The Unbound Tournament: Part 2

Hey Guys.  Marksman here. The Incredible marksman that is, and i am here to post the second chapter of my fanfic “The Unbound Tornament”.  I hope you guys enjoy it. ^^

Chapter 2

                                           A Noble Plead

You DON’T understand! He is way too powerfully for ANYONE in there to handle! You have to let me in there or he will destroy them all!”

 “I am sorry Goku, but the rules have been set. And the numbers of opponents have been chosen.” This was the stern and stubborn response from the Grand Kia of dimensions, the one directly responsible for the battle at hand.

It didn’t matter how much the noble Saiyan pleaded his case, the permission to interfere in the match wouldn’t be granted him. Still, he wasn’t going to give up.

“You need to LISTEN to me! I have fought with Majin Buu. I know EXACTLY what he is capable of. And I am telling you, that if you Don’t let me in there, they are ALL going to die!”

The Kia of dimensions didn’t bother to respond this time. He only glared on through the glass mirrors that reflected the on-going battle. Goku growled, and balled his fists in anger.

“DAMN IT I AM NOT GOING TO JUST SIT HERE AND WATCH THEM DIE!” His anger blasted through his voice amongst the atmosphere, shaking the very foundations of the dimension with its vicious tone.

The Kia turned to Goku, as if he actually heard him this time. He reached out and spoke with a calm and gentle voice, said “Goku”, as if hushing a child.

“As I have said, any attempts to interfere in this match will ultimately result in your friends being permanently locked in that dimension for all eternity. Even if you were to succeed, you and everyone else would be sealed away forever. Now… you wouldn’t want that on your conscious, would you?”

Goku growled again. The fact that he could do nothing to save his comrades angered him. He had to do something. But what could he do? He could only stare to the ground in disdain, his eyes desperately searching it as if the answer to his problems were going to randomly erupt any second. Ultimately… he could offer no retort to his stubborn foe.

“As I thought.” With that said, the Kia re-focused his attention back upon the match, returning to his care free persona as Goku trembled in agony, his fists balled as hard as ever. There was…nothing he could do.

No! There has to be a way to bend the rules. We can’t access the dragon balls in this dimension, so If they die we CANT wish them back to life!




Hmm? he said as if the sudden call of his name caught him off guard.

“You should have more faith in your friends in this battle. You are worrying yourself with much un-needed anxiety. I am predicting the outcome may turn out to be in your favor. We will just have to wait a bit longer.” There was a moment of silence after his words. Goku’s face expression read he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


The Kia didn’t respond.

“Tell me Grand Kia! Was it faith that saved the planet from Buu’s wrath when he blew it up?! Was it faith that saved those innocent people Buu killed because of his mindless impatience? Was it faith that saved them when he went to the afterlife to erase their existence?!”

No Response.

 Listen Kia… I understand your way of thinking, it has aided us in many of our battles, and it is always good to have faith. This I am not denying. But I am telling you, against this particular opponent, it won’t work!”

No response. There was only silence after he spoke his point as the Kai continued his worry free demeanor.

“Grrrrrr DAMN IT! YOU WON’T BE SATISPHIED UNTIL THEY ARE ALL DEAD!” Goku pointed his fist at the Kai who hadn’t even bothered to give him a proper glare, let alone a moment of attention. He did however, let out a small chuckle to what little faith Goku placed in his comrades. Anger was beginning to envelope the pure hearted saiyan more and more. He didn’t have the time to argue this. They were surely going to die if he didn’t step in.

His un-impenetrable glare of anger upon the Kai, whose own attention was fixed on the match, saw fit to find another way. Perhaps the solution lay in getting past the Kai.

“Don’t even think about it Goku.”

The eyes of the noble warrior widened in surprise, his mouth falling agape. Could he read his thoughts?

“Your intentions are quite clear…Goku. But I can assure you.” He turned his gaze to the noble warrior once more, as if to frighten his company with his next detrimental words.

“If any harm is to befall me, your friends are as good as sealed, locked away forever. These are the rules weather you like them or not. Goku…you must understand that the fate of this tournament is beyond your control.” His voice was smooth and shown no hint of worry or fear. He didn’t care.

“But why?! Why are you doing this?!” No response. The Kai simple re-fixed his attention back onto the match, again.

Before the noble warrior could retort once more, something grabbed his attention. A explosion, violent and pink, blasted through the confines of the arena below. And from his viewpoint, it looked to have eradicated the silver haired Ninja and the black suited demon.

No, goku cried, searching the arena with his eyes for any traces of survival. Moments later, his worst fears were confirmed by the raging voice of the blond hero of Konoha. He yelled he would kill the monster for what he’d done.


No response. That’s it. That drew the final line. Just as Goku was about to explode;


A wave of fire erupted seemingly out of no where and headed straight towards a weary Kid Buu. Gritting his teeth in anger, Buu jumped to his feet and into the sky just barely escaping the rage of destruction that was headed his way.

“NOW HIEI!!” Kakashi yelled, his gaze fixed on the grinning demon above the pink monster with an unsheathed weapon of death. Kid Buu, upon spotting the source of the fire Jitsu looked above him to see a certain surprise. What the hell? Had the blast done anything other then creating noise and smoke?

His Eyes widened in fear as he tried to levitate away from the attack. Not fast enough. Three quick blind slices erupted into about fifty, Hiei’s speed showing off in a display of blind fury which was follow by a spinning kick, sending Buu straight to the ground.


Time to finish this!

Kakashi charged a rikiri which split into both his hands as he charged at his wounded opponent. It was time to go in for the kill. The compressed chakra of charged lightning blades dragged through the grounds, both hands on either side of the copy ninja.

“EAT THIS!” Kakashi Yelled.

Kid Buu stood to his feet, his game of playing possum was over, kakashi needed to die right now.

“Shit” He tried to stop, in fact he did stop thanks to the advance warning of his sharingan which completed his fatal Jutsu, but regardless of that fact, it was just too late.

Kid Buu kicked kakashi so hard, his foot literally went through the stomach and out the back of the copy ninja. Pain, Jaw dropping pain! Kakashi couldn’t believe it, this was it. His life flashed before his eyes. Kid Buu grinned and repeated his menacing words in a taunt in a “I told you so” kind of manner.

The line that held the peaceful saiyan at peace snapped within his subconscious. He could no longer control his emotions. Heat waves began to blur into the atmosphere from his body. He growled silently, balling his fist so hard that blood began to drip from his palms. His black hair suddenly lifted, and his eyes turned a brilliant green, the shine glazing brightly. Then it happened, the explosion of gold energy.

His power level skyrocketed, and his aurora blazed forth, causing greats gusts of wind to emerge from his persona. This had certainly gained the Kia’s attention. He turned to goku, and for the first time that day, he had a raised brow, a look of curiosity, and of interest.

“Do you intend to fight me Goku…even after I’ve explained the consequences of your doing so?”

No response. Just the cool, calm echo of flowing energy sounded forth, the sound of a Super Saiyan.

“I see. You are a stubborn one. But surely… you don’t intend to fight me. There is to much at-

“Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” This familiar utterance started the familiar pattern of a powerful technique. The Kia knew it all to well.



The Kia suddenly found himself on the verge of disbelief.


“Goku! Think about what you are about to do! You friends lives are at stake here! Are you taking this lightly?!” The Kia had raised his voice for the first time that day.

“MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Goku growled as he thrusted his palms together. 

“You are indeed serious then…” He let out a long sigh before uttering his next words. “Fine goku… you win. We will discuss the terms of how you may help your friends.”

The noble Saiyan held his posture. What would the Kai suggest?

Chapter 2 End.

 Well i hope you guys enjoyed the second installment. Thanks goes to Supertrek89  and Tenrai Senshi for helping me in the developement of this chapter. ^^


~ by The Incredible Marksman on April 9, 2010.

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    Great job Marks! Goku and Luffy should do a combo attack on Buu to finish him off. That would be awesome. 😉

  2. Second! Greatchapter Marks. I’m liking this Fanfic. Keep up the great work!

  3. Third!!! AWESOME job Marks.Gomu Gomu No Kamehameha FTW!!!

  4. what took so long marksman? i’ve been waiting for so long!!
    can’t wait for the next one, i really love fanfics. ^-^

  5. Awesome chapter marksmen!!

    Been waitin for the king of anime to make an appearence ^_^ if you think about it there really is no one else in the mange world that can beat buu. Can’t wait to see some of the other matchups!!

  6. food work marks impressive! I can only hope to match u in awesomeness

  7. I meant good, seriously need food LOL

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