths have shown that they are susceptible to Genjutsu:

    And Tsukuyomi is considered the strongest of them all. And should Sasuke use Totsuka to seal away Preta Path, the Paths would be without their strongest ninjutsu protection and could thus be eliminated. Infact, all Sasuke really needs to do is use Susano’o (and we all know how much this guy spams the crap out of it) and he’d win with almost no difficulty. 

    Even against Deva Path. We know that there’s a five second recovery time between his usage of gravity blast jutsu, and Sasuke could easily take advantage of this time to light him up with Amaterasu.

    @aimeeamd – LOL tiny no jutsu FTEW!!! 

  30. DarkAvatar pretty much has this debate down pat. Sasuke beats Pain.
    You could go for his explanation, or the simple, statistical one: Naruto>Pain, Naruto says himself Sasuke>Naruto, so that must mean Sasuke>Pain.

    @shinobimadness: you’re wrong, Sasuke wins.

  31. sasuke wins

  32. Pein is stronger than Naruto so Sasuke alone will never defeat Pein. NAruto defeated Pein with the help of the toads while Sasuke is alone and would be outnumbered by Pein so Sasuke really have no chance. the 6 path of Pein works in combination so withour anyone helping Sasuke out, theres no way he could win. And besides once sasuke’s chakra has been sucked dry by the chubby Pein, Gameover!

  33. @Gudoruto – lol did you just like skip over my post?

  34. @gudoruto: You’re acting like facing the Six Paths of Pain “one-on-one” is a fair fight. Of course Naruto got help from the toads, that just made it fair. This is why Pein was unbeaten, because of the numbers game. But is that your argument ? Here’s my counter-argument.

    Explain how Pein beats Tsukuyomi. Consider that if one Path catches Sasuke’s eye, they all do, since their eyes are all connected. I might be mistaken with that though; that might not happen, or there might be some type of resistence when it comes to the Rinnegan.

    If you do that, explain how Pein would get past Amaterasu. Don’t say the Preta absorbs it, because he absorbs ninjutsu, and Ama’s a dojutsu, an eye technique. If I’m mistaken, and he can, then it doesn’t matter; the Ama’s transferred with the blink of an eye, and the Preta can’t move that fast to protect the other Paths from it anyway.

    If you manage to explain those, explain how Pein gets past Susano’o. Those arrows move as fast as life, and even if the Preta does the impossible and absorbs that, then, like the Ama, the arrow would be way too fast for the Preta to keep up with.

    Also, keep in mind this doesn’t include any new powers Sasuke might’ve gotten with his new Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
    Anybody who can counter that, please do, ’cause I just thoroughly convinced myself that Sasuk beats Pein.

  35. Not so sure I like that Jesus reference…made me a bit uncomfortable. Sorry. >.<

  36. Lets breakdown this debate 8D.

    Sasuke’s Amaterasu. Said to be the “ultimate ninjutsu” (i seriously doubt it is now), but that’s just it, its still a jutsu. Chakra still formed it, which means it can be absorbed by Couch Potato Realm.

    Sasuke’s Susanoo. Now, if he has the Sword and Shield, I say “big whoop”. Susanoo isnt a summon, its formed from chakra and is a ninjutsu (and its blade is made from pure chakra) which means it also will fall to Fat Guy Realm (and he doesn’t have to touch the sword to absorb it just for the record).

    Tsukuyomi. Sasuke powered out of Itachi’s Tsukuyomi and the more widely used formula for breaking out of Genjutsu is to either stop your chakra flow then jump start it again or let someone else disrupt your chakra flow. Nagato transmits his chakra and can cut the connection whenever he wants, so that’s one method. The other bodies can also disrupt the chakra of a body that’s been caught.

    Pain. What a lot of people seem to forget is that Pain has never gone all out against an opponent. When he fought Jiraiya, he was using only 1 battle-oriented body for most of the fight (Animal Path) and the moment the other two (Deva Path and Asura Path) reached the battlefield the fight ended. Also, they were fighting in Amegakure, Nagato couldn’t use his A list moves in his own village (no Shinra Tensei, Chibaku Tensei or any of Asura Realm’s big missiles). Then when he fought Naruto, Naruto had a slew of advantages against him yet he had to still be holding back because he didn’t want to kill Naruto. When he saw the 8 tails he wasn’t gonna shit himself either, all he said was he’d make a bigger Chibaku. Pain is the Naruverse’s version of God and no ninja alive or present (except the Sage of Six PAths) can beat him in a full battle.

  37. Lol, great job Pickles! XD

    Pein vs. Sasuke eh?

    @Nagashikage: Naruto is not stronger than Pein. I’m just going to leave it at that since this isn’t a Naruto vs. Pein debate. Of course right now Sasuke would murder Naruto but I still think Pein would beat the emo out of Sasuke.

    How does Pein counter Amaterasu? Lol, by numbers. Sasuke has no intel on Pein remember so he does not know which paths are the most dangerous or the most useful. 1 path can revive any body (Naraka Path) and the other path can shira tensei the crap out of Sasuke (Deva Path). Sasuke can only hit one target at a time with his Amaterasu so say he just so happens to hit Naraka Path first (1/6 chance). Deva Path can quickly retaliate by destroying Sasuke with a shira tensei. It devastated an entire village so it can destroy a human.

    Next scenario say Sasuke just so happens to hit Deva Path first (1/6 chance). The Naraka Path just revives the body and now they’re aware of Sasuke’s Amaterasu. All the while there are 4 other bodies moving in for the attack. Animal Path can summon S-class monsters that are nearly impossible to kill. Asura Path can shoot missiles. Human Path can rip Sasuke’s soul out. Preta path can suck Sasuke’s chakra out if he gets a hold of him.

    Now say Sasuke attacks one of the 4 other paths first (4/6 chance) with amaterasu. Guess who’s not going to waste any time in taking Sasuke out with a shira tensei while reviving the other bodies?

    Now of course this can all be countered by Susano’o so let’s get on over to that. It’s evident Susano’o can be budged and is not an immovable object stuck to the ground. In fact if it’s hit hard enough a hole can be made into it.

    What move does Pein have that would put that kind of pressure on Susuano’o? Shira tensei! He does one on Susnao’o and he can send it and Sasuke flying. He doesn’t really need to break through Susano’o to defeat Sasuke and I’m not saying he can. I’m just saying he can use shira tensei to stun or send Susano’o flying for a few seconds giving Pein time to use this.

    Chibaku tensei and not even a blast from the 6 tailed Kyubi could break through it. Sasuke has no move in his arsenal that would allow him to free himself.

    As for genjutsu if you look at Dark’s link it shows 3 of the 6 paths were put under it but that didn’t put Nagato or the 3 other paths under the same genjutsu. Plus, Sasuke’s tsukoyomi doesn’t last that long and is no where as lethal as Itachi’s.

    If one path gets put under genjutsu then another path can interrupt it easily.

    @Dark: Seeing as how we’ve never seen Sasuke use Yata’s mirror or the sword of Totsuka it wouldn’t be fair to say he had them when no one can say for sure. It’s just an assumption.

    Now the thing with EMS is we have no clue what Sasuke’s EMS can do. We’ve never seen the EMS in action so we actually have no clue what anyones EMS can do. I’m sure it makes Sasuke more powerful but to what extent? Does the EMS really give him unlimited use of his MS techs? MS techs may not make him go blind anymore but they’ll still rapidly deplete his chakra. Limit on chakra does not = unlimited use.

  38. @everyone, Pain destroys Sasuke. Once my comment is visible, you guys’ll have a tough time convincing people Sasuke would win.

  39. DEBATTEBAYO Aside,

    Has anyone else noticed that Naruto’s village fan had a bit o kisame-hair going on?

    Seriously, from behind, his hair looked like Kisame’s

    WRA your thoughts?

  40. Thank you, people. =)

    @Madness: Holy crapsters! So, so, sorry about that. It’s what lack of sleep does to ya. X__X It’s been corrected now. Did that a while back, soon as I saw your post. 🙂

    @63: Lol, well it wasn’t so much ‘making fun of’ per se, just. More like a nod to what Naruto said, and what it sounded like. I wouldn’t insult Jesus! What?! Never! >_>…no, really, I wouldn’t lol.

    @Backwards: Mighty good point you raise there. That whole sealing business is a bit of a sore spot with me, as well. But yea, like you said, I think it was just conveniently glossed over.

    @Penny: That’s apprehensible enough X__X. I only hope you know I wasn’t trying to revile him or anything of the sort. As I said to To63to, it was just a nod to Naruto’s words and what they sounded like. In my mind, it was either Jesus or Chuck Norris…>_>

    @Prawlkage: I blame a lack of creativity. Or just some minor overlooking. That would be something, though, Kisame having a kid that age. Kinda makes you wonder who the baby momma is…maybe it’s ‘Madara’. Oh, that’s not what you meant?…>_>

  41. @kisuzachi and supertrek:

    Thanks for clearing that up! Yahoo!

  42. Super and Pein FTW!!! Sasuke and his emo-no-jutsu will fall to pein’s superior emo-no-jutsu!!! HUZZAH!!!!

    Oh and for the random people who have no idea who pein is, what he is capable of, or what shinra tensei is, I present to you:

  43. Killer Bee got nada on Dj Fly LOL just horsing around! he is the SHIZ

    AHAHAHA!! Oh, God, I’m gonna die *wipes tear from eye*


  44. @Captain Pickles: First off – let me say that I hope you keep up the good work with the Naruto Breakdowns because I think out of everyone (including me) that has done the breakdowns before, I think yours are the best!

    Secondly – If it’s any consolation, I didn’t mind the Jesus reference. I thought it was edgy and funny. And let’s face it, we’ve seen similar humor on South Park – no reason to get offended in my opinion.

    Thanks, jo. Means a lot.

  45. @Captain Pickles

    You said it man, regardless of your intentions you said it. My father says that an excuse is like an a**hole-everyone has one. 😀

    Lol,just joking.

    Anyways about Pain vs. Sasuke

    First of all Pain is far stronger than Naruto. the only reason he lost was because he needed Naruto alive and Deva path was recharging its juice.if he was going for the kill, Naruto would have been toast long before Hinata got violently stabbed 😉

    Secondly his Chubby Path can absorb any attack using chakra and by coincidence that includes Emoteraso and Susanoo’s attacks. And genjutsu is out of the way too because, really, do you guys think the Sharingan can best The Rinnegan.

    The EMS, though, is a whole different question. If it’s anything like the MS and every user has his own unique techs I can only speculate what Sasuke has. What I can say though is, no matter how genius you are you can’t get a new ability and start using it like a pro from the first try.In his current state Sasuke has yet to hone his skills with the EMS and I think he is inferior to Nagato, who has had the Rinnegan since the age of being annoying.

  46. @Pickles – You were spot on with the comparison of Naruto to Jesus; I don’t really understand others’ issue with it. By now it is rather obvious that Naruto is what we call a literary Christ figure:

  47. @pickles – is the 7th path aka nagato included in this debate, cause if he is its clearly that sasuke would lose

  48. @Captain Pickles: What the… Great nervous breakdown man! LOL…

  49. @CP: Huh?! The line-through tag on *nervous* didn’t show up? epic fail… Any how, I may not agree with your style but then again it’s your style… 😉

    And yes, Tsunade made a perfect point on why it’s pointless to keep their Jinjurikis hidden. Too bad she didn’t carry on with it.

  50. @super: How do you know Susano’o is susceptible to Shinra Tensei ? Maybe the arrows are, but the whole thing ?

  51. Right Bubble: Hold still, stop moving, stop squirming!
    Center Bubble: New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu! New sexy jutsu!
    Left Bubble: Juuuuust a little bit more Naruto…

    Caption: “deep throat no jutsu…” the latest addition to naruto’s sexy jutsu arsenal…

  52. @Nagashikage, if Danzo’s wind attacks could make a crack in Susanoo, then Shinra Tensei could completely blow it away. But that isnt necessary because the Fat Realm could just absorb Susanoo

  53. also @ Nagashi, “You’re acting like facing the Six Paths of Pain “one-on-one” is a fair fight. Of course Naruto got help from the toads, that just made it fair”

    Well when Naruto makes his 1000 clones, is that fair? Yes, because its his jutsu. The Six Paths are Nagato’s jutsu. The Toads weren’t Naruto’s jutsu in his fight against Pain because NARUTO didn’t summon them, Shima did, so technically, they were Shima’s tools, thus THAT is cheating. Cheating because Naruto didnt use precious chakra on summoning but still reaped its rewards.

  54. epic

    On another note, I just noticed. MADARA IS A GENIUS!!!! He just helped make peace by forcing the five most powerful villages to unite! tHAT MAKES PEACE! See hes a good guy just like Itachi nii-san

  55. @lackofimagination: For one, the unincluded 7th Path is actually the Outer Path, the apparition that the Naraka Path summons. Two, even though he is (since he’s the one controlling Pain), whether Nagato is involved or not doesn’t really make a difference, he is just a parapalegic. One that shoots chakra recievers.

    @kisuzachi: Mmmm … good point.

  56. Nagato can use the Path’s jutsus. He just uses them through different bodies. The only body I’d say is unique is Asura Path because I doubt Nagato can fire his fingertips off. (shinra tensei) (summoning jutsu)

    *sigh* I get really passionate whenever Pain’s powers are called into question. Hell I get passionate whenever Yahiko or Nagato is being discussed lol

  57. @nagashikage – completely disagree he would make the complete difference, he is the the Outer Path, which controls over the forces of life and death. he could easily revive the other bodies if he wanted to, also if Nagato is close enough to an opponent, piercing them with a chakra receiver will allow him to control their body as if they were another Path, sasuke wont be able to resist like naruto did. stated by Konan, Nagato is able to use all the powers of the Paths himself, as they are all powers of the Rinnegan, so even if sasuke kills the other paths nagato can use all of their unique skills. nagato is a master of all elements so he can counter sasuke lightning and fire base attacks any time.. also the gedo mazo attack of nagato seems like an instant k.o. to anyone i dont think even susanoo can protect sasuke from that

  58. Hmmmm….

    I probably won’t be joining in this debate, but I do feel I should take this time to point something out to everyone.

    I just find it a bit funny, that we had a debate a while ago that involved battle between Itachi and Pein and a great deal of people sided with Itachi, in fact, probably an overwhelming amount. Now we have a similar debate, only instead we have Sasuke instead of Itachi and suddenly Pein is winning with an overwhelming vote.

    Now, I won’t say who I think would win either way right now because I don’t want my personal opinion to get in the way of my point, but let’s face it. The only reason Sasuke is getting less votes than Itachi would have, is because of favoritism.

    I am afraid that character fandom might be getting in the way of some of these debates and contributing far too much to the results. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that more users are voting for their favorites without any real motivation to back up their own choice other than their own likes.

    There are actually very few people on the blog who really contribute meaningfully to the debates. Just remember, it isn’t about who your favorite is. Sometimes you have to look past that, swallow your pride and use your heads.

    For example, with Itachi and Sasuke, Sasuke now has Itachi’s eyes and thus Itachi’s power. He can now use the MS without the drawbacks of losing his sight and he is just as smart as Itachi. In fact, we have even seen him using shape manipulation with Amatarasu, which even Itachi isn’t known for doing.

    So although he is as strong as, if not stronger than Itachi, less people are voting for him purely because he isn’t Itachi. A lot of people dislike Sasuke and a lot of people Love Itachi, which just further emphasizes my point here. Same power, different name, therefor, different votes.

    Just remember, a good debater could choose to debate on either side and still debate well enough to make that character’s victory believable. So if you want a challenge, then take the narrow road and do it for the fun of a good debate. You may even surprise yourself or even convince yourself as well.

  59. Have you guys considered voting on a referee for these debates?

  60. @Gavin

    Hmmm, Tenrai would be a perfect referee. He is always neutral just about everything.

    About the debate.To be honest, I really don’t like Sasuke but until we find out what on earth the EMS can do this debate will result in a dead end. I am certain Sasuke has a whole new set of abilities which put him a different level but whether is enough to beat Pain we don’t know.We should also remember that Nagato never used more than a few ridiculously powerful jutsus and nothing more. Regardless of that we were told that he could use every technique and chakra nature he came across so it’s safe to assume he has a lot wider range of techniques and some of them might be good counter to most of Sasuke’s other jutsus.

    Still, this debate, I think, can’t progress to anything more than wild guesses because, frankly, we have absolutely no idea of the EMS whatsoever.

  61. @Tenrai Senshi ur post is kinda one-sided.. we already know who you favor to win even without saying it out loud. Favoritism is the name of the game… we do not select the winner and the loser here we just want a good conversation and interaction with our bloggers. Because if you remove favoritism here Pein is definitely the winner, why? thats why its called ultimate ocular jutsu… and he i think he awakened his Rinegan much younger than Sasuke so they could have mastered both of their eye technique just the same….

    Awesomeness is about the fans and how we interact with our fellow Narutards… And favoritism is just the part of these… But i get your point.. Kudos my friend… Hehehe

  62. @gudoruto

    And who do you suspect my favorite is then, if you are so sure of my choice? And what does it matter anyway? If I chose someone who I think would win, I would do so with the ability to support my decision with reasoning.

    As I said in my post, favoritism is driving the debates, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but the problem is that it can go to extremes and often overrides reasoning.

    For example, choosing Konahamaru in a debate that involves him battling against Gaara, is not very sensible. (Extreme, I know, but you get the point). All I am saying is there are plenty of people who choose a side without have any real back-up to support their decision.

    How that makes my post one-sided, I really don’t know.

    To be completely honest with you, in last weeks debate, I chose to side with Gaara simply because he had very few supporters. I wasn’t playing favorites and although I prefer Gaara as a character to Kakashi, I was completely on the fence as to who I thought would win. That’s why I thought it would make a good debate and that’s why I chose those two. Even then, I only debated with what I felt were good enough points to support my choice.

    If it was Gaara vs Sasuke, I would have chosen Sasuke even though I dislike him by quite a margin compared to how much I like Gaara.

  63. @Tenrai: Ehhhhh!? A Pein vs. Itachi debate? I must have missed it because I don’t remember Pein kicking Itachi’s conceited ass. o_O

    @Gavin: The official referee is usually the one who is doing the breakdown. Unless he/she chooses someone else to pick the winner.

    @Nagato discussion: I believe only Nagato, not any of the paths, can use all 6 elemental jutsus. The only reason why Nagato never displayed them in the battle with Konoha is because Nagato himself never fought (he couldn’t).

    That shows Nagato could use all the elemental jutsus but the paths were limited to summonings and the other unique powers. The unique powers which Nagato could also use himself as Kisu has shown.

    @Gudoruto: Favoritism is the name of the game only as far as poll votes go. You can tell when the debating comes to fruition who favors one person due to actual reasoning or due to liking that character over the other. In other words, when it comes to actual debating favoritism is as obvious as a CD in a pile of Ipods (don’t ask).

    I agree awesomeness is all about the community and a lot of the community likes to pick favorites. XD I just wish more thought would go into the poll votes sometimes. With all that said and done, you’re right, Pein is the obvious winner. 😉

  64. 64th~~~!!!!

    awesome breakdown pickles sorry im late O_O sick and shit .
    as far as the debate goes i dont really have the time to read all the comments id say pein would pwn sasugay’s emo ass ..
    sasuke’s best is susan’o right? how about huge animals pwning susano’o lol. how about shinra tensai pwning susano’o and its arrow ? how about chibaku tensai making a dirt ball out of susan’o further more pein has 6 (right ??? forgot sorry X_X ) pair of eyes can use any jutsu ever made so i doubt tsukyomni would work on him … moreover sasugay is hot headed cocky bitch he is more likely to make mistakes that lead to his death … (attacking danzo stupidly ,going blind? underestimating diedra ( and how he escaped something kishi hasnt ever been able to explain) )
    now itachi would be a more of a match to pein … cool headed , master of the sharingan , fast as hell , intelligent as hell


  65. By the way… are we sure that every path of pein CANNOT use any other kind of jutsu? or Nagato just dont wanna use any other jutsu?

    And i think if Sasuke was hit by those chakra blades then he can be under the control of Nagato. right?

  66. @ Tenrai O_O

    you said :

    “The only reason Sasuke is getting less votes than Itachi would have, is because of favoritism”

    itachi is on a whole other level than sasuke. ~_~ its a fact not favoritism

    no one can tell surely for the votes but in debates we clearly put forward points from the manga .. and sometimes we HAVE to assume why ? because the whole debate is an assumption right . why the hell would gara fight kakashi anyway ?.. so we have to assume how kamui would effect gara , how gara sand clones can / or cant fool kakashi , how kakashi would dogde gara , etc …. facts along with a little assumption as the whole thing is assumed… that what makes a winning debate if you disagree thats your opinion

    as the famous detective L once said
    ” assumption is the first part of solving any case “

  67. @Ahsan

    “itachi is on a whole other level than sasuke. ~_~”

    That just proved my point quite nicely actually. I know you hate Sasuke with a passion, so I guess that makes it easier to say Itachi is automatically leagues above him even though Sasuke has his eyes and his power now…


  68. ten stop thinking and assuming stuff beyond what i said , its a common known fact that itachi is way above sasugay , his battle with him was planned out by him and he was half dead at the begging of the battle we havent even seen itachi’s full potential yet . he was dying when he faught sasugay and nothing sasugay did really hurt itachi . he died his own death .

  69. Just remember Ahsan, a debate is an exchange of opinions supported by logic, theory and even factual evidence. There is a difference between an assumption and an informed opinion.

    In other words, a poor debater would just say “Itachi wins because he is more powerful” while a good debater would give deeper reasons as to WHY they think Itachi is more powerful, reasons that defer to logic and perhaps factual reference as well.

  70. @Ahsan

    You are comparing Sasuke to Itachi as he was two years ago. Just so you know, two years have passed since then (in life, not the manga) and a lot has happened in the manga in those two years. One of those things (and this is a big one) was Sasuke getting the EMS and his brother’s eyes.

    You say Itachi is more powerful and that it is a commonly known fact, but you have yet to prove it if it is a fact. Facts can be proven, so prove it.

  71. 1- the debate is sasuke v.s pein not itachi v.s sasuke i merely commented on your comment about this stuff but im more than ready to have the debate of sasuke (as he is now ) v.s itachi and with facts i will prove sasugay;s emo no jutsu wont work on his brother even still i gave you a little brief ( i know its not entirely what a debate is but even though the debate is something else i gave a little evidence though i had no need to say it in the first place C_C)

    ” moreover sasugay is hot headed cocky bitch he is more likely to make mistakes that lead to his death … (attacking danzo stupidly ,going blind? underestimating diedra ( and how he escaped something kishi hasnt ever been able to explain) )
    now itachi would be a more of a match to pein … cool headed , master of the sharingan , fast as hell , intelligent as hell”

    do note i said more of a match not that itachi would beat pein just like thaat poof and done . it would be an interesting battle and i too have doubts as to who would win
    also note even though i use bad words for sasugay i in no means underestimated what he could do in the above comment . merely using a little R rated language doesnt make a factfull point a theory

    2-if you read the manga it cleary states that just taking someone elses sharingan didnt guarantee that you get ems so yeh >_>

  72. @Tenrai Senshi
    The difference between Sasuke’s and Itachi’s power is that Itachi did not rely on his Mangekyou the way Sasuke did. He used his 3 tomoi sharingan all the time. In the first part of the series Itachi used Tysukiyomo twice against Kakashi and then to remind Sasuke of his clan’s death and he didn’t want to fight, he used Amaterasu once, and i’m not counting the before series when he used it on Sasuke the night of the slaying of his clan. Now in the second part of the series he used Tysukiyomo twice, once against Kakashi and then against Sasuke. DOn’t say he used it on Naruto because he only used a regular genjutsu on Naruto. He used Amaterasu twice in the second part of the series both times on Sasuke. He used Susanoo not REALLY using it… Other than that he relied on his fighting abilities and his regular sharingan alone to fight. This is why ashan said Itachi was on another level. It is true Sasuke is a genius though and very gifted and talented that I admit…

    Pein would win the battle against Sasuke. On a side note Pein would also win against Itachi, ESPECIALLY if Nagato wasn’t crippled and didn’t have to rely on corpse to fight. It would have been better to say Nagato Vs Sasuke, because Pein was just an alias name we all know it’s just Nagato, its like Sasori, we refer to him as Sasori even though he used Puppets kind of like what Nagato is doing. But Pein would be able to beat Sasuke because it is stated to first of all not fight a sharingan user 1 on 1… technically its not one on one and Pein has the number advantage and shared eye vision. Sasuke can use Tysukiyomo but it seems and I assume Tysukiyomo can only affect one enemy at a time and no has ever mentioned this but Genjutsu doesn’t affect Pein… Remember that if Sasuke used Tysukiyomo on a Pein body, only that Pein would be under the genjutsu, not Nagato, and Nagato is the one controlling the bodies. Even if he used it, the other bodies would attack, imagine him using Tysukiyomo 3 times… that is basically all his chakra right there, even though he has the EMS, for what we know THE ONLY THING that is special about the EMS is the fact that you will no longer use your eyesight but it doesn’t mean you can spam your MS techniques. Imagine he used Amaterasu and Tysukiyomo and Susanoo, SASUKE WOULD DIE the same way Kakashi died, from using all his chakra. No one has thought about that… Nagato’s power is overwhelming, to the point that he has to use SIX bodies to contain his powers… we all know that Nagato is the most powerful ninja in the series… He KNOWS how to use all 6 elements, he summons the most powerful monsters, he has the power of life and death… My bottom line is even though he may use the MS techniques without losing his eyesight, his chakra bank is going to fail just like this got damn economy we are living in…

  73. pretty much agree with you greyfox except for one thing

    when did sasuke get the ems ? O_o i kinda have been away for sometime so i may have missed it . all i remember i madara saying that simply taking another’s sharingan didnt guarentee the ems .isnt this assumption which according to ten, is wrong X_X in a debate . and sorry if its true that sasugay got the ems and i had missed it

  74. @greyfox2012

    I never said anything about Sasuke vs Pein and I hope no-one is making the assumption that I am on Sasuke’s side. I said I would be staying out of this one, but if you must know, I think Pein would win as well.

    I never once said anything to ther contrary. I was only making a point aboiut favoritism and that is all and I was using a comparison between Sasuke and Itachi to highlight my point.

  75. *Ahsan

    Please don’t put words into my mouth. According to Itachi, you acquire the EMS by taking the eyes of someone of the same blood as you, like a brother. Madara took his brother’s and Sasuke has now taken Itachi’s eyes as well.

    Sasuke already said he could feel Itachi’s power. It never said you ‘might’ get the EMS, so it was not an assumption on my part. Captain Pickles also said that Sasuke has his EMS for the purpose of this debate.

  76. @Ahsan: Sasuke has the EMS for sure, no doubt whatsoever.

    Sasuke vs Pain: Pain wins. I think that he would win against Itachi too. As someone else said, Danzou demonstrated that Susano’o isn’t impenetrable. Pain’s Shinra Tensei would be able to make a hole in it and the other bodies would take advantage of this and attack. Or he could just use Chibaku Tensei and possibly kill Sasuke, if not severely damage Susano’o. Preta Path (Hungry Ghost Realm, the body that absorbs chakra) could absorb Susano’o’s arrows, the Sword of Totsuka and Yata no Kagami’s chakra. He could also absorb Amaterasu and Sasuke’s Chidori based jutsu. Maybe even Kirin, if that’s not too much even for him.
    Tsukuyomi and genjutsu are useless, since Nagato can just snap them out of it.
    Animal Path’s summons can be used as shields against Sasuke’s other jutsu.
    Naraka Path can heal the other paths thanks to the King of Hell, so that’s Pain’s trump card.
    Asura Path… well, I don’t think it can do that much if Sasuke obliterates it like Naruto did. 😛 If it survives it can use it’s powerful bombs and missiles.
    So I think Pain would be able to kill Sasuke. If Nagato is included in the debate then Sasuke will be defeated even more easily.

    *falls asleep, hoping there aren’t any grammar errors*

  77. @lackofimagination: No, I mean, the Outer Path is actually that demon that the lie-detector Pain summons. Go look it up if you want, it wasn’t an opinion. But as far as Nagato being the difference, I guess he would be, I’m still not sure. I do think that he can use all the abilities, but if he was perfectly able to use all those abilities in a fight, he wouldn’t need any Paths. The fact that he’s a grossly emaciated parapalegic has to count for something, or rather, has to not.

  78. @Dragon: Lol, the Preta could never absorb Kirin, that I know for sure. He can absorb chakra, and Kirin lightning is not chakra, but real, natural lightning straight from the sky.

  79. I agree with Nogoshikage that Kirin is pure elemental which is why is was super fast and why he Itachi thought sasuke was done because he had no chakra left till he pulled a kirin out his butthole

    and also like i stated before Nagato only uses 6 bodies to contain his power because he can’t use his powers to the full extent because he is crippled and he would be a still target easy to catch… but I wish Nagato never was crippled but Kabuto summoned his body when he was standing on his own 😀 so that is something we will all look foward to!!! Nagato fighting without any substitute bodies… and to top it off about the Genjutsu, I BELIEVE and im NOT 100% sure but Jiraiya said that regular Genjutsu wouldn’t work on Pein??? or was it he didn’t know how to do genjutsu??? Either way we all know that failed with the loss of the big frog’s arm… and yes yes Sasuke does have the Eternal Mangekyou sharingan. Even still though, the Deva path with the shinrai Tensei is a handful by himself

    Kishimoto needs to get his character abilities in order because the first appearance of Sasuke in the 2nd part of the series i swear on my life this son of a bitch had God speed, as we all saw him appear next to Naruto in a blink of an eye… I mean that itself is more advanced than the 4th hokage’s jutsu himself. I mean what is the point in making the yellow flash a legend if everyone can move so quick, like how Itachi did it but i think that was under Tysukiyomo, but even still Sasuke did it once and I never seen him do that again! Also to state, why does everyone say Sasuke would have been able to beat Naruto during their last encounter? I know we all read that convo when Sasuke was on his way to Konoha and Madara stated that Sasuke wasn’t able to beat Naruto or something like that… and now Naruto is saying he wouldn’t have been able to beat sasuke BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!! that dude was BLIND NIKKUH!!!… even though i think he just meant he didn’t want to beat Sasuke in that state…

    BUT I LAUGHED SOOOOOOO HARD ON THE WINDOW WHEN NARUTO WAS LIKE “SHOW ME THE WAY!!!” OMG I WAS DYING!!! lol his face was outrageous, i think that was the funniest thing i ever seen after all the EPIC fail jokes they had in the manga that had me rolling. i loved this chapter just because of that, now if Naruto was more funny like that than STUPID funny, this manga would be so much better… but yea the storyline is kind of off like Kishimoto is just making to MUCH twisting in the story, I love twist but i think he be tightening those twist a little to much, a lil to much curve i presume.

  80. 2greyfox,

    Sasuke has shown that speed several times. He demonstrated it when he encountered Deidara and Tobi.

    And to make it clear, he’s no where near as fast as Minato was. It’s body flikker whereas Minato’s technique is more like a summoning jutsu.
    Here Tobi mentions Sasuke’s body flikker is too fast for him (LIE MUCH :P). Although it is fast it is still movement, someone with a sharingan (Tobi for instance :P) would have had no trouble seeing Sasuke coming.
    Here you see Minato rescue Kakashi but unlike Sasuke he appears out of nowhere and places his hand on the opponents foot, marking him so Minato can locate him anywhere.
    Here Minato appears out of nowhere again, behind the opponent without Minato seeing where he was. He places a marker and teleports himself to that location but without creating a puff of smoke like a summon does. What’s more is that Minato can sense chakra around the marker (each one of his kunai was marked) which is what enabled him to finish the fight with the platoon of Iwagakure nija’s so fast.

    If you ask me it’s the fastest offensive jutsu in the Narutoverse. Tobi can use something similar without markers but doesn’t seem to be able to attack at the same time. It seems to take him some time to materialize.

  81. @Grey: Ohohohoho, don’t even get me started on how much Sasuke would manhandle Naruto right now. Dattebayo blondie ain’t got nothing on emo boy. 😉

    Genjutsu works on Pein.

    I don’t know if this is “regular” genjutsu since Pein commented on it being “incredible”, lol.

    But I’m positive a genjutsu of Tsukoyomi’s level is comparable, if not, then beyond it. Tsukoyomi may not be able to hit multiple targets like the frogs genjutsu though.

    @Tenrai: Ahsan was right in regards to there being no guarantee of receiving EMS when swapping sharingans. Itachi explained it all to Sasuke.

    Just because you take your bother’s eyes there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the EMS. Going off of that one could say it’s not 100% confirmed that Sasuke has the EMS since he was never shown with it. I too believe Sasuke has it though and it’s relevant to this debate even if we have little to no information on it.

    @Ahsan: If you’re looking for the page it’s here.

    Note Sasuke saying, “It’s working…”. >(0_-)> But if you want to pick at something Madara says, “…it’ll be a while before you get accustomed to using the Mangekyou.” He doesn’t mention anything about it being “Eternal” or that Sasuke achieved the EMS. Lol, let’s nit-pick some more. In the Onemanga version there’s a note saying, “What will his brother’s eyes bring him!?”

    Questioning what new power Itachi’s eyes will provide or questioning whether or not Sasuke got the EMS? Maybe both… Lol, I don’t really care. I still think he has the EMS. ^_^

    @Everyone: Now everyone I’m just going to settle all of this.

    1. Naruto > or = Itachi

    2. Sasuke > Itachi

    3. Sasuke > Naruto

    4. Pein > Everyone

    End! 😛 I wonder how much fuss this would cause. >_>

  82. I agree with your power chart super, except for Sasuke and Itachi. Even though I irrationally hate Sasuke with every fiber of my being, I would admit if he was stronger than Itachi, but he just hasn’t made a believer out of me with his lackluster performances.

  83. @super
    The genjutsu didn’t work on Pein(Nagato) because the other 3 paths were summoned around the same time or at least came out those capsules…
    and at your power chart, i wouldn’t really say Sasuke would “Pound” the hell out of naruto because we really don’t know their power level. but i agree with kisuzachi that Sasuke isn’t stronger than itachi, because like my previous statement before “Itachi did not rely on his Mangekyou sharingan like Sasuke is.” Sasuke is spamming his sharingan techniques, and also, if it came down to the two MS brothers fighting, they would both cancel out their moves, because with the MS you can stop Amaterasu, and Sasuke demonstrated that he could break Tysukiyomo so i’m sure Itachi would find a way out of that to, even though Sasuke’s tysukiyomo isn’t as advanced as Itachi’s. And if it did come down to regular combat Itachi would most diffidently defeat his younger brother. I don’t understand Sasuke’s MS powers to much as to whether or not he got them from his brother or it came with the eye because I don’t know any other MS users, and we really don’t know for sure who “Madara” is anymore…
    BUT THANKS for pointing out the god speed thing cuz i was paranoid, i must’ve just forgot about it even though when Sasuke ran after them, they actually saw him move unlike when he just flickered right next to Naruto, that was basically what I was talking about, they didn’t even notice at first. But yea Minato’s jutsu basically is reverse summoning lol. I seen the Poll for the Pein vs Sasuke and i don’t see any debaters saying that Sasuke would win…

    ONE MORE THING to point out, did you notice the anime kind of messed up? Because before Sasuke fought killer bee in the manga, Naruto found out about Jiraiya’s death, in the anime, Sasuke fought killer bee before Naruto found out about Killer Bee’s death.

  84. Looool. Thought I’d share this with you guys.

  85. @ super
    sasuke > itachi ???
    danzo said that sasuke’s tsukyomni was no way near itachi’s
    itachi not only has susano’o but a sword which even puts a little scar on you , you get sealed for life in an eternal genjutsu.
    sasuke’s arrow of chakra will merely be deflected by the mirror (of what?) itachi’s susan’o had . itachi never even required to use his ms much he used it what ? 3, 4 times ? he was powerfull enough without the ms. whereas sasuke seems to know . no other jutsu other than susan’o amretsari tsukyomni ( man my spellings suck ) and his chidori .his cocky and unconttrollable behaviour and the feeling that ” i am god ” is to his disadvantage as well . on the other hand itachi is the perhaps the most calm headed ninja we have seen in the series along with the like of minato etc
    if from the time of the sasuke v.s itachi’s battle anything has improved in sasuke that is the ms THAT ITACHI GIFTED HIm , again nothing he worked hard to get lol. at the time of sasuke v.s itachi battle itachi was on the verge of death before the battle began . imagine a guy suffering from shinobi aids and blindness literally pwned sasuke . now if sasuke has improved ( that because itachi gave him his tech’s ) imagine the true extent of itachi’s power without shinobi aids and blindness ! hold your thought as i said before there is no guarentee that sasuke will get the ems . the link super put up is the one i was reffering to

    @ to the person who said sasuke was faster than minato or something O_O

    remember sasuke’s fight with the raikage . sasuke couldnt hit him with his black flames because of his speed even before he put on the lightning armor . and the dude with the raikage said that by putting on the lightning thing his reflexes etc were now compareable to the 4th hokage’s …. compareable ……

    if sasuke couldnt follow raikage i wonder how he was faster than minato :)_

  86. @Ahsan
    Cleary u didn’t understand fully what i said, I said in that one scene when he flickered right beside Naruto, Kishimoto overexaggerated that speed and made it more advanced than Minato’s FOR THAT SCENE ONLY… i didn’t say he was faster, and i forgot about his fight with Raikage which pulls up another point…

    IF AMATERASU IS “UNDODGEABLE” then how the hell did Raikage dodge it? cleary stated by Zetsu when Sasuke pulled kirin out his ass “A move undodgeable like the Amaterasu?”

  87. @grey, Amaterasu was also called the strongest ninjutsu by Zetsu……then we met Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei…….

  88. lol shinra tensai pwns !! XD

    sorry for misunderstanding grey O_O was kinda in a hurry just wanted to get that point through that sasuke is NO way near as fast as minato . he couldnt even follow raikage’s speed . forget running at it . how can he be compared to minato XXD kishi messed up

  89. @whoever was complaining about Sasuke’s speed at his reintro: Kishi didn’t mess up a thing, it’s you that can’t comprehend basic hyping of a character. Kishi made him so fast at that point because we hadn’t seen Sasuke in a while. He wanted to really make him look powerful after the 2-year timeskip, which is why he subsequently began beating everyone, including overwhelming Yamato and suppressing the Demon Fox. Besides, it was fast only to Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato’s eyes. Who’s to say it’s just them that have untrained eyes that couldn’t keep up with what would’ve been simple speed for a more experienced ninja ?

    Whenever someone is introduced or reintroduced after a period of time away, they’re impressively powerful, like Pain or Bee, or even Sage Naruto. Keep in mind this is fiction created by someone who controls the who, what, when, where, and why. And even the how.

  90. @Grey: All I’m saying is that genjutsu works on Pein. I’m not talking about Nagato, I’m talking about his puppets. The genjutsu worked on 3 bodies and it can work on the other 3. If they were all there at the same time and got caught in the frogs genjutsu all 6 of them would have been dead. 😉 Nagato would have still lived but he’s practically useless without the bodies thanks to the incident years ago with Danzo and Hanzou.

    And there’s no proof genjutsu doesn’t work on Nagato either. If somebody were to get up close to him and use genjutsu on him personally then we’d have our answer, but until then you can’t really say, “Genjutsu doesn’t work on Nagato.” So far genjutsu has worked on his puppets and that’s all the proof we have.

    @Grey and Ahsan: Eh? Come now, wait for an Itachi vs. Sasuke debate and bring every single one of those points back up again. I’ll counter everyone and tell you why Sasuke would whoop Itachi’s ass back to his grave where he belongs. 😉

    Lol, that’d be a fun debate. A fun debate indeed.

    @Ahsan again: Sasuke couldn’t follow Raikage’s speed eh? Is that absolute?

    Unless Raikage can move his whole body faster than he can swing his arm then I’d think otherwise. Only after the Raikage powered up could he move faster than Sasuke could keep up.

    And the Raikage dodged amaterasu after putting on the lightning armor and powering up, not before.

    @Grey again: SUPER SPEED!!!

    LMAO! That giant “?” over Naruto’s face! Priceless. He’s like, “Holy shit how’d he get here dattebayo!” I love that scene. XD Ahhh, alright that’s enough picking on Naruto. >_>

  91. @Super
    I shouldn’t have said it in terms of Genjutsu doesn’t work on Nagato what i meant was it doesnt work on him when they use it on Pein, thats what i meant sorry for the misunderstanding…

    No… he really did overexxagerate his speed, its just a character flaw, a lot of writers do things like that. Just because of a two year time skip doesn’t need that much effect like that ya know, we didn’t see Naruto do some shit like that? All we saw was a bigger Rasengan which we NEVER SEEN after that… or at least i never seen it after that one time. For example pokemon(lol) in the first episode, Pikachu did that thunder and that was a very powerful move. But when Ash commands him to do thunder again its not so powerful as it was, but I guess that is a whole different situation since first of all Pikachu and Ash were in danger, it was raining and lightning, and that built the adreneline but if the writer is not going to be consistent with someone’s power, then that is bad…

    @super again: I sure want to hear you out on why Sasuke is stronger than Itachi because I have all the reasons why he is not.
    There are a lot of flaws such as the Amaterasu being undodgeable was dodged, and like someone else said Shinrai/chibaki Tensei was the strongest ninjutsu when they said Amaterasu was… but i guess that is because of limited knowledge and because Pein’s power was unknown?… Even though Zetsu saw the fight between Jiraiya and Pein and witnessed shinrai Tensei for himelf when Pein used it. YES PEIN used shinrai tensei in the anime when Deva path raised his hand and that huge wall came out… i noticed that the manga didn’t show that part of the fight o.O…

    And no Sasuke couldn’t keep up with the Raikage which is why he used susanoo

    lol Gaara is the one that ACTUALLY fucked up…
    He is the one that saved Sasuke’s life at that moment and yet he had the nerve to tell Naruto to do whats right. THE EMO-BOY COULD HAVE BEEN DONE so basically all this stuff that is going to happen is Gaara’s fault -____-

  92. @Sasuke’s speed debate. To a Tortoise, a Hare would be like the Flash, but when that Hare is put into a race against a Cheetah, we see the Hare is total excrement. Its the same with Sasuke. He was much faster than Naruto (because while Sasuke was learning forbidden jutsu, Naruto was going on those crappy filler missions). Yamato and Sakura, but later when he faces much faster opponents, his “then-super speed” becomes “average speed” because a battle is simply a comparison between/among its combatants.

  93. @Grey: It’s like Nagashikage and Kisu say. Too Naruto, Yamato, Sai, and Sakura Sasuke was moving super fast. So fast they didn’t even notice his movements. Compared to much faster opponents though they would have seen Sasuke’s Shunshin no Jutsu. (I’m going to reuse the link 1Redbaron1 provided.)

    As for Sasuke beating Itachi, lol, if you want to hear my reasons on it you gotta wait for an Itachi vs. Sasuke debate. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of supporters so rest assured. 😉

    Now for Sasuke and Raikage. No matter how you look at it if there was going to be an ending to that match they’d both wind up dead. Raikage from burning to death and Sasuke from being crushed. That’s if you assume the Raikage’s attack could have penetrated Sasuke’s susano’o and amaterasu of course. Gaara possibly saved both their lives so I wouldn’t say he “fucked up”. Yep, Sasuke couldn’t keep up with the Raikage once he powered up. Not many people could. >(0_-)>

    Oh, and the anime tends to add stuff that the manga couldn’t fit in or grazed over. If you see an extra scene or a more detailed explanation it’s very typical of anime which follows a manga.

    @Anyone: What happened to the Sasuke vs. Pein debate? It’s now Sasuke vs. anybody you can think of. XD Ahem… Pein beats Sasuke. I know everyone doesn’t agree to this…>_>

  94. @supertrek: As I said in my previous posts, I think Pein would beat Sasuke anytime!

  95. @Super, the Pain vs Sasuke debate isnt fun until someone actually supports Sasuke. I volunteer you O_O

  96. @super: I see it now i really just had to turn the page from the link you gave me

    That clarified things but that other guy that said that thing about reintroducing the character thing… yeah that wasn’t all too good of an explanation…

    But i mean there really isn’t much more to say on the Sasuke vs Pein thing, those that chose Sasuke in the poll pretty much only chose him for his looks or favoritism. I wouldn’t mind saying Sasuke would win something but i really don’t see what he could win right now…

  97. @super: But onto the Raikage thing, “”That’s if you assume the Raikage’s attack could have penetrated Sasuke’s susano’o and amaterasu of course”” Susanoo wasn’t protecting Sasuke right then and there if u notice there is a gap, all there was was Amaterasu, and for all we know the raikage would of hakced off his leg to if it came down to it, i mean he would just be the new darth vader in the ninja world… u can notice it, exactly why Karin was also worried and why Raikage went for it…

  98. Hey,
    I had another idea for the next chapter.

    Rinnegan’s island!


    …With Rinnegan (Nagato)
    …The Skipper too! (Chouza)
    …The millionaire (Danzou a.k.a. old fart)
    …And his wife (Chiyo)
    …The Moviestar (Tsunade)
    …The Professor (Kabutochimaru)
    and Mary Ann (Hinata)

  99. @Kisu: I prefer Sasuke over Pein character wise but there’s no way I can properly support him in this debate without lying to myself and others. XD I go for who I think can win and Pein is the definite winner in my eyes. @_@

    @Grey: Lol, the new Darth Vader of the ninja world! XD Ok, maybe if you look at it from a different direction you can see the transparent shield of chakra surrounding his susano’o. Susano’o isn’t just a bunch of bones that protects the user. There’s an “impenetrable” field overlying it.

    And if you notice the amaterasu when the Raikage is jumping on him it’s laying on something.

    Even if there was nothing there but the amaterasu check the link again and notice the Raikage was about to sit and engulf his entire body in the black flames. There’s no coming back from that. In the end, as I said, it’d most likely be a draw. Lol, it still amuses me to think about a 1 legged 1 armed Raikage though. XD

    @Prawl: LOL! Gilligan’s Island? o_O

  100. @rinnegan island v.v

    @super: well actually the amaterasu was on the bones at first and in that scene

    They were coming off the bones, and also Sasuke’s susanoo wasn’t fully developed so that aura along with the bones doesn’t matter i believe, because Raikage hit Sasuke multiple times when Sasuke was in the Susanoo… but enough about that 😀

    I still want to see Nagato himself fight without any pein bodies and his legs instead of the “moonwalker” that he sits in… its ironic though, usually ppl get fat when they sit down all the time and use a machine to move, but… Nagato… he’s like the TOTAL opposite

  101. sasuke>naruto?

    The term we use in England to describe that would be BULLOCKS, which literally means NONSENSE.

    No personal attack intended, just sharing my opinion, but we’ve seen sasuke’s recieved an upgrade in the EMS. Naruto has also recieved one in the key, a ticket to controlling the kyuubi and ‘that jutsu’. Being the kind of rivals the story portrays them to be, kishi has made sure they are of equal strength, or perhaps making either one stronger to motivate the other. We don’t know the full capacity of the EMS, neither do we even have an idea what that jutsu entails, plus what control of the kyuubi brings. So in that regard we can’t exactly conclude on strength.

  102. @Grey: Oh yeah, we’re definitely moving on. XD

    Since Nagato isn’t in his wheelchair anymore you can see him in action without the bodies and hopefully him using all 6 elements.

    @Totalitarian: Opinions are such wonderful things aren’t they? Lol, and it’s my opinion that Sasuke is stronger than Naruto. If I were to use the manga though I’d just refer to this. 😉

    So I say screw opinion (no offense I honestly don’t mean it) let’s go to the manga source. ^(0_-)^ Naruto > or = Sasuke? Nope, but that’s just my opinion based off of what I’ve seen and yada yada yada.

  103. Brothers and sisters and all you other very lonely people out there (dont worry if you work hard enough you can move out of your moms basement). I have returned, after 3 weeks of having a fried computer I have a new computer and am ready to tear these new developments a new one expect to hear more soon.

    -The accordion…a feared weapon

    Welcome back dude. Does that mean Urkel was a ninja? O_O


  104. can sombody please give me link to naruto spoiler XD

  105. @dricedt A confirmed spoiler has yet to come out. There’s a spoiler pic floating around but I doubt its real because the pics never come out before the confirmed text does. Plus the pic looks REALLY fake.

  106. @Superdude; Sasuke’s character is this in a nutshell: “My clan died. I hate you and everything else”.

    Pain is an overall better character and he didnt have 481 chapters of “development” like Sasuke. I’ve hated Sasuke ever since the Haku fight (before the fight I was indifferent towards him) lol. But then again, I’m kind of a bad judge of characters. I though Mizuki was gonna be a major character >_>

  107. SPOILER!

    You see Sasukes new EMS in the next Manga.. To me they both look kinda differant.

  108. SPOILER!

    The eye looks like the Devil insignia when a pentagram is shown with the Goat and horns and that.

    The other eye looks like a Nuke Symbol.

  109. While I was reading #488 I couldn’t help but notice that we are looking at a whole new Naruto!

    I didn’t say anything for a while… >_>; I should have, but I didn’t. Anyways, I thought seeing this pic on top was almost as exciting as seeing him pop out wearing his sage cloak for the first time! Naruto has officially become cloak and dagger!!! Naruto is not being honest when he’s talking to the others about Sasuke BTW! He can’t tell anybody that he wants to change Sasuke back to good because it would definitely piss people off and get him locked up! There is shadow on his face to emphasize how he feels about this. Cold and serious with the resolve to pull through, even though he is all alone about this. He has to figure out a way to save Sasuke… Even Sakura is out of the loop. Everybody just wants him to be clear in killing Sasuke. Naruto’s endo resonates in the background… “I will protect the village and stop Sasuke without killing him!”

  110. i can bet that pic is fake XD though im not a good better ? XD LOL

  111. confimed spoiler

    seasick Gai appears
    naruto asks bee to help with his j-b training and get refused
    naruto tries again with rap but to no avail
    naruto then tries sexy no jyutsu and bee ignores

    rainin takes naruto to a fall where is (another) naruto
    naruto vs narutonaruto asks bee to teach him to control his jin
    bee refuses
    naruto asks again, -this time in rap
    bee refuses
    Naruto asks a third time using sexy jutsu but still no dice.
    no sasuke this week

  112. @kisuzachi; Pain’s character is this in a nutshell: “My dog died. I hate you and everything else”.

  113. lol true

  114. @Pickles: I just reread the Jesus part of your breakdown and I just wanted you to know that I’m not offended in any way. More than making fun of Jesus, it looks like Naruto wants to follow His way! Maybe he wants to become a priest? XD

  115. @Pickles: I also just reread your breakdown and I just wanted to say that I’m Jewish and I didn’t find your Jesus part offensive either! @_@;

  116. i was just thinkin, do u guys think sasuke will get some of itachi’s personality since he transplanted his eyes. kakashi got some of obito’s habits by been late, would it be the same for sasuke. or maybe with itachi’s eye he would see something that itachi wanted him to see.idk opinions?

  117. @ lackofimagination,

    I don’t think so. The only reason Kakashi was always late was because he went to Obito and Rin’s grave.

  118. naruto is out

  119. Hey guys i just got off the phone with penny. She lost her mum to alzheimer’s disease. I personally feel that penny, being an ‘x’ admin on this blog deserves a fleet of condolence messages. If this blog is half worth it’s salt and is ever to be taken seriously as an ‘enterprise’ then the bunch of bloggers who have any sort of little differences would be man enough to put that aside and say sorry. Every enterprise, organization and unit out there would do the same for an X-member who put in a lot of time for the blog. I personally have nothing against anybody here, and i really hope not to, but this is the truth and it has to be said. I’m really sorry i had to interrupt the flow of naruto a little, but as a blogger i thought i brought it to notice.

    Again sorry for having to bring this up, but i thought it was an important point that needed to be stressed, with a fair and just mind, the reality of the situation and responsibility of WRA as a blog to it’s x-editor.


  120. i first thought that there would be an evil naruto/kyubi naruto that he was going to have to face, the other thought i had was that he was going to train by fight against himself/clone but it looks like it going to be the more fun one – evil naruto lol.

    i wonder if because kisame is probably still inside the sword then if naruto goes into sae mode and notices it i would like it is he said he wanted to meet killer be and everyone out side in the open wide space and then tell everyone to step back from the sword and shouts the kisame to come on out and stop hiding inside that sword, then kisame gets his ass kick by naruto alone in sage mode and everyone who hasnt seen how good he is in sage mode will be in disblieif

  121. enjoy. 😀

  122. **Possible Spoilers**

    This is just a prediction. I think that what is happening is that Killer Bee kind of has to teach Naruto that it is not about controlling the Biju in him. Maybe that’s the thing Killer Bee had to learn is how to have a relationship of sorts with his biju, rather than forcing it or controlling it.

    That’s what Naruto is all about anyway isn’t it? It makes much more sense to make friends with a seemingly evil Biju rather than just forcing his will on him. It sort of reminds me about my pet pitbull. You can really force him to do anything because she’s a pretty strong dog, but once you make friends with her she will go in her kennel, she wont pull on the leash, etc.

    I have always felt that Naruto has to make friends with his Biju.


    Minato showing Naruto how to control the kyuubi was awesome!
    Next week will be even better when Bee and Naruto face Kisame… you can see him coming out of the sword at the end of the chapter!

    *Wakes up suddenly*

    Oh wait… none of that happened in this chapter… this chapter was pretty dull.
    Next chapter will be a copy of bleach’s “Ichigo vs. Hollow Ichigo inside Ichigo” (better known as Chapter 219)

  124. Bubble: Come on naruto you already have a fox and crow why not a toad
    Bubble: that because the first two were unexpected.
    Bubble: Come on, I always wanted to be in the zoo.
    Caption: Naruto new hobby: animal collecting

  125. @Total: This is a simple blogging community about anime and manga. We are already taken seriously enough (not to seriously though, God knows we love to have our fun).

    “…the bunch of bloggers who have any sort of little differences would be man enough to put that aside and say sorry.” (Total)

    The only differences we have lie in…debates on fictional characters. No blogger has any ill will to Penny or any other blogger. At least I hope not and have not seen any of the sort. Thank you for expressing your concern for Penny after her loss. I have already expressed my condolences days ago and if anybody wishes to do the same please check out her article and post a comment. It’s welcome and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. A simple act can go a long way.

  126. @Penny – So sorry for your loss … our prayers are with you.

  127. Haaa. Naruto rapping was funny, and the scene with a peek in Bee’s book was cool. OneManga’s translations were horrible … it completely messed everything up, as opposed to MangaStream.

    @Gavin: But the demon fox is an asshole … it won’t be as simple as Bee’s and Hachibi’s friendship.

    @prawlkage: How was that dull ? That was an awesome chapter, and that is a stone fact.

  128. lol i agree with naga in saying that the chapter was awesome for a few reasins

    1. naruto rapping priceless and for the record killer bee gave him a compliment lol

    2. any episode when gai sensei shows up just emanates awesomeness

    3. harem no jutsu ftew

    4. *chuckles* they were talking about wood

    5. evil naruto shows up and calls konoha-nin annoying assholes DDD:

    6. *chuckles* wood hahaha….

  129. naruto movie 3 perfect raw is out so it wont be longer than a couple of weeks until we see the subbed movie out

  130. @nagashikage: Who’s to say that Killer Bee’s Biju wasn’t an asshole too!

  131. LOL, Naruto rapping.

    Anyways, I see a possible problem with Naruto’s real personality, if that is what we were shown, for the that he might not be so good and level headed he likes to think he is. That alone presents a serious hurdle in controlling the Nine-tails, which,as we already know, brings out the most primal feelings of a human being and it doesn’t get any more primal than anger and fear. I am really curious how would this affect not only Naruto’s training but the future development of the story as well.

    On a side note, Naruto’s goofball personality is really starting to get on my nerves. I liked him better when he was more serious and not acting like a brain-dead monkey. Don’t get me wrong, a little laughs here and there are more than welcome but him acting like that all the time is getting annoying.

  132. great chapter and just as naga said the translation on onemanga was crap unlike the MS.

    Anyway seeing Gai there only made me think of one thing, Gai vs Kisame is ON BABY, everyone ready for 7 gates opening in the next couple of weeks.

    Other than that Naruto vs Evil Naruto is the classic way people had shown in movies and books to find inner peace and be one with yourself. It’s the only way naruto can control the fox by learning to control himself and overcome hi’s own anger and fear.
    This was without a doubt a great chapter opening up Naruto’s training in what will be the fox controlling ability.

  133. The only way for Naruto to become one with his self, at least according to me, is to kill his evil self. That way his good self will become his only self thus becoming one with his self. 😀 ( I seriously hope Kishi doesn’t read this)

  134. @visionary: I’m not offended by the Jesus thing, I found it funny, even though I AM Christian. I almost never get offended and if I do only by things of a MUCH GREATER magnitude.

    This week’s chapter was AWESOME! I love the Evil self vs Good self thing. It’s right that Naruto has to defeat his evil thoughts before being able to defeat the Kyubi. He’s not pure and he has to be to control the Fox. Killer Bee must have defeated his evil self in the past and I hope they show us a flashback of him when he was young. I know almost everyone hates flashbacks, but I would really like to see how people treated Killer Bee as a child and how he overcame the evil in his heart in his training.

  135. @supertrek: Just saying it because i thought it was the truth and needed to be said. I’m also aware most of the bloggers here would rather be treated as adults. If they’re to be treated as adults, then there should be a conscious effort to make everyone realise we are all adults and hence do what responsible adults would do.

    You’re right, this is a blog and it’s expected no one habours ill will against penny. Again thanks for taking the initiative on condolence for penny. I’m sure if any blogger here recieved those messages after a terrible loss it would make them feel better.

  136. Hmm interesting…like i said a battle between naruto’s evil self like ichigo’s battle with his inner hollow. Hmm…that’s gonna be very interesting. Means if he can overcome the battle against his evil self then he would not exactly be killing it off, but he would be controlling it and that would be the only way he would learn to control the kyuubi. However i feel this is just the first stage, as he would also have to battle with the kyuubi, or have to suppress it, like he did to gamabunta. So he’s just getting started.

    Again, like i said last week, killerbee would battle kisame inside, and just while kisame has headway naruto would spoil the party. This would make killerbee teach him more or make him be best buddies with naruto.

  137. He probably was, but I don’t think so … I mean, the demon fox has deep resentment towards Minato for what he did, & at Naruto because of what the Fourth did. I doubt the Hachibi has any resentment towards Bee for anything, I don’t think so anyway. What I’m saying is, I don’t see Naruto talking with the fox the way like Bee does to the oxtopus (my new name for the Hachibi), asking it for power, lightly discussing matters with it, overall coming to terms with it.

    But it’s a definite possibility.

  138. new naruto movie is out and its subbed now YAY

    has everyone seen the new trailer for the naruto movie 4 looks amazing – naruto fights along side the 4th hokage lol

  139. just finished watching the 3rd shippuuden movie and in conclusion a new up to date Naruto vs Gaara debate is out of the question.

    Naruto rules, and i bet that in the next movie with Minato it’s gonna be legendary, so I ask all you great japanese people out there “please oh please release the next movie faster because it’s a real pain in the ass to wait 3/4 of a year to see the latest movies”.

  140. This is hilarious when you think of it. Naruto’s gonna have to fight his evil self to get to a new level of power, but all Sasuke had to do was an eye transplant XD!!!!! This manga is so unfair LMAO!!!

  141. @Eugen: What do you mean a Naruto vs. Gaara debate is out of the question, & why do you say that ?

    @kiuzachi: “but all Sasuke had to do was an eye transplant” ? I don’t think an EYE TRANSPLANT is that easy of a thing to go through.

  142. Naruto vs evil naruto just made me realize how much i miss playing OoT (water temple, link vs dark link). ahhh, the good times =D.

  143. This chap made me once again rofl XD.

    evil naruto/ mirror naruto FOR THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also has Kishi watched to many King Kong Movies? O_o…

    I cant wait for the next CHAP!
    Naruto will beat mirror naruto, head to the temple of time. Traval back to when the First and Mandara were fighting. Procede to beat the shit out of Mandara. Then release the spirts at the temple of time and fight Ganondorf to free Princess Sasuke… THE END

  144. @ deathcon4: That would be EPIC!

  145. @penny: Im terribly sorry to hear about your loss….. had a special prayer just for you. Good Luck with everything 🙂

  146. what would happen if sasuke stepped into that waterfall?? will the waterfall turn into a bluescreen of death because it crashed? or will a goody gumdrops sasuke appear? bwahahahhahahahaha the thought of a goody sasuske hahahhaha

  147. @bakakage

    No one would come out of the waterfall because Sasuke’s evil emo side would already have commited suicide. 😀

  148. i think that that waterfall is just to sow yourselfs evil diesires and wishes and you have to overcome them mybe by fighting or not but becuase the fox latches onto evil intentions and thoughts he needs to get rid of them that wat i think the first stage of the training is.

    i dont think it going to be like kyubi in naruto form and have to beat it into submission liike banki training becase that woulnd really need more tha 1 step

  149. @Penny- My sincere condolences, I have added my prayers to the others.

    I imagine if Sasuke was there the one that would come out of the waterfall would be a bubbling, happy, well adjusted, naruto like Sasuke. Just like Naruto’s darker half will likely be Sasuke like in it’s emoness.

    Though I can imagine that fighting won’t be the answer for Naruto, or not the only one at the very least. He will have to come to terms with his darker self, not just beat the crap out of him. It is only when he accepts all that he is that he can truly be all that he can be. Sounds cliché I know but…

  150. @Kisuzachi: Well i understand where you’re going saying you think it’s unfair sasuke just has to transplant eyes to be more powerful while naruto has to fight his evil side to obtain a power-up. I choose, however, to look at it from this perspective.

    – naruto having to fight his evil side shows/teaches him just how tough it would be for him to be able to change sasuke. The way it goes is if he succeeds in defeating his evil side then he would have to subdue the kyuubi which is even tougher. If he is then able to subdue the kyuubi then he will, with a lot more stronger willpower than that needed to subdue the kyuubi, subdue sasuke. So it’s a challenge of ascent for naruto.

    – Sasuke himself has also gone through that struggle even though it’s not been as conspicuous as it should have been. He’s had to struggle between accepting itachi’s requirements for being powerful, which he declined. He also had to struggle between taking the dark side, given how fickle sasuke’s mind really is. He also struggled when kakashi told him he had more than just a dark side within him, and just then he had to struggle between light and darkness, though his will for darkness was very strong as we got to see.

    Naruto’s struggle is just a preparatory test for what’s to come with sasuke. It’s more like, “if you can’t even control your innerself(defeat the evil naruto) and control the beast within(the kyuubi demon) then you’re not even ready to take on the world(change sasuke and everyone dear to him).

  151. If they fight the whole island will disappear o.0

  152. @totalitarianhypnosis (nice name by the way), Sasuke has had it far easier than Naruto. And it just reminds me of DBZ again where Vegeta trained his ass off (more so than Goku), but always came up short. So in that regard, Naruto is the Vegeta of this story. All his perseverance doesnt pay off when Sasuke is thrown into the mix. And Sasuke’s decent into darkness isnt half as cool as it shoulod have been because he always had things handed to him. Usually when characters walk that path, its because hard work and determination never payed off, so to me, Sasuke is nothing but a spoiled 3 year old.

  153. @Kisuzachi

    I always felt the same about Sasuke too. He always achieved higher power with little to no struggle, or at least we were never shown, so he has this “cheap” feeling around him.

    I am not saying his entire existence is not one painful event after the other because it is, but he always received his power as a gift from others and not through his own means.The one thing that really annoys me is his ” I am superior to you” behavior though none of his abilities have been achieved on his own.

    Actually, when one thinks about it Naruto and Sasuke differentiate exactly by their type of struggle as in Naruto faces more physical hardships and Sasuke has to battle with his inner self.And while Naruto’s is sort of physically crushing him, Sasuke is slowly loosing his mind.

  154. @kisuzachi: No i do agree with you. Which is why it will come as a stunning shock to sasuke when naruto prevails.

  155. @ nagashikage if u saw the 3rd shippuuden movie ( sorry for talking about the movie in the manga section) you would have seen that Gaara went to stop Naruto from stoping kakashi, even if Garra went to a great start in the fight Naruto unleashed a taju kage bunshin on Gaara’s ass and finally with he’s taijutsu and a falling rassengan Naruto had Gaara wishing he was in another manga altogether. Naruto broke Gaara’s ultimate defense with his rassengan and then left, really badass stuff with that said i think that even if Gaara didn’t stand a chance when he ha the 1st battle with Naruto nothing has changed thus far in the story and Naruto still own big time.

  156. Ohhh, not this “spoiled” stuff again. O_O He’s “emo”, “gay”, and he most definitely a jerk but he’s not spoiled. Unless the requisites for being spoiled are;

    1. Not work as hard as Naruto but still pwn him (lol, jk don’t get mad. At least I think I’m kidding…).

    2. Have your entire clan killed.

    If that’s the case, then yes, he is a spoiled ass. 😀

    It’s not Sasuke’s fault he’s so talented he doesn’t have to work as hard as Naruto to get to where he’s at. Doesn’t mean he didn’t struggle though. His training regime (like Goku’s) isn’t as intense as Naruto’s (Vegetas’s) but that doesn’t make it a walk in the park. Lol, no one in the manga works as hard as Naruto (maybe Rock Lee) but who cares? They just don’t have that kind of stamina but they share the same determination to grow stronger.

    If you notice both characters, Naruto and Sasuke, just got power ups. Sasuke just got Itachi’s eyes and Naruto just got the key to the Kyubi. How hard is that? Now they’re both in the middle of training to take full control of these powers. Naruto already knows how to draw out the Kyubi chakra and now, hopefully, he’s going learn how to master it. Sasuke already knows how to use MS but he just got the EMS and now, hopefully, he’ll learn how to master it. Of course Naruto’s training will be harder and once again it’ll look like Sasuke got a new power, presto, because his training won’t be highlighted.

    Like it didn’t show Sasuke’s crazy training to master Rock Lee’s taijutsu and speed but it showed Naruto’s training for the Chunin Exams. Like how it showed Naruto’s training to acquire the rasengan but only a few panels of flashbacks for Sasuke acquiring the chidori. Like how it showed Naruto learning how to summon but of course we never got to see Sasuke’s training for summoning techniques. Like how it showed Naruto learning how to combine chakra manipulation with an element (FRS) but people forget Sasuke was doing that 3 years ago (Chidori)…>_> Now he can make blades, run it through his body, and shoot needles with it but of course it didn’t show any of his training to gain these abilities. XD

    Ah Sasuke you spoiled emo bastard. ~_~ But it makes sense. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Naruto is the main character so it’s obvious his training will be in the spotlight and others will be grazed over if mentioned at all. Now if somehow brings up how “easily” Sasuke obtained the MS we can get a nice debate started. 😉

  157. Did someone say ‘spoiled’ in the same sentence as ‘Sasuke’ again?


    I guess it can’t be helped. If you guys want to start this again, there will be a lot of copying and pasting from last time.

    Sasuke and Naruto are not spoiled. And if you are going to insist Sasuke is spoiled, then my claim is: surely Naruto is just as spoiled as Sasuke.

  158. Not really.
    The two of them were both traumatized at a young age so lets cancel that out. One had his entire family killed and the other was hated for 12 years (by an ENTIRE VILLAGE) for reasons he never understood.
    I’ll Give it to Sasuke as a kid he actually trained. He trained more than Naruto imo. But now… Like someone said they both got powerups: Naruto the Kyuubi key and Sasuke EMS. Sasuke didn’t have to do anything but lay there and let Tobi operate. Sasuke already said he can feel the powerup.
    Naruto, on the other hand is going to train his ass off to get full control of the tailed beast. That much is FACT.

    And people are probably saying that Sasuke is going to have to train with EMS. But I call shenanigans!! The last power-up Sasuke and Naruto got (SM and MS) Naruto had to train for it while Sasuke accidently activates his in battles when his chakra should have already been expired (seriously wtf).

    Sasuke is the definition of spoiled. Look at his last fight. To fully activate his Susanoo he had to scream at the top of his lungs for his big bruddah.

    I like Sasuke because he’s a badass, but you can’t say he’s not spoiled!!!

  159. I just finished the 3rd shippuden movie… can’t believe Tenten actually killed the chimera… without having to bore it to death with her lack of character development.

    Also, fuuton-rasenshuriken without naruto being injured… seems a bit like a flaw or oversight. Either that, or he completely shrugged off a broken arm (Jiraiya was alive, thus no sage chakra to heal naruto)

  160. “To fully activate his Susanoo he had to scream at the top of his lungs for his big bruddah.” (Pokekage)

    LMFAO!!! XD “Bruddah” had me laughing hard. XD

    *wipes tears from his eyes*

    Ok but seriously though, the only time Sasuke has run out of chakra in battle and somehow used more is in Sasuke vs. Deidara. Even then it was just Deidara stating Sasuke ran out chakra while Sasuke confirmed nothing. It’s not like Deidara can see chakra or anything. Just saying…>_> (Lol, but he did summon a huge snake, put it under genjustu, then reverse summon it. I call BS on that too to a certain degree).

    As a kid and as they are now I still think Naruto trains harder but as I already stated before Sasuke still works his ass off. As for the EMS if you think Sasuke isn’t going to train with it to have better control by the time he uses it against Naruto then I’d have to disagree. He knows the EMS doesn’t come with blindness, like the MS, so there’s nothing holding him back from training it besides chakra exertion. As you say Naruto is going to train his ass off but what’s stopping Sasuke? Why exactly wouldn’t he train? o_O

    Sasuke never activated any of his powers by accident. He learned how to use Amaterasu and Tsukoyomi in the battle with Killer Bee. He used Susano’o purposely in his fight with the Raikage so we know he already knew how to activate it by the time he fought Kakashi. It just gets more powerful with his hatred and especially when someone mentions his bruddah. XD

    If Sasuke was spoiled he’d be given everything and anything he wanted without lifting a finger. If that were true everyone in Konoha would be dead, there’d be a thriving Uchiha Clan living on the graves of the Senju, and he’d be sipping a pina colada on a yacht with Madara’s head on a pike. He’d probably also have a couple of wenches around to serve him drinks and delicious sammiches (Ah, I forgot Sasuke is gay and emo so change “wenches” to “boy toys” please. I wouldn’t want to discourage Sasuke haters so I make sure to remember these things). I call shenanigans to Sasuke being spoiled though! 😉

    @Prawl: Lol, I thought the same thing but movie isn’t canon or anything so I shrugged it off. Like Naruto shrugged off the injury his arm was supposed to have…>_>

    @Eugen: I agree, Naruto pwned Gaara and his ultimate defense. Neither one was trying their hardest but just from seeing that fight I’m on Naruto’s side for any future Naruto vs. Gaara debates unless I see something that’d change my mind.

  161. @Supertrek – what about the preliminaries for the Chuunin exam? He also ran out of chakra and had to fight back the curse mark and whatnot.

    And I think Naruto and Gaara were the only ones spoiled. Naruto by the third hokage (as in given things he might want, occasionally, in order to supposedly have a happy life, but as Gaara also noticed, this was fake love).

    While Gaara also mentions that he was indeed spoiled, and he believed at first th’t that was love. Anybody remember Naruto versus Gaara? Epic fight.

  162. Princess Sasuke? More like Mononoke. I’ve never actually seen the movie though, so I wouldn’t know. XD

    Also, can someone please post the link to the movie?

  163. Nevermind – found it – thanks anyway. 🙂

  164. Let’s look at this. Kisu style.

    Part 1 of the series ~

    Naruto trained his ass off to Learn the Shadow Clone jutsu – advantage Naruto

    Sasuke witnessing Naruto being hurt made him unlock the Sharingan (this would prove to be a trend with Sasugay, learning new moves in the heat of a life or death battle), that must have been so hard – advantage Sasugay

    Sasugay gets the Cursed MArk. They call it a curse yet it has no side effects lol. – advantage, still Sasugay

    Naruto trains his ass off to learn summonings and how to use the Kyubi’s chakra – advantage Naruto

    Sasugay copy’s Lee’s moves with his Sharingan, thus mastering Lee’s years of training in only a month – advantage Sasugay

    Sasugay uses his Sharingan and benefits gained from Lee’s taijutsu to learn the Chidori – advantage STILL Sasugay

    Naruto kills himself with training to master the Rasengan (no Sharingan help here) – advantage who the hell knows

    Sasuke starts feeling like crap after losing to Itachi and seeing Naruto beat Gaara (someone who was infinitely stronger than him) so he gets another plot-induced power up, Cursed Seal 2. No side effects. – advantage Sasugay

    Timeskip ~

    Naruto’s busy training with Jiraiya like a normal ninja.

    Sasugay’s being trained by Oro thus has access to many performance-enhancing drugs, and through use of his sharingan, thousands of techniques as well. Using shape manipulation, Sasugay creates Kirin – advantage Sasugay

    Part 2 ~

    Sasugay absorbs Oro’s power after beating the sick old man

    Naruto risks his life creating the Rasenshuriken

    Sasuke loses Oro and CS, but gets freaking Mangekyou after his bro threw the march.

    Naruto trains his ass off for Sage Mode

    Sasugay screams really loudly and gets Susanoo, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Sasugay then goes blind

    Naruto’s gonna have to fight an evil version of himself and go through rigorous training to use the KYubi

    Sasugay got an implant.

    Who’s life sounds easier now? (I may have been a tad biased here, but its fairly accurate 8P)


    And everything around it was sentimental sure, but it was still a little stupid. What the hell was the point in having everyone attack the chimera, but Tenten being the one that beat it? She could have, it appears, done that from the start, and it would’ve worked just fine.

    UGH. <,< WHAT THE HELL IS SO DIFFERENT ABOUT RASENSHURIKEN THAT ISN'T DIFFERENT ABOUT NORMAL RASENGAN? V,V Did they just all of a sudden get REALLY POWERFUL AND WELL-MADE so now it can't be broken down or something??

    As if that wasn't bad enough, he doesn't appear wounded by his usage.

    He would have been better off using a SPECIAL ECLIPSE RASENGAN THAT BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING EVER. They should have just drawn it out and made it more logical – the beating of Hiruko or whatever as… AND WHAT THE HELL? SHIKAMARU TELLS HIM WHERE THE WEAK POINT IS BUT HE DOES NOTHING? WAT


    They would have been better off dragging out both fights. And I haven't seen all of it because Megavideos being commercial's bitch and not letting me see all of the ends of each part. D: But this is how it appears so far.

    Also. Everything up to this point, and a little bit after that point, was pretty awesomenesssauce. And even that point was pretty awesomeness too in my opinion. BUT WHAT THE HELL DUDE? D:




    Maybe that’s why he has Sasuke around. To be his little anal bitch. :O

    Okay, enough Sasuke bashing for me. X3

  167. @Anyone, the fight between Naruto and Gaara was so wrong. Since when did Gaara become a Logia user? He CANT turn his body into sand but that’s basically what he did in the entire fight. And Gaara’s sand doesnt explode. Stupid movie fight, Naruto wasnt strong enough to give Gaara a punch so hard it would damage his sand armor. Everyone, just forget that fight ever happened. There are a few more holes i saw, but i’d have to re-watch it (UGH!) to remember them

  168. @kisuzachi:

    – I don’t remember Naruto really training hard for the Shadow Clone jutsu … I remember he tried and failed repeatedly in class, then got & read the scroll from Mizuki and did it so efforlessly only because of the Demon Fox’s chakra.

    – The Curse Mark … I could’ve sworn that first of all, there was a big risk in receiving it first. And, while you use it, your mind starts detiorating and more susceptible to Orochimaru’s control, and when you were done using it, you were left extremely exhausted.

    – Sasuke did learn Lee’s moves quickly, but he couldn’t just do it at his leisure, because while he had the ability to do it, his body did not go through the training Lee’s did, so in effect, it wasn’t as simple as you made it out to be. Also, I don’t remember Sasuke’s taijutsu having anything to do with learning the Chidori.

    – Creating techniques from the Sharingan and Kirin is not unfair. If you have the ability, you’re gonna use it. It’s like Naruto creating a Demon Fox Rasengan.

    – Itachi might’ve been planning to throw the match all along, but the fight was no cakewalk. Sasuke exerted genuine effort.

    Yeah that whole thing was most definitely biased because you don’t like Sasuke, and saying it was fairly accurate was, mmm, pretty false.

  169. I think both Sasuke and Naruto have trained very hard and I agree with Nagashikage, but now Naruto will have to train A LOT to control the Kyuubi, while Sasuke only made Madara implant Itachi’s eyes in him and he got a power-up. Sure, he’ll have to train his eyes to master Susanoo and Tsukuyomi, but now he can’t go blind, even though he will have to consume lots of chakra to use his EMS. In substance, Naruto still has to train tons of time to become stronger than Sasuke, while emo boy has achieved power with an eye transplant.

    @anyone: I was watching Naruto movie 3 and I have a question: Is Sakura stupid or is it normal for her to punch the ground instead of her paralyzed opponent? 😛
    I mean, the Chimera monster was unable to move thanks to Shikamaru’s Kage Mane, so she could have punched it full force and damaged it very badly or killed it,right? Nooo, instead of that, our VERY smart pink-haired girl punched the ground to make it fall. That didn’t damage it so Tenten had to kill it. TENTEN! *facepalm* -.-

  170. @Nagashi, i was referring to the speed boost he got from Lee’s training. To use the chidori (at least back then), one has to generate inhuman levels of speed.

    The Curse mark, have you ever seen any of those supposed side effects affect Sasuke? You’d think he’d use it as a last resort because of them but he uses it more than the Chidori.

    Shadow Clone Jutsu, just look at him. That training must’ve been hell.

    Itachi throwing the match, dont you get that if Sasuke threw a kunai at the beginning and then decided NOT to fight, itachi would have STILL killed himself? He exerted effort to win a match, but none to get the Mangekyou. It was nothing more than a gift.

    The Kirin is not my point. My point is all he had to do was look at Kakashi using Raikiri and all the doors were opened for him.

    And what i said IS fairly accurate. I dont go into detail, but everything I’ve said is what happened.

  171. @kisuzachi: Yeah what you said is what happened, but because for some reason you hate Sasuke so much, you worded it so that it seemed like Sasuke hasn’t been doing anything while Naruto’s been lifting the world by himself. Naruto has, but Sasuke hasn’t been sitting there just copying jutsu and absorbing sick defenseless snake men.

  172. @kisuzachi you kinda 4got than Naruto either pwned or was left standing in part 1 The first Haku turns Assuke into a pin cushion regardless of the Sharingan. The second Orochimaru Makes Assuke shit in his pants and Naruto gets caught sacrifice himself for the bastard out of it. Third Assuke vs. Black len contacts dude Naruto once again help the bastard from losing the fight. Fourth Sasuke vs. Gaara despite the high speed steal from his Lee fight he still gets pwned ubtil Naruto saves his ass once again well Assuke did snap Naruto of his fear then Naruto proceeds to beat Gaara.Fourth be denied by Itachi then getting Pwned again. I can’t think of anymore right now. MAybe you worded from a bias POV not that I care anyway; yes, Sasuke has just being a human video camera with then taking advantage of sick people. I don’t really care about that either what annoys me about Sasuke is that he doesn’t you common sense and realizes that he joining the cause of his family death and disgrace. You know what surprises me when i think about is that this is the first time we heard about chimera Techinique you think Orochimaru would have definetly would have attempted to learn it besides the Living Corpse Reincartion. Sheesh why do everyone bashes Sakura calling her weak yes she is mentally retarded like Assuke but Ino twice as worthless when do you see her do anything besides worthful besides catching mister stretchy off guard that one time other than has she doing anything worthful.

  173. Damn Super I have a bad case of Deja Vu.

    @ kisuzachi & nagashikage.

    You guys just love grave digging don’t, as far as we were concerned this issue was closed, but with this late achievement of Sasuke, I too started thinking, it’s not that sasuke doesn’t traing as hard as Naruto the main thing is, and i know you’ll correct me if i’me wrong, is the fact that Sasuke has no middle part of training as in opposite to Naruto.

    now let me explain what I mean by that, I’ll use the last development because it’s the most important so far.

    The middle part I was referring to is the part Naruto trains hardest with, It’s this part were hi’s supposed to fight an evil self in order to start his real training with the kyuubi, well sasuke doesn’t do this he indeed start’s with a Flush hand if you will, all he need’s to do is perfect and train in what he is granted ( i don’t use the term given, because he’s a genius and he dose deserve his power ups even if u guys think so or not), that’s what i’ve seen so far, he’s been granted the chidori the curse mark the MS, but in spite of the ease to witch they were obtained, Sasuke trained like hell to perfect what he had even more so then Naruto I might say, just look at both his lightning and fire elements, he has more then 4-5 jutsu’s for each element while Naruto only uses the FRS, and from what I saw in the 4th Shippuden move he’ll learn to use the chakra blades like Asuma, other then that nada.

    Naruto has to endure more to achieve power up and after that he makes it his own like he did with the kage bunshin and the rasengan, while Sasuke as I said has the unfair advantage of starting with a already packed justsu all he need’s to do is train as hard as he can in perfecting it, as they both do.

    At least that’s what i think, and I think this is the case for the following:

    Naruto-Rasengan Sasuke-Curse Seal
    Naruto-kage Bunshin Sasuke-Chidori
    Naruto-Sage Mode Sasuke_Mangekyo Sharingan
    Naruto-Sage,Kyuubi Master Sasuke-Ultimate EMS uchiha

  174. gerotora: its Time for your new power-up
    Naruto: Does it have to be this disgusting
    Gerotora: Your not Masashi’s favorite SO…… no
    Caption: with great powerups come great price unless your Sasuke.

  175. @Eugen you forgot Rasenshuriken-Kirin

  176. @kisuzachi: I think if you are going to say the MS was a gift, you’re going to have to agree that it wasn’t a simple transaction. Sasuke has to believe that he had killed his closest friend. Yes, this means Itachi was controlling the experience. But, no, this doesn’t mean Sasuke didn’t work for it.

    And you’re missing the main point here. Even when not considering the work Sasuke did for the MS. There is still the mental trauma that he has to endure because his brother is dead. It’s similar to when people cite that Sasuke had to go through trauma when his entire clan was killed. But, this time around it was related to getting the MS.

  177. @Demon: Fighting back the CS does not require chakra, it requires the strength of your will. Besides, Sasuke never ran out of chakra in the preliminaries for the Chunin Exam. He almost did but finished off the match before that happened.

    @Kisu: These are the shown side effects of the CS. First off there’s a 1/10 chance of surviving the procedure and adapting to the CS so I’d say that’s a heavy side effect.

    It starts to take over and damage your body when low on chakra.

    And Sasuke shows again the damaging effects of the CS even in level 2.

    It’s like the Kyubi transformation but much weaker and with all the same disadvantages.

    As for Gaara and his logia powers would you believe I was thinking the exact same thing? XD I think maybe his body was in the middle of the sand completely covered as it flew through the air.

  178. @Super, i know all those side effects, but have u seen them in Part 2? XD!!! That’s my point. In Part 2 those side effects no longer exist lol.

    @Gaara’s logia powers, your theory was my theory as well…….until the very end of the movie. Gaara’s sand falls to the ground and the pile of sand BECOMES Gaara lmao! Kishi probably broke his pencil set when he saw how the movie screwed up lol

  179. I think we can safely assume that Gaara grew from his battle with Deidara, and tried to mimic some of it, similar to how Deidara took from Sasori in the anime, as though it were an homage.

    Perhaps Gaara used concentrated fire-natured chakra in order to make the explosions? He is a kazekage after all, and thus he most likely made something similar to the sand clone technique, except as transportation.

  180. holydemonandy, Deidara’s exploding clay was a forbidden Iwagakura technique, so how would Gaara learn to make his sand explode? Deidara stole the technique so I dont think he could have learned it. Also, what did Deidara take from Sasori? O_o

  181. @Kisu: We’ve never seen the side effects in Part 2 because Sasuke must have conquered and mastered the seal by then. That or Kishi failed to show it. It still nearly killed him when he first got it though there’s no denying that. Sasuke doesn’t even have the thing anymore or Orochimaru who he absorbed when Orochimaru tried to take him over, so it’s not much of an advantage now.

    I asked myself while watching the Gaara vs. Naruto fight in the movie and I wonder if it crossed anybody else’s mind. Why did Gaara give Naruto all of those footholds to reach him?

  182. @ Super, dude i was thinking the same thing, and I came to the conclusion that even if Gaara had been there to stop Naruto, he was actually betting on the fact that Naruto is the one to succeed in accomplishing what he set out to do, this due to the fact that Gaara had that piece of advice from Jiraya earlier in the movie.
    So in fact Gaara was there just to prove himself wright that Naruto was the one to stop Kakashi and destroy the bad dude.

  183. Don’t know if that makes much sense but it was the first thing that I thought about back then.

  184. About Garra’s apparent Logia powers… Did no one else think for a second that it could have been a sand clone. Also it could be a jutsu much like Suigetsu’s which allow him to transform into water at will. Garra’s is probably the wind release variety. Below I list references to similar jutsu

    It’s possible that Garra used a similar jutsu

    And how do we know that Garra didn’t hide explosive tags or some other explosives in his sand bombs while they were forming? We are all making too many assumptions about that part of the movie.

  185. @Eugen: Yep, like I said above. Both shinobi weren’t fighting 100% so it’s only an assumption going off of this fight to declare who would win in a fight between the two now. I’d side with Naruto anyway based off the powers and fighting capability displayed. Afterall, this is their latest match. Even if the movie isn’t canon. *cough*logiaGaara*cough*

    @Iamnotreallyhere: Speaking of Gaara and his logia powers, lol, it’s mostly just a joke to explain and make sense of his powers. 😉 Truly it’s the only explanation I can come up with. The jutsu you listed is from an anime filler and the other is from a ninja who was extensively experimented on and who uses the water element. If Gaara could turn his entire body into sand we would have seen it already (besides in this movie). Why would Gaara send a sand clone to fight Naruto and not arrive himself? o_O Plus when Naruto punched Gaara, if it was a sand clone, it would have dissipated or trapped Naruto’s hand in sand.

    I don’t know about all that explosive tags in Gaara’s exploding sand business. All I know is that the movie left me happy and I’m just making fun of it a little bit because there’s nothing else on my mind at the moment.

  186. @ supertrek89 – I know =P, just adding my own two cents. Another thought came to mind, there are two other ninja at the beginning of the bridge builder arc that apparently disguise themselves as two puddles of water. I wonder if that has anything to do with Suigetsu’s ability to change like that. Even though he has been experimented on a lot, the original jutsu and the concept for the jutsu were probably around before Orochimaru decided to try to improve upon it.

  187. You guys have to admit this movie completely cleared up any misunderstandings in the main story line. It even proved Naruto’s nindo to be the best! Asuma came back to give a thumbs up, and Obito’s will of fire passed on to Nartuo!

  188. I enjoyed the movie solely for the hints at NaruxSaku…

    Oh and for Kakashi making fun of Naruto: “Come on Naruto, everyone knows you don’t read.” (He said something like that right before he gave him the bells)…I lol’d…

  189. @super:well gaara could have learned chemistry and worked with atf in learning how to make dry bombs using his sand. i guess him and diedra took the same class lol… I guess kishi and oda are hinting towards a collaboration one day like oda did with toriyama. that kinda would be awesome…

    Brooke, Sanji and Jiraiya would be getting along just fine…ohh wait…Jiraiya’s dead -_-

  190. *scratches my back pocket* O_O

  191. ha guys how do u watch naruto vedio on this thing

  192. Brilliant to whoever wrote this blog review. I laughed my head off the entire time. My favorite part was when you made comments on:
    * the first thing you wrote about the frog going into Naruto’s mouth,
    *The picture of Naruto saying “show me the way” and Jesus is right next to him
    *The animal abuse poster. I love Tsunade’s look at the pig and how the pig looks all scared.

    Good job and keep up the good work. Please be funny 4 ever. The internet is practically the only best way 4 me to laugh.

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