Fairy Tail 179 What is this? A good Chapter? Finally!

Hello everyone! BBG back with this weeks Fairy Tail breakdown! Sorry I haven’t done a breakdown in a while… But at least I haven’t missed anything too important right? >_> ok maybe a few things…



FAIRY TAIL IS BACK! 179 definitely brought back what we all love about fairy tail– DRAMA AND ACTION!!! I was very pleased while reading the weeks chapter. The Edolas Arc has taken off and its (hopefully) safe to say that things will be getting pretty, pretty interesting from here on out.

The chappy picks up where it left off last week- with Happy, Wendy, and Lucy in quite the tight situation. Army of flying cats attacking from above, and human soldiers ready to attack from below. Lucy –of course– is of no help, it seems that her handcuffs are able to seal off her magic (which reminded me of One Piece’s Kairoseki handcuffs…just sayin)

Whoops... wrong manga >.<

Mr. Creepy King is not pleased that the Eksheed have come down from the heavens.


Running servant girl: *Le gasp!* D:

Seems like Code ETD is a petty big deal. Erza and Panther Lily (lol I love that name) are both shocked. Know what I was shocked about? That some no-name soldier got to yell CODE ETD, ACTIVATE! I thought the king was going to say it, I think it would have made the scene more powerful IMO.

Well... they always wanted to be in the spotlight.

Perfume Kitty and the other flying cats get stuck you the circular ball of light magic O___o and they turn into… BUM BUM BUMMMMM


*eats candy*

Actually it’s a giant shaped kitty cat Lacrima if that suits you better <_<

The soldiers are unsure of what they’ve done. But fear not! the King has very encouraging words.

King: There is no God! Blah blah magic struggles blah blah cats… Our time is now, are you with me!? 8D

BTW, any ideas what ETD means? I’m just going to guess EKSHEED TO DEATH. Cause it sounds epic.

P Lily (that’s officially what I am calling him now) is not pleased with what the king is doing. He figured out why the King had been strengthening the military and what-not. I’m still not sure what P Lily’s story is. He’s a cat. But is he doesn’t look like the rest of the cats. So is he not an Eksheed? What do you think?

NOOOOO WENDY AND NATSU ARE IN TROUBLE! For the humans of Edolas to defeat the Mighty Flying Kitty Cats they must suck out Natsu’s and Wendy’s dragon slayer magic D8 Literally… they are using Vacuums @__@

magical sticks? hhhmmm remind you of someone?

Wendy, I’m guessing, is being the first to get her magic sucked out of her from all the screaming in the background… that sucks… at least its not Natsu 😀 Is that bad of me to think? >.<

While looking in the background we get a little glimpse of MAGICAL STICKS aka the weapons Mistogan uses.

OH dang Edo-Erza threw a spear at Lucy AND it blew up. WTF. Got to say Edo-Erza kind of fights just like Earthland Erza. Straight to business! They don’t play around >_>

SPEAKING OF ERZA. Look who came to the rescue!!!!! GREY AND ERZA in all their hotness I may add 😉

I didn’t think it was Grey and Erza who would appear, I thought it was going to be the Edo-Fairy Tail members. This now brings up the question…

And there you have it! End of chapter and end of this weeks breakdown.

Next week is going to be SOOOOO EPIC! Erza vs. Erza~!

Well that’s all I got for you this week!




~ by bbgurly14 on April 7, 2010.

16 Responses to “Fairy Tail 179 What is this? A good Chapter? Finally!”

  1. FIRST !!!! 😀

    though i don’t read fairy tail 😛 ……. hahaha SKULL JOKE 🙂

    AWESOMEEEEEE your my best frnd ^^ XD remember FT RULES!!!

  2. 2nd!

  3. 3RD!!!! oh yeah !!

  4. 4th!!!

  5. I dont know about anyone else but since magic is scarce in this new land, I’m hoping for Ezra to have a “magical wardrobe malfunction”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Yes!!!!!!! New fairly tail breakdown. And it’s good. Good job BBG! :thumbs up:

    Well I really enjoyed in reading this chapter of Fairly tail. And the end was… awesome!
    Erza VS Erza. I can’t wait to see that fight!
    Go, go Earthland Erza! (actually in the pool I voted for “Who cares! Girl on Girl ACTION!” :D)

    Hehe…last picture is somehow funny. Erza and Gray in cool pose, with muscles and … armor…comes to the last minute rescue! You must simply love this manga. 😀

  7. @sockorlu
    Magical wardrobe malfunction? Hahaha, that will be good, but they two already break trough the guards with magic to get near lucy.

    But if that happens, Erza will just use brutal force on Edo-Erza, and the story will be even more awesome.

    Erza vs Erza fistfight. Finally Erza find her a mach. 😀

  8. about them becomin free could it have been when the king broke a pice off the lacrima?? maybe edo-lucy helped them by turning them back or something…
    appart from that, dont u guys think that fairy tail is just a little bit overpowered compared to the other guilds?? its like come on they have 3 dragon slayers, thats meant to be a super rare type of magic… nd whats up with lucy?? she has 9 of the 12 golden keys already… what happens when she gets them all?? is there anything higher that that or is that were it ends?? cause if it does then she is close to being finished…
    nd i doubt that p lily is a cat… he didnt look too unhappy with the kill the kitties plan he just seamed comprehensive about why they were boltering their military forces… but then almost everyone knew about the plan but he didnt seem to so i could be completly wrong…
    nd what happened to that gazell?? or watever his name was… since he is a dragon slayer wouldnt he have been left behind?? is he gona find a nice little kitty to take him to edo-land??
    oh well thats enought of my bantering im tyred and its two in the morning here… just sharing some thoughs =D

  9. Erza is defiantly gonna win lol

  10. @dabisan
    Yes, we are totally forgot about gazell. Last time we saw him is when he was in the search for a flying cat. How come he doesn’t have it? I presume that we will see him shortly in the future.

    Yes, I to belive that Fairly tail guild is the most powerful fuild in manga. 3 dragonslayers, Lucy (as probably the most powefull celestial spirit magic user…even if is clumsy, and that why we all love her :D), Gray (oposite of fire… also a powerful member), Erza, Makarov (we didn’t see edo Makarov version), and so on.

    Laxus may enter as a surprise in this arc. In this arc, or the next but he will definitive show up…. and be at fairly tail side.

  11. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown BBG! 😀 Nice eyes for spotting those stick in the background and Erza’s hotness. I don’t know about Grey though, he’s alright…>_>

    I liked this chapter with Erza and Grey showing up at the end. That was pretty damn cool but how did they get into the castle? How did they escape the Lacrima and is Grey using magic? o_O

    @Dabisan: Lol, everything moves really fast in this manga especially powerups and Arcs.

  12. @Dabisan and @Cumulusbg

    yeah its true that Lucy now has 9 of the 12 zodiac keys, and yes they can be pretty powerful. But you also have to keep in mind that Lucy has her limits. From what we saw in the Nirvana Arc, she was only able to summon 4 of her celestial spirts before she collapsed, while her opponent Angel was able to summon 4 of her celestial spirts (well she summoned Gemini twice but that still counts) and at one point was capable of having two spirits out at one time, without appearing to be drained of power. So IMO Lucy stil has a long way to go and I wouldn’t categorize her with being among the stronger mages in Fairy Tail just yet.

    Hell Yeah Gray’s using magic!
    his arm is all smokey… but wit ice! @___@
    (lol at first i thought it was natsu who appeared because the arm looked more like it was one fire at first >_>)

  13. @bbgurly14

    Well now….Lucy isn’t one of the strongest mages in fairly tail, but among celestial spirit users she is quite powerful. The only problem is that celestial spirit users are not very powerful mages….at least if you look at the others. 😀
    Lucy is more like comic relief in manga. Even if she become very powerful, she will always be clumsy and funny….and naked. 😀
    Just four spirit at the time? That’s pretty weak, but in this arc she may be more successful. Who will know? We will see.

    I mentioned last time in the post, and now something just crossed my mind. Isn’t Lexus some type of dragon slayer?

  14. @Cumulusbg
    I think that celestial spirit mages can be very powerful if they work at building up their inner magic, know what I mean?
    And yes, Laxus is a TYPE of Dragon Slayer… a fake one that is 😉 From what I remember… didn’t his dad implant him with dragon slayer magic or something? Much like this Cobra character…

  15. Hehe…I forgot about Cobra.
    Dragon slayer magic is rare but somehow by reading this manga you got an impression that this type of magic is most common in entire fairly world. 😀
    We saw a three ice making wizard, three (or four) celestial spirit mages, but if you count all dragon slayers (Natsu, Wendy, Gazell + fake ones Laxus and Cobra) it has more than any other types of Mages.

    That’s kind a funny, but it’s ok. Still reading it, and enjoy in doing so. 😀



    The chapter was awesome! Thanks to them getting their magic back the Fairy Tail I remember is coming back! 😀

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