Naruto Shippuuden 154 – 155 breakdown. Another double episode and an awesome new opening!!!

Well, well, well…

Just when I thought I would have a bit of a break after the last double breakdown, the Narutoverse goes and throws a curve ball at me and hits me with yet another heavy blow just two weeks later. I must say, writing a breakdown for two episodes at once is quite difficult, but alas, such is life. I must warn you though, I did feel quite lethargic while writing this breakdown, so please forgive me if it isn’t as good as it could be.

Anyway, to start things off, I have to say that the new opening introduced this week is pretty cool, mostly because we get a lot of nice, juicy sneak peak previews of what the Konoha destruction arc may treat us with. All I can say is that it looks epic, so if you haven’t been watching the anime lately and you need a reason to start, this would be it…

Now, if that doesn’t scream epic, or get you at least a little bit excited about this upcoming arc, then you need to go to a doctor and ask him to check if you still have a pulse.

(Just to note, please ignore the fact that the video is mirrored. Apparently that seems to be the norm on youtube now, something about avoiding having it removed).

For those of you who are just as excited as I am, I am glad to say that we have finally made it to a point in the anime where things will really start picking up to a whole new level. The long awaited battle between Naruto and Pein is so close, one can almost taste it (yummy?). So brace yourselves, get ready, and LETS GO!!!

A fated clash approaches. A battle of epic proportions that will shake the very foundations of the Fire Country, as well as the spirit of a hero who fights to protect them all.

Unfortunately, as much as many of us may want to jump straight into the action, there are still a few things that must be gotten out of the way first. All good things come to those who wait and for now, patience is our ally.

*Eats Patience*

In the meantime, there is still a lot to enjoy while we wait and this double episode was definitely enjoyable if anything. Starting where we left off, we have a group of young minds trying to uncover the mystery that is Pein, with somewhat amusing results. One thing I enjoyed a lot about the first episode of the two in particular, was the humor, and even after having read the manga, it still brings a smile to my face after having watched some of these scenes play out again.

The pace and tempo was reasonable as well, not moving too fast, but not dragging either, which was a pleasant factor when you consider how much the animators could have stretched things if they really wanted to.

Thinking... thinking... thinking. Um, how do you do that again? O_o

At first, our investigators seem to have hit a bit of a dead end with regards to solving the mystery of Pein, but with Naruto at the forefront of such an intelligent team of shinobi, it was only logical that they would crack it sooner or later. 😀

Alright, so maybe that was pushing it a bit, but even still, inadvertently or not, it was Naruto who ended up uncovering the wedge that hindered their progress. One of the symbols written on Fukusaku’s back, all of which were originally assumed to be numbers, is soon discovered to be the Katakana character “Ta”, with its aesthetic flaw being the result of a handwriting quirk on Jiraiya’s part. Of course, with this new hidden detail now unveiled, a new road of possibilities opens up for breaking the message code they had been sent.

In an additional note, I found the flashback scenes that Naruto reflected on during this double episode also to be particularly enjoyable, and they brought a sense of nostalgia once again, especially seeing his nightcap that looks like something akin to a cross between a hipo and Felix the cat.

OMG!!! Run for your lives!!! He's gonna swallow us whole!!!!(Someone forgot to tell Naruto that his hand is supposed to go over his mouth when he yawns and not his eye).

I wonder if Naruto knew that there was something on his head eating his brain. It might explain his current mental condition. <_<

Of course, this is where things get really interesting and, for Kakashi, somewhat uncomfortable as well. Our poor masked jounin made the mistake of popping in with the answer to their mystery, quite literally, in his hands.

What makes it awkward is that the answer just happens to be in the guise of one of Jiraiya’s more unsavory and definitely perverted novels, ‘Make-out Tactics’.

Unfortunately, that also made Kakashi the narrator of said source of information and I am sure he quite literally wanted to dissolve on the spot. What follows is nothing short of awkward, by any regard, as Kakashi reads out, to much of his own embarrassment, the contents of the book whose page numbers were referenced by the numbers on Fukusaku’s back.

*Shikamaru thinking* Man, what is that smell? Did Kakashi just... O_o

What scares me the most, is the fact that Jiraiya was able to perfectly recall the contents of every page in his own book while literally hanging on the verge of death. That means he either had photographic memory, or it just simply shows you how much he was dedicated to his work. <_<

However, despite all their efforts, the message is still as vague as it might as well have been while it was still only numbers. In fact, when they presented the information to Fukusaku, relating the fact that “The real one isn’t amongst them” with regards to Pein’s bodies, I almost half expected him to say “You mean you wasted all this time to tell me something I already figured out myself?”

All of this talk about needing to find more clues makes an already impatient Naruto very frustrated and he swears right then that he is going to take revenge for his master. That is already the first sign of anger in his heart and it already starts presenting us with the theme of hatred, the same type of hatred that fuels violence and pain. Seeing Naruto’s agitation, Fukusaku presents him with an opportunity, to go with him to train with the toads.

Sorry Naruto, but this definitely isn't Wonderland.

So our hero finally finds himself in the same place that his own master had trained as well. The legendary and ever-elusive Mount Myoboku.

Of course, no visit to a foreign land would be complete without trying some foreign food. (And no, frog legs are definitely not on the menu today).

Um... waiter, there's a fly in my soup. No... really, there is. T__T

What I was quite happy with was that this episode stuck mostly to the manga, with regards to progress. Although I do enjoy filler content when it comes to battle scenes or even some of the more meaningful extras, I felt that it would have hurt the pace of things leading up to the battle with Pein, rather than make it more enjoyable.

This episode managed to get through quite a few manga chapters in one go, even so far as Fukusaku explaining the intricacies of Sage techniques and natural energy to Naruto.

Um... does anyone else notice that the frog is the only thing standing between me and a whole lot of screaming fangirls? How convenient... X__X

This is where we move to the second and, arguably, more interesting of our two episodes, where we get to see Naruto training in the art of gathering natural energy into his body.

One thing that interested me was how the concept of natural energy and how it fuels the body was explained. For one thing, using jutsu normally expends the user’s own chakra reserves and eventually causes fatigue, draining the individual of strength and energy. In contrast, natural energy is drawn from  the outside and is used to strengthen the user’s own chakra reserves. Instead of making them tired, sage techniques don’t drain the user’s stamina and instead, actually help them recover faster.

That coupled with the Kyuubi’s affect on Naruto’s recovery rate means that he would almost never grow fatigued in battle.

Evil lairs... they always waste good floorspace. I mean, look at all that room and they only have three chairs and a fancy curtain? T__T

In the meantime, while Naruto is being trained, we get a glimpse into Akatsuki’s movements, with Pein once again in council with Madara, as well as Konan at his side.

One thing I noticed about their relationship, is that it almost seems like Tobi treats Pein as a somewhat equal, if not even superior figure, with Konan acting as a mediator between the two. I guess the best way to control someone is to allow them to think they are in control. It makes them complacent and vulnerable.

It looks like Naruto and pain are already well aquanted. >_>

Going back to Naruto, who is literally having his lessons beaten into him, we see him slowly grasping the concept of attaining natural energy, as well as more than a few bruises in the process. Of course, he didn’t have much choice in the matter. It was either get the hang of it, or die from internal bleeding. <_<

In the end, however, it all starts to pay off (and I don’t mean his health insurance scheme) as he finally manages to sense and gather some measure of nature’s strength. After demonstrating his new found strength by lifting a giant stone frog and his ability to sit under a waterfall of toad oil without turning into a frog, Fukusaku decides to give him a break, as well as a very important gift.

One that would have a huge impact on the outcome of things to come.

*Hears fangirls and time skip enthusiasts roaring in the background* -_____-

We also get a glimpse of what an older Naruto would probably look like if he were to age a few years as he imagines the main character in the novel as a likeness of himself. This brings up another question that has been brought up many times before, but one that I feel I might as well ask now that it has presented itself.

Remembering that smile and the mission entrusted to him, a mix of emotions clamps against Naruto's weary heart. The pain of loss is only made bearable by the saving grace of one's fondest memories.

We eventually end our double episode with a short scene showing Bee being extracted by Akatsuki, only to turn into an extra large portion of calamari. Apparently Sasuke decided to take a job as a fast food delivery boy and forgot to check his order before he left. <_<

Well, I hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the episodes as well. Naruto’s training will be hitting its peak in the next episode, which means it won’t be long before the big showdown is upon us.

Until then, here are the caption contest winners from the last breakdown.

8th: Captain Pickles

Pa: *winking at girl toad* “Hey, sweet cheeks. Call me. ;)

7th) Saiuchiha


6th) To63to

Jiraiya sure takes his bingo seriously.

5th) Ajd

The intelligence team knows what’s going on:
207/9 = 23! 15+8 = 23! 106 and 207 should be reversed so 601+31+9+8+7 = 670-702 = -32, meaning reverse that and… OMG! 23!
3 23’s…multiply each like so 2×3 2×3 2×3 and we have. 666! AHHHH!
What? Pein’s attacking already?

4th) Kingtuckerviii

Pa: The numbers represent the amount of failures that sakura has had in each of her missions.
Naruto: What happens when the numbers run out?…
Pa: O_O …..

3rd) Catz

Number of women who have rejected Jiraiya. IT’S OVER 9000!!! o_o

2nd) Iamnotreallyhere

Iamnotreallyhere: Someone go buy a lotto ticket!! Quickly!!

To63to: OMG! The number showing how many times Sakura cried is so freakin’ huge it starts with a letter!!

That was a great entry by To63to, definitely a winner in my opinion. Well done to everyone else as well, the posts were really inventive even though it was a difficult one.

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert caption here*

I decided that our favorite masked jounin would be the flavour of the week, for all of our Kakashi fans out there. Good luck, you may need it. 😉

That’s all there is this week, so I guess the last thing to do is give you the preview for the next episode. As promised, I will also be posting the winner for the Motivational Poster Contest at the end of the breakdown, so make sure you take a look.

Here’s the winner for the Motivational Poster Contest. It was a very close finish between Super, Ajd and Prawlkage, but in the end there can only be one winner, as voted by you.

Ajd's winning entry.

Well done to Ajd for his great post. See you all next week!


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 12, 2010.

20 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 154 – 155 breakdown. Another double episode and an awesome new opening!!!”

  1. FIRST! YAhoo! Bwahahahahahahahaa

  2. Second!!!! Hehe nice job tenrai 😉

    Caption: kakashis attmept at cosplaying a hyuuga utterly failed. His fake byuakugan looks like a puddle of water and his fake veins r streaming down his face….

  3. 2nd. Nice breakdown.

  4. 4th! Great job Tenrai!

  5. 5th!

    I must say, very good breakdown Tenrai. I ennjoyed the humor a with naruto already being acquainted with pain and Sasugay being a delivery boy lol.

  6. Great breakdown Tenrai. I laughed my ass off on some parts 😀 Keep the great work up and running.

  7. 7th!! Another awesome double breakdown ^_^

    CAPTION: Unfortunately for Kakashi, med-nins have begun using the 1000 years of death technique for prostate exams… -_-

  8. Great breakdown Senshi!

    I can’t wait until Pein v. Naruto!

    Side Note: When did Naruto get a tattoo on his right arm?

    I’ll add more later.

    Kishi’s addition of ‘Albino Kakashi’ In the 15th year of the manga was a HUGE disaster!

  10. CAPTION:
    Kakashi stole the byakugan to complete his ultimate doujutsu… only to be thwarted by Sunburn-no-jutsu

  11. I’m really excited about the upcoming episodes of the anime… way too excited for a *cough* person of my age! But what can I say… it WILL BE AWESOMENESS!!!!

    @ AJD, Supertrek – “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”
    *notices Ajd has already beheaded Supertrek and taken his quickening*
    “SHIT! I’m about to die!”
    *Ajd beheads Prawl to become the ONE Immortal*

  12. i happy about this, but also sad. as ive said in the past, pain is one of my all time favorite characters. the way he laid down a beating on all of konoha and then moved on to fighting NAruto and his toad army like it was no big deal, i loved it. i am really looking forword to the fights in this arc. But, on the (horrible) other hand, after the huge fight we have Pains character being derailed so hard that it killed my love for this series.(im not even going to start on his treatment in the recent chapters) the way kishi ended this arc just, just… No. not only the character derailment, but the reset button that made the whole arc pointless was hideous. thats really all i can say without ranting even more.

    and their is not much to look forword to after the Pain arc either, Danzo’s not so threating politcs, the sasuke fest that is the kage con, and our hero passing out like a little girl. and then going romeo and juliet on his mancruch. sigh well at east we have one last epic arc left. others may disagree of course, but im just stating my opinion. Naruto jumps the shark here.

  13. gr8 job ten 😀


    sakura: sensei you are so hot .i love you 🙂
    naruto : sensei i didnt knew you were gay O_o

  14. Caption: Oh my gosh…is it getting hot in here, or is Shikamaru looking hotter and hotter as the season starts?

  15. Caption: Kakashi with his best Hinata impersonation

  16. I was watching the double hitter while reading the breakdown and man its awesome that way. Pain is so awesome…… Congrats Ajd. Gotta say that a grown up Naruto looks like Minato with whiskers

  17. CAPTION: When the animators resort to water paint to make him look bad, you know Kishi hates Kakashi.

    @prawlkage Muahaha, there can only be one indeed!

    I won! OH YEAH! still, there was some great stuff up. Very good breakdown, btw. This double was awesome. Making progress that still gives comedy and extra bits? GENIUS! (note a bit of sarcasm focused on how they did things before).

    I’m ready for more!


  19. *dead*

    Great work Tenrai!

    I don’t why this bothers me so much but why was the “Ta” symbol different in the anime? That little line it had in the manga was very important dammit! >< Lol, anyway great episodes. It surprised me how fast they went through Naruto's training though there's still more to go. I think he's half way through right now.

    I just noticed something too. Why in the world is the anime timeline all screwed up? When Naruto is doing his Sage training Sasuke is supposed to be fighting Killer Bee but that happened already. Oh well, can't wait for the Naruto vs. Pein fight but first Pein kicks Konoha's ass! 😀 Unless they screw that timeline up too which should be next to impossible…

  20. @supertrek89: I think they separated Naruto’s sage training from Sasuke and Bee’s fight because they felt the Sage training was part of the Pain arc. If they had the sage training going on while Sasuke was fighting Bee, it’d ruin the upcoming fight with Pain. And yeah, it would be complete manga defiance for Naruto to arrive before Pein decimates Konoha …

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