Rate this weeks manga 5/04/2010

YOSH!! time to get this badass rating post underway šŸ˜› (no random personal life information bullshit this week, which you should be pleased with).

right then, start with the weakest and surprise, surprise its Fairy Tail.

Not alot of good things i can say about this chapter really, it was fairly dull, alot of talking was the main reason the chapter was dull. The only thing that confused me was the Panther warrior guy (its not the card from Yu-gi-oh … clearly >_>)…

see ... nothing like the yu-gi-oh card O_O

… like i said, nothing was really good about the chapter, the only reasonably cool part had to be the ending, and even then it wasnt that great.

yeah it made me sort of interested on how they will escape (if they escape at all, they might get captured … again).

Fairy Tail gets 2/10 this week for me, the reason for the low score is that im mainly pissed off with the fact there hasnt been a decent chapter for Fairy Tail in a while …

Now then Bleach on the other hand was rather good in my opinion, even had some comedy in, which ive missed seeing in the manga for a while…

FALCON.... headbutt ?

and while ichigo and his dad are fighting we finally find out what happened to Gin… wasnt a very good excuse he came up with though “… didnt think you needed any help” pfft bullshit, evil people dont think like that do they, they are about making things unfair etc etc … you get what im saying right ?

Ahem! anyway, wasnt alot i disliked about this chapter, had some action in it, had a little bit of talking (not enough to bore you which was good) and some comedy. We also get a little look at how powerfull Ichigo’s father really is which was interesting since the moment im thinking of he only flicked his middle finger at him …

was a great chapter overall and it ended on a rather exciting moment aswell (we get to see mr smiley’s Gin’s bankai), and therefor i give bleach 9/10.

Next is Naruto, which was also good, but im not going to go into too much detail because … well because im lazy … the only part that is worth mentioning is that Naurto seems to be releasing the Kyuubi, which is great!! … or is it ?, who knows but as all i know is that with the Kyuubi being released that Naruto is going to learn a new jutsu which really is great !!!!!!

Now there is one more thing worth mention and that is that the complete dick Kabuto (not me) is joining Akatsuki, which even though that makes him a complete asshole, it made me like this chapter even more since its a new bad guy other than the Madara and Sasuke combination.

:O zombies!

Naruto gets a 8.5/10 for me this week (could do with a little more action) but i enjoyed it (not as much as Bleach though, for some reason).

last but not least is One Piece and although it wasnt as good as the last chapters it was still very good. Not alot to go over this time, basically Shanks gives Luffy his hat back (and by shanks gives it back to him i mean he makes Buggy do it). The chapter was basically Shanks acting all high and mighty, which he should i surpose since he is most likely the strongest person there ? i must also say Shank’s crew is rather wierd looking but ohwell …

so then im going to leave it at that … and will give One Piece 8.5/10… which means Bleach gets the highest rating in my opinion this week O_O, doubt it will happen again though šŸ˜›

and now i will leave you all …

go in peace, in the name of christ and the holy spirit ...

… oh yeah did you know i was a preist @_@…

bye !


~ by Captain Awesome on April 5, 2010.

16 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga 5/04/2010”

  1. 1sT!!!!!! bitches >_>

    Naruto – 8 overall a good chappy
    onepiece – 10 T_T awesomeness unbound

  2. Yeah, Ahsan got it all right, except I’d give Bleach some due credit, for that inexplicable middle finger by Isshin, and the fact that we, after so long, get to see Gin’s Bankai. Hope it’s not some half-ass idea thought up the day before like Soifon’s was.

  3. Bleach and Naruto….7. Good…but not the best.
    Fairly tail….weak….3.

  4. Oh yeah…i just remember something….when are we gonna see a new breakdown for fairy tail?

  5. Fairy Tail: 3 Not that good.
    Bleach: 8 Pretty good.
    Naruto: 8 Funny.
    One Piece: 8.5 Great.

  6. Lol I always mark them at 10, i love all manga

  7. Ahsan you’re such a fairy hater!!! lol

    I cant wait for bleach next week. I’ve been waiting for Gin to do something! and now we get to see his bankai? all i got to say, is that it better be epic… or else >_>

    did anyone else feel kind of rushed through the end of the war in One Piece? I sure did. That or I dont think it flowed very well.

    and of course I thought naruto was awesome. šŸ˜›

    ehhhh heh heh… sorry about the fairy tail breakdown. Ive been kinda lazy/busy/out-of-the-loop @___@ there will be one when the new chap comes out though ^___^

  8. OP-8, love Shanks, but need action, not pretty words!
    Fairy Fail- Double O zero
    Naruto- 9.5, pretty mind blasting, maybe a little too much.
    Bleach-10, Isshin Aizens Aizen and Ichigo is actually fighting someone he may be able to conquer. Gin uses Bankai, but is he really “evil”? I’m having a couple doubts about it all.

  9. @bbgurly

    if you ever need to me to do the breakdown let super now and he will pass the message on šŸ˜›

  10. this weeks chapters were a little subdued after the awesomeness of last weeks…..still….

    fairy tail – LOL. need i elaborate further šŸ˜›

    bleach- good chapter overall….though there was too much talking…..isshin’s finger salute and the promise of gin’s bankai keep it up šŸ™‚ ……. 7/10

    naruto- very good chapter. Naruto acts like an a-hole before his peers……but he gets the froggy seal…….THAT JUTSU…..and of course, the awesomeness of mr. kabuchimaru šŸ˜€ ….8/10

    one peice– not as good as the previous one, but still….shanks displays ownage by just speaking, and……well i guess that’s it ……8/10


  11. @katz747

    got to disagree, i reckon bleach was the best, although id say naruto was also the best, surpose it could be a tie ?

  12. @bbgurly14

    the new chapter for fairy tail is out by the way http://www.mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/179-98/1

  13. @kabuto

    you said it, man. IT’S A TIE !! šŸ˜€





    oksy, okay, that was a cheap trick lol…… XD

  14. @ BB šŸ˜›

    ill correct you i am a proud fairy hater šŸ˜›


    i know what you mean the chapter was really unbelievable if you consider that it was a chapter of BLEACH!!!! i just gave it a zero and 5 more people like me i assume because they are sick of the story up to now …. who the hell is ichigo anyway eh? all the captains get taken out in less than a second the cc gone and that kid is fighting aizen ? fudge him -_- im glad ishin showed up now only if urahara comes and pwn aizen so bleach can end ^^ and ichigo can die

  15. LOL! As long as everyone stays civil and gives their honest opinion this post will always be awesome! šŸ˜€ Great job Kabuto!

    Fairy Tail- Errr…4/10. I’m giving it hope. ><

    Bleach- Great chapter because of Isshin so it gets an 8/10.

    Naruto- All those strong ninja revived will lead to some epic confrontations but they're not bringing anything new to the table. Still thought it was an awesome chapter though, 9/10.

    One Piece- Unfortunately it was so damn short and it did feel kinda rushed so it gets the lowest score I've ever given it, 7/10. It was good but it could have been much better. O_-

  16. @ super O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O

    a 7 for onepiece? WTF >_< i agree it was rushed man but shanks saying we will take you on just made my day LOL it was so fuckin awesome atleast deserved a better score if you compare it to the score you gave to bleach which is really messed up now

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