Double Bleach Breakdown Chapters 398-399! How Are You Doing With Bleach? >(0_-)>

-Bleach 398 Breakdown Below-

Artwork by Nikuro

YOSH!!! Hey WRA, this is Supertrek bringing you a double Bleach Breakdown straight out of No Man’s Land. Why was the Bleach Breakdown stranded in No Man’s Land you may ask… Ha, because no one wanted to touch or occupy it. I had to do more than a few barrel rolls trying to retrieve this breakdown and return it to WRA without getting shot. There’s no plot to talk about and most of the characters are about as interesting as 2-dimensional cardboard. Ah, but I jest. I’m not here to bash ‘Bleach’ and all its wondrous creativity. I’m here to discuss the latest two chapters, we’ll get to ‘Bleach’s’ current state later so let’s begin. 😉

Say what? o_O

First we start off with a little screw up by the author and/or JUMP. I really don’t care who’s at fault, all I know is that it confused the hell out of me when reading the beginning of the chapter. By this time most people will know what I’m referring too and that would be Ichigo’s memory in chapter 398 recalling Aizen’s words from chapter 397. In chapter 397 Aizen says, “Because you are a shinigami and a-“ but in chapter 398 Ichigo recalls him saying “Because you are a human and a-“. Yeah, a human and a shingami are two completely different things. Is Ichigo a human and a shinigami? We don’t know because we don’t know everything about his mother so the consistency error is a bit bothersome. Lastly, I just want to point out a different translation from Onemanga.

This time it’s the offspring of a shingami…or is it human…bah, whatever. Anyone who wants to handle this in the comments section go ahead. Lol, don’t mind me I just like paying attention to detail like that. XD So what was Aizen trying to say?

Daddy's gonna teach you how to whoop some ass!

Moving on, Isshin interrupts Aizen’s revelation by drowning out his words so the protagonist (Ichigo) can not hear what Aizen said. Cliché but the last minute cut off sentence works every time. Ichigo is surprised standing agape behind his father because well, he just found out his dad was a shinigami and he’s staring down Aizen nonetheless. When Ichigo asks his dad to say something he’s greeted with a turnaround, stare, and headbutt! How traditional, don’t they always greet each other with an attack? I hope Ichigo isn’t surprised by this. 😀

If only Leanardo Dicrapio had this ability in 'Catch Me If You Can'.

In reality though this was more than a traditional Kurosaki father-son greeting. It was a wise tactic by Isshin to get some distance between Aizen. Quickly gathering up Ichigo he flashsteps far away and into an alleyway of ruined buildings. It seems that Aizen knows that Ichigp and Isshin are related but it’s no surprise since he’s…Aizen and of course he knows everything. To make more sense of things though just remember Aizen has been watching Ichigo ever since he was born. That’s not creepy at all… Strongest pedophile in the world? o_O

Signs of abuse...from the son. o_O

In the alleyway Ichigo and Isshin experience a father son moment, bonding one could say. Isshin assumes Ichigo must have dozens of questions to ask him but to his surprise Ichigo’s response is quiet the opposite to his revelation. He has no questions to ask and is just going with the flow of things. If he were to ask a bunch of questions he’d be, in affect, questioning his own father’s reasoning, decisions, and motives thus trampling on his feelings. When did Ichigo become such a poet? Lol, he’s not really he borrowed those words from a colleague long ago.

I have a funny suspicion he just wanted a cool entrance...>_>

Ichigo thanks his dad for punching him. It grounded him and put him back on his game but oh how wrong he was. It wasn’t a punch. It was a headbutt! 😛 Aizen comments on the powerful barrier Isshin must have put up to conceal his reitsu and FINALLY Gin makes his appearance. I wonder how his picture looks like, surely he must be done now. Gin tells Aizen the reason he didn’t step in is because he saw at no point was Aizen in danger of needing help. Suspicious but before the manga travels down that avenue Isshin and Ichigo rush in for the attack.

Not only did Isshin hurt his body he may have hurt his feelings. XD

Isshin shows us why he’s to be feared by giving the best f**k off middle finger flick history has ever known.

What happened to Ichigo's face!? O_O

Gin encounters Ichigo and tell him he’s not going to go easy on him this time and says those magic words, “Bankai!” Ohhohohohoho, what a great chapter that was! Next chapter should be just as great right? Gin is about to release his bankai so let’s head over there! -_-

-Bleach 399 Breakdown Below-

Ah, but before we get to see Gin’s marvelous bankai Tite entertains us with an Aizen vs. Isshin skirmish.

Alright, who opened the can of whoop ass? Those things aren't cheap you know. ~_~

Instead of the usual smug grin that irritates his enemies to no end as they swing mindlessly at him in vain, Aizen dons a serious face concentrated on fighting when up against Isshin. Now believe me when I say I love Aizen for all his badassery and smugness but Isshin isn’t a pushover so I’m glad Aizens finally getting serious. The preview of Aizen vs. Isshin ends when Aizen uses Kido Spell 63 “Raikoushou”. I must say a bit bigger than when Shiba used it. XD

What's wrong with your memory!? You saw him last chapter! I know what the problem is. Open your damn eyes! O_-

At that it moves over to Gin vs. Ichigo! YOSH! We get to see Gin’s bankai now right!? 😀 Wrong! Lol, did you think Gin was releasing his bankai just because he said “BANKAI!” at the very end of last chapter? Hahaha, don’t be foolish. Only someone who follows common sense would fall for such a trap. -_- Unfortunately Tite pulled my chain too. Somehow, though Gin said “Bankai” last chapter there was a lot of talking beforehand between him and Ichigo that we must have missed. Oh joy…

Awww, all Ichgio wants is a little attention. >(0_0)>

Gin must be feeling lonely because he asks does Ichigo remember him. That is from when he cut off Jidanbou’s arm. Ah, sweet memories of Bleach in its Golden Age. T_T Back then Gin thought what an interesting/amusing (depends on what translation you go off of) kid this was. Ichigo doesn’t quite remember though. No not Gin’s face, that’s quite impossible to forget, instead he doesn’t remember what Gin was thinking. Ichigo is no mind reader but when he clashes with a powerful foe he usually understands their heart and thoughts reflected in their sword swing. Ah, see Naruto chapter 486 for reference. Just saying…>_> Anyway, Ichigo goes off at Gin because when they clashed back then Ichigo states Gin didn’t really “see” him. In other words Gin looked down on Ichigo as if he were trash and never took him for anything serious. Time to change that!

Takes one to know one. >_>

Gin gets a little unhinged by Ichigo’s perception and revs up his reitsu. Something tells me Gin is on the verge of collapsing into insanity or something. He goes on to talk about his sword which can lengthen to 100 sword lengths and asks Ichigo how far he thinks his bankai can stretch too. Oh crap, are we finally getting to his bankai now!? O_O


Gin tells Ichigo…13 km! That’s 8 miles 136.9 yards. Woooooooowwww!!! Really, 13 km sword!? That’s f**king great Gin! Now if someone wants an enemy dead that’s 13 km away you’re the guy to go too! Gin says “Bankai” (for the second time mind you) and finally releases his bankai. Lol, it really is a 13 km sword and slices all the buildings in half as he swipes it in Ichigo’s direction.

DIE BUILDINGS DIE!!! Look how effective my Bankai is!!!

Alright, seriously though let’s look at the implications a 13 km sword provides.

1. Anything within a 13 km reach of Gin is as good as gone if he does a 360. (that’s if you just don’t jump over the sword -_-) This allows him to wipe out very small towns with a single swipe.

2. It shows Gin must be freaking strong if he’s able to carry a sword 13 km long. But didn’t Isshin say something about the size of a soul cutter?

3. Hmmm…compensation issues?

Size vs. Experience. Experience wins. 😉

Ichigo blocks Gin’s bankai with his own bankai using the simple logic of 1 bankai should be able to block another. Lol, the look on Gin’s face. Priceless. Ichgio fires off a Getsugo Tenshou (big surprise there) at close range and wounds Gin. The chapter ends with Gin calling Ichigo a creepy kid. Don’t ask me why…

Oh snap, is the Vizard mask about to come on!? O_O (Idea from Kisu) ^_^

Something tells me Gin is holding back and playing possum. No way is this his full power and there’s a theory going around in the comments section by Iamnotreallyhere. That theory being Gin may not be using his bankai but instead the full ability of his shikai. I like this theory and I’m praying he’s right because a 13km bankai…*facepalms*

That ends this week’s Bleach Breakdown. Honestly I’m really looking forward to chapter 400 because chapters with 2 zeros at the end usually are great ones! Right now though Bleach is a shadow of its former self and I’m becoming bored but there’s still hope. Don’t quit on it, keep going Scorp! 😛


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  1. 1st ~_~ nice breakdown super and really gin’s bankai couldnt be any better than a frikkin 13 kilometer long sword -___- its just soo fukin awesome -___- for the dumb ones im saying it sarcastically

    i love the responses on the last poll looks like all agree with me now ~_~

    Awesomeness and forever it will be awesome! 😀 0% (0 votes)
    Great, hasn’t lost much of it’s quality on me. 0% (0 votes)
    It’s still good. There’s much worse out there. 0% (0 votes)
    It died…it died a looong time ago. 50% (3 votes)
    What? You all still read this thing? XD 50% (3 votes)

  2. 2nd 😀
    I hate Gin’s bankai.

  3. 3rd!

    Bleach is gonna kill me with boredom… too may wasted pages… tsk… tsk… tsk…

  4. 4th!

    Lol at Gin’s Bankai. 😉

  5. 5th!! (yeah its not that great but whatever)
    on the subject on the vizard mask coming out, i never noticed it, proberly something to look forward to in the next chapter (will gin change in to wierd giant bug at the end of it ???). and if Gin’s bankai is really all this 13km bullshit then Tite must really be running out of ideas, looks like its only good at destroying buildings.

    LOL at the demotivational poster at the end.

  6. Well, Tosen had a hollow mask, why not Gin ? That would explain what seemed like a crappy ending to 399, Gin’s hand.

  7. Actually, I think Gin’s bankai is awesome, nothing like sniping someone form over 7 miles away. Think about it, your just standing there your friend sees somehting shiny in the distance. He goes “hey what’s that thi-” and now he has a sword in his liver, pure awesomeness.

  8. 8 miles of bankai… almost sounds like bragging…

    Hopefully Gin doesn’t hold his sword straight into the air, as it is likely to leave the earth’s atmosphere.

    For some reason seeing him swing that thing reminds me of Lion-o from the thundercats… Thunder, thunder, thuunder, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOO (mo)

  9. Also, since his name is “Gin” hopefully he doesn’t have an Arrancar for that looks like this:

  10. Gin’s bankai is awesome! its not extremely flashy like some ones cherry blossom bankai of infinite pink or ahuge like the black sphere of blindness.he can be quick, sneaky and remain motionless. except to the eyes o back up ass ichigo. But Gin def has a mask of his own and will be pulling it out shortly and he’ll probably be a snake like form

  11. i dont think that gins bankai isn’t limited to 13km i think it can bend and change size like his shikai release

  12. @sharinganxbankai – I have never seen his Shikai bend or change any kind of size other than length, could you point out an example of where this has happened please.

    I see Gin’s Vaizard mask as being more evil clown like than serpent like, His reserrecion is probably a snake like thing though, with the evil clown like face or something.

    Also something else I noticed, what the heck caused the top half of some of those buildings to jump several stories into the air? I mean the round one there has a gap between each half you could drive a truck through. Just something I found odd.

  13. Ah, I put the benefits of 13 km sword in the breakdown but I didn’t mention the downsides of having a sword that’s 13 km long. Say you do want to hit someone 8+ miles away. Could you see and pinpoint your target that far away? Plus, think of all the collateral damage you’d rack up just to reach that target. Unless you have an 8 mile straight away of clear and open fields you’ll probably pierce more than one person and object just get 1 target. Not to mention what one swipe could do. We already see it wipes out anything in its path like buildings that…jump when sliced. o_O

    Lol, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation behind it though I can’t come up with one. Anyway, the idea behind such a huge sword is no doubt interesting and creative in its own way, no doubt, but is it battle effective? To me it’s dumb as hell to use in a real battle and Ichigo just blocked it like it was nothing. I’m curious to what Tite is going to make of it. Oh, and I hope Gin has a vizard mask because Tousen’s mask was truly badass.

  14. I guess that is all I can be now is hopeful for spitting out those words of wisdom to not take Gin’s sword too lightly. The point that I was trying to get across was not that he was extremely strong. It is that hes a better swordsman than most captains. Take Sephiroth from FF series. Longer kitana, bigger bad ass.

  15. meh I dont think its all that weird that ichigo could block gins sword, i actually think its the most useless bankai ever,.. for all the reasons super allready mentioned and if you look at it like a door. Its even more useless if u can just stop the blade at a further distance, trying to move it is even harder (meh its hard to explain in english >.>)
    blocking becomes nearly impossible aswell so asfar as i care except for distance and more destructive power on long range its useless like sakura is ^.^

  16. Wowsers! A 13km Bankai! That’s so awesome I can hardly contain myself. And it doesn’t lack practicality at all! -_____- Well, at least if Gin’s friends in Hong Kong want to play Death Limbo, they know who to call. Now I’m hoping against all hope that Aizen doesn’t have a Bankai…

    Well, now that Ichigo is “back” (and I still don’t know where he went), I want to see how he plans on handling Gin with just his Bankai. We all know how potent is…(sarcasm will get you everywhere ;))

    Anyhow, on a brighter note, great work, Super. I completely agree, there’s only so much that can be discussed…>_>

  17. lol, 13 Km sword ftw! I could slice cheese from over 7 miles away with that 8D! Bah who am i kidding, the bankai sucks as hard as Gin does. One of the best and most creative Bankais in this series was definitely Tosen’s. Too bad he sploded

  18. We will see Aizen’s Bankai…

    It will be more disappointing than Gin’s

    It will probably be like a swiss army knife, and contain a magnifying glass, tweezers, and a winescrew


  19. The last pic of Gin looks like he’s just shielding his (closed lol) eyes from the blast. You can see the gust of debris flying by him. I’m sure he has hollow powers as well, but i just don’t see them coming out yet. Ichigo got one lucky shot in and his overestimating Gin by a huge amount. Gin is about to open a whoop ass on Ichigo and i doub’t he’ll need to release for Ichigo, unless he kills him, then Ichigo will turn into a hollow superman and one shot everyone. Hopefully Gin is smart enough to just beat him to an inch of his life, so his ichigo’s hollow doesn’t take over. Will anyone else be mad if Ichigo becomes the hero of this battle? Yes i know he’s the main character of this story, but c’mon, he’s been a shinigami for a 9 months in story time. It’s ok for the main character to be a side line role during fights like this. I’m all for team Urahara x Iishin.

  20. New bleach is out on Btw, Gin’s Bankai had a hidden secret. read to find out, its not as lame as we thought it was. It’s actually, quite unique. Anyway i won’t spoil anything til you all start commenting.

  21. @Axel: Lol, totally agree. Ichigo’s progress is unprecedented but that’s the way a protagonist works out in any sort of story. Levels up quick and surpasses those who tried harder and longer before him. I just don’t want to see Aizen being defeated by Ichigo. I’d seriously question the progression of this story.

    I’m a little confused about his bankai ability but I think I have it down…I think…o_o

  22. hmm i agree Gins bankai makes it hell alot more dangerous now.
    tho i still think its bit lame its more dangerous then it was befor.
    @super its still the 13km bankai right? but the trick behind it was that its conversion speed is pretty damn high or am i wrong?
    he was trying to make Ichigo watch the long sword while the real trick was pulling it in and out at high speed.

    Ive always been thinking that Ichigo was progressing too fast and that power levels were totally off but ah well :p

    btw am I the only one who thinks the next chapter’s name is gonna be: Deicide 3? :p

  23. thanks fearvano. I’ve been reading the titles as “Decide” when they are actually “Deicide”. Deicide is the killing of a God. But what God will die? Or maybe its a reference to Gin’s Kamishini no Yari (God Killing Spear)?

  24. @supertrek: oh i know that a protagonist is basically a once in a millenia prodigy… but he’s progressing at the speed of light lol. All i was complaining about, is that i wish the author would slow it down a bit. He friggin beats anyone, despite the fact his oppenents have been fighting for countless years, and he destroys them in just a few months of training. I’m not saying i want ichigo to die and the story move on without him, i just want to see him lose and suffer humility, which is part of growing.

    @Kisuzachi: I was just about to talk about the same thing. Although there is two possibilities. 1) The Titles tend to be about a characters ability being revealed in 2-3 part chapters, so like you said, its about Gin’s sword ability being a God killer/destroyer. 2) or it is referring to Iishin being killed by Aizen’s new Hougyoku form, thus shoving Ichigo into a hollow super bull griffon claw mullet and killing aizen and saving the day from being angry… and i swear if its number 2, im giving up on bleach and will do everything i can to bankrupt the author.

  25. @supertrek: i have a good anology for ichigo’s progression compared to a real life person progressing at the same pace (yes i know bleach is fiction just hear me out lol), a 3rd grader who just started peewee football 2 months ago, learns how to throw a football farther than brett favre, (i believe favre has thrown one at the QB club thing for nearly 80 yards), more accurate than Peyton Manning, and better looking than… me!! Now if that 3rd grader could throw a football 30 yards after 2 months with all his strength, i’d consider that a once in a millenia prodigy that makes me want to root for him, and nto against him lol. Oh and if your canadian and don’t watch football… picture a newborn being able to drink more maple syrup than a moose (shut up i thought it was funny).

  26. This week’s Bleach was AWESOME! Especially the end. Aizen becoming the supreme being…
    Since no one posted the link for the chapter I will:

    @Kisuzachi: I read the chapter titles as Decide too. Now that I know that it’s “Deicide” and after the last page of chapter 400 I’m thinking Aizen might die. He’s becoming “the supreme being” which would be a god and “Deicide = killing of a god” so the god that gets killed might be him, even though I wonder how if he’s so powerful… 😀

    @axelgerhard: Well, that’s just how protagonist are. Think of Goku learning the Kamehameha one second after seeing it and Naruto learning the Rasengan in a week and perfecting Sage Mode, a feat even Jiraiya couldn’t perform.
    Lol at a newborn baby drinking maple syrup faster than a moose!!! Even though I don’t like people only thinking of stereotypes… 😉

  27. @Dragon: yes how dare i stereotype canadian moose’s >_>

  28. @Axel: LOL! Ichigo is the Canadian kid that sucks down maple syrup faster than a moose? XD Awesome analogy. 😀

    @Deicide discussion: When I first saw it I honestly thought it was a typo and was going to point it out in the breakdown but I saw it again in the next chapter. I didn’t look further into it so thanks Kisu for that bit of information on it. If Aizen dies in this war, I say it once again, it better not be solely by Ichigo’s doing. I’d be freaking pissed. ~_~


    urahara appears 😀

  30. Aizen talks to Isshin for most of the chapter but is cut off when blasted from behind. He turns to see Urahara who has finally shown up.
    There are lots of flashback panels of Rukia and from the tbtp arc.
    Hisagi is on the spine.?


    Pretty sweet chapter though Aizen is confusing the hell out of me. Urahara better have some answers. @_@

  32. @superdude, u aint the only one. Aizen lost me two panels into his speech lol.Maybe it’ll be clearer in the anime.

  33. cooonfusssssinnngggg

    but i like the father/son shinigami ramble lol that was nice

  34. Hello Everyone^^ This was a great chapter in my opinion. I do see some of you are confused about what Aizen was trying to explain to Iishin, so i will help you all understand it to what i got out of it. I did see a ton of translation mistakes, which is why for the most part, you guys most likely did not understand it. Here we go:

    Aizen first informs Iishin that all the information Iishin knows about the Hougyoku is not correct. The Hougyoku does not break down the barrier between Shinigami/Hollow powers, it in fact is it’s own entity with the ability to feel emotions and bring out the desires behind those emotions, and will manifest them into reality. This means when Urahara hoped that the true intentions of the Hougyoku was to maniuplate the powers of the Shinigami/Hollow, Shinji and the others did not die even though if Urahara didn’t show up, they would have. Instead the Hougyoku recognized Urahara’s hope and manifested his belief that Shinji and the others would become a hybrid form of Shinigami/Hollow (A.K.A. Vaizarrds). Now about Rukia/Ichigo: Since Rukia had the Hougyoku inside of her, the Hougyoku felt that Rukia believed that she was too weak to save her mentor Shiba Kaien. This means that the Reiatsu power that Ichigo inherited from Rukia, was in fact, what Rukia believed would have been the amount of strength (or Reiatsu power) she needed to save her mentor from becoming a hollow thus forcing her to kill him. So Ichigo became the strength Rukia had wanted since that fateful day. Now for Chad and Orihime: When both realized that Ichigo had gained an unbelievable amount of power, they felt that they were no longer needed by their friend. Their sadness was picked up by the Hougyoku (when Rukia was around them) and manifested their desire to become strong enough to feel that they could still stand side by side with Ichigo and not be a burden to him.

    Now here’s what i gathered from all of that speech and prepare to crap thyselves. Aizen towards the end informed Iishin that the Hougyoku has a LIMIT. This LIMIT is that if the person who was granted their desire for power, did NOT in fact actually have that power, then they are in-fact still at the same level as they were before. In other words, the Hougyoku manifests false miracles… an Illusion which fools not only the person granted the power, but everyone around them (this is only if they do not possess the power naturally).

    Heres the best part. Iishin finally realizes what Aizen is saying and notice how quickly he moves to his son Ichigo (yes i know he told Ichigo he doesn’t understand, but trust me if he told Ichigo, his son would be dead). Iishin is finally aware his son possess the false power manifested by the Hougyoku. This is why Aizen admitted to setting up all of Ichigo’s fights and trials. He needed to see if the power of the Hougyoku granted power out of thin air or if the Hougyoku gave it’s own power to the user until their desire was met. Now remember Aizen told Ichigo that Ichigo can’t beat Aizen because he had NO DESIRE to fight Aizen. Ichigo only has power when he needs to protect his friends (when he depseratley needs power even at his own death he mysteriously comes up with it) or family. Since Aizen has manipulated all of Ichigo’s training and fights, Ichigo was only able to win with the help of the Hougyoku. This explains why Ichigo gets his butt beat to death every fight, but pulls a win at the last minute. Ichigo has no natural power at all. The whole time it was the Hougyoku fighting as Ichigo. He only gained Vaizarrd style powers because Urahara still believed thats what the Hougyoku did. When Ichigo desired to save his friends lives with all his strength, he could manifest just barely enough to beat Captain level shinigami with a millenia of experience.

    And so you have it. Iishin is now in a very dire pickle. His son is actually too weak to be fighting Gin, and this is why Gin is toying with Ichigo. He know’s Ichigo possess no real power, but only that of the Hougyoku. Now Iishin has to find a way to protect his son and to fight Gin. Luckily my theory was right, Iishin and Urahara will tag team Gin and Aizen. But i wonder what will happen to Ichigo. Since Aizen is about to gain full control of the Hougyoku, Ichigo is about to have 0 reiatsu power. The Fits just hit the Shan if you know what i mean. Oh and this explains how Aizen was able to manifest a Arrancarr specifically designed to nullify Captain-Commander Yamato’s power. He Desired it to happen and the Hougyoku granted it so.

  35. I know the above comment is quite a read, but please read it and tell me what you think. I’d appreciate any feedback.

  36. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! That just made the chapter 10x better now that I understand it! O_O I understood the core part about the Hougyoku granting desired power but I didn’t know what Isshin was all worried about. That being, once Aizen took over the Hougyouku all the “false powers” the Hougyoku granted other people would essentially disappear.

    But I must ask… What if Ichigo and his friends do naturally have these powers and the Hougyoku only served as an instrument to awaken their dormant abilities? Would they not keep these abilities? Also, would the Vizards retain their hollowfication powers or would they go back to being regular shinigami if the Hougyouku stops granting the miracle of a breakdown between the shinigami/hollow barrier?

    GAHH!!! All this time Ichigo has been getting major help from a tool Urahara created!? >< Maybe Aizen is wrong and Urahara knew what he was doing when he made this thing. Thanks a lot Axel for the post. It really helped me a lot. You'll be sure to get a mention in the breakdown. 😀

  37. Are you sure that ichigo posseses no real power? after all aizen said he is a shinigami and a human. Obviously ichigo is going to get more power in some way even if what you say is true because the story would suffer. Maybe its possible aizen doesnt fully understand the hougokyu.

  38. Finally, Urahara makes his entrance. I still find it hard to believe that Aizen has a better understanding of the Hougyoku than Kisuke. Although Aizen’s explanation may be correct, Kisuke must have already come to understand the Hougyoku and formulated a plan to blunt Aizen’s new powers. Aizen greeted Kisuke’s arrival with the same cool reserve we all expect from this antagonist. Hopefully it’s driven by misplaced confidence.

    @axel – Great analysis. You filled in some blanks that I hadn’t noticed, especially regarding Isshin and Ichigo. Isshin’s reaction to Aizen’s revelation was strange, but does he think Ichigo will permanently lose his powers?

    You called the powers that Ichigo, Sado, Orihime and the Vaizards received false powers, merely illusions. However, If you read the panels on Page 10, it appears that Aizen says the opposite. He states that the Hougyoku has its limits. The “target” must, “essentially possess the power necessary to beget their desires…[otherwise] it is impossible.” In other words, as Supertrek allude to, all of these powers already reside within the characters and the Hougyoku drew them out.

    In the short term, I think your right that Ichigo and the others may lose their unique capabilities. This may very well be how the next arc begins. However, if my reading of the translation is correct, each of the characters has the potential to regain those powers without the Hougyoku. And… we can’t underestimate the power of Kisuke’s intellect.

  39. @Axel: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Your comment explained everything, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! lol XD

    I’m still convinced Aizen will die, as I said in a previous post: “The chapter’s title is “Deicide” and after the last page of chapter 400 I’m thinking Aizen might die. He’s becoming “the supreme being” which would be a god and “Deicide = killing of a god” so the god that gets killed might be him, even though I wonder how if he’s so powerful…”
    After this chapter I came up with a theory, which might be wrong, but I’ll say it anyway… 😛
    The Hougyoku has a will of it’s own, right? #1: I think that it might possess Aizen’s body, essentially killing him and then becoming the main villain OR #2: it might kill Aizen, deeming him “too weak” for it and then creating it’s own body.
    Theory #2 is more complicated. The Hougyoku, after killing Aizen might possess someone else’s body, like Urahara, Isshin or maybe even Ichigo. The first two people are more probable, the third might be a nice twist if Kubo wants to change protagonist, even though it’s highly unlikely. This could happen even without the Hougyoku killing Aizen because Urahara or someone else might kill him, thus forcing the Hougyoku to possess someone.
    If #2 happens I hope Ichigo doesn’t get possessed, if not only for a bit to gain his Reiatsu after he loses it, if he actually does.

    My theory might be a bit too far fetched, but it’s what I think might happen. 😀

  40. @everyone who has commented so far: Thank you all for reading my long comment, and thanks for the nice replies and follow up questions of the analysis.

    @Supertrek: yes if they do actually possess those powers, they most likely will have an opportunity to reclaim them, when they die and become actual Shinigami. This is my belief as of now^^ Kubo could of allowed Aizen to be misinformed, thus making us (the readers misinformed) to set up for a future Hougyoku plot twist. When the Hougyoku becomes one with Aizen, the Hougyoku will most likely, only grant Aizen’s Desires and nobody else’s.

    @Flashstep: i am 99% certain Ichigo possess no real Shinigami powers. Remember his father was exiled on his own accord and was turned into a human being once again. His son was born as a human being. Human’s (as its been refrenced before) apparently can not gain shinigami powers until they die and are “Reborn” into soul society. Ichigo is the exception because of the Hougyoku was there when Rukia and Ichigo desired power beyond their own capabilities, but both possessed a future of gaining those powers. If Ichigo had never met Rukia, and died naturally and was sent to soul Society, most likely following the natural Shinigami training timeline, he would have his Bankai and power after a few centuries or even a millenia of training.

    @Jbd44: Yes they have the capabilites of having these powers. In other words we are seeing their Shinigami selves; quite possibly what their Bankai’s might be if they had died, and become Shinigami. Thanks to the will of the Hougyoku and their never ending Desire to keep up with one another, they keep surpassing the possible, and their actual capabilites, all thanks to the Hougyoku allowing it to manifest at this time. When the Hougyoku becomes the “Will of Aizen” i highly doubt Aizen will grant them anymore power. This is why i believe Iishin is in “Oh sh!%” mode about his son. He knows its impossible for his son to be this powerful naturally, and only now does he realize why his son gained so much in such a tiny amount of time. This si aso why Gin is messing with Ichigo by saying stuff like “That wasn’t half bad, even for a fluke” Gin is saying, “Ya you won’t be able to block any of m attacks once you realize thats not your power, but the Hougyoku’s” In other words, Have you ever watched the old Looney tunes Cartoons? The one’s where they run off a cliff and keep running in a straight line, but once they realize that Gravity exists… they fall. Same thing will happen to Ichigo once he finds out, hes not using his power, but the Hougyoku’s… except he wont hold up a sign that reads “Call an ambulance” or something else looney XD

    @Dragon: The Deicide title might actually indicate Ichigo’s Fall from power; thus, the meaning of Deicide, God Killer. I’m not saying Ichigo will die, but no longer have his bankai or absurdly captain level strength of only 6-9 months of training. As for your theories, i can see them as possible for sure. The Hougyoku was only explained to us by Aizen’s understanding. We will most likely find out more about it now that Urahara is here. So it is very possible for your theories to become the truth.

  41. Well Bleach usually has boring, suckish chapters, but this one was actually kind of good … the explanation of the Hogyoku was actually a pretty good come-up. What was Aizen turning into anyway, with all that hollow white coming out of his chest ? If I understand correctly, then that means the Hogyoku is about to transform Aizen into something he wants to be, something cheatingly godly, and probably atrociously cheap.

  42. @axelrod- As I noted earlier, I find it plausible that the (let’s call them HSH’s for Hougyoku Super Heroes) HSH’s will lose their current powers if Aizen is able to conrol the Hougyoku. However, there are some holes in your theory.

    1. Ichigo had special powers before he ever met Rukia. “I see ghosts.”

    2. Tite still hasn’t clued us in on Ichigo’s mom. What was she?
    How did the union between her and Isshin effect Ichigo’s innate powers?

    3. Ichigo did, in effect, die to become a shinigami.

    4. Ichigo gained his bankai in the same way Kisuke did. In fact Kisuke gained his a little quicker, but it was a special training method, devised by Kisuke.

    5. Kisuke created the Hougyoku; it will be a stretch for Tite to explain how Aizen understood this creation far better than the creator.

    6. Aizen states that “living creatures are truly mysterious…despite the nature of what they wish for…they are built so that they are able to realize such.” The key to this statement is “living creatures.” Your thesis is that none of the HSH’s powers will ever be possible until they are Shinigami’s. Aizen’s statements don’t seem to confirm your thesis.

    I think that we are near the end of this arc. Does that mean Aizen, our main nemisis, will die? Not necessarily, but I do think that the Hogyouku will be neutralized by Kisuke. Will that cause the HSH’s to revert back to ground zero? Maybe, but I don’t see them waiting to die, become shinigami’s, and spending several centuries powering back up to their current levels. If anything there will be a new training method devised by…you know who…to regain those “latent” powers.

  43. If I understood that correctly the Hougyoku doesn’t have the power to give anyone anything they can’t already achieve themselves. As Aizen himself put it “A power that guides in the direction of desire.” Therefore I can only assume that Ichigo and friends won’t lose the power they have gained, because they aren’t being supplied by the Hougyoku itself, they were just awakened by the Hougyoku. Basicaly the Hougyoku is like a steroid of some kind that helps your powers grow in the direction you desire them to, it is not a Magic Lamp that has the power to give shinigami powers to humans.

    and if you remember correctly Ichigo once lost his powers as a shinigami but got them back after training with Kisuke Urhahara. in chapters 60-64 or something like that. In this instance the Hougyoku was no where near him so I can only assume he became a shinigami under his own power.

    Ishin got pissed off I believe because Aizen had been using Ichigo as a test subject. Putting his life and very existence at risk for Aizen’s self absorbed reasons. This is why he called him a bastard, not because his son was going to lose his powers or anything, but because any father would be angry if someone had manipulated their kid like that.

    In any case I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few chapters.

  44. Im willing to bet Kisuke knew what the Hougyoku was and thats why he encased (or inprisoned it if it is a sentient being) and tried to hide it. I think this whole thing is gonna end with a “it was fun”, moment in which abandons Aizen for its creator almost like when Nel was fighting and then “pop”, baby nel again.

  45. Jdb44: i’ll do my best to make this short, i am sorry for the long responses, but it’s hard to explain this without high detail.
    1. Seeing ghosts in the japanese culture is not considered crazy, in fact, some consider it normal to see spirits. Ichigo seeing ghosts wouldn’t be considered a special power from their prospective.
    2.I had a theory on who Ichigo’s mom a few chapters back, but i don’t want to retype the reasns why. I believe his mother to be the Beautiful Hikifune Captain from the “100 year Past” arc, who made it to zero guard during the first chapter. Just a theory with little evidence.
    3. I wouldn’t say Ichigo died anymore. After the explanation of the Hougyoku, i’d sum up all of Ichigo’s improvements to the Hougyoku’s power. My guess is, in the past 100 years, Kisuke made another one. Something tells me, he implanted one in Iishin, and thats how Iishin got his powers back. Kisuke’s use of a second Hougyoku would explain why Ichigo also became a hybrid like Shinji and the others. Possibly Kisuke improved the second one? we’ll find out soon.
    4. Ichigo did gain his bankai in the same manner as Kisuke, but only in the same manner of training. Kisuke was a shinigami for centuries and had time to develop his strength on a normal timeline or even perhaps at an above normal pace… but not in the 6-9 month pace like Ichigo. So i wouldn’t say they gained it the exact same way, but just used the same tool’s to improve their speed of gaining their bankai. Didn’t the cat lady (forget her name) that it took Kisuke 10 years by using the training doll?
    5. I read Kisuke discovered the Hougyoku, kinda like an artifact. He had read about it in a library and searched for it. If i’m wrong, then its possible he created it, and simply underestimated its true power.
    6. Aizen does say that the Hougyoku grants power to people who are capable of wielding what they desire. However, my thesis si still correct and here’s why. You seem to be assuming shinigami are not alive, but yet it worked on Shinji and the others, and they were shinigami. It worked on his ten espada and they were hollows. Hollows and shinigami are living creatures. I was refering that Ichigo will lose his powers because he is still a human being. In able for the Hougyoku to grant permanent power, like to the Vaizarrds (they havent bee around the Hougyoku for 100 years), Ichigo would ahve to have been a shinigami or hollow when the Hougyoku granted his powers.

    Besides that, i have my main theory. Remember the 10 Vasto Lordes. Aizen is about to gain the “Will of the Hogyoku” The Vaizarrds suffered from the Hougyoku. Ichigo may have reached Vasto Lordes from having Vaizarrd powers. When Aizen completes the tranformation, His desires to control 10 Vasto Lordes will come true. Meaning, the Vaizarrds and possibly Ichigo, wll be under his control and power. Thats my theory from all of this.

  46. @axel- Hey, I enjoy the long posts when their well thought out and presented clearly. Your’s are both, so don’t sweat the small…err long stough. I’ll try to be brief with my thoughts too.

    1. Japanese culture aside, Tite makes it very clear in his introduction of Ichigo that his ability to see and interact with the dead is very unusual. It also comes as a complete shock to Rukia when he sees her.

    2. There are a number of theories about Ichigo’s mum. That’s the point, Kubo hasn’t let us in on the secret.

    3. Fair enough, but you’ve introduced a whole new theory here, and though it is interesting, it doesn’t really help explain the Hougyoku’s power.

    4. According to Yoruichi, Kisuke developed his 3 day bankai method to speed up the process of subjugating (some would say creating a relationship) your Zanpakuto. The 10 years refers to fully learning to control the Bankai.

    5. Nope Kisuke created it at the research institute to strengthen Shinigami’s souls, ostensibly to prepare them for hollow’s powers. He immediately knew how dangerous it was. That’s why he sealed it and later hid it inside of Rukia.

    6. I think Kubo will be on shaky ground if he has to make some awkward rules about how long you have to be around the Hougyoku, and if your human, you lose your powers but vizards and arrancar won’t. Maybe it’s just me.

    I would like to see Aizen remain the key antagonist, but I wouldn’t mind Kisuke destroying the Hougyouku. Aizen is smart enough to escape, shake his fists, and whisper, “You haven’t seen the last of me.” But…I’m sure Kubo has some tricks up his sleeve.

  47. Where did that come from? Stough = Stuff

  48. Im on JDB’s side in this debate. I don’t see how it is possible for Ichigo to go from a ton to nothing in a few second. Like you said in your theory of who Ichigo’s mom is, if his mom is the captain who got promoted to zero gaurd then with a dad and mom at captain level or higher I would think he would have a ton more power than your giving him credit for.

    I’m also not very convinced that the magic ball in Aisen’s chest has the power to reach across planes of existance. Ichigo lost all the powers that were given to him by Rukia when he got cut down by Byakuya. And it also gives rise to why the Hogyoku (or however its spelled) let her will down when Ichigo got cut down. So would it not make sense that Ichigo had to develop all those powers on his own and if anything was true it would be Aisen’s fault for making Ichigo so strong by pitting him against all those stronger shinigami to begin with. Or maybe I’m just getting myself confused. If someone can reread that and explain it better they are more than welcome to it.

    I like you Axel am excited about the next few chapters with Urahara here maybe the creator of that damn magic ball can shed some light on it.

  49. @jdb and sockorlu: it’s all good guys. i know some of my thoughts can be hard to take in at this point in time. And i like you all too. Our debates cna be as fun as reading the manga sometimes lol. I originally just wanted to help everyone understand what Aizen was trying to tell Iishin, then i went ahead and claimed a theory or two from it. I could be right, and i could be wrong. It would suck if guessing how things will unfold were so easy, that wouldn’t be a fun manga. So far i’ve been right 3/5 of the time. I know i can be wrong, but i hope we dont really take sides against each other XD. As far as im concerned, were all on the same side^^ I guess we’ll find out a lot of truth now. Kisuke against Aizen is gonna be a lot of talking. Chances are we may find out a lot of background now on Iishin and the truth of Ichigo’s strength. I looks foward to next weeks chapter for sure. I’m glad i was right about Iishin and Urahara teaming up for this final fight. I can only hope, Ichigo gets side lined for this battle, i would like this mainly because i wanna see new fighting styles. I don’t want to see anymore, “Oh i’m about to die, guess i better pull some power hidden in my ass and win” moments. I wanna see a real battle between 4 power houses. Anywho i stand by my theories, and i like the ones you all come up with. Oh and i’m definitley looking foward to the new breakdown =) i hope it’s soon, i’m already withdrawing from waiting for next weeks bleach ; ;

  50. oh anyone here play ffxi,or plan on playing ffxiv? not trying to get off topic, but if anyone does, i’m on Carbuncle for ffxi. Old toon’s name was Axelgerhard, new toons name is Bruhn. Hit me up if you do.

  51. Hey guys, looks like we will have to wait two weeks for the next manga chapter. One Manga is indicating that next week is a holiday in Japan, so there will be no Shonen Jump. 😦

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