The Roof Of The World – Part 3 of a Madara VS The First Hokage Fanfic

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Hashirama VS Madara


(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters, and i do not stand to make any profit from this story)

Part 1 – In The Valley

Part 2 – Dancing In The Leaves

Part 3 – The Roof Of The World

Part 4 – The Line Is Drawn


Hashirama could feel the Kyuubi was there even before he could see it.

No…he didn’t…

But if his senses weren’t enough to convince him, the feeling of the plantlife in his chakra network withering and dying was.

“He tamed the Kyuubi,” Hashirama breathed.

He could not believe it. Hashirama had studied the secrets of the Sharingan, he knew how powerful it was. But he had no idea that it could be used to control the Nine-Tails…

The Nine-Tailed Fox Demon. Even in the distance, it appeared incomparably huge. It reeked of menace, the very picture of burning aggression. And yet, it was amazingly beautiful. Its sleek, vulpine form was a deep, deep mahogany; its eyes – even in rage – were mesmerizing. Its nine tails thrashed the surrounding forest in a violent frenzy, reshaping the surrounding terrain as they smashed into any object they could reach.

Hashirama winced as the bonds holding Madara in place shrivelled to nothing, sending an involuntary shiver down his spine. It was a feeling he hadn’t experienced before, as if he was losing a part of himself. It didn’t burn like be had initially thought it would. No. It just…died. It was the most unsettling feeling: a creeping deadness that spread like an infection along the roots of his chakra network and choked each living organism it touched into nothingness.

Instinctively, Hashirama terminated the chakra detection jutsu. He could not stand it; the feeling of death chilled him to the core.

Now that the Kyuubi is involved, I’m going to need a new strategy, he thought to himself. Its appearance complicated the fight beyond belief. Two targets. The strongest of the Uchiha allied with the most fearsome of the Tailed beasts made an already difficult fight that much harder.

But not impossible, he thought, as his fingers unconsciously moved to his back, touching the rough, papery edges of the Forbidden Scroll.

“I had better do it right the first time,” he muttered to himself. He had already exerted enough chakra already. If he wasted it, he would lose this fight.

Hashirama looked on as Madara – free of his chakra suppression jutsu – leapt up from the remains of the forest around him and landed gracefully on top of the Kyuubi’s head, his eyes filled with the same malevolence as the great Bijuu’s. As the Kyuubi let out another earsplitting roar, Madara joined in, their anger perfectly synched as the thunderous sound crashed into Hashirama like a wall of solid fury.

Hashirama reeled back. Such ferocity…

With that, the Fox turned and rushed towards him, a wicked snarl on its face as it began to close the gap between them at an unbelievable speed!

Hashirama was prepared. He breathed in deeply, bringing his hands to his chest. His fingers formed the tiger seal as he performed the technique that had made him Hokage.

“Mokuton Hijutsu – Jukai Koutan!”

An enormous tree shot up from the soil underneath him, which Hashirama rode upwards into the sky as it came to rest several hundred feet from the ground. It was immense, towering over the Kyuubi, which had stopped and circled, its eyes full of the same hatred he had seen earlier as it assessed this new threat that had just materialized out of nowhere.

From the top of its head, Madara roared in triumph.

“You cannot best me this time, Senju!” he proclaimed, every syllable saturated with menace. “No man stands before the Kyuubi and lives to tell the tale! Not even you, oh great Hokage!”

Hashirama had had enough with the upstart Uchiha’s arrogance.

“Stop talking and FIGHT ME!” he challenged, as be raised his arms and extended them forward. Hundreds of large, wooden tendrils formed themselves from the sides of the tree and rocketed towards the Kyuubi, cutting through the air with a sharp whistling sound.

The Kyuubi roared!

A wave of white-hot chakra blasted out from the Kyuubi’s mouth, instantly turning the tendrils into ash as they came.

It was a wasted effort, however. Another wave of wooden tendrils simply replaced them, snaking their way towards the Kyuubi at an alarmingly rapid speed.

Oddly, each shaft was not sharpened to a point as they had been previously. They were rounded, and each had a kanji carved on its forward surface.

At that distance, the human eye wouldn’t have been able to make it out, but the Sharingan could.


“Damn! Chakra-suppresion technique!” Madara hissed, kneeling down to address the Nine-Tails. “Don’t let them touch you!”

With a growl, the Kyuubi readied itself, crouching down on its front legs, tensed and ready to spring.

The tendrils were inches from the Kyuubi when it sidestepped, dodging each incoming tendril so fast that Hashirama couldn’t keep up with its movements. Each tendril thudded into the ground. Unnoticed by either of his opponents, Hashirama allowed them to creep underground, where he could maneuver them into a more strategic position where they couldn’t see.

Madara leapt from the Kyuubi’s head and launched himself at Hashirama’s tree, performing seals so fast his hands appeared as nothing more than a blur. At the same time, the Kyuubi circled round and attempted to attack at his unprotected back.

Two can play at that game.

It took less than a moment for Hashirama to make a wood clone who could watch his back as he stood ready to counter Madara.

The Kyuubi roared and flew towards the wood clone, who responded by raising the chakra-suppressing tendrils out of the  ground and launching them at the Kyuubi from below. It was fast enough to dodge most of them, however several tendrils found their mark, pummeling into the Nine-Tails and wrapping around it.

The Kyuubi howled in defiance, thrashing wildly as it felt its strength drain from it at a rapid pace. It managed to free itself and leaped away, coming to rest a long distance from the Hokage. It shook as it breathed in, battling the exhaustion it felt from losing so much chakra in such a small space of time. The snarl never left its face.

The entire exchange took less than a minute.
Madara cursed inwardly. This needed to end now. He looked at the Kyuubi, his Mangekyou Sharingan spinning.

The Kyuubi nodded its head in silent agreement to this unspoken exchange.

“Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!” he shouted, sending a huge ball of fire towards the Hokage.

Hashirama smiled. This would be easy.

He breathed in, drawing himself to full height as he raised his hands to his chest, forming the tiger seal again.

“Suiton: Suishoho!” he roared, drawing the moisture from the atmosphere around him and sending it thundering towards Madara. In terms of sheer size, it dwarfed the coming fireball. There was no chance that his jutsu would fail.

Not today. Madara smiled grimly.

He grabbed and swung his fan in a wide arc, sending a gust of slicing wind towards his own katon jutsu.

The effect was instantaneous.

The fireball doubled in size and power, cutting straight through Hashirama’s suiton jutsu and rushing towards the tree where he now stood!

Shit! If he destroys the tree, I won’t have enough chakra to rebuild it!

He dispersed the wood clone, feeling the chakra released from it re-energize him as it entered his body.

There was no way he could overcome that fireball hurtling towards him, but if he could just change its course slightly…

“Suiton: Suishoho!” he yelled again, gathering all the water in the atmosphere once more and causing it to slam against the fireball from the side. The fireball was only nudged aside by a few degrees, but it was enough; it sailed straight past the tree, clipping a few branches as it went.

Sweat dripped down Hashirama’s forehead as he inhaled. He was starting to run low on chakra, but at least he still had the advantage of the tree.

But one thing stopped Hashirama. He could not believe what he was seeing.

Madara was still smiling.

What on Earth?

Hashirama followed his gaze to the source of his amusement.


The Kyuubi had taken advantage of the brief exchange between Madara and Hashirama by gathering unbelievable amounts of chakra and rolling it into a ball of energy so potent he could feel the heat of it wilt the leaves of his tree ever so slightly.

The Menacing Ball!

Hashirama grunted with exertion as he sent wooden tendrils snaking towards the Kyuubi. They found their mark, wrapping around its limbs and suppressing its chakra.

But he knew it was too late.

With a howl, the Kyuubi launched the giant ball of chakra, which hurtled towards the tree and-


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    This is getting really epic, keep it up Dark! ^___^

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  5. this is truly my favorite fanfic

  6. at first i was hesitant to read any fanfics, but for some reason i decided to read it… It’s pretty badass. I can almsot invision the fight in my head, the whole fight as i continue to read it. Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂
    P.S you wouldn’t happen to be a fan of O.P would you. Im not sure if theres anyone out there who does O.P fanfics but i def would enjoy reading one of those

  7. @truebe7: Lol, all you have to do is google it; “madara vs the first hokage fanfic”. The first link should be the link to the part 1 on this site.

  8. haha, sorry please excuse my ignorance. And thanks

  9. Yup. Ignorance =/= didn’t know, right ?

  10. Awesome job Dark!

  11. ha-ha I was just searching the WRA site. I guess I was to lazy to Google it.

  12. Great job Dark! I love when FanFics have cliffhangers. Can’t wait until Part IV!

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    What an awesome fanfic… its got the “MENACING BALL”!!!!!! 😀

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    anyway, madara and kyuubi FTW 😀 >_> <_<

  17. Madara can get buried and suffocate in Kyubi feces for all I care. XD Go Hashirama! Show them why you’re the 1st Hokage! 😀

    Awesome job Dark, looking forward to the rest!

  18. Haha. Wow that’s just a little disturbing Trek. X__X But I’m with you on the ‘Go Hashirama!’ part.

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